Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



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    Chapter 53: Battle of Kings – Curtain Fall


    Chen Ming blocked the Demonic Blood Saber with the spiritual sword in his right hand while he pointed with his left hand!

    A finger extended and the wind rustled!

    A huge blueish finger shot from Chen Ming's left hand and struck Mo Tian in the chest. The explosion catapulted him into the Flying Immortal Sect's entrance gate, breaking it into rubble. The dismembered Mo Tian gasped desperatly for air, knowing it to be his last.

    Blood flowed constantly from his mouth, his organs torn from that one finger. His only reason for being alive was thanks to his King ranked body. 

    Mo Tian struggled to claw his way up, but the incoming sword, Chen Ming's sword, passed through his neck. The head fell, with bitter resentment and unwillingness still lingering in his eyes.

    Chen Ming walked next to Mo Tian's body, "Finally dead!"

    Chen Ming opened his hand and the Demonic Blood Saber flew to him, yet the boundless demonic energy showed no intention to mutiny and harm him.

    Chen Ming smiled as he caressed the blade, "What an excelent blade!"

    "Ding! You killed Mo Yun. Reward: 1,000 spiritual knowledge, 100 fame."

    "Ding! You killed Mo Tian, completing the realm advancement mission. Reward: realm seal released. You can now cultivate to the 9th stage of Dao Initiation realm!"

    "Ding! You killed Mo Tian, Black Saber Sect's destruction increased by 30%."

    "Ding! You killed Mo Tian. Reward: lottery ticket. This ticket cannot be withheld. You got Blood Saber Coffin."

    A blood-red coffin landed near Mo Tian's body. Six-foot-long, two-foot-wide, with the Demonic Blood Saber method inscribed on its surface. This was Demonic Blood Saber's sheath, yet also its coffin.

    Chen Ming stretched his hand, stashing the coffin in his ring, then walked towards Hua Yang with the Demonic Blood Saber.

    Hua Yang knew he lost, he lost completely.

    The audience had front row seats at Chen Ming's killing, "Mo Tian is dead! This is the first time in the last hundreds of years of Southern Border's history that someone killed a King."

    "A king slaying battle, Archfiend Wandering Crow is akin to a demon god!"

    "He can also use the Demonic Blood Saber without a backlash!"

    "From today, Six Kings Alliance will become the Overlord throughout the Southern Border!"

    Chen Ming, with the Demonic Blood Saber in hand, flew at Hua Yang, attacking in tandem with Black Tiger. Black Tiger sensed Chen Ming's wounded state and chose to increase the viciousness of his blow, to end it as quickly as possible.

    With Black Tiger pinning him down and the added suppression from the Four Elements Array, Hua Yang resistance was merely a front. Chen Ming pierced his back with the Demonic Blood Saber, who began sucking the blood out of Hua Yang. He wanted to get away from it but how could Black Tiger let him?

    Ten breaths later, what was left of Hua Yang was a dried corpse, as Demonic Blood Saber sucked it of its last drop of blood.

    With Hua Yang's defeat, there was no one to contest Chen Ming and Black Tiger's power. 

    "Ding! You killed Hua Yang. Reward: 1,000 spiritual knowledge, 100 fame."

    "Ding! You killed Hua Yang, Flying Immortal Sect's destruction increased by 30%."

    "Ding! You killed Hua Yang. Reward: lottery ticket. This ticket cannot be withheld. You got the Heavenly Flaming Star.

    The reward from killing a King was different, as the first kill was related to the completion of his mission.

    Black Tiger looked at Chen Ming, their friendship strengthened through this king slaying battle. But unlike before, this was the first friendship born from slaying a King in hundreds of years in Southern Border. He was concerned, "Bro Wandering, are you alright!" 

    Chen Ming smiled, "Nothing to worry about, just an average wound."

    Black Tiger had only admiration for how he got the Demonic Blood Saber, he couldn't use it anyway, "Congratulations bro Wandering. With Demonic Blood Saber, your strength will greatly increase!"

    Chen Ming said, "I wonder how the war against Pitfall Mountain is going. We need to quickly join the battle, or to at least bring some balance to the war!"

    Black Tiger said, "Then I'll let bro Wandering deal with the rest here. Use this time to recover, while I'll leave first to help surround Pitfall Mountain. When bro Wandering returns, we will begin another king slaying battle, signaling the dawn of the Six Kings Alliance's era of prosperity!"

    Chen Ming nodded, "Alright, you go first, elder brother Black Tiger. I'll join you when I have recovered!"

    Black Tiger was worried about the war as there were now four people fighting against Archfiend Azure Lion, instead of the original five. He stepped on his fiend cloud and yelled, "Men, while this King is away, you are to listen to Archfiend Wandering Crow's orders!" 

    Then he sped towards Pitfall Mountain.

    Chen Ming gazed at the Flying Immortal Sect, sending his voice throughout, "Fiends, pull out of Flying Immortal Sect!"

    Chen Ming was in charge now, and with the added words from Black Tiger, no fiend had the gall to object. He stood before Flying Immortal Sect, operating the Four Elements Array to its peak. Between the ravaging firestorm and the frozen earth, fire and water ground the Flying Immortal Sect to dust, eliciting mournful howls from within.

    The audience chose this moment to approach the sect, witnessing the miserable state the array was bringing it to. They were clear that Flying Immortal Sect wouldn't survive past today. With the decisive move of killing to King ranks, the Six Kings Alliance consolidated their position.

    "Hurry and send a message to the sect, that the Six Kings Alliance killed two Kings!"

    "We need to send it faster! From now on, the whole Southern Border belongs to the Six Kings Alliance!"

    "Don't forget to warn our kingdom's monarch. Any who offends Yan Empire will be put to death, no exceptions! It would be great if we can work under the Regent. They say that Archfiend Wandering Crow is the Regent's Prince!"

    Two hours later, there was not even a blade of grass left untouched on the Flying Immortal Sect's mountain. Chen Ming sent the bear brothers to fetch the spoils of war, as he searched through the crowd. His eyes landed on the Chilling Ice Sect Drifting Wind Sect's Sect Leaders. The Drifting Wind Sect's Sect Leader noticed Chen Ming's eyes and, after a moment of consideration, drew a spiritual sword he picked who knew when from within the sect, "Flying Immortal Sect and Black Saber Sect rebelled, offending Southern Border's Overlord. Wipe them out!"

    Chilling Ice Sect's Sect Leader reacted instantly. Flying Immortal Sect was destroyed but not the Black Saber Sect. This was a meritorious service for the Six Kings Alliance. He had no constraints now, weren't they under Pitfall Mountain's rule before? They were merely changing one ruler for another, and the Six Kings Alliance wasn't as ruthless as eating children the way Pitfall Mountain did. It was great to have someone watching your back, "The Flying Immortal Sect is now exterminated, but Black Saber Sect still exists. To such evil sects that dare start a war, the only reward is destruction!" 

    How could the other cultivators not understand, as they gave approving nods one after the other, "We will form an allied force and destroy Black Saber Sect!"

    The crowd went on and on with their support, that Black Saber Sect's crimes were unforgivable, of uncontested evil, "Even if Sir Archfiend is showing mercy, we will not let this traitorous Black Saber Sect live any moment longer!"

    Chen Ming nodded, pleased, "With everyone understanding the seriousness of this matter, once the Black Saber Sect is no more, come at the Six Kings Alliance and the Kings will receive you. They will judge your service!"

  • Chapter 54: Control Aura


    Under the united and overbearing forces of cultivators, the Black Saber Sect was no more. All kingdoms' sects started capturing the rest of the Flying Immortal Sect and Black Saber Sect stragglers. The entire Southern Border was thus united, coming under Six Kings Alliance's authority.  

    As for Black Saber Sect's spoils, the allied army agreed unanimously to hand them over to Chen Ming's subordinates. There were hundreds of thousands of spirit stones, spiritual weapons of all sorts, pills, and so on. They knew that these items weren't theirs since Chen Ming and Black Tiger were the ones killing the Kings.

    Spoils of war and whatnot were all Six Kings Alliance's. What they wanted were the two destroyed sects' territories. Whoever got their hands on them, their chance to flourish would increase.  

    Chen Ming did some thinking, The two best areas will be left to Chilling Ice Sect and Drifting Wind Sect. They were quite quick to pick on his intentions.  

