The Online Game Version Of Marvel.

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 [ Super Soldier Serum Set: Human Body Enhancer, Magnetic Shield, Explosive Tights] (Price: 10000000000)

[ Black Widow Set: Super cosmetic surgery, ten years of not bad tights, the choice of face disabled people] (Price: 10000000000)

[ Winter Soldier warrior suit: free chopping hand surgery, mechanical prosthetic (limited purchase)] (Price: 10000000000)

[ Falcon suit: a pair of bird wings, free skin dyeing surgery] (Price: 10000000000)

Player: "......."
 Avengers: "......"
Player: "You are really a profit seeker"

 Author: 全针教主

 I am translating this novel to forward the joy of this novel to other viewers or readers so other then myself, can also feel the feeling when they read this novel. This is my first time translating other language novels.

 So please guys support me and so i can improve my skills.

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  • 1 Rebirth

    "Do I really need to be a protagonist? or do I need to be an emperor that stands above all"

    Li Si looked at the time, displayed on his smart wristband and he couldn't help but fall into thinking about his coming future.

    He was already lucky enough to pass through Space-time once , but he had not only passed through to space-time, but he also succeeded in Rebirthing himself.

    Although the Rebirth was planned by himself, in fact, the probability of success is not even 0.00000001% of a trillion times and it can be said face to face, it was the harsh truth, if it was a discussion between scientist, and was just a theory.

    If he had nowhere to go, he wouldn't dare to use these shady broken theory and use on himself to travel through Space-time.

    And the result was successful or he could say the result was too successful, and this chance was even he could not believe it.

    He also doesn't know why was it really successful, and couldn't help but think of himself as protagonist or suspect the material that was used in building time travel.

    He returned to the present time, which was three years ago, when "Earth OL" was officially opened.

    "Earth OL" is a virtual reality game, yes it is a game which is kind of similar to other online common virtual games and according to usual routine that take place in future, the strength of the characters can be brought or bring back into the reality in the later stages of the game.

    In the past life, ones he had accidentally participated in the internal beta test of this game. The game was a replica of another earth where the player to maintain his/her life can only work and earn money on game to sustain himself/herself. The game was very boring like same version of real life on earth.

    But he also found that, this is not an ordinary earth with an ordinary background. Because in these earth of the game, he found companies like Stark Industries, Oscorp Industries, Hammer Industries, Baxter building so on.

    He was already familiar with these name and he also understood that this game was not a ordinary second Life business game that every body thought about it.

    More importantly he had already crossover in this current world of the current earth, when he died, he was reborn in this current world, it is said that after a catastrophic event, a highly developed civilization has been restablished.

    And the next thing is simple as he had crossover to this world and by understanding the game background, he joined the military when the game officially open and got the hulk serum successfully and completed the transformation. Then he forge his own way to embark on the peak of his life. It was the protagonist way or the perfect interpretation.

    Unfortunately, the strength of the characters could be brought back in late stages of the game in reality, but as someone had said not all the strength were perfect and when it is brought back into reality it cause more trouble. In reality he also has the strength of hulk, but most important talent in Hulk was anger and Hulk was always in anger and the consequences could be imagined.

    And Because he had too many enemies, he could only hide in Tibet in real world, and which also cause the gap in strength between him and other players bigger and bigger.

    In the end, he got the time gemstone and space gemstone in game by relying on advantages of the familiar story, and pinned his hope on the time travel with these two gemstones.

    It was a shady method, by simply using two infinity gemstones, plus a three dimensional product for the device to work and the device was still base on several physicist theory of the game.

    And although he was successful in time travel, the machine was still in a good condition.

    "The official version of the game cabin should also be sent now"

    Looking at the time, Li Si got up and walked towards the door .

    For the time when he is waiting for the game cabin, even if it is his second time he feels excited by just looking at time.

    The excitement is present but unfortunately only calm can be seen at stotic face of Li Si.

    Li Si silently walked to the door.

    The doorbell rang when he reached the door, when the door was opened there was a thin man wearing a black vest and a star studded logo on his vest.

    Behind the skinny man is a small transport robot which is lifting a large carton with its forklift armed.

    "Hello, I am the Star game customer service men and is here to send your game cabin. Do you need us to install the game" skinny man.

