Refining the World(祭炼山河)


I have been studying the Chinese language for a year and a half, and want to try translating. Because I want to improve my skills and because I like Chinese novels.

Being my first time translating, if there are some missing translations, please feel free to comment or any other thoughts you have. Though I'm no editor, hope the meaning is conveyed. But if there are issues, please comment.

Thank you.


While the blue light blossoms, the insignificant struggle at the bottom, grasping the opportunity to change his fate, he embarks on an unprecedented path…

I will control my destiny, not Heaven!

Perhaps he is naïve, or perhaps, is the start of a new epic journey!



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  • Chapter 1: Qin Yu

    The sun lets out blazing trails that shines upon the herb garden while the thick fragrance from the myriad of spiritual plants flows everywhere.

    With bowed head, Qin Yu is stretching the fence wire and making sure everything is in order. When he stood up a violent coughing fit took him over dying his pale cheek in faint red. The setting sun's rays peeking through loosen hair strands illuminating half of his face. His thin body with average appearance, the face sporting a few spots make it seem oddly friendly.

    For this exact reason, half a year ago when the garden was attacked by a wild boar, as the master of the garden was about to punish him, his heart softens and so Qin Yu managed to escape from a cruel fate of being beaten to death. But because his injury didn’t receive proper care, even with that fellow Tu Dou taking care of him, he was still left with a cough. And having a paler complexion than others was called by others a sick ghost.

    At this, Qin Yu smiled but soon became indifferent. Being an orphan, from a young age he understood that might makes right, knew when to keep his head down and avoid troubles. He continues to arrange the items and clean the bluestone road.

    This stone is the Sacred Mountain Sects most famous item. Its quality and toughness makes it perfect for the cultivator sects to use it as a building material. The stone is considered Sacred Mountain Sects main trading item, allowing it to earn quite a profit of spirit stones from it. But of course, spirit stones, these high quality cultivation items, and Qin Yu, as an outer disciple don’t have the opportunity to get his hands on them. Most of them get in the pockets of the Sect Leader and Elders, and a small part is given to the sect’s direct disciples.

    The savings that he got while being in Sacred Mountain Sect for seven years, might not be enough to even buy the bluestone beneath his feet. Qin Yu has a slight envious feeling but quickly reign it in. He understands clearly that with his average talent he can’t have these kind of thoughts.

    It’s time.

    Qin Yu carefully cleans the shovels tip. Being in charge of the bluestone road in vicinity of the herb garden, he needs to clear the leaves, petals and other things that the wind left on the road, that are difficult to remove. Therefore, the tip of his shovel is mixed with a bit of iron essence that is used in magic tools. With just a few grains, the sharpness has been increased several times.

    Tu Dou jokingly said that this is Qin Yu’s most valuable item, considered to be 9th grade magic tool. Although, this shovel belongs to the sect and he is only allowed to use it.

    “This guy, he has a nasty mouth!” Qin Yu curses in a low voice, with a faint smile.

    Suddenly, there was the sound of laughter coming from the distance. Try as it might, besides the carefree nature of the laughter it still couldn’t hide a hint of its arrogant nature.

    Startled, Qin Yi quickly stepped aside and cupping his hands.

    “Third senior brother’s natural talent is truly amazing! Managed to reach Foundation Establishment from 7th layer of Qi Refining in 27 days. A new record for Sacred Mountain Sect!”

    “Let alone Sacred Mountain Sect, even in the Southern Kingdom territory of hundred thousand li1 there is no one that can catch up to senior brother Wei Wei!”

    “Senior brother Wei Wei, there is a lot that little sister doesn’t understand about cultivation. I hope senior brother may have some free time tonight.”

    “Junior sister Zhang, senior brother Wei Wei’s schedule, besides cultivating each day, is full. Only after three days can you meet with him.”

    The loudest and the most brilliant laughter from the crowd belongs to third senior brother. On each side he is surrounded by young girls filled with laughter and orchid fragrance, that sometimes make some innocent touches. Their worshiping gazes makes him more and more proud.

    Qin Yu’s look is slightly dazed.

    Third senior brother Wei Wei, with unclear history, bragged about being a royal officer clan patriarch’s son, a peak Golden Core cultivator. Once he found out his talent in cultivation, the clan changed his name to bring prestige to the clan when he reaches the patriarchs level.

    Before, this kind of talk was seen as a joke, even with third senior brother somewhat grand name, what people said about him wasn’t very nice. That he has a sharp and shameless mouth, other people like to fuss over small details and think whatever suits them, not believing that he came from a powerful clan.

    But two months ago, third senior brother to rebuke all the rumors and sayings about him he showed everyone by reaching Foundation Establishment from 7th layer of Qi Refining in 27 days. And continued to effortlessly rise until he reached 3rd layer in Foundation Establishment two days ago.

    This kind of speed, not just the in the little Sacred Mountain Sect, even in the more famous cultivator sects is among the top!

    On the same day that third senior brother reached Foundation Establishment, he begged all night in tears so that the Patriarch would take him as his Direct Disciple.  The second day, he was officially accepted, he managed to turn his fate around and become a well-respected figure.

    On that day all outer sect disciples, close to a thousand, were looking on with red eyes.

    Nowadays third senior brother, the hope of the sect’s future, became increasingly flamboyant and arrogant, putting pressure on all other direct disciples.

    “Everyone, junior sister is exaggerating. Since I began cultivating, have always kept calm. You shouldn’t say bad things about me.” Wei Wei’s indifferent attitude made the other rush to flatter him ‘senior brother is so modest’, ‘we believe you’, ‘senior brother’s heart is unshakable’ and so on.

    While walking along the stone path, third senior brother took a light glance of Qin Yu standing at the side, but quickly moved on with an indifferent look. They both have different status and might never meet each other again. Even if they recognize each other, so what?

    The sounds of laughter are moving further away, but can still hear faint coy laughter from the girls. It appears third senior brother flowery speech is teasing the young girls.

    Qin Yu calmly left after he took a glance in that direction, moving further away, the setting sun shining from the back upon his frail young body make him seem like a lonely tree.

    After work, he doesn’t return to his dwelling, instead going through different roads and walking beside a hill for a while and reached a valley.

    The lush vegetation here rarely sees human traces, but Qin Yu, after a few breaths, squints his eyes and very fast finds hoof prints, that from the depth they seem to be from a large animal.

    Crouching and looking carefully at the hoof prints, he finds that the creature is missing a hoof. His face shows a smile, thinking ‘Finally found you!’. This valley didn’t have wild boars, only, half a year ago one burst in the herb garden and almost killed him. After searching for clues for a long time, Qin Yu finally found its tracks a few days ago.

    Not entering the valley, he stands on tiptoes and look at the trees in the valley. Making sure that the trap is well placed and then walking back the same way he came.

    The sect’s surroundings spiritual energy is quite dense, making these boars smarter and sensitive to smell. So Qin Yu doesn’t wish to alert it of his presence and ruin his chances.

    Dealing with this wild boar, he doesn’t do it just for revenge.

    Qin Yu heard that this wild boar with a missing front left hoof for many years has entered the herb garden and eaten many spiritual herbs, containing in his flesh is a great amount of spiritual energy. This is the reason why he is after the wild boar. If he can catch and eat it, his illness might be cured.

    Not delaying he went straight to his dwelling, along the way he was made fun of by the people he came across with.

    Qin Yu lowered his head with a forced smile, until he reached his small yard where he regains his normal appearance. After freshening up he eats a meal and slowly drinks water. Qin Yu is very clear about the condition of his body, always unwell. When he coughs his chest pain increases, since a few days ago he even started to cough blood.

    In the youngster’s heart there is a terrible fear, that with great difficulty resists from thinking about it and continues to eat.

     After eating and washing up he rested for a while, and when he was at his calmest began cultivating.

    Outer sect disciples can also cultivate; to enter a cultivator sect one must have talent in cultivation, even if it isn’t that great.

    The outer sect disciples of Sacred Mountain Sect are using the three pages long True Wood Art. Although Qin Yu is a beginner in cultivation, he also knows that True Wood Art is incomplete and poor, to the point that it doesn’t have a grade.

     Not having any other choice, he never complained and for seven years, each and every day Qin Yu cultivates, barely enough to reach the 2nd layer of Qi Refining. By using the Art, he feels a weak cool energy that moves around inside his body, making him feel slightly comfortable.

    After two hours, he opens his eyes with a disappointed look. Qin Yu can feel that, after cultivating, the pressure in his chest lessens. But, being just at 2nd layer Qi Refining, isn’t enough to remove it completely.

    And each time the energy passes around his chest, it dissipates, not much, but enough for Qin Yu’s speed not be able to recover completely. Recently, he feels that his cultivation is on the verge of regressing to the 1st layer of Qi Refining. When that happens the energy from the first layer won’t be capable to keep his illness in check and it will turn for the worse.

    So, Qin Yu can only cultivate for two hours each day.

    After getting up and stretching his body, he walks outside and starts slowly running along a desolate trail. For Qin Yu’s tired body after a day’s work, is quite a challenge, but the energy circulating through him helps while he carries on with clenched teeth.



    With heavy breath as if working the bellows, the youngster’s pale face is starting to show a hint of red. After an hour, Qin Yu stops with heavy steps, his body swaying slightly and ears ringing.

    He struggles to stand straight, closes his eyes and calms his breathing. After his heart calms a bit, turns his body around and going back the way he came.

    Running for an hour, the road home takes him more than two hours, and when he will arrive, as usual, he will arrive when the sky turns dark.

    Dragging his body, as he was about to leave the trail, Qin Yu stops with a puzzled look. From early age he realized that his senses are sharper than an average person, especially his hearing and sight. The night wind brought with it small noises, making him focusing in the direction the noises are coming from. It seems to have come from not far from here, the wild boar’s valley. Was the trap triggered?

    Not knowing where the new strength came from, he happily turned his tired body and went up the slope.

    The lands belonging to the Sacred Mountain Sect has dense spiritual energy, making the plants growing here go through a change. Like this vine here, usually even a farmer can gather it, but the ones on the slope, have their toughness similar to cow leather.

    Rushing through the vines, out of excitement he isn’t even aware that his legs are stinging from being hit by them.

    At the top, he strained his hearing to find out that the noise really came from the valley, eyes sparkling with joy. And as he approached the valley, the scream that suddenly appears makes him stop in his tracks!

    Wei Wei!

    No mistake, it’s his.

    Why is he here?

    Qin Yu at first, was afraid of being wrong, but the sweet smell of blood assaulting his nose, made his forehead cover in sweat. Quietly trying to turn his body and leave, his heart tightened and thrown himself to the ground.

    The spears edge flashed blue, cut his robes dangerously close to his head as it went by and struck the ground. Qin Yu’s robe is soaked in cold sweat, if he were hit then he would become headless corpse.

    “Junior brother, since you’re here, why leave?” The Patriarch’s head disciple’s face was a bit pale but he still had a smile. His kind words completely stark contrast to the intent to kill from before.

    Wei Wei, collapsed on the ground, is sporting a long wound on his abdomen, the blood wetting the ground; gasping for breath like a fish out of water, without any trace of his previous   arrogant demeanor. Seeing who it is, his eyes suddenly brighten, in a loud voice he said: “Junior brother Qin Yu, quickly help me! Han Dong is crazy; he wants to kill me!”

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    Chapter 2: A faint blue light

    The Patriarch’s Head Disciple was slightly amazed, “You know each other?”

    Unintentionally stumbling upon a murder attempt, Qin Yu was terrified, but the more he thought about it the more he understood; quickly judging the situation, turned over and with a deathly pale face “No, no! I don’t know him!”

    The eyes of Patriarch’s Head Disciple brightened, his smile increasingly wider “Yet, it seems, junior brother Wei Wei knows you.”

    Qin Yu shook his head many times, very frightened.

    Wei Wei in a low roar said “Qin Yu, Han Dong won’t let you be now that you stumbled your way here! He is also hurt and that last hit used all the energy he had left; quickly kill him, or we will both die when he recovers!”

    The Patriarch’s Head Disciple with a light smile “How kind of you, junior brother Wei Wei, wanting Qin Yu to die at my hands and use my energy! I truly admire you.” Looking at Qin Yu he hesitates for a bit then sighs “Many times was I about to lose my life, with Junior Brother’s fate so deep, we will split up the gains.”

    Pointing at Wei Wei, “Kill him. Search him and we will divide his belongings and tonight’s matter will be forgotten. What do you say?”

    Qin Yu’s eyes lit up, his face shows interest.

    Before he could answer, the ground begins to shake. A black and sharp thing, with a body as big as a calf, rushed its way inside the valley. It was the wild boar, with his exposed tusks was, angered by those who invaded his territory.

    All tree looked upon this wild boar, who suddenly stops with a ferocious look. With a raised leg and an imposing air it seems quite ridiculous.

    Eating all those spiritual herbs, gave him some awareness. It could naturally sense the tense atmosphere, especially between Wei Wei and Han Dong, their auras are truly frightening.

    The wild boar’s eyes fell on Qin Yu, which is, without a doubt, the weakest of the three. Qin Yu also gazes upon it, and sees his raised hoof less leg with a complicated expression.

     The Patriarch’s Head Disciple with a light smile “Today really is lively, even this stupid animal came to join the fun.” Shaking his head thought ‘Just a boar’, even though it has some awareness he still doesn’t pay attention to it. “No need to be afraid. Junior brother Qin Yu, have you come to a decision? I swear that I won’t harm you.”

    Wei Wei snarled “Kill me! The Patriarch will sense it and you will all die…” He abruptly lifts his hand and tree crossbow bolts from his sleeve flew at Han Dong’s face.

    The Patriarch’s Head Disciple’s body is surrounded by a faint light, blocking the three bolts from piercing his body. But right away, the tree strands of faint black energy appeared and managed to pass the shield and entered his body. With a stifled groan, Han Dong actually flew in the sky and with a sudden flick of his arm threw a talisman.

     Covering the four-five meters distance in an instant, the heavy injured Wei Wei doesn’t have the time to dodge and was hit by the talisman. The odd green flame that the talisman bursts into engulfs third senior brother and without a sound all was left was black bones. The light quickly died out leaving spots of green on the bones that faintly glow in darkness.

    In an instant, life and death was decided!

    “Cough! Cough!” Han Dong coughed heavily. The three strands of faint black energy made three wounds on his body, the blood flowing from them turned black and had a rotten smell. From his waist he took a jade bottle, opened it and took some pills. With a bitter laugh, “Never expected for a hidden crossbow to be in Wei Wei’s hands, almost died at the end.”

    Finished talking, he glanced behind at the boar underneath the huge tree, still frozen in the same spot, with a satisfied look on his face.

    From a random glance at Third Senior Brother’s skeleton, he saw some blue light coming out like the clearest ocean from it. Han Dong’s eyes lit up with a fierce spark, but in the next instant it was gone.

    “My promise still stands. Wei Wei’s things, will be split evenly between us, then we each go our separate way forgetting about tonight. But if junior brother believes that is capable of killing me and take everything, then you’re more than welcome to try.”

    Qin Yu appeared interested but very soon became afraid, “Li-little brother doesn’t dare, with half I am more than satisfied.”

    Hand Dong nodded, ”Junior Brother is so fair! I can’t move too well, so could Junior Brother take a look, and see what treasures Wei Wei has?”

    With greed in his eyes Qin Yu, while looking at Patriarch’s Head Disciple, moves carefully forward. Turning his gaze, with a solemn face, totally different from his voice that still shows fear, “Senior brother seems to know what Third Senior Brother carriers.”

    One step, two steps.

    From behind he hears Had Dong’s voice, “Wei Wei’s spiritual roots are average, for many years his cultivation was slow. But two months ago he has completely changed, in 27 days, from 7th layer Qi Refining to Foundation Establishment. This is the biggest suspicion.”

    Tree steps, four steps.

    “Others thought that he was making preparation for advancement, while I completely denied this idea. Because nine years ago, Wei Wei took the sect’s entrance test with me.”

    Five steps, six steps.

    “Having good memory, and seen what he did, I couldn’t forget, and remembered correctly Wei Wei’s talent.”

    The voice has a slight mocking tone.

    Seventh step.

    Leaning with his back on a tree, Han Dong’s eyes are cold. On his fingertips there is a bloody sphere of light, while his mouth turned into a sneer.

    At this moment, Qin Yu’s steps are faltering, as if he tripped on something. Han Dong attack stopped for a bit, and the next instant there was a huge noise coming from behind.


    Startled, the wild boar let out an eerie roar, rushing forward instinctually. His sudden movement and his silly pose looks really strange while running into Han Dong. Its two tusks pierced his back and went out if his chest, with one actually running through his heart. Patriarch’s Head Disciple’s eyes turn wide, blood spilling out of his mouth. With endless hatred and unwillingness on his face, takes one last breath and dies!

     With a fling of its head the boar throws the body away, and in panic runs in a random direction outside the valley. You can still hear the terrifying cries going further away.

    The sphere of bloody light explodes in midair, enveloping Han Dong’s corpse and as it falls to the ground it turns to ash. What a pitiful person, believing everything was under control, only to finally die of his own attack, not even a body left.

    Qin Yu suddenly collapses, as if he has no bones in his body. He starts sweating all over, soaking his robe, sticking to his body.

    Launching the trap and scaring the boar that killed Han Dong… rather that a plan, it seems more like pure luck. One mistake and it would have been his death instead.

    Seeing the direction in which the boar fled, Qin Yu, raised a corner of his mouth, “Half a year ago you almost killed me, yet today you saved me. The debt between us is cleared.”

    Gaze falling on Wei Wei’s bones, couldn’t help a rush of excitement take hold of him. That deep blue light, with just a glance it already took his complete attention. Allowing Third Senior Brother sudden rise and Han Dong’s determination to kill a fellow sect disciple, is proof enough of its value.

    Qin Yu took a few breaths, struggling to get up and move towards the skeleton. Yet after just a few steps, his body let out a popping noise. His strength went away like a tide, leaving an incomprehensible emptiness and weakness, causing him to almost lose his consciousness. Drained physically and mentally, his state of mind surging wildly, he felt that the extremely weak 2nd layer of Qi Refining suddenly collapsed.

    “No!” Qin Yu roared in his heart. He is clear that, once it collapses, he won’t be standing up again.

    He is unwilling to die like this!

    His body directly collapsed to the ground, Qin Yu’s sight not capable of seeing everithing, yet still used his trembling hand to grasp the earth and inch his way forward.

    After an unknown amount of time passed Qin Yu is holding something ice-cold. Not willing to let go of what he is holding, his consciousness sinks into darkness with it in his hand.

    Night seems to be sticking to everything like ink not allowing any light to pass through. The wind blowing through the valley bring a faint smell of blood and the faint green lights flickering seem like cemetery lights.

    Qin Yu lying next to Wei Wei’s skeleton, under the green light, slightly illuminating his deathly pale face, has his brows furrowed from pain. With his breath incredibly weak, if nothing happens… Qin Yu is going to die here, another lonely soul, wandering the valley.

    Qin Yu’s right hand index finger, passed through Wei Wei’s clothes and touched his bones. The spots of faint green light sensed a living being and unexpectedly started crawling their way towards his finger and through it flowing into his body like mercury.

    Qin Yu’s whole body is suddenly covered in the same green color and his skin starts to have areas that give off the same light. Although he is unconscious, a painful yell still escaped from his throat while his body was twitching incessantly.

    Qin Yu is quite lucky, if the vicious talisman’s power after killing third senior brother wasn’t depleted, he would also be suffering the same fate!

     That deep blue and pure light source, despite being grabbed it didn’t show any reaction. But as the poisonous green light enters Win Yu’s body, this peaceful blue light, like the spring wind on a lake surface starts causing ripples. The dreadful poison, as if it was a layer of ice shined upon by the sun, very quickly disappears.

    Profiting from disaster!

    Instead of dying, Qin Yu, after experiencing being poisoned and being cured, his breath although faint gradually recovered, and his deathly pale face stared to show some color.  

     Holding the blue light and lying on the ground, he seems to look like he passed out from drinking too much.

    As the sky starts to brighten, Qin Yu is roused by the morning bell of Sacred Mountain Sect. After a moment of confusion, with wide eyes quickly stood up. Despite being sore all over and extremely weak, he feels exceedingly happy in his heart and each gasp of breath brings with it a sharp pain.

    What’s going on?

    Last night clearly…

    Qin Yu is suddenly struck by a thought and lifted his head to see his surroundings with a complicated look in his eyes. The stone beneath the tree, the skeleton before him, and also the ice cold item that he still holds in his hand, they all tell him that this is definitely no dream.

    In the youngster’s heart panic begins to rise, but very quickly calms down. Opening his hand, Qin Yu’s eyes brighten when looking upon the thumb sized palace lamp! He is finally aware that a part of his index finger became green but doesn’t linger too much on it.

    After placing the lamp inside his bosom, Qin Yu cleans the area in a rush. He is only a beginner in cultivation, and not knowing any techniques, can only do his best in removing his traces to not expose himself.

    Soon, besides the big stone beneath the tree, the valley seems unchanged.

    Third senior brother’s skeleton, clothes, and hidden crossbow were buried by Qin Yu. The jade bottles suffer the same fate, but of course, after removing the pills inside.

    Unexpectedly there were also two finger sized rocks. Qin Yu can clearly sense the lively spiritual energy inside.

    Spirit stone!

    The bloody light released by Han Dong burned himself to ashes, removing one of Qin Yu’s troubles. Yet, couldn’t help and think with some regret, as his identity as Patriarch’s Head Disciple, he must have had a lot of things on himself that the bloody light also destroyed.

    Looking around, careful to see if he missed anything, Qin Yu left. His speed somewhat slow, to remove the footprints he left when he came. After leaving the valley, when he found other people’s traces, he rushed to get away from this place.

    Even though Qin Yu was hurrying, because he took his time at the valley, other outer disciples roused by the morning bell are going to their work.

    However, this is also to Qin Yu’s advantage, all the way until he got home didn’t meet any trouble. Once he closed the door and got inside, waves of exhaustion hit him like a tide.

    With great difficulty he removed his clothes, the lamp, spirit stones and the pills hid them in a secret place in the wall above the window’s frame. Whit that done he fell head first on the bed, deep in sleep.

    Time passed and Qin Yu was startled awake by a rushed knocking on the door. Looking in that direction he sees the door creaking and falling to the ground, followed by muscular young men coming in moving quickly and standing at the side with heads bowed.

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    Chapter 3: Change of fate

    Qin Yu’s face stiffened, but soon turned frightened, “Xu Jian, what are you doing? Don’t cause trouble, I’m not afraid of you!”

    Maybe because of surging emotions, after he finished talking, was struck by a fierce cough, with a pale face from the unbearable pain.

    The middle aged man furrowed his brows as he stepped inside, wearing blue garments of uncommon quality, sweeping his gaze everywhere. An outer sect disciple’s dwelling is usually very narrow, with several more people forcing their way in, it felt even more cramp. But this disciple’s injury is nevertheless extremely suspicious.

    Xu Jian with an inquisitive look, said in a stern voice, “Senior brother Han Dong and Wei Wei were murdered last night and the sect is now on lockdown to find the killer. Senior Uncle Li wants some questions answered, if you try to lie, you won’t be spared!”

    Turning around, his ferocious face at once changed into a flattering look.

    Li Mudui, completely ignores the fawning look of these outer sect disciples, and directly said: “Tell me, where were you last night? Why are you wounded?”

    Frightened, Qin Yu, shocked out of his wits and with a trembling voice said: “Disciple stayed here all night. Because my illness erupted, didn’t do today’s work, please be lenient Senior Uncle!”

    Li Mudui frowned, this disciple’s frightened answer was evasive, yet he doesn’t doubt him, “Is he sick?”

    Xu Jian, was happy for Qin Yu’s trouble, but now he didn’t dare to cast blame and respectfully answered: “Replying to Senior Uncle, Qin Yu was punished half a year ago because of an incident in the herb garden and hasn’t yet recovered.”

    Li Mudui glanced at Qin Yu’s scared expression, mentally shook his head, ‘1st layer of Qi Refining won’t have much to live with this illness; and with his coward behavior, how can he be the killer? But since we’re here, might as well investigate!’

    He waved his hand, “Search!”

    Xu Jian and the rest immediately got to work, almost everything was turned upside down, making a complete mess.

    Of course, nothing was found.

    Li Mudui simply turned around, “Let’s go.”

    Qin Yu lowered his head, hiding his face from the others’ sight, with trembling heart, ‘Han Dong and Wei Wei were actually found so fast!’. Luckily, he hid the palace lamp and the other things, otherwise, if they were found, might not even know how he’ll die!

    “Boss Yu! Boss Yu! I just saw Xu Jian; did they bully you? I’ll go and take care of it!” A youth with a tall stature and sturdy body, similar to a human shaped iron tower, the ground shook under his feet as he was rushing over. Though angry, he has a baby face. His soft, smooth feature don’t seem fierce at all.

    That is the reason Qin Yu, instead of calling him by his name Lang Tu, jokingly uses the nickname Tu Dou(1).

    Qin Yu waves his hand, “Ignore them and quickly help me.”

    Startled, Lang Tu, hastily took his arm, “How are you feeling?”

    Qin Yu inwardly laughed bitterly, since he saw Xu Jian and the others entering, he was pretending. Even though he wasn’t exposed, his heart is still shaking. Now, his hand and feet feel numb, with the help of Tu Dou he lay in bed, with a hand wiping his forehead of the nonexistent sweat.

    “Boss Yu, what exactly is going on?” Lang Tu said anxiously.

     Qin Yu told him in short simple sentences what happened, causing Lang Tu’s face to show fear, not realizing just how dangerous was just now. But very soon, he started to mock Qin Yu, almost causing him to die of anger.

    “Luckily you’re so weak, hard to even kill a chicken, there’s no way you’re the killer, or it would have brought serious trouble!”

    Qin Yu glares at him, “Don’t speak nonsense, you’re the weak one! Hurry and make something to eat, I’m starving!”

    Lang Tu with a silly smile, “You’re in luck, yesterday I stewed a pheasant and there is still half left. I’ll give the rest to you.” Walking to the entrance, he scratched the back of his head, “Right, today’s work I’ll help you finish it, don’t worry about the punishment.”

    Seeing him leaving in a hurry, Qin Yu’s heart felt warm. He is very clear of Tu Dou’s appetite, not mentioning a pheasant, even ten would be picked clean by him. Saying that half is left, shows that he did it for Qin Yu.

    Finishing the soup and putting down the chopsticks, Qin Yu felt warm in his stomach, filling him with strength.

    Lang Tu already left. His talent in cultivation isn’t good, yet his body is naturally powerful. Walking the path of a body cultivator, using several blocks of stone each day for training, his diligence is causing others to be ashamed. Of course, before he left, he helped change the broken door with a new one.

    After putting everything in order, Qin Yu did some light exercise and went to sleep. The sun gradually sets, the room slowly darkened and he still remained unmoving with calm and steady breathing. As if it seemed to be asleep.

    With the moon high up in the sky, piercing the profound night, half the night already passed.


    Qin Yu opened his eyes, clear without a trace of exhaustion. He pretended to get up and listened to his surroundings, lying in bed for a while and then with casual movements and with caution went toward the secret place in the wall.

    A deep blue light is revealed, startling Qin Yu. He finds out that it has one-foot radius, and soon relaxed his breath.

    Despite not knowing what this thumb sized palace lamp is, he realizes that this blue light turning the night into day isn’t ordinary!

    Returning to bed, Qin Yu thought for a bit and took out a knife. Making a small wound on his finger and letting blood flow. Whether good or bad, all cultivators know the basics just like him. For example, what he is doing is the crudest way to make an item recognize its master, with a drop of blood.

     Staring at the bead of blood landing on the palace lamp, and then falling from it, Qin Yu feels disappointed and somewhat relieved. In the end the most precious treasure doesn’t easily recognize a master. Turning it over on each side and even using his body’s feeble energy, he still couldn’t find the method of using the palace lamp.

    Thinking for a bit, Qin Yu put down the lamp and opened the bag of pills. He didn’t forget, that he is still seriously ill. If he doesn’t hurry, Qin Yu believes that if what happened last night occurs again he wont be as lucky.

    The number of pills on Wei Wei’s body is four jade bottles filled to the brim, enough to scare anyone. Qin Yu spent quite some effort, but managed to identify only one type. The one given by the sect to the most outstanding disciples, that increases cultivation speed, Spirit Gathering Pill.

    This is because, Qin Yu once saw a sect disciple showing off this pill. As for the other three types, can only put them aside; not knowing what they do, he won’t use them carelessly.

    Picking up a Spirit Gathering Pill that lets off a sweet fragrance, Qin Yu is inwardly moved, Wei Wei truly is worthy of being Patriarch’s most important disciple, nowhere in the Sacred Mountain Sect will you find another one like him.

    But now they are all his!

    Taking a breath and with anticipation, Qin Yu swallowed a Spirit Gathering Pill, and quickly closed his eyes. This is his first time that he takes cultivation pills, and since he has no experience with them he is very careful, not daring to be even a bit careless.

    Once the Spirit Gathering Pill entered his stomach, soon a warm current starts to rise, moving around his entire body and giving a comfortable feeling, like he was being engulfed in warm and relaxing waters. As this goes on, the warm pill energy, blends with his flesh, and quickly changes into pure spiritual energy flowing into his Dantian.

    Qin Yu fell in love with this feeling in an instant, he never knew there was this unexpected pleasant way to cultivate. He could clearly feel that the spiritual energy inside his body experience a speedy growth, and the constant powerful feeling made him addicted to it.

    After an unknown amount of time, the warm current slowly scattered. Qin Yu opened his eyes and without any hesitation swallowed another pill.

    Closing his eyes to cultivate and opening them to take a pill.

    Unknowingly, the night already passed, and from the east the sun rose.  Qin Yu’s energy suddenly changed, and a light wind began to touch his clothes.

    2nd layer of Qi Refining!

    With excitement on his face, Qin Yu opens his eyes, never thought that after regressing in cultivation he only needed as little as a night to recover it. He jumped up, not at all tired. Even though he spent the night awake, he feels full of energy instead!

    Sensing the energy from the 2nd layer of Qi Refining, and his chest relieved of pain, Qin Yu barely kept himself from letting out a hearty laugh, the happiness on his face growing ever stronger. Not only did his cultivation recovered, even his illness was cured, truly a happy occasion.

    This made Qin Yu finally understand the power of pills; its importance for a cultivator. Cultivating seven years and only reaching the 2nd layer of Qi Refining; compared to just a night of cultivation, this speed would make anyone speechless! If he could go on this path forever, despite having average talent, could still amaze other by his cultivation speed, even become an authority cultivator in the region.

    As this thought rose in his head, Qin Yu quickly suppress it, mocking himself. Refining pills isn’t easy, the rare and expensive ingredients with the high failure rate, are enough to make anyone frightened. Taking pill like food to increase cultivation, not mentioning the small and insignificant Sacred Mountain Sect, even the rumored number one sect in South Kingdom’s territory, famous in concocting pills, the Ancient Immortal Valley, does not have anyone capable of accomplishing it.

    “Clearly a hopeless dream, better wake up soon!” Qin Yu mumbled under his breath, calming down, with a pondering look on his face.

    Even if he managed to bluff his way through yesterday’s matter, he still needs to be cautious the next few days, and slow down on taking pills. Otherwise, just his cultivation advancing too high in just one jump, is enough to make anyone suspicious and won’t live to enjoy it for long.

    Holding the thumb sized palace lamp, the blue light that is given off from it, disappears with the brightening of the sky. This definitely isn’t an ordinary treasure. For Third Senior Brother’s sudden rise, it must have a connection.

    Holding it tighter subconsciously, Qin Yu’s eyes reveal hope, although the pills are great, but in his hear the most important is the palace lamp. When he was about to take the remaining Spirit Gathering Pills and the palace lamp back in the secret place in the wall, Qin Yu’s brows furrowed with confusion.

    Among the spread Spirit Gathering Pills on the bed, the dozen on the edge seem different. They give of a faint light, somewhat weak but still enough for Qin Yu to be convinced that it is there.  Took one and placing it next to and ordinary Spirit Gathering Pill to compare, and the difference is even more obvious.

    All Spirit Gathering Pills are the same, Qin Yu is clear on this, even the ones that he took last night. Holding a glowing pill, Qin Yu smelled it, and the pill fragrance entered his nose, actually causing his energy to tremble!

    This pill, isn’t ordinary at all.

    But how did this happen? In a single night, these pills upgraded themselves? Turning ideas in his head impatiently to find the answer, may times he was close but it was hard to grasp the right reason.



    Suddenly, his gaze lands upon the palace lamp in his hand. As if struck by lightning, the fog in his head is lifted.

    Palace lamp!

    Yes, that’s the reason!

    At this moment Qin Yu’s memory is incredibly clear, thinking about last night when he placed the palace lamp to the side, then went on taking pills to cultivate, the several pills that changed, are the ones that were close to the lamp. Or, to be more precise, they were bathed in the palace lamp’s blue light.

    With his heart beating out of his chest, and a dry mouth, Qin Yu bit the tip of his tongue, to force himself to remain calm.

    This is just a guess, and he will have to wait until tonight to know the truth. But he already has a nagging feeling, that his conjecture isn’t wrong, because Third Senior Brother Wei Wei’s sudden increase in power, which is the best proof!

    Qin Yu spent his day in a daze, trying to recover his senses, not leaving his house at all. Lang Tu came over once, to help with his work and after, left in a rush, without finding anything unusual with Qin Yu.

    Lang Tu did this diligently each day, without break.

    Night arrived right on time.

    Qin Yu sitting in darkness, with the deep blue light emitting from the palace lamp on the table, in a foot radius from its center seems to be like the deep sea. The Spirit Gathering Pills are gathered in the middle. The other ten of each type of pills, arranged neatly around the lamp, with half of each category under the blue light and half outside.

    This night, Qin Yu didn’t sleep.

     When the sun rose from the east, he pushed the door and went outside, standing in the small courtyard welcoming the rising sun, with a dazed look. Of the forty pills, the twenty that were in the radius of the blue light, without exception, they all improved.

    After a long time.

    Qin Yu let out a long breath, his dazed look cleared, his black eyes seem to be like an ancient well, deep and serene, reflecting inside is a burning determination.

    Today, his fate changed!

    (1) Tu Dou means potato

  • Chapter 4: Pill Disposal Facility

    After half a month, the sect’s lockdown is slowly being lifted. The fierce chase for the killer, also gradually settled.

    But, the missing bodies of Han Dong and Wei Wei needed an explination. In the end, the blame was pun on the demonic sect. After all, the demonic sect is every cultivator sect’s arch-enemy, these years who knows how may attacks they made? Adding another one won’t affect them.

    Qin Yu let a relaxed breath, but felt dejected inside. In this world, the most painful is to have treasure and not being able to use it. This half of month, he used the little blue lamp to upgrade all his pills, if he keeps taking them then he will breeze through the cultivation layers.

    But he doesn’t dare!

    Wei Wei’s 27 days’ break through from 7th Qi Refining, brought too much attention. If not for the disaster he suffered, Qin Yu would have followed in his footsteps.

    Will he have no choice but to let it gather dust? Qin Yu felt an annoying headache, only if he can avoid the outside world’s eyes can he use it, if not it would remain an unsolvable problem.

    Lang Tu, was holding a fat pheasant, with bright and colorful feathers, right ahead you can realize that this is the pheasant’s leader, their king, the most outstanding out of all fowls. But now that ship is sailed, with his head bowed dejectedly and tearful eyes, awaits its fate.

    “You damn chicken! You’re actually crying! Where has all that strength to peck me go to?” Lang Tu’s hand shook, “Don’t be sad, I had my eye on you for a long time. At first wanted to let you have descendants, an unending supply of fat chickens wasn’t bad, but my little brother’s body isn’t too well, and have no choice but to give you to him so he could recover.”

    “Relax, I will bury your feathers to let you rest in peace. Hehe, I know how to be grateful!”

    Pheasant King rolled his eyes, doesn’t know if he should be moved or scared, rolled his head on the side and lost consciousness.


    Lang Tu yelled his throat out, “Quickly open the door, Boss Yu, I brought something delicious!”

    Qin Yu opened the door, lazily looked at the pheasant in his hand, letting an “oh” sound, turned around and left. He is not at all affected by this scene.

    Lang Tu mumbled dissatisfied, “Hey! I bring you a fat chicken and you could at least show a smile. You don’t know how to be gratefull!” Finished talking, he nervously continued, “Boss Yu, did your illness erupt? Don’t scare me!”

