Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



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  • Chapter 63: Little Sister of Different Parents!


    The confined blue-robed Daoist was thrilled, "Elder Yuan, save me!"

    When Elder Yuan landed, he also found Chen Ming was an Archfiend. This cooled his anger in a flash and cupped his hands towards him, "Sir Archfiend, when has my Medicine King Valley offended you?"

    Chen Ming turned a blind eye to this old geezer and walked to Li Suyi, "I thought your talent was passable before, wanting to impart a move to you, but you're so disappointing."

    Li Suyi was confused, What have I done wrong?

    "I ask for senior's guidance!"

    Chen Ming swept his eyes over Li Suyi, You've clearly lived a harsh life, so why are you wasting so much nonsense when killing someone? Just what have you been doing your past life?

    Chen Ming said, "Does your heart have the determination to kill?"

    Li Suyi nodded.

    "Then you killing him, is because you decided to kill him, or was it because he believes you can kill him?"

    "It should be because I decided to kill him."

    "Since killing him is your choice, then what's your relation with this old man?"

    "None, our only common ground is our thinking."

    "Then, why the f*ck do you waste time spewing cr*p! You didn't go and directly end him, and now look, you've made it harder for me!"

    Li Suyi: ...

    Elder Yuan: ...

    Daoist: "But I think we have a strong connection!"

    Elder Yuan showed a wary expression, "Sir Archfiend, Medicine King Valley might not have power here, but it is connected to it. It owes us a favor and has many Human Kings."  

    Elder Yuan was only at the 5th stage of the Dao Initiation realm but had no fear of Chen Ming. Medicine King Valley had only one King rank, with many others who owed them favors.

    Chen Ming stretched his hand and the Demonic Blood Saber landed inside. He waved it around and two head fell.

    Chen Ming gazed at Li Suyi, "See that? If you want to kill, then kill. Why the hell would you talk so much? I'll have you know that nine out of ten demonic cultivator villains die because their mouth kept yapping!"

    Yet Li Suyi still clung to the last hope, "And the last one?"  

    Chen Ming was serious, "That one talked non-stop."

    Li Suyi: ...

    Chen Ming put away the Demonic Blood Saber, patted his rear and was ready to go when Li Suyi suddenly knelt towards him, "Please accept me as disciple senior! Disciple wishes to walk the path of demonic cultivation imparted from senior!"

    Chen Ming's foot stopped, Should I take him or not?

    Of the two choices, only one was viable. To take him.

    Plus, this kid knows the scrip, he might prove useful.

    Chen Ming smiled at Li Suyi, "You truly want to study demonic cultivation from me? You should know what 'demon' signifies. "

    Li Suyi's eyes flashed with resolve, In the previous life, I cultivated the righteous path, and what good did it do? I was still poor and weak, while little sister died a cruel death. If I want to amass power before Ghost Immortal's arrival I need to fall on the demonic path.

    "Disciple wishes to follow Master in demonic cultivation!"

    "We'll complete the ceremony when we'll return to Yan Mountain. But first, we'll go save your little sister. "

    Li Suyi and Zhuo Qingyao's situations were different. Her little brother was just a slave, with no danger to his life, while Li Suyi's little sister had her blood drawn to make pills.  

    Furthermore, Chen Ming was a tad curious about his sister. What was so special about her blood that could be used in alchemy?

    Li Suyi said, "Master, my two sisters, Chen Lingyu, is at a Medicine King Valley's branch!"

    Chen Ming said to himself, And you have two sisters, truly troublesome. "Hold on, what were your sisters' names?"

    "Chen Lingyu!"

    "Wasn't your family name Li?"

    "My sisters came from my stepmother before father married."

    Chen Ming was stunned, Was this the legendary sister from different parents?

    And they were frickin' two at that!

    With his appearance, why such treatment? When looking at myself... Forget it, a man can't be compared with a dog.

    Chen Ming jumped on his fiend cloud with Li Suyi hopping on right after. He secured Li Suyi with his spiritual power then followed his directions.

    After a day of flying, Li Suyi pointed at a valley spewing rolling black smoke, "Master, that's the Medicine King Valley's branch!"

    Chen Ming landed outside the valley, then turned into a crow and perched on Li Suyi's shoulder. It was the beginning of springs and birds should be chirping and grass should be growing. Yet the tree's leaves were all yellow, dried completely and the ground wasn't a green carpet of grass, just withered and decayed.

    A usual paradise for alchemy would be an immortal clan's dwelling, but by the look of things, everything had an eerie feel to it. Chen Ming flew over and grabbed a strand of black smoke, only to discover that it held evil energy.

    Chen Ming didn't spread his awareness, as the cultivators here were strong enough to notice him.

    Everything about this place was weird, but even Chen Ming wouldn't dare to charge inside.

    Chen Ming asked Li Suyi, "Do you feel impulsive?"

    Li Suyi shook his head, "No, Master. Why do you ask?"


    Chen Ming whispered in his ear, "See that wall ten feet from here? Jump over and find your sisters!"

    Li Suyi was reborn after all and knew many useful skills. With subtle motions, he climbed the wall, hid in a tree atop the wall and waited for the patrolling disciples to leave. But their eyes were weird, being entirely black. Even when they met, they gave a strange greeting, "Death, is the power of the living!"

    Chen Ming was suddenly swept by a familiar feeling, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

    Once passed the patrolling disciples, Li Suyi's had a smooth journey from there. He moved like a cat and after a bit of search, he found his sisters in an alchemy house.  

    Inside, a petite, fragile and pitiful girl, too weak to move was bound to a pillar, in preparation to draw her blood.

    Li Suyi motioned at her, "Master, they are my sisters!"  

    Chen Ming looked, Isn't it just a person? Do you think I'm blind?

    But before he could retort, he found why from the two auras above her head.

    'Heavenly Pill Heart lvl 6

    Description: observing everything with compassion.

    Effect: greatly increases alchemy refining chance.'

    'Slaughtering Asura lvl 6

    Description: I was born in slaughter, and blood sets me free.

    Effect: control over death.'

  • Chapter 64: B Ranked Mission


    Chen Ming froze, Two lvl 6 auras?

    What kind of freak is she?

    But in his eyes, Slaughtering Asura Aura was gray, disabled, with only Heavenly Pill Heart Aura active.  

    Maybe, this wasn't just the legendary split personality, but also two people sharing the same body? 

    Li Suyi said, "My sisters' situation is a bit special. She is Chen Ling'er by day and Chen Yu'er by night. Ling'er's heart is pure and kind without equal, while Yu'er gives off a slightly cold feeling as if you've sunk in a glacier!"

    What 'slightly'? That's innate killing intent right there!

    Somewhat interesting!

    I wonder how high can this lass cultivate the Illustrious Casket. She's probably the only one in this world who can do it.

    First the rescue, then we'll see.

    From outside the alchemy house, a white-eyebrow old man cam in, wwearing a kind expression. He looked towards Chen Ming, "Fellow Daoist since you're already here, why not stay around for a chat?"  

    Chen Ming shed his disguise as he felt no threat from this 9th stage of Dao Initiation realm old man.

    Chen Ming held Li Suyi and jumped down from the roof to the old man's smile, "This old man is Dan Chenzi, the Elder in charge of this branch. Why has fellow Daoist sneaked inside Medicine King Valley?"

    Chen Ming pointed at Chen Ling Yu, "I want to take this girl."

    The smiling old man instantly changed expression, "So it was just this small matter. Since this girl earned fellow Daoist's grace then I will let her go. To apologize I wish to invite you to a spiritual spring, something Medicine King Valley has refined with utmost care!"

    Chen Ming hesitated, Just talk?

    The old man looked toward the other disciples, "Why are you standing around for? Quickly release Chen Ling Yu!"

    They released the ropes tying Chen Ling Yu as Chen Ming arrived before her. She was somewhat scared, "Brother, you finally came to rescue me."   

