The Good for Nothing Young Lady's Otherworldly Domination

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Title: The Good for Nothing Young Lady's Otherworldly Domination  (废材小姐异界纵横)
Author: Qin Xin Qing Yin (琴心輕吟)
Translator: Vampyying 
Editor: ONI_Ghost
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 “Girls from the Lin family were so beautiful that they were destined to be concubines of the powerful.”
Recalling the last memories of this body, Lin Haoxue only felt hatred… Even if the He family was the most powerful family of the Wuhuan Empire, so what?
I swear that if I don’t exterminate your He family, I, Lin Haoxue, am even lower than a demon beast! Therefore, the most powerful He family situated in the capital of Wuhuan Empire became the first challenging target of this twelve-year-old good-for-nothing Second Young Lady from an average family of Taixing town.
Even without any profound power running in her veins, the adventure she had in Mount Bilu’s Falling Cloud Stream activated her eight elemental profound veins. Overnight she went from a having a garbage constitution to a seventh layer Profound Master, and since that fateful day, Lin Haoxue started down her journey of otherworldly domination!

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    #Volume 1: Blooming Talent 

    Chapter 1 - Taixing Town

    Lin Haoxue felt that she was powerless. From head to toe, her entire body was in pain, and it felt as if her meridians were rupturing making it difficult for her to even move a finger.
    Her mind was filled with resentment as she felt humiliated and powerless.
    “Hahahaha, the Lin family’s women look so beautiful, but they are fated to be just concubines,” the insolent voice of a young man rang out in her mind.
    “You’re unsatisfied about what I said? What can you do about it? If you’re really something, then stand up and fight me!” Another young man said provokingly.
    “Older brother Wu Ling, right now not even her family has anyone capable of protecting her...”
    “Humph, Wu Gang, you’re really courting death. She is still from the Imperial Capital and has been chosen to become a concubine. You dare to go after her? Won’t you just be causing your own death?” The young man talked back fiercely since he seemed reluctant and annoyed at Wu Gang. Therefore, you could see that he had a dirty mind as well. 
    “Tisk, it’s such a pity that she’s so young and already so attractive. It’s hard to say how much prettier she will be in the future. It’s really unfortunate that she is rubbish.”
    “Of course she has to be beautiful, otherwise, how would she have caught the He family’s attention. Don’t forget the He family’s reputation in our empire.”
    “It’s a pity that we can’t touch her. But, this is Taixing town which is our Wu family’s domain. We are so far away from them so even if we did something they wouldn’t know, right?” 

    “Even if we can’t touch her, we can just think about her to solve our hunger. Haha.”

    These unrestrained voices kept sounding in her mind. They made her feel nauseous as she remembered how his hand reached out towards her face, feeling it. She remembered how this ignited her anger and caused her to be completely humiliated.
    “Stop it!” Lin Haoxue shouted as she suddenly sat up. 
    In a split second, the voices that echoed in her mind vanished into smoke. 
    These voices were not from the present rather they were a memory. 
    Now she was laying in bed, and when she looked down, she was surprised to see that her body had gotten smaller. Seeing her body, she could tell that she was now merely eleven or twelve years old. On her arm that was not covered by the quilt, she saw bruises, and the rest of her body ached.

    “Second Miss, you’re finally awake! You scared me to death,” said a happy voice from nearby. Lin Haoxue looked in the direction of the voice, and she realized that she was surrounded by thirteen or fourteen young servant girls. When they saw that Lin Haoxue had woken up, they all gathered around her. Cui Lan said to her, “Old master was really frightened. If it were not for an urgent matter that came up, he wouldn’t have gone out.” 

    “Cui Lan? What happened to me?” Lin Haoxue asked, a little confused about where she was and who this Cui Lan was. 

    “You were injured. Quickly lie down! I will slowly explain,” the young servant girl, Cui Lan, said hurriedly as she went to the bed and quickly tucked Lin Haoxue in. 

    “So what happened?”

    “I don’t know. Lin Gui and the others found you lying in an alley next to East Street covered in cuts and bruises, so we quickly brought you back home. We are also unclear about what exactly happened. However, we heard others saying that Wu Cuo and his friends were seen leaving that alley; therefore, it’s likely that they were the ones who did this to you Miss,” Cui Lan explained, full of anger.

    “Wu Cuo?” While Lin Haoxue was unconscious, she had heard the names Wu Ling and Wu Gang. It seems that this Wu Cuo had also been there.

    “Yes, the Wu family is one of the big three families of our town. Wu Cuo is merely a branch disciple, how dare he be so bossy and harm our Miss,” Cui Lan was quite furious. “Don’t they know how powerful the Lin family was, even if that was a long time ago…”

    While speaking, her voice which contained a hint of longing gradually became softer and softer. Lin Haoxue was clear about her thoughts. The Lin family used to be highly regarded, and only now were they in dire straits. It was like a tiger becoming a cat or a phoenix becoming a chicken. No matter how well respected they were in the past, now they were in bad shape.

    “Enough, I’m fine now!” Seeing this young servant girl become so mad about what had happened to her warmed her heart. But she didn’t want to let this young servant girl dwell on her feelings, therefore she changed the topic saying, “I’m a little hungry now, get me some food.” 

    “Okay, Second Miss, wait a moment. I will go prepare your favorite stir-fried lotus root for you. Just get some rest, it will be done soon.” It turned out that changing the subject was useful in making Cui Lan think of something else.

    “You lost consciousness and just woke up, so maybe congee would be better,” Cui Lan murmured to herself as she quickly left the room shutting the door behind her. 

    Following Cui Lan’s departure, the room turned silent in a flash. Lin Haoxue carefully reviewed the many memories in her mind. 

    Now her name was also Lin Haoxue, and she was the second granddaughter of Lin Geng, the head of the Lin family. As for her parents, she barely had any memories of them.

    The Lin family of Taixing town was just a second-rate family, and her relatives consisted of her grandfather Lin Geng and her older sister Lin Ruoxue. These three people relied on each other for their survival. Lin Haoxue had some vague memories of what the Lin family was like when they lived in the Imperial Capital, but she couldn’t remember exactly what had happened that forced the Lin family to leave.

    Those events occurred when Lin Haoxue was less than a hundred days old. At that time, grandfather Lin Geng received a severe injury causing him to fall from the Profound Saint realm down to the seventh layer of the Profound Ancestor realm. Their current strength was far from sufficient enough to intimidate the other families. Thus they had no other option but to leave the Imperial Capital.

    Regarding what exactly happened back then, grandfather Lin Geng refused to say anything, so neither Lin Haoxue nor her sister knew anything about those events. 
    The relationship between Lin Haoxue and her older sister Lin Ruoxue was quite good. Two years ago, Lin Rouxue awoke the water affinity for her profound power perfectly and broke through, becoming a genuine Profound Practitioner realm cultivator. Afterwards, she enrolled in Taixing town’s only academy for cultivators, and now she was already at the third layer of the Profound Practitioner realm.

    But even up until now Lin Haoxue’s profound veins still hadn’t awoken.
    On the Xinghao Continent, only the strongest reigned supreme! In this world, only one kind of power mattered, and that was profound power. During the cultivation of one’s profound power, there were nine elemental affinities that one could awaken. These elemental affinities could be imbued with profound power and had different qualities to them.

    They could be imbued with the affinities of wind, thunder, water, fire, earth, light, darkness, gold, and wood. To cultivate profound power, one needed to have profound veins. The average person awoke their profound veins when they were six to eight years old, and at that point in time, they would be able to start cultivating their profound power.
    Lin Haoxue was currently twelve years old, and her profound veins had still not awoken. Basically, her body was the definition of a trash constitution.
    But thinking about this, it was quite strange. In the last millennium, the females of the Lin family had all possessed heaven-defying beauty that was apparently passed down through their bloodline. 
    Beautiful women were always something that men coveted, especially beautiful women who couldn’t protect themselves. Her older sister, Lin Ruoxue, was studying at the cultivation academy, and because of this, no one dared to touch her as that would be the same as offending the academy itself. But for Lin Haoxue it was not the same, she was simply trash. Lin Geng was a gold elemental Profound Ancestor realm cultivator of the Lin family as such he couldn’t stir up trouble with the younger generation. 
    Therefore some bad guys targeted Lin Haoxue. Of course, because she had been chosen by the He family, they could only take advantage of her by speaking out loud about their dirty thoughts. 

    After a while, their accumulated indignation and hatred towards Lin Haoxue boiled over, and she was actually beaten to death. 

    These personal feelings were the will of the previous owner of this body, her last and strongest emotion. Lin Haoxue firmly clenched her right hand and became determined. Since I’ve received your body, then I will take over your responsibilities and desires! I will fulfill your wishes, take over your hate, and protect your family! I will defend them! 
    “Haoxue, you’re awake,” the door was pushed open and an old man around fifty or sixty years old came in. Normally cultivators would look younger than their real age, however, Lin Geng didn’t look young at all. It seemed like his wounds over the years were too much for him, and only his snow-white beard made him look somewhat like a cultivator. When she saw him, his face was expressionless, and he looked like he had a lot of worries on his mind. 
    “Grandfather, I am fine,” Lin Haoxue said while looking at the older man whose face was filled with worry and depression causing her heart to ache. In her previous life, she also had a grandfather who loved her dearly. His face was usually cold, but his heart was warm. Since she was unable to see her grandfather from her previous life, then she would treat her grandpa of this life well. Lin Haoxue shook off those memories in her head and thought that since she had been given another chance at life, then she would live well and not let anyone harm her grandpa.
    “Waking up is good. Waking up is good!” Lin Geng said happily repeating his words before once more turning taciturn. Apparently, this new grandfather was very similar to her old one; he was not very good at communicating his emotions. But Lin Haoxue knew that this grandpa deeply loved her. 

    “Don’t worry, grandfather. Look, I’m okay,” Lin Haoxue said acting like a spoiled child. Because of the blood relations between them, she instantly felt connected to this old man. 
    “Okay!” Lin Geng merely nodded his head. He had not spoken any unnecessary words, and the atmosphere once again fell into tranquility. 
    “Second Miss, the food is coming. Ah! Old master,” the energetic servant girl Cui Lan came in with congee, and when she saw Lin Geng at her side, she became quiet. It seemed that she revered Lin Geng a lot.

    “Haoxue, eat your congee. When you’ve finished, I have something to tell you,” Lin Geng hesitated for quite a while before he finally opened his mouth to speak. 
    Lin Haoxue sensed the seriousness of her grandpa from his tone. She knew that the matter was related to herself and that it was grave. With Cui Lan’s assistance, she struggled to sit up as her entire body ached in pain. The look in Lin Haoxue’s eyes turned cold. She thought, ‘Wu Cuo, Wu family, you best pray that you can live longer. This hatred, I will make sure to pay you back ten-fold!’ 
    Lifting her right hand, Lin Haoxue refused Cui Lan’s help as she was no longer willing to be a useless person. She picked up the spoon and gracefully drank the congee that Cui Lan had made with the utmost care.
    Next to her, no matter if it was Cui Lan or Lin Geng, both people noticed the change in Lin Haoxue’s temperament. At least before, Lin Haoxue wouldn’t have been so obstinate and refused Cui Lan’s help. 
    The bowl of congee was eaten rather quickly, and when she finished, Lin Haoxue put down the spoon and accepted a handkerchief from Cui Lan which was used to wipe the corner of her mouth. Afterwards, she lifted her eyes and looked at Lin Geng, waiting for an explanation about what was going on.

    Lin Geng suddenly didn’t dare to look into Lin Haoxue’s eyes. He couldn’t bear to tell her these things while she was looking at him with such clear eyes, but, in the end, some matters had to be confronted. 
    “Just now, I saw Lin Haiyue.”
    Lin Haiyue was Lin Geng’s trusted aide. He was the Lin family’s specialist for gathering information. Although the Lin family’s position was not high and their strength was not great, his information network could be considered not bad.
    “He informed me that the He family is on their way to Taixing town. They are on the road and ought to arrive in the next few days.”
    He family? Lin Haoxue suddenly recalled a memory from when she was unconscious. ‘She is however still engaged to the He family from the Imperial Capital. You dare to want her? You obviously don’t want your life, huh?’
    “You might not remember, but our Lin family and the He family originally had an engagement set between you and the He family head’s eldest son, He Lingyun. It was something your father and He Guanying agreed upon, but now they have changed the terms of the agreement,” Lin Geng’s strangely desolate voice sounded out. He was wondering how he could protect his second son’s daughter. 
    “How has it changed?” Lin Haoxue asked and again had a bad premonition. 

    “You know the He family’s Second Young Master, He Guanxiong, is very famous for being promiscuous. At home, he already has forty-seven concubines. This lecherous man has now set his sights on my Lin family which is currently down on its luck. Since He Lingyun is very dissatisfied with the engagement, they figured that they would change it. Such a shameless thing!”

    “What about He Guanying? Doesn’t he care?”

    “He Guanying has been in closed-door cultivation for eleven years. He wants to break through from the Profound Saint realm to the Profound Immortal realm, and for this reason basically everything is now controlled by He Guanxiong.”
    “The reason they’re coming here is to change the engagement?”

    “It should be so. We are quite weak now and are basically unable to resist,” Lin Geng said, feeling quite helpless.
    “That He Lingyun is dissatisfied with the engagement?”
    “He is a genius that appears once every hundred years in the He family. At seventeen years old he stepped into the Profound Spirit realm and shocked the entire Wuhuan Empire. He likes strong people and believes that the Lin family’s women are merely flower vases, so he is dissatisfied.”

    Lin Haoxue lowered her eyes and hid her hands that were clenched so tightly that her fingernails almost dug into her palm. So she was being looked down upon and humiliated, she would keep this feeling in her heart. 

    Suddenly, she lifted her head, and a smile appeared on her lips as she looked at Lin Geng and said, “Rest assured grandfather, soldiers will come and the generals will block them. There’s always a way out.”

    Lin Haoxue laughed in high spirits. She had exceptional confidence in herself, and although, in the beginning, Lin Geng was not entirely convinced, but after seeing her full of confidence, he also felt some relief.

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    Chapter 2 - Bottom of Divine Dragon Stream

    Mount Bilu was located near the east side of Taixing town. While the mountain range was rather small, this mountain peak towered over all else, but because the terrain was too steep very few cultivators came here to cultivate. 

    On this day, at the top of the mountain, one could see a small girl’s figure jumping and running around. Sometimes she ran around and sometimes she practiced her fighting skills. Even though there wasn’t any profound power accompanying her movements, the skill she showed was quite exquisite. If a Profound Master from Taixing town saw her, they would only be able to gasp with admiration at her skill.

    This girl was precisely Lin Haoxue. Today was the third day since she started climbing up to this mountaintop. Although the other day she told her grandfather not to worry too much as there was always a way out of their predicament, but that was merely to pacify her grandfather and ease his worries.

    She didn’t know how to handle the He family so, for now, she could only practice the martial arts skills of her previous life and hope for an opportunity. 

    Just like the last two days, Lin Haoxue climbed up the mountain in a breath’s time. Reaching the top, she did a few warm-up exercises after which she did her usual martial arts routine that she had learned in her previous life. Although she didn’t have any profound power of a Profound Practitioner, she didn’t want to be at a disadvantage against others.

    Lin Haoxue finished her movements then took a deep breath while she raised her head and stared at the sun. Now it was already past mid-day.
    “I should quickly go back!” she said to herself.

    Since she had been injured both Cui Lan and her Grandfather took especially good care of her and restricted her movements. Seeing them act this way, she was unable to refuse their kindness.

    She was afraid that Cui Lan and her Grandfather would worry about her, so she hurried down the mountain. When she was halfway down Divine Dragon Stream, she suddenly came to a standstill as she remembered something.

    At Mount Bilu, halfway down the mountain, there was a stream. This stream had a very unique view as most mountain streams were situated at the base of the mountain; therefore, it was very rare that a stream was found winding through the middle of a mountain. However, for residents of Taixing town, this stream was nothing but ordinary. There was a legend about this mountain stream, but most of Taixing town’s citizens took it as a joke.