    Slapping his forehead, Qin Yu grinned, ‘this fellow’s strength is great, yet his head is filled with rocks’, “Don’t shout at me! I feel great right now!” and then said, “Tu Dou, tell me how could…”

    Qin Yu closed his mouth and shook his head helplessly. ‘Tu Dou’s methods are so amazing, that asking him would be a waste of energy.’

    Lang Tu scratched his head, with a baffled look, “What did you want to say? If you’re having trouble, I can definitely help!”

    This fellow is truly simple.

    Qin Yu annoyed said: “Don’t ask! Go cook, I’m hungry!”

    Lang Tu turned around and walked away.

    Suddenly, the courtyard’s door is kicked open and a line of burly youngsters walked inside.

    Lang Tu’s face changed, and in a low roar, “Xu Jian, you bastard, want some more beating? If you still dare to pick on Boss Yu, today I won’t let you off!”

    Xu Jian with an unsightly face, pointed at him, “Lang Tu, well settle our debt later. Today I haven’t come here to play, bur for work.”

    His eyes landed on Qin Yu, with an evil smile, “Junior Brother Wang in charge of Pill Disposal Facility died, and when Manager of Affairs asked me for a replacement, I recommended Junior Brother Qin Yu. Tch, such an easy task, being in charge of this simple job, shouldn’t you thank me, Qin Yu?”

    Lang Tu raged, “I’ll kill you, you bastard!” Before he could move, was stopped by Qin Yu. Afraid of harming his weak body, Lang Tu didn’t struggle, but kept on roaring, “Let me go! This bastard wants to kill you, I’ll send him off first!”

    With veins surfacing on his red face, Lang Tu looks like a man eating beast. Xu Jian took an unconscious step back, with a flushed face he wanted to retaliate, but didn’t dare to face off with him.

    “This is the Manager of Affairs’ order. Qin Yu, go and report today! And Lang Tu, don’t be to rampant. Let’s go!”

    They all rushed to leave.

    Lang Tu shouted, “Qin Yu, why did you stop me? You know what the Pill Disposal Facility is. Xu Jian wants to kill you!”

    Qin Yu let go of him, using all his strength, even if Lang Tu didn’t struggle out of consideration for him, the little strength he used still made his arms go numb, ‘This fellow, is more like a human shaped ferocious beast!’

    “Don’t shout! I know, but Xu Jian miscalculated this time.”

    Lang Tu flew into a rage, “You’re crazy! Pill Disposal Facility, that is the Pill Disposal Facility! Sealed from outside, once you enter, you need to handle the failed pills, and all kinds of poisons attacking your body, in your condition you won’t last three months!”

    He clenched his teeth, turning to leave, “I will leave now, and go and plead the Manager of Affairs to replace you.” Seeing his angry look, filled with determination, Qin Yu found it funny and was even more touched, holding him from leaving, “Lang Tu, who do you think is smarter between us?”

    Lang Tu straighten his neck, “Of course it’s… you.”

    Qin Yu raised an eyebrow, “If you know, then you believe, that I am seeking death?” With a straight face, seriously said: “Tu Dou, you’re my best brother, I won’t lie to you, so relax, the Pill Disposal Facility is a death sentence for others, but not for me.”

    Qin Yu lowered his head, when he looked at his wrapped up right hand index finger, there was a light flashing in his eyes.

    ‘Xu Jian, this time, I do need to thank you!’

    He already knows what the green color on his right index finger is. Two days ago as he was pulling weeds in the vicinity of the herb garden, he witnessed something dreadful. With a light touch, the plant whose roots were so difficult to pull, dried up and died, turning completely green.

    Qin Yu’s eyes flew wide open, instantly reminding him of Wei Wei’s skeleton. After several experiments he is clear, that in his finger is gathered a frightening corrosive poison! Once it entered his body, his narrow escape could only be attributed to little blue lamp.

    Because, that night, it was the only variable.

    After some experiments, Qin Yu’s idea was proven right. In the vicinity of the herb garden he carefully searched for some plants with little poison. Making careful not to harm himself, at night he poured the poisoned extract on the lamp.

    The resulted threads of black poisonous gas, under his watchful eyes gathered around his finger without causing any harm. He even risked with a stronger poison, enough to kill a bear, and yet it still didn’t harm him.

    Like this he found out the little blue lamp’s second effect: poison removal.

    Perhaps it’s the more overbearing poison immunity!

    Due to this exact reason, facing Xu Jian’s plot, he is still calm, even delighted inside.

    For cultivators, pills bring endless benefits, but while failing at refining pills, besides the medicinal property there will also be some poison. This poison, appeared because of this process, and very difficult to remove.

    Only those with a profound cultivation base can suppress it, but even so, it will make progress hard and the cultivation speed is slowed to a crawl. Many who are injured, have no choice but to shout in grief from this deadly torment.

    It’s not that all wasted pills have poison. But the possibility of having it, no one is willing to ignore. Therefore, generally all sects have a place of disposal, and using an extreme method they destroy the wasted pills.

    Qin Yu with the little blue lamp in hand, doesn’t even care about the poison, instead he thinks it’s even better.

    First of all, everyone knows that the Pill Disposal Facility is poisonous, no one stepped inside for an entire year, it is a sealed place. Qin Yu, without worrying about others finding out, can cultivate with pills without a care in the world.

    Secondly, each year in the Pill Disposal Facility, there are an unknown amount of pills thrown away. He can use the little blue lamp to improve them, maybe it will work on these wasted pills too. Thinking about it, he is starting to feel impatient.

    Also, Pill Disposal Facility holds quite a few alchemical books. A rumor says that over the years the people that went inside and studied these text, after they came out they had profound knowledge, but for Qin Yu is already good enough to have the texts.

    It is hard for Qin Yu to imagine that there are all kinds of complete texts. Out of all the departments in Spirit Mountain Sect, is there a better place more suited to him?

    That is why, Qin Yu, not long after Xu Jian left, without wasting any more time send off the perplexed Lang Tu, sorting out his home and with big steps walked to his new life.

    Along the way accompanied by a chicken!

    Indeed, a chicken.

    According to Lang Tu, ‘Boss Yu, your body’s condition, maybe not even stronger then this king of chikens, today you can’t eat it anyway, so you should take it with you. And if there is a day you can’t stand him, you can just cook him!’

    Listening to a hard headed and a muscle bound guy’s preaching is really hard, because using his silly reasoning, will cause you to feel defeated. Experiencing this before, Qin Yu knows to just agree, thinking, ‘The day that I won’t stand the hunger, won’t be bad to have a snack.’

    Pill Disposal Facility’s location is in a remote place. Hurrying along the way, Qin Yu was slightly out of breath and with a flushed face, all the while smiling.

    His appearance makes the other disciples slightly stunned, thinking, ‘This guy doesn’t know the meaning of death!’, ‘Has he given up on himself?’. But not caring about others, he closes in on his destination, felling slightly cold.

    Releasing the outer restriction on the door by pointing at a place and repeating a few words, the cold air that came out made the other disciples run away in fear.

    Qin Yu was a little startled bur soon was smiling, with this kind of effect, no one will come and bother him, and said to Pheasant King, “Little fellow, it seems from now on, we can only depend on each other.”

    The restriction is considered very precious for a cultivator. The Sacred Mountain Sect set up a formation so that the poison won’t leak, which pleased Qin Yu quite a lot.

    With the restriction on the entrance, and not charging in, no one could enter inside the Pill Disposal Department without his say, providing another layer of protection from prying eyes.

    The restrictive formation is used by Sacred Mountain Sect for protection, but Pill Disposal Facility doesn’t have it for this reason, as it can be seen.

    This place is a round cave dug in the mountain, the surroundings are filled with faint mist. To handle the wasted pills, caution must be used.

    Qin Yu sucked in a breath, used his energy to open the formation, and a sudden strong suction force left him empty in an instant. His vision turned dark, almost causing him to faint, sweating from every pore, wetting his robe.

    The formation on the door gave of a faint light, the light mist in the cave responded to it, and parted to reveal a tunnel.

    Qin Yu was gasping for breath and feeling the pressure on his chest release a bit, looked at the formation on the door with a bitter smile. 2nd layer of Qi Refining is truly weak, if it was any weaker, the door wouldn’t even open!

    Not knowing for how long it will stay open, Qin Yu doesn’t wait, and steps inside, and the mist behind him returns to normal.

    Entering the cave, just now he found the extent of the Sacred Mountain Sect’s cautious nature. Pill Disposal Facility isn’t inside the mountain; the tunnel was leading towards the underground!

    The gloomy passage, even with light formations, being to faint still couldn’t see the surrounding, but to Qin Yu it felt like daytime.

    Looking around, his eyes suddenly contract, although seeing the stone steps and many traces of people, what is astonishing is that the stone walls are filled with blood stains, even signs of digging.

    In the darkness, the bloodstains seem ordinary, and aren’t visible from a far. Layer by layer and stain by stain, they seem to permeate the inside of the stones!

  • Chapter 5: Great progress in cultivation

    What’s going on? Qin Yu at once was on guard, not sparing a glance at Pheasant King, from his chest took a Spirit Gathering Pill and swallowed it.

    After bathing in the little blue lamp’s light, the pills’ medicinal property is greatly increased, more than three original pills combined. The roaming medicinal energy quickly turned into spiritual energy, and soon Qin Yu not only recovered the spent energy, it even increased his cultivation slightly.

    It’s too late for regret. Thus, after wasting a Spirit Gathering Pill, Qin Yu leaned on one of the stone walls, slowly making his way down. He already decided that the Pill Disposal Facility is the best choice for him, and can’t let it go to waste.

    Of course, what determined him to make this decision, the most important reason is that over the past seven years Pill Disposal Facility had went through only a dozen people. The shortest time someone was here was two months. It is clear that even though there was danger inside, for a short while, at least, it isn’t fatal.

    The way was quiet.

    Besides his footsteps, there were no other sounds. Qin Yu doesn’t dare to be careless, carefully looking everywhere several times. After making sure there is no danger he let out a breath, on his face a pondering look.

    Since there’s no danger, then the traces near the entrance of the tunnel and the blood stains could only be done by the previous cultivators.

    But why?

    Qin Yu is very puzzled, but couldn’t find an answer and can only be careful while he cleans up the place. From the mess in the living area, it seems that Senior Brother Wang’s final moments must have been really painful. Despite not caring about how the living area is, he will still be living here for quite a while and might as well clean it up a bit.

    It seems there are some things that will happen in the future.

    Sitting cross legged on the meditation mat, Qin Yu takes out all his Spirit Gathering Pills. Finding that there are 37 of them, he could help being excited. He already patiently endured countless days, and within this safe place, he can’t restrain the thought of how much these 37 pills will improve his cultivations.

    Taking a pill, closing his eyes, absorbing the energy!

    Qin Yu is completely immersed in cultivation, with incredible speed, he experiences constant increase in power.

    As the final Spirit Gathering Pill finished increasing his energy, Qin Yu slowly opens his eyes, a spark flashing through them, incredibly dazzling in the dark. He doesn’t show any change from before, only his complexion is slightly rosy, but when he stretched his body he accidentally releases a different aura.

    Imposing, steady, confident!

    As if he is reborn!

    He senses that in his body, the flow of energy is many times stronger. Qin Yu couldn’t help but smile at that.

    5th layer of Qi Refining!

    The 37 Spirit Gathering Pills, actually increased his power by three layers, and that is because of his average talent. With slow absorption of spiritual energy, he wasted some of the pill’s effect. Otherwise he would be four layers higher.

    But Qin Yu is already satisfied. Before, he never thought of reaching the 5th layer of Qi Refining. Too bad there are no more Spirit Gathering Pills, the other types he still isn’t cleat on their effects, and can only stop his cultivation for now.

    Stretching and twisting his body, he can hear popping sounds from his bones. Figuring out the time, Qin Yu is amazed that almost seven days passed. He wasn’t aware at all, and it only seemed to be a moment.

    “Immortals spend countless years, hundreds of years in a flash …’ I finally begun to understand this saying.” Qin Yu lamented, and after clearing his thoughts, got up and went in another room. When he was cleaning, he found out that this is the study room, with many alchemical records. Because he was too impatient to cultivate, he didn’t linger.

    It is now time to inspect it, and find out what the rest of his pills do, so he can quickly return to cultivating. Experiencing this phenomenal speed in cultivation, Qin Yu is completely entranced by this feeling.

    Speaking about the study room, it is actually just a cave, with a few holes in the wall, and except a stone table there is no other furniture. On the table there is an oil lamp for illumination and beside it some papers laid out in disorder.

    Qin Yu ignores the lamp, and looks at the papers. It was filled with curses containing bitter resentment, without any use.

    Throwing it away, he then took a book without a title.

    The first page.

    “I, Xu Mou, all my life have studied alchemy, but my talent was poor, and is hard to reach the next level. I will leave all my knowledge for the later generation, in hope that junior can find it helpful…”

    Eyeing it a few times, it seems to be full of complaints, then turned the page.

    Very quickly, Qin Yu is trembling.

    This cultivator Xu Mou’s record is actually very detailed, containing his processes of concocting pills. This book is actually an alchemy journal. Even more wonderful is, that he wrote down all the pill’s effects, this was what Qin Yu needed the most.

    Flipping through the book, possibly because of his increased cultivation, Qin Yu memory has also improved, able to remember most of the contents after a short while, particularly the pill’s descriptions which feel even more clear.

    Xu Mou’s cultivation wasn’t high, and could only concoct low level pills. This is exactly what Qin Yu wanted, to determine what his remaining pills do. 

    But he isn’t careless and takes out the pill catalog again, flipping it open to verify if there are any discrepancies. Only then is he certain of what the name of the three types of pill are: Spirit Increasing Pill, Strengthening Pill and Fasting Pill.

    Spirit Increasing Pill and Spirit Gathering Pill are similar, they both improve cultivation, but they are separated by rank, with stronger effect.

    Strengthening Pill’s main use is to increase the body’s strength, and somewhat cultivation.

    Fasting Pill, as its name implies, after taking it there is no need to eat for a month.

    Qin Yu was smiling. Spirit Increasing Pill is definitely a good pill. Strengthening Pill, is also useful to him, with it, it won’t be long before his frail body will be transformed.

    As for Fasting Pill, the pill’s spiritual energy will allow a body not to feel hunger, and it might come in handy.

    He is very satisfied with what he got!

    Anyway, let’s continue cultivating!

    But this time he doesn’t take Spirit Increasing Pill, instead he chooses the Strengthening Pill.

    The reason is quite simple. A Qi Refining cultivator’s power is weak, he also doesn’t have any attacking techniques, and if he meets any danger can only rely on his physical strength.

    Training the body before increasing one’s cultivation is also a failsafe. Pill Disposal Facility might look safe now, but Qin Yu has some suspicions.

    The Strengthening Pill lives up to its name, known by all Qi Refining cultivators to be an essential pill, with its strong effect in increasing body strength!

    Ten days, after refining his body with the 44 Strengthening Pills, Qin Yu’s height increased by a head and defining his muscles. With this new explosive strength, he can now say goodbye to his former weak self.

    If Lang Tu knew, he would be in tears. He suffered untold hardships to have that kind of strength, and yet he might not be stronger than Qin Yu.

    Qin Yu was smiling, inwardly he decided on finding a way to give some Strengthening Pills to Lang Tu. All his brains are in his muscles, and walking the path of a normal cultivator is useless. Body cultivation is more suited to him anyway.

    With little blue lamp, Qin Yu is convinced that he can go very far on his cultivation path, but without friends, won’t it be too lonely?

    Tu Dou is very fortunate to have such a good brother!

    In the dark underground, it is definitely peaceful, as if time flows faster here. When Qin Yu woke once again from cultivation, he’s been in Pill Disposal Facility for a month. All the Spirit Increasing Pills have turned into spiritual energy, increasing his cultivation to 8th layer of Qi Refining!

    In one month he reached 8th layer in Qi Refining.

    “For cultivators, pills truly are heaven defying, granting the best results!” Qin Yu couldn’t help exclaim.

    He is already certain, Third Senior Brother’s 27 days of reaching Foundation Establishment from 7th Qi Refining is all because of the little blue lamp. It’s a pity he was too obvious, like a shooting star, he fell as fast as he rose.

    “The bird whose head sticks out is shot! Wei Wei’s death should be a lesson and a warning.” Qin Yu’s eyes turned solemn, little blue lamp has become his most important secret. No matter what, he must not reveal it. Or else taking into account his low status, he will be destroyed by other powerful cultivators.

    With the pills’ supply ending, Qin Yu’s cultivation has also temporarily stopped. Although he stayed in the underground for a month, completely sealed from the outside world, he doesn’t fell bored at all, “It seems, cultivating isn’t without perks, at least I didn’t feel lonely.”

    Just as he finished, Qin Yu’s eyebrow slightly rose, his eyes reflecting a bright light, “It’s actually you, little guy.” What appeared before him, is exactly the Pheasant King that he brought with him in the Pill Disposal Facility. On the day he came here, because he was focusing on cultivation, he completely forgot of its existence.

    Now, the Pheasant King’s colorful plumage lost its original luster, with his fiery crown drooping and the light in his eyes darkened, he seemed completely devoid of strength. It looked at Qin Yu, wanted to approach but afraid, feeling hesitant.

    Qin Yu quickly understood, looking at his right hand green index finger. Sure enough, the color turned darker. Pill Disposal Department is filled with poison, enough to cause anyone who stayed here for a month to have the poison inside of them erupt. He has immunity to poison thanks to little blue lamp, but Pheasant King wasn’t so lucky.

    He actually lived until now, truly worthy of being the Pheasant King.

    Thinking about it, Qin Yu slowly opened his hand, and the blue light filled a one foot radius area. Soon the Pheasant King’s eyes turned wide, exposing his excitement, his sharp claw scratching at the floor, but restrained himself from rushing forward.

    This fellow, it actually has awareness? 

    Qin Yu was surprised but soon calmed down, on this world nothing is too strange. If he could find the little blue lamp, Pheasant King could also encounter opportunities to increase his intelligence. At first he thought of saving it to keep him company, and now that he has awareness it couldn’t be better.

    “Little guy, come here, let me help you remove the poison.”

    As if he understood, the Pheasant King little eyes rolled back and fell to the ground.


    Qin Yu doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, it seems this little guy payed attention to him. So close to dying and still won’t come closer, is proof enough that his intelligence isn’t too low.

    Picking up the Pheasant King, and letting the blue light shine on him, small threads of dark energy are entering his claw, gradually turning it black.

    He began assesing him, and find out that he is nice and plump, even more than when they entered the Pill Disposal Facility.

    Qin Yu rubbed his chin deep in thought. This month he hasn’t seen Pheasant King at all, what did he ate?

    The black energy stopped going inside and the poison was eliminated. But Pheasant King still kept its eyes closed, with no intention of waking up. Yet since he fainted, how come its tail feathers are shaking with excitement?

    It’s on purpose, Qin Yu thought. Then with a wicked laugh, “Get up! The poison is already gone, right in time for dinner!”


    Pheasant King suddenly struggled, if Qin Yu wasn’t prepared, it might have escaped. Struggling to brake free it found that his hand are like iron vices. Pheasant King could only expose a miserable look towards Qin Yu, its tears falling slowly on the ground.

    This little guy, is really funny!

    Funny pheasant?

    What a comical name.

    Qin Yu revealed a smile.

    Pheasant King immediately started, trying to act adorable. Even though your wings are shining, why is your tail feathers shaking all over?

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    Chapter 6: Underground space

    “Alright, I will cook you. So there is no need to remove the poison in the future.” Qin Yu relaxed his hands. The Pheasant King didn’t fly too far and returned dejected.

    Qin Yu smiling said, “So smart. There is pill poison everywhere, without my help to remove it where can you run?”

    Pheasant King was shaking, as if to say ‘I am stupid and don’t understand’.

    Qin Yu ignores him, and bluntly, “Tell me, this month where were you hiding and what did you eat? Don’t try to lie to me! Of course, if you want do end up for dinner then you can ignore my warning.”

    Pheasant King showed puppy eyes at first, but after listening he turned stiff. It helplessly let out two sounds and pointed his wing at the holes.

    Qin Yu frowned, he has never heard of a chicken to make these sounds; sharp, like an old crow. But now is not the time to think about it since from the Pheasant King’s reaction it seems he found something.

    “Lead the way.”

    Going up the stone steps, Pheasant King, with a flap of his wings quickly increased his speed. Fortunately, after he took the Strengthening Pills, Qin Yu said goodbye to his former body, and followed in a relaxed manner. Soon they arrived at the entrance where he once again sees the bloodstains, that are giving an oppressive feeling.

    Looking around and not finding anything, Qin Yu stares at the Pheasant King.

    The little guy lets out two prideful sounds, stretched his wings and flew a circle overhead. And with a cry entered a hole in the wall.

    Qin Yu expression changed slightly, he never thought there was another meaning behind these man made holes. Probing with his hand, he finds that there is a two foot hole, that takes a sharp turn inside. In the dark and looking from the outside, you couldn’t find it.

    Good thing Pheasant King was here, or even if he stayed here for a hundred years, he still might not find this place.

    Where does it go?

    Qin Yu, after thinking, moved to the side. Soon, the Pheasant King appeared with a seed in his beak and release it in Qin Yu’s hand. He found out that it is still dry and not germinated, which means that it is a fresh seed.

    Smelling the earth on the seed, Qin Yu’s eyes brightens.

    It is clear that in the space connected to this hole has plants growing in it.

    The Pill Disposal Facility actually has this kind of underground space. It has to be special!

    Must check it out.

    But this hole…

    Qin Yu looks at it grudgingly.

    Pheasant King was strolling, with and arrogant demeanor, his cocky eyes sometimes watching Qin Yu. This style seems to say: ‘So what if I told you? You still can’t go in. Hehe!’

    ‘Of course, if you want to ask me, what I saw inside, hehe, it doesn’t mean I have to tell you. Guess!’

    Qin Yu’s eyes suddenly turn cold at the Pheasant King’s provocation and attitude, “If you want to live, listen closely!”

    Although Pheasant King just became aware, he has the mind of a five or six year old child, and can only behave, under Qin Yu’s threat. It flew again and again trying to express what it has seen.

    A pheasant and a young man’s comprehension, obviously aren’t the same, the process is complicated and difficult. At first, Pheasant King still looked arrogantly at Qin Yu, as if to say ‘You hopeless idiot!’ but later he rolled his eyes tiredly.

    Qin Yu continually modifies the sketch on the rock, according to Pheasant King’s information, while his eyes shone brighter each time.

    He is now certain. The hole continues downwards and connects to a crevice. Underneath it there is a secret place in which there are plants growing. Analyzing the angle and judging the direction, he can estimate the distance. This place isn’t far from Pill Disposing Facility. 

    In other words, this facility might have another entrance!

    With its tongue sticking out, Pheasant King lays tired on the ground. Qin Yu returns to Pill Disposing Facility in large strides with his eyes sweeping everything slowly, finally landing on the bedroom’s entrance. If he guessed correctly, this room is the closest to the secret space.

    This is his second time in this room, and taking a long look around his brow furrows. This so called bedroom, has a stone bed and a stone table with a few stone stools at the side. Not one stool in one piece.

    From the entrance, Qin Yu starts lightly knocking on all the walls to check if they are hollow. After a round of knocking the walls seem solid, they are clearly normal. Tearing open the simple and stained bed, after the same process, he comes out empty.

     The only thing left is the floor, but it has a smooth surface, without any gaps. If there was any secret tunnel it would have been found a long time ago.

    Sitting on a stone stool and tapping the table, he accidently looks at a dent in the table, as if it was made from a stool smashing on it. He also inspects the stone fragments left in the corner of the room.

    The stone table is really hard, instead of breaking like the stone chair that hit it, it only had a few fragments chipped of. Thinking about it, Qin Yu’s face changed, took a few steps back and watched everything more carefully.

    The table had a smooth polish, looking at the traces on the edge, who knows how many years ago they were made, it seems to be one with the floor.

    But this table is rather big.

    If he’s not mistaken, this table shouldn’t be suspicious. But a thought occurred to him, even the study room has worn down table and chair, isn’t it weird for the bedroom to have such a good table?

    Qin Yu fixed his eyes on the table’s location, eyes shining.

    Thanks to Third Senor Brother’s Strengthening Pills, or even if he found this suspicion it still couldn’t do anything with his old frail body.

    Holding the table with his two hands, with a low shout all his muscles are stretched taut, this is the first time he used his strength after he took the Strengthening Pills. He figured that his strength isn’t any less than a horse, but even with this power he could only shake the table slightly, and after no matter how he tried he couldn’t budge it anymore. 

    As if it was one with the floor!



    Qin Yu was sweating like a pig and gasping for breath helplessly, but felt more excited than ever. At first it was only doubt, and now he is certain. The stone table is hiding the tunnel to the secret space.

    Soon he calmed his breathing, humph coldly and walked out of the room. Even if the table is strong and he could not move it, that doesn’t mean it will be able to stop Qin Yu.

    Opening a thick stone door, Qin Yu holds his breath, set his sight on a black iron rod, lifting it he finds that it weighs 300 catties. Even with the little blue lamp effect, he still doesn’t want to spend too much time in this facility.

    Returning to the bedroom, Qin Yu tore a cloth, wound it around the metal rod, and holding it tightly with a shout smashed with all his strength!


    With a loud noise, the rod hit the table, and started to shake. Qin Yu’s hands felt so numb that he almost dropped the rod. But this rod is amazing, it actually managed to make fine cracks on the table.

    After a small rest, he took the rod and smashed again!



    Dull heavy rumbling sounds are heard everywhere. In the underground there is no need to worry about others noticing. No matter how strong the stone table is, with Qin Yu’s barbaric method, it can only turn to pieces. When only the two feet table support was left, Qin Yu stopped banging and used his strength to lift it.



    The sounds make someone’s hair stand on end. The leg of the table seemed like a bamboo, and eventually managed to pull it off then throwing it to the side.


    A strong wind suddenly appeared, lifting the dust. Qin Yu narrowed his eyes, smelling the fragrance. A black cave mouth astonishingly appears before him, extending downward and with a faint light at the end.

    But for Qin Yu, this is enough!

    Looking inside the cave, although the manmade stone steps are crude, it still made his heart race.

    Pheasant King already confirmed that there is no danger down there and without hesitation began going down the stairs.

    After around ten meters, the stairs end, and Qin Yu looked down to find a three-four meter drop. Since this distance can’t harm him, he jumped down.

    Gazing around, even though Qin Yu prepared his heart, he was still stunned.

    This place is approximately a li big. With soil on the ground and with growing plants, it is actually a herb field. Lacking care over the years, the herb field was filled with leaves, seeds and dried plants, with fruits laying on the ground letting out an attractive fragrance.

    Despite being only an outer sect disciple, Qin Yu was fortunate to work near a herb garden. Working for seven years allowed him to recognize the plants inside.

    Now, with a sweep of his eyes, he recognizes Snake Orchid, Thousand Safflower, Blue Cloud Vine, Earth Lotus and other precious herbs. With each of the herbs being taken care of even more meticulously than the Sacred Mountain Sect. This three hundred zhang large herb field, is akin to a hidden treasure!

    But the next second, Qin Yu looks like a demon, turned around and bellowed, “Bastard! I will kill you!”

    With a few glances he finds that that good for nothing pheasant has long disappeared. Who knows where its hiding?

    He finally understands why Pheasant King became aware, why he survived a month in an environment filled with pill poison, why he became so fat. This useless bastard. He dared to eat these precious spiritual plants!

    Just now, when he was startled he took quick glances, and didn’t see everything. But now after calming down looks more carefully.

    The fruits on the ground should be Jade Cloud Fruit. The process of blooming, bearing fruit and ripening needs at least sixty years. It is a miraculous healing sacred fruit, with astonishing effect on an injury, and could even regrow limbs.

    Sacred Mountain Sect’s herb garden has two, but after being struck by rain and snow and passing through the seasons they were almost destroyed. Yet now, these fruits are half eaten, left to rot, with only the bright skin left.s

    And that Snake Orchid, similar to a python, needing more than four hundred years to grow, might not necessarily be found in Sacred Mountain Sect, a truly valuable spiritual plant. Yet now, it looks like a bald stick, the leaves almost picked clean, with a few lonely ones here and there, and even these in miserable condition!

    Earth Lotus, with its thick earthen smell, being a spiritual plant used in refining pills, its body itself is a treasure, that can purify the heart. For the Buddhist Sect’s cultivators, it is priceless. But several of the Earth Lotuses are empty as if a bandit passed through.

    Qin Yu closed his eyes, not wanting to see anymore, afraid he will faint, that he won’t be able to hold in his rage and grab the Pheasant King to break him in eight pieces!

    But he was quick to calm down and in a rush, afraid that these spiritual herbs and plants will lose their spiritual energy and become useless.

    Qin Yu silently got to work, carefully searching, his heart sometimes twitched, like being stabbed by a dagger. Again and again, and again!

  • Chapter 7: Poisonous Core and Golden Core

    After an hour, in front of him there are dozens of spiritual plants, more than twenty fruits and around ten spiritual petals. Of the treasures grown in this hundred zhang herb field, for over countless years, the only ones left are just these!

    Qin Yu was grinding his teeth out of anger, but soon let out a helpless sigh. If it wasn’t for Pheasant King, he probably wouldn’t have found it. Being able to eat those fruits, it is that rotten chicken’s luck.

    This thought calmed Qin Yu down and gathered all the items together carefully. He went to clean himself in the spring, and after tasting the clear water he found it sweet and refreshing. Even more amazing is that this spring water contains trace amounts of spiritual energy!

    His eyes flashed, and let a sigh of amazement. The world is filled with wonders. At the side of the herb field there must be a natural spring, close to a small spirit vein, letting the spiritual plants in the field to absorb it and speed up their growth.

    Such coincidence! This underground field is actually such a wonder.

    “This heavenly place is also excellent for cultivation.” Qin Yu looks towards the hut at the edge, “I wonder who is the senior that cultivated here? And why was he here?”

    Pheasant King already said there was someone that lived here, proven by the dim lighting formations on the wall.

    But the owner must have left, or died.

    Qin Yu opened the door and entered.

    A ragged praying mat, on which a skeleton is siting. Seems that he chose to pass away like this. In front of the skeleton there are three jade slips, covered in a thick layer and dust with a dim color.

    Besides this, there is nothing else in this hut.

    Qin Yu straighten his clothes and bowed to the skeleton, who seems to have been here for hundreds of years ago.

    Besides the fact he died a long time ago, the bow isn’t just for this but also for the herb field.

    Qin Yu walked over and picked up a jade slip. This is the first time he came in contact with this kind of item. Carefully he brought the jade slip between his brows and send in a small thought.

    Inside there is a letter, resembling a will, left by the person on the mat.

    “I, Cang Mang, have stumbled upon cultivation, became a Rogue Cultivator and walked the path of Alchemy. Heard that in the Sacred Mountain Sect of South Kingdom, there is a great Alchemist, and traveled thousands of li for the purpose of deepening my knowledge in Alchemy. I will recount how I was met with disaster and trapped in this abyss, and embraced death…”

    The letter is long and neatly written. The rough idea is that Cang Mang came to the sect to talk about refining methods, but unfortunately he was plotted against and ended up in this place. Here he should have died from the pill poison, but the Sacred Mountain Sect’s Ancestor didn’t know that Cang Mang has a poisonous body, that allowed him to survive.

    When he was alive, the Sacred Mountain Sect was quite famous. It even had a Nascent Soul expert overseeing the sect, making the entrance formation so that it is easy to enter and hard to leave. With no choice, he could only stay here. As for his talent in alchemy, he actually found a way to break down waste pills and extract ingredients, so that he could continue refining pills.

    Of course, the extracted ingredients also contain pill poison, and even with his poisonous body there is a limit of how much he can take. This and the fact that he began cultivating late with a low chance of advancing, are the reasons for his sorrowful death.

    This underground space was accidently found by Cang Mang. He prepared the herb field, that ended up in Pheasant King’s favor. If he knew this, he wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    Furthermore, in the jade slip there is mentioned his Alchemy insights and a precious cauldron for the fated people that found this place to use them. But in this hut there isn’t anything else, yet where is the cauldron? Did Senior Cang Mang, before death, has gone senile?

    Qin Yu shook his head and put down the jade slip. Even though he is mentally exhausted from reading the first jade slip, couldn’t help be excited about the second one. Inside, as he expected, there are Alchemy insights, pill recipes, as well as an exquisite pill refining method, that made Qin Yu overjoyed. 

    What please Qin Yu the most is the Art of Medicine inside the jade slip. The contents of this Art is about countless spiritual plants, their descriptions, illustrations and, more important, how to grow and maintain them.

    The Art of Medicine is like a spiritual plants encyclopedia with endless value. Perhaps it is an inheritance that Cang Mang found in his youth.

    Cang Mang’s talent in Alchemy and the inheritance are his most important things in his life, that made his foundation, yet he still died a bitter death, without even a burial ground. Cang Mang and Wei Wei are the same, they both underestimated the viciousness of humans, and suffered the same fate.

    For Qin Yu, that just entered on the path of cultivation is without a doubt a profound lesson.

    As for the last jade slip, it absorbed Qin Yu thought and the faint light immediately scattered.

    Qin Yu was left pondering. This jade slip should be some sort of identification. Cang Mang, after dying, his energy dissipated and some of it entered the jade slip, branding it.

    Fortunately, only he could use this jade in this place.

    And what Cang Mang left behind, was in hope of giving them to his family’s younger generation.

    Qin Yu destroyed the jade slip containing the letter, and the other two put them in his chest, to avoid any needless trouble.

    Bowed and, “Senior Cang Mang, Junior can’t return the favor, and can only give you a resting place. Please forgive me.”

    With the floor being of soil, Qin Yu dug a square hole inside the hut.

    He carefully moved the skeleton, piece by piece, inside the hole, and as he did this two beats fell to the ground.

    Qin Yu was startled!

    But he kept on moving the skeleton, until he finished, and with a final bow, turned his attention towards the two beads.

    One gray, covered in cracks with faint golden light inside and one pitch black, like solidified ink, with smooth surface, letting out a serene light.

    What is this?

    As Qin Yu was thinking, his body suddenly stiffened. On the black bead in his hand, appeared a demonic face, that bit on his hand to the bone! A surge of black energy, like water bursting from a dam, rushed inside Qin Yu’s body, and with it a chaotic, ruthless will, invading his mind.


    This bead is Cang Mang’s poisonous body, after hundreds of years, and absorbing all kinds of poisons it took form. After Cang Mang’s death, it kept on surviving, until these few years, when it gradually gained basic awareness.

    Consciousness of pure poison, ruthless and destructive!

    With the little blue lamp Qin Yu managed to survive countless poisons, but it is useless in daytime. Therefore, in an instant, he was overwhelmed by poison and would have died already, if it weren’t for his cultivation and strong body!

    Even like this, in just a few breaths, he feels even more pain. Soreness, aches, itchiness, numbness, all kind of sensations went through him, flooding his mind. The poison from the herb garden was merely a tickle compared to this.

    But anything can happen in the world, even save Qin Yu from the brink of death. The gray bead full of cracks in his other hand, suddenly bursts with a blinding golden light, with a vague image of a person sitting inside. Like a needle it burrowed inside Qin Yu and suppressed the violent poison!

    Golden Core! Golden Core!

    This bead, is Cang Mang’s Golden Core.

    Qin Yu was stiff like a statue, caused by the devastating poison and ruthless will. But still tried to resist, fighting like a cornered beast, along with the golden light.

    All of this happened in Qin Yu’s body, and was under continuous assault, like countless knives cutting each inch of flesh and bones. This pain goes beyond what a youngster can endure. Wanted to opened his mouth to scream, but there was no sound!

    Qin Yu wanted to faint, but the pain made it impossible, and instead more distinct. Yet, at this time, a certain memory finds its way inside his mind, becoming more and more clearer.

    These are Cang Mang’s memories!

    Whether it’s the poison core or the Golden Core, they both were in Cang Mang’s body, that contain his energy, being absorbed by Qin Yu in this moment, and letting him see this scene.

    At that time, in Cang Mang dried dead body, the poison core and Golden Core were at a standstill. And because of this, the poison core’s strength couldn’t erupt. If it did, the insignificant Sacred Mountain Sect would have become a dead land a long time ago.

    Like this, the Golden Core being provoked, used its energy to suppress the poison core, until it reached this state today.

    Time passes, and for Qin Yu it feels like each second is endless, the excruciating pain makes him feel like thousands of years gone by.

    Night finally came!

    As if it sensed Qin Yu’s situation, a deep blue light from his chest came out, that seemed to penetrate everything. The poison core trembled, the vicious will inside Qin Yu’s body let out a shriek, and soon disappeared. As if it was crushed by and invisible hand!

