JC's ability to make Pills before he was reincarnated?

As the title, i am curious if there is any information about HOW he managed to "cultivate" the pill dao to such a high standard when he was a mortal with no cultivation base. The only thing i can think of is if he was able to cultivate the mind with techniques such as boulders heart or something which isn't tied to the ability to cultivate the dao (Heavenly laws) to improve hes ability to make pills even as a mortal.

In many of the chapters whenever JC is making pills he repeatedly mentions how "hard" it is to refine some of those pills, which makes me confused.....he now has cultivation to aid him in the making of pills, but he never once mentions it being easier with the aid of cultivation, so whats the deal?

And he wouldn't have been able to use pill formations before he was reincarnated as that was powered by and used by cultivation base, so even that is out the window.

Anyway, i just find this to be more and more annoying since it's mentioned almost every time JC picks out a random "ancient" pill recipe to gain an advantage, but no explanation is even hinted at.


  • Formations can be set up to work from the energy of natural world or spirit stones. So I presume he had his father pay out for one that would allow creation of flames that can be controlled with nothing more than pure consciousness, which JC would be able to train without cultivation.
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