    Li Suyi said, "Master brought me."

    Dan Chenzi extended his hand in invitation, "Fellow Daoist, please follow me for a pot of spiritual spring. It might not increase your cultivation, but spiritual spring has a marvelous effect on those who haven't started cultivation. It is great for strengthening one's foundation!"

    Chen Ming considered, but the one to reply was Li Suyi, "There is no need, Master."

    Chen Ming was also on alert. Reason dictated that Li Suyi shouldn't affect his judgment, but he was someone who knew the script. Was there something amiss about this Medicine King Valley's branch?

    Chen Ming cupped his hands while smiling, "There's no need, I have disturbed you for too long, so we'll be taking our leave."

    Dan Chenzi's eyes flashed with anger, "Is fellow Daoist not even giving Medicine King Valley the chance to apologize?"

    It was the same as saying Chen Ming didn't show any respect. A normal person would, at this point, say a couple of evasive words, then accept. But too bad, he met Chen Ming. By Chen Ming's logic, everything went according to a certain pattern. That was walking along with the storyline, and doing this was the same as delivering himself as cannon fodder in front of demonic sect's first disciple.

    You're delusional if you think you can have Chen Ming as cannon fodder!


    Dan Chenzi was dazed, That's not it. I don't want that, I just wanted to apologize. Are you saying I can't even do that? "Fellow Daoist, are you refusing a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit?"

    Chen Ming said, "No need for toasting, just consider me losing and bring two cups for me to drink!"

    Dan Chenzi was getting angry, "Since fellow Daoist wants to drink, then I will fulfill your request."

    Chen Ming smiled, "Just that this King easily entered Medicine King Valley. I am quite curious, how can a small branch like you hold me down?"

    Dan Chenzi's body releases a trace of immortal power, billowing around him, "Fellow Daoist, isn't it the same as asking for death?"  

    Chen Ming looked at the immortal power the old man released, and it hit him. This was Shi Jiuquan's energy!

    Did Shi Jiuquan break the seal?

    Dan Chenzi smiled, "Does fellow Daoist recognizes the energy around me?"

    Chen Ming formed a Finger From Beyond and smiled, "Then do you recognize this energy?"

    Dan Chenzi was stunned, "T-this is Ancestor Ghost Immortal's energy! Sir, could it be you're one of us?"

    Chen Ming was finally clear on the situation, Shi Jiuquan must have corrupted the Medicine King Valley, making them his subordinates. It's obvious now, why there was such thick death energy around the valley.

    "Ding! Triggered a B rank mission: evil belongs in hell. You already killed Shi Jiuquan's second body, becoming a thorn in his side, please destroy the powers preparing for Shi Jiuquan's descent. Reward: unknown."

    It's a B rank mission! A D rank mission almost got me killed even with all the effort I put in it. And a B mission must mean there's a Grand Sovereign involved.

    But he no longer had any choice. Based on what Vermilion Bird said, Shi Jiuquan wanted to transform the world into his immortal empire, a Ghost Immortal's Empire. The result would, of course, be a world of ghosts, with no sign of life. In other words, if Shi Jiuquan succeeded, then all world's inhabitants would turn into evil spirits, perishing in an instant.  

    Chen Ming was interested in becoming a dog but didn't want to hear anything about turning into an evil spirit.

    Demons and immortals had their differences but tolerated each other since they walked different paths. But not ghosts, they were completely against them. They loathed anything living, and only wanted death.   

    Yet unknowingly, Shi Jiuquan's arm reached all the way over here. He might as well investigate the area, "Since you recognize it, then you must know who I am!" 

    Dan Chenzi sheds his threatening posture instantly, "With fellow Daoist being one of us, please follow me."  

    Li Suyi wanted to speak, but stopped at Chen Ming signal, "Children shouldn't involve themselves in something they don't understand!"

    Dan Chenzi didn't care, How could mere children understand the greatness of Lord Ghost Immortal!

    Dan Chenzi brought Chen Ming to a secret underground palace, while leaving Li Suyi and Chen Ling Yu outside.

    Inside the palace, there were eighteen evil-looking bronze sculptures and in the middle, Shi Jiuquan's sculpture. This dispelled the rest of Chen Ming's doubts, and began touring the palace with one hand behind him. He looked at Shi Jiuquan's statue again, "When you made Lord's statue you forgot, that he held a lamp in his hand! You're trying to deceive me, you're no men of my Lord!"  

    Dan Chenzi inspected the statue and replied, "Fellow Daoist is indeed Ancestor Ghost Immortal's man, knowing even this! This is my negligence, I will immediately repair the Ancestor's sculpture!"

    Chen Ming nodded, How could I not know when I was the one that killed him? "As long as you understand. Right, the reason I'm here, is for inspection. Sir doesn't doubt your loyalties, he just isn't satisfied with your ability to deal with other matters."

    Dan Chenzi said, "We are already doing everything in our power, and already have more than ten Kings under our control."

    Chen Ming faked anger, "Just ten-plus Kings? What have you guys been doing all this time?"

    His face was raging, while inside F*ck me! How can a mere Medicine King Valley's branch have more than a dozen Kings under control!?

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  • Chapter 65: What Selling Fake Pill? Can an Alchemist Even Sell Fakes?


    Chen Ming didn't even consider asking Li Suyi how far did Shi Jiuquan's influence reach. The background storyline had its own pace.  

    It was the same as Chen Ming declaring, Hey, I know you went through rebirth, so cough up everything!

    And even if Li Suyi would trust him and still talk, for the time being, his information would mostly be related to the conflict between Ghost Immortal's factions and the continent's great powers. That was something bound to happen in the future.

    But because of Chen Ming, the storyline came out twisted.

    Chen Ming was also disinclined to believe he could use his poor acting skills to cheat the other into handing over their information. He didn't even know how did the Ghost Immortal corrupted Kings communicate.

    He only wanted to confirm that this place had a list with their names.

    As for how he'd get his hands on it, well, wipe them all out. Why should he use his brain when his fist was enough?

    Chen Ming walked around inside the underground palace, faking interest in examining the place, "The reason why I'm here is because of an important task. Many have already noticed our movements and I need to remove this hidden danger. To do this I require a force of ten Kings. Go make it happen. Right, and they had better have different cultivation methods, experts in stealth and assassinations. But in case they fail to kill in the dark they need to also have some combat skills..." "

    Chen Ming prattled on and on, pointing out his required skill set for almost all Kings.

    Dan Chenzi gave it some thought but didn't hesitate. It was just mobilizing a few Kings, posing no problem, since this wasn't the first time it happened.  

    But do you actually have those ten I wanted?

    After finishing up with Chen Ming, Dan Chenzi closed the door and was about to go check his list, to see if any matched the ten Chen Ming required.

    Chen Ming took to his crow form, releasing only Dao Canon's spiritual power, and jumped on the window frame, eyeing Dan Chenzi.

    The reason he got caught before wasn't that he wasn't good at hiding, but because Li Suyi was with him, giving him away.  

    As the night descended, Chen Ming flew on the rooftop, stepping and jumping with his two short feet while following after Dan Chenzi. Two patrolling disciples happened to be looking up, "Crows these days are really weird. They no longer fly, but hop and bounce instead."  

    "Wonder if crow meat is delicious."

    "This crow must have some juicy legs since it likes to hop so much!"

    Do you have to always make it embarrassing for this poor crow? And why is it that whenever someone sees a crow all they talk is how it tastes?  

    Bouncing around, Chen Ming followed Dan Chenzi to the Medicine King Valley branch's visiting hall. This was where the Medicine King Valley sells their pills to the passing cultivators. Dan Chenzi peered his surroundings and, finding no one, opened the ledger on the table, focusing on its contents.

    The safest place was where laid the most danger, You're really daring in hiding it here.