    The demonic face on the poison core crumbles, transforming into black energy and entering Qin Yu’s body.

    To be more precise, it is actually sucked in!

    It flows through his body and stops in his right index finger, quickly changing its color from dark green to black. This new poison’s strength incomparable to before.

    Afterwards, with a light crack sound, the poison core shattered and turns to dust.

    Qin Yu’s body immediately collapses, with ragged breath from exhaustion and his robes wet from sweat sticking to him.

    The poison core shatters and disappears, while the Golden Core’s light quickly retreats and with it the powerful pressure.

    With a light sound, a new crack is added to the already damaged Golden Core, and with its gray color it appears no different from a river stone. Anyone who didn’t see the previous scene wouldn’t think this stone belonged to a peak Golden Core expert, half a step in Nascent Soul!

    The image from before, in the golden light, was actually the soul of Cang Mang that was on the verge of advancing to Nascent Soul. With newfound memories, Qin Yu now knows what Golden Core is capable and expose a bitter smile.

    Cang Mang’s Golden Core, is like an arrow at the end of its flight. This final effort to suppress the poison core spent its last trace of energy.

    But, speaking about uses, it still has one left… deterrence force.

    Using energy to fuel the Golden Core, it can then release a Golden Core expert pressure, with only one use left. Coming back from the jaws of death, he obtained a half step Nascent Soul core.

    Qin Yu doesn’t know if he should laugh from escaping death, or should cry at his misfortune.

  • Chapter 8: Breaking down waste pills

    Luckily, it is not without benefit.

    Pill poison is completely removed by little blue lamp, and enters the right-hand index finger. If it were to be released, even a Golden Core expert would be afraid of it!

    Then again, he couldn’t help showing a bitter smile. Even with this powerful poison, to use it he still needs to get close to his target.

    If he were to face off with a Golden Core expert, his opponent could simply attack from afar and leave him with no chance to use this weapon.

    Even so, there might still be a chance to use it.

    “Might as well say I got nothing out of this. Who knows when will I use it.” Qin Yu comforted himself, while looking around.

    Suddenly, he stops.

    With quick steps he arrives at a patch of grass, from which he picks up a palm sized bag, soft to the touch as if it was weaved, but it looks to be made from animal leather. Qin Yu carefully opens the bag’s golden binds and immediately was shocked.

    Storage bag!

    With his heart beating like a drum in his chest, he sucked in a cold breath.

    He carefully sends a thought inside, to find that the space is more than a zhang big.

    In all of Sacred Mountain Sect there are only three bags!

    Although not big, considered average, but for Qin Yu it is a true treasure. Usually only a Golden Core would be able to have a storage bag.

    With ragged breath, Qin Yu inspected the bag and when he is certain it is intact, he started laughing.

    This is fate, twisted, but still fate!

    Finding the little blue lamp, Cang Mang’s remains, are all because of his fate.

    But fate is always surrounded with danger, that’s what he found out from experience.

    With the bag in his hand, he completely ignores this thinking, still filled with happiness from finding it. To extend his life, Cang Mang must have used almost all the items in the bag, leaving only two.

    With a thought, in Qin Yu’s hand appeared a black robe, cold to the touch. Coming from such a powerful expert’s bag, it’s definitely not average.

    After wearing it, the robe looks big and with a hood, hides all his features. Qin Yu also found that his thought can’t pass through the robe, which it is good for hiding his identity. If he has something to do and doesn’t want anyone to find out who he is, this robe is the best item to do it with.

    The second item is a hand sized pill cauldron, with heavenly lightning and earthly fire carvings along with mysterious patterns, from an obvious it is a treasure for alchemy.

    This must be the cauldron Cang Mang mentioned, although its effect on the refined pills is unknown.

    Reigning in his eagerness to start refining pills, Qin Yu puts the two items back in the storage bag and takes one last careful look inside the hut but once again comes out empty handed.

    “Just this storage bag is an unimaginable gain, how can I not be satisfied!” Qin Yu admonished himself, his eyes having a complicated look when they landed on Cang Mang’s grave.

    This expert if he wouldn’t have had any accident, he would have broken through and reached Nascent Soul, with an increase in his life span of eight hundred years, and would allow him to escape from this prison. It’s a pity, his fate wasn’t enough.

    But if it had, then the Sacred Mountain Sect wouldn’t be like this and Qin Yu wouldn’t have had the fate to find this place.

    Shaking his head of these thoughts, Qin Yu cup his hands, “Junior is taking his leave.” Turned around and left the hut.

    With a look, his keen eyes found a small thing sticking out. With a cold smile, “You didn’t run? You actually dared to return!”

    Pheasant King hanged his head dispirited, if he could speak, ‘This rotten place! If I wasn’t afraid of poison why would I return?’

    Qin Yu bent his finger and Pheasant King slowly whimpered over, its eyes filled with tears and tail wagging.

    Qin Yu laughed at him. “Stop acting! I’ll let this one slide, after all, I was also using you.”

    Walking where he left the spiritual plants, Qin Yu is even more pleased, and put them in his storage bag leaving one fruit in his hand.

    “Here, eat.”

    Pheasant King woke up in an instant, with a flap of his wings, took and ate it with proficient moves, closing his eyes in satisfaction.

    Qin Yu feinted a kick, “Don’t enjoy it and come with me. Or stay here with the poison.”

    As he was talking, he suddenly remembered what Cang Mang mentioned. Sacred Mountain Sect’s Pill Disposing Facility’s formation lets the pill poison enter but not come out. Moreover, anyone who enters it could also come out.

    With a jump, he reached the stairs to the Facility and hurried to the entrance to see if he can open it by using his energy.

    His clothes started moving and Qin Yu felt a needle stabbing his head after focusing his energy on the door. The formation sucked him dry, yet showed no sign of opening.

    Qin Yu leaned on the stone wall and sat down, his pale face full of fear and despair. In the end a youngster can show calm, but when met with desperate times, his mind is still overwhelmed.

    With Cang Mang’s Golden Core cultivation, it still didn’t open, and Qin Yu with his meager Qi Refining, will have no choice but to spend his life here.

    No wonder there are so many bloodstains at the entrance, even signs of digging. They must have been caused by the desperate cultivators that came before and were in the same situation as him.

    Stay calm!

    Qin Yu breathed in an out, his look hardened, unconvinced that he will die in this place. Closing his eyes to rest, he started to regret taking all the pills, but at least this place isn’t dangerous and has a lot of time.

    After four hours he opened his eyes and took out the jade slip that contains Cang Mang’s insights in alchemy. Finding the part that had the technique to break down pills, he started to study it in detail.

    Even though he understood it and memorized all steps, he still can’t use a Golden Core stage technique fully.

    Qin Yu clenched his teeth, rose up with jade slip in hand, and starts descending the stairs. Now, there is only one choice left, if even this doesn’t work…

    Shaking hi head of sweat, Qin Yu is determined. So what if he fails? Cang Mang was able to stay hundreds of years hidden, waiting for an opportunity to escape. He could do the same!

    Opening the thick stone door, Qin Yu eyes lands on the furnace in the middle of the stone room. The furnace was put in this place when the Sacred Mountain Sect was at its peak. It gathers the earth’s energy to destroy the waste pills thrown inside.

    The upper section is where the waste pills are thrown, and below is the furnace. Cang Mang didn’t dare to destroy the furnace, and neither does Qin Yu. He went closer to open it and could hear the huge rumbling noise made by the furnace doors.

    A surging heat wave struck him, making him soak his robe with sweat.  But even more frightening than the heat is the ash cloud that envelop his body, and penetrating his skin.

    This is pill poison.  And mixed with the earthen fire results in a terrible combination! Luckily it is night and the blue light sends the poison to his index finger.

    What scared Qin Yu is the first time when this furnace started. As he searched at the side, found a long-abandoned iron shovel and returned with it at the furnace.

    Putting the shovel in and taking it out of the furnace resulted in becoming red hot at the edges, proof of the incredible heat inside. Not standing the heat, Qin Yu duck his head and saw that on the shovel, in a deep layer of black dust there are almost a hundred waste pills in half melted state.

    This many?

    Qin Yu was startled by the fact that this small Sacred Mountain Sect has this many waste pills. For each of these pills, the resources to make them are quite precious, yet soon he put this idea aside.

    After using the shovel a few times, he ended up with six-seven hundreds of waste pills. The poison pill coming out of these pills is spreading everywhere and making his vision fuzzy.

    Closing the furnace, Qin Yu slowly recovered his breathing from being nervous of what he did. The pill poison gradually thinned, allowing him to see more clearly. As he was in the center of the fog, most of it entered his body.

    When the last traces of the fog disappeared, he opens his eyes, and squatted while taking out the little blue lamp. The quiet light that comes from the lamp enveloped the ten waste pills.

    If it works, he’ll know soon enough!

    Time goes slowly with each breath, and suddenly Qin Yu’s eyes brighten. He finds that the pills’ temperature is dropping.

    Very soon the surface of the pills have a layer of frost, that as time passes gradually turns blue, a fainter blue than the light given by little blue lamp!


    With cracking noises, the waste pills shatter from the low temperature. A part of the fragments evaporates and only two thirds of the pills turn into fine ice crystals.

    It works!

    Exited, Qin Yu moves the little blue lamp to another pile of pills, turning them also into ice crystals.

    After removing the blue light, the pill fragments’ temperature begins to rise, and in a few short breaths, turned into black pieces. Qin Yu took a few, and after licking, he is ecstatic.


    Even though, he doesn’t know all of them, but from the taste he is sure they are pill ingredients. And a sweet-sour taste among them, that matches Spirit Gathering Pill, is the ingredient for this pill.

    With these materials, Cang Mang’s pill furnace and Alchemy technique, plus the little blue lamp pill improving ability… Qin Yu finally sees a way out of this desperate situation, perhaps difficult, but with determination, there will be a chance.

    In the unchanging underground, times flashes by.

    In the cultivating room, Qin Yu’s hand constantly forms signs with the pill furnace in front emitting constant heat.

    Suddenly, the pill furnace let out a burst of heat, becoming unstable, from inside a muffled sound could be heard.

    Qin Yu expression hardened, the hands signs increasing in speed, with almost ten signa per breath.


    The furnace opens with a bang, and a medicine fragrance spreads everywhere with seven green lights coming out of it. Qin Yu was prepared and collected the contents.

    Opening his hand, seven pills quietly lay in his palm, making Qin Yu extremely moved.

  • Chapter 9: Lang Tu’s death

    After failing dozens of times, wasting materials, and countless days, the Foundation Establishment Pills are finally done! He doesn’t want to admit, but his talent in Alchemy is truly ordinary.

    With the radiant pills in his hand, he only succeeded thanks to senior’s insights, using all the resources available and a good refining tool, like the cauldron. Yet even with this accomplishment he still knows that the path of Alchemy is a one filled with difficulties.

    The fact that Qin Yu managed to refine Foundation Establishment Pills was all thanks to Sacred Mountain Sect not knowing the method of breaking down waste pills. That’s how he had such a huge amount of waste pills from which he collected materials. But never mind that, all that matters is that he succeeded.

    Foundation Establishment Pill, as its name implies, it can help a cultivator of 10th layer of Qi Refining to advance and have a breakthrough in his cultivation to Foundation Establishment stage. Although, using pills to advance in stages, his future progress will be affected, and could even damage his foundation, Qin Yu doesn’t care. His current cultivation is solely based on a pile of pills. This foundation… he never had it to begin with!

    For two hours Qin Yu closed his eyes, and only when it darkened and the Foundation Establishment Pills were bathing in the blue and peaceful light, he opens them.

    As the light grows stronger, Qin Yu’s features become clearer, with a heroic air surrounding him. Perhaps from not seeing the sun for a whole year, his skin turned so white that it started giving of an ivory like shine. Cultivating alone in this underground place, his temperament was silently changing, becoming more reserved and determined.

    As the night passes, the blue light fades.

    Qin Yu takes the Little Blue Lamp, but not the pills. He discovered that for the pills to have improved their quality, it requires more time to be showered by the peaceful light the higher their grades.

    Second night.

    Third night.

    As Little Blue Lamp once again retracts its light, Qin Yu’s eyes bursts with light, his energy over these three night gradually reached its peak!

    The seven Foundation Establishment Pills after absorbing three nights of the serene blue light, their color changed from green to the blue color of the boundless sky, making them appear like a priceless treasure.

    Without the slightest hesitation, Qin Yu took one and swallowed.

    Today, he will reach Foundation Establishment!

    Once it enters his stomach, as if being thrown in a pot, it starts to boil and ignite, in a flash becoming a raging fire. All of the Qi Refining energy flares up, and like a ferocious beast, it charges around violently in his body, bringing about a rending pain.

    Qin Yu holding steady, with a clear mind, and just the intent to observe, doesn’t interfere at all in this process.

    Qi Refining energy like an invisible fog, flows randomly through the flesh and bones, making it boil, and as it collides with itself, it starts to condense into a foundation, allowing to reach the Foundation Establishment stage.



    The berserk energy, surging wildly through his bones and limbs, quickly arrives at his Dantian, crashing into it. Qin Yu’s whole body suddenly sook from a sudden wind, with his robe flailing around. The critical step was reached!

    Reason dictates, that a 10th layer of Qi Refining cultivator after taking a Foundation Establishment Pill, has seventy percent chances of breaking through. And Qin Yu’s pills have undergone Little Blue Lamp’s purifying process, becoming several times stronger, it has the medicinal properties of almost three original pills in one.

    Yet the expected break through didn’t come. Qin Yu quickly found that the explosive force of the spiritual energy in his Dantian is beginning to wane. Clearly the foundation wasn’t established. If this continues than this breakthrough was a failure.

    Qin Yu opens his eyes, grabs a Foundation Establishment Pill, and swallows.


    The calming energy, like pouring oil over a fire, starts to rage to an even greater degree, colliding against itself constantly.

    His body is assaulted by pain, and yet, the extent of the collisions is still not enough!

    Clenching his teeth, Qin Yu grabs a second pill. And another. Even three at once!

    After the last ones, he either reaches Foundation Establishment now, or he’ll remain at Qi Refining forever.


    The exploding medicine’s effect causes the berserk energy to exceed its limit, and Qin Yu starts to bleed from his seven apertures.

    And yet, he is smiling.

    In his Dantian, among the surging energy, the image of the foundation faintly reveals itself. And like a black hole, starts absorbing the surrounding energy.

    Within a few breaths, with the vanishing of all the energy, the foundation’s image turns vivid, and started spreading a mysterious energy throughout his whole body.

    To be accurate, this is actually the first step on the path of cultivation. With this, Qin Yu has truly begun to tread the world of cultivation.

    With a whoosh, the wind surrounding him disappears and he stands up, the blood on his pale face has yet to dry. Despite using so many Foundation Establishment Pills, even having seven, besides Qin Yu, there might not be any Qi Refining cultivator as crazy as him.

    Only thanks to the refined Strengthening Pill along this year to increas the body’s toughness, allowed to receive just these wounds. Or it would have been much worse.

    Felling the changing energy inside, the happy Qin Yu could only let a bitter smile thinking about his talent. The fact that he needed ten pills to reach Foundation Establishment shows the  true extent of his talent.

    But these don’t matter, what does, is that he reached Foundation Establishment. His smile quickly turning into a full-blown laugh.

    ‘Who would expect that I, Qin Yu, will one day also reach Foundation Establishment!’

    His eyes landing on the Little Blue Lamp, a weird feeling creeps on his heart. As if this lamp is looking back. But soon this feeling vanishes, and the lamp seems the same as always.

    Qin Yu restrains his smile, and puts the Little Blue Lamp back in his chest.

    Taking a pill, he begins to recover his health.

    After four hours he stretches his body, wipes the bloodstains from his face and begins ascending the stone steps.

    This year, each time he advanced a layer, he tried to opening the door to the facility. Among the repeated tries, only when he was at the 10th layer of Qi Refining there was a slight response from the formation, giving him hope. Perhaps todays the day he will leave.

    With the recovering of his health and energy, along the way, he began focusing all his will and power. Once he arrived with no hesitation, he uses the newly acquired Foundation Establishment energy to activate the restriction on the door.

    The familiar dreadful suction came once again and left him dry on energy. This time the unshakable formation starts to respond, and like a stone thrown in a lake, ripples began to appear.

    Enduring the stab of pain in his head, Qin Yu, with an unwavering gaze look suddenly heard a sound. A black light from within the fog was flying over, not having time to react, it landed on his chest.

    A powerful force knocked against him, throwing him backwards and rolling on the stairs, puking blood along the way.

    With a violent cough, he difficulty took out the Little Blue Lamp, that was now sporting a finger sized dark and round nail. If it weren’t for the lamp, the nail would have pierced his heart and kill him.

    After a nervous examination, Little Blue Lamp seems undamaged, and with a carefree smile looks towards the entrance. Despite the formation still being there, the terrible restriction is now gone. He knows that he can now leave this place!

    Time, is the world’s most terrifying power. Not only could it hold Cang Mang prisoner, it could even make this vicious formation weaker. This is also attributed to the Sacred Mountain Sect not maintaining this formation over hundreds of years, letting it decline in power.

    Touching the round nail, an odd information appeared in his head: Corpse Sealing Nail, demonic item, but can use energy to activate it.

    Like this, the magic item can be used. On the condition that it hasn’t been refine by anyone, or it can’t be used before the previous owner’s brand is removed.

    The Corpse Sealing Nail’s power also fell at its lowest. If not, even with Little Blue Lamp protecting him, the force would have been enough to destroy his insides.

    The one who set this place up was very careful. Even if by some chance there was someone who could open the formation, the weak state that would result is enough for the Corpse Sealing Nail to kill him.

    Qin Yu coughed twice, wiped the blood from his mouth and smeared it on the nail, showing a pleased look when it was absorbed. Most demonic items could only be refined by blood, the blood spilled today at least wasn’t wasted.

    Using the dazzling pill in his hand, with its tremendous effects, helped recovering hid body and energy in six hours.

    Soon it will be dark, and he can go out.

    In the deep and quiet night, Qin Yu comes out from the mist, raised his head and gaze at the moon, which shines upon the youngster’s smiling face.

    Making sure there are no people around, Qin Yu took a step and like a shadow, disappears in the night.

    Soon, Lang Tu’s courtyard appears before him.

    Good brother, sharing fortunes and enduring hardships, if there are trustworthy people on this world, Lang Tu definitely is one. Even if he can’t tell him about the Little Blue Lamp, he still decided to give him some pills.

    With light steps and graceful movements like a swan, he enters the courtyard. Even though he didn’t learn any techniques, the Foundation Establishment energy is enough to make his actions subtle. Reaching this strength with my body, Tu Dou will definitely be surprised!

    Thinking about the expression on Lang Tu’s face, Qin Yu started to smile, but the next instant his expression froze. The whole courtyard looks ruined and deserted for a long time, Lang Tu’s stone pillars used each day for training lay collapsed on the ground, covered in weeds. In front of the house the stone table with bench has dried bloodstains on it that shines under the moonlight.

    Qin Yu’s face turned pale. Forcing himself from thinking random thoughts, he cautiously looked around, turned his body and left the courtyard. His shadow speeding moves in the darkness close to the ground and very quickly another courtyard appears.

    “If you don’t want to die don’t move!”

    The cold and low voice coming from beneath the black hood behind him, made the startled outer sect disciple break in cold sweat.

    “Where is the person in the courtyard three li southeast from here?”

    The outer sect disciple slightly recalled, and with even more fear, “S-senior…”

    The hand on his neck tightened, “Talk!”

    “I’ll talk! I’ll talk! That person is dead for almost three months!”

    The black hood person slightly stiffened, “What was his name!”

    Sensing the bone piercing coldness behind his back, the disciple’s heart almost collapsed, crying said: “Lang Tu, he’s called Lang Tu!”

    Qin Yu gasped for breath, his chest rising each time, like it wanted to burst open.

    Dead… Lang Tu is dead…

    After a long time, he recovered and hissed: “Who killed him?”

    The disciple shook his head, “Don’t know, I really don’t know!”

    His fearful face started to show nervousness.

    Qin Yu drew closer, “Tell me, and this night will only be a nightmare, or not at will become real.” The tone was calm yet each word contained a coldness that reached the bones!

  • Chapter 10: Grandmaster

    The outer sect disciple started crying, “It’s Xu Jian! I saw him poisoning his food, and brought people to kill him at night. After that they threw his body over a cliff. I told you, so please spare me senior!”

    Qin Yu put some strength on his finger, causing his eyes to roll back and lose consciousness. Then turned around and left, his black clothes bathed under moonlight seem to absorb it making him  more obscured.

    “Xu Jian…” Qin Yu turn was like an evil spirit, with the ruthless rage showing in his eyes rage, but still kept his reasoning.

    The ones that killed Lang Tu isn’t just Xu Jiang, he will take revenge on all of them. Even if there is a Foundation Establishment among them, with no attacking techniques, he can only use the demonic item Corpse Sealing Nail, since at close range might not win.  

    Qin Yu lifted his right hand, looking at the now white shining finger, muttering, “Poison?”

    As the night passes, the sunlight gradually envelops the land. The Sacred Mountain Sect’s quiet surroundings is pierced by bustling outer sect disciples that one by one are leaving their homes to begin their work. Unbeknownst to them, one wakes up scared, and when found that everything is normal, decides to keep silence.

    Qin Yu easily enters Xu Jian’s courtyard, who as a leading figure, not only has a bigger residence, but also more complex built, obvious from the wine cellar. With arches built from bluestones, the floor is wiped clean and with oaken barrels of wine letting out an intoxicating fragrance.

    Qin Yu looked around and found a wine jar, with some left over inside. This wine must soon be drunk, or it will turn sour after being left too long in the open air.

    Carefully opening the jar, put his hand inside, and touched the wine with his finger. Soon after removes his hand and restores the jar to the state before, then turns around and leaves.

    Xu Jian is very good with wines, it is known by many. The reason why he has so many followers, is because each year the Xu clan outside the sect sends him a great amount of good wine. He uses this wine with his followers to win them over.

    Tonight, is no exception.

    After killing Lang Tu, he personally thrown him over the cliff, where at the bottom there is a raging river, from which you can’t come out of. He was a real problem, even poison still had strength. Just thinking about it, Xu Jian felt pain in his stomach.

    At least he is dealt with. As for Qin Yu, even if he is alive, after a year of being attacked of pill poison he’ll be howling in pain and die.

    ‘Humph, dare to mess with me. No one will have an easy death!’

    While thinking, he raised his head and downed the wine cup he toasted with. His eyes flashing with doubt, ‘how come it’s more fragrant than yesterday, was it the air?’

    As a man fond of wine, he did his research. He was about to call the others to drink less, when he was struck by a stomach pain. Like a dagger stirring his insides and rotting his organs.

    Xu Jian’s face turn pale, with no sign of blood, and collapsed on the floor, opened his mouth to shout but no sound came out. His body started twisting like a centipede, fingers scratching on the floor quickly losing their nails and bleeding everywhere. His eyes filled with fear, reflecting the courtyard filled with twisted bodies, struggling in pain, stiffening in despair.

    Qin Yu standing on a tree, gazing coldly inside the courtyard, waited for Xu Jian’s body to cease its movements and then left. Without leaving any trace of his meddling.

    Not lingering, Qin Yu returned to the Pill Disposing Facility’s underground herb field beside a cenotaph. Sitting on the ground, without wine or food.

    “Tu Dou, look. It’s so easy to kill without a trace, and make them suffer before it. So you must admit that young master, I, is smarter than you. I can’t help but scold you, for learning to call me young master, instead of learning and become smarter, to not die so easily. Do you know what you missed? Young master, I, was prepared to share the Little Blue Lamp with you!”

    Clapping his hands, he then takes out the Little Blue Lamp from his chest, “This is the Little Blue Lamp. I named it to be easy to remember. Weren’t you curious why Wei Wei had such a turn of fate? I will tell you, it’s all due to this lamp. Can you see? I already managed to reach Foundation Establishment!”

    Talking for a long time, showing off for even longer, he even placed some pills in front of the burial mound.

    Qin Yu felt his mouth dry, wiped his face with his hand, and took back the pills one by one, “You won’t be needing them now. I’ll be leaving and will let you have the title of young master. Rest, no one will be coming here.”

    He turned around and left, climbing the tunnel and arriving at the dirty bed. This is the first day in eight years that he doesn’t cultivate and just sinks into a deep sleep.

    This sleep, goes on for three days and three nights, as if to remove all the exhaustion and weariness from his body in one go. And as he opens his eyes, his mind is completely peaceful, at least on the surface.

    Once again begins cultivating, even more determined, and immersed.

    Because, Qin Yu was once weak, Lang Tu’s death made him realize, that only with enough strength, you can live longer.

    After a few days, he stops. Now that he reached Foundation Establishment, using the same pills, he soon finds out that they have less effect and can’t sustain the same cultivation speed. The pills meant for Qi Refining are weaker for higher cultivation, and must be replaced with pills of higher grade.

    When the night descends, Qin Yu comes out of the facility and takes a direction, quietly disappearing in the darkness.

    After a year, the underground furnace’s amount of waste pill is almost gone, and if he wants to cultivate, he can only go out in the world. Although dangerous, but after careful consideration, Qin Yu still decided on leaving. If there are no major problems, he will get a lot of benefits.

    Dongliu City isn’t big, only has seven-eight streets, with a range of a thousand li and is famous for trading. Zeng clan’s Treasure Pill Pavilion has a long-established reputation, specialized in trading ingredients and pills. With good quality and fair price, it became known even outside the city.

    Under the light coming from the stained-glass lamp, head shopkeeper’s brows are furrowed, carefully assessing the shops books, constantly changing his expression.

    Since half a month, they sold 421 pill ingredients, over twice the usual amount, and bought less than a hundred, with pill sales consisting of almost forty percent.

    Being in this business for fifty years, head shopkeeper formed an instinct, immediately finding that something is different.

    “Go and investigate what’s going on.” Head shopkeeper waved his hand and the shadow in the corner disappeared. Zeng Clan has been the top of this city for over a hundred years. The clan’s strong members are the reason for this, but also the troops trained in secret.

    Head shopkeeper believes that once Zeng clan moves, no matter where it came from, this incident will be solved.

    After two hours, several papers appear in front of the head shopkeeper. He looks through them and soon his indifferent attitude changes, with sweat begining to show on his forehead. Not delaying one moment, he shouts for the carriage to be readied and with the papers in hand rushes to the Zeng clan residence.

    The boundless mountains rise like a giant beast from the earth, extending to the edges of the horizon, for tens of thousands of li. On these mountains there is a poisonous fog, with the demonic beasts roaming around, the few traces of people are proof of the amount of spiritual plants here. With Dongliu City’s status, and being close to this mountain, countless hunters and herb gatherers make their living from these mountains.

    Cao Hua is one such hunter.

    He has been roaming these mountains for almost eight years, managing to survive until now, proof enough of his toughness. He gradually got a reputation, and the people who respect him are all calling him Brother Cao.

    “Brother Cao, you’ve been quite leisure lately, haven’t seen you on the mountains for many days now.” At a street wine shop, opening the flaps at the front, a stout man calls out in a loud voice.

    Cao Hua laughingly joked, “Can’t I even rest for a while? Always going on the mountain, be careful not to lose your life there!”

    The wine shop was filled with laughter, not few grinned on the inside, ‘Since you’re a hunter, your brain fell to your belt. If you won’t hunt, how can you get pills to increase your cultivation?’  

    If you’re scared of death, then you don’t belong here!

    Cao Hua walks hurriedly into an alley, leaving the sounds of laughter behind, with a mocking smile.


    ‘I am already earning a lot of spirit stones; how can I go risk my life in the mountains.’ Thinking about that small courtyard, Cao Hua felt excited, with an anxious look, “As time passes more peopl will know about this. Better hurry and earn as much as I can.”

    As he was thinking, he increased his gait, to almost running, and looks in the direction of the small courtyard.

     But soon his smile froze.

    Several carriages stopped on the street. A big carriage among them takes a part of the street, with even the horses decorated luxuriously. But what drew Cao Hua’s attention is the clan’s emblem with brambles on it.

    Zeng Clan!

    The items on him are exactly materials from Treasure Pill Pavilion, causing Cao Hua to break out in cold sweat. This, all happened in an instant; being on the edge of the knife for so many years, he has some instincts. Cao Hua lowered his head and with a revered look, walked towards a side alley.

    Just then, a sound from the carriage rooted him in place.

    “Just him?”

    “Yes, young miss.”

    “Go ask.”

    “Please wait.”

    This simple dialog wasn’t rushed, seemed even casual. Cao Hua had enough time to leave, but his legs seems to have grown roots not moving an inch.

    The head shopkeeper bowing in front of the carriage, straighten himself, and with a cold stare, “Good that you didn’t run, making me waste less time. Come here, and tell this old man what were you doing here.”

    Cao Hua walked over with a blanch face.

    A moment later, the head shopkeeper returned to the carriage and respectfully said: “Little miss, the exchange is three to one.” Finishing, he watches the small courtyard with a deep gaze.

    The inside of the carriage was quiet, as the miss was contemplating, then pushed the carriage door and gracefully climbed down. Her features are only average, the corner of her eyes showing her naivety, but when you take all her traits in, she possesses incredible charm, with every movement stirring the heart.

    Sweeping her gaze at the closed door of the ordinary courtyard, Zeng Mo’er pupils flashed, “I will go and take a look.”

    Head shopkeeper open his eyes wide, “Mustn’t…”

    Zeng Mo’er waved her hand, “I am just asking for a pill, and based on their demand, they will still dare not to accept?” She threw a vague look at the last carriage, her mind growing calmer.

    Head shopkeeper unable to stop her, prepared the materials and followed behind muttering, ‘Little miss is the Patriarch’s cherished daughter, if anything happens, it won’t be any different from dying sooner, with no way out’.


    The door opens, showing a tall and straight young man, not particularly handsome, but still carries a heroic air. Just that his eyes are bloodshot, like he hasn’t rested in a long time, and his tone was inevitably harsher.

    “You also want pills? You know the rule.”

    Zeng Mo’er smelling the medicine fragrance, saluted calmly, “I heard that Dongliu City has been bestowed with the Grandmaster’s presence, therefore Zeng Mo’er from Treasure Pill Pavilion came to request a pill. Didn’t expect for Grandmaster to be of such a young age, truly amazing.”

    The youngster’s face changed, waved his hand repeatedly, “Don’t speak nonsense, I’m just the errand boy.”

    “Um, sorry for the rudeness, wanted to ask fellow Daoist to announce that junior Zeng Mo’er is here to see him.” Zeng Mo’er smiled lightly.

    The youth shook his head, “Grandmaster doesn’t receives guests. If you want a pill, then offer the ingredients, if not then just leave.”

    Zeng Mo’er face froze, and coldly said, “Fellow Daoist, you better go and announce, my Zeng Clan in Dongliu City is the ruler here. Can it be that I don’t even have the right to see the Grandmaster?”

    The young man rolled his eyes, and closed the door with a bang, the sounds of footsteps quickly moving further away.

  • Chapter 11: Beneath the skirt

    Head shopkeeper hurriedly said, “Young miss, the Grandmaster in this place has a youngster at Foundation Establishment for a servant. You mustn’t be rash.”

    Zeng Mo’er frowned, the coldness in her eyes long gone, and with one last look at the door, she left.

    Head shopkeeper felt humiliated, with young miss magnanimous heart, how can she get angry this easily. He was afraid she will do something unwise, so he spoke out.

    In the meantime, Zeng Mo’er arrived at the last carriage and in a tender voice: “Grandfather, Little Mo’er is bullied, you have to get justice for me!”

    Head shopkeeper’s mouth was agape, and in a rush, he kneels in front of the carriage along with the servants, “Greetings Patriarch!”

    A gentle voice came from inside, “You cheeky brat, you were clearly the rude one. No wonder he slammed the door in your face.”

    The carriage door opened by itself. Inside, on a yellow praying mat, an old man in black robe was sitting upright with his hair bound in a purple crown. His appearance seems simple and ordinary, with a faint smile on his face. Yet just sitting there with no sign of movement, there is now an odd pressure enveloping the street.

    Golden Core!

    Zeng Chenming cupped his hands, and in a flat tone let his voice travel far, “Fellow Daoist, is it possible to meet this old man?”

    Quickly, the door once again opens, the previous youngster comes out once again, and looks at the carriage with respect, “I am Qin Yu, greetings Senior.”

    Zeng Chenming’s brows tighten, the air becoming stagnant.

    The revering Qin Yu, with a bitter smile, “Senior Zeng, please don’t make it difficult for this youngster. Grandmaster isn’t here and there is nothing I can do.” After a pause, he probed, “You can come in, I won’t be able to stop you anyway, and I’m sure Grandmaster won’t mind.”

    Zeng Chenming stared at the door, and after a silent moment, shook his head, “No need, since fellow Daoist is focused on refining pills, this old man won’t disturb you. But because of your exchange rate of three sets of ingredients for one pill, your’re making it difficult for my Treasure Pill Pavilion.”

    Qin Yu respectfully said, “Grandmaster said, that after today it will change to five for one, and that we will be staying here for two months at most.”

    Zeng Chenming with a smile, “Then let this old man be the first to do business with fellow Daoist.” He waved his hand and a wooden chest appeared, “Here are three hundred sets of ingredients for Primal Soul Pill and will come in seven days to collect them. What do you say?”

    “Five days are enough”, then Qin Yu took out a storage bag and put the chest inside.

    Zeng Chenming’s pupils slightly contracted, becoming even more friendly, “Then Mo’er will come to collect the pills in five days’ time. Farewell, young friend.”

    Qin Yu watched the Zeng clan convoy leaving, then went inside and closed the door. On his way inside the house, he was slightly pale while taking long breaths.

    Inside, there is a stone filled with cracks laying quietly on a table. Cang Mang’s golden core, the one that just now gave Zeng Chenming a scare.

    After today’s excitement, there shouldn’t be anyone who will dare to cause trouble.

    Qin Yu was smiling, ‘The time to harvest has come!’


    In the carriage.

    Zeng Chenming, with eyes closed, suddenly said, “From now on, no one is allowed to offend that courtyard.” Then, “If there’s a chance, try to make friends with that Qin Yu.”

    Zeng Mo’er frowned, “Grandmaster is worthy of our Zeng clan’s respect. And that youngster is definitely no good. What’s the point of getting friendly with him?”

    Zeng Chenming opened his eyes, smiling at her, “Ah, you, such petty thoughts. Not willing to back down at all.” He shook his head, and sighed, “Ah, half step Nascent Soul. Such a Grandmaster in Alchemy, came here in hiding to focus on Alchemy. Maybe to condense his energy and make the final leap for the Nascent Soul stage. With a person of such strength, his disciple’s talent how can it be ordinary? Truth be told, old man has been considering to get you two together.”

    “Ah, golden string storage bag. Although not high grade, but very rare and a lot better then your old man’s.”

    Nascent Soul…

    In Southern Nation’s territory, at most five people have this kind of power. Thinking about that unremarkable courtyard, hiding such a dragon, Zeng Mo’er couldn’t help being socked. But hearing the end, she recovered instantly, and her charming face pouted cutely said, “Grandfather, I will always accompany you and never marry. If you talk about this again, Mo’er will get angry!”

    Zeng Chenming let out a helpless sigh, and with a wide smile, “Alright, alright, grandfather won’t say. My Mo’er is so outstanding and great; can take her time choosing.”

    Zeng Chenming, is just as he is known for, a man of his word. The matter of a grandmaster in the path of Alchemy coming to Dongliu City will become known to everyone in just as short as a day. The remote courtyard in an instant became one of the three sacred ground, besides Zeng clan and Kong clan, with countless cultivators coming with reverence.

    About the courtyard exchange rate, a lot of cultivators that sold ingredients will be gritting their teeth in anger. And as for Cao Hua who wanted to become rich, only to be beaten like a pig, is another story.

    No one is concerned about such minor details.

    Qin Yu was very busy, even with his uncommon cauldron it will still be very difficult to use all three hundred sets of ingredients in five days.  But luckily, he can make pills non-stop. With the Little Blue Lamp, he only needs to make the pills and the lamp will improve their quality.

    Of course, only normal quality. The perfect ones he keeps them, for now. Now that things are settled, the Dongliu City’s other clan, the Kong clan, also sent someone to greet, without causing any incidents.

    With no sleep or rest, after five days Zeng Mo’er came for the sixty Primal Soul Pills.

    The puzzled Qin Yu scowled, not understanding why this lass is angry with him, giving him a death stare before leaving. At least he doesn’t act against her, also holding no interest towards Zeng Mo’er. Then simply turned around and closed the door behind him, making the countless respectful gazes return to normal.  

