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    Chapter 82 Shocking the Demonic Cults

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, actually killed him?"

    Lin Yi's companions stuttered in shock, and they were filled with fear and anxiety.

    They were in deep trouble now that a Shaolin disciple had been killed by Lin Yi, and they stared dumbly at Monk Jueyuan's corpse.

    Lin Yi asked in response: "Then what should we have done? Let Monk Jueyuan go?"

    Yiqian nodded her head like it was the natural thing to do. "Of course we should have let him go, we can't kill a disciple of Shaolin!"

    "After we let him go, what next?" Lin Yi continued pressing for more answers.

    "After that..." Yiqian was unable to answer, and the other three were speechless as well.

    All they thought of was to avoid trouble, and they had never thought of the consequences of letting Monk Jueyuan go.

    Lin Yi answered the question for them. "After we let him go, he will surely harbor resentment towards us and go to all lengths to oppose us. This man is extremely narrow-minded, and he even wanted to kill us just because I embarrassed him before."

    "In terms of strength, Monk Jueyuan is not worth mentioning when compared to me. But what about the rest of you? If he tries to kill any of you, will you all be capable of defending yourselves?"

    "Besides, what if he attempts a sneak attack?"

    "Even if that doesn't happen, if he tries his best to defame us, are you capable of stopping him? The baldies of Shaolin are ranked first under all heavens at slandering others! The four of you aren't even a match for one of him!"

    "When that happens, all your reputations will be completed ruined!"

    "After that, he will surely not be satisfied yet. He will still employ all sorts of methods and schemes to bring harm to you."

    Lin Yi continued listing out all the possible things that would happen, and the four of them began to tremble in fear while breaking out in cold sweat as they listened.

    From their understanding of Monk Jueyuan, he was definitely capable of doing what Senior Brother Lin Yi said and even better.

    "Therefore, by letting him go, we are leaving behind a great source of trouble! As all of you saw, he even dared to use a Quanzhen disciple as a meat shield to save his own skin. How many other righteous sect disciples will die in a similar fashion if he gets to walk free?"

    "Killing Monk Jueyuan is not killing a righteous sect disciple, it is killing a truly evil demon!"

    Lin Yi concluded by condemning Monk Jueyuan as no different from a demonic cult disciple and justifying why he had to be killed.

    The four of them felt slightly better at hearing these words as they had all been raised in an environment which greatly frowned upon killing people from the righteous faction.

    "That's right, Monk Jueyuan is just like a demonic cult disciple, he deserves to be killed!" Yun Taizi was completely convinced by Lin Yi.

    Lu Buping and Mo Yu also nodded their heads in agreement, and only Yiqian was still unable to accept it.

    Staring at Lin Yi, she was unable to figure out why the kindhearted Senior Brother Lin Yi who even helped ordinary people in Lanzhou City would suddenly become so ruthless and coldblooded.

    She realized that she was unable to understand Senior Brother Lin Yi at all.

    The other three looked at Monk Jueyuan's corpse in worry.

    Although he deserved death, killing him was indeed going to invite great trouble!

    If they made any mistakes at handling the matter, they would all be hunted down by Shaolin.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, do we deal with Monk Jueyuan's corpse?" They finally asked cautiously.

    With one look at the corpse, Lin Yi stated coldly: "Feed it to the wolves!"

    "The wolves?" The three of them stared with wide eyes.

    "Why? You don't even know how to feed it to the wolves?" Lin Yi raised his brows and said calmly: "All of you are intimidated by the reputation of Shaolin! Hmph, there's only five of us here, who else saw us kill Monk Jueyuan?"

    "This Monk Jueyuan was obviously being chased by Old Demon Xu before he met us, we just need to say that he was killed by Old Demon Xu."

    "When all of you return, if anyone asks about it, just tell them that Monk Jueyuan was killed by Old Demon Xu and that we killed Old Demon Xu when we encountered him, thus taking revenge for Monk Jueyuan and the several hundreds of righteous disciples that he killed!"

    The three of them gulped down their saliva at hearing his words.