    It was originally said that a long time ago, there wasn’t a mountain stream here. One day an injured divine dragon fell down from the heavens. When it was first seen, it was so big that it blocked out the sun and covered the earth. It is said that the dragon was seen gazing sadly into the west then it craned its neck and moaned with sorrow.

    After some time, a teardrop fell and formed this mountain stream. After the mountain stream was formed, the divine dragon vanished mysteriously without a trace and no one knew where it had gone off to. Afterwards, this mountain stream became known as Divine Dragon Stream.

    Originally people were highly interested in Divine Dragon Stream, and they explored this place in different ways but all their efforts ended in vain. Because nothing was found people gradually lost interest in this place.

    As she was passing this mountain stream, Lin Haoxue suddenly recalled the legend associated with this place.

    If the legend really is true then maybe the divine dragon left something behind here, thought Lin Haoxue. Thinking this, she felt quite excited and decided to look around, submerging herself in the water.

    After she entered the water, the surface seemed very normal, as if there was nothing special about it, but unexpectedly, the bottom of the stream was so deep that she could not reach the bottom. In her previous life, Lin Haoxue was an expert at diving, but even she couldn’t go that far down, so how deep was this water?

    Lin Haoxue climbed to shore once again and saw that there was a tall cliff at the side of the stream. Suddenly, she thought of a plan. She turned, headed up the mountain, and walked towards the cliff above the mountain stream. After a short while, she jumped off.
    A plop sounded out as Lin Haoxue plunged deep into the water.

    She drew support from the fall and dove deep into the water this time. While she was rushing downwards, suddenly she saw a light appear in front of her. It turned out that there was an icy cave-like crevasse at the bottom.  

    Apparently, there really was some heaven and earth treasure below the water. Lin Haoxue swam towards the light and did everything in her power to keep swimming in its direction, but the further down she went, the stronger the pressure on her became. Soon she started to feel herself float upwards again making her worried. Lin Haoxue exerted all her energy, and with a final rush of strength, she grabbed onto the crevasse’s edge seizing the opportunity to enter inside the riverbed’s icy crack.

    Inside the crevasse, the water gradually started to thin, and in the end, it turned into a hollow underground ice cave.

    The further she walked inwards, the lower the temperature fell, and the cold seeped into Lin Haoxue’s body. Her footsteps gradually slowed as her intuition told her that there was something extraordinary in this place, but her current strength was very weak. Right now she had not awoken her profound veins, and therefore, she had no ability to protect herself.

    Moreover, at home, her family was probably anxiously waiting for her return. Being audacious was something that someone who had strength could do, but she couldn’t as she didn’t have any power nor any skills right now.

    Thinking of this, Lin Haoxue decided to return home.

    But as she turned around, she was surprised to find that behind her was a dead end and the exit of the cave had already vanished. Now she had no other option than to continue forward!

    She was only shocked for a moment, but Lin Haoxue didn’t lose herself to fear. She had quite a good mentality so that the more urgent the circumstances, the calmer she became. An unexpected thing happened to her, but that was all. Since there was no way out then she could only walk forward to see what this place held.

    She walked for more than an hour and found that the deeper in she walked, the colder the air became, and the space in the ice cave was expanding. In this underground space, Lin Haoxue’s footsteps suddenly came to a stop because just now she heard a faint voice in her mind.
    This situation was really quite strange, however, when she stopped walking, the voice also disappeared.

    When she continued forward, the faint voice was heard once more and it kept echoing in her mind again and again.
    The further in she walked, the clearer this voice became.

    At last, Lin Haoxue was able to clearly understand what was being said. The voice repeated three times, “You’ve finally arrived, You’ve finally arrived, You’ve finally arrived…” It seemed like a kind of summons, almost like a kind of curse since the voice was full of mourning and temptation.

    Just as Lin Haoxue was about to recognize the voice as it had become clearer, another unexpected event happened: the road ahead disappeared. Now she could no longer continue forward because right in front of her was a massive wall of ice. She was now trapped in this freezing cold place.

    Lin Haoxue lifted her hand and felt the ice wall. When her hand touched it, it was ice-cold. It was indeed an actual wall of ice, not an illusion; however, now she was pretty sure that the voice from before was actually coming from behind this ice wall.

    Carefully searching her memories, Lin Haoxue thought of another possibility of what was happening. Her grandfather had once told her that in this world, apart from profound power there was another kind of power one could use to gain enlightenment called incantation methods. Those who practiced incantation methods were known as Incantation Masters. Since incantations methods could be used to strengthen weapons, defeat enemies, and turn them into ash. Furthermore, they could also be used to make barriers. When Incantation Masters practiced to a very profound level, they could cover the sky with their hand. Therefore, Incantation Masters were considered a noble existence throughout the entire world.

    But Incantation Masters were exceptionally rare because they required a very high standard of willforce. It is said that even amongst one hundred thousand Profound Practitioner realm cultivators, there may not even be a single person with sufficient willforce who could practice incantation methods.

    As for the incantation itself, one could only use incantations to destroy incantations, there is no other way to do so.  

    The wall of ice that stood before her eyes resembled the Sight Blocking incantation method. Even though it was named Sight Blocking, this incantation method could block one’s five senses making it hard to tell what was real and what was not.  

    Lin Haoxue didn’t know how incantation methods worked, but she was certain about the presence of this ice wall. Because she was sure this ice wall was real, she had a chance of getting past this wall despite being under such an incantation method.

    She closed her eyes and held her breath as she used one of her hands to lightly feel the ice wall. The ice wall was only ten feet tall, so she tried to feel every inch of the ice wall.  

    After about half an hour of searching, she realized there wasn’t even a tiny crack in it. Suddenly, Lin Haoxue opened her eyes and resolutely slammed her fist against the ice wall.

    But this one punch caused her extreme pain, and she was thrown back by the ice wall. She was pushed about five to six steps backwards and fell to the ground. Lin Haoxue could only smile wryly as she tried to stand up once more.

    Just as she used her right hand to support herself and felt the cold ice on the ground, a burst of warmth spread through her palm. Her palm was actually not touching the snow, but instead, something extraordinarily soft. This discovery caused Lin Haoxue to be extremely hopeful. Maybe the secret she was looking for was not on the ice wall but below the ground!

    Crouching down, she carefully sized up the area and found that the ground was the same color as the ice wall, everything being ice-blue. If she hadn’t accidentally used her hand to touch the ground, she probably wouldn’t have noticed this peculiarity.

    Lin Haoxue carefully used her hand to dig into the soft spot. As she dug, she noticed that it felt like mud and that it was not at all difficult to dig through. Just when Lin Haoxue dug out almost a foot of the ground, she came across a hard, cool object.

    Lin Haoxue was careful when she took it out, only to find that it was a ring. It was simple, unadorned, and the whole ring was dark. It seemed like it was made from gold, but it wasn’t gold and made from jade, but it clearly wasn’t jade either. Lin Haoxue couldn’t tell what exactly the material was. But since she found it here, she knew that it was no ordinary item.

    Finally! She knew her trip wasn’t in vain. She stood up and looked at the ice wall in disappointment deciding to give up. She picked up the ring and was about to leave; however, just when she was getting ready to leave, she felt an immense pain in her head as if her head was hit by something big, and she felt a stifling pressure bore down on her. This sudden pressure and pain left her no choice but to sit down once more.
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    Chapter 3 - Elemental Profound Veins Activation

    Suddenly, Lin Haoxue felt a huge pressure on her body forcing her to sit down. 

    However, the pain disappeared right after she sat down. Lin Haoxue was relieved since she no longer felt like she was in danger. Then she closed her eyes to look inside herself and saw that her dantian was still dark. 

    This result disappointed her. Just when she was about to leave her dantian all of a sudden it lit up. This was like a flash of lightning in the dark, lighting up everything for her to see, and now, she was able to see through the meridians and veins inside her body. This state implied that her profound veins were on the verge of being opened. 

    Immediately following this, Lin Haoxue felt an acute pain throughout her body, and she could see that there was a red compass-shaped object inside her dantian that was being peeled open by a slim stream of white Qi. She thought that this red compass-shaped object might have been a seal on her dantian. This was something that she had never discovered before because she wasn’t able to introspect and look inside herself. 

    As it was suppressed, the red compass stubbornly resisted wanting to occupy Lin Haoxue’s dantian.

    However, that stream of white Qi was quite overpowering; therefore, it was pretty hard for the red compass-shaped seal to fight against it. This battle was being held inside Lin Haoxue’s dantian. As the owner of said dantian, she felt that it was too painful to even speak. 

    The aching got worse, and Lin Haoxue bit her tongue hard trying not to pass out.

    Pain! Lin Haoxue from her previous life had felt such a thing before, but it was far from the intensity she was now feeling. 

    Compared to the present, the pain she had felt while practicing her martial skills in her previous life could be considered insignificant. Those were all external pains, and they couldn’t compare to what she was now feeling as this pain penetrated all the way to her bones. 

    It turned out that this red, compass-shaped object was the reason she had a waste constitution. Lin Haoxue stayed awake and under introspection watched as the red compass-shaped seal was gradually pried away from her dantian. Even though she was in constant and agonizing pain, she gradually became a little excited. 

    It had been around half an hour, and the red compass-shaped seal had finally been forcefully removed. It was gradually kicked out of her dantian by the slim stream of Qi and now that white Qi thread occupied the center of Lin Haoxue’s massive dantian. 

    After the seal was forced to leave Lin Haoxue’s body, she could clearly feel movement inside her dantian. It was the kind of feeling like just being freed from suppression.

    In a flash inside her dantian emerged various colored elemental rings. There were eight colors in total: white, gold, green, blue, red, brown, cyan, and purple. 

    She was extremely clear what this signified. Unexpectedly, she possessed eight-colored profound veins which were represented by these eight elemental rings in her dantian. These eight interconnected rings revolved around that stream of white Qi that was in the middle of her dantian. How could such a turn of events not make one happy? 

    As it turned out she wasn’t a useless person but actually a heavenly genius that far surpassed normal people! Now she could become a profound cultivator!

    How would those who had mocked her by calling her a useless piece of trash react now if they knew that she actually had eight-colored profound veins? 

    Suppressing the excitement in her heart, Lin Haoxue once again looked inside herself. Even though she had eight-colored profound veins, but the eight profound elemental rings floating in her dantian were too small and her dantian was too big. It looked like eight bright stars gathered in the boundless night sky. Which is why when those eight rings gathered in her dantian, it still seemed very empty.

    Lin Haoxue vaguely remember that her sister once talked about cultivation methods. Cultivation was about absorbing external profound power to expand one’s circular elemental rings that were located in their dantian. Doing this would cause the light and shadow of one’s profound elemental rings to become denser and eventually reach the state of perfection. 

    At that moment, the light and shadow of one’s profound elemental rings would transform into something substantive, and they would officially become a profound cultivator.

    According to the method in her memory, Lin Haoxue tried to absorb every elemental type of profound power from the external world. 

    But she discovered that in this icy cave there was only water elemental profound power, and she couldn’t sense any others. 

    But it didn’t matter, even if there was only one kind of profound power here, she would be able to focus on cultivating it without distractions. 
    Lin Haoxue wasn’t disappointed at this revelation, she just absorbed the water elemental profound power. 

    After the water elemental profound power was absorbed into Lin Haoxue’s dantian, it entered into her water elemental profound ring. 

    The light and shadow of her water elemental profound ring slowly became denser and denser, and right when it started increasing in her water elemental profound ring, this caused a chain reaction. 

    The expanding of her water elemental profound ring caused the wood elemental and fire elemental profound rings to connect with one another. These two elemental rings slowly rotated and soon all eight elemental profound rings inside Lin Haoxue’s dantian started to tremble as well.

    When the eight elemental profound rings inside her dantian started to float upwards, that slim stream of white Qi which occupied the center of Lin Haoxue’s dantian seemed to be activated in a flash. It then soared into the water elemental profound ring and wandered around it as if it were Jiao Long, the legendary dragon that controlled the rain and floods of heaven and earth.

    Then it turned around and went into the wood elemental profound ring after which it flew into the gold elemental profound ring. The stream of Qi kept going in such a manner until it had passed through all eight elemental rings. Afterwards, it came back to the light elemental profound ring and stayed motionlessly within it. 

    Just when that thin wisp of Qi stayed within the light elemental profound ring, all the elemental profound rings’ light and shadow in her body expanded at a speed several hundreds of times faster than before. This sharp increase started so suddenly causing Lin Haoxue to be shocked senseless. If this kept up wouldn’t it shatter her whole dantian? 

    Lin Haoxue tried to use her will to slow this sharp increase of profound power. Fortunately, her will was enough and all the elemental profound rings slowed their rate of expansion. Even though their speed had slowed, the area that her elemental profound rings’ light and shadow covered was still increasing. Lin Haoxue felt that her willforce1 was getting weaker and weaker and the Baihui acupoint2 on her head started to dully ache. Her willforce was soon going to run out. 

    Could it be that this energy really would break through her dantian and cause her body to explode as well? Lin Haoxue despaired because at this moment she lost all her strength to stop anything from happening, but right then, her profound elemental rings stopped expanding. Seeing this, Lin Haoxue was relieved. 

    The profound elemental rings that had stopped expanding now started to change. They transformed into a gas from their previous shape. Even though the change wasn’t very obvious, Lin Haoxue was extremely happy as she knew what this meant. Only when one’s profound elemental rings reached their peak state and transformed into a gas-like substance would she truly be recognized as a cultivator.

    Her older sister took about five years to reach this level from when she was eight years old to thirteen years old. She didn’t expect that for her it would take less than an hour to reach full saturation of her profound elemental rings. How could this not make her happy? 

    It took around half an hour for the transformation of all her profound elemental rings to finish. 

    Right when she thought it was over, her profound elemental rings once more showed movement. By the time the process was finished, amongst her eight-colored profound veins, the profound power of seven of her elements had all increased four times until stopping.

    However, her light elemental profound power was even more terrifying as it had increased a thousand-fold. 

    According to her estimates, her seven elemental profound powers should have reached the third layer of the Profound Practitioner realm while her light elemental profound power should be at roughly the ninth layer of the Profound Master realm. 

    However, this kind of sharp increase in strength which arrived so suddenly made her uneasy and secretly worried. If her foundation wasn’t good enough, her cultivation in the future might stagnate and be very hard to increase later on. 

    Thinking of this, Lin Haoxue used her willforce which had gradually started to recover to compress each of the elemental profound powers she had. She managed to compress her light elemental profound power down to the seventh layer of the Profound Master realm, but she wasn’t able to compress it anymore. 

    After doing this, Lin Haoxue felt relieved and stopped cultivating. 

    Knowing that behind her was still an ice wall, she tried to once more push against it, and when she merely touched the ice wall, the solid ice wall immediately turned formless and disappeared! 

    Even though she had such a steady and strong will, clearly seeing such a thing happen, Lin Haoxue felt so frightened that her state of mind almost collapsed. 
    1 Not sure if 意念力 is just regular, will power, or some mystical mind power, henceforth named, willforce. For now, we’ll call it willforce.
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    Chapter 4 - Fire Elemental Profound Skill

    Shockingly Lin Haoxue discovered that behind the ice wall was another cave. Unexpectedly, it was filled with skeletons which were spread all over the ground. But upon closer inspection, she noticed that there was another group of skeletons which were neatly situated in the corner as if they were readying for battle at the last moment of their lives. 

    It seemed like not only did someone explore this Divine Dragon Stream, they actually came with quite a few people; however, in the end, this was their final resting place. 

    This was a very terrifying place, so it must contain something absolutely fatal. 

    However, before she could do anything, the ring she held tightly in her right hand let out a blinding white light. As the while light pulsed intensely, Lin Haoxue’s body began floating, because of the ring, and she flew toward the place where those disheveled skeletons were. 
    It was now impossible for Lin Haoxue to go back since she had lost control of her body. 