    The sixty pills were the last test; and now that it went without problems, there won’t be any future inconveniences. After announcing a temporary break in refining pills, Qin Yu returns to cultivating with pills. The reason he risked coming here, is for improving his cultivation. His skill in alchemy although important, he can’t put the cart in front of the horse.

    Advancing in Foundation Establishment stage is clearly harder. If Qi Refining would be compared with a pond, Foundation Establishment would be similar to a lake. Filling a pond is simple, but to fill a lake is ten times harder.

    Taking pills like food, not stopping be it day or night, after half a month, Qin Yu only reached the second layer. The plan was to continue cultivating, since he had enough pills on hand and didn’t need to continue concocting.

    But the constant visitors, forced him out of his hiding, and deal with waves of young talents coming over.

     The one called a young talent, of course isn’t an ordinary youngster. Not only a senior disciple of a sect, but also with some renown. His cultivation would definitely be no less than Foundation Establishment or he would be too embarrassed to show his face with a meager Qi Refining stage.

    Since they’re young talents, of course they’re also a rowdy bunch. To cultivate, to fawn at their master, and to occasionally meet with female disciples under a starry sky. With all of them so busy, there must be a real reason for gathering in Dongliu City.

    As a ‘Grandmaster’s disciple’, Qin Yu mustn’t get angry and instead find out the reason.

    Recently there have been demonic cultivators causing havoc in Southern Nation, with a considerable number of disciples perishing, and even more missing. The disciples from each sect gathered together to talk about forming a demon hunting team, and block the demonic cultivators from destroying the Southern Nation.

    He also heard, that Sacred Mountain Sect’s Head Disciple Han Dong and the rising star Wei Wei both lost their lives at the hands of these demonic cultivators. After their death that night, he was full of resentment but hat to reign it in, as he is also one of the reasons they died.

    After numerous pills refined, and the interruption from cultivation, Qin Yu simply took a chair and sat outside the courtyard, denying anyone who came to request a pill.

    But quickly he came to regret it.

    As a Grandmaster of Alchemy’s disciple, he gathers many flies, that kept on buzzing, and some even using obnoxious flattery, causing him to stay for just an hour before made to retreat inside. When he got up to leave, the guests kept saluting in hope of following him in, and behind them he heard a cry of surprise.

    A cloud was approaching from the horizon, with a female on it.

    If Zeng Mo’er was beautiful as a whole, stirring the heart, then this female, from top to bottom, with each of her feature outstanding. Making everyone not believing what they saw, that the world could give birth to such a perfect figure. As if overlooking the world, with a calm expression, she released a natural grace that would be difficult to even think of disrespecting her.

    Qin Yu’s hear shook, a thread of numb and unknown feeling rose from his heart, but forced it down. Because the next moment, his eyes opened wide, and with great alarm lowered his head quickly and left.

    Ning Ling brows creased slightly. The cloud below her is a transforming magic item. The energy she provided was sluggish for a moment but soon recovered its speed, so the cloud didn’t dissipate completely and see beneath her skirt. Yet, with no reason, just then she felt something odd...

    Eyes turned sharp in an instant, and released a cold stare as she is sweeping the crowd. But couldn’t continue for long as people came flying toward her.

    Head Disciple of Heavenly Cloud Sword Sect said frostily, “Junior sister Ning, who hurt you? I will go and seek justice for you!”

    Ning Ling and a few others exchanged greetings, and on an indifferent note, “Little sister chanced upon Little Master, and exchanged a few moves, truly worthy of being a young talent with such a great strength. If fellow Daoist by some chance meets him, should take caution.”

    Several young talents immediately became furious.

    “Demonic cultivator Little Master Liang Taizu! Once I finish assembling the demon destroying team, we’ll see if he dares to run wild, when he meets with me!”

    “Exactly! Qixing City lost four disciples from meeting with a sudden attack. Fortunately, junior sister Ning is unhurt.”

    “Come, lets join together and finish assembling the team so we can go hunt this murderer!”

    Some started talking about their bravery, crowding around Ning Ling, but immediately, her noble character reached its peak, charming countless people, and making them feel ashamed.

    Ning Ling nodded, her eyes looking around, and noticed that youngster’s trace disappeared, then calmly followed the others inside Dongliu City.

    Closing the door, Qin Yu took in long breaths, even though he didn’t do anything wrong, why did he feel guilty? It wasn’t on purpose! With such a good pair of eyes, how come he didn’t see it before!

    When the cloud lapsed, it was enough to conceal it, but not enough to hide it for Qin Yu’s prying eyes. The undergarments beneath the skirt was destroyed, and spots of mottled blood were scattered like plum blossoms, as if to reflect the white skin inside, incredibly breathtaking.  

    Qin Yu shock his head forcefully, but couldn’t help always thinking about that view, now imprinted in his mind, unable to forget. ‘Ai, doesn’t matter if I can’t forget it, we won’t meet again so soon anyway. But it was such a wonderful accident. Maybe when it gets really boring, I could… bad, bad thought!’

    Qin Yu slapped himself, to get his mind out of the gutter. He still has a long way to go, and doesn’t dare to have any distracting thoughts. As he enters the house, he plans not to come out to soon.

    Yet when something occurs, even if you want to avoid it, you will have no choice but to embrace it.
  • Chapter 12: Eternal Youth Pill

    On the morrow, as Qin Yu opened the door, and saw the mesmerizing Zeng Mo’er, his face froze. Of course, he recovered very fast, and after greeting her, he turned to her companion cupping his hands, “And this fairy is?”

    For reasons unknown, seeing him all gentlemanly, Zeng Mo’er’s heart filled with fury, and with an irritated voice, “What’s it to you! Sister Ning, be careful, some people have no shame!”

    Qin Yu was helpless. Until now, they have only met three times, and didn’t exchange more than twenty phrases. How exactly is he shameless?

    Ning Ling eyes flashed, and asked instead, “Have I seen you yesterday, fellow Daoist?”

    Qin Yu’s back instantly broke in cold sweat, but his face had a blank look, “Really? I don’t seem to recall.”

    Ning Ling inspected his face for any signs, and then, with a light smile, “My name is Ning Ling.”

    Qin Yu with a nervous heart, greeted, “Qin Yu.”

    Zeng Mo’er grumbled, “Sister Ning, why tell him your name? didn’t I said you should be careful?”

    Qin Yu coughed once, “Young miss Zeng, I don’t think I was ever disrespectful to you, and if you continue to always put me in a bad light, I will be force to… do the same.”

    Zeng Mo’er was startled, only then understood his meaning. With beautiful eyes turned big, “You dare!”

    Ning Ling blocked her from continuing and lightly said. “Fellow Daoist Qin Yu, Mo’er brought me here so that I could request a pill from Grandmaster.”

    Then her hand flashed, and a jade box appeared.

    Storage bag!

    This girl’s status isn’t small.

    Qin Yu felt cold inside, increasingly determined on his plan, and not letting her see any clues.

    “Inside are three sets of ingredients for Eternal Youth Pill. I only have these few, and hope Grandmaster can refine the pill, so that I can gift it at a senior’s birthday. If by some chance senior would fail, then I won’t blame him.”

    Eternal Youth Pill can stop aging. If someone takes it, his appearance won’t change even after thirty years. It is very precious especially for female cultivators. It is a Foundation Establishment ranked pill, but its difficulty is actually close to a Golden Core ranked pill, with a high rate of failure!

    Qin Yu knit his brows. He should decline, but looking in Ning Ling’s eyes as deep as lake, he couldn’t help but nod. After agreeing to return in two days, the two girls don’t linger for long and hand in hand swiftly left.

    Seeing them in the distance, Qin Yu slapped his forehead an let out a bitter smile. ‘Beautiful as jade, although pleasing to the eye, yet disturbing the heart!’ Then admonished himself, ‘In the future, there won’t be a next time’, and went directly to refining pills.

    Eternal Youth Pill. If not for Little Blue Lamp, Qin Yu might as well not even try, but even so, he can’t afford to be one bit careless. After all, the Grandmaster’s reputation has spread far and wide. Eternal Youth Pill might be difficult, but even playing, I will still manage to refine it!



    Muffled noise, constantly comes out of the refining room. Even with Qin Yu’s expectations, Eternal Youth Pill’s difficulty exceeded his imagination.

    Of the three sets, not one succeeded, and at night, used the Little Blue Lamp to recover the materials so that he can continue refining. Two days and two nights, Qin Yu tried no less than thirty times, and finally, on the second night he managed to refine one pill.

    Of course, this pill doesn’t have even a third of the usual effect, and in other alchemist’s hand it would be considered a waste.

    But there’s the Little Blue Lamp!

    Not minding the quality of the pill in his hand, which is close to half a normal pill in size, Qin Yu post-haste, put it under Little Blue Lamp’s light. With a few hours left of the night, he hopes it will be enough.

    Once done, exhaustion hit him like a tide, seeping into each fiber, and with each movement there were some cracking sounds coming out from his body. Forcing himself to sit cross-legged, Qin Yu took out one of Primal Soul Pill, Spirit Raising Pill and Body Moulding Pill, raised his head and swallowed them, closed his eyes afterwards.

    Primal Soul Pill strengthens the consciousness, Spirit Raising Pill increases cultivation, and Body Molding Pill refines the body, all of which pills are Qi Refining ranked upgraded pills.

    Taking three different pills at once, doesn’t he care about the effects?

    What!?  Are you saying that taking them will cause harm? Let’s put it another way… those that have pills, are this reckless!

    The rash Qin Yu was woken up only by the knock on the door when the sun started rising. Shaking his head to remove the daze he was in, Qin Yu opens the door.

    It’s Zeng Mo’er, no surprise there. This girl is aware that ‘Grandmaster’ won’t lower himself to grace her with his presence, and in turn becomes cheekier. And before Ning Ling could open her mouth, she starts complaining, “Time’s up. Where’s the Eternal Youth Pill? With Grandmaster’s reputation, don’t say there are no results!”

    Qin Yu completely ignores her, and nods towards Ning Ling, “Please wait, I’ll go fetch it.”

    As he went inside, he left the door open, with Zeng Mo’er in front stomping her feet in anger, but not daring to enter. Although acting up, ignoring Grandmaster’s intentions, is another thing altogether. She is even certain that Qin Yu let the door open to trap her. What a wretched guy!

    “Still not coming? What’s taking so long to find a pill?” Zeng Mo’er gnashed her teeth.

    Ning Ling’s brows were also creased slightly.

    After a while, Qin Yu appeared in their view, and cut off Zeng Mo’er before she could complain, “Young ladies, please follow me inside.”

    Ning Ling was a bit astounded, taking a look inside the courtyard.

    Qin Yu nodded, “Grandmaster’s request.”

    Stopping Zeng Mo’er’s ridicule, Ning Ling pulled her hand and went inside. The courtyard was somewhat messy, and from the leaves on the floor it is obvious that the people living here haven’t cleaned in a long time.

    Qin Yu closed the door, then, “It’s a bit of a mess, young ladies must think it’s disgraceful.” And took out a jade bottle from his chest.

    Not even receiving guests, Ning Ling frowns lightly, and Zeng Mo’er’s expression seems to say that she found his true nature.

    Qin Yu shook his head laughing, and carefully laid the bottle on the stone table in front of him, stepping back afterwards, “Lady Ning Ling, please.”

    Ning Ling hesitating, took the bottle, and let out a cry when she opened it, looking at the small azure pill resting peacefully on her palm. Its size, only half of a normal pill, but no one was minding this, and just stared unwaveringly at its surface.

    The rich medicine fragrance was floating about, and after a long time, the silence was broken by a trembling voice, “Sister Ning Ling… this… this is…”

    Zeng Mo’er was stammering, her small red face filled with shock.

    Ning Ling with a deep breath, “Fellow Daoist Qin Yu?”

    Qin Yu was filled with admiration, “Perfect Eternal Youth Pill! There is no need for lady Ning Ling to ask, since even I don’t know the reason, but it is Grandmaster’s intention. However, I hope young miss Ning won’t reveal this and keep it a secret.”

    Ning Ling turned towards the deeper part of the courtyard and bowed, “This truly is an Eternal Youth Pill, after taking it one’s appearance won’t change. Ning Ling expresses her deepest gratitude, Grandmaster.”

    Receiving it, Ning Ling turns her hand and out of the storage bag takes out a jade pendant, approximately a finger in size and clear as a crystal, with its surface shining.

    “Eternal Youth Pill’s value is unimaginable, junior wants to express her gratitude with this Concealing Pendant. Even though it doesn’t compare, please, Grandmaster accept it.”

    Qin Yu took the pendant in a flash, and as the information enters his mind, he shows no intention of declining―Concealing Pendant, after binding, it can hide someone’s cultivation, even from Golden Core experts.

    This, he needs this pendant badly.

    Without batting an eyelid, Qin Yu turned and bowed, “Grandmaster, youngster is fond of this pendant, is it possible to accept it?”


    Qin Yu is exalted, “Understood. Many thanks young miss Ning!”

    Ning Ling gave him a look and nodded, “It is I who should express my thanks, fellow Daoist Qin Yu. My heart wouldn’t be appeased if I were to take the pill without giving anything in exchange.” She cupped her hands, “I won’t disturb you any longer, junior will be taking her leave.”

    Zeng Mo’er was clearly startled, and swiftly followed behind.

    Qin Yu sent them off, and in haste return to the refining room, frowning. He is also puzzled, in less than half a night Little Blue Lamp upgraded the Eternal Youth Pill to perfect quality.

    He hopes this event won’t cause any waves. Although perfect Eternal Youth Pill is incredible, it shouldn’t be above Grandmaster’s capabilities. So long there won’t be any more perfect quality pills appearing, his secret will remain hidden.

    Now, it might be calm and peaceful, but one single event can cause ripples and attract unwanted attention.


    Must be very vigilant!

    In a silent carriage.

    Ning Ling is lost in thought, while Zeng Mo’er was hesitating.

    Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and said softly, “Sister Ning, are you familiar with this Grandmaster?”

    Ning Ling thinking, “He must have his reasons.”

    Zeng Mo’er lightly nodded, ‘Patriarch already mentioned, Ning Ling’s status isn’t small at all. She must have an incredible background, and today’s event confirms it.’ She then gathered her courage, “Sister Ning, if I were to ask Grandmaster for a pill, will he accept?”

    Ning Ling, after a silent moment, “Mo’er, since Grandmaster found out my origins, he is definitely a powerful figure. Having this kind of request, he won’t bear any resentment, or feel any kind of disrespect. You understand my meaning?”

    Zeng Mo’er’s lovely face was slightly white, with forced a smile, “Rest assured sister Ning, little sister knows your sincerity, but still wants to try.”

    She leaned back and closed her eyes, speaking no more.

    Ning Ling inwardly sighed. She knows why Zeng Mo’er wants to ask for a pill, but receiving the Eternal Youth Pill, is already a big favor. Definitely not worthy of just a meager magic item, so she doesn’t mention it.

    Hopefully, Grandmaster is merciful.

    Patriarch Zeng Chenming once again comes to visit, with an even greater convoy, presenting all kinds of gifts, forming a small hill.

     Once he heard the purpose of the visit, Qin Yu’s face changed. Glaring at Zeng Mo’er, in a deep voice said, “Senior Zeng, what is the meaning of this? Are you trying to force Grandmaster to refine pills for the Zeng clan?”

    Zeng Chenming sighed, “Young friend misunderstood, Zeng clan has no intention to disrespect Grandmaster. If Grandmaster would help in an embarrassing matter, this old man will be immensely grateful!”

    Qin Yu absolutely refused, “The Eternal Youth Pill for young miss Ning, tired Grandmaster greatly. Senior Zeng must understand, Grandmaster isn’t able to help right now. Please take back your gifts.”

    Zeng Chenming’s heart trembled, he was speculating that Grandmaster wanted to take the final step to reach Nascent Soul. And Qin Yu confirmed it by declining pill requests.

    His face darkened, and seems to have aged a few years, “It is this old man that was hasty, goodbye.”

    “Grandfather!” Zeng Mo’er cried bitterly, then turned around kneeling on the ground, “Grandmaster, I beg you to save my uncle. He will die, he will truly die!”

    Among crying, Qin Yu can more or less understand, why Zeng Mo’er displays this kind of behavior. Zeng Zhongxiu, with his heavenly, talent reached 10th layer of Qi Refining at the age of sixteen, and with his ability in Alchemy, shocking everyone.

    This kind of genius, for a clan, would have a limitless future. But with an arrogant attitude, he wanted to break through to Foundation Establishment alone, only to have Zeng Mo’er barge in at a critical moment. He not only failed, but also suffered from deviation. After that, his cultivation was stagnant, forced to lay ill in bed. Even with Zeng clan’s connections, there was still no choice but to waste his life away, and await death in despair.

    Zeng Mo’er beautiful tear-stained face, bowed, “Brother Qin Yu, Mo’er is young and careless, offending you many times. Don’t take it to heart and help me beg for Grandmaster’s for a perfect Foundation Establishment Pill. No matter what conditions, Mo’er will fulfill them.”

    Zeng Chenming closed his eyes in pain, and when he opened them, they were much clearer, “Mo’er, enough!” Cupped his hands towards the courtyard, “Let Grandmaster see such disgrace from an insolent girl. This old man will be taking her and leave.”

    Zeng Mo’er woodenly get up, the people behind them seems to have lost their soul, without any expression on their faces.

    Qin Yu coughed once, “Eh, so you need a Foundation Establishment Pill…”

  • Chapter 13: Demonic cultivator

    Zeng Mo’er went rigid, then turned around in a rush, and stared at him with a pleading gaze.

    Qin Yu took out a pill bottle, and let a pill fall in his palm, “Is this enough?”

    Zeng Chenming’s face full of creases trembled. Anyone could see he was moved, “Enough! Enough!”

    Of course it’s enough. This is what Qin Yu was left with after breaking through, four perfect Foundation Establishment pills.

    “My talent was lacking, and only with the Foundation Establishment Pills bestowed by Grandmaster could I break through. Since Zeng clan is in need of it, there is no harm in letting you have  one.”

    “From today, young friend is our esteemed guest!” Zeng Chenming solemnly said.

    Zeng Mo’er with trembling hand, took the perfect quality Foundation Establishment Pill with utmost care, and bowed deeply.

    After leaving the gifts behind, Zeng clan left.

    As Qin Yu was about to close the door, a beautiful figure standing on the side of the road caught his attention, and hesitatingly greeted, “Is there something, young miss Ning?”

    Ning Ling indifferently said, “Mo’er already said that she will accept any condition for that pill. I understand her well, and once she said something, she meant it. Fellow Daoist Qin Yu lost a golden opportunity.”

    Qin Yu forced a smile, “Young miss Ning, don’t tease me. I couldn’t accept, with Patriarch Zeng present. I am satisfied with just some favors.”

    Ning Ling watched him with her deep eyes, as if they were a cave that could swallow everything, making Qin Yu heart frantic, his face almost crumbling; then she suddenly said, “Little sister has a Concealing Art, nothing profound, but complements the Concealing Pendant. If used together, even a Nascent Soul will find it hard to detect anything.”

    Capable of hiding from a Nascent Soul, this Art, isn’t as simple as she is letting out.

    Seeing the small pendant resting on his chest, with fine lines on it giving off a different type of beauty, in Qin Yu’s subconscious once again appears that first view, the motley spots of blood beneath the skirt, causing his heart to warm up and his eyes growing hotter.

    “This… many thanks young miss Ning.”

    Careful not to touch her, he took the jade slip, while thinking about the girl’s private matter. Receiving this Art today, caused him to feel some guilt and unconsciously asked, “Young miss Ning, how is your wound?”

    Ning Ling smiled lightly, “The wound isn’t infected, and moving less will…” Her voice abruptly stops and raised her head, and as expected, narrowed her eyes, letting a cold glint come out of their depths.

    “Fellow Daoist Qin Yu how did you know, that I was hurt?”

    Qin Yu’s forehead starts sweating, quickly saying, “Smell, smell! I am very sensitive to the smell of blood. Even with young miss Ning taking care of the wound I could still sense it. *Cough**cough*, it’s getting late and I need to help Grandmaster refine pills, goodbye young miss Ning.” Turn and left, although with a straight back, it still gave of the feeling of leaving in a panic.

    Ning Ling bit her lip, seeing him not even turning his head when closing the door, her face was raging from embarrassment, but let out a light sigh in the end. Qin Yu saw this clearly, ‘will she press on and ask if I saw under her dress?’

    What Mo’er said was right, this guy truly is wretched!

    Stamping her foot, exposing a rarely seen bashfulness, Ning Ling turned around and left.

    After disappearing, her skirt floating around, shadows appeared outside the courtyard, looking at each other, each immediately recognized the admiration in the others heart.

    As expected of Grandmaster’s disciple. Even his relations with girls is outstanding, capable of stirring up a Heaven child’s heart. Truly amazing!

    Shaking their heads, several people left, worship painted on their faces. Pretty soon, all of Dongliu City will know about Grandmaster’s disciple and fairy Ning Ling, causing countless of young talents’ eyes to turn red. If it were not for Grandmasters frightening reputation, this courtyard would be leveled a long time ago by those rage filled youngsters.

    That being the case, after receiving the pill and advancing to Foundation Establishment, the hopeless Zeng Zhongxiu came to pay his respects. And the reasonable and amiable Qin Yu, had to come out and greet him.

    “I will never forget Brother Qin’s kindness. Someday I will definitely make it up to you!” Zeng Zhongxiu’s middle aged look, with grizzled hair, doesn’t lack in manners. After going through great changes, he became even more carefree. If he were talking with a girl instead, she would be completely smitten by his appearance.

    But he is not gentle at all, with every movement showing his determination, and this respectful attitude at this moment, reveals his sincerity.

    Qin Yu not daring to ignore this, gave a proper greeting, “Brother Zeng exaggerates, Zeng clan received the pill through an exchange, I can’t take the credit.”

    Zeng Zhonxiu laughed, not speaking about this matter again, but from his expression it is clear he will remember this kindness. He lifted his head and looking towards the far end of the courtyard, sighing, “I truly envy brother Qin, able of walking the path of alchemy with Grandmaster. I can only hope to have such an opportunity in the future.”

    Not knowing how to reply, Qin Yu understands, that he is a person dedicated to Alchemy. But the crucial part is, that the ‘Grandmaster of alchemy’ doesn’t exists, and even with Zeng Zhongxiu’s sincere respects, there is no one to receive them.

    Seeing Qin Yu silent, Zeng Zhongxiu thinks he is making things hard on him, “Brother Qin, there is no need to think about it, I am just deeply moved. In this vast world, although I missed Grandmaster, there will be countless other opportunities. I already made arrangements, and today I will be going towards Ancient Immortal Valley to join a sect specialized in alchemy. If brother Qin will make his way there, we should take the opportunity and meet.”

    Once he finished, he lets out a hearty laugh and walk out the door, the sunlight falling on his back, makes him seem even more carefree.

    Qin Yu sends him off, smiling, ‘people are this mysterious, becoming close from just one meeting’.

    Zeng Zhongxiu is a man of passion, ‘if its fate, we’ll meet again’.

    Half a day after Zeng Zhongxiu left, Zeng Mo’er appeared. Qin Yu was being courteous towards her and felt somewhat out of sorts. Especially those pure eyes, occasionally stealing glances at him, making his heartbeat speed up.

    “Big brother Qin, did uncle come to say goodbye? Did you know he is all better now? I am verry happy, my only regret is being rude, and offending big brother. Hope you won’t take it to heart.” Zeng Mo’er stopped, then with a flushed expression, “Perfect Foundation Establishment Pill is priceless, and the items Zeng clan sent are ordinary, not worthy of this pill. If big brother Qin Yu has any requests, little sister, as a representative of Zeng clan will definitely fulfill them without any objections.”

    This isn’t right! Instead of representing Zeng clan, you are actually representing yourself.

    Qin Yu felt his mouth dry, “Zeng clan’s gifts are already enough, and I already reached Foundation Establishment, so the pills have no use for me. Young miss Zeng, there’s no need to trouble yourself.”

    A flash of disappointment passed through her eyes, but very fast they became even brighter, ‘big brother Qin has such a noble character’. After chatting for a bit, Qin Yu almost couldn’t take anymore of her burning gaze. Thankfully she was called by some clan members, since there was a guest passing by.

    Zeng Mo’er felt reluctant to leave, with Qin Yu sending her off.

    “Big brother Qin, how long will you be staying in Dongliu City?” Zeng Mo’er suddenly asked.

    Qin Yu shook his head, “This is something Grandmaster decides, but as he already said, at most two months or maybe sooner.”

    It is that he must leave.

    Recently, Grandmasters reputation is becoming more and more widespread, if he doesn’t leave, calamity will befall him sooner or later.

    “Ah, you have to leave!” Zeng Mo’er felt anxious all of a sudden, but soon discovered there is no point in being anxious, and was depressed.

    Qin Yu was calm, he can naturally sense the changes in the girl in front of him. But his current self is based on lies. Without Grandmaster, he would be only a lucky outer sect disciple in Sacred Mountain Sect, and must keep his distance or it will only hurt others and himself.

    All of a sudden, Qin Yu’s heart trembled, his hairs were standing on end as two terrifying sounds appeared in an instant, very similar to explosions. Like a clap of thunder, the shockwave came, throwing rocks around, breaking the trees along the street in half, with the treetops turning into fragments, flying everywhere!  

    There was dust all around, and looking from above, Dongliu City’s two greatest and most luxurious manors, became ruins. In their middle is now a deep hole, with frightening cracks spreading outward.

    A mournful sound arose, and Qin Yu holding Zeng Mo’er flew on the rooftop. The next moment a big rock rolled through the place they had just been in. Any slower and he would have been greatly injured, even with his Foundation Establishment cultivation.

    Lifting his hand to wipe the sweat from his brows, Zeng Mo’er was struggling to stand, letting out a sorrowful cry, “My home, it’s my home!”

    Qin Yu face changed, for many generations Zeng clan runs Dongliu City. And with a Golden Core expert who would dare attack?

    The answer came very fast.


    Black demonic energy rose towards the sky, thick like ink, and from it a green clothed devil was holding a corpse, his hand in its chest taking out a Golden Core still dripping with blood. Licking his lips, the green clothed devil let out a cruel laugh, opened his mouth and bit on its neck. In the next instant, the corpse was visibly becoming a dried husk.

    Demonic cultivator… and the dead is Kong clan Patriarch!

    Qin Yu head was buzzing, his expression uglier by the second. Southern Nation is in a remote location, not deemed important by demonic cultivators. Thus, even though for many years the cultivator sects were yelling out they’re going to eliminate demonic cultivators, there never was a real war among them.   

    Yet today, he has such luck to bump into them!

    “Grandfather!” Zeng Mo’er cried in alarm, almost fainted.

    Qin Yu support her, and in a deep voice, “Senior Zeng is alright!” As he said this, from the middle of the Zeng clan’s residence, two figures flew out. An old man dressed in black robe let out a scream, his arm flying in the sky.

    Zeng Chenming’s face was pale, holding a longsword in his hand, looking at his residence, immediately fuming with rage. Even with some clansmen spread outside the city, today could be said that Zeng clan was almost annihilated in one blow!

    “Seven Murdering Demonic Sect, such arrogance, daring to ignore the agreement and invade the south. This old man will vow to fight you until the last breath!”

    With a bellow, twelve rays of black surging energy burst out, sealing Dongliu City, making sure not to let anyone outside sense what happened inside.

    A youngster came out of the black energy, incredibly handsome, his lips full and scarlet, with long black hair reaching his lower back. And if he were to change into woman clothing, his beauty could topple cities. His lips curled, showing a slight dimple, but his expression and warm smile contrasts completely, his pitch-black eyes, devoid of any warmth.

    “Demonic cultivator Little Master!”

    Liang Taizu cupped his hands, “What a character, Senior Zeng, actually tries to use this method to send a message, junior is so disappointed. The demonic sect’s people are few in number, and junior can only seal this place to prevent any news from leaking. So that we won’t be disturbed, I will have to disappoint senior.”

    His eyes swept around, causing everyone to panic, the corners of his mouth drawn back into an even wider smile, “Ning Ling, you have been chosen by this Master. No matter where you run you won’t escape from me, so be a good girl and return with me to Seven Murdering Demonic Sect as my Dao companion.”

    “If not…” Liang Taizu’s finger sweeps across, “These people will all die!”
  • Chapter 14: Threatening

    “A puny evil demonic cultivator, dares to touch sister Ning Ling. You don’t know your limits!” Heavenly Cloud Sword Sect Head Disciple steps forward with a cold face, the longsword on his back whistling as it went straight for Liang Taizu’s head.

    Liang Taizu let out a cold laugh, with a flick of his sleeve shooting a black light, enveloping the longsword, dimming it and making it fall.

    Head Disciple spurts a mouth full of blood, terrified, “Filthy demonic light!” Making some hand signs, the longsword vibrates and starts to escape.

    Liang Taizu laugh, “This sword, this Master will accept it!” He lifts his hand, and from his fingertips lightning strikes the sword, its spiritual energy disappearing completely.

    Sword Sect’s Head Disciple let out another mouth full of blood, his pale face and eyes show an even greater fear, filled with endless resentment. With his personal sword destroyed, his cultivation was broken, the chances of restoring it are slim, with no choice then to become something akin to a cripple.

    The people at the side were shocked, not daring to utter a single word. Sword Sect’s Head Disciple was looked upon as a heroic man, and yet when faced with Liang Taizu, lost completely. If it were any of them instead, the result would be even worse.

    “How terrifying, to deal with Head Disciple of Heavenly Cloud Sword Sect in such a swift manner!”

    “Unrivaled in the Foundation Establishment stage, it is actually true!”

    “Below Golden Core, there might be no one who can defeat Liang Taizu!”

    Talking in low voices, each sect’s young talent show fear on their faces. The demon hunting team’s courage was destroyed before even taking shape.

    Liang Taizu threw his head back and laughed, “These years, your so called immortal sects, blamed us for every setback you encountered. Today I came here just to show all of you what happens when you flap your gums!”

    The green clothed devil flew over, his energy deep and constricting, “Young master, please receive this Golden Core. After subordinate kills Patriarch Zeng, I will present you with another one.”

    “Li Yunmo, Patriarch Zeng is mine. I will kill you if you interfere!” The black clothed old man flew into a rage.

    “Useless thing, with the demonic treasure bestowed by young master, even with a sneak attack you stoll had your arm cut off. What a disgrace to Seven Murdering Demonic Sect!” Li Yunmo sneered.

    “Want do die!?” The black clothed old man raged.

    Liang Taizu was expressionless, “Enough.” Just a Foundation Establishment cultivator, but with only a word, the two devils, bowed their heads, faces filled with veneration.

    “Can’t you see around you? Letting senior Zeng to witness your quarreling, what a joke.” He took the bloody Golden Core, licking his red lips, “Junior lacks Golden Core to supplement his cultivation. Senior Kong was kind enough to provide me with one, hope senior Zeng will follow his example and help junior out.”

    Zeng Chenming raised his sword, so angry that he started laughing, “If you want it, come and get it!”

    Liang Taizu laughed, “Senior’s valor reaches the Heavens! Li Yunmo did you heard? Senior Zeng’s invitation, accepted it in this Master’s stead, and pull out his Golden Core.”

    Li Yunmo complies, “Yes!” He took out a black skull, with green fire inside its eye sockets and its mouth moving up and down. Letting out a cruel and uncanny laugh, it flew more than a zhang in an instant, straight towards Zeng Chenming as if to swallow him.

    “Grand…” Zeng Mo’er’s mouth was covered by Qin Yu before she could finish, “If you don’t want to be used as a hostage, don’t talk!”

    Zeng Mo’er instantly recovered, bit her lips while tears streamed down her face.

    Qin Yu can’t be bothered with consoling her, quickly trying to find a solution. Invading the south, these demonic cultivators must be prepared. Because if they were to be found there would be  no escape for them… the ones who can keep a secret are the dead ones! Even the sneak attack on the two clans, shows their intention of killing everyone.

    Qin Yu’s heart turned heavy, with no strength the outcome will be this miserable. Even creating this respected identity, against demonic cultivators, has no use. A finger, only with this, can he make a stand between life and death!

    What to do?

    As he was furiously thinking, the battle between Zeng Chenming and Li Yunmo reached a climax.

    A golden banner appeared above Zeng Chenming’s head, each movement causing golden whirlwinds, cutting everything apart. The black skull, was jeering constantly, spouting black energy, transforming into a sabre wielding specter, and charged forward.

    The two magic items clashed. Under the control of a Golden Core expert they released  incredible power. In a flash half of Dongliu City is destroyed. The two seem evenly matched, but one side still had a Golden Core waiting. Even with a removed arm, a Golden Core is still an expert, capable of suppressing all of this city’s cultivators.

    Suddenly, from the southeast side of the seal, a low cry was heard. With an explosion of light, Ning Ling fell back, with a pale expression.

    “My beauty” Liang Taizu laughed, “You finally show yourself. This Master can’t wait anymore. Want to take you to Mount Wu and embrace you.”

    “If you want me, do it yourself.” Ning Ling said woodenly.

    Liang Taizu said, “Think I can’t? Alright, this Master will personally do the capturing!”

    His fist exploded forward, bursting with black energy, in an instant transforming into a wolf head. But no one realized that it is only a ruse as Liang Taizu moved his finger slightly and a black rope rushed ahead.

    Ning Ling already anticipated this, the wolf head hasn’t yet reached, and yet her delicate body took a step back, avoiding the sneak attack of the black rope. She raised her hand, releasing from her slender jade fingers, a startling cold white ray.

    Liang Taizu laughed, not fazed at all, “Worthy of my fancy, if it was easy to capture you, this Master wouldn’t like you this much.” He calmly dodged the killing ray, and with a thought the wolf head moved to bite, fiercely and ruthlessly. When demonic cultivators attack, they go for the kill, even if the target is a girl they fancy, they still won’t hold back at all.

    Ning Ling was already hurt, and is gradually being suppressed, bracing herself for the wolf head’s attack. Liang Taizu ambushed her several times, causing wounds to appear and blood to soak her white clothes.

    Liang Taizu’s eyes burned hot, as if to swallow her whole, but at this moment he let out an odd shout, the bloody patters on his robe emitting a surging black energy, to resist the sudden explosion of the ice-cold energy. Even with this protection, he still got sealed in ice along with his demonic energy!

    Ning Ling’s pupils turned cold, pointed each finger, using this golden chance, to release cold rays from each of them. But soon had to stop, as her hand was hit by demonic energy, letting out a groan, her face grew paler.

    The black clothed old man hit the ice, making it crack and shatter. Liang Taizu came out of it and gave the old man a resounding slap, “Useless thing, dare to attack this Master’s Beauty?”

    Brushing the ice fragments, he exclaimed in admiration, “Ning Ling, you almost killed me. I’m starting to like you even more. Be a good girl and don’t attack again, or I would be force to tell Dark Slave to capture you. I would really hate to do it, so don’t make me.”

    The black clothed old man with a creepy laugh, “Young master, I will be careful not to hurt young lady.” Ignoring the slap.

    “Shameless!” Ning Ling said.

    Liang Taizu rubbed his face, “I am a demonic cultivator, didn’t you cultivators always say that we are despicable? Besides, I am clearly not your match, so why should I suffer from your attacks. Posing belongs to you immortal sects, it is not something this Master learned to do.”

    Ning Ling turned to fly away, pointless to argue and waste time with Liang Taizu on this. Right then, her eyes brighten, and landed on a rooftop.

    “Sister Ning!” Zeng Mo’er ran into her arm, crying her heart out.

    Ning Ling patted her, looking over she sees Qin Yu frowning and shaking his head, her eyes dimmed.

    The exchange between them was short, while the oblivious Zeng Mo’er continuing to sob, “Sister Ning, will grandfather be alright?”

    “Relax,” Ning Ling consoled her, “Senior Zeng’s cultivation is profound, and with the precious treasure in hand he will be fine.”

    Qin Yu inwardly sighed, if it were true, why is your countenance filled with worry, and letting Zeng Mo’er relax slightly.

    A cold feeling struck his heart, as if a viper set its sights on him. Qin Yu looked up at Liang Taizu, who was giving off a warm smile, “Young fellow, you dare flirt with my girl, think this Master is blind? Today you will die a miserable death.”

    “I’m waiting.” Qin Yu replied blankly.

    “Such courage,” Liang Taizu laughed, “I’ll let you live a little longer!” Waved his hand, yelling, “Li Yunmo, it’s gone long enough.”