    "Ding! Black Saber Sect and Flying Immortal Sect destruction: 99%. End the mission?"

    Chen Ming agreed, who knew how long it would take to grab the last fleeing shrimps.

    "Ding! Mission complete. Reward: 4,950 spiritual knowledge, 990 fame."

    "Ding! Triggered a fame related mission. You beheaded two King ranks, your might spreading to every corner, overwhelming the masses. Please make a public declaration of your claim on the kingdoms of the Southern Border. Reward: 3000 fame, Control Aura."

    Eh? There's also a mission like this, with 3,000 fame and an aura as a reward?

    Truth be told, it never hurt to have more auras, and the chances to get them are oh so few.  

    Also, declaring his claim over the Southern Border brought him the benefit of raising Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao's cultivation higher and higher. They wanted to be kings, but that meant having a territory first, to feed their cultivation. Chen Ming didn't care about Dao Sense realm pills as it was easy for him to get ahold of, but Dao Initiation realm pills weren't.

    It was time to let the Southern Border's kingdoms raise 

    Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao for a change.

    As for his father and grandfather, Chen Ming thought about letting them live peacefully in Yan Empire, to live their life to the fullest. 

    His grandfather had no talent for cultivation, while his father's talent was low. When compared to his two disciples the difference was enormous. He would give them some life-extending pills to have a long and happy life.

    The day of their passing would be quite painful for him to bear.

    Chen Ming sent for the Chilling Ice Sect and Drifting Wind Sect's Sect Leaders to arrange a gathering for all the monarchs and sect leaders of the Southern Border. As the time drew nearer, he sat in his temporary imperial residence and called for Ling Xian. Walking alongside Ling Xian, he arrived outside the residence and overlooked the land, then spoke to his disciple, "What do you think of this land?"  

    Ling Xian said, "Truly beautiful!"

    "If I ask you to lead the Southern Border, will you accept?"

    Chen Ming had no intention of overseeing the Southern Border, he still had the cannon fodder title hanging over his head. To live, he needed to let the whole world hear his name!

    With these two rotten disciples, eating pills like rice, won't they squeeze him dry? How would he live then!

    Ling Xian sank into his thoughts. There was a gap between him and Zhuo Qingyao, and leading the Southern Border presented a chance, the chance to grow stronger. The tribute from the kingdoms would have to pass through his hands first, taking what was rightfully his, was but a matter of fact. Ling Xian said, "My clan was only a city lord, by I am convinced I can accomplish this task!"

    Chen Ming nodded, "Good, after declaring my Overlord status over the Southern Border, I will appoint you as the General Manager. It won't cause you any problems as you can just hand over any matter to Chilling Ice Sect and Drifting Wind Sect to take care of. Your only task is to redirect the resources you need for yourself and your senior sister."

    Ling Xian cupped his hands, "Disciple understands."

    At the Six Kings Alliance.

    Black Tiger jumped from his cloud and entered the Archfiend hall. The others were eager for his explanation, "I heard that Black Saber Sect and Flying Immortal Sect were under Archfiend Azure Lion, how is the situation over there?"

    Black Tiger noticed how the final battle has yet to begin, "Me and bro Wandering killed two Human Kings, showcasing our power! "

    White Fox's three tails swayed, "Good, I didn't expect you and junior brother Wandering to have such strength!"

    Black Tiger smiled, "I don't believe you know yet, but 

    bro Wandering, no, it should be bro Chen Ming. He used the name Wandering Crow to deceive Archfiend Azure Lion. His true name is Chen Ming, Yan Empire Regent's Price, but he can train in a fiend cultivation method and reached the rank of King. Bro Chen Ming has some understanding of the Dao of array, he even became an array master. He set up a Four Elements Array all on his own that helped me face against two Human Kings alone while having the advantage! "

    Old Turtle smiled, "An array master! Then why hasn't brother Chen Ming returned yet? With the help of his array, even if Archfiend Azure Lion is more powerful, we will have the chance to kill him, to eliminate this great burden from our hearts!"

    Black Tiger said, "Bro Chen Ming was hurt from the battle, while Southern Border had some minor issues left. So I left him to handle them while recuperating. When he returns, the final battle will begin!"

    Black Python said, "Good good good! Azure Lion's cultivation method is too wicked. We didn't care when he ate children, but now he became a huge headache. It's great, now that we have a way to eradicate him!"

    Fire Swallow slapped the table, "We just need to wait for brother Chen Ming's return. This will mark the end of the road for Azure Lion!"

    Chen Ming handled Southern Border's matters, screened the spoils, then fished out from among the pile of trashy scriptures the Illustrious Casket. He reckons not even Black Saber Sect's Sect Leader knew of it being at the immortal rank. The requirements to train in it were comparable to those from the Nine Nines Mysteries Art.  

    After tucking it in his ring, Chen Ming heard Ling Xian, "Master, everything is ready. Please come out, Master, and receive the monarchs and Sect Leaders!"

    Chen Ming nodded, draped his black-feathered robe and left the palace. Outside, all the important figures looked up at Chen Ming, their eyes filled with veneration. The Yan Empire was already aware of this affair, but his grandfather and father were unable to help him at this point, so they sent for Li Changgeng from the Endless Swords Sect to participate in their stead.  

    Looking at Chen Ming, Li Changgeng knew that there was an unbreachable gap between them, Chen Ming was actually an Archfiend, and he even killed two Human Kings!

    Chen Ming sat on the highest seat while all the people swore their allegiance.

    Chen Ming waved his hand, "Rise, not long from now, I will go and behead Archfiend Azure Lion. From this moment forward, Southern Border's kingdoms belong to the administration office of the General Manager of the Six Kings Alliance's. Ling Xian will be appointed as the General Manager while Chilling Ice Sect and Drifting Wind Sect will be the Southern Border's administrators. As for the rest, they will be arranged by the administrator's office!"

    The crowd kneeled again, "We have heard Archfiend's order!"

    "Ding! Mission complete. Reward: 3,000 fame, Control Aura."

    'Control Aura

    Description: you have become the master of a region, taking the first step as a ruler.  

    Effect: when commanding an army, your presence will raise their morale.'

    Not as great as I’d hoped. But it's not all bad, after all, I'm not a Main Character.

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  • Chapter 55: Battle for Pitfall Mountain – Prelude


    Next on the agenda was to deal with the battle for Pitfall Mountain, and  Chen Ming found this the right time to upgrade his strength. He now had spiritual knowledge to spare, thirty thousand in total, while his merits got used up in a flash, barely six hundred left.

    He didn't need to increase the Fire Crow Art to the 9th stage of Dao Initiation realm, as it would create a too great of a gap with the other Dao Palaces.

    It baffled him how Dragon Form Art advanced a stage, needing one more upgrade before forming a Dao Seed. This didn't use merits, it was all plain old cultivation.

    Now that the realm seal was gone, Chen Ming spent, in one move, close to ten thousand spiritual knowledge, to upgrade Dragon Form Art, Fire Crow Art, Nirvana Astral Wind, and Jade Water Core Sutra to the 7th stage of Dao Initiation realm, finally shedding his Fiend General rank.

    With the added power increase and the support of Four Elements Array, his danger value rose to 360, making him a brand new Archfiend.

    When it came to combat ability, none of the Archfiends from the Six Kings Alliance were his match. 

    Let's not forget he also had the King Slayer Aura, which transformed his spiritual power, something that his danger value didn't take into account. 

    He couldn't postpone the battle with Archfiend Azure Lion endlessly. Azure Lion was unwilling for now to leave Pitfall Mountain, but if he left, then he would lay low in the Myriad Mountains, devouring Great Fiends and Archfiends alike until he reached the Grand Archfiend rank. At that point, a catastrophe was sure to fall on his head!

    His mind set, Chen Ming informed Ling Xian of his parting and rushed towards Pitfall Mountain.

    He saw there, the battlefield filled with fiends' remains, bones scattered, and obvious traces of conflagration. Chen Ming jumped from his fiend cloud and landed in the Six Kings Alliance's headquarters. At his coming, the Great Fiends bowed one after the other. He killed two King rank cultivators, after all, gaining a greater influence than that of the other five Archfiends.

    The others didn't care, which only help to further confirm Chen Ming's strength, that he was one of them. With Chen Ming's rise, the Six Kings Alliance would also thrive. 