    Senior Brother Lin Yi is truly good.

    With just a twist of the facts, Lin Yi had turned from being the murderer of Monk Jueyuan into the great hero who cut down Old Demon Xu to take revenge for Monk Jueyuan and the rest!

    But, they liked this explanation!

    "Alright, we'll say just that when we return!"

    Glancing at Yiqian, she was still slightly dazed and looked gloomy.

    "You all decide what to do!" She said simply and stopped talking.

    Her mind was in a turmoil as a lot had happened today. Also, everything that happened was completely overturning her values and perception of the world.

    Lin Yi looked at her and shook his head with a smile. What she needed right now was time to slowly accept the truth. The harsh truth.

    In Jianghu, things were not always simply black or white.

    The villains might not always be bad people.

    The righteous might not always be good people.

    She needed time to slowly accept these facts.

    Suddenly, Lin Yi felt his chest tightening, and he spat out a mouthful of black blood.

    His vision blurred, and he was unable to stand steadily.

    When he killed Monk Jueyuan, he once again used the supreme power, and it only worsened his condition.

    Seeing that all his companions were also heavily injured, if any more enemies came at this time, they would all be easily finished off by ordinary third-rate experts.

    After ordering Lu Buping and the other two to deal with Monk Jueyuan's corpse, he started returning to Lanzhou City with the four of them.

    Saddled with injuries, they slowly limped back.

    Their progress was very slow, but they steadily inched towards Lanzhou City.


    Ao Wufa looked at the forces led by Wudang, Emei, and Qingcheng, and he frowned.

    Although he was able to achieve a complete victory over the force led by Shaolin, the righteous sect disciples who managed to escape found the Wudang force very quickly and informed them of Shaolin's defeat.

    The Wudang disciples then hurriedly made contact with Emei and Qingcheng and combined their forces.

    Gathered in one place, their numbers exceeded ten thousand.

    It was a great force to behold, and they were all on guard.

    The demonic cult disciples could no longer take them by surprise.

    Ao Wufa ordered his men to attack them several times, but they never managed to achieve much.

    Half defending and half retreating, the combined forces resembled a porcupine, leaving no place for the demonic cult disciples to strike at. In the end, the demonic cult disciples suffered numerous casualties.

    Ao Wufa also sent out the heavy cavalries a few times, but after learning their lesson from the previous encounter, the righteous sect disciples set up many traps and trenches to deal with the cavalries.

    Instead of inflicting any damage, the heavy cavalries suffered quite a bit of damage themselves.

    Ao Wufa could only hastily order their retreat as these precious heavy cavalries borrowed from Ming Cult had been temporarily placed under his command because he was the brother of Ao Tianjiao.

    If they suffered great damage, not only would Ming Cult not let him off, even his own brother Ao Tianjiao would not let him off so easily.

    Thinking of this, Ao Wufa had a headache.

    There were too many things that he had no control over.

    Although he achieved victory over the Shaolin force, he achieved nothing when faced against Wudang, Emei, and Qingcheng.

    "Where's Elder Xu? It has been nearly two days since he went hunting down the major sect disciples, why isn't he back yet?!"

    Whenever he had a headache, he was reminded of Old Demon Xu.

    The only one who could turn around the situation now was this second-rate expert, but he was nowhere to be seen.

    "My lord, there is still no news of Elder Xu." Ao Wufa's subordinate beside him quickly replied when they saw his anger rising.

    "Still no news, what the heck is Elder Xu doing?" Ao Wufa frowned.

    Suddenly, a commotion was raised.

    His subordinate quickly went to check it out.

    Soon, he returned with a nervous expression and said: "My lord, there's news of Elder Xu!"

    "Then why aren't you telling him to get here?" Ao Wufa roared in anger.

    "Elder Xu..." Not knowing how to continue, his subordinate waved his hands.

    Several people carried something over.

    Seeing the familiar scene, Ao Wufa's heart thumped.

    As he looked over, he saw a corpse in two halves, and the face of the corpse was very familiar to him.