    Ning Ling is already familiar with his character. Once these people started, they definitely won’t let anyone off, and apologized, “Fellow Daoist Qin, sorry to involve you.”

    Qin Yu waved his hand, “Demonic sect is prepared to not let anyone out alive, even without young miss Ning’s involvement, the result would still be the same.”


    With a wretched sound, Zeng Chenming spouted blood while retreating, on his back many black palm prints.

    Li Yunmo raged, “Dark Slave, who told you to interfere, I was just about to kill him!”

    Dark Slave sneered, “Young master grows impatient.” Then turned around, eyes cold, “Old freak Zeng, you took my arm, and I gave you a palm. Now we’re even.”

    Zeng Mo’er shrieked, “Grandfather!” She panicked, “Big brother Qin, I beg you to ask Grandmaster for help. Save my Grandfather!”

    “So its Zeng clan’s daughter. I have heard of young miss Mo’er’s beauty, and clearly you aren’t ordinary.” Liang Taizu smiled, “Who would think that I would be so lucky to not only encounter Ning Ling but also you. From today onwards, you will become this Master’s mistress, and I will treat you well.”

    Dark Slave walked over, his black energy surging, “To be young master’s mistress, it is your greatest fortune. Get ready and come with this old man!”

    Zeng Mo’er full of fear, “Big brother Qin, save me, save me!”

    Qin Yu was stiff as a board, under a Golden Core stare, his body’s energy seems to freeze. He lowered his head, and avoided Zeng Mo’er’s gaze, not saying a word.

    Zeng Mo’er’s eyes grew big, dumbstruck.

    “I would still be moved by a beauty’s tears. Young fellow, you’re actually so cold, truly broadening my horizons. No wonder you were taken in by Grandmaster.” Liang Taizu eyes flickered, “Might as well try. If Grandmaster says the word, then this Master will have no choice but to release young miss Mo’er, and even senior Zeng’s Golden Core can be negotiated.”

    Qin Yu’s heart was cold, from Liang Taizu intention, he was restless, and had to give a tough response. It is certain, this man’s plan… is to attack the one behind him, the so-called Grandmaster of alchemy. Once this is revealed, only death awaits him!

    With fear seeping into his bones, Qin Yu’s expression was unfazed, “If you want to interfere, Grandmaster will speak, not me.”

    Liang Taizu laughed, “Worthy of Grandmaster’s disciple, so open minded. This Master will show respect to Grandmaster, and won’t kill you. Young fellow, get lost before I change my mind!”

    Without a word of movement, Qin Yu turned and jumped down.

    Zeng Mo’er was lifeless, and seeing him leaving without a care, her heart gradually turned cold. Grandfather said, that Grandmaster regards him greatly, taking him as his disciple. ‘You can clearly same me, save grandfather, just as you saved uncle. Then why won’t you talk? WHY?’

    “Wait!” Dark Slave yelled then turned and bowed, “Young master, your cultivation is at a critical point, if you have a perfect Spirit Protection Pill, then success is guaranteed. Today, since you met Grandmaster, should try ask for a pill.”

    Liang Taizu was in deep thought, “Perfect pills are hard to come by, let alone the rare Spirit Protection Pill, even the normal one is hard to refine.”

    Dark Slave respectfully said, “You should at least try.”

    “Grandmaster can refine perfect pills.” Zeng Mo’er suddenly opened her mouth, “Not long ago, Zeng clan exchange for a perfect Foundation Establishment Pill.”

    Qin Yu slightly stumbled.

    Liang Taizu’s eyes were burning, “Young miss Zeng, is it true?”

    Zeng Mo’er face was pale and frighten, but even more, serene, “Of course. Sister Ning also asked Grandmaster for an Eternal Youth Pill, and knows this.”

    Liang Taizu swept over Ning Ling’s cold appearance, and threw his head back laughing, “Good! Good! Young miss Zeng is this Master’s lucky star. Even before becoming my mistress, she gave me such a big gift.” He then looked at Qin Yu, “Young fellow, tell Grandmaster, to please refine for this Master a perfect Spirit Protecting Pill.”

     “Remember, if Grandmaster doesn’t accept, then this Master will burn your body in demonic fire!”

    Not turning around, Qin Yu icily said, “Fine!” He then stepped into the courtyard, and closed the door.

  • Chapter 15: Venerable

     Zeng Mo’er felt conflicted but soon turned cold. Zeng clan, along with her is finished, and no one could understand what she went through, what changes occurred in her heart.

    Ning Ling lowered her voice, “Mo’er, attacking one’s benefactor, you’ve gone too far!”

    Zeng Mo’er bit her lip, “He deserves it! Since he won’t save us, might as well suffer for it!”

    Ning Ling eyes were now cold, “Fellow Daoist Qin and Zeng clan aren’t that close, helping out of friendship not duty, besides the fact that this situation is out of his control. And you actually brought this calamity on his head! Mo’er, I hope you won’t come to regret it.”

    Zeng Mo’er lip started bleeding, her eyes letting out a trace of anguish, with complexion growing ever paler.


    With a light sound, the courtyard’s door opened, a person dressed in black walking out, “Seven Murdering Demonic Sect dares to covet my items. It seems that, over the years, your courage has grown.” A low and deep voice, almost hoarse, with no energy leaking out, yet filled with strength and confidence!

    Liang Taizu breath slightly tensed, the eyes’ gaze from underneath the hood landing on him, arrogant and fill with indifference, yet containing a certain overbearing aura.

    Retreating out of instinct, Dark Slave turned around and protecting the back, yet a cold gaze stared him down.


    Black hood moved, an in a calm voice, “Offending this old man, even if you are of high status, will still be punished. Taking in account your elder’s feelings, I will give you a chance. Whether you or your people, as long as you can receive one of my fingers, I won’t pursue this any further, and will even give you a perfect Spirit Protecting Pill.”

    Liang Taizu’s eyes lit up, “Grandmaster speaks the truth?”

    “My word is as heavy as a mountain, not even the world can change it.”

    Liang Taizu laughed, “Good, then please Grandmaster, point at this servant.”


    Dark Slave’s energy boiled, demonic patters appearing on his skin, displaying the full extent of his cultivation, roaring said, “We are both Golden Core and would like to know how do I fare against one of Grandmasters fingers.”

    Li Yunmo was confident, Dark Slave’s cultivation is great, even a Nascent Soul couldn’t kill him in one blow.

    Grandmaster indifferently said, “Come.”

    Dark Slave’s heart shivered, a Grandmaster in alchemy shouldn’t be offended, this everyone knows, but that ship is sailed. He took a deep breath and circulating his energy at 120% , each step so heavy that it causes earthquakes with cracks spreading from each footprint.

    Grandmaster lifted his hand, exposing his fingers, with fair and white skin, not at all wrinkly and aged. Yet an alchemist, is a weird person, and no one is fazed by this oddity, instead they are all focusing on his hand, waiting for the devastating strike.

    Grandmaster curled four fingers.

    Grandmaster pointed.

    Grandmaster’s index finger fell.

    Grandmaster retracted his hand.

    No pressure released, no soaring aura, just pointing his finger and taking it back.

    Is this a joke!?

    Countless pair of eyes stared wide, ‘what is this move? And Grandmaster’s previous awe-inspiring aura is totally lacking. Is it because you are clear that you can’t refuse them, so you use this method, to get some respect back?’

    But this is so disgraceful!

    Grandmaster’s dazzling image, took a huge dive in countless hearts.

    Liang Taizu burst into a loud laugh, “Junior thanks Grandmaster for the help!”

    “No need.” Grandmaster said lightly, “I thought of just giving a light warning, but this servant, I truly do not like, and had to send him on his way.”

    Liang Taizu face went rigid, and let out a low cry, “Dark Slave return!”

    This time, his words were useless.

    Grandmaster brushed away his sleeve, “Bury him.”

    Dark Slave splattered on the ground. The Liang Taizu before him saw the shocked, terrified and twisted face, with no hint of life inside.

    Li Yunmo looking at these bloodshot eyes with traces of black, yelled in fury, “Poison! You dare to use poison! I will kill you.”


    Grandmaster’s robe moved, aura like a volcano, reaching the Heavens. The light coming from him like a huge sun, descending upon the world, with a frightening energy as vast as an ocean, submerged everything.  But what scared Li Yunmo even more, is that the faint image inside the golden light, as if overlooking the whole world.

    “Half step Nascent Soul!”

    Li Yunmo shrieked, under this Golden Core aura, he feels an endless overbearing arrogance, a ruthlessness capable of sweeping everything and giving him a horrible death!

    Grandmaster’s voice, echoed all around, roaring like thunder, “You want to kill me?”

    Li Yunmo paled, he is only at 5th layer of Golden Core, how can he be a half step Nascent Soul’s match? Besides the fact that his energy is boundless, the difference in strength is more than five layers… killing him, no, it’s more accurate to say that he’s killing himself!

    Whole Dongliu City turned deathly silent.

    They were all embarrassed. As expected of Grandmaster, not only is he immensely skilled in alchemy, but even his cultivation is earth-shaking. Half step Nascent Soul, one more effort and can enter Nascent Soul stage, becoming an exalted figure of this nation.

    A man of this status, how can he be insulted? The demonic cultivator’s luck turned rotten!

    Ning Ling watched Grandmaster with full reverence, yet she hesitated slightly. The person underneath the robe seems somewhat familiar.

    Zeng Mo’er paled, lowered her head, her lovely body trembling.

    “Grandmaster is magnanimous, youngster admits defeat!” Liang Taizu smiled, crushing something in his hand, and a blood falcon soared, moving with lightning speed, towards the boundless sky.

    “Junior will be sending a report about meeting Grandmaster to the sect. In the future, some sect elders will come and thank Grandmaster for this kindness.”

    Grandmaster raised his head, “Are you threatening me?”

    Liang Taizu bowed, “Junior doesn’t dare.” Looking out of the corner of his eyes at the falcon becoming a black spot in the distance, he relaxed slightly.

    As a man of his status, someone of great importance, of course he can’t hand over complete control to others even in life or death situations. Sending a message to the sect, Liang Taizu believes, that no one would dare to kill him once someone knows of his background.

     Grandmaster smiled coldly, a black light flashed, passing countless li in an instant, and then a mournful eagle cry could be heard. Liang Taizu stifled a groan, blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.


    The black light returned, hovering around Grandmaster’s finger. It seems to be a finger sized black round nail, sending evil ripples of cold energy.

    “Corpse Sealing Nail!” Liang Taizu let out a low cry, bowing in respect, “Seven Murdering Demonic Sect Liang Taizu, pays respect to Venerable!”

    Li Yunmo sighed relieved, quickly coming forward to greet.

    Grandmaster stops for a moment, his tone thick and deep, “Killing your blood falcon, shall be an example, that no one can escape from me.”

    Liang Taizu respectfully said, “Junior offended Venerable, we will take any punishment you deem worthy.”

    Grandmaster humph coldly, “Grandmaster won’t accept this title, but I do have some connections among demonic cultivators, so I won’t use the Corpse Sealing Nail to kill you. Leave Kong clan’s Golden Core and a storage bag, then go.”

    Liang Taizu took out the Golden Core presenting it with reverence.

    Li Yunmo felt his heart bleed, but didn’t dare delay, and removed the storage bag from his waist.

    “We shall take our leave!”

    Liang Taizu soared, Li Yunmo grabbed Dark Slave’s corpse, then followed behind. The twelve rays of black energy sealing the city very quickly dissipating, as they left.

    In a blink, the demonic cultivators vanished among the mountains.

    Grandmaster sneered, sensing the fine trembling of the Corpse Sealing Nail, “Still want to play, then since you’re here, you must be prepared to die.”

    In the forest, a flying demonic cultivator, kneeled on the ground in respect, then slapped his forehead, bleeding from his seven apertures and died.

    In another part, the swift Liang Taizu stopped his footsteps, coldly said, “Tail is dead.”

    Li Yunmo’s eyes had a deep look, “Young master, are these people dead set against us?”

    “Fool, since Tail is dead, shows that they won’t pursue it any further.” Liang Taizu’s face was icy, “I wasn’t careful enough, should have never include this Grandmaster into my plan, and I wouldn’t have failed with Dark Slave still alive.”

    Li Yunmo was raging, “Information was leaked!”

    Liang Taizu narrowed his eyes, “Wanted to kill me with a borrowed dagger. It seems that when we return to the sect, before going out again we’ll have to do some cleaning first.”

    Li Yunmo laughed evilly, “They’ll regret it!”

    After the demonic cultivators left, Dongliu City was enveloped in silence, then suddenly burst into cheers.

    “Many thanks Grandmaster for saving us, we will remember your kindness!”

    “Grandmaster saving Dongliu City, will be engraved in our hearts!”

    “Junior is here to congratulate early for Grandmaster’s success in entering Nascent Soul!”

    Flattery rolled in in waves.

     Grandmaster retrieved Corpse Sealing Nail, and took the storage bag, then said, “The Kong clan’s Golden Core, I will return it.”

    Several people rushed forward, kowtowing repeatedly, receiving the Patriarch’s Golden Core.

    The leading middle-aged man, offered with both hands a black metal piece, “With this badge, if there is anything Grandmaster needs, we will do all in our power to fulfill your request!” kowtowed once, and left with the others in a hurry.

    Grandmaster’s gaze then landed on Zeng Mo’er, stopped slightly then his figure floated past her, in a flash vanishing from everyone’s sight.

    “Grandmaster is such a righteous character, saving us and not asking anything in return.”

    “Yeah, we should follow his example.”

    “Only regret is that I couldn’t see Grandmaster’s visage!”

    Sighing repeatedly, yet no people left, all gazing in the same direction.

    Ning Ling took back her look, and indifferently said, “Senior Zeng was hurt saving us, junior will help you.”

    Zeng Chenming opened his eyes, swept by a sudden light, and smiled, “Sorry to bother young miss Ning.”

    Zeng Mo’er seemed to have woken from a dream, quickly lending a hand.

    Everyone was a bit ashamed, then left after seeing Ning Ling one more time.

    Zeng clan residence was destroyed, luckily they have other houses they can use to settle in for the time being. Telling the clansmen to each go his own way, they left, then Zeng Chenming was struck by a violent cough, blood dripping from his mouth.

    “Grandfather!” Zeng Mo’er panicked.

    Zeng Chenming waved his arm, “I’m alright.” With a bitter smile, cupped his hands, “Many thanks for young miss’ help, without you, we would have been doomed.”

    Ning Ling got up, “These years, senior Zeng help me many times, junior only does what she should. But senior should soon come with a decision about this situation. Then, junior will be leaving.” Turned around and left.

    Zeng Mo’er lip trembled, face pale.

    Zeng Chenming sighed, “Mo’er, you must have suffered to help me, to help our clan!”

    Immediately tears started flowing. She tried to wipe them, but wasn’t able. In her mind, Qin Yu’s cold back keeps coming back, like a dagger, cutting away at her heart each time.

    No matter the troubles, betraying is still betraying, big brother Qin Yu must hate her. But he definitely forgave her, since Grandmaster didn’t punish her. Thinking about it, Zeng Mo’er felt even more regret, her eyes growing hazy.

    Ning Ling left Zeng clan and sighed inwardly, she could guess Zeng Mo’er’s thoughts. From her point of view, it might have been correct what she did, but she still doesn’t like it, and can only drift apart. It won’t be long when she will return anyway.

    Suddenly feeling her interest waning, with a thought, Ning Ling, supported by the white cloud, flew in the distance.

    “First, let’s return to the sect.”

  • Chapter 16: Seeing Ning Ling, again

    In the forest, Qin Yu took off his black robe and swiftly moved, not at least bothered by the poisonous miasma around him. After several tens of li he searched for a hidden cave, not killing the wolves inside for fear of attracting any attention with the smell of blood.

    He carefully covered his tracks and sealed the entrance with a rock. He waited for two hours, and when he was sure no one followed him, Qin Yu couldn’t bear it any longer, and was taken by a heavy sleep on the dried repugnant grass. Put it didn’t go on for long and soon woke up, vigilant of his surroundings, then sat cross-legged and started swallowing pills.

    Only now is he aware, that over the course of the event in Dongliu City, his clothes were all soaked in sweat.

     Liang Taizu’s true target from the beginning, was the Grandmaster. Even without Zeng Mo’er’s instigation, he would have still caused him trouble. Takings the stone fragments from his chest, Qin Yu felt bitter. Poisonous finger, Cang Mang’s Golden Core, Pill Disposing Facility’s Corpse Sealing Nail… even lying, he used all the means at his disposal to stay alive.

    Next time, will he be this fortunate? ‘Strength is everything, must become an even stronger cultivator!’

    But now, there’s still one urgent problem. Li Yunmo’s storage bag!

    Ah, Golden Core expert! Even if he is a demonic cultivator, he should still have some riches. Taking it out from his chest and opened it. As Qin Yu sent his thought inside, his features slightly changed in the rush to search it.

    The small hill of items appearing in front of him when he took everything out of the bag, consists of only jade boxes.  The jade appears black, with some bloody streaks, releasing a cold aura, and cooling the surroundings by several degrees.

    Qin Yu eyes flickered, after a careful inspection he didn’t find anything fishy, and opened a jade box. Inside there is a bone coming from an unknown creature, its surface shining akin to a jade.

    What is it used for? Closed it, then took another box to look inside.

    What entered his eyes seemed to be a soft feeler-shaped thing, slowly squirming, with a hint of foulness coming from it.

    Opening the third one in a rush, a palm sized shellfish appears, with intricate patterns, but why does it have a hole?

    A mighty Golden Core demonic cultivator’s storage bag, hardly only have these, right? Browsing through all boxes, Qin Yu’s expression was gloomy. 36 boxes, filled with miraculous oddities, yet not one he can use!

    He shook his head letting out a bitter laugh, put them all back, afraid that if he were to look again, then he will suffer internal injury from anger.

    The bigger the hope the bigger the disappointment!

    Half a month later.

    Inside the cave, Qin Yu opened his eyes, a flash of energy crossing them, soon after looking somewhat happy. Although he was provoked in Dongliu City, forced to reveal all his cards, but in this short period his cultivation reached the 3rd layer of Foundation Establishment.

    He might have a lot of pills, and even more ingredients for refining, but still stopped his cultivation to think of the future.

     Should he return to Sacred Mountain Sect or not?

    This thought kept coming back to him for many days, having its own advantages and disadvantages.

    Don’t return, and he will be free and unrestrained. But he will not have a sect’s protection when going out.

    After a long time, Qin Yu released a breath, still deciding to return to the sect!

    All for safety.

    He is still too weak, even a strong wind could topple him, and end up suffering a tragic end. With Little Blue Lamp on him, even if it is of supreme importance to get stronger, the first priority is still safety. Only living longer can he get stronger. Die, and it’s all in vain.

    After an hour, Qin Yu left the cave he spent the last half a month in, washing the bad smell in a nearby stream, then pressed onward to Sacred Mountain Sect.

    The sky was filled with stars yet no moon in sight, unable to see even your fingers. But starlight is enough for Qin Yu to find his course.

    He entered the mountain of the sect safely, and as he reached Pill Disposing Facility’s formation, he relaxed, going down the stone steps, with a smile on his face.

    It’s been close to two months, since he left Pheasant King in the pill poison. This chicken followed him for a long time, and learned how to steal pills, becoming smarter. This punishment is good for him, as to learn some self-control.

    Descending, Qin Yu looked around, and his smile froze.

    Someone was here!

    With footsteps echoing behind him, Qin Yu suddenly turned his head, meeting the eyes of a shocked pale man, but soon became ecstatic.


    A slight sound, in this underground place, is incredibly loud.

    Qin Yu’s heart sank, moving in an instant, he hit the male with his hand, who is now collapsing on the ground. Stuck his finger in his mouth, feeling around, and then pulled a broken tooth, causing the male to twitch.

    Seeing the bloody tooth, flashing with a weak light, Qin Yu’s face immediately turned ugly.

    “Keep calm!”

    Qin Yu sucked in a breath and suppressing his panic. He then carefully looked at the male, and he appears familiar, finally remembering.

    Yu Er, a Sacred Mountain Sect’s outer sect disciple!

    Qin Yu was gloomy.

    Pill Disposing Facility’s formation is a one-way entrance, yet Sacred Mountain Sect have others methods of gaining access, since he didn’t find this poor fellow when he entered this time. For Yu Er to appear here, Sacred Mountain Sect must have already discovered his absence.


    This thought was suppressed as soon as it struck him. Yu Er must have already sent news to the sect, it is far too late to run now. If he thinks about it, once he runs, he’ll definitely get caught, and involve other people that he cares about, even if they aren’t blood related.

    Can’t run, and can only face it head on. Qin Yu rushed inside the bedroom, and sees the now stone blocked hole, proof that the area below was discovered.

    With a low cry, using all his energy and body’s power, lifted the rock, and yelled, “It’s me, if you don’t want to die get over here!”

    A fluttering sound was heard, the miserable Pheasant King rushing over, acting cute and pitiful, but was stopped by Qin Yu’s hand.

    Pulling out the two storage bags, on the point of emptying them, Qin Yu’s eyes flashed, and with a flick of his sleeve dumped all the jade boxes on the ground, then put all them in the golden thread storage box, afterwards throwing it in the hole!

    “Hide this storage bag. Don’t let anyone find it!”

    Pheasant King picked it up with his beak, turned around and flew away.

    Qin Yu felt a little better, put the stone back on the entrance, and the now empty storage bag in his chest.

    Suddenly, the restriction on the door heated slightly. Someone came in!

    Qin Yu turned his head and rushed out in a panic, while a shadow was flying down the stairs. Whit a head full of messy grizzled hair, sunk in cheeks, and with brown eyes that cause fright to anyone who gazes in them, waved his sleeve and Qin Yu felt as if a he fell in a swamp, rooted on the spot.

    The old man’s felt around with his hand, grabbed the storage bag, sneered, and then his face immediately turned cold.

    “Brat, where’s the stuff?”

    Qin Yu was scared stiff.

    Old man frowned, and lifted his hand, removing the lock on him.

    Qin Yu yelled, “Grand Elder, spare my life!”

    This old man, is actually one of the Sacred Mountain Sect’s Golden Core experts, and Patriarch’s martial brother, Huang Danguai.

    “You recognize me?” Huang Danguai eerily smiled, “Then tell the truth, since you already know this old man’s methods. ”

    Qin Yu shuddered, “Empty, the storage bag was already empty!”

    Huang Danguai spoke, “Since you tried, then I will also try.”

    He slapped Qin Yu on the body, burrowing a thread of black energy in him, making him scream and roll around on the ground in a craze.

    Huang Danguai sneered, “Had enough?”

    “Grand Elder, disciple didn’t lie. Just kill me… kill me!” Qin Yu let out a miserable yelled again and again, but it was all a ruse. His body saved up a lot of poison for more than a year, and has a great deal of resistance towards it. Huang Danguai’s poison is terrifying, but not to such extent as to make him collapse in pain.

    In the next instant, a voice echoed around them, “Martial brother, he is still the sect’s disciple in the end. We must first understand the situation, then will give judgement.”

    Gentle and upright, with an imposing air. Talking like this is proof enough that the owner is the Sacred Mountain Sect’s Patriarch.

    Huang Danguai’s brows furrowed, but still slightly nodded, “Fine.” With flick of his hand, the black energy came out of Qin Yu, grabbed him and flew outside.

    A Golden Core’s speed is astonishing, very soon they arrived at the sect’s Main Hall. Dropping Qin Yu with a thud, Huang Daiguai turned and took a seat.

    The Patriarch is a middle-aged man, the long beard giving him a carefree air. He then cupped his hands and smiled, “Thank you, martial brother from bringing him.”

    Huang Danguai humphed, and closed his eyes, not showing any respect.

    Patriarch didn’t seem to mind, and turned his eyes to Qin Yu and firmly demanded, “Qin Yu, tell me, how did you leave the Pill Disposing Faciliy?”

    Huang Daiguai within his half-closed eyes, a sharp glint could be seen, showing his interest in the matter.

    With a trembling voice Qin Yu said, “Reporting to Patriarch, two months ago, someone suddenly charged in, and took disciple away.”

    “Bullshit!” Huang Daiguai exploded, “If you lie again, I will make you bleed to death from your seven apertures!”

    Qin Yu was now completely scared, “Disciple tells the truth!”

    Patriarch turned, “Martial brother, let him explain.” Then at Qin Yu, “This is a serious matter, Qin Yu. You must be certain, or I won’t be able to help you.”

    “Yes, disciple knows what to do!” Qin Yu expresses his gratitude, recalling the event, then hurriedly said, “Disciple remembers clearly. On that day I was cultivating, and this person suddenly appeared in front of me. Disciple couldn’t resist at all and was captured. He originally wanted to kill me, but after discovering the secret tunnel in the bedroom that disciple opened, took me with him underground.”

    “What secret tunnel?” Patriarch asked calmly.

    Qin Yu’s face was shocked, “Patriarch, below the Disposing Facility is an underground area, that I discovered by chance. Inside is a medicine field, and a skeleton of a man named Cang Mang.”

    Huang Daiguai abruptly opened his eyes, and with a fierce glint in them, “Cang Mang! Are you certain it’s Cang Mang?”

    Qin Yu nodded repeatedly, “Disciple found a jade slip, containing this name, and that… that he was trapped underground…”

    Patriarch’s features were grave, “Continue.”

    “After disciple discovered this place, as kindness for the storage bag next to his skeleton, decided to give him a proper burial. The mysterious person, once he left the underground area, he was struck with grief, and after knocked me unconscious took me out of the facility.”

    “Then, he said we were bound by fate, and wanted to test me if I qualify to be his disciple.” Qin Yu showed an embarrassed face, “Because of disciple’s inability, had no choice but to return.”

    Huang Daiguai let out a cruel laugh, “You said you buried Cang Mang? Then what about that other grave?”

    Qin Yu was stunned, “What other grave? There is only one. Disciple personally buried him in the hut.”

    Huang Daiguai’s eyes went cold, “Brat, dare to hide things. Are you asking for death?”

    Qin Yu scared, “Disciple doesn’t know, truly don’t know. When he came out of the area, that person knocked me out!”

    Patriarch said, “Cang Mang’s storage bag, is the one in martial brother’s hand?”

    Qin Yu shook his head, “No, Cang Mang’s storage bag, was taken by Grandmaster. Grand Elder has the Seven Murdering Demonic Sect Li Yunmo’s storage bag, that Grandmaster gave it to me when before I returned.”

    Patriarch’s eyes immediately brighten, “Seven Murdering Demonic Sect? Are you talking about Dongliu City?”

    “How does Patriarch know?” Qin Yu slightly jumped, and soon understood, “Oh, it’s been almost half a month. Dongliu City’s encounter must have traveled far. What luck, disciple can prove his innocence. The one who took me is exactly that Grandmaster.”

    In a deep voice, Patriarch said, “Qin Yu, think carefully. Many people know about this, and it is easy for me to find someone to contest your sayings. If you dare lie, no one will be able to help you!”

    “Patriarch, disciple can prove that Qin Yu is speaking the truth.” A cold voice came from outside the hall and an image of a beautiful woman appeared.

    As she walks towards the light, the dark still couldn’t hide her features, that of a breathtaking and mesmerizing beauty.

    Qin Yu’s mind shook, ‘Ning Ling. It’s actually Ning Ling!’

    They made eye contact, then she retracted her eyes and made a bow, “Greetings Patriarch, Master Huang.”

  • Chapter 17: Inner Disciple

    Patriarch raised his hand, “You may dispense the formalities. Ning Ling, you have first-hand knowledge about the happening in Dongliu City. Was Qin Yu truly the one who followed Grandmaster?”

    Shed nodded, “Disciple can attest to this.”

    Patriarch and Huang Danguai exchanged a look. The situation is odd, but with Ning Ling’s confirmation, it is very likely true.

    Huang Danguai abruptly said, “Qin Yu, tell me, how did you reach Foundation Establishment realm in such a short time? And where did you get the art to hide yourself?” He found out about this when he captured him.

    Qin Yu respectfully said, “Repplying to Grand Elder, disciple’s cultivation is thanks to Grandmaster ‘s kindness. He said I had no talent in cultivation and gave me a Foundation Establishment Pill, and that he was sowing karma.” He paused, then looked at Ning Ling, “The Concealing Art…”

    She opened her mouth, “I asked a pill from Grandmaster and in return I gave him a Concealing Pendant that he left it for Qin Yu. This, I have personally seen it.”

    Patriarch abruptly spoke, “Qin Yu, following Grandmaster for so long, you must know who he is… Oh, and what is his relation to Cang Mang?”

    Qin Yu shook his head, “Disciple didn’t see Grandmaster true appearance. He is always wearing a black hood, but I heard him mumbling to himself ‘what karma was sown, now is reaped, there is no need to blame anyone anymore’. What it means, disciple doesn’t know.”

    Patriarch looked at Huang Danguai. They are certain, after hearing about Dongliu City’s Grandmaster, the reputation he had for alchemy and the Half Step Nascent Soul shooking anyone. He and Cang Mang definitely had a connection, and if he were to have a grievance with Sacred Mountain Sect, it would be very troublesome. But luckily, they heard his deeper meaning, that he won’t pursue it.

    Patriarch had a faint smile, “Qin Yu, what did Grandmaster taught you?”

    Qin Yu was embarrassed, “Grandmaster gave me a cultivation method, but disciple didn’t understand it and he tried to teach me alchemy, with the same result. After that, Grandmaster gave me pills to help me reach Foundation Establishment, and then let me go.”

    Patriarch’s face stiffened.

    Huang Danguai couldn’t help himself from cursing, “Wasting suck a heavenly opportunity, what dogshit talent!” Then threw the storage bag, “I will return what Grandmaster gave you. Take it and get lost, don’t dirty my sight!”

    He already found that the storage bag has a faint demonic energy, proving Qin Yu’s testimony. As for the things it had, they must have been taken by Grandmaster. If it were him, this would already be wasting treasure on a rotten wood.

    Qin Yu repeatedly bowed in happiness, and picked up the storage bag. Then hesitatingly said, “Before leaving Grandmaster, he said for disciple to look after Cang Mang grave…”

    Patriarch waved his hand, “Since Grandmaster told you too, then you must do so.”

    Exiting the Main Hall, Qin Yu walked briskly, as if a huge weight was lifted from his heart. Especially when he met the outer sect disciples who now bow to his Foundation Establishment power, feeling proud and confident.

    “Qin Yu!” a floating figure, dropped elegantly as a fairy.

    Qin Yu hurriedly bowed, “Greetings senior sister.”

    Ning Ling’s pupils flashed, “You recognize me?”

    He praised, “Who in this sect doesn’t know, the most remarkable, most outstanding senior sister. If I have offended you before, I ask senior sister for leniency.”

    Ning Ling watched him with her boundless eyes, “Tell me, Qin Yu, did Grandmaster abandoned you because of Zeng clan?”

    Qin Yu sook his head startled, “No, it is me that is lacking. Not able to meet Grandmaster’s expectations, but I am grateful for the opportunity to reach Foundation Establishment.” He then cupped his hands, “Now that I am at this realm I can become an inner sect disciple, and there are many things to do, farewell.”

    Looking at his retreating back, Ning Ling brows furrowed slightly.

    “Patriarch, Grand Elder, disciple followed junior brother Qin Yu. He looks proud and relaxed, nothing out of the ordinary. Afterwards, senior sister arrived, thus disciple couldn’t follow anymore and had to return.” In the Main Hall, a disciple respectfully reported.

    Patriarch waved his hand, “Withdraw.” Waiting for him to leave, and then turned to say, “Martial brother, this seems to be the case.”

    Huang Danguai muttered, “let’s keep an eye on him a little longer. Ning Ling confirmed, making his story fit, yet I still thing something is off.” Calmly, with no trace of the ruthlessness he showed before.

    Good guy and bad guy are but two simple methods.

    Patriarch nodded, “Alright. But the restriction on the facility is already broken, and must not let other discover this.” Then sighed with feeling, “Fortunately, that mysterious Grandmaster, wasn’t set against us, or it wouldn’t have left the underground furnace alone.”

    Huang Daiguai stood up, “I will handle it.”

    In just one day, junior brother Qin Yu’s encounter spreads throughout the sect. Known to catch the eye of a Grandmaster, yet to fall from his grace, then to easily reach Foundation Establishment, caused many eyes to redden.

    Qin Yu returned at the outer sect disciple’s dwelling area, with a crowd of disciples, with some familiar faces among them, as they fawned over him. Then under the jealous and envious stares walked towards the inner disciple’s area.

    The inside and outer sect disciple areas don’t have a clear boundary. Exept the outer sect disciples that have dealings here, others can’t stay for long in the inner section for fear of being punished.

    Reaching Foundation Establishment, he is eligible to become an inner sect disciple. Qin Yu’s current destination, is the Merit Hall where the rewards are given.

    The one in charge is actually an acquaintance, the one who forcefully searched his house the day after Han Dong was killed, Elder Li Mu. It is said he was a scholar in his youth, while reading an ancient book he stumbled upon a cultivation method allowing him to enter the cultivation world and into Sacred Mountain Sect.

    But he entered too late, missing the best period to cultivate, and even with his good talent, he only managed to reach the 8th layer of Foundation Establishment realm, with no further progress. Speaking of cultivation, besides the two Golden Core experts, he is considered an important person, receiving the same respect as the Patriarch.

     “Qin Yu come, sit.” Li Mu beamed, in a familiar tone, and waving at a disciple to bring a pot of precious spiritual tea, “Here, try, it’s from the herb garden. Patriarch saw me getting on in years and gave some to me.”

    Clearly, he already forgotten him, an outer sect disciple.

    Qin Yu with a pleased look, “Paying respects to Senior Uncle!”

    “Please, there is no need to be so courteous.” Li Mu waved his hand, “We are both at the Foundation Establishment realm, in private we can talk freely, and can call me Older Brother Li.”

    Qin Yu was shy, extremely moved, “This… it isn’t proper, in the sect I must address you as Senior Uncle.” The hidden meaning being, ‘we brothers can talk freely outside’.

    Li Mu’s smile widened, clapped his hands and a disciple brought a wooden tray placing it on the table, “Qin Yu, you already are an inner disciple. Here are the items, the insignia, robe, and also the inner disciple’s cultivation manual.”

    Qin Yu thanked repeatedly, then picked up the insignia. This item represents an inner sect disciple’s proof of identity. When he encounters trouble outside the sect, it might save his live.

    Seeing him looking at it fondly, Li Mu’s eyes flashed, and lightly coughed.

    Qin Yu raised his head, “Senior Uncle, is there something else?”

    He has been waiting for this, and said, “You know, I am already old, managing Merit Hall’s affairs and the Patriarch’s requests, needs a storage bag so that I can place all the items inside it, but neverd manage to find one, giving me endless headaches.”

    Qin Yu’s face changed, lowering his head staying silent.

    Seeing him not replying, Li Mu wrinkled his brows, coughed once and directly said, “Little brother Qin, older brother knows you have a storage bag. I don’t have any intention, just that I believe you have no use for it, and it would be put to greater use by me. Little brother Qin be at ease, older brother will treat you fairly and exchange for it. The tens of spirit stones and the pills I have gathered over the years will be given to you.”

    Then took out a scroll from his clothes, spreading it on the table, all smiles saying, “Little brother Qin, look, these are all of our sect’s living houses, and if you have any preference please tell me. If it is taken, I will help you handle it in a very short time.” Finishing, he was beaming at Qin Yu, expecting a reply.

    Qin Yu had a slightly troubled look, “Senior Uncle…”

    Li Mu interrupted, “Little brother Qin if you think it’s not enough, we can discuss this. Older brother is the manager of Merit Hall, after this we will be brothers, and will definitely help you in the future.”

    Qin Yu said, “Senior Uncle, this is something Grandmaster gave me. I can’t decide on my own.”

    Li Mu shook his head smiling, “For such a person like Grandmaster, since he gave it to you, then of course it’s yours to keep and what to do with it. Spirit stones and pills will help you increase your cultivation. Once you reach Golden Core realm, you will definitely find a storage bag.”

    Qin Yu clenched his teeth, “Senior Uncle, I won’t exchange it.”

    Li Mu’s face sank, “Little brother Qin is serious?”

    “En, I will be taking my leave.”

    Li Mu snorted coldly, got up and left.

    The submissive tea carrying disciple at the side, took a badge from his chest and threw it over, coldly saying, “Third area no. 29.”

    Qin Yu awkwardly left Merit Hall, and turned his head, with a mocking look flashing through his eyes. The insignia, clothes, manual, are all given by the sect, the same for the housing. Just for a few tens of spirit stone and some pills, wants to exchange for a storage bag. Might as well be robbed! Truly a fool who hasn’t been around much!