    Chen Ming landed on a window frame, having a clear line of sight to the list's contents, which held hundreds of names.

    Chen Ming flew on the ledger and stashed it in his storage ring. Dan Chenzi then saw how a blood-red saber swiping at his neck from a black mist. His head rolled on the ground, still incredulous of what just transpired. 

    Chen Ming set Dan Chenzi's body aflame, turning it to ashes then waved his hand and a gentle wind scattered it throughout the sky.

    He turned back into a crow, then went to find Li Suyi and Chen Ling Yu. He gave it to Li Suyi to look it over, "Look and see if there's something off about it."

    Li Suyi didn't quite understand, but took the ledger and noticed familiar names inside. These are names of powerful Ghost Immortal subordinateshow did Master get a hold of them? And why did he asked me to check? Chen Ming became a total mistery in Li Suyi's eyes. He closed the ledger and said, "Noting unusual."

    It was missing a few names, but since the Ghost Immortal chaos wouldn't be happening for a while, it was fine.  

    Chen Ming nodded, "Since we have all we need, we're leaving!"

    Li Suyi asked, "Master, how do we get out?"

    Chen Ming hesitated, "How else but walking? Are you saying you want to crawl?"

    Li Suyi's thought, Master's brain has some issues. This is still Medicine King Valley's branch.

    Chen Ming waved his hand and four swords flew out, sealing the entire valley. He operated the Four Elements Array, wrapping the entire branch in fire, wind and ice spears.  

    Chen Ming walked through the door, and said behind him, "Right, since we're against them might as well destroy them. We'll pick up the spoils along the way."

    It was the Medicine King Valley's branch after all. It had to have many pills that would help his disciples greatly as he rationed them.  

    He told the two of them to wait for him, while he jumped on his fiend cloud and raked each and every alchemy house.

    Li Suyi and Chen Ling Yu exchanged a glance, I haven't even started cultivation, will Master make me walk? Any Dao Initiation realm would have eighteen different ways to help me!

    By the time Li Suyi could see what was going outside, the place was engulfed in howls of anguish. The fire and wind entwined in the sky while the ground was filled with ice spears. Wherever Li Suyi and Chen Ling Yu went, the elements retreated.  

    This was an array. So Master knows arrays, no wonder he told me to walk.

    When he exited the area, not a moment later, Li Suyi saw Chen Ming coming out of the array. He waved his hand and the entire valley became a world of fire and ice. Chen Ming looked behind and he could see how the ice retreated, making way for the fire, burning so hot that lava began to flow to each corner.

    Chen Ming was quite pleased with his masterpiece. This way no one would realize he was the culprit.  

    Chen Ming paused a moment, then waved his hand at the cliff outside the Medicine King Valley's branch, writing:  

    'Medicine King Valley isn't honest with its wares. Its heart is black, and filled with fake pills. Destroy!

    Demon King Ri Yue!'

    With that done. Chen Ming jumped on his fiend cloud along with Li Suyi and Chen Ling Yu then rushed towards Yan Mountain.

    A day after his departure, the entire Medicine King Valley knew of what happened to its branch. Their faces twitched when they gazed upon those words, What selling fake pill? Can an alchemist even sell fakes? Just say they pills were too weak!

    And besides saying the pills are fake, you still went as far as turning the valley into a lava lake!

    'Medicine King Valley: I will take your parent's place and teach you a lesson!

    No demonic cultivator is right in the head!'

    "Set up a bounty for Demon King Ri Yue, eight hundred thousand spirit stones!"

  • Chapter 66: You Must Stand Strong


    When Chen Ming returned to Yan Mountain, he found Ling Xian in high spirits, "Master, I am almost done with comprehending the current Dao Canon, please guide me further."  

    When he was comprehending along with Chen Ming's insights, Ling Xian didn't find any issues. But when he went further, then problems began to appear. Without Master, the Dao Canon became dull, boring and plain.  

    Chen Ming eyed Ling Xian up and down then nodded, "This is your third junior brother and his little sister. Arrange their stay then bring Suyi to my room tomorrow. I will impart you with more insights, and while I'm at it, with the immortal art. With your cultivation, you should have no problem using it."

    He then faced the siblings and pointed at Ling Xian, "Suyi, tomorrow, go find your second senior brother to bring you to me for the acceptance ceremony. As for Lingyu, she will live on Yan Mountain for now."

    Li Suyi found Ling Xian familiar the moment he laid eyes on him. And when he recalled why, it shocked him, Isn't he the Head of an immortal sect?

    From what he recalls, Ling Xian became famous in an instant. He cultivated the Dao Canon, the worst of the worst. He was unknown, unremarkable, yet after he entered Dao Comprehending realm he experiences a meteoric rise and even came to be the Head of an immortal sect. And at the time of Ghost Immortal's chaos, he was among the five who escaped the continent.

    In the previous world, he could only look up to this kind of figure, but now, he became his junior brother!  

    No, I went through rebirth, and after living a hard life, I know there's nothing impossible in this world! If he can do it, then so can I!

    Hold on, if Ling Xian with his excellent talent is only Master's second disciple, then how amazing must first senior brother be?

    Ling Xian was beaming smiles at Li Suyi, Ha-ha-ha, I'm no longer Master's weakest disciple! I no longer need to participate in any future competitions!

    Ling Xian's smile grew wicked, sending a shiver down Li Suyi's spine, This guy isn't fond of men, is he?

    Ling Xian arranges a place for the siblings to stay, introduced them to Yan Mountain's situation, and before he left he took great care in guiding Li Suyi, "Junior brother, senior sister is a kind person, it would be best if you consider her your elder sister. Master likes to wander a lot and often leaves senior sister in charge of Yan Mountain, so make sure to never anger her."  

    Li Suyi was quite curious about his mysterious senior sister, making Ling Xian over the moon with joy. While still in the Mind-numbing Aura, Li Suyi asked, "Then how should I get closer to senior sister?"

    Ling Xian mulled it over, "There is a great secret here in Yan Mountain, but since you became a disciple, I will tell you."

    Li Suyi sharpened his ears, careful not to miss a word, "What senior sister likes best is for others to spar with her. She will think you have great ambition and will guide you with much care. If you show enough promise, senior sister will even give you noodles, hand-made by her!"

    Li Suyi was glad, "Where does senior sister stay?"

    Ling Xian pointed at the Sword Mountain then left.

    Li Suyi eyed the mountain, While Master roamed the world, Yan Mountain will be left in senior sister's charge. I should go and greet her.

    And so, in the glow of the setting sun, Li Suyi stood before Sword Mountain, watching the rear figure of a girl radiating sword energy, Is she a senior sister? Despite never seeing her before, he was still a Grand Sovereign in his previous live, encountering his fair share of geniuses.

    Li Suyi was perfectly aware of the ice-cold sword energy drifting around Zhuo Qingyao. He stood fa away and cupped his hands, "Senior sister, I am third junior brother. Li Suyi would like to ask senior sister to swap pointer with me!"

    Zhuo Qingyao was keen on pulling the sword before her but was suddently interrupted. Her heart held some anger, but her face was cold as a glacier. Zhuo Qingyao looked back at Li Suyi, Is this third junior brother? Why is he so weak? But a saber energy talent ain't bad at least, and he actually formed it.

    Zhuo Qingyao waved her hand and more than a dozen sword energy waves flew, and before Li Suyi could even react he was pinned to the ground.  

    After letting him go, Zhuo Qingyao turned her head back and continued pulling the sword. But then, a thought struck her, "Since you're here, have some of my noodles."

    Li Suyi couldn't be happier, following after her to eat noddles.

    The second day, Chen Ming looked at the inhuman shape called Li Suyi, covered in cuts and bruises and even internal injuries, "Eh? Just what did you do last night? Why are you all wounds?"

    Li Suyi glared at Ling Xian standing near him, gnashing his teeth, "Disciple went to spar with senior sister."