    The skeletons which were touched by Lin Haoxue as she flew past collapsed one after another. The sound of them constantly falling to the ground rang out in the icy cave. In this tranquil, silent place, this unnatural sound made one’s scalp turn numb. 

    She waited for the ring to stop moving her, and shortly after, she landed back on the ground. But the white light shining from the ring didn’t decrease at all. Gradually, the intensity of the white light enveloped Lin Haoxue entirely. 

    Lin Haoxue looked forward and saw that there was a stone ledge which wasn’t high nor big. There was a bluestone box resting on this outcropping of stone and it was emitting a black light. This black light seemed abnormal and evil, making one scared. 

    Seeing this sight, Lin Haoxue turned absent-minded for a short moment. 

    Lin Haoxue understood that were if not for the white light from the ring that lit up the area around her, she wouldn’t be alive now. She definitely would have been killed. But even though she had the white light covering her for protection, Lin Haoxue was still scared of the black light that was coming from the bluestone box. 

    The white light from the ring made one feel relaxed and relieved but the black light from the bluestone box made one feel cold and terrified. 
    The ring’s radiance became stronger while the radiance of the bluestone box weakened. It seemed like when the radiance of the ring weakened some then the bluestone box would get somewhat stronger. They were just like a pair of old enemies, one got stronger causing the other to weaken. 

    Lin Haoxue lifted her hand and looked at the simple, ancient ring in her palm. A bizarre thought flashed through her mind, and she had the feeling that this ring wanted her to take that bluestone box. 

    Could it be that this ring had a soul? 

    She was just thinking about it then when the ring lit up and this caused Lin Haoxue to lean forward and slowly stretch out her hand to take the box. 

    When her fingers just touched the box, it automatically opened. Inside laid a finger-sized black pearl which was emitting spirit light. Seeing this, Lin Haoxue couldn’t help but take a step back.

    This pearl gave off a massive pressure and even with the white light covering her, her Baihui Point was badly aching. This black pearl seemed to have the ability to attack one’s willforce. 

    Fortunately, just when her Baihui Point started hurting, the ring emitted its power and pulled the black pearl inside itself. At the same moment the pearl disappeared, the white and black light also vanished. 

    In a flash, the ring reverted back to its former, ancient-looking self without any signs that it had just been active. As the light disappeared, the pressure inside the ice cave vanished as well. Were it not for those messy skeletons, this cave would actually look quite normal. 

    Ling Haoxue left this frightening ice cave and successfully passed through the icy crevasse where she came in. She swam out of it and back up to the surface. 

    “Second Miss, are you here?”

    Coming back ashore, Lin Haoxue saw there were two people standing next to each other at the cliffside. They were servants of the Lin family, Lin Mu and Lin He. The one calling out was Lin He, who had always been more extroverted and talkative. 

    It must have been that grandpa and Cui Lan were worried about her since she had been gone for so long. 

    It seemed like the incident last time made them take her troubles to heart, and thus they were now always worried about her having accidents. This caused Lin Haoxue to feel a little sorry about it. 

    “Let’s go home,” Lin Haoxue called out to both of them.

    “How about, Lin Mu, you go notify the others in the mountain, and I’ll send miss home,” Lin He said hesitantly while talking to Lin Mu. The whole family had been worried for her, but now since she had been found they couldn’t let others keep searching for her. 

    “Thank you for your hard work,” Lin Haoxue sincerely thanked them. Even though now the Lin’s were somewhat down on their luck, and were looked upon as a joke used to being humiliated by others, the people who worked for her family were all very sincere and kind. For this, she felt very grateful. 

    “Miss, what are you saying?” Lin Mu, who was always shy, was a little embarrassed. 

    He spoke sincerely, ”Grandmaster always treats us well. This is just what we should do.” 

    Lin Haoxue smiled but didn’t say anything in response. 

    Inwardly, she wanted to treat everyone in the Lin family well so that they could have a real sense of belonging. 

    It was two hours after lunchtime by the time she returned home. She saw her grandpa waiting in front of the dining table and Cui Lan was standing next to him. Seeing them, a sense of guilt arose in Lin Haoxue heart. 

    “You still know where your home is, huh?” Lin Geng had a very strict and cold tone. 

    “Grandpa, don’t be mad! See? Didn’t I come back safely?” Lin Haoxue took a big step toward him and pulled his arm while speaking. 
    Even though Lin Geng seemed quite serious and mad, he still loved this granddaughter very much. Seeing her acting like a spoiled child, his tone softened, “You can’t go out like this anymore. I don’t want what happened last time to happen again.” 

    “Un, I promise.” Lin Haoxue nodded her head as if she were pounding garlic. 

    She turned her head aside and saw Cui Lan looked worried and serious. 

    “Grandpa, my elemental profound veins have awoken!” she had considered the issue for a while. For the sake of her future freedom, she decided to reveal a little of her secrets. Of course, she definitely couldn’t tell him about the ring she found. If anyone knew about her finding such an artifact, the Lin family might find themselves in big trouble. 

    “Profound veins awoke? Which element?” Although Lin Geng was shocked, he wasn’t very happy. After all, Lin Haoxue’s elemental profound veins had awoken too late. Even if she started to seriously cultivate now, who knew when will she would become a Profound Practitioner, a real cultivator. People who couldn’t reach the threshold to become a Profound Practitioner weren’t much different from those who hadn’t even activated their profound veins. 

    “Fire elemental.” Lin Haoxue thought about it and said. 

    “Fire elemental? Not bad. This profound power has great attacking strength. Practice well and try to perfect your elemental power and reach the Profound Practitioner realm.” Lin Geng thought that since the fire elemental leaned more towards attacking power, once Lin Haoxue reached the Profound Practitioner realm, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to protect herself. 

    “My profound power has already reached perfection, and I’ve broken through into the Profound Practitioner realm.” Lin Haoxue said in a soft voice throwing out this explosive news. 

    “What?” This time, Lin Geng wasn’t able to keep his calm. He had never seen anyone whose profound veins which had just been awoken and were perfected so quickly. He had not even heard of such a thing! Those so-called geniuses would have to at least kind of cultivate before they reach perfection? Right? 

    “I’m already a Profound Practitioner,” Lin Haoxue said while holding a piece of bamboo with her chopsticks and calmly repeating what she had just said. 

    “Good! Good! Good! That’s awesome!” After Lin Geng got a certain answer from her, he stood up happily and said good three times. He spoke to Lin Haoxue as if he still didn’t believe her, “Once you reach the Profound Practitioner realm then you can then practice profound skills. Let’s go to the ancestral hall and try it quickly.

    If this is true, then you can practice the fire elemental profound skills from our Lin family’s collection.” 
    “Now?” Lin Haoxue looked at her grandpa full of excitement. She pointed at the lunch they had just started eating and said, “Then what about our food…?” 

    “We’ll eat it after we come back!” Lin Geng said without any hesitation, his attitude firm. 

    “Alright!” Actually, she was really looking forward to this as well. This wasn’t the first time that she had heard of this specific fire elemental profound skill. She knew that it was the type of skill that could bring out one’s maximum amount of profound power. 
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    Chapter 5 - Consolidating Strength

    The interior of the ancestral hall was big, solemn, and made one feel a sense of respect. Inside the family kept the memorial tablet which listed the Lin family heads of past generations as well as those who made enormous contributions to the family. These people were all well known throughout the Wuhuan Empire, and once, the Lin family even had a Profound Immortal realm cultivator before.

    Supposedly, the Lin family shouldn’t be in such a third-rate town and crappy home. What exactly happened ten years ago? About this topic, the doubts in her mind increased.

    Lin Haoxue respectfully worshipped her ancestors one by one. All these people had led the Lin family to prosperous heights at one time or another. However, they didn’t know that their family was now going through hard times.

    Lin Haoxue secretly vowed that she would bring glory back to the Lin family.  

    “Haoxue, come here.”

    Lin Haoxue looked at him and saw her grandpa standing all the way down in the corner of the hall near the back. In front of him was a crystal pillar with four sharp edges, and it was the Lin family’s profound power pillar for testing one’s profound power.

    “Put your hand on the pillar and try your best to imbue it with your profound power,” Lin Geng stood back giving her some more space as he watched with expectation.
    Lin Haoxue set both her hands on the pillar and poured her fire elemental profound power from her dantian into it. She also controlled her power carefully so that she didn’t let her other elemental profound powers leak out.  

    Fortunately, the process was successful. Lin Haoxue used only her fire elemental profound power and all the other elemental profound power stayed quietly in her dantian without showing any movement.

    In a flash, the transparent crystal pillar turned fiery and the red color was only getting darker.

    “Nice, that’s really nice. You’ve not only reached the Profound Practitioner realm, but you also broke through to the second layer!” Lin Geng was wild with joy. Now his granddaughter could go to the Profound Academy and it wouldn’t be a problem for her to protect herself.

    Furthermore, the so-called genius He Lingyun from the He family only had his elemental profound veins awoken at the age of six, and it took him two years to accumulate enough strength, at the age of eight, to step into the Profound Practitioner realm.

    That was far from his granddaughter, Lin Haoxue, since right when her elemental profound veins awoke she was already at the Profound Practitioner realm!  

    His own granddaughter was the true genius.

    Lin Haoxue saw her grandpa who normally didn’t smile much was now smiling happily. She felt that he was a little funny but she was also happy as well.

    Being able to make grandpa happy wasn’t an easy job, so of course, it made her feel good.

    “Grandpa, can I learn profound skills?” Lin Haoxue asked him as now she was pretty curious about them.

    “Of course you can. But we don’t have a lot of profound skills in our family, we only have fire elemental, gold elemental, and thunder elemental skills. We don’t have any water elemental skills which would suit your sister. Fortunately, you’re a fire elemental user, so you can learn the ones we have.”

    Lin Geng showed his respect in front of their ancestor’s memorial tablet and then took out two sheets that had profound skills on them. They were two iron sheets which had a faint red color to them.

    Lin Haoxue looked at these two profound skills and recalled all the knowledge about profound skills that she knew.

    In this world, profound skills had four ranks which were Zhen, Li, Heng, and Yuan. Yuan ranked skills were the most powerful while Zhen ranked were the weakest. Each rank was divided into low, medium, and high-quality skills. Now among all the skills the Lin family had, the best one was their thunder elemental skill, but it was merely a high-quality Zhen ranked skill.

    In this world, superior skills could determine the result of a battle between cultivators of the same layer. Some profound cultivators could even jump ranks by using advanced profound skills and such an occurrence wasn’t rare at all.

    Therefore, even when two people with the same talent and strength fought, the one whose family was stronger would have an overwhelming advantage. This advantage was precisely profound skills!

    Ceramic Flame was one of the two fire elemental profound skills the Lin family had. This skill was a low-quality Zhen ranked skill while the other one, Kindle Fall, was a medium-quality Zhen ranked skill.

    “These are the only two fire elemental profound skills we have left in our Lin family. Ceramic Flame and Kindle Fall, you can choose which one you want to practice. Since you’ve just reached the Profound Practitioner realm, you better not bite off more than you can chew so just choose one for now.”

    Lin Haoxue picked up the first one, and after a while, she picked up the other. These two profound skills... She wanted both!

    Lin Geng wasn’t mad about her childish actions.

    “This one,” Lin Haoxue finally said as she pointed at the profound skill in Lin Geng’s left hand.

    “This one? Are you sure?” Lin Geng frowned because Lin Haoxue chose the low-quality Ceramic Flame instead of the medium-quality Kindle Fall. This choice confused Lin Geng greatly.

    “Yes, that’s the one I want,” Lin Haoxue said confident in her choice.

    Lin Geng shook his head to show that he didn’t agree, but he didn’t force her to choose the other profound skill either.

    Grandpa didn’t understand why she chose this skill, and she didn’t tell him the reason either since she couldn’t expose her secret.

    When her fingers touched the low-quality Ceramic Flame profound skill, the ring that was hanging in front of her chest had faintly trembled.

    Ever since her seal was removed by this ring, she realized that this ring which looked ordinary was actually extraordinary. It was just that this ring was too big to fit on Lin Haoxue’s finger, therefore she found a white metal chain and hung it in front of her chest like a pendant.  
    Furthermore, it could be hidden in her clothes and wouldn’t be discovered by others.

    “Alright, after you finish studying the Ceramic Flame, you can move on to Kindle Fall,” Lin Geng carefully put the other fire elemental profound skill away.

    Afterwards, Lin Haoxue didn’t go back to eat her lunch but went to her room with the Ceramic Flame skill in hand.

    This was her first profound skill, and even though she had acted calm in front of her grandpa, she wasn’t really so steady. After going back to her room, she impatiently took out the profound skill and explored it with her willforce.

    There were not many requirements for practicing this skill, any cultivator of the fire element could practice it.

    Lin Haoxue still thought that there was something else to this skill because this ring wouldn’t just tremble without a reason.

    She kept trying to figuring out the reason why the ring chose this skill, but she didn’t find anything abnormal about it.

    Now since she couldn't find anything special about this profound skill, she decided to just practice it.

    According to the method written in the Ceramic Flame’s sheet, Lin Haoxue started to compress her fire elemental profound power.

    Without her noticing it, an extremely faint white thread came out from the ring and entered into her body. Then it blended into the fire elemental profound power in her dantian.

    In less than an hour, Lin Haoxue had already learned the first layer of this Ceramic Flame skill.

    There were three layers of difficulty to the Ceramic Flame. In the first layer one compressed their profound power to one-ninth its original state, the second layer was one-eighteenth, and the third layer was an astonishing twenty-seven times denser than its original state!

    In other words, now, she was able to compress her profound power to one-ninth of its original state causing her attacking power to be nine times more powerful than normal.

    Slowly, she opened her eyes and the look in her eyes brightened. She felt that her fire elemental profound power had gotten a little stronger.
    Learning profound skills was the most common way to consolidate one’s strength. Lin Haoxue had already advanced leaps and bounds from where she was at the beginning, but her foundation was unsteady which was bad; it needed to be consolidated.  

    Now it seemed like this Ceramic Flame had the strange effect of consolidating one’s power. It was just that what she knew about it wasn’t much. It not only had such a strange effect but seemed to be nine times more effective than other profound skills.
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    Chapter 6 - He Family Pays a Visit 

    Time went by quickly, and in a flash, one month had passed.

    This day, as Lin Haoxue was finished practicing and was about to go out, Cui Lan came running inside. 

    “Second Miss, bad news!” 

    “What happened, why are you so flustered?”

    “Someone from the He family has come.”

    “He family?” The expression within Lin Haoxue’s eyes turned cold. They had really come quickly.

    “Not only has the He family arrived, but the family heads of the three big families of Taixing town are also accompanying them as well.”

    Cui Lan looked at Lin Haoxue’s nervous expression and her voice gradually became lower and lower while she said to herself, “Second Miss is really pitiful. She just recently managed to separate her name from the tarnish of being rubbish. The He family has come, and not only them, but they also brought others! Second Miss is getting bullied again.”

    The atmosphere within the room was stifling.

    Lin Geng was sitting at the family head’s position, and his right hand was holding a slightly chilled teacup. He lightly pursed his lips but his expression remained tranquil. 

    However, those who looked carefully would notice that his hand which was holding the teacup was trembling slightly, therefore it could clearly be seen that he wasn’t at all as calm as he looked on the surface.

    There were ten guest seats, six of which belonged to the Taixing town’s great families. The family heads of the Wu family, Wu Haiping, the Zheng family, Zheng Shiling, and the Wang family, Wang Xunyuan, as well as their head housekeepers were present. Well, actually, these housekeepers were in charge of gathering intelligence. 

    Around them sat four strangers. Three of these people were under twenty years old, and all of them wore black clothes. Their appearance were all better than average, and they looked quite similar. These three resembled each other and had the same chilly temperament. 

    When looking at these three people, it was clear that they were all brothers. Finally, there was the last person who was a middle-aged man wearing a gray robe. His eyes were quite small, but they seemed to twinkle with joy. He was always smiling beamingly and kept touching his white beard with his fingers giving him a friendly aura. 

