Tomb Robbery

《Tomb Robbery》- Preface

As an Chinese ancient saying goes, never look back when someone calls your name when you are walking alone at night. Every person has three fires which can only be seen by ghost, one above your head, the other two above your shoulders. If you look back, you will blow out your fire on your shoulders, which can prevent you from being killed by the ghost. And it’s an golden law for some special people, the tome thieves.


The Grave robbery is not a sightseeing tour, not a poetry competition, not a painting, an embroidering, a leisurely manner, a quiet mind, and a peaceful stuff. Tomb theft is a technology, a technique for destruction.

When the ancient nobles built their tombs, they must have tried every means to prevent it from being stolen, so they always tried their best. They set up various secret gears in the tombs, the ambush, the great stones, quicksand, poisonous arrows, poisonous insects, traps, etc.

By the Ming dynasty, some of the tombs even used western techniques, especially the Emperor's Mausoleum in Qing Dynasty, which was a masterpiece of several thousand years of anti-theft technology.

Sun dianying, the great warlord, wanted to dig up the tomb named “Dong”, and wanted to use the treasure to pay for his military expenses. He launched a large army of troops an it had taken five or six days. The invulnerability of it can be imagined.

The subject of the tomb robbers is to try to break them down and explore the grave.

In the modern era, however, it is more difficult to find tombs than to dig tombs, because the great graves of such obvious buildings as mounds and monuments have long been unearthed. If you are looking for ancient tombs that have been hidden underground and have no markings on the ground, you will need certain techniques and special tools, such as iron, Luoyang shovel(named by where it was originated ), bamboo nail, earthworm(a tool which was shaped like a earthworm), and dark folder(a tool as well).

There are also some masters who do not rely on tools, some search for ancient tombs by looking for clues in ancient texts, and a few have mastered the occult, by reading the veins of mountains and rivers, and using feng shui(the location of a house or tomb, supposed to have an influence on the fortune of a family) to find the tomb.

I'm in the last category.

I have traveled all over the place, and I have experienced many strange and strange events, and if anyone of them is to be revealed, it will be enough to make the viewer a little bit more shocking. Those strange “things”, maybe, can change the way you see the world and make you suspect the reality.

The book, has to be told from my grandfather's book, <the 16th Yin and Yang feng shui secret>( yin and yang , the two opposing principles in nature), the second half of the book, which has somehow been pulled away by someone, is mostly about a secret to interpreting the feng shui of the tomb.



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