    It looked like a Grand Archfiend was about to appear, something that usually happened only in large Archfiends alliances. When a Grand Archfiend emerged, the rest of the Archfiend would swear loyalty, further increasing their standing.

    They were even looking forward to Chen Ming becoming a Grand Archfiend, a true position of power in the Myriad Mountains.

    Chen Ming didn't announce his coming and charged into the commanding tent. The other five knew of his arrival, having waited for him for a long time. Black Tiger said, "Bro Chen Ming, how's your wound?"

    Chen Ming cupped his hands, "Thank you elder brother Black Tiger for your concern. I've recovered."

    Chen Ming looked at the rest of the Archfiends, eyes flashing, denoting the activation of the Control Aura, "The time has come for us to launch the final assault!"

    Black Python downed his wine glass, "We've been waiting for brother Chen Ming to say that! The waiting is over!"

    White Fox walked beside Chen Ming, her subtle fragrance invading his nose, "With the support of little brother Chen Ming's array, we will surely kill Archfiend Azure Lion!"

    The thought of letting Archfiend Azure Lion off never crossed Chen Ming's mind, "Nothing must go wrong in this battle. We need to make sure he is dead, or the consequences would be devastating!"

    Old Turtle said, "Naturally, if he escapes we will never find peace."

    The matters regarding the final battle were quickly handled and orders were soon given. The Fiend Generals passed down the orders to the troops, "Tomorrow is the final day for Pitfall Mountain, a day of its destruction!"

    The entire fiend army mobilized, the Archfiends' generals, more than a thousand Great Fiends and countless fiends. This was a war between King ranks, comprising of seven Archfiends. Their battle would surely change Pitfall Mountain's landscape! 

    The number of Archfiends watching the war between Pitfall Mountain and the Six Kings Alliance increased with each passing moment, "No matter who lives or dies, the power of the winner will rise!"

    There were some Archfiends who wanted to help Archfiend Azure Lion, but  Six Kings Alliance's killing of two King ranks intimidated them. It forced them to lay down their banners, forever removing this thought from their minds, "The two sides are close in power. Let's go watch from the sidelines!"

    "Rumor has it that a new Archfiend appeared not long ago, Chen Ming, overturning the initial outcome of this war and bringing balance with his power. He even killed two King ranks, and if the Six Kings Alliance will live on, then he will soon have a Grand Archfiend's power!"

    "A few hundred years from now, another Grand Archfiend will emerge!"

    "Azure Lion has lofty ambitions, and yet suffered at the hands of Chen Ming. The outcome of this battle could swing either way, he is Azure Lion after all! The most ruthless Azure Lion of his generation!"

    As the great battle was about to commence, when Chen Ming and the five Archfiends settled any final matters, he received the mission, "D rank mission: delayed revenge. Objective: destroy Pitfall Mountain. Pitfall Mountain killed your two brothers, three uncles and many other of your kin. Only blood can wash away blood, wipe out  Pitfall Mountain.

    Killing Archfiend Azure Lion: completion rate increased by 30%.

    Killing Fiend General Gorilla: completion rate increased by 5%.

    Killing Fiend General White Wolf: completion rate increased by 5%.


    As everyone had a busy night from all the preparations, the second day arrived quickly. Over twenty Fiend Generals led the fiend army to assault Pitfall Mountain. With terrain advantage on their side, it was unclear who would be the winner. It all came down to who's side Archfiend won, bringing a close to this endless war.

    On the Pitfall Mountain's side, Fiend General White Wolf's saw the unending army of the Six Kings Alliance. It spread far and wide, with no end in sight. The black mass of fiends marched closer and closer like an unstoppable tide, "Eh? Is the Six Kings Alliance intending to end this war?"

    Fiend General White Wolf knew that today was going to be a long and hard day, "Chen Ming must have returned, giving them hope that Six Kings Alliance is a match for Sir Azure Lion. Go and report, Six Kings Alliance is throwing everything!" 

    Archfiend Azure Lion climbed the walls, his eyes surveying the enemy's rear, "Since the final battle is here, will those six gutless rats dare to show up?" 

    Behind the Six Kings Alliance's great army, the six Archfiends jumped on their fiend cloud, watching Archfiend Azure Lion from afar. On the brink of battle, Azure Lion laughed at them, "Gutless rats, since six needed to fight me, shows how worthless you all are!"

    Chen Ming smiled, "Azure Lion, why bother saying this now? By this time tomorrow, you'd already be burried!" 

    Azure Lion's eyes grew bloodshot and gave him a glared, "Chen Ming! If it weren't for you, those five worthless pieces of trash would be no match for me. If I don't devour you, nothing will quench this endless hatred of mine!"

    Chen Ming had the Control Aura, to boost morale. He took out the Demonic Blood Saber, its demonic energy reaching the sky, waved it at Pitfall Mountain and ordered, "Today, a King shall fall!"

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    Chapter 56: Battle for Pitfall Mountain – Seven Archfiends’ Fight


    The old revenge clashed with the new hatred. It could be said that Chen Ming and Azure Lion were each other's archenemy.  

    The earth began to quake under the assault of the fiend army. A three-zhang-tall figure, akin to a giant, crushed all in its path, leaving scattered limbs in its wake. Draped over it was a layer of sharp spikes, that with a shake, dozens flew from it, skewering its enemies to the ground while leaving a pool of blood. From beneath the ground burst a calf-sized rat, gorging on an azure lion until only the bones remained.  

    Raging flames, rending storms, devastating waves, crushing rocks, all appeared throughout the battlefield. The heap of corpses piled up on the front line, stretching for miles on end.  

    Fresh blood flowed without stop, leaving the battlefield in the form of a small creek. It then entered a large river, dying its waters red.

    Azure Lion felt the battle bellow was beneath him. Even in a cruel battle such as this. it still posed no threat to an Archfiend.

    Chen Ming and the rest didn't wait for long, their purpose was to kill Archfiend Azure Lion after all.

    Old Turtle took to the front, leaving a storm behind. He had the best defense among Archfiends as he moved to block Archfiend Azure Lion.

    A shield appeared in Old Turtle's hand, his weapon.

    Azure Lion's power grew from three months ago, as he wielded a large blue banner. This was his weapon, the Fiend Converging Banner, "Archfiend Old Turtle, you really think this rotten tortoiseshell can withstand my blows? I'll crush it to dust and show you the difference between us!"  

    Spiritual power exploded with Azure Lion at its center, shuddering the ground as it spread. Dao Comprehending realm was different from Dao Initiation realm. The later had nine stages, while the former three: Dao Seed, Divine Palace, and Consciousness!   

    Despite having only three stages, the gap between them couldn't be measured. At this stage, one already began to touch the concept of 


    The Dao Seed was the key to opening the Divine Palace. Once opened, a cultivator's spiritual would be renewed, increasing greatly. Even if one wouldn't painstakingly work on renewing his spiritual power, the Divine Palace would draw the surrounding spiritual energy then refine it into spiritual power.  

    Old Turtle sensed Azure Lion's wave of spiritual power, "You're actually at the early stage of Divine Palace!"(1)

    Azure Lion burst out in a loud laughter, "You're smart. If it weren't for Chen Ming, I would have been at the middle stage of Divine Palace!"

    Chen Ming finally understood what Mo Tian meant by a newly promoted Archfiend. His current strength should be around the middle stage Dao Seed.

    Among the present Archfiends, only Old Turtle was at the late stage Dao Seed, yet still found it hard to bear the full brunt of Azure Lion's attacks.

    Azure Lion waved the banner and sent a wave of black flames right at Old Turtle, who lifted his shield to block them but the resulted explosion sent him flying.  

    Chen Ming looked at him, "Are you alright?"

    "I'm fine."

    Chen Ming nodded inwardly, So long as he can withstand it. 


    The fight between the seven Archfiends has officially started. The surrounding fiends took the initiative to flee from the area, giving them a ten li space of the battlefield.   

    Old Turtle and the other four Archfiends attacked Azure Lion, with Old Turtle's shield in front. White Fox wielded her whip like a snake trying to bind Azure Lion's movements. This proved useless since Azure Lion was surrounded by spiritual power, deflecting her attacks.  

    Black Tiger struck with his heavy mace from behind, "Mountain Crusher!"  