    All these people were from the biggest family of the imperial capital, the He family. They were the housekeeper He Yuan, and the three brothers: He Long, He Hu, and He Bao. They were all intentionally sent here by the Second Master, He Guanxiong. These three brothers were all innately talented and the most important thing was that they had a great mutual understanding with each other that made it possible for them to jump ranks when fighting.

    The He family’s Second Master, He Guanxiong, was lecherous by nature. At home, he already had forty-seven concubines but he still wasn’t satisfied, and he had his sight on all the beautiful women in his surroundings. 

    The Lin family’s women were famous throughout the whole Wuhuan Empire, but at the time of their departure from the imperial capital, Lin Haoxue and her sister were just children. 

    It had already been so many years, but he had always kept them in mind. As a matter of fact, Lin Ruoxue had just barely turned fifteen yet he was already bringing people here to visit. 

    “Lin family head, I am sure that you know our purpose in coming here right?” He Yuan smiled beamingly. 

    “I’m afraid I don’t. I request Mr. He state his purpose,” Lin Geng’s mirrored the words of the housekeeper. Right now he had no other option than to act stupid.

    He Yuan’s smile turned slightly rigid, “Hehe, since you don’t know, then I’ll tell you. Your family’s Miss Ruoxue turned fifteen years old this year, and according to the laws and regulations of Wuhuan, a woman of fifteen is able to marry.”

    “So housekeeper came to be a matchmaker? You really are too kind. Which one of the He family’s talented youngsters will it be then?” Lin Geng was secretly practicing Tai Chi1 as if he wasn’t worried about anything while he was actually anxious.

    “How could those youngsters possibly match the outstanding beauty of a young Lin lady? This time I came to ask for her hand in marriage for our Second Master.”

    “Second Master, He Guangxiang, isn’t he turning fifty this year?”

    “You know the status my He family has. Lin family head, I know you are a smart person, you ought to know as long as our two families marry just how great the benefits for the Lin family will be.”

    Was this considered a threat?

    Within Lin Geng’s heart fury started to rise. Everything they said sounded pleasant to the ear, but would anyone willingly marry their daughter to this lecher? 

    However, he couldn’t say such a thing in this kind of situation. The Lin family were at an absolutely disadvantageous position, so if he shed all pretense of cordiality, the tense situation might change for the worse. 

    He Yuan merely looked at him without saying anything, and the atmosphere within the hall became even heavier. 

    Taixing town’s other three great families simply sat there and enjoyed themselves as if watching a show, and none of them had anything to say. 

    “If we don’t agree, what will the He family do?” A sharp, clear voice suddenly sounded, and everyone turned around to see where this voice came from. 

    They looked at the doorway where a young girl was standing. She was eleven or twelve years old. Her long black hair was tied up, and she was wearing a snow-white skirt. Her eyes were black like ink, and her skin was as white as snow. Her red lips were slightly pursed, and her bearing was truly remarkable. 

    Although she was young, her refined temperament was already something most women would never have. This girl gave off a good feeling, and although she was young, what shocked everyone was that her imposing manner was in no way inferior to the people present, even though these people were all of high status. 

    “Who is she?” All the guests sitting down were all inwardly pondering. 

    “Haoxue why are you here? Who told you to come?” Lin Geng looked at Lin Haoxue who had just appeared, and in his heart, he started to worry causing his tone to be very severe. Today these people originally came using her as just an excuse. 

    Now that she has appeared within this hall, how was it possible to make the He family let her off? 

    Lin Haoxue didn’t even bother to look at He Yuan, who was startled, nor did she care about all the others’ surprised expressions. 

    Rather, she walked unhurriedly towards Lin Geng’s side where there was a chair and then sat down. She gave her grandfather a sweet smile to pacify him and said, “Grandfather, don’t worry.”
    “Sigh, you...” Lin Geng sighed with a helpless tone but said no more.

    Since Haoxue had already appeared there was no sense in blaming her again and looking at her smile, it seemed as if she had an idea.

    “Sigh, this is the Second Young Lady of the Lin family?” He Yuan inquired, already back to normal again as he tried to cover up his astonishment with a sigh. Doing so, he found that everyone else also let loose a breath of air then he continued speaking, “Don’t tell me that you don’t know that within this world, some people simply do not have the ability to say no?” 

    “Housekeeper He, are you threatening me now?” Lin Haoxue smirked and thought, ‘Threatening, could it be the customary tricks these big families use?’ 

    “Young lady Lin can think of it as such,” He Yuan seemed not the least bit ashamed. Originally this world was exactly one where the weak had no authority to speak, moreover, he had also heard that this Lin Haoxue, up until now, had still not awakened her profound veins. So not only in name, she was literally a piece of trash. Naturally, he held such a person in contempt.

    But it didn’t matter really, after all, it wasn’t her strength that caught the Second Master’s fancy.

    “You ought to have heard that my sister is currently studying at the Profound Practitioner Academy. This academy is a branch belonging to the Saint Emperor, and forgive me for my ignorance and inexperience, but I did not expect that the He family was so daring as to challenge the Saint Emperor Academy?” Lin Haoxue was not scared, instead, she lightly brought up the subject about the might of the Saint Emperor Academy.

    Wanting to compare strength? In the entire Wuhuan Empire, no family was stronger than the Saint Emperor Academy.

    He Yuan was provoked by her words making his face turn red and that also made him speechless. This young girl was really able to invert black into white. Could Taixing town’s Profound Practitioner Academy compare to Saint Emperor Academy? Of course not, but he couldn’t deny that those talented people in the Profound Practitioner Academy were mostly exported from the Saint Emperor Academy. 

    The Saint Emperor Academy was the most sacred region in the Wuhuan Empire, it was the place that contained the most talented Profound Practitioners in the whole of the Wuhuan Empire. 

    Every year a large number of geniuses emerged from this academy, and not only the Wuhuan Empire but also the other regions rushed forth to fight over these geniuses. Those who graduated from the Saint Emperor Academy would definitely support the school if needed which was what made the Saint Emperor Academy’s position so stable.

    The Saint Emperor Academy was an independent entity that didn’t belong to the Wuhuan Empire’s royal family. 

    The Saint Emperor Academy was like a big tree that towered over the Wuhuan Empire. The branches were in harmony with the empire, but its roots extended much further out. 

    Even the Wuhuan Empire’s royal family didn’t dare commit an offense towards the Saint Emperor Academy, let alone the He family with their small backing. 

     “Since the oldest young lady of the Lin family belonged to a branch of the Saint Emperor Academy, then we would naturally not dare touch her, but the Lin family has more than one woman. Second Young Miss, you’re not studying at the Profound Practitioner Academy as well, right?” In the silence that had settled, the second brother of the three He brothers, He Hu, suddenly opened his mouth saying this. 

    Although he himself was not very fond of the way the Second Master handled things. 

    However, he belonged to the He family, so regardless, he had to side with his family. 

    “True. Is the Second Young Lady of the Lin family also a Profound Practitioner?” Housekeeper, He Guanxiong, quickly seized the opportunity to change the subject and cover up his embarrassment. 

    With such a big change, she really had set herself as the target, causing Lin Haoxue’s heart to turn dark. 

    However was she actually afraid? No matter Wu family or He family, if they wanted to come cause problems then they ought to be prepared to pay the price.

    On the other side, Wu, Zheng, and Wang the three big family heads, were all putting on an act of drinking tea. Their taunting which they didn’t even bother hiding pissed Lin Haoxue off.

    Right now they didn’t bother to help out the He family, not because they were unwilling to do so, but because they felt that there was no need to do so. The He family’s decisions couldn’t be questioned, and they had only appeared here to show some basic respect.

    Taking a deep breath, Lin Haoxue slowly raised her head. Her face shining coldly before she opened her mouth, “As I remember, it should be Xiao Lingyun who has an engagement with me. The nephew of your Second Master!” 
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    Chapter 7 Challenge ! 

    “What? Don’t tell me that you’re so naive that you think our young lord Ling Yun would approve of such an engagement?” He Yuan said full of sarcasm seemingly as if he had heard a hilarious joke.

    The three brothers from the He family frowned. Who was He Lingyuan? He was the number one genius of the entire Wuhuan Empire. How could a girl like her who hadn’t even awoken her profound veins deserve him?

    The three family heads Wu, Zheng, and Wang, all stopped drinking their tea mid-sip. They just stared at Lin Haoxue with an incredulous gaze. Why would she say such a thing? Could it be that she really didn’t understand the gap between her and He Lingyuan?

    He Lingyuan was a newly risen genius cultivator of the Wuhuan Empire. His profound veins awoke at the age of six and after three years of accumulation, he stepped into the Profound Practitioner realm at the age of nine! Furthermore, he had broken through two more realms - the Profound Master and Profound Grand Master realms before twelve years old. 

    Afterwards, he became a genuine Profound Grand Master realm cultivator, and the Saint Emperor Academy even personally invited him to study at their academy.

    Now he was seventeen years old, and he had already transcended the Profound Ancestor realm and had broken through to the Profound Spirit realm. He had become a Profound Spirit realm cultivator not just in name but in reality. He was the youngest Profound Spirit cultivator in the history of the Wuhuan Empire.

    As for Lin Haoxue, except that she had a beautiful face, there was nothing more to talk about. Her profound veins hadn’t even awoken by the age of twelve! The two of them were as different as the white moon and mud. What was funny was that Lin Haoxue wasn’t willing to give up this engagement.

    “He didn’t approve of it so that means it doesn’t exist?” Lin Haoxue’s voice didn’t have any emotion to it. She bowed her head low so nobody could see her expression, and everyone just took it as she was having a final struggle besides being ashamed.

    “Miss Lin, you know that only those who have enough strength are able to choose what they want,” This time it was the Wu Haiping, the family head of the Wu family, who spoke. He put down his teacup and continued his words indifferently, “I’m sorry that your strength isn’t good enough for you to choose the engagement you want.”

    He finished his sentence and felt a gaze from Zheng Shiling and Wang Xunyuan, but kept drinking his tea as if he had said nothing.

    That’s right. In Taixing town the Wu family and the Lin family couldn’t be compared with each other, but why did the Wu family keep picking on the Lin family?

    “Strength?” Lin Haoxue repeated slowly. She raised her head and stared at He Yuan instead of Wu Haiping and said, “So if my strength exceeds He Lingyuan, does that mean that he can’t break the engagement?”

    “Uh…?” Lin Haoxue’s sudden sharpness surprised He Yuan, making him shocked and speechless.

    “Is that how it is?” Lin Haoxue raised her voice and stared at He Yuan who was in front of her.

    “Yes, it is like that,” He Long who was next to him spoke when he saw He Yuan was stunned, “But...”

    “Alright, I’ll mark your words.” Lin Haoxue interrupted He Long’s words. She knew what he might want to say, therefore she didn’t want those words brought up again to hurt her grandpa. Noticing the expression on her grandpa’s face worsening, Lin Haoxue stood up and gave a glance at all those people who thought they were watching a joke of a person.

    “I don’t care about the engagement with the He family. Even if he is the genius you said, he is absolutely worthless to me.”

    “How dare you be so harsh!” He Long and all the others’ expressions changed. The three of them all belonged to He Lingyuan and were absolutely loyal to him. As for He Lingyuan, he was the genius from the He family, and his appearance had increased their reputation throughout the Wuhuan Empire. 

    Therefore, he was treated as the treasure of the family. They simply wouldn’t endure their idol being looked down on like this, especially by such trash. 

    “I’m being harsh?” Lin Haoxue’s cold voice sounded out, “So you humiliate our Lin family and that isn’t harsh? I wouldn’t care if this was just about rescinding the engagement, but who told you that you can transfer an engagement?”

    “How could that be humiliating? If the Lin family and the He family join in marriage there would only be benefits for you. On the basis of the reputation of our He family, we could shield your entire family. Don’t become unable to differentiate good from bad!” He Yuan’s face had turned red from defending himself, and he lost his former beaming, friendly look.

    “Shielding... Did we ask for such a thing? Our Lin family can help ourselves. We don’t need your humiliation of a name to shield us,” Lin Haoxue replied coldly.


    He Yuan was about to keep speaking but was stopped by He Long. He Long looked at Lin Haoxue, “What do you want us to do so that you all will agree to rescind the engagement?”

    Before they came here, the young lord reminded them again and again that no matter what price they needed to pay, as long as they could cancel this ridiculous engagement of his, it wouldn’t matter.

    “Of course I will agree to that since I don’t really care about it. Just why do we need to suffer such humiliation? Your behavior has brought shame to our Lin family. How can you make my grandpa face all this scorn? How can you give me face?”

    ”Then, let’s just say that the Lin family asked to cancel the engagement first. This should be fine for you, right?” He Long spoke. This was because if they announced such a thing to the public then of course nobody would believe it. Their young lord will get what he wanted, and the He family wouldn’t lose anything.

    “I know what you’re thinking. Even if you say that I asked for this, nobody will believe it.”

    “What do you want then?”

    ”I want a fair chance. Tell He Lingyuan that I challenge him at the Wuhuan Profound Immortal Ceremony in three years. There I will announce to the public that we have canceled the engagement!”

    ”Relying on yourself!?” He Bao who had always admired his young lord was furious with what she said.

    “Yes, by relying on myself. You're doing this because you think I’m rubbish and not qualified for your young lord. But don’t forget that I’m merely twelve years old but my profound veins have already awoken, and I’ve also become a Profound Practitioner. In three years nobody can say for certain that I can’t catch up to him!”

    Her profound veins had awoken and she was already a Profound Practitioner? Everyone turned silent all of a sudden from shock. That moment, Lin Haoxue’s tiny body exploded with an impressive aura, making it hard for the people in the hall to ignore her. 

    Exactly, she was merely twelve years old and she already was a Profound Practitioner realm cultivator.

    In the living room, the Zheng family and the Wang family felt shocked but also nodded their heads because of her courage. But the Wu family was embarrassed and just groaned coldly without saying anything.

    “You want a fair chance? Sure!”

    “You have the authority to decide for him?”

    “If you can take ten of my skills, I will definitely promise you on behalf of our young lord,” He Long was furious since the young lord asked them to solve this problem peacefully. However, he didn’t expect that she had already stepped into the Profound Practitioner realm and that her attitude was so firm.

    This kind of arrogance shown by someone who was previously trash was a pain to deal with because of her overbearing attitude. Now, they could only teach her a lesson so that she wouldn’t be even more arrogant.

    Even though he, a Profound Grand Master, was going to fight a Profound Practitioner, and it was beneath his dignity, for the sake of his family’s reputation, he didn’t care about it much.

    “Alright! It’s hard to fight here, let’s go outside!”

    Beyond everyone’s expectations, Lin Haoxue agreed without any hesitation.
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    Chapter 8 - Decisive Victory

    The martial arts training ground was a wide stone stage. With the Lin family in dire straits, Lin Geng wasn’t able to afford anything more than the basic necessities. 

    At this moment, in the back of the Lin family courtyard, many people gathered. Under Lin Haoxue’s indication, the Lin family’s gate was opened widely which allowed outsiders to come and go freely. Therefore, besides the servants of the Lin family, a lot of people including the family heads of the three biggest families of Taixing town were watching. 

    Lin Geng stood at the front of the stage and looked at the small but stubborn figure on the stage full of worries not in the mood to greet the guests who had arrived. On the stage, two people were standing opposite each other. 

    Standing on the left side was Lin Haoxue who was young and had a small body. On the right side was He Long who was strong and had a huge body. Both their body shape and ages stood in sharp contrast. 

    Seeing this difference, the people who surrounded the stage took pity on Lin Haoxue, and also despised He Long’s behavior. They all secretly blamed this Profound Grand Master realm cultivator who was planning to bully this mere Profound Practitioner whose profound veins had just awoken.

    But they only dared do so in their hearts because, after all, the He family was such a massive family and not people they could afford to offend. At the same time, they were curious about Lin Haoxue’s actions, therefore they were whispering with soft voices about what was occurring. 
    “Lin Haoxue is the Second Young Lady of the Lin family whose profound veins had yet to awaken?”