    On the surface, he shows a humiliated and angry look instead. ‘Better keep up the act, there’s still the tail to think about’ Qin Yu glanced with the corner of his eyes, making sure it’s there.

    It seems, Patriarch and Huang Danguai aren’t completely convinced. Since they reached such a position, they couldn’t trust others so easily, or they would have died many times already. ‘Let’s keep pretending, and just relax for a while’. Qin Yu then walked with big steps towards his house.

    Third area no. 29, just from listening to it, anyone would know it is not a good place, and after turning left, moving right, he finally found it. Even prepared, Qin Yu still frowned, and cursed Lin Mu’s whole clan.

    The three areas are used by inner disciple, with the third being at the end, and number 29, at the bottom. In front lays a deserted place filled with rocks and a waterfall in the back, that with its loud noise, would become an inconvenience. If you would ignore the somewhat rich spiritual energy’s density, this place would be a barren wasteland.

    Never mind it, he doesn’t need to meditate to cultivate. If the chance will come, he will have to teach that old bastard a lesson.

    But this world doesn’t have just one bastard. After one retreats, a herd arrives.

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  • Chapter 18: Almost caught

    Qin Yu soon opened the creaking door of no. 29 courtyard. Outside was a bustling crowd of people letting out an awful lot of noise.

    “Junior brother Qin Yu? I have come to congratulate you!” A group of people suddenly barged inside the courtyard, causing it to feel cramped.

    Qin Yu happily greeted, “Welcome fellow brothers, quickly come in!”

    A fan holding male began, “Junior brother Qin Yu, what honor has befallen upon you! This one is senior brother Xu Weixu, as someone under Grand Elder Huang, the most outstanding person in the whole sect, today, has come to personally congratulate you, something unprecedent.”

    “Right, right, it is junior brother honor. Senior brother Xu Wei came to give his best wishes in person, and junior brother Qin Yu, you, are the first ever to receive him.”

    “Senior brother Xu Wei has come to befriend you, and junior brother Qin Yu, you must show your sincerity. Must solidify this friendship and not disappoint us!”

    Sounds of approval were heard, meaning that if Qin Yu won’t pay his respects, as Xu Wei’s little brother, it will be completely deplorable.

    Qin Yu’s face turned red, the crowd pointed out he should make a vow to Heaven, to be whole heartily devoted to senior brother Xu Wei and admire him for this act.

    Xu Wei coughed lightly, and smiling, “Junior brother Qin Yu, this brother has come in haste, and haven’t prepare a good gift, please accept this hundred-year-old ginseng.” He took out a wooden box and opened it, showing the old ginseng inside, covered in roots, and a vague human shape.

    The masses burst into admiration, exclaiming senior brother Xu Wei knows how to pick a gift!

    Unable to refuse, in the end, Qin Yu was forced to accept it.

    Xu Wei swept his eyes, and the man holding the fan let out a knowing smile, then said, “Heard that junior brother Qin Yu has chanced upon a storage bag. Today, senior brother Xu Wei presented you with a hundred-year-old ginseng, why not junior brother returns this kindness by gifting him this item, so that everyone will hear about your honorable character.”

    “It is only proper, very suitable gift.”

    “News of junior brother Qin Yu will travel far and wide, entering deep in the hearts of many of our fellow sisters!”

    “What are you waiting for junior brother Qin Yu? Take out the storage bag, and present it to senior brother Xu Wei.”

    Xu Wei’s smile was ever bigger, but  didn’t say anything,

    Qin Yu mentally cursed, ‘A bunch of shameless things. What dog fart of a ginseng? Compared to Li Mu, this guy is even more of a bastard!’ His expression suddenly became completely red as he took out the ginseng box, “Senior brother Xu Wei’s gift is to great, junior brother doesn’t dare accept it.”

    Xu Wei’s look was heavy, and raised his eyelids, “What do you mean junior brother?”

    Qin Yu stammered, “Please… please take it back senior brother…”

    Xu Wei turned and left, “There is no need to return it. Junior brother can keep, one day it might help you.”

    With a whoosh, in a blink he flew a great distance.

    The fan holding man showed a pitying look, “Junior brother Qin Yu, do you know the best use of this ginseng? When you are seriously hurt, take a bite then keep it in your mouth, and it will save your life. Since senior brother Xu Wei gifted it to you, just keep it.”

    He turned, wanting to leave, but stopped and said with a smirk, “I will tell you this, not far from now there will be a Foundation Establishment Trial. All the new inner sect disciple are required to participate, and senior brother Xu Wei is the team leader. Better prepare yourself.”

    The rest, all sneered, turned around and walked away. The courtyard was finally quiet and Qin Yu closed the door while smiling, then slightly frowned.

    Foundation Establishment Trial? He seems to have heard of it. Sacred Mountain Sect, to increase its disciples’ experience, occurs each year, considered to be a test.

    Xu Wei is Xu Jian’s cousin. Because of this he has such an arrogant attitude among inner disciples. Best not to provoke, to avoid any unnecessary grudges.

    After a cold light flashed in his eyes, Qin Yu calmed down, then entered the house. With the Dongliu City experience under his belt, his heart is a lot more hardened. He already killed a Golden Core expert; how can a tiny Foundation Establishment be his match?

    The days passed continuously as Qin Yu stood still and cultivated arduously. He knows that his talent is lacking, just like in alchemy, not able to advance a single step. But he doesn’t look nervous at all and instead patiently treaded forward, so that any problem that occurs, is remedied as soon as it was found.

    Qin Yu can still endure it, that is because, no one can enter the Pill Disposing Facility easily, and Pheasant King is very good at hiding, with a very low chance of being found.  If it weren’t for this, he would ignore everything and get his storage bag, since the Little Blue Lamp was left inside!

    His cultivation might not advance, but Qin Yu still didn’t waste these few days. With the new cultivation manual also came three techniques.

    As for the cultivation method, it might be above the one he has, but to change it, will take time. And for Qin Yu’s cultivation that is built on pills, has little to do with cultivation method, so he doesn’t waste time on this. Thinking that when he will have a higher cultivation, he will search for a more advance method and change it then.

    But for now, he won’t.

    The three techniques are: Wind Walk, Blade Edge and Mind Stab.

    Wind Walk is a martial art, training it will allow one to move as graceful as a swallow, to travel a thousand li in a single day. That is, as long as your energy can support it.

    Blade Edge is crude at most, hardly considered an attacking technique. The energy is forced outside the body and turned into a sharp edge capable of crushing stones and pierce iron.

    Thinking about it, in the night that Qin Yu obtained Little Blue Lamp, Han Dong must have used the Blade Edge to try and behead him. If he didn’t duck in time, he wouldn’t have been here.

    The las one, Mind Stab, unexpectedly is a type of attack that targets the consciousness. Foundation Establishment’s consciousness is very feeble, weak as a chicken. Yet what surprised Qin Yu the most is actually this technique!

    What he doesn’t lack is pills, and now that he is at Foundation Establishment realm, he can use these countless consciousness increasing pills, Mind Enhancing Pills, to the extent of which he won’t fear anyone when it’s about consciousness in the Foundation Establishment realm. Better make good use of it, and wield this Mind Stab in critical moments!

    All of the techniques are simple, and with Qin Yu’s strong consciousness, it won’t be hard to learn them, and just today finished grasping them.

    Qin Yu walked outside, did his habitual exercises around his house, while carelessly looking around to make sure the surroundings are clear. After an hour, he was smiling. His tail finally left.

    Cautiously and unrushed, he continued like this, ‘Already waited several days, two more won’t hurt.’ And then went inside to practice techniques, the two days passing by in a flash.

    The third day, Qin Yu hastily walked outside, undisguised, straight at the Pill Disposing Facility. He already said that Grandmaster gave him the task to take care of Cang Mang’s grave, so he doesn’t need to hide.

    After a smooth journey, he entered the Pill Disposing Facility, and after a careful look, not seeing Yu Er, without delay he went to the underground area.

     As he was about to call for Pheasant King to come out, Qin Yu’s eyes flared up, and directly went to the hut, respectfully saying, “Senior Cang Mang, junior received Grandmaster’s kindness, and today I have come to pay my respect. Since you’ve been lonely, I will accompany you this night.”

     His voice was neither high or low, just enough to travel across the whole area, the area then turn quiet and no Pheasant King in sight. Qin Yu’s heart was cold, but didn’t lose his head, if Pheasant King was discovered, he wouldn’t have any freedom left.

    He sat down, and from the storage bag removed an incense burner and paper money, to begin the offering ritual to his elder.

    Since he’s faking, do it all the way. Expecting it to be like this, he came prepared to give a good show.

    In a remote corner of this underground area, is an unremarkable shadow. But under this shadow, lays hidden a male youngster with an ugly expression. With some hesitation, seeing that Qin Yu doesn’t plan on leaving, he walks out resigned.

    “Who’s there!” the alert Qin Yu said in a low shout.

    The youngster was embarrassed, “Don’t misunderstand junior brother, I was only tasked with exploring the area…” meaning there are things he couldn’t say.

    Qin Yu greeted, “Oh, senior brother looks familiar, have we met before?”

    “Cough, cough… perhaps. Since I finished my task, I will be leaving, goodbye.” And just left.

    He has the Poison Dispelling Pill from Huang Danguai, but Tao Jie won’t stay here for an entire day. If he’s affected with pill poison he doesn’t have anywhere to go and solve it, ‘Might as well return and report everything is in order. This should satisfy Grand Elder Huang.’

    “Senior brother, wait a bit!” Qin Yu yelled. He then turned around calmly, yet his forehead was cold with sweat, ‘That was close, if I had called for Pheasant King, he might not show up but it would’ve given me away.’

    Treading carefully without mistakes, is something he will definitely remember in the future.

    With a deep breath he sat cross-legged, and started doing what he was set on to do, stay here all night.


    Before the first glimmer of dawn, in the darkest hour of the night, Qin Yu had sharp eyes.

    “No one’s here, come out!”

    Pheasant King rushed to meet him. Only now Qin Yu found where it was hiding, in a crevice that extends upward. Of course he was hard to discover.

    It throws itself at Qin Yu, let go of the bag and with a wobble collapsed. The poison invaded deep and thorough, and was afraid it couldn’t hold on, so it endured until now but it still showed this panicked sight.

    ‘Oh, please! Do it more professionally, why did you covered your face when you collapsed? Afraid of ruining your beautiful ‘face’?’

    Qin Yu threw a fake kick, “Stop pretending! You’ve done great, of course you’ll get rewarded.” 

    Pheasant King stood straight as an arrow, full of vigor, its eyes saying, ‘You finally know how to be grateful.’

    “There’s no time, so hurry over.” Qin Yu took out Little Blue Lamp with a thought, which bloomed into its customary blue serene light.

    Pheasant King shot forward, eyes squinting, with a high expression, making noises toward the lamp.

    Qin Yu cursed, “Don’t get weird ideas, or I’ll really cook you!” working as he talked. He took all the remaining items from the bag and put them in Li Yunmo’s.

    They all know he only has one storage bag. So for now, he will have to leave the golden string bag inside. After an afterthought, he took some pills, then took back his storage bag and dug a hole in a corner.

    “Little bird, I can’t take you with me, and I will leave these pills for you, so keep on hiding for a while longer. Rest assured that at the first chance, I will take you out of here.”

    Pheasant King was discontent.

    Qin Yu waved his hand, “Once you’re out, I will grab a hundred hens to help you start your harem!”

    Pheasant King arrogantly raised his head.

    Qin Yu smiled, “You can pick any beauty you want.”

    Pheasant King’s tail blossomed.

    He spent some time at Lang Tu’s grave, and he walked out among the morning sun’s rays, returning to his home after a quiet walk, but only now he recovered from his sorrow.

    “Grand Elder Huang, junior brother Qin Yu returned, all is normal.” Tao Jie, respectfully said.

    Huang Danguai waved his hand, and when he left, started mumbling, “Maybe, I was overthinking things. He is just a lucky brat, that’s all.”

    Then returned to the facility to repair the broken formation.

    ‘The refining furnace is about to finish, don’t want to lower my guard now, at such a crucial time!’
  • Chapter 19: Foundation Establishment Trial

    ‘Encountering dogshit luck, only to be smacked on by Heaven’s pie. The unlucky Qin Yu!’ This news traveled very fast reaching everywhere and astonishing everyone.

    Many jealous hearts were filled with delight, thinking, ‘even summer has a cold wind’. Of course, this has no benefit to any of them, and no influence on it, yet still hope Qin Yu’s luck turns for the worst.

    ‘Hehe, offending senior brother Xu Wei, you will definitely not end well!’

    All were looking forward to it, the day the Foundation Establishment Trial begins, the 15th of the next month.

    But Qin Yu doesn’t even care about it. With no one watching him, and in his storage bag the items he needed, he closed the door, throwing himself whole heartily into cultivation.

    But before that, he needs to study the Concealing Art from Ning Ling so that with it and the pendant, even Huang Danguai won’t discover his cultivation. ‘Have to careful and make no mistakes!’

    Yet, each day his cultivation had to be put on hold, to carefully dissect and practice the three techniques. At the Foundation Establishment Trial very few of them encounters serious trouble, but with Xu Wei, Qin Yu needs to be extra vigilant.

    In the courtyard a formation was activated, despite its low level, it can still hide the energy and sound inside.

    Qin Yu stood straight, eyes slightly closed, then he suddenly opened them, a sharp glint exploding from within. Raising his hand, energy surging, along his meridians, converging in his arm, and rushed out through his fingertips.

    A crescent moon shaped blade invisible to the eye, cut the air, traveling several meters towards a rock, piercing it and leaving a deep scar!

    At almost the same time, Mind Stab was silently cast, formed into a sharp needle, attacking anything in ten meters radius in an instant.

    Qin Yu then stomped his foot, and like a fierce tiger, his energy exploding, let out a fist!


    The rock was turned to rubble!

    Figuring out the fist’s power, he smiled. Even though it’s just practice, with no real experience based on it, he still believes, his Three Axe Fist, will overcome common Foundation Establishment cultivators.

    He finally has some means to defend himself.

     After this move there is another one hidden of course, like Corpse Sealing Nail. It was supposed to be his poisonous finger instead, but after killing Dark Slave in Dongliu City, its toxicity is almost exhausted.

    Then, a sudden nock on the door.

    Qin Yu brushed his sleeve, putting all the stones in a corner, then released the formation.

    Outside was a terrified outer sect disciple, “Senior brother Qin Yu, I was told to inform you that the Foundation Establishment Trial is tomorrow. Gathering is at the Main Gate, please prepare yourself.”

    Qin Yu nodded.

    As if he received a great pardon, the disciple bowed and left.

    Seeing him act this way, Qin Yu frowned slightly but didn’t dwell on it, just closed the door and restart the formation, entering his cultivation room. ‘Need some rest for tomorrow’s journey, to be at my best, as this period of training was straining.’

    After making sure his storage bag has enough pills, he closed his eyes.

    After a quiet night, Qin Yu walked outside early morning, walking towards the Main Gate.

    Along the way, all of the people had strange faces, with may looking on with pity.

    Qin Yu pondered slightly, ‘must have something to do with Xu Wei’ yet he shows no change, eyes filled with coldness.

    This Xu Wei, must not be ignored!

    The morning light reflecting in the crystal-clear dew, revealing a splendor of colors, gives the fog covered Sacred Mountain Sect and air of mystery. The Main Gate is huge, from a type of blue jade arching from the earth, with ‘Sacred Mountain’ words written in a dignified manner, that still seems to hold some power, making anyone gazing upon them have their hearts filled with reverence.

    Headed by Xu Wei, three males and two females stand below the arch. Elegant and filled with smiles, in this place, they give off an imposing and aloof air.

    As Huang Danguai’s disciple he receives junior sisters’ heartfelt flattery, especially from the delicate looking junior sister Lin, causing one’s heart itch. Upon seeing Qin Yu, as if looking at a waste, Xu Wei smile dimmed, “Junior brother Qin Yu, you’re the only one left.”

    A simple phrase, declaring his position, giving the people around them the feeling as if they are gazing upon a rotten seed. Two males and two females, sized them up, with only the simple youth is somewhat better, while the rest all give him cold looks.

    Qin Yu cupped his hands, “Everyone, forgive me for my tardiness.” Calm, yet revealing a hint of repressed anger.

    This anger, made Xu Wei grin, “It’s good you’re here. Since it is already late, let’s go.” He turned around, with a cold glint in his eyes, ‘Since you’ve shown me no respect, then don’t blame me!’

    Flying on a white cloud then descending towards the Main Gate, in front of everyone, is the indifferent Ning Ling.

    Xu Wei stared blankly, then with a burning hot gaze and filled with smiles greeted, “Senior sister Ning, how come you’re here?”

    Ning Ling simply said, “Patriarch’s orders, this test will be led by me.”

    Xu Wei’s face froze.

    Ning Ling saw this, “If there are objections, go talk to Patriarch, while I wait here.”

    Xu Wei hastily, “Senior sister Ning misunderstands, with you as the leader, it couldn’t be better.” Then turned and in a low shout, “Quickly greet senior sister Ning.”

    “Hello senior sister Ning!” the others greeted in a rush.

    Xu Wei was smiling from ear to ear, “Let me introduce them senior sister, this is junior sister Lin Lin, junior sister Zhang He, junior brother Fan Ping and junior brother Lu Feng.” After a pause he pointed at Qin Yu, “Finally, this one, is the widely reputed junior brother Qin Yu. Oh, right! Senior sister Ning has personally experienced Dongliu City’s misfortune, so you should recognize junior brother Qin Yu.”

    Lin Lin acting sweet and charming, became even more delicate. Considered a top beauty, yet in the presence of Ning Ling she doesn’t match up. Upon seeing Ning Ling, her eyes roaming senior brother Xu Wei, she instantly averted her gaze, a feeling of resentment growing in her heart. But she still has a sense of propriety and doesn’t let it come to the surface. After hearing what was said, she used this as a pretext to vent.

    She covert her delicate laugh and said, “Junior brother Qin Yu’s fame, is well known. Too bad your luck isn’t as good, unworthy of Grandmaster’s grace.”

    Xu Wei’s smile grew, throwing her a look of appreciation.

    Zhang Ze’s figure is thin, what should be there isn’t, just like a beanpole. Cursed inside, ‘damn fox’, but doesn’t hesitate to kick people when they’re down, “Who says it isn’t? Countless disciples sighed with envy, when they heard this heavenly opportunity was wasted.”

    ‘I can also fawn over senior brother Xu Wei!’

    Fan Ping rolled his eyes, “Many say, that Grandmaster would have accepted any one of them if they met instead.”

    Only Lu Feng lowered his head, keeping silent.

    Xu Wei laughed, “Junior brother Qin Yu, seems like many resent you.”

    Qin Yu was ashamed!

    Ning Ling stepped in, “Alright, let’s go.”

    The white cloud appeared, caring Ning Ling forward.

    Xu Wei started, stopped mocking Qin Yu and catch up, “Senior sister Ning, this test’s mission…”

     “New mission, just follow me.” Ning Ling replied without turning her head.

    Xu Wei’s face changed slightly, a hint of disappointment in his eyes, then threw a look at Qin Yu, restraining himself. The original plan was to do a dangerous mission, making preparations so that Qin Yu would suffer an accident.

    Now, he can only wait for such a chance to come.

    Looking at Ning Ling’s back, Qin Yu’s eyes flashed, tapped the ground and started using the Wind Walk, following behind them.

    Not long after leaving the Main Gate, Ning Ling explained the mission in simple terms. In Xiguan City, there is an evil 5th layer of Foundation Establishment cultivator, and they are assigned to kill him to prevent any more harm.

    At 5th layer of Foundation Establishment, and also a rogue cultivator, even with some help, how did he reach this level? Maybe, with Ning Ling’s support, the mission will be completed without a hitch. 

    This made Xu Wei even more disappointed.

    Fan Ping tried to find more from their expressions, analyzed for a bit, then smiled, “This mission will be very easy now that we have senior sister Ning and senior brother Xu Wei, we would just be following, with no chance to test ourselves. This little brother knows that Xiguan City is 700 li away. How about we don’t make any stops and consider this journey our trial.”

    Lin Lin’s eyes roamed around, “Brother Fan Ping made a great suggestion, but this will deplete our energy when we arrive. Could senior brother Xu Wei help us?”

    Xu Wei grinned slightly, “This is a great idea, how about this. Junior brothers and sisters, let us use our energy, and if we can persevere, it will help our cultivation. Of course, as your brother, I will give you some pills if needed.” He then cupped his hands, “Senior sister Ning Ling, what do you think?”

    Ning Ling indifferently said, “Do as you wish.”

    “Good!” Xu Wei clapped his hands, “Then let’s start. If anyone can’t handle it, please ask for some pills. Let’s reach Xiguan City before sundown!”

    Eyes sweeping Qin Yu over, he sneered, ‘Who doesn’t know your storage bag gifted by Grandmaster is empty. Now what will you do? Even if you beg me, I still won’t help you!’

    Outright refusing is out of the question, but excuses are feasible, like letting him temper himself, sharpen his will, or consolidate his cultivation. They all know Qin Yu’s cultivation is based on pills, which comes along with an unstable foundation.

    If things go right, and junior brother Qin Yu isn’t careful, under extreme strain his cultivation might collapse, with no one to take the blame.

    The group sped up, and apart from Ning Ling only Xu Wei is calm, yet the rest are doing their best to move forward. It’s clear that senior brother Xu Wei’s target is Qin Yu, and as long as they are with him on this, of course they will receive their pills!

    But those are spiritual pills!

    Besides recovering one’s energy, it would also give minor benefit, but when many are used this benefit can’t be ignored. No one in Sacred Mountain Sect of this generation can match senior brother Xu Wei spending.

    Qin Yu?

    Just from a bit of luck, and dares to set himself against senior brother Xu Wei, simply naïve, reckless!

    Truth be told, when it comes to pills, never mind Xu Wei, even his master, Huang Daiguai, doesn’t have as many as Qin Yu. 

    Ning Ling floated around like a fairy, standing on the white cloud in front of everyone.

    Xu Wei follows close behind, eyes sometimes showing his desire, talking from time to time, yet only receiving some nods and shakes of the head.

    Lin Lin, Zhang Ze, Fan Ping and Lu Feng, are a bit behind, all dripping with sweat, not caring about the strain it puts on their energy, they continue forward.

    Just now, that little hussy Lin Lin opened her delicate mouth, asking Xu Wei for a Spirit Increasing Pill. A round, glossy, fragrant, Spirit Increasing Pill!

    The others’ eys turn red at this, ‘this is not joke.’

    Qin Yu is last. His Foundation Establishment cultivation is based on pills, with unstable energy and filled with impurities, it’s only obvious he is dead last.

    Of course, he is also sweating like a pig. What is hard isn’t keep this appearance, but to make it believable, not to let them find any clues.

    Wiping his forehead of sweat, he then drank from his waterskin, his finger inconspicuously, took a Spirit Increasing Pill and put it in his mouth, instantly turning into surging energy. He moaned comfortably, among countless pills refined, a perfect pill still brings the most pleasing sensation.

    Xu Wei turned his head, and saw Qin Yu’s expression, exposing a satisfied smile. ‘Even if I can’t attack you secretly, there are still other ways to deal with you!’

    Qin Yu rushed forward, with a pale face, gasping continuously for breath, smiling coldly in his heart. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eyes, the leader Ning Ling, is standing close to him for who knows how long!
  • Chapter 20: Trap

    “Senior sister Ning.” Qin Yu greeted while panting.

    Ning Ling’s eyes hold a complicated look.

    Originally, this period of time to avoid any problems, her best choice would have been to stay at the sect. But she knew that Xu Wei and Qin Yu have bad blood between them, and after a long time hesitating, it came to her choosing to lead the Foundation Establishment Trial.

    If she asks something, Sacred Mountain Sect definitely won’t deny her.

    Seeing Qin Yu at this time, she couldn’t help remember him in Dongliu City; his caution, calm, and aura. The two Qin Yu, constantly overlapped in her mind, and in the end released a sigh.

    “Here are some pills, take them.”

    Qin Yu felt helpless, especially with Xu Wei furious glare, then shook his head inside. Yet seeing the bottle in her jade hand, he still expressed his surprise, repeatedly giving his tanks.

    Ning Ling then left, not turning her head.

    Qin Yu ‘impatiently’ took a pill and lowered his head, eyes filled with admiration.

    ‘It’s just a misunderstanding. We don’t belong in the same world anyway.’

    As the sun was setting, the group of seven people arrived at Xiguan City, the most miserable looking of them all, of course, is Qin Yu.

    Xu Wei, although wasn’t satisfied, but Ning Ling gave the pills from her own volition. He has no choice, so without showing his disagreement, said with a smile, “Senior sister, how about we rest a little and continue tonight?”

    Ning Ling nodded.

    Without alarming anyone, they jumped over the wall and entered an inn.

    Ning Ling seemed to be knowledgeable, since when she entered the city, she took out a veil to cover her face. Even though it couldn’t hide her beauty it was enough to avoid some troubles.

    But when Xu Wei waved his hand, letting his energy lash out, no one dared to look at them.

    With a public display of power, they directly went to the third floor’s best rooms, exceedingly arrogant.

    Cultivators are aloof and proud, above the other mortals. When walking outside, it is no surprise they behaved like this.

    But at least do it when not on a mission.  

    Qin Yu swept with his eyes, just like Ning Ling, and after not finding any problems, relaxed.

    Zhu clan, an evil cultivator clan, has settled in Xiguan City for more than two hundred years, possessing great strength, as testament to its wide reputation. Moreover, how could it not receive retribution, like this mission. Perhaps very soon, Zhu clan will know a strong group arrived in Xiguan City and retaliate.

    But of course, maybe Ning Ling, Xu Wei and the others already took this into account, and don’t seem to take it to heart, after all even the Zhu clan can’t resist when confronted with absolute power.

    The night descends, with Xiguan City lighting up from the numerous lamps, quite a flourishing city compared to an ordinary city in the Southern Nation. The always stay at home disciples, once they leave, as youngsters, this will have a great allure to them.

    Lin Lin was the first to knock on Xu Wei’s door, wanting to go for a walk. Maybe because of Ning Ling’s coldness, or perhaps from not seeing Qin Yu suffer enough, Xu Wei hesitated a bit, but still agreed.

    Greeting Ning Ling, along with Lin Lin, Zheng Ze, Fan Ping and Lu Feng, they went outside, becoming the center of everyone’s attention once again, pleasing Xu Wei to no end.

    Of course, Qin Yu didn’t care, just expressed his unwillingness at Lu Feng’s taunt.

    Yet after not even an hour, the arrogant group, came back enraged, Lin Lin and the others’ faces filled with shock. Lu Feng was carried by Fan Ping, his face black, completely unconscious. They seem to have encountered trouble.

    “It’s poison!” Xu Wei coldly said, as Huang Danguai’s disciple, he must have had some contact with them, “Xiguan City has only one cultivator clan. It seems we were found out and the Zhu clan took advantage to strike first!”

    He was fuming, never thought that even with their posing they would be so easily discovered by the clan.

    Ning Ling was feeling slightly regretful. It was their intention to attack first, but that ship is sailed, and coldly stated, “Leave one to take care of junior brother Lu Feng, the rests will follow me and charge into the Zhu clan to find an antidote!”

    Pausing, then turned around, “Junior brother Qin Yu, you stay.”

    Xu Wei wanted to retort, but Ning Ling didn’t give him the chance and flew outside.

    “Stop looking distracted and follow senior sister Ning to trample the Zhu clan!”

    Seeing the disappearing of their figures, Qin Yu’s eyes had a sliver of worry. For Zhu clan to attack first, they must have made preparations, hopefully Ning Ling and the others can prevail, while not falling in any traps.

    He gave a few looks towards Lu Feng lying on the bet, as if he was hesitating. Receiving the pill poison, and staying in the Pill Disposing Facility for a year, he now has a deep knowledge about poison, figuring out at a glance that this poison was ruthless.

    Even with Foundation Establishment strength, once poisoned it is hard to resist it, and if it enters the marrow, there would be no hope for him left.

    ‘Should I save him?’

    At night, he doesn’t doubt the power of the blue serene light.

    When Qin Yu was hesitating, a sudden sound reached his ears, causing his face to change constantly. Very soon, a fine mist entered through the mirror, floating inside, and Qin Yu with a groan, collapsed on the floor.

    After moments, four figures entered through the window, with a male and female as the lead, pulling the curtain, amazement on their faces.

    “What’s so great about sect disciples? We already got rid of two of them!” The youngster looks on proudly.

    The female was frowning, “Don’t waste time and finish the job.”

    “Yes, young miss.”

    The two servants let out cruel laughs, walking with a sharp blade towards Qin Yu and Lu Feng.

    The next second, the silence was broken by a sudden sound, the two servant’s head flew in the air, blood gushing everywhere.

    The youngster’s face had a trace of fear in it, while that young miss wanted to dash outside. But just as she was about to move, her vision saw a streak of darkness, went limp and fell down, the head of the terrified youngster was next seen soaring in the air.

    Qin Yu stood up, looking on coldly.

    The Zhu clan young miss shrieked, “Don’t kill me!”

    Qin Yu calmly said, “What is Zhu clan doing? Talk, and you won’t die, or don’t and end up like them.”

    Zhu clan young miss hesitated, “Promise not to kill me?” she straightened her back doing wonders to her developed chest, “As long as you don’t kill me, this young girl is willing to accompany you to your room.”

    Qin Yu expressed a slightly moved look, and in a low voice, “Talk!”

    The young miss started, “Father set up a Parturient Soul Carving Formation …” then stopped with a grunt, her head rolled, with a shocked look painted on her face, the needle in her mouth falling powerless on the ground.

    Qin Yu was worried. It seems he was right about Lu Feng’s poison. The Zhu clan didn’t kill him on purpose, to split up the Sacred Mountain Sect disciples.

    Aware that the others aren’t faring too well. Instead of retreating they pressed on. Zhu clan must have something they are relying on, maybe that Parturient Soul Carving Formation. Ning Ling and the others although strong, but might not necessarily be at an advantage. He has to go take a look, if something happens he will not have a good ending.

    Qin Yu hesitated slightly, then brushed his sleeve closing the window, and let the blue serene light from his hand shine on the bed. Lu Feng’s poison, a red-black streak, quickly entered his finger, changing the color of his fingernail into bright red.

    ‘Can’t let him die anyway, just say I found an antidote on their bodies.’

    Not delaying any longer, caries Lu Feng on his back, then open the window, and disappears into the night.

    Zhu manor!

    A standard villa with a big courtyard, filled with two hundred years of imposing aura, with sixteen big lamps outside the gate lighting around as if it was day, with only the gate covered in complete darkness resembling a monster’s jaw ready to swallow you whole. But what is strange, is that all the Zhu manor is deathly silent, causing one’s hair to stand on end.

     Qin Yu carefully laid Lu Feng on a roof of a house, then started to look inside the Zhu manor, a thought struck him. Something happened!

    Logic dictates that his best choice right now is to leave, but he can’t return like this to the sect. Moreover, in the depth of his heart, he is unwilling to see something happening to Ning Ling and not do anything.

    With a bitter smile, Qin Yu took a deep breath, activating the Concealing Art, and with a stomp he wordlessly flew inside the Zhu manor.

    Crouching slightly to break his fall, almost soundless, Qin Yu then looked around, frowning immediately. The entire manor seems to have sank into deep ink, and even with Qin Yu amazing eyesight he still could barely make out his surroundings.

    Threads of chilling energy are traveling everywhere, piercing every part of his body and raising all of Qin Yu’s hair. He is quite afraid of this energy, but it doesn’t seem to do anything else.

    After thinking for a brief moment, Qin Yu moved, the source of the cold must be in some place, yet it doesn’t seem to go after him.

    It’s Ning Ling and the others!

    Zhu clan doesn’t seem to have it easy either.

    With a thought, Qin Yu sent some energy into his eyes improving his vision, then moving forward while sticking to the ground.

    The manor is very big, and in the pitch-black darkness, if he wants to find the others it won’t be easy, but Qin Yu keeps advancing towards the southeast corner. Since the closer he gets the colder it becomes, the fight must be that way!

    Rushing along the way and not seeing anyone, this huge Zhu manor resembles a ghost house. Qin Yu feels increasingly restless, and just then minute sounds enter his ears. He instantly increases his pace.

    Before his eyes is a courtyard, with a well, a pagoda tree, and three houses, with neither doors nor windows.

    A ring-shaped magic weapon flew above flashing in streaks of golden light, with Ning Ling in the middle pouring all her energy into it to resist the surrounding fog. A mournful cry constantly comes out of the fog, with the chill coming like a tide, enveloping everything!

    Between the ancient well and the pagoda tree, stands a cultivator, tall and sturdy with a determined expression and a dignified look in his eyes. Zhu clan Patriarch Zhu Hai, the one the Sacred Mountain Sect sent them to kill.

    His left hand holding a golden pendant, while his right a round altar, with the golden pendant shaking endlessly. Despite not saying a word he is still controlling the ghostly image to attack. Single handedly restraining five Sacred Mountain Sect disciples, with even Ning Ling and Xu Wei among them, speaks volume of his power!

    Among the golden light, Xu Wei was filled with rage, roaring, “Zhu Hai, if you dare hurt us, the sect’s Golden Core expert will come after you, with nowhere to escape!”

    Zhu Hai was calm, “Since I already did, there is no going back. You think it just amounts to this?”

    Xu Wei’s eyes opened wide, “What do you mean?”

    Zhu Hai smiled, “Simple really, the Sacred Mountain Sect knowledge of my evil intention, was on purpose, or how else would they have sent you.”

    Xu Wei’s face lost all color.

    P.S.: first of the delayed chapters

  • Chapter 21: Kill

    Zhu Hai’s expression was suddenly fervent, “But I never thought, that this trap would catch such prey.” His eyes falling on Ning Ling’s body, filled with desire, “You won’t die tonight, because I am going to make you my woman. Only after you will bear my child, I will kill you.”

    Ning Ling’s eyes were ice-cold, never before feeling such strong hatred and desire to kill, “Zhu Hai, you killed a pregnant woman and harming her unborn child, causing her to be filled with resentment and hatred to use for your blood essence cultivation. Even turning their souls into malignant spirits, you will die a gruesome death for these atrocities!”

    Zhu Hai nodded, “Yes, what you said is true. I won’t die, but they will.” The golden pendant in his hand rocks more violently, and the ghostly figure in the fog shrieked increasingly mournful, while the dark, cold energy franticly rushed over.

    The ring-shape magic weapon was about to crumble!

    “What do we do, senior brother Xu Wei? I don’t wanna die!” Lin Lin cried in terror.

    Xu Wei clenched his jaw, using all of his power to resist, while looking towards Ning Ling. As Huang Daiguai’s favored disciple, he knows some things about Ning Ling.

    The only chance now lays with her.

    Suddenly, Ning Ling took a step leaving the golden radiating ring’s protected area, causing the concealed spirit inside the fog to charge at her.

    Under the brilliant golden light, all of them were shocked. The woman has disheveled hair abdomen ready to burst, with constant black small hands and feet kicking inside, as if to vent from the wound it received, making the woman’s suffering even crueler.

    The malignant spirit is filled with desire to destroy all living creatures. But before she could approach, with a mournful cry her body let out a black smoke, cowering in fear.

    At this moment, Ning Ling pointed her finger and a dazzling golden light flew out of it. This move took its toll on her, as it can be seen from her dim eyes.

    Zhu Hai’s face changed greatly. He brushed his sleeve sending a dark energy, but the golden light went through it popping it like a bubble, then entered his chest!

    In a low shout, Zhu Hai’s body started twisting. Instead of having his chest exploded to pieces, he somehow managed to divert the blast to his right hand.


    His right-hand shatters, but not before he threw the altar he was holding, rolling in the mist. The woman malignant spirit stopped going after the hurt Ning Ling and ignoring everything, suddenly rushed at the altar. The ashen light of the altar, like a sharp arrow, it pierces her body, as she then retreated while wailing in fear.

    Zhu Hai’s face was pale, yet still smiling, “Is this your final card? Since you can’t kill me, accept your fate!”

    Next instant, his smile froze.

    The malignant spirit because of being repelled by the light, staggered unable to stop her charge.

    “Senior sister Ning Ling, save me!” Qin Yu panicked, wailing as he ran. Whether by chance or mischance, he actually stepped on the altar.


    A clear shattering sound was heard, and then Qin Yu’s sound of falling.

    Zhu Hai was instantly full of fear, “No!”