    It was Old Demon Xu!

    "How could it be? Elder Xu is a second-rate expert, how did he get killed?!"

    Ao Wufa's face was filled with disbelief.

    "Don't tell me that the righteous faction also sent second-rate experts from major sects?"

    "Is it Shaolin, Wudang or the Five Mountain Sword Sects?" Ao Wufa quickly asked.

    His subordinate shook his head.

    "My lord, look at Elder Xu's wounds. They were caused by a sword, and all of them were inflicted by deadly sword moves, just like Blood Raiment Prince's wounds!"

    "He was killed by Huashan's Deadly Celestial Sword Lin Yi?" Ao Wufa jumped up in disbelief.

    "Isn't this Deadly Celestial Sword a third-rate expert? How did he manage to kill a second-rate expert like Elder Xu?"

    "Subordinate does not know, but all these wounds on Elder Xu are indeed caused by Deadly Celestial Sword, and none other!"

    Ao Wufa gasped in surprise.
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    Chapter 83 Scaring Away the Demonic Cults

    "This Deadly Celestial Sword is too scary!"

    "Both Blood Saber Sect's Blood Raiment Prince and Mount White Camel Villa's Ouyang Jue were killed by him, and now, even a second-rate expert like Elder Xu has fallen to his sword!"

    "If he continues like this, won't I be eventually killed by him as well?"

    As Ao Wufa talked to himself, he imagined the possibility of being slain by Lin Yi.

    The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was going to happen. Eventually, his eyes started darting around suspiciously, as he was afraid that Lin Yi would suddenly appear to kill him.

    Gazing at the battlefield where there was hardly any progress, Ao Wufa ordered in a fearful and hasty tone: "Retreat, hurry up and retreat! Without the assistance of Elder Xu, we won't have any advantage against the righteous faction. In contrast, they have Deadly Celestial Sword."

    "Even Elder Xu was killed by him!"

    "If he appeared here..."

    Everyone's expressions changed upon hearing his words.

    They saw clearly how Old Demon Xu slaughtered hundreds of major sect disciples as if they were mere livestock.

    If Deadly Celestial Sword who was capable of killing Old Demon Xu appeared now, who would be able to stop him?

    Thinking of this, all the geniuses from various sects near Ao Wufa hurriedly took their leave and bid their goodbyes. They had no intention of dying like Blood Raiment Prince or Ouyang Jue.

    Wuuu! Wuuu!

    The low-pitched wail of a horn sounded and the demonic cult disciples in the middle of attacking the righteous faction were stunned. Very soon, all of them started retreating quickly without any hesitation.

    In just a short while, the huge numbers of demonic cult disciples were nowhere to be seen.


    At the camp of the forces led by three major sects.

    The Emei disciples saw the demonic cult disciples suddenly retreat hastily and their faces were filled with surprise and suspicion.

    "Senior Sister, the demonic cult disciples have retreated!" An Emei disciple reported to their leader.

    The leader of Emei disciples frowned and asked: "What happened? The demonic cult disciples had gained the upper hand in this battle, why would they suddenly retreat?"

    "I"m not sure why either!"

    Numerous Emei disciples shook their heads.

    "Ask those from Wudang, they should know why." A suggestion came from one of the disciples.

    The leader nodded and a disciple immediately went off to ask the Wudang disciples.

    However, they had no idea why it happened as well. It was the same for Qingcheng.

    The demonic cult disciples had retreated hastily as if they were fleeing for their lives, but why?

    "Could it be that they are plotting some sinister schemes again?"

    "It is possible! The demonic cult disciples are cunning and unscrupulous, and it was their scheme which led to the great defeat of the force led by Shaolin. Hundreds of major sect disciples were even hunted down by the second-rate expert Old Demon Xu, and only a handful survived."

    Old Demon Xu, second-rate expert!

    These two phrases placed the three sects in great fear.

    From the recounting of the survivors, Old Demon Xu was extremely terrifying, and the disciples from major sects such as Shaolin, Quanzhen, Duan Clan, and Murong Clan were all killed within three moves and had their hearts ripped out and eaten.