    ”Yes, but I’ve heard that her profound veins have awoken, and she’s now a Profound Practitioner.” 

    “No wonder! She dares to challenge the He family!” 

    “But she was too impulsive. Doesn’t she know who the He family is? How can she win?” 

    “Even if she loses, just her courage alone is great enough to make the Lin family proud.” 

    Those two people on the stage heard the audiences’ whispers. Lin Haoxue’s expression didn’t change at all but He Long’s looked even more gloomy. 

    She gave a glance at her surroundings and then spoke to the Zheng, Wang, and the Wu family heads, “Please, family heads, be our witnesses!” 

    “Please lay down the rules for the fight,” He Long spoke. 

    He was originally in a terrible mood so he wanted to vent his frustration by threatening Lin Haoxue to let her know when to stop. But he didn’t expect that she actually accepted his request for a fight without hesitation. 

    This was great, but now it couldn’t be stopped halfway.

    Those three family heads looked at each other and eventually, Zheng Shiling spoke, “That sounds fine, we’ll bear witness. As for the rules, it’s easy. If Lin Haoxue falls off the stage during any of the ten attacks then it will be He Long’s win, if it’s the opposite then it will be his loss.” 



    He Long and Lin Haoxue responded at the same time but their answers were opposite. He Long agreed with the rules but Lin Haoxue disagreed! 

    “Then what do you want?” The expression on He Long’s face turned even more annoyed. 

    “There’s no need for restricting the numbers of moves. It’s a loss for whoever falls off the stage!” Lin Haoxue gave a quick glance at him while speaking calmly. 

    “Are you serious!?” Zheng Shiling looked at Lin Haoxue with another disbelieving gaze, and he had absolutely no idea where her confidence came from. 

    “Yes, I’m sure! Uncle Zheng, today I will prove to everyone that we, the Lin family, don’t need special care! We also don’t need anyone’s so-called shielding! Lin Haoxue’s eyes shone brightly. Her words were spoken out firmly, and they showed her lofty, unyielding character. 

    “Ugh! You really don’t know the immensity of the heavens and earth!” He Long’s expression turned even worse. 

    “You’ll see later,” Lin Haoxue clenched her teeth as she spoke with deadly seriousness unlike anytime before. Today, she couldn’t lose even though her opponent was a Profound Grand Master. 

    The Lin family desperately needed a victory. 

    “Bring it on!” He Long calmed down.

    “Good!” As her words faded, Lin Haoxue stamped her left foot hard and punched out with her fist that had been accumulating power. 
    Seeing her fiercely approaching, He Long didn’t get anxious. He leaned his body faintly sideways to dodge and her fist missed his face by a meter. 

    But he didn’t discover the mocking look she had, he only saw her lower her fist a bit and unfolded her palm. A ball of flame which was almost transparent emerged from her palm. Because of his negligence that ball of flame was thrown into his chest giving him nowhere to hide. 
    In a moment of desperation, He Long used his profound power forming a light barrier to protect his body. 


    An explosion rang out. 

    The two figures separated, and Lin Haoxue flew back slightly then landed gently. Everyone could see that her aura wasn’t disorderly in the slightest. As for He Long, he was forced back a couple of steps and his clothes were in tatters. One could see that the attack had completely taken advantage of him underestimating his opponent. 

    He Long raised his head and looked at Lin Haoxue’s calm face. He became more serious as he realized that even though she was realms lower than him, in real combat experience and cautiousness, she wasn’t far behind him at all. 

    If he didn’t want to lose this battle, he had to be serious. He didn’t dare look down on Lin Haoxue anymore. 

    Lin Haoxue was alert and watched He Long, this Profound Grand Master, as his aura grew. Feeling the pressure he gave off, put her under stress. 

    Even though her real strength was close to a late-stage Profound Master, in the end, she was just a Profound Master. Normally, if one was a realm higher, they could easily crush a person who was a level lower than them even if they didn’t use any profound skills. 

    “Your skills are indeed beyond my expectations, but it’s really a shame. As it turns out, I’m a water elemental user. Not only am I superior when we talk about ranks, but I also restrain your fire elemental profound power.”

    Restrain? Lin Haoxue looked at him with a weird smile. Who really had the better qualification to restrain others? 

    “Is that so? Then let’s see how you plan on restraining me?” 

    Facing Lin Haoxue’s provoking words, He Long didn’t reply and instead wanted to finish this battle as soon as possible. 
    “Piercing Stone Drop!” 

    A slim, tough ice cone formed in He Long’s hands. The water elemental profound power within was much denser than Lin Haoxue’s Ceramic Flame. As He Long roared, the ice cone rapidly shot towards her. 

    “Brother already needed to use this skill?!” He Hu and He Bao looked extremely surprised. Nobody knew how strong that skill was more than them. 

    This was the skill which the three brothers practiced together. It was a high-quality Zhen ranked skill. It was also their skill with the strongest attacking power. It was a skill based on the saying, dripping water penetrates the stone, and its toughness and speed were strong enough to kill an opponent whose realm was a level higher than themselves. 

    “This Second Young Miss from the Lin family is pretty tough, huh? She made He Long use his profound skills right away,” Wang Xunyuan touched his beard and nodded. 

    He thought that He Long’s ice cone was sharp and extremely fast, so no matter what Lin Haoxue wouldn’t be able to dodge the attack. How could she melt it? 

    Lin Haoxue’s tiny face was unyielding as she faced the incoming ice cone. Lifting her left hand, she urged her earth elemental profound power to form a strong barrier in front of her. 


    The ice cone pierced through the earth barrier, and again shot toward Lin Haoxue. Even though earth restrained water, the strength difference between them was too much after all. 

    Lin Haoxue’s earth elemental profound power was only at the Profound Practitioner early-stage, but He Long’s was at the Profound Grand Master early-stage so there was a massive gap between them. Therefore, Lin Haoxue’s barrier could only delay his attack for a bit. 

    But it gave her a few precious seconds. From her right fist cyan-colored wind elemental power shone faintly outwards as she strafed to the left. At that moment, she dangerously dodged the ice cone attack which streaked past her right side. It was just one strike, but beads of sweat had formed on her forehead, so it was obvious how dangerous it was. 

    “You have double elemental profound veins?” He Long shouted out almost losing his voice. He hadn’t noticed that Lin Haoxue had used the wind element earlier. But even that already surprised him a lot. Double elemental profound veins! It was so rare that it would let her achieve the cultivating speed He Lingyuan had. Now he was starting to feel that maybe the young lord’s decision might have been a mistake. This Lin Haoxue didn’t have a waste constitution at all but was actually a heavenly genius.

    Double elemental profound veins! These four words were like thunder that shocked everyone. If He Lingyuan’s cultivating speed was referred to as at the genius-level, then could it be that Lin Haoxue was actually the number one genius as she had double elemental profound veins?
    Lin Haoxue pressed her lips tightly as she guarded against any attacks that might come, and she didn’t respond to his question. 

    But his shock only lasted for a moment then He Long regained his focus. It wasn’t that he was impatient, just that everything he saw today was too unbelievable. Who could have expected that not only did Lin Haoxue’s profound veins awaken, but she also had double elemental profound veins. 

    But, since it had turned out like this, he could only keep going. Thinking of his circumstances, He Long felt anger rising inside him which made him push his Profound Grand Master power to the peak. Ice cones formed one after another surrounding Lin Haoxue. 

    Suddenly, the pressure on her increased rapidly. Lin Haoxue could only barely manage to dodge one ice cone with her wind elemental profound power helping her. As they shot towards her, she did her best to dodge with her full focus. If she was inattentive for a single second she could get killed. However, even though she tried her best to dodge all the attacks, she was still scratched by a few ice cones.

    “Is He Long really pushing her to her death?” Zheng Shiling frowned feeling unhappy about the He family’s actions. 

    “For the He family’s reputation, he didn’t have any other choice,” Wang Xunyuan understood the reasons for their actions, but he still took pity on Lin Haoxue. 

    Wu Haiping didn’t say anything but he felt relieved. So what if she was a heavenly genius? There were countless geniuses in this world that died at a young age. Once Lin Haoxue died on the stage, the Wu family wouldn’t have any more worries. 

    Everyone could see that Lin Haoxue was in a crisis and so could Lin Geng. He moved his body and when he was about to go save Lin Haoxue, he was stopped by someone’s hand, “Lin family head no rush, they’re just exchanging pointers.” 

    “Exchanging pointers?! Are you fucking blind. How is this a friendly lesson? This is just an execution!” Lin Geng was so hurried and mad that his eyes almost seemed to spit fire as he stared at Wu Haiping with a death glare. But Wu Haiping was at the Profound Spirit realm which was a whole realm higher than his own cultivation, so there was really nothing he could do. 

    Wu Haiping didn’t really care about Lin Geng’s anger and acted like he didn’t even hear him speak. All he wanted was to see Lin Haoxue parish. 

    “Should we do something for her?” Wang Xunyuan asked. This would give himself the chance to make friends with the Lin family, and he was also seeking Zheng Shiling’s opinion since the Zheng and Wang families had always been on very good terms. 

    “No rush. Let’s just wait and see!” Zheng Shiling stopped him. 

    This moment, beyond everybody’s expectation, Lin Haoxue closed her eyes all of a sudden and incredibly dodged He Long’s crazy attacks with ease. Her body seemed to move like water, and she successfully escaped from his attacks. 

    It turned out that when Lin Haoxue tried her utmost to dodge all the approaching attacks, she pushed her body to its limits. At that moment the ring in front of her chest trembled and a slim stream of Qi flew out from the ring. This Qi thread rapidly entered her Baihui point on her head. 
    All of a sudden, Lin Haoxue felt at peace. Her heart had completely calmed down. At this moment, she discovered that the high-speed ice cones had slowed to a crawl and she was able to easily dodge them. She could easily see that He Long’s attack had hundreds of weak spots. 

    “Enough,” Lin Haoxue murmured slightly. She lifted her hands and used her simple fire elemental profound power to attack directly. It simply passed through all the layers of barriers he had set up and collided fiercely with He Long sending him flying off the stage. 

    Zheng Shiling and Wang Xunyuan stared at each other with shock.

    After a short period of time, Zheng Shiling announced, “Lin Haoxue’s victory!” 

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    Chapter 9 - Title of Genius

    “Lin Haoxue wins!”

    It was four simple words, but they were like a drop of ice water into a burning frying pan. Within moments they caused a massive uproar to explode through the crowd.

    “Did Lin Haoxue actually win?”

    All these people couldn’t help but ask themselves how this had happened? Only a few days ago she was trash, but now, unexpectedly, she had defeated someone from the Imperial Capital’s He family? A woman who had just awakened her profound veins actually beat a Profound Grand Master realm cultivator?! Wasn't this too ridiculous?

    However, as everyone took a look at Lin Haoxue who was standing tall on the stone stage, and then at He Long who had been blown off the stage and was being assisted by his two brothers, all the people at the scene eventually had to accept such a thing. No matter how unimaginable it was, it was a fact that Lin Haoxue won.

    “Lin Haoxue’s future truly cannot be measured,” Wang Xunyuan sighed with heartfelt admiration.

    “Humph, resorting to crafty tricks to win and then being proud of such a thing? She is merely a Profound Practitioner” He Yuan couldn't help but speak resentfully when he saw how his own people had unexpectedly lost.

    “However, don’t forget that she is only twelve years old!” At this time, Zheng Shiling couldn’t help but open his mouth and speak. The Zheng family was the strongest family within Taixing town, and his words caused everyone to turn silent before they sank into contemplation. 

    True! She was just a little girl, but she was so courageous and meticulous already, furthermore, it seemed her experiences were not small. All this coupled with her astonishing talent, who dared to belittle her? Who could say that she wouldn’t be a stunning figure in the future?

    “Housekeeper He, stop talking!” He Long who had just managed to get up with the support of his two brothers said, “I lost. I recognize this. Therefore we will take our leave.”

    “Please pass on my words about the agreement in three years.” Lin Haoxue said calmly while watching He Long’s departing figure. She felt that he was a little respectful. Even though he chose to put her into an almost fatal situation during their fight due to his anger, he wasn’t the type of person who was a sore loser.  

    “Young lady Lin, I  assured this matter will be reported to our young lord, I won’t leave out a single word.” He Long’s figure halted and responded, then he left without turning his head. He was thinking to himself that this matter with Lin Haoxue wasn’t something he had the power to handle. Therefore, from now on, the young lord would have to deal with her on his own, since he was no longer able to handle the matter.

    Looking at the He family, who had arrived high and mighty but were now walking away dejectedly like a bunch of stray dogs, there wasn’t anyone happier than the Lin family. This was because ever since they moved to Taixing town, the Lin family had been bullied the whole time, and now, they finally got a chance to relax.

    Especially the servants of the Lin family, their hearts were filled with admiration and respect seeing Lin Haoxue standing proudly on the stone stage. They were all proud of their miss.  

    “Old man Lin, you have a good granddaughter!” Zheng Shiling greeted Lin Geng with a smile. This was the first time he had taken the initiative to greet him, moreover, he was speaking respectfully to express his goodwill so the meaning of his words went without saying.

    “Family head Zheng is too polite,” Lin Geng responded, but his eyebrows were still somewhat frowned with worries. “Now I fear that Haoxue might be the target of people’s jealousy due to her innate talents. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to fully protect her.”

    “Old man Lin, you worry too much. Our Taixing town has finally produced such a talented person, I want to see who would dare touch her. I’m sure that Mister Ai would never allow that to happen,” Zheng Shiling laughed.

    When Lin Geng heard Mister Ai’s name, the grip on his heart loosened slightly, and he realized that he had indeed worried too much. Mister Ai was the Headmaster of Taixing town’s Profound Practitioner Academy, and within the whole of Taixing town, he was the strongest cultivator. 
    Although the Zheng, Wang, and Wu families were the strongest families within Taixing town, none of them, even while together, could stand against Mister Ai. Those three together could only be beaten silly by him. 

    Even in the Imperial Capital, Mister Ai would have been capable of becoming a preeminent figure, but he was the Headmaster of Taixing town’s Profound Practitioner Academy. One of the reasons for this was to find geniuses to send to the Saint Emperor Academy, and on the other hand, it was due to the freedom this position gave him. Now that such a talented genius like Lin Haoxue had appeared in Taixing town, how could he not be interested?

    “Humph, we’re leaving!” Wu Haiping snorted coldly and departed together with his housekeeper.

    “Many thanks, family head Zheng,” looking at the sudden departure of Wu Haiping, Lin Geng was clear that what Zheng Shiling said was precisely what Wu Haiping didn’t want to hear.

    “Old man Lin is too polite. We are both families living in this city. Previously, we neglected the Lin family, and this was our mistake. Hopefully, we can become good friends in the future,” Zheng Shiling laughed.

    “We should. Currently, the Lin family and Taixing town’s local big families have been too far apart from one another which isn’t good. Don’t you two family heads feel the same?” Lin Geng laughed as well, accepting the Zheng family’s show of goodwill and even inquired towards Wang Xunyuan.

    “That’s the truth,” Wang Xunyuan laughed. “This old man still has things to deal with so we won't disturb you any longer!”
    Along with Zheng Shiling and Wang Xunyuan’s departure, everyone else that was watching also started to leave the Lin family’s courtyard.
    Soon all of the outsiders had left.


    Suddenly, blood spurted out of her mouth, and she, who had been standing perfectly straight on top of the stone platform, fell down.

    Lin Geng’s expression changed and he quickly reached the top of the stone platform. He supported Lin Haoxue with one hand, and once he saw her snow-white face, his heart ached. What kind of price did Haoxue have to pay in order to win this fight?

    “Grandfather, I’m okay,” Lin Haoxue said with a pale face as she smiled comfortingly. Actually, she had sustained disastrous injuries. Her meridians had already almost collapsed, as, after all, she had used her Profound Practitioner realm strength to fight against such a powerful cultivator. For this reason, although she won, she won a miserable victory. 