    Fire Swallow's wings flapped wildly and a huge fire cloud appeared in the sky bringing down a burning rain. It feels on Azure Lion yet each droplet fizzled as it touched his spiritual power.  

    Black Python held a sharp dagger, akin to a snake's fang. His body changed into black smoke that came to envelop Azure Lion, lying in wait for the moment when he dropped his guard.

    Chen Ming saw that there was a tank, a warrior, a mage, an assassin, and what was lacking were buffs.  

    Four swords revolved around Chen Ming, "The first takes the form of a heavy sword, carrying the profoundness of the earth, and the stability of a mountain. Go! The second takes the form of a blazing fire, burning towards the heaven, carrying fire's swiftness. Go! The third takes the form of a tempest, dancing in the wind and becoming the wind. Go! The fourth takes the form of perfection everywhere, carrying the virtues of water and the calmness of the sea. Go! East carries the thick earth, South burns like fire, West blows like the wind, and the North carries the deep glaciers. Within the endless variation of the four elements, Four Elements Array, activate!"

    The swords flew to the four corners, with Azure Lion at its center. The area changed immediately, as ice spears grew from the ground and flew at Azure Lion. They weren't enough to harm him but they helped restrain his movements. Azure Lion's spiritual power trembled and the spears on his body shattered!

    Above, the raging fire accompanied a tempest as it hit Azure Lion, intending to refine his body under their might!

    Azure Lion sensed the pressure this formation had on his power, reducing it by almost twenty percent. He was at the early stage of Divine Palace yet the suppression was this formidable. This proved that the Four Elements Array wasn't simple to deal with.

    Azure Lion kept calm despite all this since he wasn't in any mortal danger. He waved the Fiend Converging Banner around and a lion made of black flames collided with Black Tiger's chest until he spat blood.

    "Trash is still trash, even if there's six of you!"

    A sudden dagger struck his back, spilling his blood, yet it only made his anger burn hotter. The lion's roar echoed throughout the battlefield, then a huge lion claw reached inside the black smoke and grabbed the slow Black Python's neck. Azure Lion brandished his flag, intending to running it through Black Python's body.  

    Black Python knew what the result would entail and shouted, "Molting!"

    Black Python's body flowed like water, turning once again into black smoke and disappeared. Azure Lion was left with a black snakeskin in his hand.  

    "Snakeskin? You escaped once, why not try and see if it works a second time?"

    Black Python said, "It seems like his power dropped. Let's end him quickly! "

    Fire Swallow nodded and a fire seed flew out of her hand. That was her Dao Seed, spewing endless flames. It was an incredible fire, one that could only come into being at the moment of his breakthrough to Archfiend rank. This was the Tree Flame, of the same rank as Sword Energy, yet their difference laid in the hundreds of Tree Flames that flew at Azure Lion!


    (1) From what I understand, Dao Seed starts in Dao Initiation realm and ends in Dao Comprehension realm. Could be wrong.

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  • Chapter 57: Battle for Pitfall Mountain - Great Act


    Azure Lion threw himself without a care into attacking Old Turtle, completely ignoring the Tree Flame. The Fiend Converging Banner went up in a black flame, releasing many attacks in an instant. Old Turtle was using the shield to defend but even so, he was still struggling to take them all on. He wasn't Azure Lion's match, as each strike he took made him spit blood.

    The Tree Flame flew above Azure Lion's head, who just rose his head and opened his giant maw, "Taotie Art!"(1)

    Four-foot-long horns appeared on his body and on his chest large jaws from a vicious green beast opened. That was a Taotie, with a body akin to bronze, it directly swallowed the Tree Flame.  

    Azure Lion's face changed constantly until he finally devoured the flame, "Ha-ha-ha, how could any of you match my power?"

    Azure Lion had no remorse while attacking the others with his banner, sending the Archfiends back with a booming strike. As blood dripped from his body, Azure Lion smiled at Chen Ming, "The only threat is that Four Elements Array. As long as I break it, your chance of winning will be lost. I finally know how formidable Divine Palace is! I may be at the early stage of Divine Palace, but for trashes with Dao Seeds like you lot, you'll have no way of stopping me!"  

    Azure Lion glanced at the four sealing swords, "The core should be among these four words. Once I destroy them, your hope will die with them!"

    Azure Lion pushed through the other Archfiends' blockade, focusing his entire power towards the Lustrous King Sword's location. After sending away White Fox with a palm, he stomped, wanting to borrow the earth's power to shake the sword, yet found his foot sealed in ice instead. The ice shattered with a shake of his spiritual power, while he stormed, "Looks like I won't have it that easy!"  

    Black Tiger was worried he might have ruined the array, and yelled, "We need to defend the Four Elements Array at all cost. If not, we'll lose our final chance at defeating him!"

    Old Turtle was clear on this, "Any king slaying battle will be filled with blood and cruelty, and even more so when the opponent is at the early stage of the Divine Palace Archfiend. We'll have to put our lives on the line!"

    Old Turtle roared, no longer posing as a human and changed into a ten-zhang-long tortoise, his shell as big as a mountain.  

    Old Turtle jumped, wanting to smash Azure Lion, "Mt. Tai's Descent!"

    Azure Lion devoured hundreds of Tree Flame, then waved his palm at the sky, meeting with Old Turtle's attack. After a booming sound, Azure Lion was standing in a large hole, buried to his knees. Yet he didn't topple, his hand holding Old Turtle as if he held the heavens!  

    He threw Old Turtle with a flex of his hand, shattering the mountain peak in its path, then laughed hard, "Who, from Pitfall Mountain or Southern Border, could possibly contend with me!?"  

    "Worthless, the lot of you!"

    "Chen Ming, this time it was Old Turtle. The next will be you!"

    Old Turtle struggled to get some footing among the rubble as he came out of the mountain, "Azure Lion, this old man hasn't died yet!"

    The battle has taken a desperate turn!

    Chen Ming looked from afar, unmoving. His current mission was to control the Four Elements Array and watch over the army. Without the array, the Archfiends would be dealt in by a casual blow from Azure Lion. Despite the enemy being slightly wounded, his power never faltered.

    No matter the circumstances, he had to stay put, he had to control the Four Elements Array.

    The task of beheading Azure Lion fell in the hands of those five Archfiends.

    Between Archfiends, each increase in strength was a gap between heaven and earth. Azure Lion was now at the Divine Palace, with a danger value of 560, far above that of his opponents.

    White Fox took to her original form, a ten-zhang-long three-tailed white fox. She used her though to control the whip and bind Azure Lion. Black Tiger decided to stay human and kept relying on his mace. Only in his human form was he at his strongest!  

    Black Python turned into a cloud of black smoke, wrapped 

    around Azure Lion and ready to strike.

    Each of the five Archfiend released their own attack, all in hope of blocking Azure Lion. He was like the epitome of invincibility, as each wave of the Fiend Converging Banner spread black flames all around, pushing the Archfiends back again and again.

    Azure Lion took a jump and was next to Lustrous King Sword. He waved the flag at the sword, "Ha-ha-ha, what use is an array, Chen Ming? See how I destroy it!"  

    Black flames enveloped Lustrous King Sword as the Fiend Converging Banner's attack threw it away.  

    Azure Lion was under the impression the array's power scattered, yet found in astonishment that the pressure was ever present, "How is it possible? This wasn't the core. Chen Ming, you're truly deceitful, you even set up decoys!"

    Chen Ming found it funny, "When have I ever said that the core was in that one?"

    The purpose of these four swords was to launch the array, and when it was up and running, the true array core would be himself. He was the source of the array. 

    Azure Lion inspected the other swords, trying to figure out which was true core. He might look invincible, using his spiritual power without a care, but despite Divine Palace's large reserves, it wasn't a bottomless pit. He wasn't capable of going like this forever.   

    Azure Lion laughed, "That fire sword should be it!"

    Azure Lion looked all over Chen Ming, to probe him, and found him distracted, "Ha-ha-ha, I was right. That sword is the core!"

    Chen Ming's thought, Did he try to con me just now? He must have gotten a bad role, such a pity. Chen Ming was distracted since Azure Lion still thought the core was among the swords. He found Azure Lion amusing.

    Chen Ming couldn't help but say, "Not at all."

    Azure Lion was convinced he found Chen Ming's weakness, so he ignored his words, "Chen Ming, don't think you can fool me, I saw how you hesitated. Just be patient until I deal with this sword, then I'll devour you whole!"

