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  • enix19955 said:
    When will Chu Feng join The Chu Heavenly Clan??
    About 10-20 chapters from currently translate. And bad news - since the moment CF returns to the clan, the quality of the MGA will rapidly begin to fall. And to the present moment the level of the novel is full of trash
  • Well, chu heavenly clans clan head is always monitoring chu feng. He was also the one who helped him inside that white fog on previous chaps. 
  • enix19955 said:
    enix19955 said:
    When will Chu Feng join The Chu Heavenly Clan??
    Can someone please answer this ??
    Chapter 2980 like that
  • What appears to be the conclusion of the AMSF arc is quite unsatisfying. The way the Chu Heavenly Clan became the overlord was quite lackluster, and even now the Wuming clan gets mentioned again. Implying that they're likely to attempt a comeback in the future because they're "not simple". If they weren't simple then a rank 3 upmost exalted and the LHC's crap alliance wouldn't be enough to cause them massive losses and make them flee to who knows where. The only explanation would be that they're a puppet influence as well, controlled by a stronger faction from elsewhere.
  • Any info on how strong exactly is his dad? They're always hyping him up so I'm just wondering
  • So who kidnapped bai liluo? Was it her trolling chu feng?
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    Where realm is CF's father when he appear again?
  • We don't know yet, i think he hasn't appeared yet...
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    Grimmjaww said:
    Where realm is CF's father when he appear again?
    He recently made an indirect appearance in chapter 4050+, he annihilated a mid-tier powerhouse clan in another star system (much stronger star system than our story’s setting) was in alliance with one of the backers of Chu Clan’s rival clan. I remember Wong Kung’s ghostly master dude talked to Chu Feng and implied that the person who put a protective formation on CF secretly (cough daddy) has the martial power in True God realm or True Dragon world spirit cultivation. (Sorry dunno how to translate properly, not sure if correct)

    in the raws, Chu Feng is currently “Exalted” 8 with Saint Cloak Dragon Mark, with battle power enough to fight Utmost Exalted 3 using his world spirit powers, which is around the level of clan leaders in the “10 trash” realms of the starlight star system. Chu Clan’s home land, the big thousand upper realm, is one of the 10 trash realms of weakest cultivation. Of course, until overpowered MC Chu Feng now will change that
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    So who kidnapped bai liluo? Was it her trolling chu feng?
    Bai Liluo is hilarious and still a very relevant character hundreds of chapters after her introduction. She’s always trolling somebody.

    i’m fully caught up to the raws if anyone has questions, but i did “take a break” between several reading sessions since years ago. Might not remember things clearly especially chapters before 3000. A lot of story lines are epic-ally long and drawn out, and somewhat recycled material. But i have to say the recent volume has been very interesting and refreshing
  • Any updates to the harem and whats the end goal of this novel is there some big evil sect in the shadows or something? 
  • I just read abit of the last few raw chapters and surprisingly it linked to where we are now in the translations. Which is impressive seeing how the author ties the story together. 

    One of the biggest mysteries for me was that all powerful figure in the misty peak realm wayyyyy back at the eastern sea where chu feng came from.

    The recent raw shed some light on the cultivation realm of that figure. He was at least true god realm but wasnt a match for MC's father. Apparently he came from the ancient era and he was responsible for sending those 3 girls to the ancient underground gale wind clan for reasons i cannot comprehend, i think he said half the reason was because he was bored or something.
  • Another mystery currently unsolved would be what the hell happened to the ancient clans that disappeared. 
  • Little fishy mentioned in 4308. Looks like the author have some long term plans for her with chu feng. Somehow i feel with the strength of his enemies.. doesnt make sense that he doesn't have a companion that is equally strong. Till now eggy is still sleeping. 
  • What's up with the su sisters, has he found them yet?
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    KyddKlue said:
    What's up with the su sisters, has he found them yet?
    Chu Feng has interacted with them recently in the raws. Too lazy to look up the chapter numbers but I’m estimating in the mid 4400- 4500s when they fell into a trap and CF saves them. Their pact with moon girl that possessed them also gets modified (shortened)
  • Who kidnaps Chu Feng's entire family after he had them safely kept in a secret location? What's the identity of the mysterious shadow?
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