    However, to the Lin family, this victory was their lifeline, and she could not collapse in front of these outsiders which made her only option to persevere so that no one noticed anything.

    “Grandfather, now they won’t dare look down on our Lin family anymore,” Lin Haoxue said in a weak voice.

    “Haoxue!” Lin Geng’s eyes were moist. To have such a granddaughter like Lin Haoxue filled him with the utmost pride. Lin Haoxue’s words were right. 

    No one would dare look down upon their family for some time, but he still couldn’t help but worry. Now that her meridians had suffered such serious injuries, what could she do in the future?

    “Grandfather, don’t be anxious. My wounds aren’t that serious. Let me go rest,” Lin Haoxue comforted her grandfather, but in her heart, she could only wryly smile. When she had accepted that strange energy, she had a bad premonition, and now, with this situation, she had no other options. Now she could only hope that her meridians would recover quickly and that this would not affect her future cultivation.

    “Good! Good!” Lin Geng quickly helped Lin Haoxue return to her room. As she came back to the room Lin Haoxue immediately lost consciousness. Lin Geng had no other option than to let Cui Lan look after her while he waited for her to wake up again. He also ensured that no one leaked the news about her injuries.

    At the same time, the news about Lin Haoxue having dual elemental profound veins and that she was able to fight a Profound Grand Master who was two whole realms greater than her quickly spread throughout the entire town.

    Everyone in the town was full of praise for her talent. The way things were progressing, she had already surpassed the three best talents of Taixing town, and some even started to compare her to Wuhuan Empire’s number one talent, He Lingyun, saying that she was not much worse than him.

    “Humph! What a bunch of crap! How can she be regarded as a genius?!” Wu Haiping slapped down his hand in anger and shattered the table before him into pieces, which did little to assuage his fury.

    “Family head, do not be angry. Is there really no solution? What if…” The housekeeper slowly came closer to him and whispered a few words into his ear.

    “That is quite clever, go on,” Hearing this, Wu Haiping’s grim complexion turned bright. “Does Lin Geng honestly believe that Lin Haoxue will be safe if the Profound Practitioner Academy is protecting her? He is dreaming!”

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    Chapter 10 - Mysterious Dreamland

    As news of Lin Haoxue’s victory spread like wildfire, the Lin family was filled with concern and shrouded in a cold atmosphere. This was because it had been half a month and Lin Haoxue was still in a coma. During this period, the only thing that made Lin Geng a little relieved was that Lin Haoxue’s complexion was improving.

    On this night, Cui Lan went out. Whenever it was just Lin Haoxue in her room, a faint white light would come out from the ring that was hanging around her neck which nobody noticed. This white light covered her entire body, protecting and healing her.

    At this moment, Lin Haoxue’s will entered into a dark void world. This place was spacious, empty, and the surroundings were pitch black making it impossible to even see one’s fingers in front of them.

    Just as she was getting over her surprise, a tender voice floated into her ears. This voice was exactly the one she had heard at Divine Dragon Stream.

    “You’ve come! You’ve come!…”

    It was a man’s voice which sounded sorrowful, tender, and gentle.

    She didn’t know why she sensed a familiarity with this voice when she heard it, but it made her heart ache. This feeling came from deep within her heart and felt so real.

    She had a weird feeling that the owner of this voice was definitely someone important to her, but she couldn’t remember who he was.
    “You finally came!” The voice spoke again, now so clear that it seemed the person speaking was walking toward her.

    “Who are you?” Lin Haoxue said, her trembling voice full of complicated emotions. She didn’t feel scared; instead, she was excited and looking forward to their meeting. “Do we know each other?”

    “Of course we know each other. It’s just that it has been such a long time that you’ve forgotten me!” That voice which seemed so real, tender, and sad said.

    “I’m sorry!” Hearing this, Lin Haoxue felt guilt within her. But at the same time, there was confusion, “I shouldn’t have forgotten you, but I really can’t remember who you are.”

    “It doesn’t matter. Even if you forgot about me, you still came to this world, right?”

    “Did we know each other very well?”

    “Yes, very well.”

    “Then what kind of relationship did we have? Friends? Relatives?”



    “Yes, we’re friends and family.”

    “What’s your name? What should I call you?”

    Suddenly, it turned extremely quiet, it was so quiet that it felt as if the air had stopped moving. Just when she thought the voice wouldn’t resume speaking, it spoke.

    “Being separated for so long was my greatest hatred. Oh, fate, which person can ease my heart and make me feel at home? Sigh, just call me He Yian.”

    “Finally we’ve met again!” This thought flashed through Lin Haoxue’s head, and she just naturally said it out loud.

    “You do remember!” That voice said excitedly then paused for a moment. He seemed to be a little surprised but also sighed with sorrow, “For this sentence, I’ve been waiting, waiting for the day we met again.”

    “What do you look like? Can I see you?”


    Right after, Lin Haoxue saw a bright light shine in front of her.

    In this bright light, a white figure gradually became clearer. She saw a transparent spirit in front of her which surprised her. Even though it was just a spirit-like thing, but her first glance at him made her absent-minded.

    In front of her was the figure of a young man in white clothes with what seemed like a unique temperament. Even though it was merely the view from his back, and he just stood there quietly, there was a powerful aura surrounding him.

    This was an aura that would make anyone who felt it feel ashamed of their inferiority.

    If there really were such a thing as an immortal, then this must be what they looked like, Lin Haoxue thought.

    “What you can see is merely a single thread of willforce that I’ve stored in this ring.”

    “What about the real you? Are you trapped somewhere?” Lin Haoxue’s sharp eyes could see traces that this figure had been restricted to this spirit object.

    “My body and soul have been separated a very long time ago, and they were sealed in different places within this world. Were it not for the fact that I had some leftover willforce, I might have disappeared from this world long ago.”

    “What can I do to help you?”

    “It’s simple. If you’re strong enough then you can definitely save me. So what you can do now is make yourself stronger.”

    “When I fought He Ling, it was you who helped me. You already know how weak I am, so how could I possibly save you?”

    “Yes, you’re too weak now. So weak that you couldn’t withstand when I poured just a little of my power into your body. It injured your meridians and put you in a coma. Fortunately, your willforce was still strong so that kept you awake. Furthermore, you had great courage and tenacity which makes me believe that soon you will stand at the peak of this world.”

    “Willforce? Is my will strong?” Lin Haoxue thought of the information she learned about incantation masters in grandpa’s study.

    “Yes, your willforce was amazing. You were once the most outstanding incantation master on the continent. Were it not for your power that aroused people’s jealousy then you wouldn’t have…” His voice paused after speaking up till this point.

    Lin Haoxue was sensitive enough to tell that the reason he had been trapped was probably related to her. But since he didn’t want to talk about it, she didn’t press the issue. Therefore, she changed the topic, “How can I increase my strength?”

    “Enter the academy and learn foundational knowledge until your strength is good enough to cultivate the dual combination of Spirit Burst and Incantation Law, then I’ll tell you what to do after that.”

    “Ok, I’ll do that for now.”

    “Go back! Don’t make me wait too long.”

    As he finished speaking, Lin Haoxue felt her body float away from that dark place.

    “Oh.” Using a lot of her strength, she opened her eyes. She saw everything around her was familiar and realized that she was in her bedroom.
    But she could still feel her heartache. She touched her cheeks and felt the wetness from her tears. She lightly wiped them off and gently touched her chest. Everything in her dream had been so clear and that person needed her to save him.

    Suddenly, as she realized something, Lin Haoxue crossed her legs and looked inside herself. Not only did she discover that her veins had recovered, but they had also become tougher and more durable.

    At the same time, she saw the Spirit Burst cultivation method floating in the center of her dantian. And inside her Buhai acupoint there was the Incantation Law technique as well. These should be the things for cultivating profound power and incantation skills.

    So it was real! It wasn’t just a dream. She jumped out of bed and went over to the courtyard.

    “Next step, I should enroll in Profound Academy!” Lin Haoxue thought. Currently, the Lin family didn’t have many resources for her to cultivate her profound power. If she wanted to keep getting stronger she needed to study at a systematic academy as such a place would have the resources to help her. The most important thing was that every year they had a few spots for sending students into the Saint Emperor Academy, and one of these spots was of the utmost importance to her.

    “Being separated for so long was my greatest hatred. Oh, fate, which person can ease my heart and make me feel at home?” The sentence from her dream was spoken out naturally by her.

    “Oh, Young Miss, you’re awake? What are you murmuring?” Cui Lan came in holding a basin of warm water and noticed that Lin Haoxue was standing under the moonlight. She became so excited that she almost dropped the basin.

    “Yes, I’m awake,” Lin Haoxue said while looking at Cui Lan and thought her expression was quite funny. This scene looked so familiar since it was exactly like when she first came here, and her funny behavior softened a lot of the sorrow in Lin Haoxue’s heart.
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  • Chapter 11 - Mister Ai

    This time, Lin Haoxue had serious internal injuries. Originally, she thought it would be serious enough to affect her cultivating speed, but under the help of the ring’s mysterious power, her wounds had completely recovered. Not only had she recovered but because her body had been pushed past her limits and she fully drew out her fighting potential, her foundation had stabilized and her profound power had even grown a little.

    After fighting hand-to-hand with He Long, Lin Haoxue now truly understood the importance of practicing profound skills. When they were fighting, she discovered that He Long’s real strength wasn’t that amazing, what really forced Lin Haoxue into a corner was his profound skills.

    If she had powerful profound skills to use while fighting, she wouldn’t have been in such a difficult situation. She wouldn’t have had to rely on external power to help her.

    So, after her wounds recovered, she practiced the Ceramic Flame skill day and night. Just when she was finally about to reach perfection in this skill, she had the odd feeling that the Ceramic Flame skill wasn’t complete.

    That same day, Lin Haoxue got a piece of good news: her sister, Lin Ruoxue, who had been practicing at Profound Practitioner Academy, was back. Hearing this from Cui Lan, Lin Haoxue let go of the doubt in her mind and went to see her sister.

    In the living room, Lin Haoxue finally saw her sister who had been away from home for a whole year cultivating.

    Lin Ruoxue was wearing the white robe of a water elemental cultivator from her Profound Practitioner Academy and the fabric was embroidered with ice-blue water drops. Her facial features were sixty percent similar to Lin Haoxue. They both had delicate appearances and slender bodies; however, the fifteen-year-old Lin Ruoxue appeared more mature and tender.

    “Sister, you’re finally back,” Once Lin Haoxue saw her, she called out happily. Ever since she could remember it was always her sister who took care of and protected her; therefore, she was very close to her sister, even closer than her grandpa.

    “Un, I’m back,” Lin Ruoxue smiled. Even though she was more mature than her sister, whenever she saw the other, whom she loved and cared about, she always felt child-like happiness inside. Taking a step forward, she held Lin Haoxue’s hands.

    “So this is Young Miss Haoxue,” Just when they had started talking, someone disturbed them. Lin Haoxue looked at this person and saw a young man with a unique temperament. He was wearing white clothes as well but there weren’t any patterns on them, so she couldn’t tell what kind of profound veins he had.

    Actually, when she came into the room, she had noticed the young man standing next to her sister, but she thought he was her sister’s boyfriend and didn’t really pay him any attention.

    But now that she looked closer, it didn’t seem like they were dating. The way he looked at her sister wasn’t passionate, instead, he was focused on herself more.
    “Who are you?” Lin Haoxue frowned.
    “Haoxue, don’t be rude. This is the principle of Profound Practitioner Academy, Mister Ai. Lin Ruoxue noticed her sister’s behavior and was worried that she might have offended their guest, so she immediately introduced him.

    “Mister Ai?” Lin Haoxue looked at the young man in shock. He seemed merely twenty-something years old. His maximum age might be twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. How could he be the famous Mister Ai?

    She had heard before, from the Zheng family head, that this Mister Ai had extraordinary strength. Therefore, she thought that he was an old man who was at least more than fifty years old. How could he be so young!

    Seeing Lin Haoxue’s surprised face, Mister Ai smiled happily and didn’t care about her rudeness at all, instead, he spoke, “I’ve heard that you have double elemental profound veins?”

    “What’s wrong with that? Lin Haoxue alertly looked into his eyes. But when she made eye contact, she felt a strong pressure pushing down on her. This kind of pressure wasn’t just on her body - she could feel it in her mind as well.

    His mysterious aura seemed to be slowly forcing her to bow down to him; however, she was stubborn and unwilling to so. Therefore, she summoned all the power in her body to resist the pressure and forced herself to stand straight.
    This power really was strong.

    When she had met He Long, she could also feel his aura pushing down on her, but it wasn’t so great. Now, though, it felt as if the person in front of her could kill her with but a thought. Perhaps in front of him, nobody would dare to have any thoughts of resisting.

    No, I can’t lose.

    Just when Lin Haoxue was about to fully use her profound power to fight against his pressure, it vanished.

    Actually, not much time had passed, and even though it was only a small amount of time, to Lin Haoxue it felt like years.

    Seeing him faintly smiling at her and discovering that both her grandpa and sister hadn’t felt anything, she realized that the pressure was targeted at her.

    “Good, very good!” Mister Ai took a look at her then spoke to Lin Geng, ”Lin family head, can I have a moment alone with Young Miss Haoxue?”

    “Of course you can, Mister Ai!” Lin Geng responded. Ever since Mister Ai arrived, he knew that he had come for Haoxue.

    Of course, he wouldn’t turn him down since his visit was beneficial to the Lin family and to Haoxue. Therefore, Lin Geng asked Ruoxue to leave with him.

    Once grandpa and her sister left, the living room fell into an awkward silence.

    “I’ve heard that you have double elemental profound veins?” Mister Ai said while sitting down in a nearby chair as he continued looking intently at Lin Haoxue.

    “What’s wrong?” Lin Haoxue looked at his eyes which seemed as though they could see through her very soul making her feel very anxious. She didn’t like the feeling of being seen through. Therefore, she was fully alert as she faced him. Lin Haoxue evaluated everything he did, including his words, his appearance, and anything that could give her the upper hand.

    “Let me tell you a secret!” He didn’t seem to notice her alertness and just talked about what he wanted to say.

    “Before I turned ten years old, I was viewed as a person who brought bad luck to everyone and for this reason, I was kicked out of my family. Do you know why?”

    Lin Haoxue looked at him and didn’t say anything.

    Mister Ai didn’t seem to care much if she responded to him or not, and he just kept talking, “That was because I was born with profound eyes which let me see things that others can’t. For example, when someone is in front of me, I can see how many elemental affinities one’s profound veins have awoken!”

    “So?” Lin Haoxue felt her heartbeat increase as if it were going to explode, but she still acted like she was calm and replied.

    “So, I know that you do not have double elemental profound veins, but in fact, have,” Mister Ai paused for a bit, then shockingly said, “eight elemental profound veins.”
    Eight elemental profound veins? This was a secret that she had never told anyone, so when she heard him say it, she felt shock take over. Now she was sure that Mister Ai knew everything about her profound veins.

    Even though she was very shocked in her mind, she still looked calm.

    Mister Ai noticed Lin Haoxue calm demeanor causing himself to feel surprised. He didn’t have a choice but he had to say that this twelve-year-old young lady’s state of mind was very strong. He couldn’t find any faults with her at all.

    “You didn’t even tell your family about your talent, I can see that you don't want others to know such a thing, correct?”

    Lin Haoxue didn’t respond to him, she just stared quietly at him. Now as he was observing her, she was certain about one thing - even though Mister Ai was the strongest cultivator in Taixing town, with him being at the Profound Saint realm, she was still not afraid of him.
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    Chapter 12 - Transaction

    Seeing that Lin Haoxue still didn’t speak, Mister Ai persisted, “However, I can help you keep this secret. Not only that but when you later enter the Profound Practitioner Academy, I will help you to the best of my ability. Be it profound skills, cultivation methods, or heavenly treasures, I will offer them to you free of charge and permit you to cultivate without any hindrances.”“So good? What’s your condition?” Lin Haoxue finally opened her mouth.“The condition is quite simple,” Mister Ai looked at Lin Haoxue and slowly spoke, “You have to take me as your master and work for me for ten years.”“That’s it?”“Yes, that’s it.”