    Chen Ming eyed the two of them, Do these fellows have some special hobby? Why do they like to be dominated? "Qingyao knows how to be lenient, so why do you have internal injuries?"  

    Li Suyi's small face paled, "Senior sister gave me a bowl of noodles..."

    Chen Ming: ...

    Ling Xian: ...

    Chen Ming patted Li Suyi on the shoulder, comforting him, "It's good that you're alive."

    Ling Xian had a sympathetic expression, "You must stand strong."  

    Li Suyi's though, Is this comfort? Is this really comfort? You act as if I escaped hell!

    Chen Ming leaned back into his chair, sunbathing, "Come, proceed with the ceremony."

    Li Suyi went to make tea, while Chen Ming prepared some insights for Ling Xian. He had plenty of merits on hand. If not for Zhuo Qingyao stage advancement, then he wouldn't even have enough to comprehend one volume of Dao Canon, when it needed more than three hundred merits. Clenching his teeth, Chen Ming still decided to comprehend it, I just hope this kid can breakthrough faster.

    But it had an upside, a volume from Dao Canon could help his cultivation until the 4th stage of Dao Initiation realm, enough to last for a while.  

    After finishing writing down his insights, Chen Ming also handed Ling Xian the Finger From Beyond he wrote yesterday. Then he launched his spiritual power throwing Ling Xian away from him, to make him retreat at the side.

    Li Suyi presented the tea with respect. Chen Ming received it from the kneeling Li Suyi, then the later kowtowed three times. 

    "Ding! You accepted the third disciple. Reward: 500 merits."

    Chen Ming sipped his tea, then said, "What do you want to learn?"

    Li Suyi hesitated, "Can I learn the Demonic Blood Saber and a demonic cultivation method?"

    Chen Ming thought it over, "Are you certain you want to walk the demonic path?"

    Li Suyi noded, "Disciple has long decided!"

    Chen Ming pondered, "There's no harm in giving you the Demonic Blood Saber, but allow me to consider about the demonic cultivation method."

    There was also the Bones of the Taotie. He had no idea what rank was this cultivation method, and despite being considered a demonic cultivation method, extremely treacherous, the growth in strength was very fast. It was quite fitting for Li Suyi, who's talent was far worse then Zhuo Qingyao and Ling Xian.

    He also had Taotie's Seed he got from Azure Lion. If he planted it in Li Suyi's Dao Palace, he didn't need to devour children to form it, and could directly jump to devouring cultivators.

    But this cultivation method was vile. With an unstable Dao Heart, he would be driven mad, suffering at the hands of Taotie's Seed's hunger.
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    Chapter 67: Honing Oneself


    Chen Ming had wracked his brains but still settled on giving him the Bones of the Taotie.

    Chen Ming waved his hand and the cultivation method landed before Li Suyi, "If you are determined to walk the demonic path, I will pass on to you the Bones of the Taotie. The early stage of this method is sinister to an extreme, needing to devour children. But with this Taotie's Seed, it can help you overcome this period and enter in the cultivator devouring stage."

    Li Suyi looked at the Bones of the Taotie, Wasn't this the famous cultivation method practiced by Azure Lion in the previous world? It actually landed in Master's hands. Chen Ming became more and more mysterious in Li Suyi's eyes.

    I can't see through Master at all!

    There's no logic to his actions, it's like he's playing a game.

    Chen Ming took out Taotie's Seed and planted it in Li Suyi's Dao Palace. He could feel a pang of hunger from within, from the seed. Then Chen Ming placed a small Four Elements Array on Li Suyi's Dao Palace along with Demonic Blood Saber and the Blood Saber Coffin. 

    "Ding! Assist Li Suyi in controlling Taotie's Seed. Reward: 2000 merits, the fourth disciple position."

    The high reward shows that this mission will be troublesome. I need to devise a foolproof plan.

    Chen Ming said, "I've given you all that I could. You should be able to feel the strength and evil coming from the seed. Whether you can control it or not will be entirely up to you. Do remember, a saber kills men, but the one holding the saber is also a man."

    Chen Ming asked, "Do you have any personal foes?"

    Li Suyi's eyes flashed with a red light, "My parents died at the hands of the bandits from Yellow Sand Camp."

    Chen Ming went on, "Do you remember their faces?"

    Li Suyi nodded, "Of course I do!"

    Chen Ming smiled, "Very good. The following days you will get used to Taotie's Seed, and when the moment comes, I will undo the seal on your Dao Palace. The seal is there for your own good. I hope my third disciple will remain Li Suyi and not Taotie!"

    Li Suyi's eyes showed alarm, "Master, what should I do to complete your test?"


    Three days later, Chen Ming brought Li Suyi outside the Yellow Sand Camp and used his spiritual power to avoid being discovered by those Dao Sense realm fellows. Outside the camp, its leader was riding a horse, with a woman riding behind him. What the leader loved the most was to drink a woman's milk, force himself on her, kill her, then eat meat.

    At that time, his mother died at the hands of this vile leader!

    Li Suyi glared with a pair of red eyes at the bearded leader, as the demonic energy in his Dao Palace smashed against Chen Ming's seal.

    But could do nothing against it.

    Chen Lingyu stood aside. Chen Ming brought her to give her a reason, the reason for which she should pay him respects and take him as her Master.

    Chen Ming saw the rage in Li Suyi's eyes, and gestured towards the leader, "That is your heart demon."

    Li Suyi was distracted and strongly shook his head, "Did the killing intent took hold of me?" He could sense how Taotie's Seed controlled his will, wishing for him to devour the leader! The one killing him would be his saber, his Taotie Seed, and not him. 

    "Master wants me to let go, let go of the thought of killing him?"

    Chen Ming shook his head, "Not at all. Let me give you four words of advice: to kill, don't kill. If you want to kill him then do it. But if you wait until you know who will be the one doing the killing, the seal will be released and you will have the chance to kill him."

    "Master, I don't understand."

    "Then here's a simpler explanation, to help you understand better. You will enter the Yellow Sand Camp as a bandit to help polish your saber skills. The seal I placed on you will block some of your killing intent, but if it's too strong, they will sense it and kill you. Because of the seal, you'll appear as an average person, unable to use even your saber energy. And I won't be there to save you."

    "Then how can I undo the seal to kill them?"

    "When there's no trace of killing intent left on your body, the seal will release itself."

    Li Suyi nodded, meeting each day with the murderers of his parents without having any killing intent, would be difficult to the extreme!

    Chen Ming continued, "Hold on, the men I arranged will attack the leader returning to Yellow Sand Camp. Yes, the one who murdered your parents. You must go and save him, then enter Yellow Sand Camp. But let me leave you with one last bit of advice: when killing intent is most focused, no killing intent will remain. Go, go and hone your blade."

    Li Suyi jumped from the tree while Chen Ming took Chen Lingyu nearby Yellow Sand Camp, deep in the mountains. He looked around for a great tree then turned it into a house with his spiritual power.

    This shall be her residence. Chen Ming had no intention of sleeping and meditated outside the tree, holding no interest towards a twelve-year-old girl.

    In the night, Chen Lingyu arrived beside Chen Ming, throwing a wild berry she found. He caught it and ate it. Sour. 

    Chen Ling Yu said, "You made brother enter Yellow Sand Camp to sharpen his Dao Heart?"

    Chen Ming was caught by surprise. This wasn't something Chen Lingyu understood, since every day she was worried about Li Suyi. He realized soon after, that it was night and she was now Chen Yu, "Oh, it's Yu'er, please continue."

    Chen Lingyu's face was as cold as a block of ice, "A terrible fear lies in walking between life and death. But hanging on this thin line is the best way to sharpen one's Dao Heart, and also the quickest."  

    Chen Ming nodded, this was his plan.