    He waved the golden pendant franticly, but it was no escape being drowned by the thick fog. All of the malignant spirits peered at him with fixed eyes coming from all around him. From their cut bellies a fist sized head came out, cackling, faintly crying out, “Daddy… daddy…”


    A grieving howl came from inside the fog, along with mind numbing gnawing sounds. Anyone could imagine what is occurring.

    Ning Ling looked at the blank-faced Qin Yu, “Let’s go!”

    Without hesitating, they left the Zhu clan at their fastest. Only after they left this place immersed in darkness they relaxed slightly, then all eyes fell on Qin Yu.

    In their hearts, they couldn’t help sigh for him being a lucky bastard. But they had to admit, they are alive all thanks to him. Some of them had complicated looks, especially Xu Wei, who’s resent is now washed away.

    “What about Lu Feng?” an urgent voice broke the silence. With all eyes on him, Qin Yu started to feel uncomfortable.

    Qin Yu was flustered, “We were pursued, and had no choice but to hide senior brother Lu Feng on a roof.”

    Xu Wei squinted his eyes, “Deserting your fellow disciple and running for your life? You sure have guts, Qin Yu!”

    Lin Lin, Zhang Ze and Fan Ping stared blankly, once again starting to despise him. Even if this lucky bastard saved them, he actually abandoned his fellow disciple.

    Ning Ling frowned slightly, “Don’t talk, lets first find Lu Feng.”

    Qin Yu nodded over and over again, turned around and dashed into the night. Returning soon after, with Lu Feng on his back and a pleased expression.

    Xu Wei cries out, “What about his poison?”

    Qin Yu showed pride, “I killed a Zhu clan cultivator, and just so happens he had an antidote. Senior brother Lu Feng is now fine.”

    Killing a Zhu clan member and finding an antidote, while they charged the Zhu manor and almost gotten killed…

    This punk’s luck is outrageous!

     Ning Ling’s eyes had a deep look, ‘Is it all chance?’  The figure of Qin Yu in front of her is once again vague, as if enveloped in a haze, unrecognizable.

    As the sun rose in the sky, the residents of Xiguan City were all alarmed to discover that the whole Zhu clan has completely disappeared. With only a few darkened bloodstains in a southeast courtyard. Following them, they discovered an ancient well, with seventeen corpses of women, all of which had in their abdomen a small body. What was even more shocking, was the flesh inside their mouths, still dripping with blood.

    The residents scattered in fear, not long after a fire broke out, torching the two hundred-year-old Zhu manor.

    On the way back, the group of seven from Sacred Mountain Sect, are no longer as exited as they were when they came, keeping silent.

    Qin Yu has already seen what happened to Zhu manor, causing to feel cold in his heart, even a bit dazed. Just to improve his cultivation, Zhu Hai killed his pregnant wives. Is this what Cang Mang once mentioned, the vile blood cultivation?

    Even plotted to draw in Sacred Mountain Sect disciples. Besides Zhu Hai along with his son and daughter, all others were killed in order to force the malignant spirit to devour flesh and blood. Such cruelty!

    On the path of becoming an immortal, if a person were to change into this, all for his goals regardless of cost or sacrifice, even killing everything, then this kind of person was no longer cultivating immortality and should be put down!

    Qin Yu, who barely begun to walk the path of cultivation, swore in his heart never to turn into such a person.

    Ning Ling sweeping Qin Yu with her eyes, would sometimes frown, and sometimes relax, unknowingly staring in space, deep in thought.   

    All of a sudden, Qin Yu let out a deep breath, as if to release all the worries in his heart, later raising his head eyes flashing. After this experience at Zhu manor, his heart started to become more determined, willpower more resolute. His entire bearing subtly transformed.

    His eyes met Ning Ling’s by chance. Caught unaware, he was unable to react as she then turned her head. Sun ray shining down on her slightly red, beautiful ears.  

    Ning Ling forced herself to stay calm, but her heart was beating furiously, a faint aching and numbing feeling rippled through her, causing her to be slight flustered.

    Traveling in silence, and only on the next day when they saw Sacred Mountain Sect did they relaxed.

    Nearing death and then escaping it, Lu Feng even knowing that day’s event, he still felt grateful towards the abandoning Qin Yu. Without him, he would have died.

    “Junior brother Qin Yu, if you have any request, I will help you without question.” Towards Lu Feng’s straightforward and sincere intentions, Qin Yu just nodded, feeling his gratitude.

    Just as they were about to arrive, a cry for help was heard.

    Profound Mountain Mystifying Spring, as its name implies, all the creatures on the mountain and below the spring, in confusion have developed awareness and absorbing spiritual energy, became monsters. (1)

    The one fleeing in fear in the forest, is a mountain dweller, with an axe in her left hand hacking toward her right against the rushing roots behind her. Following after her is an ent, it’s outer appearance just like a dried tree, constantly roaring.

    Suddenly, the woman was ecstatic, repeatedly calling out, “Immortals, save me!” she lifted her head, eyes clear, wearing a crude hemp skirt, a captivating image. Especially when a trace of soft skin is showing beneath her split skirt as she was running.

    Xu Wei roared with fury, “Monster, you dare to attack mortals? Stop right now!”

    With a brush of his sleeve he released an attack, causing the ent to groan and roar in pain from the deep scar suddenly appearing on his body. Yet at the same time, as the woman was relaxing, the branches caught her unaware, dragging her while screaming.

    The ancient ent turned around, intending to flee.

    Xu Wei raged, “Block him!”



    Led by Xu Wei, five figures surrounded the ancient ent.

    Ning Ling was slightly amazed, seeing Qin Yu from the corner of her eyes frowning and with no intention to join them.

    At this time, the battle between the five figures and the ancient ent has already erupted.

    The ancient ent roared, the ground seemed to boil and then burst, with countless thick roots coming out covering the sky. What is even more frightening, is that all trees in five hundred meters pulled themselves out of the ground, their roots turning into legs, starting their march towards the battle.

    Xu Wei was shocked and angry at the same time, not expecting a minor wood spirit to be so strong. He clenched his teeth, taking out a black sphere that made a loud sound when it hit the ancient ent, bursting in flame soon after. The others’ morale skyrocketed, wanting to go finish him, yet the ent’s body turned green in an instant, quickly dowsing the flames.

    The injured ent became even wilder, with more and more roots breaking the earth, like a torrential flood crashing towards them! The trees’ pace grew quicker, earth quaking an mountains shaking, wanting to surround Xu Wei and the rest!

    “Senior sister Ning!” Xu Wei cried for help, forgoing his pride.

    As Ning Ling body moved, she heard Qin Yu’s voice, “Be careful!” From the corner of her eye, he has his head lowered slightly, as if to say it wasn’t him who said it.

    Lightly nodding, Ning Ling raised her hand and from her sleeve a cloth flew out. It rose to more than ten zhang entangling countless of roots, tightening until they broke. Xu Wei and the others relaxed, exclaiming in happiness. Eyes occasionally targeting Qin Yu, each and every one of them containing contempt, ‘Even with some luck, he is still just a coward, how can he amount to anything!’

    With Ning Ling joining and the help of the magic weapon, the crisis was averted. Xu Wei and co from the receiving end they turned things around letting the ancient ent also experience some pain. If they keep this up, soon the ent will be finished. But it then suddenly roared, tossing the grabbed woman.

    With a thought, Ning Ling sent the cloth to catch her, but then an unexpected ripping sound was heard. Ning Ling stifled a groan, her face pale, making the cloth return to her sleeve, in tatters!

    “Roar!” the ent faced the sky and bellowed, green mysterious light exploding from his body, enveloping all and turning the roots green, that started intertwining into a cage, trapping Ning Ling and the rest.

    The woman turned and landed on the ground, letting out a delicate laughter, “Such good darlings, aren’t you grieved from all this destruction?” The black dagger’s blade in her hand, seemed to devour all light.

    “Ahh!” with a yell, Qin Yu ran away.

    The woman’s smile broadened, “How unexpected, there is actually such a feisty one among you, disciples. But don’t worry, elder sister treats everyone fairly. He won’t get away.”

    With a tap of her foot, the woman turned into a gray image, leaving behind a tender smile, “Woody, don’t let even one escape.”

    One in front, one in the back, in just a few breaths time, Qin Yu and the woman’s figures disappeared.

    Xu Wei cursed at Qin Yu from running away so shamelessly.

    The other four filled with fear also expressed their loathing.

    Ning Ling stayed silent and lowered her head, not letting them see her current expression. Delight, gratefulness and anxiousness flashing in the depths of her eyes.

    (1) 山精-水怪顾如其名,乃是山上水下生灵,懵懂中开启灵智吐纳天地灵气,所修成的精怪。 Not sure about this part.

  • Chapter 22: Fluke

    With the wind lashing about, as he used Wind Walk to the utmost, Qin Yu’s expression was grave, countless thought running through his head. Running unceasingly, he rolled to the side, avoiding the black ice spear now stabbing the ground, freezing everything around it!

    With a tender laughter, the woman’s figure appears in front, eyes sparkling, “You really know how to run boy. I have underestimated you.”

    Qin Yu smiled faintly, “You’re too kind.”

    Her smile was even brighter, “Come on, say it! How did you figure it out?”

    Qin Yu lifted his hand and pointed, “The calluses on older sister’s hand, they don’t match a woman’s who has worked all her life. And the back of your hand is devoid of scars.”

    Pausing, his eyes turn fervent, “Of course, elder sister’s chest also stands out. The exquisite snow like white skin, there is no mountain woman who can contest you.”

    The woman was impressed, “Little brother is so smart, making me unwilling to kill you, but for the mission, I have to regretfully attack. Be at ease little brother, after taking my poison, there will be no pain, just close your eyes and rest peacefully.”

    Unknowingly, the ice spear already melted by more than half, threads of black energy, as if alive, twisted around Qin Yu’s calf. His face changed, showing shock and anger, and with a muffled groan his aura started to weaken quickly.

    The woman glided towards him, “Remember, I am called You Ji.” The black dagger slashing towards Qin Yu’s throat.

    Suddenly, the woman cried in surprise, the dagger cutting forward let out a ding sound, several cold sparks were released, leaving a long wound between her brows and smearing her perfect skin in red. Her face was actually fake, a disguise.

    The woman attacked instead of retreating, her cold eyes were devoid of warmth, with the dagger chopping towards Qin Yu. Suddenly her body stiffened, face painted in anguish.


    The ground caved in, spreading dust and dirt everywhere. Qin Yu, like a ferocious beast launched himself forward, with no trace of remorse, each fist repeatedly landing on her soft abdomen.

    You Ji floated in retreat, puking a mouthful of blood on the ground, surprisingly purple in color. Her killing intent spiked, but right then, from behind her a Heaven shaking loud sound could be heard, the surging heat rose towards Heaven making the whole sky turn red!

    With a slightly ugly expression, You Ji without the slightest hesitation turned around and left, “Black Ice Poison can’t be cured. Since you’re poisoned, you will suffer a gruesome death!”


    A cloud of black smoke rose, and she disappeared without a trace.

    Qin Yu looked in the direction of Ning Ling and co., judging she is already surrounded. He dashed deeper into the forest, there is no way he can return right now, or he will be force to reveal Little Blue Lamp and face death!

    Very soon, the pale looking Ning Ling, is the first to arrive here, the traces of energy in this place haven’t yet dissipated. Yet neither Qin Yu nor You Ji were in sight.

    Xu Wei landed on the ground, his face changing when he inhaled the air, “Black Ice Poison!”

    Her heart shrank, “What did you say?”

    Being locked on by Ning Ling’s eyes, Xu Wei stiffened, hurriedly replying, “I have seen it at master’s, it is indeed Black Ice Poison.” Stopping, then swallowed nervously, “Senior sister Ning Ling, we need to go, the poison hasn’t dissipated yet. Once poisoned… there is no escape!”

    Ning Ling became even more pale, taking a deep breath, “Leave first.”

    Xu Wei hesitated, but the deep fear in his heart made him nod and leave quickly.

    Ning Ling’s heart was in turmoil, carefully looking around, her face changed suddenly. Hurrying over, she lifted the few drops of blood suspended on the grass.

    Slight purple, and with the green grass, it is hard to notice.

    ‘This… How could Qin Yu have escaped?’

    Ning Ling felt pained, enveloped by a cold feeling as if she was devastated. Losing something very important to her.

    As Qin Yu was dashing ahead, his body let out a series of cracking sound. The constant fall of black colored ice emitted a frightening chill.

    Black Ice Poison has triggered!

    If it weren’t for his body, with strong resistance to poison, he would already been turned into a block of ice.



    Two powerful noises exploded from behind, even after a dozen li the sound could be heard clearly. Patriarch and Huang Daiguai already started to act, dispersing the danger in the surroundings.

    Qin Yu clenched his jaw, resisting the piercing coldness, looking around until he found a natural crevice in a cliff.

    His body was inside in a flash, seating cross-legged then taking out several Poison Dispelling Pill, swallowing one.

    Poison Dispelling Pill’s effect, is actually of no help to him. The poison gathered the pill’s effect in one place sot that it could no longer be of use. As the cold gradually increased, his body slowly loses its perceptions. Qin Yu holds on tenaciously, knowing that if his consciousness sinks into darkness, there will be no coming back from it.

    But Qin Yu gave too much credit to his willpower, with even contempt towards this Black Ice Poison, causing him to sink into a haze in the end. He could only take out Little Blue Lamp and soon after became unconscious.

    The night was like water, a faint blue serene light breaking the surface, melting the stone hardened ice block at a quick pace.

    Qin Yu’s body was slowly revealed, pale to the extreme. The only sign of life being the faint movement of his chest.

    Then, he opened his eyes and started to cough his lungs out, with blood being released each time mixed in with black clots.

    Little Blue Lamp might have cured him of Black Ice Poison, but it still left its mark, seriously damaging his internal organs.

    Only after a long time did he stopped coughing, faced upwards and sucked in long breaths repeatedly, filled with exultation. A bit more and he would have met his end. If the night came just an hour later, then even with Little Blue Lamp, the only thing left of him would be a corpse!

    Gathering himself, he took some pills, putting the Little Blue Lamp back into his storage bag and closed his eyes letting a deep sleep take him.

    Several verdant lights, looked below. These seem to be some injured and hungry wolves that were defeated and chased away by another pack while prey hunting. The painful hunger and the wounds on their bodies, all are driving them to search for food. Or with their weakened bodies, they will end up as someone else’s meal.

    Their acute sense of smell helped them in finding traces of blood, leading to this crevice in the cliff. Even with a height difference they could still take the jump.

    Yet some wolves hesitated, not daring to attack. The traces of cold air coming out from inside, not many though, but enough to feel an instinctual fear of them. Luckily, it constantly dissipated, making the food starved wolf leader, draw his waist, tense his powerful hind legs, opening some of his wounds making his eyes filled with ruthlessness.


    The hind legs suddenly snapped, and the vicious wolf leader’s slender body, draw a beautiful arc, shooting towards the crevice. Inside, he let out an exited howl, seemingly finding a delicious meal, but came to an abrupt stop followed immediately by a snapping sound.

    With the mournful cries of the starved wolves outside, they stated fleeing with their tails between their legs.

    In the crevice, Qin Yu relax his grip, letting go of the still warm wolf carcass, hitting the ground softly, saying between gasps of breaths, “Black Ice Poison couldn’t kill me, so how could I end under your attack?” Yet fear still lingered in his heart.

    If the Black Ice Poison didn’t scare the wolves from entering, if he didn’t wake up earlier, if he didn’t recover some of his strength… right now, he would have been the wolf leader’s meal.

    In this world, many unexpected events happen, and to live a longer life, the crux is for one to have a careful and cautious nature. In the future, no matter what circumstances, he must not let himself sink into darkness and be defenseless ever again!

    Qin Yu released a breath as he struggled to get up. The incurable Black Ice Poison, many of the ones attacked by it died, so even fewer could say its frightening effect of damaging the inner organs. Right now, his body looks like a waterskin filled with holes, wounds everywhere.

    Thanks to Foundation Establishment’s Body Molding Pill holding a restorative effect, or he would have to waste a long time to make a full recovery.

    Fishing out his storage bag, with a flashing light, dazzling fruits appear in his hand, their fragrance assaulting the nose. These are the fruits he harvested from the underground area, Jade Cloud Fruits, with a miraculous recovering effect of the body.

    In a few bites he finished a fruit, a warm current roaming throughout his body, causing a faint moan to slip from Qin Yu. After two hours he stretched himself, bones creaking, his body ready to explode with power.

    He threw a fist, the loud sound echoing around the entire mountain. Qin Yu’s whole body was in top shape, except for his now red fist.

    Recovering through Jade Cloud Fruit from the broken state left by Black Ice Poison, allowed his body’s power to advance to a new level. His fist is now comparable to a Foundation Establishment’s attack technique!

    Fighting with that witch You Ji and experiencing the Black Ice Poison, made Qin Yu aware of the advantage of a powerful body, determined to practice body cultivation when he had some time. His cultivation is based on pills anyway, so there is no fear of stagnating it.

    “Ought to return.” Qin Yu brushed his sleeve causing a fierce wind, erasing all his traces, then flew in the distance.

    The news about the ambushed disciples, in just a hundred li distance of the sect, made everyone furious. All the disciples went everywhere, turning everything upside down. They exterminated Profound Mountain Mystifying Spring’s monsters, even slaughtering the wild animals, not leaving anything behind.

    Most believed this was because of the ambushed disciples, but only few of high placed people knew the real reason, that it was all because of Ning Ling.

    Patriarch and Huang Daiguai, two Golden Core experts, finding about Ning Ling’s predicament, were struck with cold sweat. Thankfully, she was alright, not daring to think of the consequences if she were not.

    And as for the still unaccounted Qin Yu, the two although sent a search order, but didn’t really cared. How could a disciple of somewhat lucky, potential less and deplorable character be of any importance?

    The key right now, is Ning Ling’s view on this. If she would complain to her clan, it would cause endless troubles to the sect!

    After her request, Ning Ling expression was dark and silent, but looking at the two Golden Core experts, she holds no ill will and rose up to tactfully leave.

    “Ning Ling, take some rest, I will make a thorough investigation in this matter.” The Patriarch vowed.

    Ning Ling nodded then suddenly said, “Patriarch, do you know junior brother Qin Yu’s whereabouts?”

    Patriarch shook his head, “Still searching, but after listening to your words, it should be demonic cultivators who moved against you. If Qin Yu was captured, I’m afraid…”

    Ning Ling bit her lip, face pale.

  • Chapter 23: Traveling together

    Huang Danguai’s face turned weird, pulling the Patriarch and left. Once outside, he frowned and said, “Patriarch, Ning Ling’s behavior is a bit off.”

    Patriarch started, nodded slowly, knowing the hidden meaning behind those words. He has worry painted on his face but his eyes flashed and then let out a long breath.

    Huang Daiguai clicking his tongue sighed, “Didn’t realize this brat has a bit of skill. It’s a pity since he isn’t on the right path.”

    Patriarch’s was impassive, “I will tell the disciples to act accordingly.”

    Search for Qin Yu?

    Whatever for? To get closer to Ning Ling?

    If this would truly occur, Patriarch has no doubt that Ning clan will tear him to shreds out of anger!

    This disaster, is tantamount to death.

    Just as he was feeling glad, a disciple was happily coming forward, yelling, “Patriarch, Grand Elder, junior brother Qin Yu returned!”

    The hearts of Patriarch and Huang Danguai instantly twisted. Whishing to break this clueless disciple’s mouth, but choose to smile forcefully instead.

    The Main Hall’s door behind them opened, revealing Ning Ling filled with delight, “He truly returned?”

    Blushing charmingly she was unable to conceal her happiness, like a rising sun shining above the blooming flowers. Never seeing this side of her, Tao Jie stared blankly and unconsciously nodded, “It’s true…”

    Before he could finish, a white cloud already lifted Ning Ling, fling towards the Main Gate, leaving two old men with bitter faces. Ning Ling knows they won’t have the chance to act secretly. Tao Jie, truly knew how to choose a good place!   

    “What are you staring around for! Get lost!” Huang Danguai cursed.

    Patriarch smiled bitterly, “Martial brother, it just wasn’t meant to be!”

    Below the Main Gate’s arc, after a short moment of happiness pertaining Qin Yu’s return, all of the disciples’ eyes started to show their contempt. Running away from of danger, abandoning a fellow disciple, and not just once, triggered this kind of reaction from the others.

    Qin Yu also acted acortdingly, showing embarrassment and guilt, lowering his head smiling forcefully.

    Right then, Ning Ling descended from her white cloud, showing in front of him. The surrounding disciples immediately began greeting her respectfully, “Paying respects to senior sister Ning!”

    Eyes filled with emotion, incomparable bright, all expecting fairy Ning Ling’s reproach.

    But they soon were aching, in a short moment senior sister Ning Ling bit her lip and gazed at Qin Yu. Her eyes… are actually filled with gentleness.


    The disciples’ hearts shook, howling with grief, ‘It is fine if senior sister doesn’t reproach him, but how can you have these kind of eyes when looking at him? Why can’t you look at us in the same way!’

    Qin Yu could feel the murderous stares falling on him, causing his scalp to go numb even with his newly strengthened heart, and embarrassed said, “Senior sister Ning?”

    The distracted Ning Ling recovered and nodded, “It’s good that you’re back.”

    Just as she finished, she left. Afraid that if she stayed, her face will turn bright red, caused by the more and more chaotic heart.

    Qin Yu smiled forcefully, “Many thanks senior sister!”

    That overjoyed expression made everyone frown.

    “Truly a lucky punk, receiving senior sister Ning’s kindness. If it were me, he would suffer the consequences!” a youth indignantly said.

    “Even with senior sister Ning’s leniency, this punk’s reputation is completely the worst. In the future, no one will dare to get close to him.”

    “True, after all, everyone knows they will be abandoned by him sooner or later.”

    A few girls glared coldly at him, “Let’s go, we’ll feel worse the longer we look at such a person.” Then left, those arrogant white necks, similar to a swan’s, disdaining to even look at the toad in the mud.

    “Let’s go, let’s go.”

    Very quickly, the Main Gate became deserted, with only Qin Yu’s solitary figure left behind. He raised his head gazing at Ning Ling’s flying in the distance, eyes filled with warmth. News of his return spread, about Ning Ling’s rush to welcome him. Although she only said one phrase, it was enough to sense her state of mind.

    But soon, Qin Yu’s expression returned to normal. Ning Ling is a Heaven’s child, showing this kind of side, made anyone pensive.

    For example, him.

    Mundane worries, are all meaningless. Qin Yu doesn’t believe to be too bright, but still doesn’t dare to think about this development. He is aware of his value.

    Several days later, the Sacred Mountain Sect’s rampage gradually calmed. Yet the common people continuously expressed their gratitude through gifts.

    The Patriarch never called for the fleeing Qin Yu, perhaps not to harm himself in rage when he gazes upon him. Tao Jie was sent to question him and soon he was familiar with the underground area.

    As Patriarch’s upstanding disciple, Tao Jie didn’t find any inconsistencies when inquiring Qin Yu, and left in a rush when he started babbling, making Qin Yu relax. Thinking about it, there might not be any people coming to trouble him in the future. ‘I can finally think about the intricate relation between a beauty and a man… *Cough**Cough* I mean, practicing cultivation! Yes, that’s right!’

    Before leaving Sacred Mountain Sect the next day, he entered Pill Disposing Facility to bring Pheasant King out and keep his promise to sweep the surrounding of hens.

    Because of the previous disciples’ actions, the pheasant’s predators were removed, causing them to multiply unchecked. But this day is bound to bring suffering to all the weak pheasants.

    A pheasant and a cultivator, with no remorse what so ever, brought about cruel attacks upon the local hen community, snatching all the young girls and ladies.

    When Qin Yu was about to leave, Pheasant King was crying, waving his wing on and on. The mere hundred-plus hens behind it don’t know if it’s reluctance to part with Qin Yu, or it’s because of the beginning of a new beautiful pheasant life with them.

    If all goes right, in a few years, as far as the eyes can see, this place will be filled with Pheasant King’s descendants. Thinking about this, Qin Yu curled his lip, indescribable pleased, nor ready to return again to the sect and so he leaves like this. Since there’s no one here who cares about him anyway.

    After the Foundation Establishment Trial, he officially treads the path of cultivation. This little vacation is to inform his close ones, to break all times and then focus whole heartily on cultivation.

    Qin Yu is an orphan, but there are some people he cares about. As old memories flash by, he couldn’t help looking forward to this visit.

    ‘Aunty Gu, did you ever thought I would one day become a cultivator? This time, it is my turn to help you.’

    Qin Yu’s body moved, but seeing the person in front, he was struck dumb.

    Ning Ling lightly said, “Heard junior brother is returning home, looks like we’ll travel together. Let’s go.” Then turned around and walked forward, the wind fluttering her skirt, long hair flowing in waves, turning Qin Yu’s heart upside down.

     After a period of silence, Qin Yu couldn’t help himself pointing backwards, “Senior sister Ning, my home is this way.”

    Ning Ling slightly paused, face turning rosy, truly mesmerizing.

    On the Sacred Mountain Sect’s highest mountain peak, two old geezers, silently watched a couple of young disciples walking further away with indescribable gloomy expressions.

    “Patriarch, is it fine like this?”

    “No, but there’s nothing we can do about it.”

    Huang Danguai lamented, feeling like a priceless treasure war tarnished in mud.

    That kind of girl, talent, character, appearance, all of high quality. Then how could she fancy a useless rotten wood?

    Patriarch seems to have the same thought, sighed, “Enough, the ten-year period is almost over. We already made great contributions, let them leave!”

    “And if something happens?”

    Patriarch hesitated, “Only we know of this, so there shouldn’t be anyone else who discovered it. Let her have her last moments of freedom.”

    Not knowing what to think, Huang Danguai nodded, sighing again and again.

    Traveling with a beauty is a boring affair, yet also has its’s dazzling moments.

    Qin Yu was always on guard since Ning Ling appeared, but still couldn’t stop from feeling delighted.

    “Junior brother, what is this flower?”

    “Junior brother, what is this plant?”

    “Junior brother, what is this river?”

    “Junior brother, what is that fish?”

    Looking at the earnest Ning Ling, Qin Yu forced a smile, and cupped his hands, “Senior sister, you can ask me anything.”

    Ning Ling stuck out her tongue, her charming expression making Qin Yu’s heart skip a beat. Satisfied with his little reaction, she curled her lips.

    “Junior brother Qin Yu, what did you found that day?”

    Qin Yu thought for a bit, “It’s really simple actually. Senior sister, you think a mountain creature that just obtain awareness would actually attack mortals so close to the sect’s entrance?”

    Ning Ling frowned, “Just this?”

    He directly nodded, thinking of what that witch You Ji said, but not mentioning it.

    Ning Ling pondered deeply, and after a while just sighed faintly, “Junior brother is so smart. We unconsciously relaxed as we approached the sect and they took advantage of it. Never thought this would actually be the biggest clue.”

    Qin Yu promptly said, “Senior sister praises me too much.”

    Ning Ling blinked, “Junior brother still isn’t willing to be honest with me?”

    He was startled.

    “The Qin Yu in Dongliu City was confident and calm. But I don’t see any if it on you right now.” Ning Ling eyes twinkled, “Moreover, Zhu clan’s affair was so coincidental, that just doesn’t seem to be pure chance.”

    She blocked Qin Yu’s explanation, “And on this ambush, others might not know who did it, but it is clear for me. With junior brother cultivation there is no way you could have escaped. Therefore, when you returned to the sect and said that you scared the demonic cultivator that was chasing you away was all clearly a lie.”

    Qin Yu frowned, “I don’t understand. What is senior sister Ning Ling trying to say?”

    Ning Ling shook her head, speaking solemnly, “I have no ill will towards you, or I would have reported you to the sect. I just don’t understand why you want to hide so much.” Hesitated a bit, then, “Also, I don’t like to see you being misunderstood by others.”

    Qin Yu heart trembled, a sudden thought of admitting rose inside, but he very quickly pushed it down, then squeezed a smile, “Senior sister Ning, you’re thinking too much.”

    She looked at him, and suddenly laughed, “You are right, let’s go quickly.” And turned around, her eyes holding an even deeper admiration.

    There is no lack of people who were impressed by beauty, and got carried away. She is confident about this point in herself. She revealed her troubles, yet Qin Yu was still cautious, exceeding her expectations.

    She didn’t believe he would admit it anyway. Just telling him ‘I already know what kind of person you are’ is enough.

    Only, time is never enough, and there will always be regrets left.

    P.S.: second of the delayed chapters

  • Chapter 24: Aunty Gu

    Ning Ling stopped pressing for answers, calming somewhat Qin Yu’s heart. Yet he feels at a loss while certain that she has no ill intentions towards him, so he might as well stop thinking and hasten his pace.

    After a few days, Ning Ling turned a lot quieter, looking as they traveled at the scenery. Sometimes a rock, or a tree, eyes roaming everywhere. Occasionally showing a blank look on her beautiful face.

    Qin Yu doesn’t ask, and quietly matches her pace, letting her enjoy the mesmerizing sceneries.

    Ning Ling is after all a smart girl, quickly noticing this, “Junior brother Qin Yu, aren’t you in a rush to reach your relatives?”

    Qin Yu laughed, simply saying, “I don’t have relatives.”

    Ning Ling was startled.

    “I am was adopted. This trip is to repay their kindness.”

    “I’m sorry.”

    Qin Yu waved his hand, “I’m used to it.”

    Ning Ling nodded, not knowing why, although not talking much, she seems to be faintly drawn towards Qin Yu’s manner.

    After two days, the purposely slow journey comes to an end. Coming into the two’s view is a small town of not even ten thousand people.

    Wang clan.

    Seeing the familiar place, Qin Yu stood calmly for a while, then in a light voice, “I arrived.”

    Ning Ling looked a few times, “Seems more lavish than it should, not matching at all.”

    Qin Yu was indifferent, “Perhaps, but it isn’t related to Wang clan.”

    In those years, if Aunty Gu didn’t do everything she could to protect him, he would have been abandoned.

    “I don’t want to see the Wang people. Let’s enter quietly.” She was slightly startled but nodded.

    Two people went around and with a step flew inside. With Foundation Establishment methods, even in broad daylight and they still won’t be discovered.

    Avoiding the people along the way, eager to see them, Qin Yu couldn’t help be emotional about it and opened his mouth, “Aunty Gu is a very good person. We might not be blood related, but to me, she is my mother. After eight years, I wonder how is she doing.”

    Seeing Ning Ling watching him, he was slightly embarrassed, “Senior sister Ning must find it funny, me being this nervous.”

    Knowing the situation, and seeing a whole new Qin Yu, no longer pretending, made Ning Ling feel warm inside, “Not at all, the way you are now is the true junior brother Qin Yu.”

    Qin Yu laughed, somewhat calmer, “I am grateful. The path of a cultivator is filled with danger and cruelty. I don’t know if there will be a next time that I can return here. I will arrange for them to have a nice life, to put my mind at ease and then focus on my cultivation.” He then pointed, “We arrived!”

    Taking the next corner, the familiar courtyard appears in front of him. Compared to before, it seems somewhat run down.

    Suddenly, Qin Yu’s smile froze, not moving a single step.

    White lanterns hanged in front of the door, swaying in the wind, faint crying sounds could be heard from inside. His heart, seems to be in a vice, with each beat incredibly strained. Qin Yu feels as if a tide is pressing down on him, he opened his pain fill eyes with difficulty to reassure himself this isn’t a dream.

    Ning Ling faintly said, “Maybe it isn’t what you’re thinking.”

    Qin Yu sucked in a cold breath, “You’re right, Aunty Gu has the kindest heart, always helping others. This might also be the case. This kind of ominous event, is avoided by many, and only Aunty Gu could agree. With suck a good heart how could anything happen to her.” He turned his head, “Right?”

    Ning Ling’s eyes were slightly dim, forcing herself to nod.

    Qin Yu squeezed out a smile, pushed the door and entered.

    In the middle of a simple and crude mourning hall lays a delicate figure, leaning on the ground and crying her heart out, repeatedly gazing at the coffin in front of her. Inside, lays a white hair madam with her eyes closed, making Qin Yu’s tears fall like rain.

    Aunty Gu…

    That woman who on a frightful rainy day, she brought him inside when he was sheltering from the rain under the eaves.

    That woman who begged to have the bruised and battered body of his to remain in her care.

    That woman who on a cold winter sleepless night, lay in bed and hold him close until dawn.

    That woman who on the new year festivities said she was full so she could watch him smiling as he enjoyed the food.


    She died.

    Qin Yu felt his entire self, crushed. The person he felt the most grateful for in his entire life is Aunty Gu!

    But now, she is gone, with no chance to say goodbye, unable to repay her. Qin Yu felt remorseful, why did he have to waste time coming over. If he were a bit faster, Aunty Gu might still be alive.

    Qin Yu’s face grew paler, without a trace of blood left, as if terminally ill and on the verge of collapsing.

    Ning Ling hurriedly supported him, sensing his strong unreconciled sorrow, eyes red from pain.

    Only now did the crying figure realized that under the dim light there is someone else crying with the grief-stricken Ning Ling at his side. She was astounded, and after a while said between sobs, “Who… who are you?”

    Qin Yu turned his dull eyes, then landed slowly on her, “Are you little Ling’er?” Within a brief period, his voice seemed to have aged, so hoarse as if stone was scraping on iron.

    Gu Ling’er timidly nodded, “I am.” She looked a few times and suddenly rubbed her eyes, “You… you’re Brother Yu!”

    Qin Yu nodded.

    Gu Ling’er stood up, her head buried in his chest, crying “Mother died”, then losing consciousness.

    Qin Yu held her close, embracing her frail body, making his heart fill with even more anguish, spouting a mouth full of blood.

    “Qin Yu!” the alarmed Ning Ling yelled.

    Qin Yu shook his head, “I’m alright, senior sister Ning, please look after her.”

    Leaving Gu Ling’er carefully in Ning Ling care, he then walked in front of the coffin. *Bam* His knees hit the floor, “Aunty Gu, I was late, forgive me, forgive me…”

    True men don’t cry easily, and only in such grieving moments, would they return to being children.

    Gazing at his back, Ning Ling could no longer stop the tears from streaming down.

    After a long time, she lay down Gu Ling’er and walked next to him, “Qin Yu, don’t blame yourself. I looked carefully, and found that Aunty Gu died of old age. There is nothing you could have done. This isn’t your fault.”

    Qin Yu without turning his head, “Old age? Aunty Gu is just forty years old this year, so how could she die of old age? Right, the Wang clan. Suffering for so many years of endless humiliation and torment that it must have sapped her life.”

    He got up and stood straight, eyes bloodshot, “Aunty Gu, I will make all the Wang clan accompany you.”

    “Qin Yu!” Ning Ling grabbed him, “Slaughtering mortals is a cultivator’s greatest taboo. You mustn’t do this, it will destroy you!”

    Qin Yu shook his head, “Senior sister Ning, if it weren’t for Aunty Gu I would have already been dead. Even if I have to give my life, I will seek her justice.”


    The courtyard’s door was kicked open, Wang Gui stepped inside followed by some servants, “What are you staring at! Get the coffin and bury it!”

    Eyes landed on Qin Yu and Ning Ling then frowned, “Who are you?”

    Gu Ling’er was startled awake, “Don’t move my mother!” she put herself in front of the coffin, “My mother is still waiting, waiting for a reply, his reply!”

    Wang Gui sneered, “A lowly servant girl, spawn by our Master when he was drunk. Still dare request to enter our ancestor’s shrine?”


    His body flew outside, repeatedly hitting the ground, spitting mouth after mouth of blood, eyes full of terror.

    “Qin Yu!” Ning Ling forcefully grabbed him to a halt, “Don’t be impulsive. If you destroy the Wang clan you will ruin yourself! If not for yourself, then do it for Gu Ling’er. If you die, what would happen to her?”

    Qin Yu’s body went rigid.

    Gu Ling’er only now reacted, throwing herself in his chest, “Brother Yu, don’t kill them. Mother wouldn’t want to see you like this.” Pausing, tears flowing in rivers, “And, mother still loves him. Until the end she still hoped he would acknowledge her, and let her be buried in Wang clan’s cemetery, to enter the Wang clan ancestor’s shrine.”

    Qin Yu gazes at the woman inside the coffin, muttering, “Aunty Gu, is this your wish? Alright, I will help you fulfill it!” He turned around, eyes filled with piercing cold, making the legs of the servants turn weak, “Tell Wang Changge to personally welcome Aunty Gu in Wang clan’s Main Hall. I want her to have a grand burial!”

    The few servants took Wang Gui and left in terror, running away like stray dogs. Not daring to delay for one moment, they went straight through the main courtyard, and rushed inside the master’s exquisite guest hall.