    "No, just put it in the room I will install it myself"

    Li Si shook his head and refused , pointing to his room


    The skinny man nodded and directed the robot to put the game cabin in the room and he went to Li Si

    "Sir this is the receipt, you can sign in it and view the suspension of the internal test helmet , our company has a trade in discount for the beta players. If you have a beta game helmet, and give it for the recycling after confirming the damage , the company will refund some of the purchase money"

    "No, I am not short on money. The beta game helmet is going to be memorial to remember things in future"

    Li Si signed the receipt list and hand it over

    "Sorry to bother then, I wish you a happy day"

    The skinny man didn't say any much. He just shook his head then turned and left.

    When the company staff left, Li Si smiled and turned to find a lot of tools and a black helmet full of metal texture.

    "It will be of waste if it doesn't work on my hands "

    Li Si used a screwdriver to take apart the black helmet and took a fingernail sized chip from the dense circuit board. He looked at the crystal clear sapphire chip and smiled.

    He doest know what material is cast on this chip , but he knows the role of the chip. The true virtual mode of Earth OL is based on this chip.

    Although in internal beta test, helmet had not enable this mode, both hardware and software actually put this feature, but it is not enabled but was hidden and the official version of game cabin has removed this part of the hardware.

    This hidden thing wasn't even known to the Star Game company, which represented the game, until it was discovered by a tech stream player more than two years later.

    It was a pity that the virtual mode was already opened at that time, and it was of no use.

    But now its different with this chip, turning on the full virtual mode in advance can make him a big step ahead of everyone on the starting line.

  • 2 Character Creation

    "Enable hardware installation mode, permission code: Gti77439."

    Li Si quickly wrote a string of numbers by holding the chip and fixed it into the official version of the game console of game cabin that was connected to the power supply.

    Compared with the simple beta testing version, inner game circuits of helmet, the official version of the game bin was not so easy to disassemble, or can not be disassembled at all, as the entire outer casting on surface is integrated, and the hardness of the surface is not easily can be destroyed. Even, if it is successfully opened, it will self-destruct by it self.

    Fortunately, the game bin has a hardware installation mode. Although it requires permission encoding, it has already been queried, in previous life when full virtual mode was opened.

    [Ding! The command confirms that the local permission code is being queried... The verification is passed and the hardware installation mode is enabled. ]

    A mechanically stiff voice inside the game compartment echo around the compartment.

    As the verification passed, the original icy silver-white shell of the game bin suddenly rippled, turning into a liquid substance like mercury.

    Li Si gently placed the saphire coloured chip on the mercury, and soon the chip was swallowed by mercury and disappeared. After ten seconds of waiting time, the mercury returned to a hard metal shell.

    [Hardware installation is complete, Self starting self-test...]

    [Hardware adaptation is successful... starting, querying the driver...]

    [The driver is running normally, there is no missing function module, the hardware installation is successful.]


    Upon hearing the notification of the installation success, Li Si's heart finally relaxed.

    This step is really important, and it is related to his next plan.

    Without further ado, Li Si quickly opened the game compartment and poured nutrient solution into it. After pouring all the nutrient solution, Li Si also undressed and lay on the sleeping aids comportably and his consciousness gradually went into blank state.

    After a while, the consciousness gradually recovered, and the dark vision gradually lit up. Soon Li Si was already on a metal platform suspended in the void.

    [Hello, respected player, the game is still 14 hours and five minutes away from the official opening. Do you want to create the game character in advance, or later after official opening? ]

    "create character."

    [Please name the character, the name must follow the rules of the real world, you can also choose to use your original name to login in game.]

    "Name: Lee Stein."

    [Please select the character initial template, the template is related to your game experience and even the game mode, please choose carefully!]

    [Currently, available free initial templates are: office workers, students, unemployed people..., please refer to the fee template section for more initial templates.]


    In choosing template he paused, Li Si, who had always been familiar with gaming system, hesitated.

    A template is an important setting in the game. It is equivalent to a combination of elements such as identity occupation. The game also has multiple templates, but only one initial template can be selected when creating a character.

    This initial template is equivalent to the initial identity of the game, and different templates have different attributes and special effects.

    He doesn't care about attributes and special effects. Those basic templates can be bought in game, but the initial identity is crucial.

    There are three choices in his mind, from the fee template which are: soldiers, and from free templates: students, office workers.