    At this moment, cheers could be heard among the righteous sect disciples.

    "Senior Sister, there's news!"

    An Emei disciple shouted with joy as she ran towards the leader.

    "What news?"

    "News regarding the retreat of the demonic cult disciples!"

    The disciple was excited to the point that she was nearly breathless and unable to speak.

    "Talk slowly."

    "Senior Sister, the disciples who fought on the frontlines said that they heard with their own ears that the demonic cult disciples had received news of Old Demon Xu being slain by Huashan's Deadly Celestial Sword Lin Yi!"


    All the major sect disciples present perked up upon hearing those words.

    "Is this information correct?"

    "Absolutely!" The Emei disciple swore on the authenticity of the information.

    Gasps of surprise could be heard all around.

    They were all shocked by the news and looked at each other.

    "This is too unbelievable, Deadly Celestial Sword is actually capable of killing Old Demon Xu!"

    "That's right. What kind of person is Old Demon Xu? The great devil from the demonic faction who's a second-rate expert and who also slaughtered hundreds of major sect disciples easily! But he was actually slain by Huashan's Lin Yi!"

    "If I didn't remember wrongly, Lin Yi is also a third-rate expert like us right?"

    "Now that you mention it, this Lin Yi is such a monster!"

    "He has truly succeeded at surpassing his own level to defeat a higher-classed opponent! To think that the rumors of him fighting higher-classed opponents were true!"

    "That's what you call a peerless genius! An existence which others can only look on from far away!"

    The entire camp was thrown into a commotion as incredulous cries were heard everywhere.

    "No matter what, although the demonic cult disciples have retreated because of Lin Yi, it is still very dangerous here. We need to return to Lanzhou City as soon as possible!"

    "Yes, who knows if they will suddenly return? Let's go back!"

    "Everyone retreat!"

    "Although this great battle did not end in victory or defeat, now that a peerless genius has appeared in our righteous faction, it is good enough to consider it a victory for us!"

    "That's right, we won! This isn't retreating, this is a victorious return!"

    "Haha, a victorious return indeed!"

    The disciples laughed with great joy.

    Although they had disheveled looks and resembled beggars, they were all in a great mood.

    As the command passed down, more than ten thousand members of the righteous faction happily made their way back to Lanzhou City.


    When they reached Lanzhou City, the entire city was in a state of emergency.

    The news of the defeat of the Shaolin led force had reached the city and everyone was filled with fear.

    As a result, they nervously shut the gates and took up defensive positions.

    But now, at the sight of more than ten thousand righteous sect disciples joyfully returning to the city as if they had just achieved a great victory, they were shocked.

    Upon finally receiving the news that Huashan's Lin Yi had killed Old Demon Xu, they were all dumbfounded.

    Surpassing one's level!

    It was the rise of a peerless genius!

    As the gates were opened, the city was filled with joyful cheers everywhere.

    Every street and alley of the city.

    Whether it be people of Jianghu or ordinary people, men or women, old or young.

    Everyone was talking about Lin Yi's feat of killing Old Demon Xu.

    Business was booming for the storytellers!

    The excited voices of the storytellers could be heard.

    "As it so happened, Huashan's Deadly Celestial Sword, Young Hero Lin Yi, encountered Old Demon Xu hunting down the major sect disciples and saw him killing one of those disciples as well as ripping out the heart to eat it. On the spot, Young Hero Lin Yi was filled with righteous fury! Drawing his sword, he immediately used the famous superior sword art Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords to attack Old Demon Xu!"


    "In just the blink of an eye, Young Hero Lin Yi's companions were all heavily injured by Old Demon Xu. Without a care for his own safety, Young Hero Lin Yi attempted to perish together with Old Demon Xu using a fierce move!"

    "You might think that Old Demon Xu is a great devil, but he was actually a coward who feared death. Would he dare to perish together with Young Hero Lin Yi? Therefore, he gave up trying to kill the other disciples of the Five Mountain Sword Sects and started to retreat slowly. By doing so, he had fallen into the trap set up by Young Hero Lin Yi."