    “But what if I don’t agree?” Lin Haoxue stared at Mister Ai and spoke word by word.

    “If you understand the importance of cultivation resources, you will. I want you to know that all of the Profound Practitioner Academy's resources can be yours with a single word from me!”

    “Anyways, I don’t agree,” Lin Haoxue calmly said. “If I’m guessing correctly, you were forced to leave your home for some reason and haven’t had an easy time. You probably want to return to your homeland, and in ten years something big will be occurring there. You think that this stage will be a good place to make a breakthrough, and I appeared at the perfect time which gives you an opportunity. So, for this reason, you need my assistance.”

    Although Mister Ai was smiling like before, Lin Haoxue was taking note of his expressions and could see a flash of amazement pass through his eyes so she continued.

    “But Mister Ai, you really don’t understand me or my principles at all. First, I don’t accept gifts of unknown origin, not even if on the surface it seems to be of the biggest benefit for myself. Second, I am unwilling to work for the older generation, obey their orders, and lose my freedom. Third, fair deals can be made, but if you want to exploit me, that won’t happen. If you want to use force to coerce me, then that won’t work either. Not only this, but Mister Ai, you only look at my talent, but you still underestimate my cultivation speed. You want ten years of my life? Even all of your cultivation resources won’t be enough, not even all of the cultivation resources of the Saint Emperor Academy would suffice.”

    “You have this much confidence?” Mister Ai couldn’t help but be astounded when he looked at the young girl in front of him, unclear where her confidence came from.

    “I am. I have this much faith in myself!” Lin Haoxue looked tranquil. Her imposing manner was steady and it didn’t resemble a twelve-year-old child’s at all. When she spoke, she conveyed a certain fortitude that didn’t let people think she had gone mad. Instead, if one heard her speak, they would actually believe her words. “You might not know, but my profound veins have awoken a month ago, and in this one month, I already reached the Profound Practitioner realm becoming a true cultivator. With this kind of speed, do you still think you can be my master for ten years?”

    “Seriously?” Mister Ai’s heart shook to its core. What kind of freak was she?! However, on the surface he appeared as if nothing had happened. “Although your first performance was stunning, things might not stay this way.”“Of course, while that might be true of others, it won’t be for me!” Lin Haoxue was still as calm as before, but her self confidence was leaking out of her bones which caused Mister Ai to look at her with admiration.

    “Good! Very good! I have no choice but to say that I really was looking down on you. You not only have an astonishing innate talent, but your wisdom is extraordinary and unfitting of your age. I admit that I quite like you, and I also wish to be convinced by you, so let’s discuss what a fair transaction would be for both of us.”

    “Mister Ai, I also want us to carefully discuss this,” Lin Haoxue said while looking at him with an innocent and pure smile spread on her face, giving her a very adorable appearance. Seeing this, Mister Ai couldn’t help but think in his heart that she was indeed a freak. He was at the Profound Saint realm, and while the other was not even close to his strength, he had a sneaking suspicion that whoever regarded her as a child would end up dying without even knowing what happened.

    “So you have conditions!” Master Ai stated, he now considered Lin Haoxue as an equal for their negotiation.

    “My conditions are quite simple. First, you help me keep my secret. Second, you will protect and assist my Lin family for three years. These two are as easy as lifting one’s hand.”

    “No problem.”

    “What are your conditions then, Mister Ai?”

    Hearing what she said previously, Mister Ai couldn’t help but become slightly anxious, “You have guessed correctly. I need to break through within the next ten years to be able to return to my family and protect them. I also need you to become a student at our Saint Emperor Academy. There, at the academy’s Profound Immortal ceremony, you need to take the stage as my head disciple and use the opportunity to seize the championship.

    “You want me to do this because of some reward? Something that will help your strength improve quite a lot, I assume?” Lin Haoxue immediately understood what was going on.
    “Correct, you really are exceptionally intelligent but for now your realm is still too low. It isn’t good to say too much. When you obtain a spot to enter the Saint Emperor Academy, then I will tell you the reason in detail,” Mister Ai stated.“Just one condition? To participate and obtain the top spot in the Profound Immortal ceremony as your disciple?”

    “There is one more thing. If you are capable of winning the Profound Immortal ceremony, then can you return with me to my homeland?” Mister Ai asked somewhat embarrassed. “As my disciple?”

    “Okay, it’s a deal. In three years, I will go to the Profound Immortal ceremony and take first place as your disciple. Later when you find the time, I will go home with you as your head disciple!” This was something that Lin Haoxue had to promise as it was an issue she had to be serious about.

    “Three years?” Mister Ai couldn’t help but think that such a thing was somewhat inconceivable. He had originally thought that Lin Haoxue was trying to avoid taking responsibility, yet this girl didn’t resemble someone who exaggerated, so he had to convince himself that she truly had the ability.

    “Right, three years.”

    “That is also not a problem,” Mister Ai stated, feeling quite refreshed. “I will keep your secret and support the Lin family.”


    After this agreement, Lin Haoxue’s heart loosened and she couldn’t help but laugh. This was the first time she had such an intense meeting. Her mind had been under pressure, but it felt good to negotiate like this. Although things might change in the future, the current situation was already the fairest way to ensure that no one suffered any losses.

    “When you are at Profound Practitioner Academy, to make things convenient, just ask me if you need something and I’ll definitely help you.”

    “Thank you Mister Ai, but I don’t need anything!”“They can be quite beneficial to your cultivation. Although the Profound Practitioner Academy is small, it still has many natural resources. They are especially good for you as you’re just beginning to cultivate so their assistance will help a lot.”

    “I know Mister Ai, but I’ll get them with my own capabilities,” Lin Haoxue suddenly tilted her head to the side and laughed charmingly at Mister Ai. “Unless you’re not confident in the system your academy has set up?”

    “Of course I am confident in my academy, our system is reasonable and fair. Since you want to rely on yourself, then I will not meddle. I’m starting to like you more and more, little girl,” Mister Ai started laughing out heartily, not hiding his emotions any longer.

    “Me too,” Lin Haoxue also chuckled.

    Although special help could increase one’s internal energy in the short term, genuine strength comes from working steadily and striving hard: to reach the apex one has to take it step by step, slowly climbing up.

    “Let’s go! Your family head is probably worried.”

    When they came out, they saw that her grandfather and older sister were both waiting in the courtyard, looking at them with inquiring gazes; however, Lin Haoxue acted as if she didn’t notice their stares. Regarding the content of their chat, neither of them mentioned it, and neither Lin Ruoxue nor Lin Geng asked any questions.Mister Ai allowed Lin Ruoxue to stay home for several more days and told her that after half a month, she should bring Lin Haoxue with her to enroll in the academy. After giving his salutations, Mister Ai departed.

    Several days later some shocking news spread throughout Taixing town. It said the following: The son of the Lin family head, Lin Haoxue’s father, was unexpectedly a very good friend of Profound Practitioner Academy’s principal Mister Ai. They had a good relationship when both of them were at the Imperial Capital, and later on, Mister Lin had left to experience the outside world and hadn’t returned for many years. Recently, he sent a message back to say that he would return in three years and had asked Mister Ai to temporarily take care of his family. When she heard the news, Lin Haoxue laughed in her mind. This Mister Ai truly was capable to unexpectedly figured out such a great plan. To be able to protect her family without exposing herself was exactly what Lin Haoxue wanted.
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    Chapter 13 - Profound Practitioner Academy

    After half a month, Lin Haoxue followed her sister and enrolled in Profound Practitioner Academy.

    Profound Practitioner Academy was situated outside of Taixing town, and it was situated in a wild area of land. Here many imposing structures rose steeply from the ground. You could see profound power faintly cascading down from the tops of these buildings. Just seeing such a sight was enough to pressure ordinary people.

    “Unexpectedly, there are so many Spirit Gathering Incantation arrays, it seems like I really can’t look down on our Profound Practitioner Academy.” Lin Haoxue looked at the magnificent buildings in front of her and sighed.

    “Of course you can’t! Do you think anyone can easily enter this academy? Don’t underestimate this place,” Lin Ruoxue responded unhappily to her.

    “Hahaha,” seeing her sister speak with a bad attitude, she made a wry face and stopped talking.

    She didn’t care at all about this academy, but her sister did, so she had to give her at least some respect, right?

    “The academy is divided into four different levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and superior. Each level corresponds to the realms: Profound Practitioner, Profound Master, Profound Grand Master, and Profound Ancestor. As your strength grows, you will get more cultivation resources that are more effective.” On their way, Lin Ruoxue introduced the academy to her sister.

    She kept speaking:

    “Our academy is quite strict. If you don’t reach your goals in a set time then you won’t be allowed to return home. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule. These exceptions are divided into three main categories. The first category is the top-ranked students since they have the best strength for their realm, and also because the academy doesn’t have many students, they have absolute freedom. The second category is outstanding students who are especially gifted. Some of these people might be able to cultivate super fast and some of them have unique profound veins. The third category and type of people you shouldn’t offend are those who weren’t able to reach the Profound Ancestor realm before eighteen years old. These students weren’t able to enter the Saint Emperor Academy, so they have basically been abandoned. Don’t offend or look down on these people as you will just be bringing disaster on yourself.”

    “I can’t offend those who haven’t reached the Profound Ancestor realm either?” Lin Haoxue asked her back.

    “Especially those people,” Lin Ruoxue said while glancing at her. “Don’t look down on them. These people are tough since they deal with issues without considering the consequences. Dealing with them really gives one a headache.”
    “Un, I got it. I’ll listen to you sis,” Lin Haoxue promised.

    “Will you?” Lin Ruoxue asked her again since she didn’t fully believe her. This time when she came home she heard a lot about her sister. She realized that her sister had changed quite a bit, she was no longer the little girl who needed her protection, and this change actually made her feel gratified. But at the same time, she was a little disappointed since she felt like she was no longer needed. Will her younger sister listen to what she said like before?

    Lin Haoxue just chuckled and stopped talking. Her sister still saw through her.  

    “You are new here and are merely an average Profound Practitioner so you can only stay at the freshmen academy. You need to complete missions to earn cultivating resources, and after you reach the intermediate level you will obtain certain rewards. Afterwards, every time you increase your level, your rewards will double. Of course, the training area for the best students has the best rewards. There are many different rewards one can choose from such as spirit stones, spirit medicine, profound skills, and so on.”

    “So in each student area, they need to carry out missions? There are no exceptions?” Lin Haoxue thought that if they were all just easy missions it would simply be a waste of her time.

    “There are exceptions, but it’s hard to obtain such status. That is unless one can make an enormous contribution to the academy and they reward you with enough resources to practice with.”

    “Oh, I see. Sister, you can go practice now,” Lin Haoxue nodded her head to show that she understood. Lin Ruoxue was now a Peak Profound Master realm cultivator. What she needed now was time to cultivate and break through into the Profound Grand Master realm; therefore, Lin Haoxue didn’t want to waste her time.

    “Alright, then go to the academy’s front courtyard to register. Remember, don’t cause any trouble,” Lin Ruoxue pointed in the direction of the courtyard and once more reminded her. Now she wasn’t worried that her sister would be bullied. Just based on her strength alone, amongst the new students, it would be good if she didn’t bully others.

    After her sister left, Lin Haoxue went to the front courtyard alone. In front of her eyes was a line of new students which was advancing at a snail’s pace. She frowned but still walked to the end of the line. She specifically wanted to achieve everything with her own power and didn’t want special care, so she didn’t show any dissatisfaction.

    While she was approaching the place to enroll, she noticed that there was a profound power tablet which was used to test the incoming students’ profound power. That profound power tablet was similar to the one she saw in her family’s ancestral hall, but it was obviously of a higher grade and more advanced. The profound power tablet had seven different levels and each level had three smaller sub-levels. These levels corresponded to the seven big realms and three intermediate stages within each realm.

    The young boys and girls were being tested in front of the profound power tablet one after the other.
    If one’s strength didn’t reach the Middle-stage of the Profound Practitioner realm they would fail to gain acceptance into the academy and could only practice at home waiting to apply again next year. But the efficacy of practicing at home would be completely different than at the academy, therefore, everyone hoped to qualify and get accepted.

    However, most of the applicants failed. Less than thirty percent actually qualified to enter the academy. Lin Haoxue stood by and watched without much emotion as those who got disqualified desperately begged the teacher who remained unmoved by their pleas. She thought that everyone should take responsibility for their lives and use their strength to prove their value, instead of begging for the mercy and sympathy of others.

    Finally, the person in front of Lin Haoxue failed as well and was left dispirited with his head hanging low. Next up was Lin Haoxue.

    “You’re up. Go test your profound power,” a serious-looking middle-aged man spoke to Lin Haoxue.

    Lin Haoxue put her hands on the profound power tablet and used her fire elemental profound power. At the same time, she carefully controlled all her other elemental profound power so that they wouldn’t interfere. She saw a red light emerge from the bottom level and slowly moving up. Once it entered the second sub-level, it gradually stopped.

    “Middle-stage Profound Practitioner, qualified.”
    The serious man spoke coldly, and when he said this sentence, there were a lot of people who looked at her with jealousy, since Lin Haoxue became one of the lucky people.

    “Your name?” The middle-aged man took out a palm-sized jade tile and asked.

    “Lin Haoxue.”

    “Lin Haoxue? Hearing this name, the man raised his head and looked at her in surprise. Could it be the Lin Haoxue that he had heard of ?

    But didn’t she have double elemental profound veins... Then why did she? But then he was reminded that the principal had told him to treat everyone equally; therefore, he didn’t ask anything else. He continued his actions and wrote her name on the jade tile. He then pressed it on the profound power tablet and let it absorb a slim profound power thread from Lin Haoxue.

    “This is your identity tile so keep it with you. It has all the rules and any messages for you inside it. Go find a residence for yourself according to the instructions in your tile.”

    “Thank you, teacher,” Lin Haoxue said taking the identity tile after which she left.

    All the people from the academy looked at the teacher who was enrolling new students. Normally he just passed the identity tiles to the new students without saying anything, so why did he talk so much to this Lin Haoxue? They looked at the middle-aged man then back at Lin Haoxue and they thought that maybe this young girl was special.

    “Next,” seeing that Lin Haoxue had left, the middle-aged man continued testing students.

    While Lin Haoxue was entering Profound Practitioner Academy, there was a sixteen-year-old blue-clothed youth practicing in a cultivation room in the Imperial Capital’s Saint Emperor Academy. His eyes were closed as he breathed in and out circulating his profound power. With each breath, the profound power floating in the center of the room was absorbed into his dantian.


    Suddenly, a faint green light flashed in front of his eyes causing the young man to open his eyes. He unfolded his arms and caught an incantation talisman. After he read it, the incantation talisman turned to ash.

    “How could it be like this? This really was a miscalculation,” After reading the incantation talisman, the young man frowned and laughed soon after. “But this makes it more interesting, right? I’ll wait for you, don’t disappoint me.”

    “Elder brother Yun, are you finished practicing?” At this moment there was another young man scratching his head in front of the practicing room while calling out. His skin color was darker and his age was two or three years older than that young man, but he still called the one inside elder brother.
    “Ah, you silly boy again. You’ve been waiting for a while, huh?”
    “Haha, nah, not long. It’s only been half a month. Everyone’s been asking about when you’re going to take us to do a few missions. We’re running out of spirit stones,” the dark-skinned young man spoke.

    “Alright then, let’s go now. I need to consolidate my realm anyways.” The blue-clothed young man stood up and left the cultivation room. One could see that this young man couldn’t be regarded as tall, but he did have a slim body. His facial features were delicate, and with his eyes closed, he looked harmless. But whenever he opened them and looked at something, it made one feel like he was extremely dangerous.
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    Chapter 14 - Meeting Shen Molian

    Following the directions in the jade tile, Lin Haoxue found the freshmen dormitory. There were two multi-story buildings, one for girls and one for boys. Lin Haoxue headed to the girls’ dormitory on the right.