    Needless to say, the soldier template is the one he chose before he had reborn. After all, it has its own perks and advantages. The soldier template has many tasks, and the attributes of its are also very good. With the previous experience, it will be easier to go throught in game.

    However, this choice, is the one which is first ruled out by him. Although the military was developed well, the potential was too low, the development potential was limited, and the most important thing was that the degree of freedom was too bad.

    The question now is the choice between the student template and the office worker template.

    Turning on the full virtual mode in advance has its own advantage, but one can only maximize this advantage, if you have choose to take the technology route.

    If you want to take the technology route, you must get a scientist template at least. The scientist template is not an optional basic template. Even if you can't buy it, you can only get it in the game, and it is very difficult to get it due its conditions.

    If you choose the office worker template now, you can set a company directly and it will be much less difficult to get a template of the scientist, and the initial money given by game will be much more.

    However, the student template is also very good. It can open the learning section in advance and gain valuable orientation experience, and can get to know some major plot characters and is better for grasping the major trend of plot.

    Just choosing a student template makes it more difficult to get a scientist template.

    "Select template: Student."

    After hesitating for a long time, Li Si chose the student template.

    Compared with the difficulty of obtaining, a scientist template, it is more important to grasp the plot. After all, the biggest advantage for him is the familiarity with the plot.

    And leveling up the knowledge bar in advance, even if there is no scientist template, it can make up, the foundation in advance and form a certain combat power.

    It is not a problem, to have a self-protection ability to take risks and plan to get a scientist template.

    [Selected template: Student, please set the place of birth, identity background.(Note: The identity background cannot be supplemented with extra power. The default lock base is set to orphan.) ]

    When he heard the notification from the system, Li Si did not hesitate to choose the student template.

    "Set: Orphan of the New York Stochastic Welfare Institute, the newly transferred students of the Midtown High School Graduation Class, and the rest of the background setting is generated by default."

    [Identity setting is successful, memory video has been generated, please see the memory video yourself, and the system will not be responsible for the subsequent impact caused by the inconsistency between the acting and the identity background. ]

    [The character background is established!]

    "Open the properties panel!"

    Li Si did not rush to open the memory video, in fact, it did not play much role in addition to some inquiry and review.

    ————Character panel————

    Name: Lee Stein

    Strength: 0.6 (muscle burst)

    Constitution: 0.7 (anti-strike ability / resilience)

    Intelligence: 1.3 (logical ability / thinking activity / learning ability)

    Spirit: 2.1 (willpower / mental power / sensory ability)

    Note: The standard attributes of normal adult men are all one. The basic attribute is the result of player ontology scanning.

    [Talent skills]: None

    [General Skills]: None

    [Knowledge]: None

    [Own template]: civilian (basic), student (initial).


    [Template]: civilian (basic) lv: 0/18

    Attribute bonus: full attribute +0.1 / per level

    Special effects bonus: None

    Template skills: none

    Next level required experience: 0/1000

    Evaluation: You are just an ordinary citizen, but you may try to make yourself a stronger citizen.


    [Template]: Student (general)

    Attribute Bonus: Intelligence +0.1

    Special effects bonus: learning speed +5%

    Template skills: none

    Evaluation: You have a certain level of knowledge in basic education, and have good thinking logic and study habits.

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    3 Gwen Stacy

    "It's not too different from what I had expected, but the physical strength is still too bad."

    Roughly viewing his own property panel, Li Si was helpless as he couldn't change his physique.

    After all, it is a physique of an otaku, and the physical strength is completely different from a standard adult man.

    However, now currently many people are in a sub-health state, and most of the person innate strengths are weak. At the current earth there are not that many people who can theoretically reach the maintain their body in the shape of atheletes.

    Relatively speaking, his attribute is already quite good, at least the intelligence is slightly higher, and the spirit is breaking through the sky.

    His spiritual attributes were not so high in the past, and the reason now why it is 2.1 should be completely tempered by the former Hulk transformation state.

    "System, start the sleep mode, wake me up five minutes before the game officially opens!"

    There is still more than a dozen hours from the official opening of the game, but Li Si does not intend to go offline. In any case, the game bin has sufficient nutrient solution to survive and does not need to go offline to eat. He simply told the system and went to sleep.

    When Li Si woke up again, it was already time for the official opening.