    Wang Changge has a majestic appearance, putting the teacup down, “Impudent, can’t you see there is an important guest here! What is all this ruckus?”

    Wang Guy fell to his knees, “Master, this slave has something urgent to report!” He then looked at the elderly bearded guest sitting upright, hesitating.

    The old man calmly said, “Since it is like this, I will excuse myself first.”

    Wang Changge hastily urged him to stay, “Uncle, please don’t leave, they are just some petty servants, daring to prove your boundless patience.” Then turned and rebuked angrily, “Uncle isn’t an outsider, if there is something then quickly say it!”

    Wang Gui showed reverence, immediately responding, “Per Madam’s orders, this servant went to take care of the corpse of Gu Shi in the back courtyard. Never expected to find a man and a woman, that threw us out flying. Please, Master help us handle it!”

    Wang Changge’s eyes dimed slightly, “Gu Shi is… dead?” but in the next moment he recovered, “A funeral is an important matter, you must have acted arrogant, and been taught a lesson. Go get someone to remove them.”

    Wang Gui was alarmed, “That guy with just a hand sent this servant flying. He must have demonic techniques.” He looked over the old man.

    Wang Changge deeply said, “You said it is a youngster, with just some strength. What demonic techniques, quickly throw them out, don’t talk so much!”

    “Wait!” The curtain was lifted, and fairly attractive middle-aged woman with a harsh appearance revealed herself, “Wang Gui, did you see the youngster clearly?”

    Wang Changge frowned, “Madam, why are you asking this? Might he be… a friend of those mother and daughter?”

    “Friend?” Madam laughed coldly, “These years, how could I not know if they had friends. Master, don’t forget, at that time that lowly servant girl adopted a child, but gave him away. Who knows if he is still alive?”

    Wang Gui gnashed his teeth in anger, “Now that Madam mentions it, this servant seems to find that youngster familiar. Right, it is that bastard Qin Yu!”

    Madam turned and bowed, submissively saying, “Brother, cutting the grass and not removing the roots brought trouble, please help sister.”

    Wang Changge opened his mouth, but before he could speak, was interrupted by her cold laughter, “What, you still want to protect them? That time if it wasn’t for you, I would have thrown those damn lowly pair in the well, and that damn mutt wouldn’t have lived to see today. You left behind a disaster, and if I don’t solve this, will you ask some outsider?”

    The bearded old man stood up, “Sister don’t be anxious, I will go handle it. We will see if they still dare to behave atrociously in this place.”

    The old man’s fierce aura was released, unexpectedly it belongs to a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

    Madam’s eyes brighten, “Follow me brother!” leading them straight to their house.

    Very soon, they found the two servants stationed in front of the small courtyard that bowed before them.

    Madam sneered, “They didn’t run?”

    “Reporting to Madam, not one left.”

    “Good! Let’s use this chance to get rid of this disaster once and for all.” Madam turned and bowed, “I will be troubling brother.”

  • Chapter 25: Zhang Zhang

    The old man nodded lightly, “No problem!”

    He waved his sleeve and the courtyard door was blown to pieces, stepping inside in large strides, watching everything like a hawk.

    “Who dares to make trouble in Wang clan? Come out and face death!”

    Madam followed close behind, indicating with her finger and in a shrill voice saying, “And that girl, just like her mother, a bunch of foxes, daring to collude with outsiders. She must be thrown out!”

    Inside the funeral hall, Qin Yu patted the face of the terrified Gu Ling’er, “It’s alright.” He got up and started walking outside, “Senior sister, I might not slaughter mortals but I can kill the cultivators that disgraced my family.”

    Ning Ling’s charming face was cold, “Naturally.”

    The bearded old man’s pupil shrank slightly, “So it’s a fellow cultivator.” Qin Yu and Ning Ling’s auras couldn’t be hidden from him. After pondering for a bit, he coldly said, “Announce yourselves. If we are related somehow, then this old man will be merciful and won’t kill you!”

    “Brother!” Madam was alarmed.

    The old man said in low voice, “I still have a sense of decency.” Qin Yu’s aura was feeble, and doesn’t pay him any attention. Only Ning Ling gives of some pressure, most likely she is in Foundation Establishment realm.

    Qin Yu’s eyes turned red, “The dead don’t need to know so much.”

    Old man was so angry he smiled, “What a good junior, acting so arrogantly. Let this old man see how you kill him!”


    His aura exploded, amazing everyone with his 6th layer of Foundation Establishment.

    Qin Yu suddenly took a step, rushing forward like a galloping horse, so fast it almost left afterimages, his energy of 3rd layer of Foundation Establishment surging upward.

    The old man was a bit startled, and gathered energy in his lifted palm, letting a blade edge form, on the verge of releasing it. Yet the next instant, his body went rigid, face dyed in pain scattering the gathered energy.

    After the successful Mind Stab, Qin Yu pressed forward, his fist exploding.


    The old man was thrown backwards, his chest caved in, and hit the ground puking blood again and again, with even pieces of flesh mixed in it. Then took one final breath and died!

     A 6th layer of Foundation Establishment cultivator was actually killed from an open attack.

    From inside Qin Yu, a faint cracking sound could be heard, his robe started fluttering and energy soaring. His raged filled mind was fluctuating, releasing his anger on the old man, triggered his advancement in cultivation, and entering the 4th layer of Foundation Establishment!

    A ripple echoed in Ning Ling’s eyes, looking at his back, filled with amazement and admiration.

    All of the courtyard has sunk in deathly silence.

    Ning Ling stared at the Madam, “So who did you want to throw out?”

    “Ahh!” Madam shrieked in fear, rolled her eyes backwards and lost consciousness, collapsing like a dead fish, even relieving herself.

    Ning Ling took a step forward, “Qin Yu?”

    He nodded, “Be at ease senior sister Ning.” And turn as he expressed his disgust, “Get her out of here. She is sullying my home!”

    Wang Gui and the other servants froze on the spot, not daring to move a muscle.

    Wang Changge suddenly sighed, waving his hand, “Take her and go.” Only then two strong servants, trembling, dragged her body like a dead dog.

    Looking at Qin Yu, “Are you the child of that time? How unexpected, mother Gu had a better foresight than me.”

    “What’s the point of saying this since she’s already dead?” Qin Yu said coldly.

    Wang Changge lowered his head, then after a few breaths, smiled forcefully, “You’re right, she’s already gone, it’s too late to say these.” After he finished, he seemed to have aged countless year, “It is I who let her down. Kill me, perhaps it is not too late to catch up to her.”

    Qin Yu gnashed his teeth, “You think I don’t want to kill you!”

    Gu Ling’er spoke crying, “Mother still believe until the end, that you will come see her. She told me that no matter where will she be buried, she will still be a member of the Wang clan.”

    Wang Changge’s tears were falling, “Mother Gu, I wronged you! I had no choice, the Madam’s clan had a cultivator. Wang clan needed help, and I could only ignore you. If it weren’t for this she doesn’t even compare with you mother and daughter! Moher Gu, it is I who is unworthy of you!”

    He kneeled on the ground, and crying in front of the coffin.

    “Divorce that poisonous woman. I want Aunty Gu to be Wang clan’s lady of the house and given a grand burial in Wang clan’s ancestral tombs, with her memorial tablet in the ancestors’ shrine.” Qin Yu coldly said, “Gather all Wang clan member to pay their respects to Aunty Gu and guide her on her last journey!”

    Wang Changge nodded, “As it is right, it is the least I owe her.” He tore a bit of clothing and after biting his finger, wrote, “Mother Gu, today I divorce the vicious woman, and will take you as my wife!”

    Wang clan then began a grand burial.

    Gu Ling’er was holding the memorial tablet, with the thirty-two people carrying a big redwood coffin behind her. Ritual money was flying everywhere, falling slowly to the ground.

    All of the town’s people were crowded on the sides of the street, filled with reverence, witnessing this unprecedent majestic funeral.

    Qin Yu was lifting the coffin, not using any of his cultivation, regardless of the weight bearing down on his shoulder, advancing step by step. A sudden wind came, lifting the ritual money, passing by his face, like the light brush of Aunty Gu’s hand.

    “Please rest in peace, Aunty Gu.”

    The night came like water, with three figures standing in front of the newly build grand tomb. Qin Yu was holding on to Gu Ling’er, wiping her swollen eyes, “Ling’er, Aunty Gu doesn’t want to see you like this, don’t cry.”

    She shook her head, “Brother Yu, I’m not sad, but glad. Happy for mother Gu! She bitterly waited all her life, and finally her wish was granted. I believe she is at peace where she is. Thank you Brother Yu, thank you!”

    Qin Yu embraced her, “Silly girl, I am your brother, there is no need to thank me. Let’s return and rest, we will finish the rest tomorrow.”

    Gu Ling’er in a daze, “I won’t return, to Wang clan. I will stay here keeping mother company…”

    Qin Yu nodded, “Alright, then let us stay with Aunty Gu.”

    After a few breaths time she fell asleep.

    Qin Yu hold her while sitting on the grave, seeing the burning incense sticks, suddenly said, “Senior sister Ning, why do you cultivate?”

    Ning Ling was startled, and after thinking spoke, “I want to seize my own fate.”

    Qin Yu nodded, “To me, fate is meaningless and empty. Before, I didn’t know why I was cultivating, but now I have a purpose. I wish to protect my loved ones, from the harm of the world, to never feel sadness again.”

    Gazing at his back, Ning Ling’s eyes were flashing not saying a word.

    The night passes, and on the next day when the sun was three poles high, Gu Ling’er woke up, bashful, “Brother Yu.”

    Qin Yu smiled faintly, “You’re awake.” He takes out a Fasting Pill, “Eat this.”

    Gu Ling’er obediently opened her mouth, eating the pill, making her pale cheeks rosy.

    “Ling’er, what will you do next? If you want, I will take care of you if you come with me.” Qin Yu spoke earnestly.

    Gu Ling’er thought a bit, and in a small voice, “Mother’s wish has been fulfilled, and I have no wish to stay at Wang clan. Actually, mother made some preparations. Brother Yu, do you still remember elder sister Zhang Zhang? Mother made it so that she will take me in, as elder sister Zhang Zhang’s maid.”

    Qin Yu knit his brows, “Ling’er, I can take good care of you!”

    “Brother Yu, it is not the same as before. I know you are worried about me, but I will become a burden if I follow you!” Gu Ling’er was a bit sad, but soon smiled, “Brother Yu be at ease, elder sister Zhang Zhang is good to me. I will be safe and happy at her side.”

    Ning Ling stated, “Junior brother Qin Yu, Ling’er is correct. You’ve just entered the path of cultivation, taking her with you might not be what is best for her.”

    Qin Yu fell silent for a time, then nodded, “Alright, I will take you to Zhang clan.”

    Saying goodbye to Aunty Gu and leaving this sorrowful place, their mood slowly improved. Gu Ling’er even started to smile.

    “Senior sister Ning, did you know, that when Brother Yu was with elder sister Zhang Zhang, they promised to marry each other?”

    Ning Ling’s heart almost stopped, yet no reaction was seen on her face, “Then, junior brother Qin Yu is going to see his fiancée?”

    Qin Yu forced a smile, “Senior sister Ning don’t listen to Ling’er’s nonsense. It was made by naïve children, and after these many years with no contact, how could it still stand.”

    For reasons unknown, when she heard his explanation, her heart relaxed slightly. Thinking of this her cheeks began to redden, so she turned her head and started talking with Gu Ling’er.

    Qin Yu’s eyes were blank, running through his head are old memories, regarding a pigtailed girl chasing behind him.

    ‘Zhang Zhang… so many years passed. That pretty appearance; now you must have blossomed into an elegant and magnificent young lady.’

    Does she still remember him?

    Qin Yu’s lips rose into a faint smile.

    After walking a hundred li outside the small town, they arrived.

    Seeing the impressive manor in front of them, many times bigger than the Wang clan’s, Qin Yu realized Zhang Zhang is doing far better then he had thought. If the Zhang clan is doing so well, why didn’t they helped Aunty Gu over the years?

    He doesn’t say anything when he sees the delighted Gu Ling’er. As long as she is happy then Aunty Gu will be satisfied.

    “Didn’t think elder sister Zhang Zhang’s home is so huge. Mother knew when she said that elder sister will able to take care of me.” Seeing the huge house, after a moment of delight, she started hesitating.

    Qin Yu smiled, “I’ll go ask them to open the gate.”

    Very quickly the gate opened and although the porter’s attitude was arrogant, once he heard the purpose of their visit, he told them to wait while he went to report.

    Ning Ling’s pupils flashed, “I will wait here.”

    Gu Ling’er was reluctant, and Qin Yu feeling her apprehension, just nodded, “Alright.”

    Ning Ling shook Gu Ling’er’s small hand, saying a few phrases to her in low voice, then turned to stand at the side.

    Not long after, the porter brought a servant girl to welcome them inside the mansion. Along the way she kept on stealing glances at Qin Yu and then left in a hurry, letting a black clothed servant boy take them to the reception room and serving them tea with pastries.

    Regarding that servant girl, her hurried steps brought her behind the women’s area entering an exquisitely decorated courtyard.

    “Young miss, I observed careful, and found that the youngster is how you described him, moreover heard Gu Ling’er call him Brother Yu.”

    When she heard the servant girl, Zhang Zhang turned happy, “It truly is Qin Yu!” Yet the next moment, hesitated.

    She nibbled at her lip, “Qiu Qiu, should I go meet him? He is a good childhood friend, after all.”

    Qiu Qiu is also pretty, especially those matured curves that enchants many men, along with her fiery temper, “Young miss, don’t be soft, if from just one look he will be mesmerized, what will you do then when he will mention that damnable annoying and empty promise of the past? At that point, even if refused it will still be ugly and all who hears it will damage young miss’ reputation!”

    Zhang Zhang was embarrassed, “But isn’t it heartless not to meet him?”

    Qiu Qiu raised her head with pride, “Young miss, don’t forget what status you have now. The Master’s cultivation reached Golden Core realm the other day, and you also entered Rainbow Immortals Sect. Such a grand lady, agreeing to shelter Gu Ling’er is the same to changing her fate, enough to repay that time’s promise.”

    “Not seeing him is for his own good, if there were some feelings born instead, your benevolent heart can’t compare with his. Will even make Master’s disciples not letting him off and might cause you severe harm instead!”

    Zhang Zhang sighed lightly, “Qiu Qiu, you’re right.” She then drew out a fragrant bag from her chest, it’s embroidery in faded colors. Taking the round jade from inside, common and slightly murky, yet with a polished surface, clearly from being used many times.

    With reluctance in the depths of her eyes, Zhang Zhang bit her lip, “Give this jade to Qin Yu, tell him that promise was made by naïve kids, and hope he doesn’t mind it. Talk with a kinder tone, so you won’t harm his pride, and also give him a gift.”

    Qiu Qiu received it, “Relax young miss, this servant will handle it.”

    Seeing her personal maid walking out the door, Zhang Zhang touched her chest, feeling a certain emptiness, a bitter loss. She felt the urge to call for Qiu Qiu, but sighed instead, ‘Perhaps what she said is right. This is the only way.’ 
  • Chapter 26: Black Devil

    Qiu Qiu walked through the blooming courtyard, with a firm face, ‘Young miss is so kind, perhaps too kind. His type of people should be beaten to death, never to have any intentions towards young miss, yet he dared to come with Gu Ling’er. Clearly has wicked thoughts!’

    As young miss’ personal maid, it is her duty to take out the trash, to remove any hint of inconveniences. She made a sign for a servant girl to approach, then gave some instructions.

    Seated in the luxurious reception room, Gu Ling’er felt awkward, “Brother Yu, you think elder sister Zhang Zhang still remembers me? Will she like me?”

    Qin Yu smiled slightly, “Zhang Zhang is a kindhearted young lady that grew up with our Ling’er, of course she will remember and like you. Wait for her to come and brother will ask her to take good care of you.”

    The Qiu Qiu who arrived at the door, hearing Qin Yu friendly addressing, and with a close tone at that, her face went cold! ‘Zhang Zhang?! The young miss’ maiden name is something someone like you can utter?!’

    Qiu Qiu became more certain, that Qin Yu wants to elope with young miss, causing all her compassion to fly out the window.

    Upon entering, Qiu Qiu smiled towards Gu Ling’er, “Ling’er, young miss knows you came, and is very delighted, waiting for you in the rear courtyard. I already made the arrangements. Quickly wash up and go to meet her.”

    Gu Ling’er watched Qin Yu with some hesitation, yet Qiu Qiu grabbed her by the hand and guided her to the servant outside, that then took her away.

    Qin Yu hasn’t yet sensed the Qiu Qiu’s ill intentions, so he doesn’t interfears, finding her hostility only at the end.

    Qiu Qiu returned with a cold face and filled with arrogance, stating, “Qin Yu, young miss told me to give you this jade pendant, to forget about that old naïve promise.” Then took out the jade pendant.

    Qin Yu inwardly sighed, he could guess some things, received the pendant and nodded, “It was just a silly promise, yet it actually made Zhang Zhang fret over it.”

    This uncaring and bland tone, made Qiu Qiu felt like she hit cotton, the complete emptiness he exhibits, caused her to immediately blew her top, yelling in a lovely voice, “Impudent! Using young miss’ maiden name, is something you are worthy of? Let me tell you, Master is an accomplished Golden Core cultivator, it is certain that young miss will also have remarkable talent, bound to become an imposing figure, with a sky-high disparity between you!”

    She clapped her hands and a male servant came with a wooden tray, a golden ingot on it, “This is what young miss is bestowing upon you, take it and leave, never to appear in front of young miss again!”

    A fury rose from the depth of his heart, turning his eyes sharp and penetrating. Qiu Qiu paled as she felt the person in front of her change into a tiger on the verge of ripping her to shreds.

    Obtaining Little Blue Lamp, altering his fate, becoming 4th layer of Foundation Establishment, and the path he walked allowed his confidence to grow. Never was there anyone who talked to him like this, especially not a mere servant girl! But thinking about Gu Ling’er, he took a deep breath, doing his best to suppress this towering rage, coldly saying, “Very good that Zhang Manor has a Golden Core expert, not something I can compare. I just hope she will look after Ling’er, or there will be consequences!”

    Got up, turned, and left in big strides.

    Qiu Qiu recovered only long after he left, finding her back dripping with sweat. Gnashing her teeth from anger and amazement of being frightened by a boor, “Qin Yu, just wait and see!”

    Exiting the reception room, the male servant was stunned, turning his head sometimes, faintly hearing what was said.

    Rushing outside, the fresh air quickly cooled Qin Yu’s fire down, but soon shook his head inwardly, ‘Just some faint feelings, yet such anger. Seems they aren’t the only ones who is arrogant.’

    ‘This must change. Only, how can Zhang Zhang think like this! That he will cling to this childish promise tooth and nail, to marry her?’ He shook his head.

    Just then, in front appears a young male, in black robe with an eagle nose and domineering aura.

    The servant boy quickly greeted.

    “It has nothing to do with you, move aside.” Eagle nosed waved his hand.

    The servant withdrew in a rush.

    When his gaze landed, it felt like a mountain fell on him, making the air tighten and hearts tremble, “Are you Qin Yu?”

    Qin Yu nodded.

    Eagle nose’s vision flickered, amazed of his calmness, but recovered quickly, ‘Just a front.’

    “It’s good to have ambitions, but one also needs to know themself, understand?” He waved his hand, a burning hot energy struck Qin Yu’s face as the foot-long fire blade whistles as it went, cutting apart a thick tree and burning it to ashes in a flash.

     “I am called Zhang Huo, I am adopted and the head disciple. If you so much as appear in Zhang Zhang’s surroundings, you will end up like that tree.” Without even looking at Qin Yu, he turned and left in an unrestrained manner.

    Zhang manor’s gate opens, and then it closes. Qin Yu standing in front of it, turning his head for a look, and took a profound breath then slowly released it.

    Unaware, Ning Ling was already in front of him, “I think you are itching to fight.”

    Qin Yu forced a smile, “Almost, but he is a Golden Core’s disciple. Not easy to provoke.”

    Ning Ling’s pupils turned slightly cold, “Golden Core?”

    She has never used this tone before, but it made anyone believe from the bottom of their heart, that she is qualified of despising Golden Core cultivators.

    “I believe, that one day, the one inside this mansion will come to regret what happened today.”

    Qin Yu felt warmth inside, but smiled while shaking his head, “Senior sister exaggerates.”

    Ning Ling gave him an annoyed look, “When you start acting…”

    Qin Yu turns a deaf ear and coughed twice, “Let’s go.”

    Walking a few steps, Ning Ling turn to look, “Are you at ease with Ling’er staying here?”

    “Under a Golden Core’s protection is better than next to me.” Qin Yu’s expression was unfazed, “If they can’t look after her then I will take her back.”

    A trace of overbearing aura surrounds Qin Yu, something very rarely seen. Seeing his back, Ning Ling’s eyes were filled with splendor, but very soon dimed.

    Exiting the town’s gate, Ning Ling stopped.

    Qin Yu turned his body, seeing her eyes, softly asking, “Senior sister Ning wants to leave?”

    Ning Ling frowned, “You knew?”

    Qin Yu shook his head, “I only realized, that senior sister Ning can’t return with me, and just accompanied to my home.”

    Ning Ling laughed, “Junior brother Qin Yu is the smartest I have seen. True, I am leaving, leaving the Sacred Mountain Sect, towards the place I am supposed to return.”

    Even though he guessed right, once he heard it from her, Qin Yu’s heart sank slightly, his smile forceful, “Can I send you of for a while?”

    Ning Ling wanted to refuse, but thinking that after this separation, they won’t be seeing each other soon and couldn’t help but say, “Alright.”

    Qin Yu also knows this. Where Ning Ling is going, without telling him, is enough for him to understand that a second meeting will be very far in the future.

    None of them spoke, the mood was heavy, both feeling slightly painful in their hearts.

    Seeing the pavilion, they went for ten li.

    Neither used their cultivation, just walking, for an hour.

    Outside the pavilion, Ning Ling smiled faintly, “Here.”

    Qin Yu cupped his hands, “We shall meet again!”

    Ning Ling nodded, the bitter feeling in her heart couldn’t be suppressed, surging violently, making her eyes red.

    Suddenly turned around, she said, “Go!”


    She was supported by the white cloud, while Qin Yu took a few steps back. Then, he felt the ground shaking slightly, a fear griping his hear, and without much thought he let a low roar, “Watch out!”

    Not far, the surface of the pavilion split, the pavilion torn apart like paper, and a black beam of light charging towards Ning Ling. Boundless power, not at all weaker than a rushing river, cold and imposing causing reverence to appear in the hearts of men.

    Golden Core!

    Qin Yu looked at the black beam of light landing on Ning Ling’s delicate body, an unspeakable sadness overwhelming him, a roar fighting its way out of his throat.

    Under the black light, a blooming snow-white flower appeared near Ning Ling’s body, that was soon ripped apart. But just as the light was about to explode, the white cloud below Ning Ling suddenly expanded and just like a bubble, it enveloped Ning Ling inside.

    Yet in a split second, the bubble was destroyed, but still gave Ning Ling the opportunity to escape. Like a dead leaf, she flew, thrown away by the shockwave, quickly reaching more than ten zhang in hight.


    The black beam of light landed on the ground causing a scar of a hundred zhang to form, the earth burnt black, still giving off heat!

    Ning Ling looked, expressing relief. The warning Qin Yu gave was enough for her to escape danger. But in an instant, she recovered, and gazed at the splintered pavilion with a deep coldness.

    Qin Yu’s heart was assaulted by relief and happiness, but before it could spread towards his mind, his body went rigid, as if he was locked on by a terrifying beast in the forest.

    The sound of footsteps filled the sky, coming from the broken pavilion. Black robe, black hair, black eyes, without even a bit of white, making him look overwhelming. If it weren’t for these, he would turn out to be an elegant, mannered man.

    “I concealed myself here, but my killing strike was actually thwarted by you, truly unimaginable. What the Sacred Lord said was right after all. Even a bug could change the situation, so before I start doing what I need to, I should first kill the bug.”

    As he was talking, Qin Yu felt a terrible premonition, as if death was staring him in the face, and launched his body forward several zhangs. A gloomy dark ray of demonic energy, releasing bone piercing coldness as it went, struck his original position. Even without touching it, he still felt the cold cutting at his clothes, and the blood seeping into them.

    When cold sweat was covering his forehead, Qin Yu went stiff out of instinct, but he forcefully overcome it, to the extent that it made his movements more erratic and flustered, continuing his retreat for more than ten zhang.

    Black Devil frowned slightly, but soon laughed mockingly, “This old man hasn’t attacked in a long time, so I must have gone rusty. Not even able to get rid of a Foundation Establishment junior, what a joke.”

    Ning Ling suddenly advanced a step, a bright golden glow exploding outward, making her body bathing in it more noble and grand, as if a Goddess was walking on this earth. Her expression was cold, her voice becoming dignified and frosty under this power, “Black Devil, your opponent is me.”

    With a lift of her hand a flaming golden light floated forward, like a fierce explosion, making one hold his breath. This energy, is not something even a Golden Core cultivator could neglect. Its cruelty, noble and overbearing traits seem as if it is trying to burn the whole world!

    Black Devil wore a solemn expression. When facing such an ancient clan’s power, then even he would be forced to do give it all. Fighting someone above their realm, even cutting down a powerful enemy, is soemone belonging to one of the most illustrious and magnificent reputable clans.

    Dark demonic energy has deeper coldness attribute and because he is Black Devil, his eyes are black with the sky he sees also black. A world without any light, devoid of the radiance of the sun, moon and the stars, will gain the extreme coldness attribute.

    The flaming golden light along with the deep and ice-cold demonic energy, clashed in midair, just like boiling oil striking ice. The two’s violent reaction could be imagined. With a deep rumble, spreading everywhere, terrifying anyone around even reaching the distant forest.

    The mountains, fields, no matter where the beasts where, they all fell to the ground, whimpering and trembling. To them, this power is close to Heaven’s might!

    P.S.: third of the delayed chapters

  • Chapter 27: Flight

    At the small town.

    Ten li is apparently not enough to dissipate a Golden Core realm collision. A sudden wind blew, taking the rooftops’ tiles everywhere, with the unlucky people even heavily hurt. They didn’t even have time to curse when an earthshattering sound followed, throwing them to the ground.

    Children cry, holding on to their terrified mothers, who are looking towards the outside of the town. Those black and gold lights intertwining, closely resembled the scenes in the legends. Countless people stared lifeless at this event, feeling a big stone pressing on their chests, pale and gasping for breath.

    Zhang Hua’s expression of admiration couldn’t hide his anxiety, with the charming pale and fascinated face of Zhang Zhang standing beside him, murmuring, “Zhang Huo, is this a cultivator’s power?”

    “Zhang Zhang, they aren’t ordinary cultivators, but just like Master, powerful Golden Core experts.” Zhang Huo pursed his lips, turning silent. ‘Any of the two is stronger than Master by a huge margin.’

    They must be stronger than 6th layer of Golden Core realm, able to enter the late stage of the Golden Core realm, and even capable to condense their Nascent Soul!

    Zhang Zhang’s eyes were incomparable bright, “Truly hope there will come a day when I will have the power to join such a fight… How vast their world must be!”

    Zhang Huo nodded smiling, “That day will surely come!” yet inside his heart felt a slight bitterness. Even with his uncommon talent, it is still uncertain if he will have the chance to join such a battle in the future.

    Golden Core!

    Yet, they do not know, that not long before in front of them, the Qin Yu fated to be stuck in the mud, is actually at this moment the closest to this fight, and laying in wait for an opportunity to strike.

    Right, Qin Yu didn’t run away, he resisted the crushing pressure, and retreated to a place further away to avoid the shockwaves. Even battered and exhausted, his eyes still roam the battlefield for the one chance that could turn the tide.

    Ning Ling bursts forth, with such a Golden Core’s explosive power, exceeding Qin Yu’s imagination, but it comes at a great price. If not for killing Zhu Hai, she wouldn’t need to hold so bitterly, moreover, she would be able to last for a while longer. Her pale face, the dim golden light surrounding her, are all proof of this.

    Once Ning Ling is defeated, to avoid any future retaliation, Black Devil will definitely kill him. As for running away from a Golden Core, Qin Yu has no confidence.

    Of course, this is a very important reason, but not the only one. Qin Yu cannot help but admit that he doesn’t have the heart to watch Ning Ling be ruined.

    Then, only option is to fight!

    He is convinced that Ning Ling still has some cards left, and when the moment is right, he will strike.

    4th layer of Foundation Establishment and 6th layer of Golden Core, what kind of gulf is between them? It is enough for Black Devil to not pay any attention to him and focus on their fight with Ning Ling. But what he doesn’t know, is that this ignored bug lays in wait for him to reveal a weak spot. To use his young and small fangs to tear him apart!

    Black Devil was calm, and with all the precautions, an unhurried demeanor. Even with that old and ancient clan’s direct descendant, the gap in strength isn’t so easily overcome. ‘Wasn’t the power activated from her blood a bit depleted? It is good, or else if he were to wait and the power would have continued to accumulate, killing her would have been even more of a challenge!’

     Seeing the unblemished beauty before him, Black Devil’s heart was filled with admiration and regret. Admiration for her power and remarkable ability, and regret for having no choice but to eliminate her. Just like a rising star, showing its brilliance and lighting up the sky, will also disappear in an instant.

    There is only a thin layer left of the golden radiance surrounding Ning Ling, close to her body, and hard pressed to resist the onslaught.

    Black Devil smiled, “Break!” he brushed his sleeve, releasing an even colder and concentrated demonic energy.

    Originally, he always held back his strength to use it on such occasions and finish things in one blow!

    Ning Ling’s dim pupils suddenly brightened, the black demonic energy reflecting a magnificent arc in her eyes, showing a blinding radiance. She lifted her hands, all of her ten fingers dancing like butterflies and drawing a profound art, causing the temperature between heaven and earth to increase sharply!

    Black Devil stared wide eye from understanding, with only enough time to let out an angry howl. The golden blaze engulfed him, tongues of flame crazily lashing out at him. But in the end, he still burst out with his demonic cultivator ruthlessness, with no way to protect himself and instead to circulate his demonic energy, exhibiting and even more imposing and ferocious power.

    Ning Ling waved her hand weakly, as if to hide the fact she used all her power in that attack, with the final golden light surrounding her shattering when struck. She vomited a mouth of blood, traces of golden mixed within, her figure floating backwards, face pale.


    The golden blaze seems to be torn apart by an invisible hand, with Black Devil’s whole body covered in many burning wounds, his amazing power reaching an extremely low point. His ruthless eyes hiding a hint of fear in them and roared with power, “Die!”

    He raised his hand, the demonic energy quickly condensing, but just as he was about to release it, a sudden coldness rose in his heart making him feel as if he was encased in ice. With no time to think, following his instinct he let out a crazy howl and circulated his demonic energy behind him.

    The next moment, the black Corpse Sealing Nail, in a fast and ruthless manner, directly tore through the demonic energy and struck his back.

    “Aargh!” Back Devil thundered in agony, his weak aura falling quickly, almost reaching the 1st layer of Golden Core realm.

    Demonic item Corpse Sealing Nail, for a demonic cultivator, it possesses the strongest and terrifying killing power, making it ironic.

    Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with a hint of disappointment, yet not halting his movement. Within a step he reached Ning Ling, taking her and rushing to flee, leaving a trail of dust behind. Not caring about the precious Corpse Sealing Nail even a bit.

    Behind, Black Devil’s resenting roar could be heard, “Junior, I will split your corpse into a thousand pieces!”

    Demonic energy soared towards the sky. Golden Core is Golden Core after all. Even extremely weakened, his speed is still astonishing. Black Devil’s face twisted, never imagining that this mission would result in him being reduced to such a wretched state, and from a couple of juniors at that.

    Especially that damned punk. He must die without fail!

    Right at this moment, the fleeing Qin Yu suddenly halted, Mind Stab came forth full force, while his hand released a Blade Edge. Caught off guard, not seeing it coming, Black Devil took the full brunt of Mind Stab’s might. Although he is at the Golden Core stage, his mind was still affected and aching, causing his demonic energy to feel sluggish.


    The Blade Edge went through and through his demonic energy. Landing between Black Devil’s eyes tearing at the flesh, exposing the white bone beneath.


    Black Devil went insane, entire head and face covered in blood, watching him with eyes that seem to want to swallow him whole!

    Yet Qin Yu already turned around, directly picking where he left of in his escape. In a few breaths time passing over a hundred zhang and entering the mountain forest.


    Demonic energy exploded, bursting open the ground, following Black Devil’s pursuit, with all the trees that he passes crash on the ground and then pulverized as if they went through a grinder!

    Qin Yu felt bitter inside. A Golden Core cultivator truly isn’t easy to kill, the fact that he did it to Dark Slave was all because of using the right way at the right time in the right place. While here, the distance is too wide.

    He sticked close to the ground and continuously fleeing, while using the Wind Walk to the maximum. Yet with his meager 4th layer of Foundation Establishment and also caring the powerless Ning Ling, it could only be expected for the loud sounds behind him to approach him.

    He can’t pay attention to everything and in a low voice, “Open your mouth!”

    Ning Ling hadn’t got the time to react as he roughly shoved some pills in her mouth, making her slightly angry, but then stumped. An incredible strong medicinal effect travel through her body. As it ran through her flesh it was transformed into spiritual energy, quickly restoring her depleted energy reserves.

    This type of pill effect, even based on her identity, she could only have it once. A few years back, Elder gave her a precious and very important Marrow Cleansing Pill. Although it had an entirely different effect, but the diffusing feeling is the same.

    Ning Ling’s heart shook, giving Qin Yu a deep look, then closed her eyes and give all her attention to absorbing the spiritual energy.

    At this time, Qin Yu basically didn’t care, not paying attention to her expressions, and ate a few pills himself.


    The powerful medicine effect erupted, causing his insides to rumble, suddenly increasing his speed ten-fold, making him leave a series of afterimages, rushing through the difficult terrain inside the mountain forest.

    This explosion of energy, increasing the strain on his energy by ten times, is a forbidden way of using Wind Walk. Not only this act is short lived, what is truly important is that it exceeds the limit of his physical body. Once or twice might not cause harm, but constant use will bring about terrifying repercussions.

    Qin Yu is clear on this, but at this time, he shows no remorse when using it. He needs to give Ning Ling the time to recover her fighting strength. And also, more then a year of tempering, with the effects of countless pills wearing his body, made his flesh strong and give him some confidence.

    Black Devil had a cruel look, when Qin Yu used the forbidden method to temporarily increase the distance, he wasn’t worried at all. This action is the same as drinking poison, very soon he will spit blood and collapse, despite his furious rush.

    But as time passes, Black Devil’s face turns weird, with anger mixed in it and unable to mask his shock. As far as he knows, the punk in front of him should have already collapsed in suffering, yet he is still running just the same without a sign of slowing down.

    ‘Bastard! Where the hell did he get that energy from? And how does he have such a powerful body?’ Black Devil cursed in his heart.

    Ning Ling opened her eyes and stared blankly at Qin Yu’s incredibly pale, but still calm face. Not letting her speak, he once again took many pills and all of them shoved them in her mouth, making it hard for her to even swallow.

    “Senior sister Ning, I can’t hold for much longer. Focus on recovering your strength, or we will surely die!”

    The downcast tone startled Ning Ling, just finding out his bloodshot eyes heavily contrasting with his pale face, with each of their veins on the verge of bursting. Thinking of his calm demeanor, yet the excruciating pain inside of him, Ning Ling was shocked and pained, then turned to chewing the pills and eating them to continue recovering with her eyes closed.

    After an hour, she once again opened her eyes, with a flash passing through them, while Qin Yu who is carrying her, has his robe soaked in blood. Seeing her awakened, with great difficulty smiled at her, but suddenly spat a mouthful of blood, his vision turning dark.

     Ning Ling hold him, in a worried tone, “Junior brother, are you alright?”

    Qin Yu forced himself to stay awake, took a pill and swallowed it, “Run quickly!”

    Ning Ling formed the white cloud beneath her, holding both of them and taking them away. But this treasure was already blown apart and even with its restoring property, using it so soon will have limited effect, unable to escape the ruthless aura behind them.

    One in front and the other in the back, both sides doing their best to outrun the other, while moving swiftly into the heart of the mountain forest!

    Heavy and loud sounds could be heard nonstop, scaring all the birds and beast inside the mountain forest running whichever way to escape danger. As it continues, Black Devil’s aura slowly drew further, although still locked on them, but it seems to be a good sign, that it won’t be long before they escape.

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