    "Yes, if his killing intent is too strong, then the Yellow Sand Camp would notice him. He needs to control his killing intent to perfection, that is the only way he will control Taotie's Seed. What he's honing in there isn't his saber but his heart."

    Chen Lingyu was still doubtful, "But I'm not to clear on your last advice, when killing intent is most focused, no killing intent will remain. It doesn't make any sense. When your killing intent is most focused that is when killing intent is at its strongest." 

    Chen Ming didn't explain, "Just watch and you'll understand."
  • Chapter 68: Why Didn’t You Say So?


    Chen Ming waited patiently for two days before Ling Xian arrived, as Li Suyi honed himself. 

    This was too wasteful. To not use a volunteer like Ling Xian was too wasteful. 

    Zhuo Qingyao was focused on comprehending the Dao, and couldn't be disturbed to watch over Li Suyi. And so, Ling Xian, with his outrageously high Luck Aura and his ring grandpa, should have no problem waiting here. 

    He had some urgent matters to attend to. With the list of names on hand and based on his strength, by the time Ghost Immortal conquered the continent, he wouldn't be able to kill but a handful.  

    Time to find some help.

    As for who to find, Chen Ming might not have the relation, but he knew someone who had, Vermilion Bird. She should know who was against Shi Jiuquan.

    He briefed Ling Xian, "Watch Li Suyi from the shadows and don't intervene unless it's a matter of life and death. If he fails, bring him to Yan Mountain, and I'll figure something else out."

    Ling Xian cupped his hands, "I will follow the order to the letter!"

    Ling Xian didn't find it odd at all for Chen Ming to have a demonic cultivator disciple. He would if Chen Ming taught him a righteous cultivation method instead. Senior sister was a sword cultivator and a hardship cultivator. The term hardship cultivator came from the Buddhist sect. It pointed towards body cultivation, to train the body to sainthood. Because hardship cultivators had to endure countless hardships, they came to be known as such. He was an immortal cultivator, cultivating immortal arts, while his junior brother was a demonic cultivator, on the path of the saber. The three of them had totally different Daos, but the way he saw it, he didn't find any problems with it.

    Just who was Master? The brightest cultivator of his time, one who could birth experts just by teaching halfheartedly.

    With things settled, Chen Ming jumped on his cloud and rushed to Jade Void Temple.

    The Sect Leader was by himself with joy. Because of his early friendship with Chen Ming he received a considerable amount of land, "Sir Archfiend is a far away guest. Allow me to be your host." 

    Chen Ming had no time for him, "No need, I came with important matters. Take me to the secret domain."

    The Sect Leader didn't dare delay and directly showed him the way.

    Being familiar with the path, Chen Ming arrived quickly and, after jumping inside the lake, he soon wound up in the spiritual water area. Chen Ming turned into his accustomed form, black crow, and flew towards the spiritual fire area. There, he surveyed the region and since there was no Vermilion Bird in sight, he sent four swords out, setting up a Four Elements Array.

    Not a moment to soon, a great fiery bird could be seen in the distance. It inspected Chen Ming's array since she was aware of a smaller Four Elements Array being set up in the larger one and came to check it out.

    This kid has such deep comprehension of arrays, to reach this stage in just a few short months. Yet his cultivation isn't weaker either, being more profound.

    "I would have never guessed for little guy to have such a deep comprehension in the Dao of arrays."

    Chen Ming laughed evilly, "My comprehension goes beyond your imagination!" 

    Vermilion Bird: ...

    "You didn't even stutter. Well then, why were you looking for me?"

    Chen Ming took the list of names and hand it over to Vermilion Bird. Yet before she noticed, the floating paper turned to ash, "Eh? What was that? Since it burned so fast, it couldn't be good."

    "That was from one of Shi Jiuquan's factions. A list of those who are preparing for his coming."

    In other words, it wasn't easy to get it, and you just torched it?

    Vermilion Bird's face burned hotter, but there was no way of telling if she was embarrassed, "Why didn't you say so?"

    Chen Ming waved his hand, "Don't worry, I have a copy."

    You have got to be joking if you think I only had one when it was so hard to get it.

    Vermilion Bird lowered her tone, "I know why you came. Take my token and the list to the overseeing Human King. He is from the Astral Immortal Sect and will take care of this."

    No wonder the Four Elements Array had an overseer, he must be monitoring the people inside it.

    Vermilion Bird waved its wings and a fiery-red feather floated in front of Chen Ming, who stashed it in his ring, "I am already used to the early stage of the Four Elements Array. Are there any arrays here that could help me deepen my knowledge of arrays?"

    Vermilion Bird's eyelid twitched, I knew this greedy little thing didn't come here just for that. "If I'm not mistaken, you can set up arrays by yourself and your soul is strong enough to control a maximum of twelve swords. I don't have any suitable array for you, but there's a Heavenly Four Elements Array inside the Astral Immortal Sect. The array you are currently studying is also known as the Earthen Four Elements Array. The two can work together perfectly but you'll have find a way to get it on your own."

    Heavenly Four Elements Array, Earthen Four Elements Array. It looks like these two arrays have a fundamental connection, and will require many merits to comprehend them. But it's still a good way to learn it.

    Chen Ming expressed his thanks, wandered around the domain to fill his ring with treasures, then went to the Elemental Cauldron to look for the Human King.

    Along the way, Chen Ming did some thinking. Ghost Immortal was someone who stooped at nothing in his endeavors. Punching a kid, tripping an old man, these should all be a common occurrence to him. So to avoid giving himself away, it would be best if he assumed another identity. After all, he had to protect his chives. 

    He kept going back and forth in his head since he had no special item on him. So he took a brush and paper then draw a smiley, and put it on.

    Soon after, he arrived at the Elemental Cauldron, and with some asking, he soon knew where the Human King stayed. He didn't seem to be a particular secret here.

    He shifted the Dao Canon's Dao Palace in front and walked on the path towards the Human King. Climbing a thousand steps, Chen Ming could see a small boat at the top, with a middle-aged man sitting in meditation inside. 

    Chen Ming didn't hide his energy and walked straight to the man. The man opened his eyes but didn't turn around, "You should know that I stand guard on this path. I already said that no one is allowed to pass." 

    Chen Ming laughed and took out Vermilion Bird's feather, "I think you recognize this." 

    The man could clearly sense Vermilion Bird's energy and turned around. Chen Ming's face got his undivided attention, What an interesting fellow, he drew a few brush lines, enough to make out a happy face. But why is he so strange?

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  • Chapter 69: We Want Peace


    Xing Ming has been guarding this array for tens of years. He recently sensed how Ghost Immortal was close to breaching the Four Elements and knew that something wasn't right. Someone like him who meditated for a long long time, with a firm Dao Heart, actually got distracted at the sight of Chen Ming's mask. 

    After a ten breaths careful inspection of the mask, Xing Ming finally came to, "So it was Vermilion Bird who guided you here. Go ahead and speak."

    Chen Ming looked around, "I wouldn't like for others to know about this."

    Xing Ming's eyes showed a grave look, "Is it that serious?" 

    Chen Ming didn't say, but Xing Ming still sealed the two of them from the rest of the world with his spiritual power, "No one can hear us, now that I released my spiritual power."

    Chen Ming handed over the list, "These are the ones Shi Jiuquan controls, that are preparing for his arrival, all King ranks."

    Xing Ming looked it over and shock passed through him again and again. This list also had Grand Sovereigns, eighteen of them!

    There were countless King ranks. Did Shi Jiuquan's men manage to corrupt these many people? 

    Xing Ming was aware the matter was urgent, "I need to immediately report this to Astral Immortal Sect."

    "Earthen Four Elements Array can no longer hold Shi Jiuquan. Vermilion Bird requires the Heavenly Four Elements Array scripture."

    "Heavenly Four Elements Array is our Astral Immortal Sect's secret, but if Vermilion Bird needs it, we will gladly offer it. I don't have it with me, so you will need to come along to the Astral Immortal Sect."

