top 10 favorite web novel I read so far and the top 3 worst novels which I recommend avoiding

My top 10 wuxia novel to read:

1. A Will Eternal (extremely well written and very funny and no loopholes so far in the story)

2. Coiling Dragon (prequel to stellar transformation, a perfect book there was only one part of the part I found it boring when he was traveling and training near the end)

3. Stellar transformation (I believe this book was what started the wuxiaworld, you can see why although it wasn't as good as coiling dragon)

4. Warlock of the Magus World (a perfect book with no loopholes, and the book isn't overly too long where it drags out and have any boring fillers, spoilers the main character isn't 100% a good guy but he isn't too evil either which I think was a unique type of book)

5. A perfect world (never a boring story and a ton of mystery and no loophole I found so far and it's always exciting to want to know what happen next, the book always mention there are a ton of stronger being and although the MC gets stronger that is only mostly limited to his realm and he isn't too OP that he can kill someone who is a few levels higher than himself Currently on Chapter 1100)

5. Desolate Era (I enjoy this book very much especially the beginning of the book probably one of the best written how he went from mortal to immortal, near the end I felt like it could've ended better)

6. Talisman Emperor (I feel like the book is similar to desolate era but TE came first and still translating at this moment so have to wait until end to see which novel is better)

7. True Martial World (still being updated daily, a story that follows after Martial World and written even better imo)

8. Martial World (fun reading the MC struggle to get to where he is and yes he gets OP as the story moves along)

9. Chaotic Sword God (still being updated daily, the story isn't as interesting as the other one I listed before, only maybe because it's still translating but the story isn't repetitive but the MC power ups way too slowly IMO).

10. I shall seal the heavens (overall a very good story with a ton of mystery and a bit of funniness but a bit of loopholes in the story, if we were to compare the story to A will Eternal it will be like one is earth and the other is heaven)

Honorable mention:

The Charm of Soul Pets (if you like Pokemon this is like an Adult version of it, lots of killings and clever tactics, the people who are translating this book was having issues with school and work so it kind of slow update but it recently started picking up again)

Top 3 books to avoid

1. Martial God Asura (Currently on Chapter 3260, It started out so good but the last 2000 been like 90% repeated stuff over and over and over again, if the story was bad at the start I wouldn’t of been so mad and now I can’t drop the novel because I am in too deep, if I was paying for the content I will be a cow in which the Author will milk me to death)

2. Emperor’s Domination (At first it was mysterious and you want to know more but eventually it gets super boring especially the bad guys and how the main character is pretending to be so weak and uninteresting that sometimes I think he provokes other people to provoke him purpose so he can just slaughter them all, it repeats and repeats and repeats way worse than MGA in my opinion but at least you know from the start he was super OP I think I stopped reading about Chapter 700-1000, current chapter is 2006)

3.  Tales of Demons & Gods (the story started so good but near the end of the current story it never moved on because the author kind of dropped the book and he has a past history of doing the same thing to his other books)

FYI I didn't read every single novel on wuxiaworld just because there's limited time, the story update too slow; or some story I might find too boring for me might not be boring for someone else like the book Skyfire Avenue I couldn't get past 5 chapters it was a snooze feast for me. 


  • For me personally I found Chaotic Sword God to be a massive disappointment. His attitude towards a lot of situations seems a little over the top and like you said it takes him forever to power up to the point of being painful. Although it isn't repetitive it is missing some of the best things about this genre and contradicts itself a lot. I really was hoping for something a lot better in that book.
  • My list: 
    1. A Will Eternal
    2. Release That Witch 
    3. I Shall Seal the Heavens (Although I felt the ending was very bad and the beginning very rough... I still think it was splendid)
    4. Everyone Else is a Returnee 
    5. Trash from the Count's Family
    6. Warlock of the Magus World 
    7. Coiling Dragon (The novel became very bad after they Leylin went to the higher planes and the ending was beyond stupid, it felt very rushed)
    8. Heavenly Jewel Change (I know many people disliked this novel but it was fun to read)
    9. Desolate Era (The novel should have ended in The Three Realms, everything after that was extremely boring. It literally felt as if the author ran out of ideas)
    10. Doulu Dalu (This should probably be higher but I hated the ending a lot. Piece of trash ending!)

    Honorable Mentions: 
    - Divine Throne of Primordial Blood
    - History's Strongest Senior Brother
    - Great Demon King
    - The Daily Life of the Immortal King
    - Library of Heavens Path
  • "9. Desolate Era (The novel should have ended in The Three Realms, everything after that was extremely boring. It literally felt as if the author ran out of ideas)"

    Huh, that's a curious thing to hear. I loove the outer space parts of the Desolate Era especially as they have a couple arcs that seem to be super rare in xianxia. One is a tournament arc of Astral Islands, in which the MC does not come out as the absolutely top monster. And then the whole arc with Ninedust, an adventure with a companion that is equal in standing to MC, sometimes even higher in power than him.
  • 10. Doulu Dalu (This should probably be higher but I hated the ending a lot. Piece of trash ending!)

    I read the manga first, around the same time I read the manga for coiling dragon. Then I started reading webnovel and stopped reading manga, I really enjoy the manga of Doulu Dalu, sounds disappointing if the ending sucks. I never read the book because at that time the manga was way further ahead. 

    P.s. Guess I should read Trash from the Count's Family since you have it ranked higher than WOTMW. I highly recommend reading A perfect World it's getting so good with all the time travel stuff (not the MC really traveling time it's other beings, reminds me of X-men days of future past). I am currently on chapter 1297. 

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