    The five Archfiends saw how the Four Elements Array was still standing and didn't miss this chance, hitting Azure Lion with everything they had!

    After some vicious clashing, a line of blood flowed from Azure Lion's mouth. The attacks of the Archfiend did nothing to impede him, Azure Lion's power still going strong as he stepped in front of Fire Cloud Sword. He smacked it away but the Four Elements Array never wavered, its power still bore down on him.

    Azure Lion eyed Chen Ming carefully, his anger no longer under control, "Great act!"


    (1)    Taotie is a legendary Chinese creature that eats people accords fully with its cruel, fearful countenance.

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    Chapter 58: Battle for Pitfall Mountain – Saber Heart


    Chen Ming felt helpless, I told you but you wouldn't listen.

    Despite their wounds, the five Archfiends had not time to worry about these matters. This was a king slaying battle, if he didn't die then they would.

    Happiness bubbled in their hearts when they saw how he guessed wrong again, "Brother Chen Ming's mastery of arrays makes the other gasp in amazement. We can't afford to miss this, we have to continue to wear down Azure Lion's strength!"

    The Archfiends flocked him again, unsure how long was Chen Ming going to be able to control the array when there were only two swords left. 

    Azure Lion understood this, "Five trashes dare to fight me, I'll just have to get rid of you first. He is just an array master, how can he stop me?"

    Azure Lion couldn't afford to choose wrong the third time, so his aim fell on White Fox. With his entire focus changed on her, White Fox didn't resist for long, even with the other four's assistance. The strikes from the Fiend Converging Banner slammed her into the ground.

    Azure Lion planned on finishing her, but the others' attacks came. He bears the brunt of their assault with his body, and despite the blood flowing from his mouth, they couldn't stop his advance. He was one step away from eliminating the powerless White Fox.

    Just as he reached her, icicles sprouted from the ground and hoisted her body, then guiding White Fox behind Chen Ming, to safety.

    A black fire erupted from Azure Lion's eyes, "Chen Ming, I'll never let you go. When I devour you, I will take my time savoring you!"  

    Chen Ming looked behind and saw that White Fox could no longer maintain her original form, "How are you feeling?"

    White Fox took a deep breath, "I'm not dead yet, but I'm powerless to help."

    An Archfiends' fight was savage and vicious. In a moment of inattention, Azure Lion caught Black Python, then bombarded his body with many fists. He grabbed Black Python tighter, focusing all his strength to try and tear him in two.

    How could Black Tiger let him? His mace landed on Azure Lion's back a dozen times, forcing him to spit blood again and again.

    Azure Lion bellowed, "Die!"

    Black Python's body got torn in two, then dumped on the ground.

    It was fortunate his body was that of an Archfiend. As long as his head stayed on his shoulder and his heart beating inside his chest, he would live. Chen Ming controlled the icicles, also saving Black Python. He then took out a spiritual herb for him to help his recovery. Black Python then used the last ounce of his spiritual power to connect his lower body.

    There were now only three Archfiends left to fight, but Azure Lion's situation was no longer optimistic, his body riddled with wounds.  

    Chen Ming sighed, "Divine Palace is too incredible!"

    Black Python coughed some blood, "A normal Divine Palace might not have Azure Lion's strength. He devoted himself to cultivating and even had a better cultivation method than ours! It gives him constant power, far above that of any ordinary early stage Divine Palace cultivator."

    Black Tiger saw the ripped in half Black Python and the powerless White Fox. They could no longer retreat, it was either he died or they died, "Azure Lion, here comes my mace!"  

    Azure Lion retaliated with the Fiend Converging Banner, sending him backward. He stomped the ground, shattered countless ice spear, then jumped with his fist aimed at Fire Swallow!

    Fire Swallow's open mouth launched hundreds of Tree Flames, yet Azure Lion simply charged through the firewall, as it burned his body black. His fist finally landed on Fire Swallow snapping many bones.  

    The fight continued like this, giving Chen Ming the feeling that he would soon have a hard time keeping his mind focus on controlling the array. He removed the Blood Saber Coffin from his ring.   

    A hand held the Demonic Blood Saber and another, the Blood Saber Coffin.

    If the situation asked for it, he would have to join the fight.

    Azure Lion's wounds weren't mild, but up against three Archfiends, his power rolled in waves with each hit, striking like lightning, and quaking the earth.

    Black Tiger's mace smashed on his waist, evoking a roar from Azure Lion. The roar continued as Azure Lion seized Black Tiger's mace, then stabbed him with the Fiend Converging Banner in his chest, leaving behind a ghastly hole, deep enough to see his organs.  

    Fire Swallow was also on the receiving end, the target of dozens of fists, leaving barely any bone intact, as it hit the ground like a pile of meat.  

    Azure Lion fell from the sky, right on Old Turtle's tortoiseshell. Under the constant bombardment from the Fiend Converging Banner, despite sporting amazing defense, cracks spread along its surface.

    White Wolf shouted in joy, "Ha-ha-ha, not even six Archfiends are a match for Sir Archfiend Azure Lion. After this war, he will become a Grand Archfiend!"

    Gorilla's body was riddled with wounds, but that didn't stop his slaughter, "Archfiend Azure Lion is invincible!"

    The pounding of the two legs shattered the shield to pieces, then Azure Lion shifted his eyes towards Chen Ming, "Why bother breaking your array when the only one left is you. Who is there to block me now? Who is there to protect you?"  

    White Fox watched Chen Ming, "Don't care about us, the strong prey on the weak, that is the fiend's rule. Leave then come back later to exact revenge on Azure Lion! "

    Chen Ming shook his head.

    Black Tiger said, "Don't be stupid, Chen Ming. Losing is losing, but death is final. You have the chance to escape with your life. Azure Lion's wounds will prevent him from chasing after you! What good will Demonic Blood Saber do?"

    Chen Ming gazed upon Blood Saber Coffin, "Comprehend Demonic Blood Saber manual to Saber Heart rank. Direct comprehension!"

    "Used 312 merits, comprehension complete!"

    Archfiend Azure Lion looked at the Demonic Blood Saber in his hand, "Eh? A demon saber, and one that chose its owner at that. That's a good item!"

    Chen Ming nodded, "It is indeed good!"

    Azure Lion looked at Chen Ming's posture, laughing, "You aren't thinking of fighting me with that Demonic Blood Saber, right? From what I know, you're a sword cultivator, with mastery in arrays. But not once have I heard of you practicing saber arts. You won't be able to fully exhibit Demonic Blood Saber's power!"

    Chen Ming smiled, "That was then and this is now. It just so happens that I am on the path of slowly comprehending the three thousand Grand Daos!"

    As he finished, Saber Energy surrounded him, hundreds of them at his beck and call. He was now at the Saber Heart rank!

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  • Chapter 59: Battle for Pitfall Mountain – Intense Fight


    Chen Ming looked above Azure Lion. Danger value: 208 (560 maximum).

    Azure Lion's danger value dropped, but there was also a mention of him having a maximum of 560. If his current danger value was 208 then there was no point to mention his peak state. Thus, even if it was as low as 208, his combat strength wasn't limited to just this. The battle never got easier.

    Chen Ming didn't interfere until now, despite having the strength to. He wanted to give Azure Lion the impression that he wouldn't intervene, or that he was weak. This was the only way Azure Lion would have focused solely on the five Archfiends, without leaving himself a way out. That was how he managed to change Azure Lion's view on him.

    Chen Ming rested Demonic Blood Saber on his shoulder, speaking to  Azure Lion on a flat tone, "You have the right to keep talking, anything you say will become your dying words."

    Azure Lion noticed something was amiss, seeing how Demonic Blood Saber was surrounded by Saber Energy, "You surprise me, your strength has earned my respect. If we look at it from a different point, you and I have the chance to become Grand Archfiends. As long as we work together, we can go wherever we want in Myriad Mountains. As for those five, is there a need to get so attached to worthless toys? "

    The five Archfiends were all waiting for Chen Ming. He still had a choice. He wasn't just amazingly talented, that was something it fitted only youngsters, they were all Archfiends, after all.

    A worthy description for someone like Chen Ming would bee deep and unfathomable. He formed a Sword Heart and was also a human, yet he could cultivate a fiend method to the King rank. His array reached the domain of gods, setting it up all by himself and now, wielding Demonic Blood Saber, he also exhibited the Saber Heart.