    Chen Ming nodded, Let's go to that whatever Astral Immortal Sect.

    Xing Ming eyed the smiley on Chen Ming's face, finding it wacky and asked, "I wonder how should I call little brother?"

    Chen Ming waved his hand, "Just call me Paper Face Man."

    Xing Ming was wondering where did this fellow and his mask come from.  

    Walking along Xing Ming, they soon arrived at the teleportation array leading to Astral Immortal Sect. Chen Ming inspected the array. It was a special array that cultivators used to instantly send them to another location.

    The current array, for example, would send someone to the Astral Immortal Sect. This area could suppress an immortal, not something a King rank was enough to watch over.

    Chen Ming looked for a moment, finding some understanding in the way that the array operated. Xing Ming smiled, "Is little brother interested in this teleportation array?"

    "Somewhat, but I am not to clear on the space Dao and I can't make out how it was set up. Let's go."

    Xing Ming laughed, showing he was just joking. Since in his eyes, Chen Ming was just a Dao Initiation realm cultivator, and not a high one either. How could he comprehend arrays?

    Xing Ming started the array, and after passing through a starry tunnel, Chen Ming finally touched the ground again, Is this Astral Immortal Sect? 

    Xing Ming gestured towards the floating Astral Immortal Sect, "This is a piece of meteorite that helped in the creation of this sect, thus its name."

    Chen Ming looked up at pavilions, mountains and tall constructions floating among the clouds. Astral Immortal Sect has a somewhat immortal air around it. 

    Xing Ming arranged for Chen Ming to stay in the attending department, then left to report. Chen Ming had no choice but to await his return.

    A day later, Xing Ming handed him the Heavenly Four Elements Array, "Rest assured, the Astral Immortal Sect will unite with many ancient immortal sects and attack Shi Jiuquan's factions. We will definitely remove Shi Jiuquan's intention of arriving here!"

    "I can sense that Astral Immortal Sect's spiritual energy is far denser than in other areas. Is there a special reason behind it?"

    The thicker the spiritual energy was, the faster the cultivation speed, and it also increased his disciples' breakthrough speed. It would help increase his merits income. 

    All chives need fertilizers to grow fast and strong!

    If you want your horse to run, you need to feed it!

    Xing Ming smiled, "Inside the meteorite, there's an Earth Spirit Vein. Spirit Veins are few and far between in this world. All Spirit Vein can produce spirit stones all year round, enough to support cultivation, and above the Spirit Vein, it helps by increasing cultivation speed. Astral Immortal Sect just so happened to be built on such a treasure, the Earth Spirit Vein. "

    Chen Ming nodded, So that's how it is. Seems that Yan Mountain is a poor place, even lacking a Spirit Vein.

    If the chance shows itself, I need to go find a Spirit Vein.

    Xing Ming then answered Chen Ming's doubts, "The sect arranged it like this because it wants to prevent the land from falling into chaos and fear because of Ghost Immortal. Therefore, we have decided to use those sects that harbored hatred against them, to eradicate one by one all of Ghost Immortal's factions. I wonder where does friend come from, from what immortal sect. Maybe we can include you in the alliance. What area is friend in charge of?"

    Chen Ming could surmise Xing Ming's intention, since a true immortal, for cultivators, were very, no, extremely shocking. And those that came from ancient immortal sects have all stood against Ghost Immortal's power. When the time came for Ghost Immortal's descent, then all these ancient immortal sects would have one future only, death. To avoid the great chaos that would follow across the whole land, they decided to involve local powers.

    "From Myriad Mountains."

    Xing Ming said, "Alright, I'll remember it. Then little brother, return to your faction and move as fast as you can against the Myriad Mountains' core power. I know that the Myriad Mountains' Grand Sovereign works under Ghost Immortal. But our front lines are stretched thin and have to leave little brother to find a way to deal with them."

    Chen Ming nodded, There'll be no help!

    But this wasn't something he could accomplish by himself. He would have to return to Yan Mountain and start expanding. Yan Mountain was far behind in amassing power.

    After Xing Ming led him to the secret domain, Chen Ming was rushing to Yan Mountain while pondering, My previous thinking was wrong, the correct way is to keep spending merits. And when the battle starts, I will harvest spiritual knowledge and increase my power.

    Only with enough merits could I be the ruler, or I will end up the same as I am now, with too much spiritual knowledge and short on merits. Merits are the ones deciding my limits while spiritual knowledge helps me reach that limit.

    Let's first reach that wretched Yan Mountain then develop it. Need to spend big and wait for merits to roll in, then sweep everything! Killing left and right has no meaning. We come in peace! Right, and when they can't beat us, we won't be needing any peace!
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    Chapter 70: The Peach and the Plum Do Not Speak, Yet a Path Is Born Beneath Them


    Li Suyi was sharpening a long saber in the setting sun. As the blade felt dry, he spat on it then continued his work. And after a few moments, he inspected it and touched it, satisfied with its sharpness.

    The leader walked next to him, took his saber and tried it on a block of wood. He patted Li Suyi on the shoulder, "Not bad at all!"

    Li Suyi gave a mild laugh, "It's the least I can do. I just don't want leader to avoid me!"

    The leader smiled, "How can that be? There's no one better than you at polishing blades in a hundred li!"

    Li Suyi asked, "Leader, you don't drink wine? Last time you came with wine, did it turned to water now?"

    The leader laughed, "Right, the wine from before has indeed become water. Next time, I will take you with me so you can try the best wine in the nearby town!"

    Right then, the second leader was embracing a delicate girl as he entered a house. Li Suyi watched as the leader smiled, "You are still a young chick, huh?"

    Li Suyi nodded.

    The leader said, "Let me tell you, women can't compare with those young girls. Only women around thirty can understand men best. And for young lads like you, it will be the best first experience. How could a young girl ever know what pleasure means? How could she make a man happy? If I find the very best, the most passionate woman, I will bring it to you and give you an experience you won't ever forget!"

    "Many thanks, leader! I'm sure you'll find the best for me!"

    Ling Xian brought Chen LingYu on a tree outside the wall to watch Li Suyi, "Can you sense it?"

    Chen LingYu nodded slightly, "Now I understand Master's words. When brother's killing intent is at its most focused, there will be none of it remaining on his body. Because his heart is in control of all his killing intent, he shows none on the outside. Yet every breath, when he sharpens blades, or when he speaks, they all tell me he wants to kill. What Master wanted wasn't for him just to become demonic but to be the most demonic demon, to suppress all the others. It's the only way for him to go deeper down the path of demonic cultivation."

    Ling Xian nodded, "But he remains your brother, realizing that he is the one doing the killing, not his weapon. Only controlled power is true power."

    "I know that brother can bear a lot of suffering. After many life and death struggles, he can finally control Taotie's Seed. I want to help him."

    "Your constitution is very strange, nothing I have ever seen before, or heard. You differ from Ling'er, making her spiritual energy dissipate in your hands, while yours dissipating in Ling'er's hands. If you want to walk the path of cultivation, I'm afraid there is no one besides Master who can teach you."

    In a small courtyard, Li Suyi opened his hand and Demonic Blood Saber appeared within. With a simple motion, he cut down the leader, yet he felt neither happy nor sad, "I thought when killing you, your blood will be redder, but it's only this much." 

    Metal sounds and shouts soon echoed around him.

    Li Suyi's bloody body walked outside Yellow Sand Camp's gate and saw Li Suyi along with Chen Lingyu. He now knew, Master cares about me, even though he said he didn't. His mouth is sharp but has a soft heart. He cupped his hands at Ling Xian, "Many thanks senior brother for waiting these days." 

    Ling Xian nodded, "To what stage has your control brought you?"

    Li Suyi replied, "By absorbing some of Taotie's Seed's power, I am currently at the 9th stage of Dao Sense realm. This is the strongest power I can control. After I become more familiar with it, I should be able to enter the Dao Initiation realm."