    "Adjust the virtual level to 99% and turn on the full virtual mode!"

    Seeing the official opening time to enter and the countdown that was begining, Li Si quickly said.

    [Check!! the support hardware... is installed. ]

    [Starting the full virtual mode, will increase the pain to the same as the reality, and lose some system function support, some system function forms will change, confirmed to set the settings? ]

    Li Si, who already knows about the virtual reality function, will naturally not hesitate, in saying:

    "Confirm !!! after Countdown ends automatically log in to the game!"

    [Confirm, the full virtual mode is successfully activated! ]

    ["Earth OL" open service in countdown is in...T-Minus - 4 min and 25 sec...24 sec...]

    [...5...4...3...2...1, the game has officially opened, logging in automatically! ]


    Li Si's view was completely black after logging in and after recovering from it, he was in a hall where students locker where kept.

    Not far away from is a corridor with a slightly dark light. There were rows of multi-level lockers on one side of the corridor and classrooms on the otherside.

    At this time, he was wearing a casual wear, and there is also a school bag, behind his back.

    In a hurry he browse through the memory video, Li Si revealed a slight smile, started searcing for the classroom number and quickly found his classroom.

    Before he even had the time to go in, a middle-aged men, with gray hair on the classroom at teacher desk had already waved his hand at him.

    "Hey, Lee, I thought you were going to be late on the first day of your school!"

    The middle-aged men teacher smiled and told Li Si to stand beside him. Then he claped his hands, which signaled the other people in classroom and as they were gradually quiet.

    He said, "Students, let me introduce to you all to this new student who have transferred to our school. Let us welcome him with an applause."

    "new student?"

    "Asian? Is it a new student?"

    "Hey, why can't it be a girl, I heard that Asian girls are very beautiful!"

    The classroom was full of noise, but it still gave an round of applause.

    "Li, come over and introduce yourself to everyone!"

    The middle-aged men teacher made a gesture, and returned to the side of Li Si to give his introduction.

    "The atmosphere is really good!"

    Looking at the atmosphere of classroom, Li Si could not help but reveal a smile, and started his self-introduction.

    "Hello everyone, my name is Lee Stein. You can call me Li, gender male, um... looks like some students are disappointed, I am really sorry!"

    Li Si shrugged and joked, then said:

    "Well, my hobbies are, I like different kinds of sports, all kinds of mechanical and genetic knowledge, of course, the most important thing is girls, so I hope some male students don't want to hit on me"


    After listening to Li Si's introduction, there were laughs and a snort under the podium.

    "Well, thanks for an interesting introduction Li Stein, you don't look like an Asian at all. Shouldn't you always be embarrassed?"

    The middle-aged teacher smiled.

    "These are just some misunderstandings, Asians are just more humble, and I am an alternative, a confident alternative!"

    Li Si pretend to helplessly spread the hand. 

    "Well, being confident is good Lee Stein, and, let me tell you a good news, your classmates are all normal-oriented boys, at least you don't need to worry about them hitting you."

    The middle-aged teacher is obviously the type that likes to mingle with the students. He just joked a word: "But there is still a bad news, the seats are already arranged, you can only sit in the last row for the time being!"

    "Compared to good news, your bad news is negligible."

    Li Si snorted and went to the last row of his position to sit down.

    One of the places next to him is empty, while the one sitting in front is a very beautiful blonde girl.

    Although he didn't see the expected person at the moment, at least the blonde girl confirm that the place he was at was not wrong.

    This seat position is too good for him or better.

    "Gwen Stacey!"

    Seeing that Li Si sat down behind her, the blonde girl turned her head and reached out and introduced herself.

    Li Si reached out and shook her hands. He smiled and said, "I am very glad to meet you, and I believe we can be good friends!"

    "I think so too!"

    Gwen replied with a flat smile, and the smile was neither close nor alienated. After that, she turned back and began to listen carefully the lecture that was going on.

    Li Si's corner of the mouth curved a little and thouht to himself.

    Gwen Stacey, this is one of the movie version of Spider-Man's girlfriend.

    To be honest, he also had a good impression on her role. The rational female schoolbeauty, calm, without any wildness, and is absolutely a ideal in his choice of mate.

    It is a pity that the game is still in the early stages of competition, which is also destined and he can not distract his energy in chasing girls now.

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