    If it were them, Azure Lion's proposal would have moved them. His words were correct, as long as they joined hands, they had the chance to reach the Grand Archfiend rank.

    Against a pair of promising Grand Archfiends at the fringe of the Myriad Mountains, no one would stand in their way.

    Chen Ming smiled, sweeping his saber, "Sorry, I have no intention of accepting your proposal."

    Chen Ming dragged the saber with one hand as he ran towards Azure Lion. Demonic Blood Saber's demonic energy extended, becoming a black cloud inside the formation. Saber Energy fluttered wildly as Chen Ming chopped at Azure Lion's chest. Hundreds Saber Energy waves flew as Azure Lion wielded Fiend Converging Banner, launching black flames to resist the attack.

    "Explain yourself!"

    Chen Ming's attacks gradually lessened, "You want an explanation? Fine, I'll tell you. I had three uncles and two brothers, and they found their end in your belly."

    Azure Lion's was shocked, showing a wary expression, "You were scheming for revenge all this time, to give the death blow from amidst the darkness. Now that the chance presented itself, show me if you have enough skill to follow through in your revenge!" 

    Chen Ming said, "If you want to see, then I'll show you. This will be your final act!"

    Standing in the Four Elements Array, with Demonic Blood Saber in his hand and with a Saber Heart, Chen Ming became the sole monarch of the area. He was aware of this sensation, aware of how he was One With the World. 

    The saber fell and formed a ten-zhang-long energy wave condensed from hundreds of Saber Energy, carrying with it the entire power of the array. 

    Azure Lion's Fiend Converging Banner created a violent storm, but when the blow landed, he still retreated three steps; only stopping when he stabbed the layer of ice with his flag. "You're not at the Saber Heart, nor the Sword Heart. You're at the One With the World stage!"

    Chen Ming smiled, "If you say it is, then it must be so!"

    His power inside the array was strikingly similar to the One With the World stage, or at least the effect was the same.

    Chen Ming's every attack contained the array's power. And by using the strongest Demonic Blood Saber's move, it wasn't any weaker than Finger From Beyond, while its toll on spiritual power was lower. 

    King Slayer Aura, Killing Intent Aura, activate!

    Blood-red lights focused on the blade and when Chen Ming released several slashes, Azure Lion wielded Fiend Converging Banner like a spear, moving it around himself and creating a tornado that carried with it black flames as he met head-on with Chen Ming's attack.

    Chen Ming wasn't a child like Ling Xian, fighting his opponent from afar, continuing like this until his final strike, then killing him.

    Stepping on the saber images, Chen Ming instantly took eight steps and was next to Azure Lion, then slashing at him with the brilliant saber. 

    Fiercely and ruthlessly, he went in for the kill, but Demonic Blood Saber got blocked by Azure Lion. Chen Ming then took a spiritual sword from his ring and executed Lustrous King Sword Art's Rainbow Sword attack!

    The radiant sword flowed like a waterfall, bypassing Fiend Converging Banner and striking Azure Lion flank. 

    Azure Lion didn't expect Chen Ming to be so fierce in his attacks. The hit threw him into a bluestone rock, turning it to rubble, and his flank now had a gaping wound. The blood flowed without stop and allowed a clear view of the organs inside. 

    Azure Lion smiled, then put his organs back. He then drew a fireball closer to the wound, cauterized it until the blood stopped flowing. Azure Lion licked the blood on his lips, his blue mane dancing in the wind. He spoke, "To tell you the truth, you've given me many surprises, exceeding my expectations again and again. I, Azure Lion, praise you in being the strongest person in Pitfall Mountain, next to me!"

    Chen Ming stood there with a saber in one hand and a sword in the other. Azure Lion felt how Chen Ming was at his strongest inside the array, being at the One With the World stage. This kind of pressure gives him the feeling as if the whole world rested on his shoulders.

    "But I won't go down so easily!"

    "If you want my life, then come take it yourself!"

    Azure Lion began waving Fiend Converging Banner, "Dance of the Demons!"

    Strands of demonic energy changed into shadows, charging at Chen Ming with their weapons as if they were a black river of steel. 

    Chen Ming stood there smiling as tens of shadows were upon him, "This kind of magical art won't work on me!"

    Fire and wind, from the Four Elements Array, clashed against the shadows, tearing them to pieces. As the shadows crumbled, Chen Ming already passed them, hacking with his saber at Azure Lion's head!

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    Chapter 60: Battle for Pitfall Mountain – Evisceration


    This saber strike made Archfiend Azure Lion retreat three steps. Chen Ming didn't give him any chance of recovering, following with the spiritual sword in his left hand, executing the Lustrous King Sword Art to its peak.  

    Chen Ming and Azure Lion's fight became savage. Chen Ming dual-wielded the saber and the spiritual sword, relentless in his attacks!

    Under Chen Ming's continuous onslaught, even if Azure Lion wanted, his body could no longer keep up, as his wounds kept pilling all over his body.

    And Chen Ming, was akin to an observer, with barely any spiritual power wasted as he used the array's power. But when the time came and its reserves were low, he would use spirit stones to replenish it.

    What can be said about the current Chen Ming was that he knew no rest, his strength at its peak, dancing around Azure Lion while keep landing hit after hit with his twin blades.  

    Azure Lion retreated again, blood spilling from his mouth as he opened his mouth towards the sky, "Roar~!"

    Azure Lion's body expanded, shedding his human form to that of a fifteen-zhang-long blue lion. He was just like a small mountain, facing Chen Ming, "Come, let's go all out! Taotie's Jaw open, Bone River!"   

    Azure Lion opened his maw, spewing bones like an avalanche, grabbing hold of Chen Ming then dragging him inside.

    Chen Ming stabbed his weapons in the layer of ice, wanting to prevent his body from being swallowed. But even so, he was unable to stop it completely. As he neared closer to the jaws of death, the weapons left deep trails on the ground. Chen Ming threw the spiritual sword into Azure Lion's mouth only to disappear the moment it was inside; it was already devoured by Azure Lion.  

    Chen Ming's eye grew fierce.  

    He jumped, flying right towards Azure Lion's open maw, "Torrent of Blood!"  

    Chen Ming entered Azure Lion's mouth and stabbed Demonic Blood Saber right into his lower jaw. The saber then started to suck all his blood while Chen Ming held on to it like his life depended on it as he was getting pulled towards the abyss in Azure Lion's mouth, "Let's see who devours who!"

    Demonic Blood Saber was stuck in Azure Lion's lower jaw, sucking blood without care, all the while sinking lower and lower. You could even hear a crisp sound coming from within!

    Soon, Chen Ming's bloody body crawled out of Azure Lion carcass. Just now, he took advantage of the suction force to cut all the way to Azure Lion's stomach

    The humongous body of Azure Lion fell, shaking the ground with it. Azure Lion, an ambitious and tyrannical ruler of Pitfall Mountain for hundreds of years, finally met his end at Chen Ming's saber.

    Chen Ming held on to Demonic Blood Saber, leaning against Azure Lion's corpse and taking deep breaths. It was finally over.  

    "Ding! You killed Archfiend Azure Lion. Battle contributions 30%, killing blow. Reward: 30%. You got 2400 spiritual knowledge and 300 fame."

    "Ding! You killed Archfiend Azure Lion. Obtained two lottery tickets, resulting in Bones of the Taotie and Taotie's Seed. "

    "Ding! You killed Archfiend Azure Lion, Pitfall Mountain's destruction rate increased by 30%."

    Archfiend Azure Lion felt himself at the top, and now he was at the bottom. The war then took a sudden shift as the Six Kings Alliance's Fiend Generals saw their Archfiend ended Azure Lion's life, and charged with newfound power, "Surrender!"



    With the death of their Archfiend, they had no chance of making a comeback. Pitfall Mountain's Fiend Generals had no intention of going down with their commander, throwing away their weapons.  

    Six Kings Alliance's Great Fiends shackled the enemy leaders.

    Pitfall Mountain's result spread to its neighbors, informing the other Archfiend of six new Archfiends' rise to power, "Never would have thought that Chen Ming will be the final winner."  

    "They say Azure Lion was at the early stage of Divine Palace, yet he still lost. Thre's more to this Six Kings Alliance than meets the eye!"