    It was a massive building with many rooms. Each room was able to house four people, and it was obvious that there were a lot of new students this year as she had checked more than a few rooms yet they were all full.

    After a while, she finally found an empty room and walked in without thinking about anything else.

    However, all the students from the other rooms had weird expressions while they watched Lin Haoxue walking into the room. They all looked at her with faces full of sympathy.

    “She really has guts! She dared to go into that room?”

    “What guts are you talking about? She looks new so she probably doesn’t know anything.”

    “Aye, I’m curious, how will that devil deal with her?”

    ”Whatever, we’d better not talk about it. Let’s just take care of ourselves,” a girl in a red skirt said. While she was talking, her complexion changed as if she was reminded of something horrifying.

    Lin Haoxue entered the room and put up all the things she had brought with her. After settling in, she took a good look around the room. From the looks of it, there was another person living in this room since there was some stuff on the bed across from hers.

    This area for freshmen was the worst place in the entire academy since there wasn’t a Spirit Gathering Incantation array to assist one while cultivating. When students cultivated here, the density of the profound power was far less than in other areas.

    However, this was still part of the academy, so even if there were no Spirit Gathering Incantation arrays, the density of profound power here was higher than outside by at least double.

    She didn’t start to cultivate immediately but thought about what lay ahead on her road of cultivation.
    In three years, she had to beat He Lingyuan who was at the Profound Spirit realm.

    Time was very tight for her since she had to break through the Profound Practitioner realm in a month and become a genuine Profound Master. Only if she did this would she get enough cultivation resources for her needs.

    Only when one had cultivation resources could they rapidly increase their cultivation speed and strength. Now Lin Haoxue finally understood the phenomenon that stronger cultivators only got stronger while it was vastly more difficult for weaker cultivators to increase their strength. There was either a positive feedback loop or a vicious cycle when cultivating. Once in a while, there would be someone who could break this cycle - it was usually either a genius or an idiot.

    Now, she realized that having such profound veins wasn’t always the best thing. The reason being that every time she increased her realm, it would take her eight times more effort to reach the next one. Was this good luck or just a disaster? Thinking about this, Lin Haoxue could only smile wryly.

    Whatever, let’s cultivate first. Now her top priority was to break through to the Profound Master realm. Lin Haoxue immediately got rid of her useless thoughts and started cultivating.

    When she cultivated this time, she found out that except for her light elemental ring, all the other Qi rings in her dantian had a very stable foundation as they were looking very distinct, almost solid. This was a sign that she was close to breaking through to another level. So she stopped thinking about other things and started absorbing the elemental profound power in the air around her.

    All of the elemental profound power in the air was quite dense, and Lin Haoxue surprisingly found out that she could absorb different elemental profound powers at the same time.

    This meant that she didn’t need extra time to upgrade her elemental realms separately. It turned out that cultivating could be so easy!

    She was happy in her mind, but it was probably for the best that nobody knew what she was thinking. If this was heard by those who had double or more elemental profound veins, they would probably spit out blood from depression. Who dared to say cultivating was easy!

    When she discovered this new method of cultivating, she felt that it was half the work for twice the results. Therefore, she was happy and relaxed so she kept on cultivating until her profound power congealed into a more solid substance. In one stroke, she broke past her current Middle-stage Profound Practitioner realm level.

    However, when she finished cultivating, she opened her eyes only to be taken over by shock.

    There was a person standing in front of her.

    It wasn’t that the person in front of her looked terrible, on the contrary, she was a beauty with a stunning body and delicate facial features. Furthermore, her black skirt and clothing made her look even more outstanding.

    It was just that the expression on her face was too serious. A baleful look could be seen from the beautiful girl’s eyes. Lin Haoxue couldn’t understand what kind of things she must have experienced to give her such aura.

    “Are you sure you want to live in the same place as me?” This was the first sentence that the girl in black said after Lin Haoxue stopped cultivating.

    “What’s the problem?” Lin Haoxue found her baffling.

    “You want to be my roommate? It depends on whether or not you’re qualified.” After saying this, the girl summoned her black profound power with carried with it a baleful aura as it shot towards Lin Haoxue. This profound power was shocking since it seemed to be able to stifle any ordinary cultivator. One could tell that the girl didn’t intend to go easy on Lin Haoxue.

    “What is wrong with you?!” Seeing that girl was being so harsh to her, Lin Haoxue turned furious. Therefore, she raised her fist and punched out. A glaring bright light lit up the entire room as she immediately used her strongest light elemental profound power to fight back.
    The two energies fiercely collided with each other but didn’t destroy anything around them. Seconds later, the two energies faded away at the same time, and unexpectedly, the two girls were evenly matched.

    With that simple strike, both of them had seen the other’s fear and surprise from their expression. Their talent was heaven-defying compared to students their same age and because they had perfectly matched each other, this gave them a feeling of mutual admiration.

    “It seems you’re qualified to live here after all,” the girl in the black skirt looked at Lin Haoxue and spoke simply. Then she went to her bed and crossed her legs, seemingly about to cultivate.

    Glancing at this girl, Lin Haoxue realized she didn’t want to argue with her so she stood up and headed towards the door. She had cultivated for two whole days so she needed some food to replenish her energy.

    “Oh wait, my name is Shen Molian. What’s yours?” Just when Lin Haoxue got to the door, the girl in the black clothes opened her eyes and spoke.

    “Lin Haoxue.”

    “Good. Recently I obtained a nice mission. I can’t do it on my own so let’s form a team and complete it together,” Shen Molian stated.

    “Why me?”
    “Because you’re the only one qualified to form a team with me. The others’ strength and potential are just too garbage.”

    “And why do you think I’ll accept it?”

    “Because there’s been a trace of a Yin Yang Double Gateway,” Shen Molian looked indifferently at Lin Haoxue. “So I don’t think you’ll turn me down.”

    “Yin Yang Double Gateway? For real?”

    A Yin Yang Double Gateway was an amazing treasure of the heavens and earth. In the entire continent, it was one of the top three treasures. A Yin Yang Double Gateway could increase a Profound Practitioner’s rate of cultivation by a wide margin and its enhancement was permanent.

    “The source of the information is reliable.”

    “If the source is really reliable, I’ll do it.” Lin Haoxue left the room after speaking.

    Looking at her back, Shen Molian’s expression was gloomy, “It’s very difficult to find someone who has such strength and potential. I hope that your personality will satisfy me; hopefully, you are someone worth making friends with.”
    *阴阳双阙 - Yin Yang Double Gateway, we will use this term for now, not entirely sure about the translation of this term. Might change it if we find something better. 
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    Chapter 15 - Magenta Mission

    Several days later Lin Haoxue and Shen Molian came out of their room. The other girls were all stunned speechless when they saw them appear together. Each and every person was dumbstruck, apparently, the scene before their eyes was simply inconceivable. 

    Just what kind of person was Shen Molian? Within the academy, she was a famous genius and known as an untouchable ice queen. She was always coming and going alone, and no matter what kind of person she met, they were unable to enter her eye. But now, unexpectedly, she was walking together with Lin Haoxue and they even looked well acquainted! How could this not make everyone amazed? 

    There were many female students before Lin Haoxue who had wanted to live with Shen Molian. All of these people were not convinced and wanted to worm their way into being her friend, but all of them, without exception, were shooed away by just one explosive fist of hers. From then on no one approached her again so she gained her reputation as an ice queen.

    “What’s wrong with them?” Lin Haoxue asked as she looked around and noticed the shocked expressions that they hadn’t managed to cover up. Feeling that something was slightly strange, she turned and asked Shen Molian. 

    “They’re probably amazed because you’re walking with me,” Shen Molian said as expressionlessly as before. 

    “That’s it? Well although we’ve known each other for a few days, but in these past few days, I managed to figure out your personality. You really are quite cold so I guess that there have been many people who have eaten losses at your hand?” Lin Haoxue was quite clear about Shen Molian’s personality and mocked her slightly. 

    Shen Molian declined to comment, she just touched her long hair and continued walking.

    “Haha, still the same,” Lin Haoxue couldn’t help but laugh as she hurried to catch up with her. 

    Watching the backs of the two girls disappearing, the female students of the dormitory couldn’t help but gossip. 

    “What’s the identity of this new student? She unexpectedly wasn’t driven away by Shen Molian and they are even walking together?”

    “Only god knows… Originally things were getting lively and this was worth watching, but now it’s become boring.”

    “Hey, how do you think she managed to win Shen Molian’s favor?”

    “We should go test her to see if she really has such strength, or if she used some other method?”, “I’m convinced that she has the strength,” another female student sourly stated, “to be able to gain Shen Molian’s eye is quite unexpected though.”
    “To be able to walk side-by-side with that ice queen, she must have some skill. If you want to court death, don’t bring us down with you,” someone said with a heart full of lingering fear. 


    Everyone was busy having a lively discussion and talked at the same time about Lin Haoxue’s identity and strength causing their curiosity towards her to peak. Although this was the case, the person implicated didn’t have any idea that within the hearts of the other students she was considered different as her and Shen Molian arrived at the Mission Hall. 

    The academy posted missions for the students on the five floors of the Mission Hall and the academy teachers were in charge of these missions. 

    Today there were quite a lot of people on the Mission Hall’s first floor, and when Lin Haoxue and Shen Molian entered, it gave rise to a loud commotion. 

    “Is she that Shen Molian? I heard that she is quite difficult to deal with?”

    “Difficult to deal with indeed, only those words can describe her. She came to the academy just three months ago at the Profound Practitioner realm, but she has already convinced many people that she is one of the strongest freshmen. Don’t you think she is so awesome?”


    The expression within the eyes of everyone turned fervent as they looked at the two individuals, or more precisely, as they looked at Shen Molian. 

    “You seem to be quite famous?” Seeing that the expressions of so many people were filled with reverence and envy, it was obvious these people were fanatically jealous of her. At this point, the average cultivator was unable to surpass her, so they wouldn’t be jealous of her, but instead, just feel a heartfelt reverence. 

    “You are quite bored?” Shen Molin shot her a glance before she walked towards the stairs leading to the second floor of the building under the glances of all the other students. 

    “On the first floor you can only apply for the simplest of missions, yellow missions,” Shen Molian explained while walking side by side with Lin Haoxue, and she also introduced what the colors of the missions meant. They were ranked into four grades: yellow, blue, red, and black. Lin Haoxue knew that Shen Molian wouldn’t stop on the second floor either where one obtained blue missions for Profound Master realm cultivators. 

    Just as she expected, Shen Molian didn’t stop until she reached the fifth floor. What kind of mission could one obtain on the fifth floor? Lin Haoxue was not too clear. 

    “You came?” Looking at Shen Molian who came in, the old man who was in charge of the floor looked at them with sleepy eyes as he lazily greeting her. It was clear that they knew each other. 
    “That’s right. Teacher Xie, I came to receive that mission,” Shen Molian was respectful to the teacher, something that was rare to see from her. 

    “According to the rules of the academy, this mission can only be taken by a team, have you found another student from the academy?” The old man was playing with a magenta scroll in his hands while he asked this question. 

    “I found a classmate.”

    “Oh, you found someone? Who is it? They must be a top-ranked student?” The old man listened to Shen Molian who said that she was planning to form a team, clearly interested. 

    “It’s her,” Shen Molian pointed her finger at Lin Haoxue. 

    “Really now, a Late-stage Profound Practitioner,” Teacher Xue looked at Lin Haoxue as if he saw something unexpected. “It’s a small girl who is still so young. Are you deceiving this old man? This isn’t your style.”

    “Teacher Xie, you might not be convinced by her, but aren’t you convinced by me?” Shen Molian said, “If she didn’t have the strength, don’t tell me I would ask her to form a team with me?” 

    “Good then, I am convinced by you and therefore also by her.” Teacher Xie casually said, but the gleam within his eyes was incredibly bright. He recalled how three months ago he had seen Shen Molian for the first time. At that time, she was merely thirteen years old, just a small girl. When the other students at the academy noticed her low cultivation, they looked at her with contempt in their hearts, provoked her, and tried to teach her a lesson. But although she was merely at the Profound Practitioner realm, she had endless tricks up her sleeve. This unexpectedly even caused Profound Grand Masters to have a difficult time when facing her. 

    Now he saw this white-clothed young lady who seemed to be even smaller than Shen Molian. She hadn’t yet spoken, but his intuition told him that she was comparable to Shen Molian. Thinking of this, he suddenly asked, “What’s your name?” 

    “Lin Haoxue,” Lin Haoxue was unaware that the old man suddenly changed his view of her. 

    “Hehe, interesting. Your name is very interesting. Good. I approve of the strength of you two,” the old man suddenly laughed when he heard Lin Haoxue’s name. 

    “Since teacher Xie approves of our strength, then there should be no problem with us receiving the new magenta mission that just appeared?” 

    “This mission has the highest level of danger,” the old man who was playing with the magenta scroll threw it to Shen Molian while shaking his head. “But I know your temper, if you don’t reach your goal you won’t give up. You are dismissed, go.”

    “Thank you, teacher.” Shen Molian accepted the mission and was happy from the bottom of her heart. Lin Haoxue said to the old man with gratitude, “We’re leaving.”

    As the two people departed, they didn’t see that the eyes of the old man flickered mysteriously with a trace of craftiness. He muttering to himself, “Unexpectedly there are two such interesting small girls. Don’t tell me that it’s a coincidence they managed to get together?” 

    No one noticed that after saying these words with a trace of sorrow, the old man had unexpectedly vanished. 

    “Is that old man truly a teacher at the academy?” Lin Haoxue suddenly asked. Her intuition told her that the identity of the old man was far from simple, and just now, for a split second, she had felt a faint, familiar aura from the old man, an aura which left her feeling a little sad. 

    “I only know that his family name is Xie. Actually, I also think that he is far from simple, and he’s probably not just a teacher at the academy, but I have been unable to gather any info about him. It seems that you and I feel the same?” 

    Shen Molian asked, but after seeing that Lin Haoxue didn’t answer, she inclined her head to look at her only to see that the latter staring into the distant horizon. Her expression suddenly looked very lonely. She seemed as if she would disappear at any moment, causing one to feel sorrowful. Following her line of sight to see what she was gazing at, she found that there was nothing but clouds on the horizon. She suddenly felt that Lin Haoxue didn’t at all resemble a young child two years younger than herself, but instead, an angel that had fallen to the mortal world, an angel with a lot of history.  

    “Didn’t you say that there were only four mission colors: yellow, red, blue, and black? What kind of mission is this magenta one?” Sensing the inquiring gaze of Shen Molian, Lin Haoxue suddenly came back to herself and asked. In her daze just now, she couldn’t help but think about that mysterious person from her dream, wondering in which corner of the world he was.

    “Magenta missions are a special kind. They very rarely appear and there might only be one every several years. The danger associated with them is naturally not below a black mission. Because of some reasons, it is impossible for Profound Ancestor or higher-leveled experts to compete such missions; therefore, one has to be at the Profound Grand Master realm or below, but the dangers of a higher-ranked mission are still present.” Shen Molian said to Lin Haoxue. “Although I’ve heard some information about the mission before, it was not very detailed. Come, let’s have a look together.”

    After she finished speaking, she unfolded the magenta scroll, and after reading the entire scroll, both of them turned silent. 

    “If we want to compete this mission we have to leave Taixing town?”

    “Yes, we need to leave Taixing town and go to the south into the Demon Beast Forest. It’s no wonder that teacher Xie wouldn’t allow me to go alone. It really is quite dangerous, and even if a teacher wants to come to our aid, there would be no time.” 

    “Demon Beast Forest?” Lin Haoxue repeatedly mumbled to herself. Although she wasn’t quite clear, she knew a few things about the dangers of the Demon Beast Forest. “Are you afraid?” 

    “Of course not.” 

    “We should return to prepare some things.”

    “Right, I also think so,” both girls look at one another and laughed, they had a fantastic tacit understanding of one another. 

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