    Ling Xian's heart tightened, Junior brother is too fierce. Doesn't that mean I'm still the weakest in Yan Mountain?

    Senior sister is far more incredible than me and also became a disciple earlier. But with how fierce junior brother is, he isn't even leaving me a way out!

    Are you telling me that when there's a competition, I will end up making a fool of myself again?

    "Cough, cough, cough, uh, eh, let's go. Master must be worried sick."

    Even before they arrived, Chen Ming has long been there, but only waited for a short while, since he already got confirmation from the completed mission.

    Chen Ming inspected Li Suyi, checking to see if he had any limbs missing, and relaxed, "Go cultivate, and if there's anything you don't understand, come ask me."

    Li Suyi and Ling Xian retreated, while Chen Lingyu stayed. She began, "I want to pay my respects to Master!"

    Just when the fourth position was open, he could get Chen Lingyu as his disciple. And she had the 6th lvl Heavenly Pill Heart, molding his disciple into a sharp weapon!

    Chen Ming eyed her and took a sip from his teacup, "Truth be told, the only one in this world who could guide you on the path of cultivation, to teach you cultivation, is me. But let me ask you, is it you, little Yu'er who wants this or is it Ling'er's idea?"

    Chen Yu said, "Sister also agrees."

    Chen Ming nodded, "Alright, since you sisters already decided, then I will take you as my disciple. I will impart to you with Illustrious Casket. This is an immortal cultivation method. I'm afraid we are the only two capable of training in it."

    Just comprehending the first stage required more than a thousand merits, stabbing at Chen Ming's heart, Damn it, these immortal cultivation methods are burning a hole in my merits!

    But the good part was that the first stage was enough until the 5th stage of Dao Initiation realm.

    And Chen Ming knew of where this method's power laid. Its spiritual power could heal injuries and yet also had the death attribute. If such an attribute entered one's body, there was no need to mention expelling it, since the only outcome would be death. This spiritual power ate at the opponent's body.


    Of course, when it came to Chen Ming, healing wounds had some benefit. His opponents were all Kings, so what other crappy use would the 5th stage of Dao Initiation realm spiritual power have? 

    Chen Lingyu has seen how Li Suyi did the ceremony, and she began making tea. She then stood obediently at Chen Ming's side, presenting him with the teacup. Then knelt and kowtowed three times, "Please have this tea, Master." 

    Chen Ming took a careless sip and nodded, "From this moment forth, you will be my fourth disciple."

    "Ding! You accepted the fourth disciple. Reward: 1000 merits."

    "Ding! Your fame as a Master has spread through each corner of the Southern Border's kingdoms. You have a bit of fame as a Master and earned the achievement 'The peach and the plum do not speak, yet a path is born beneath them'. (1) You now have the right to recruit disciples. Please establish a sect and recruit disciples."


    (1)    As long as you are true and honest, you can move other people’s hearts.

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  • "Ding! Your fame as a Master has spread through each corner of the Southern Border's kingdoms. You have a bit of fame as a Master and earned the achievement 'The peach and the plum do not speak, yet a path is born beneath them'. (1) You now have the right to recruit disciples. Please establish a sect and recruit disciples."


    (1)    As long as you are true and honest, you can move other people’s hearts.

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  • Chapter 71: With Ling Xian Taking a Seat, You’ll End up Repenting


    After writing down his insights on Illustrious Casket to remove Chen Lingyu's future problems, he also comprehended the Dao Canon and the Nine Nines Mysteries Art for Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao. And his last merits also burned with them. His path forward was wide, so he didn't need may merits. But the further he went the greater the price, as it already reached the current amount of a thousand and five hundred merits.  

    Even the Dao Canon's inferred comprehension used eight hundred.

    As for Bones of the Taotie, this method was just too odd. It needed 9999 merits just to get started! 

    Chen Ming used the excuse that Li Suyi's cultivation wasn't stable to postpone imparting Bones of the Taotie, and only taught him Demonic Blood Saber's method. This would help Li Suyi transform his saber energy through the use of the Demonic Blood Saber.

    Chen Ming wasn't at all worried about Li Suyi's cultivation. He was one who experienced rebirth, and definitely had some strength in his previous world. 

    Chen Ming sat in the courtyard combing through his thoughts, cooking up a plan to rope in more chives, when the bear brothers dropped by for a round of Fight the Landlord. But Chen Ming was in no mood for playing and waved his hand, to go find someone else. The bear brothers were refined men, playing with a Great Fiend would be too boring. Since Sir Archfiend had not time to mind them, their sights landed on Ling Xian who happened to show up at that time.  This little brother has met some fortune recently, he should be loaded with spirit stones, "Brother Ling Xian, come play with us Fight the Landlord!" 

    Ling Xian waved his hand. It wasn't that he didn't want to play with these two silly geese. Since they were Chen Ming's followers, they could come and go as the pleased in Chen Ming's lair, besides his disciples, "I don't know how."

    Eldest Bear said, "The rules are simple. We are all cultivators here, and after explaining it once you will remember it."

    Second Bear added, "Yeah, a cultivator needs to have some time off too. We won't play too long, so come relax."

    Ling Xian again refused, "It's not that I don't want, but I truly don't know how to play."

    Eldest Bear smiled, "No worry, you'll know as we play. All the Archfiend play it too."

    What a joke, you don't know how to play. If I don't give you a good fleecing then it'll bring me shame.

    Second Bear said, "Yeah, you'll get the hang of it as we play."

    With such kindness, Ling Xian reluctantly sat down. Chen Ming pitied the bears,  With Ling Xian taking a seat, you two will end up repenting!

    They dealt the cards and when Ling Xian saw his cards, they were all great, "Can I call Landlord?" 

    The bear brothers smiled at each other, "It's alright, you're the Landlord!"

    Then Ling Xian took the last three cards, and after checking his hand, he shily spoke, "Can I take out four of a kind?"

    Second Bear: "Of course, they're the bomb, they're worth double!"

    Ling Xian revealed his hand, "Four eights, you guys want them?"

    The bear brothers looked at each other, He is indeed a newbie, he even dropped a bomb.

    "No, no, continue."

    "Four tens."


    "Four kings."


    "Four aces."


    "Two twos."


    The bears frowned, sensing a headache coming. 

    Ling Xian finally put his last pair of kings down.

    Eldest Bear: "Must be his luck."

    Second Bear: "Beginner's luck, let's go again!"

    The bears fished out spirit stones while spending the next hour in a daze. 

    Eldest Bear gave Ling Xian a deep look, "Hey, Ling Xian, look how hardworking your senior sister is. How can you abandon your cultivation, quickly go train!"

    Ling Xian smiled, "This game is so fun, and even though it looks complicated, I find it very simple! Let's go again!"

    Bear brothers' thought, Fun my a*s! From your first hand, we played for two whole hours. We didn't get to put ten-card down, while all of yours were bombs!

    You barely know how to play, but each time you draw a card we fish out spirit stones...

    Chen Ming was considering a question, If I establish a sect and recruit disciples, then where do I find the resources to groom them? Four personal disciples are already a sucking abyss of pills. Chen Lingyu just started cultivation, so I can't count on her for supplying pills. It would be great if I can find a Spirit Vein since Dao Sense realm cultivators don't require many pills, and if there is enough spiritual energy then they can even do without them.

    Don't I still have a treasure map? Who knows, maybe there's a Spirit Vein at the end.

    Forget it, I don't trust my luck.

    Wait, Chen Ming glanced at Ling Xian and said flatly, "Ling Xian, come along on this trip."

    With Ling Xian in tow and after a seven day-long trek, Chen Ming arrived at his destination. At first glance, it was a great mountain surrounded by mist, undisturbed by man. With lush vegetation and the rushing waters from the creek, it just didn't exhibit anything outlandish.

