need your help~can't post next chapter~

i really need your help as I met a problem yesterday once click post, it shows" your comment will appear after it is permitted...”,then nothing happened... I met this problem first the day before yesterday, but it was okay yesterday, then after I posted a few chapters, it happened again...
have I done sth not following the regulation of the forum?
untill now, I still couldn't post any chapters.
and I'm the author of The Lord of Swords and want to update the next three chapters.
another one is how can I delete my post, because of my mistake, I've posted two same discussion in the same category


  • You can ping Jaaspar in the discord, or if he comes here @Jaspaaar
  • Iam sorry I can not use the discord, you know in some countries..., so I would be very grateful if you can help me to restore my ID or unlock it... I really don't know how to solve it, until now I still can not post anything in that "the Lord of Swords" :( The same " your comment will appear after it is approved"
  • strangely, I can post comment in this it because I posted some pics in the comment in that one?
  • Maybe some word got flagged in the post. I will try to get to Jaspaar
  • thank u very much:)
  • Did it get fixed? I asked him yesterday.
  • no,even if I made a new post,still couldn't post comment...
  • Try again now
  • I have the same problem 
  • it's okay now, really thank you. 
    besides,why each comment of mine have got a red "flag" word behind?
  • It is to report anything that you find suspicious/breaking the rule/etc. If you are still experiencing troubles, you could get a VPN, change your IP to an US-based, or anyplace that allows discord, make the account, and quickly ask Jaspar about the situation
  • got it, thanks for your relies~
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