    "From now on, no Divine Palace cultivator will dare pick a fight with Six Kings Alliance."

    "When you meet Six Kings Alliance's men, exercise restraint!"

    A day flashed by, and Chen Ming checked the progress on his mission. It was still at 60%. Pitfall Mountain is already destroyed so why only 60%?

    This was Chen Ming's first great assignment that promised a generous reward. How could Chen Ming be satisfied with just 60%?  

    En, right, around half of Pitfall Mountain's troops surrendered. Is it because they aren't dead? Are you saying I need to kill all of them?

    Chen Ming sat in his tent, tending to his wounds when Black Tiger burst in filled with joy. He was quite lively since he was the one with the lightest injuries, "Bro Chen Ming, I got some great news. Can you guess what it is?"  

    Chen Ming faintly heard Great Fiends shouting in excitement outside, with a weaker one among them. "I'm not, I never was. Don't throw me, ah! Throw your own men, not me!"

    Chen Ming had a bad feeling about this, his brows furrowed, "It can't be that Fiend General Stag is alive, right?"

    Black Tiger laughed heartedly, "Ha-ha-ha, you're right on target bro!"

    Black Tiger pulled the tent flap, letting Chen Ming see through the crack the scar-riddled body of Fiend General Stag being thrown by other generals. He was caught, then thrown again, celebrating the victory of this war.  

    Fiend General Stag never stopped moving, "I'm not, I never was. I'm not one of you, I'm not a spy!"

    Fiend General Night Swallow laughed merrily, "Fiend General Stag, don't be modest, we all know of your achievements!"  

    The other generals pitched it, "Without you, we would have never had such easy victories. Fiend General Stag worked hard, earning the title of First Class Fiend General!"

    "With accomplishments as great as these, just what reward will Archfiend Chen Ming bestow upon you? I believe he'll make you his Commander, the leader of his army!"

    If I make him Commander, my precious lifestyle will be ruined! I would rather let one of the bear brothers have it!

    Black Tiger hesitated, "Fiend General Stag, you came back to us, there's no need to fear Azure Lion's torment any longer. Be brave and say it, you are bro Chen Ming's number one stalwart!"

    Fiend General Stag felt wronged in so many ways.

    Black Tiger looked at Chen Ming, who coughed twice, "He must be too engrossed in his acting to realize. Azure Lion's torture must have been excruciating for him."

    Black Tiger nodded, "Bro Chen Ming is right, Azure Lion's torture must have been close to driving Fiend General Stag insane. Let the others chat with him, while we go to the victory feast."

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  • Chapter 61: Li Suyi


    As Chen Ming was enjoying some fine wine with the other Archfiends, he pondered on the problem regarding the completion rate. Seeing as he needed to crush them, then that meant they should either disappear or die.

    Chen Ming sat in his tent and had Eldest Bear bring White Wolf forward. Eldest Bear made him kneel, but the general felt no humiliation since the one standing before him was an Archfiend.

    Chen Ming asked, "What are your current intentions?"

    White Wolf replied, "Azure Lion already lost, and we lost with him."

    Fiends believed in strength, and White Wolf wasn't devoted to Azure Lion. The only one who truly believed in Azure Lion was Fiend General Stag.

    Chen Ming was also not inclined in taking all of Azure Lion's men. Most of his time was spent outside, taking care of important matters. The ones on his peak would most likely amount to Zhuo Qingyao and Ling Xian. If something went wrong then he'd have a splitting headache.

    Chen Ming had no intention of making this general his subordinate, he was untrustworthy, just like the other generals.

    If a general cooked a plan to capture Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao, he would be vexed without end. He couldn't allow these guys to ruin such hard to come by chives.

    Chen Ming's current thinking differed from before. He was quite interested in having Fiend Generals as subordinates, but now these thoughts shifted towards Archfiends.  

    Five Archfiend, and a rarely seen friendship born from killing a King together. They should be reliable, and when he became a Grand Archfiend, he would get rid of them, the best way to quickly increase his strength.  

    The Archfiends could take Pitfall Mountain's power without having to worry about him taking any, and when he's gone, they would act as a deterrence, cowering others from having ill thoughts about Ling Xian and Zhuo Qingyao. He would be able to mind his own business without a care in the world.  

    This was the best decision.

    He handed White Wolf over to Black Tiger and saw the completion rate went up by 5%. Seeing how submission worked the same as killing, there was no need to continue the slaughter.

    With the result as proof, Chen Ming followed Black Tiger to participate in the sharing of Pitfall Mountain's spoils.

    Chen Ming entered the tent with the other Archfiends present and sat in his seat. Black Tiger said, "The Six Kings Alliance was established as a way to deal with Azure Lion's suppression. Now that we have killed two Human Kings, and even an early stage of Divine Palace, our glory grew brighter. Now, after victory, it is time to distribute the spoils. Bro Chen Ming's contributions are very high, I wonder what would you think would be the best way to do this?"

    Chen Ming did some thinking, then said, "Firstly, even though I'm an Archfiend, I don't have a territory. I want Pitfall Mountain."

    White Fox smiled, "Naturally, we agreed from the start of our alliance, that Pitfall Mountain will be brother Chen Ming's. Do you perhaps have any other requests?"

    Chen Ming followed with, "As for the surrendered fiends, I don't want any of them. I leave them all to my brothers. I killed Azure Lion, bestowing me with slight insight regarding Divine Palace, so I have no time to mind my subordinates."

    Black Tiger said, "That's great! If bro Chen Ming becomes a Grand Archfiend it will be even better. We can then be under your wing and do whatever we want! If bro Chen Ming doesn't want these troops, then take more of Azure Lion's treasures. The way I see it, bro Chen Ming's contribution is worth half of Azure Lion's wealth!"

    The others also nodded unanimously.

    Chen Ming agreed of course.

    They divided the spoils however they wished, with all getting what they wanted. With the threat of death from Azure Lion off their minds and lording over the vicinities, the Six Kings Alliance had no intention of disbanding. This alliance would continue to exist for a long time. Pitfall Mountain was located inside Six Kings Alliance's territory and as long it didn't collapse, it guaranteed Pitfall Mountain's safety.  

    With the Archfiends subduing the Fiend Generals and the rest of the prisoners, Pitfall Mountain became empty. The only ones left behind were the bear brothers, with a thousand Great Fiends, and Ling Xian who returned after finishing his matters in Southern Border, while leaving the rest of the administration in the hands of Chilling Ice Sect and Drifting Wind Sect. With the help of the Great Fiends, they moved the swords from the swords mountain, that Zhuo Qingyao used to comprehend the sword Dao, over here, where she also settled on a small mountain.  

    Chen Ming wasn't an incredible leader, just a poor old hardworking chives farmer. It was very important to have a place to grow them.

    He waved his hand and thus, Pitfall Mountain's name shall be, from this day forth, Yan Mountain.  

    After the name change, Chen Ming found that the completion rate was 94%. He was puzzled over this, Why are there still 6% left?

    He could accept 1%, but 6%, didn't it mean there was a Fiend General on the loose?  

    Hold on, it's not him, is it?

    Black Tiger suddenly paid him a visit, speaking as he stepped inside, "I don't know where Fiend General Stag has gone to, he disappeared!"

    Chen Ming's eyelid twitched, Isn't it the same as saying he ran away? And the system still considers him from Pitfall Mountain.

    Chen Ming thought about it, For the destruction of Pitfall Mountain, Fiend General Stag worked 'hard' and 'gave his all'. If it were someone else, Chen Ming would have hunted down, but Stag, Whatever, let him run!

    Chen Ming said, "He must be tired and wants to roam free. He must have returned to the wilds!"

    Black Tiger nodded slightly, "Yeah, Fiend General Stag suffered greatly from torture. He might not have let go of his intent to do battle. This is good closure for him, to return to the wilds."

    After sending off Black Tiger, Chen Ming concluded the mission, "Ding! Delayed vengeance, destroy Pitfall Mountain's report: 94% complete. Rating: excellent. Reward: 15000 spiritual knowledge, 2000 fame, and an appropriate item, a D rank treasure map. Please inspect it. "

    A great deal of spiritual knowledge and 2000 fame. He almost had ten thousand fame, and when it crossed that mark it would definitely have a fundamental change.