    This mountain was in the middle of the wilderness with no trace of humans anywhere. Chen Ming landed on the mountain peak, beginning to search the area. It wasn't hard to find that this mountain once housed an ancient sect. He released his awareness and soon found a stone door. 

    When he brought Ling Xian before the door, Chen Ming told him to open it. Finding no danger, Ling Xian pushed the moss-covered door open, and dust littered every corner, as a rotten smell still lingered. 

    Chen Ming let loose a fire crow which entered the corridor before them, then returned to his hand, "Wait for me here. If there's any danger, find a safe place. I will go inspect the place."

    Ling Xian cupped his hands, "Yes, Master!"

    As Chen Ming walked along the stone corridor, he could make out the murals on the side. The deeper he went the thicker the spiritual energy became, There truly is one!

    With such thick spiritual energy, it felt like he was back in the Astral Immortal Sect's surroundings. This spiritual energy was akin to a cultivator who absorbed spirit stones without stop, and the purest one at that! 

    An average cultivator's cultivation would be filled with impurities. And from what he just felt, this was actually the purest water attribute spiritual energy! 

    Taking a deep breath, a refreshing an cool feeling seeped into his heart. Even if it wasn't a true Spirit Vein, it wasn't far from becoming one. 

    Chen Ming walked onward as if he was going through a water world. Suspended in the air was a clear and sparkling water droplet, lighting up the area like a night pearl. 

    Wherever he passed, the water droplets cleared a path. This made Chen Ming raise an eyebrow, Seems to be a stone room filled with water droplets. Chen Ming opened the door and saw a blue small carp with three-leaf lotus on its head. It was as big as a palm, sparkling and pure, blocking with his body a large spirit stone while spitting twice at Chen Ming.   

    Is this a... moe attack?

  • Chapter 72: A Bunch of Broken Toys


    The large spirit stone behind the carp was glossy and smooth as silk, just like jadeite. And on the stone walls, spirit stones began to form, with the source being that large spirit stone. Chen Ming found knew a lot about the Spirit Vein from the Astral Immortal Sect. That spirit stone was the Spirit Vein, and this little moe guy should be the spirit born of this Spirit Vein. 

    Of this spirit, they had many names. For example River Soul, Mountain Ghost, Drought Demon and so on. The one before him should be a River Soul.

    Only when it produced a spirit, was it considered a Spirit Vein.

    Without a question, the little guy was a spirit and the large stone the Spirit Vein.

    It was good he brought Ling Xian along, and now he could pick up a Spirit Vein. Vermilion Bird was also a Drought Demon, but Chen Ming still didn't dare to go for its Spirit Vein. 

    The little guy before him, on the other hand, he could collect. The method to make the Spirit Vein recognize a master was simple, just draw a spirit pact on its forehead. This was a sinch for an array master like Chen Ming. 

    Chen Ming released his spiritual power and brought the little carp over, then drew a spirit pact which entered its body. The next time it looked at Chen Ming, it was no longer scared and angry, just bewildered, How come I feel close to this pedophile?

    Chen Ming took out a dried fish from his ring and threw it before it. The carp used the water spiritual energy to bring the fish to his mouth and began chewing it.

    What a cheater!

    Chen Ming showed his happiness, "I'll be taking you to an enjoyable place, much better than here. It has green hills and clear waters, and many fishes to eat too! "

    Little carp still had the taste of the fish in his mouth. Since he was born he has always stayed here, and now that he tasted dried fish, it became curious about the outside world.

    Little carp nodded, then slouched on his shoulder.

    Chen Ming retrieved the Spirit Vein with a wave of his hand, and then the rest of the spirit stones.

    Little carp was feeling curious at the disappearance of his home, along with some fear. Chen Ming petted it, "I'm just taking your home to where we are going."

    Little carp relaxed.

    Chen Ming asked, "Do you have any companions around here? I would like to bring them along to this great place."

    Little carp hesitated, its heart conflicted, but it still brought Chen Ming to another stone room. What Chen Ming could sense from here was fire spiritual energy, Could this place have a second Spirit Vein? 

    Chen Ming entered as the little carp spat water like crazy, he didn't like this place. Chen Ming could see a fiery-red spirit stone and a cocoon, its soon to be born spirit.

    Chen Ming knew that it was hard for Spirit Vein to form. Why there were two here was because this ancient sect had two incredible areas, where fire spiritual energy and water spiritual energy amassed in each region. After countless years, the two little guys were formed, the incompatible fire and water. Then they fought each other, and because the little carp was born first, it put pressure on the Fire Spirit Vein so that it delayed it from becoming a true vein. 

    The world was boundless, filled with marvels and oddities. Chen Ming collected the fiery-red spirit stone then left along with the two little guys, Later, I'll be helping Fire Spirit Vein's little guy, to speed up its birth. 

    As Chen Ming along with the little carp stood outside the sect, he looked around. There was nothing left, or whatever had been had long rotten or wasted away along these countless years. 

    When Ling Xian's eyes landed on the little carp, Master went to inspect it and returned with a spirit. Did that mean Master found a Spirit Vein?

    "Congratulations on finding a Spirit Vein, Master."

    In front of disciples, Chen Ming would undoubtedly fake aloofness and wisdom, "Just a Spirit Vein, is there a reason for alarm?"

    Ling Xian said, "Disciple is only happy, I'm sure that for Master, they are just a drop in the ocean."

    He knew of its importance by the time he arrived, along with the little carp, at Yan Mountain. This was something only a Grand Archfiend or a Grand Sovereign could posses. He had to make sure no one else found about them. He'll just keep his mouth shut about the great fortune.

    Chen Ming convened with his three disciple - Zhuo Qingyao was still comprehending the Dao - and the bear brothers, in preparation for establishing a sect. 

    Chen Ming took his seat, with the little carp on his shoulder doing his best in chewing a dried fish. Chen Ming began, "Your Master has been here just a few months, and I already have four personal disciples. It isn't enough, therefore I have decided to open Yan Mountain and establish a sect to recruit disciples from all around." 

    Since it was just about recruiting disciples, the three had no objections. It was only recruiting, it wouldn't affect their positions. These disciples were the core of a sect, while the personal disciples were high above them. 

    Moreover, these disciples could only listen to Chen Ming's sermon and not ask him for help in their cultivation.

    Other sects' personal disciples had it worse, but Yan Mountain was different since Master didn't like managing things. For example, in an important place like Yan Mountain, a personal disciple could enter the medicine field as he wished. When Li Suyi was caught pilfering it of spiritual fruits, Ling Xian made sure to give him hell three times!  

    Other areas were even worse. If Master didn't say then they could go anywhere and do anything, as long as they asked senior sister first. 

    But Zhuo Qingyao was in seclusion, and now Ling Xian was in charge. 

    Disciples, meh, whatever. They could only seldom listen to Master's sermon anyway. But rewards and punishments weren't something personal disciples were in charge of.

    Ling Xian said, "I wonder how many would Master like to recruit to expand Yan Mountain's strength?"

    Chen Ming did some thinking, "Six hundred. But three hundred of them will have to train in a water attribute cultivation method while the other three hundred in a fire attribute cultivation method."

    The three hesitated, making Chen Ming furrow his brows, "What's wrong?"

    Too many? I think that six hundred are enough, any more and I won't be able to train them!

    Ling Xian said, "Master, aren't they too little? The way I see it, a glorious figure like Master should receive thirty thousand. "

    Li Suyi agreed, "Yeah, with how esteemed Master is, sixty thousand aren't bad!"

    Chen Lingyu said, "How about a million!"

    Chen Ming: ...

    F*ck, they're all a bunch of broken toys!

    Just taking care of you, broken toys, is causing me enough grief as it is. Are you trying to work this poor old man to death by having a million disciples!?

    Chen Ming coughed twice, "Your Master doesn't need that many."
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