Ending confusion Reverend daoist

Is the old man exterminatation the guy on the boat at end of issth.is he holy extermination.who is the old man on boat in River of time and space in will eternal.is old man exterminatation killed by bxc.why was old man exterminatation chasing Renegade Mortal .did bxc become all heaven


  • Yes, the corpse guy on boat is holy extermination aka Old man extermination aka OME from issth.
    He possessed mortal renegade and was planning to revive Allheaven.
    But he was killed by BXC.
    The old man on boat in time river is master hourglass, the original master of mortal renegade and worldly daoist.
    BXC was supposed to be new allheaven as planned by old man extermination but too bad for OME, BXC remains same old bxc
  • OME's plan failed on creating a 2nd Allheaven. But old Bai is old Bai, to the end he is still a henpecked husband, running across the multiverse to escape from his wives
  • Fuck, I got curious and spoiled myself, 200 ch from the ending....
  • It seems a long time passed between ISSTH and AWE, I wonder what happened to OME aiming to revive Allheaven
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