    He amassed close to forty thousand spiritual knowledge, while his puny merits would make someone cry a river.  

    "Seems I don't have enough chives. With the third disciple position open, it is time to find another chive to grow!"

    A valley, at the boundary of Myriad Mountains and Demonic Domain.

    A black-clothed youth meditated on top of a cliff. He seemed to be twelve to thirteen years old, but had a mature air around him, as if having a lifetime of experiences.  

    After finishing his meditation, the youth looked at the sky, "Why isn't he here? If I'm not wrong, it was around this time that Human King Mo Tian came here in the previous world. He was badly hurt from fighting with the fiends and ran towards Demonic Domain, only to die from his wounds in this valley. He would be carrying the Demonic Blood Saber and a saber scripture. These items were then found by demonic sect's seventh disciple, Wu Sanqi, and helped his quick rise to power, then becoming the head disciple. Then two years later, at the time of Ghost Immortal's chaos, he would become one of the demonic sect's rulers. He was one who held promise of opening the path to immortality."

    The youth mumbled, "It should be right, as I was once killed by him. How can it be wrong? Little sister, don't be afraid, I, Li Suyi, won't let you suffer again!"

    Several days passed and Li Suyi kept standing on the cliff, muttering, "Did I remember it wrongly? Was it a different time, or a different place? Why hasn't Mo Tian showed up yet?"

    Li Suyi surveyed the area, and there was no one there, besides him and a black crow, "How odd, how strange, could this world have other variables? That can't be it, in the previous world, I had no influence, and now, I haven't become powerful yet. This is my greatest chance, I can't lose it. Let's just wait for a few more days."

  • Chapter 62: Villain Deaths and Excessive Talking


    Chen Ming came here to dig for treasure, to see what goods would a D ranked treasure map hide. He was searching around Azure Lion's hidden treasure and found a map engraved on a sheepskin. Knowing the system's style, Chen Ming realized this was the treasure map and this map led to here, in Demonic Domain. Chen Ming wasn't afraid, but instead shifted around inside and his energy was now demonic energy.

    While passing through the valley, he heard Li Suyi's mutterings about some previous world. He instantly landed and listed closely to Li Suyi's thoughts.  

    When Chen Ming's gaze landed on Li Suyi, he discovered four auras.

    'Reckless Aura lv 2

    Description: conspiracy, ambush, plotted against, disasters? All are useless!  

    Effect: when danger arrives, you are prone to rash decisions.'

    'Demon King Aura

    Description: I descend among the demons, with an executioner's blade in hand, and rise as their leader!"  

    Effect: control over demonic faction'

    'Rebirth Aura

    Description: as everything starts anew, all is the same and you became a youth again!

    Effect: unknown'  

    'Luck Aura lvl 1

    Description: It isn't impossible to have one's wish granted.

    Effect: your luck increases according to Luck Aura's level.'

    No question about it, these four auras were strong. But the most overbearing of the all was the Rebirth Aura. Or more like, this couldn't be said to be an aura, since he already went through it. Just after rebirth, he could exploit this aura to its pinnacle, predicting everything.

    Where heavenly treasures were, where the opportunity laid, he knew everything, since he already knew this world's script!

    Too bad that this world already ran into Chen Ming. He broke many storylines, and if Chen Ming didn't come digging for treasures, Li Suyi would have continued waiting for Mo Tian.

    There was no point in waiting since Mo Tian no longer existed.

    Even with four auras, because of their effects, he was about the same as Ling Xian. After all, Ling Xian's Luck Aura and Mind-numbing Aura had outrageously high levels.

    Control over the demonic faction was unclear on where its effect lied, but it would be unveiled sooner or later.  

    But why the hell did this guy had a Demon King Aura after rebirthing? Was Li Suyi the true Main Character?  

    And was this book, a villain's drama?

    Li Suyi never discovered Chen Ming, he was still assuming him to be a simple crow. He put his hand on his chest and muttered, "I don't know why, but I feel a sudden impulse. This doesn't feel right."  

    Chen Ming took a wild guess when a blue-robed Daoist fell from the sky, holding a horsetail whisk, and a cauldron painted on his back. The Daoist eyed Li Suyi, happy that he found his prey, "Li Suyi, never have I imagined you'd run to Demonic Domain. You've made me search for you for quite some time."

    Li Suyi could feel this Daoist's strength. He might be reborn, but his body didn't have an ounce of cultivation. He wanted to cultivate the cultivation method left behind by Mo Tian.

    This blue-robed Daoist was at Dao Initiation realm since he could use a flying sword, "Just what are you trying to do?"

    The Daoist laughed, "Did you expect your sister to go to Medicine King Valley to learn alchemy? No no no, she didn't go to study the art of medicine, but to become one instead. Her blood is special, so special it fascinates even me. But I am also a man who removes all obstacles."

    Li Suyi knew this and covered his tracks. His coming hear was to get Mo Tian's Demonic Blood Saber and saber coffin, then rescue his sister.

    But Mo Tian was late!

    Li Suyi didn't submit, pointing at a black crow perched on a tree, "Look, what is that?"  

    The Daoist saw just a plain old crow but still felt an indescribable fear. He then heard Li Suyi's footsteps, This kid tried to distract me! "Humph, you think a lousy crow can distract me?"

    "Don't even dream of escaping when you're a mere mortal!"

    The Daoist trapped Li Suyi in his spiritual power. Seeing how the spiritual power had him trapped, blades of Saber Energy came from his body, removing the restriction and continued running.

    The Daoist stood blank for a moment, "What? A mere mortal can use Saber Energy? If this child starts cultivation then he'll return stronger! Li Suyi, you will die today."

    The Daoist flew while operating his Dao Initiation realm spiritual power to once again trap Li Suyi. He released Saber Energy again, but the Daoist was prepared. He waved his horsetail whisk and sent a few strands of spiritual power, making Li Suyi wide-eyed. Just when he thought his life would fall in the underworld river, a black crow landed on the horsetail whisk.   

    Li Suyi saw how the Daoist's spiritual power scattered, and with the loss of control, fell on the ground.  

    The blue-robed Daoist's showed fear. He felt pressure from the crow perched on his horsetail whisk, as Chen Ming used his own spiritual power to seal him. The crow spoke, "Was it you, just now, who said I was a lousy crow?"

    The Daoist knew when he met an expert. No wonder he sensed something off about it when he looked at the crow!

    "This humble Daoist has unwittingly offended Sir. I ask that Sir be benevolent, and spare this humble Daoist's life!"

    Chen Ming gave a creepy laughter, "Ga-ga-ga, don't you know this is Demonic Domain?"  

    The Daoist's forehead was covered in cold sweat, Right, Demonic Domain's people enjoy killing, using any pretext to kill.

    The black crow turned into a cloud of black smoke, and from within came out Chen Ming, standing before the Daoist with Blood Saber Coffin on his back and wearing a black-feathered robe. He smiled at Li Suyi, "You were about to be killed, right?"  

    Chen Ming opened the Blood Saber Coffin and threw Demonic Blood Saber towards Li Suyi, "Kill him."

    Li Suyi was struck dumb, No way! I just pointed at a random crow and it turned out to be a profound Archfiend!

    He even had the things Li Suyi wanted: Demonic Blood Saber and Blood Saber Coffin!

    Just how did that Wu Sanqi get his hands on Demonic Blood Saber and Blood Saber Coffin?

    Li Suyi grabbed the Demonic Blood Saber and Chen Ming saw how it didn't resist, not giving him any backlash. Demonic Blood Saber seems to be attracted to the Demon King Aura.

    Li Suyi walked towards the Daoist, "You captured my little sister and now I kill you!"

    The Daoist roared, "I didn't harm your little sister's life, just took some of her blood for alchemy!"

    Li Suyi said, "But you already showed your intention to kill me. If it weren't for senior, I would have died at your hand!"


    Li Suyi talks high and righteous, and when he convinced himself, he lifted the saber, wanting to behead the Daoist. But another one jumped down from his sword, an old man wearing the same clothes. He waved his hand and the sword moved to thwart Li Suyi's strike, "Who's the demonic cultivator that dares harm one of Medicine King Valley's men!"

    Chen Ming's eyelid twitched. He watched how Li Suyi talked like a broken record, I f*king knew it! When the villain dies, there's bound to be a ton of talking. Just hack already, where do you find the time to waste on these useless matters!

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