[Suggestion] Allow accounts to stay logged in

I want a way to stay logged in.

I don’t mind having to create an account to read more than 50 chapters. However, the website (on mobile IOS Safari) keeps logging me out ever 30 minutes or so. I would prefer to have a way to login once and stay logged in rather than have to login every 30 minutes which wayyy more of an annoyance than the 5 minutes of creating an account.


  • There is a button called "remember me" or the like that allows such a feature. If that still doesn't work, then most likely there is something that is removing your cache or history (I'm not too much of a tech person so I can't go in too much detail).
  • I thought the Remember Me button only saves your User so that it is easier to login the next time. It doesn’t actually keep you logged in.
  • It keeps you logged in. I have stayed logged in for perhaps a month or so each time after I logged in. Both on my laptop and phone.
  • It adds a cookie that keeps you logged in. So long as you don’t clear the cache (or have it set to clear every exit) you should be good for 30days, which is the default cookie life span these days
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