    "Immediately, Young Hero Lin Yi used his greatest killer techniques, the Three Celestial Swords!"

    "Although it was only three moves, each move was stronger than the last, and the power was overwhelming! Old Demon Xu was killed on the spot!"

    "Young Hero Lin Yi managed to take revenge for the hundreds of major sect disciples who died at the hands of Old Demon Xu! Young Hero Lin Yi is a great hero and a true hero!"

    The story of "Young Hero Lin Yi Slays the Devil with Three Swords" thus ends.

    Cheers erupted from the audience.

    "Great, great storytelling!"

    "Feels so good to know that he killed Old Demon Xu and took revenge for the hundreds who died!"

    "Young Hero Lin Yi has superb skills and is filled with justice and righteousness. His existence is a good fortune for the righteous faction!"

    "Not only that, by slaying the devil, he scared off the great army of the demonic faction and saved the hundreds of thousands of lives in Lanzhou City! Young Hero Lin Yi is the great hero of Lanzhou City!"

    Everyone was busy heaping praises on Young Hero Lin Yi.

    Some distance away from the crowd, a youth in white smiled faintly as he heard the praises and left with his head lowered.
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  • Chapter 84 Shocking Jianghu

    Very quickly, news of Lin Yi killing Old Demon Xu spread throughout Jianghu.

    The entire Shenzhou was filled with the stories of him slaying the devil to take revenge for the fallen.

    Creating a huge sensation in Jianghu.

    Countless youths were inspired to become a great hero like Lin Yi, while countless young girls were enchanted by the great feats of Young Hero Lin Yi.

    Many people also noticed that Lin Yi had surpassed his own level to defeat the second-rate expert Old Demon Xu while only being a third-rate expert himself. It was a rise of a new heavenly talent, and everyone in Jianghu now knew of Huashan's Lin Yi.

    Lin Yi was quickly becoming nearly as famous as Linghu Feng.



    When news of Lin Yi killing Old Demon Xu reached Huashan, it raised a furor in the sect!

    The upper echelons were shocked at the appearance of another heavenly talent who was able to surpass his own level, especially when they discovered that Lin Yi only took 15 days to acquire internal arts.

    Huashan's new generation was indeed full of talent.

    First, it was Linghu Feng, and now it was Lin Yi.

    When Sect Master Ouyang Ming heard the news, he was also pleasantly surprised and spoke a few words of praise with satisfaction.

    "I wasn't wrong about Lin Yi being a rare talent, and he has surpassed my expectations for him!"

    "With the appearance of Linghu Feng and now Lin Yi, Huashan will surely thrive for the next hundred years!"

    These two statements made many sect disciples wonder.

    Did Sect Master have his eyes on Lin Yi since the start? Was Lin Yi someone who knew the Sect Master? To think that Sect Master would place Lin Yi together with Linghu Feng and proclaim the both of them as the two heavenly talents of Huashan.

    What was Sect Master hinting at? Was Lin Yi qualified to vie for the position of chief disciple?

    Being the top expert as well as the leader of Huashan, his words were highly important.

    The various factions and clans in the upper echelons started making their moves.

    On the other hand, the upper and lower courtyard were shocked once again by the news, and the forty thousand odd disciples from both courtyards started talking about Lin Yi excitedly.

    "I've always known that Senior Brother Lin Yi is extraordinary and that he would one day become famous in Jianghu. I just didn't expect him to do it so quickly!"

    "That's right, it's insanely fast! He hasn't even left Huashan for more than a month! Not only is it fast, but it is also especially incredible! To kill a second-rate expert of the demonic faction, that's the stuff of legends!"

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi is the idol of everyone in the lower courtyards! He is a heavenly talent who rose from the lower courtyard, and he is our greatest pride!"

    "Yes, we should all aim to be like Senior Brother Lin Yi and make our name in Jianghu by exterminating evil!"

    "Then let's not waste any more time and start our training! I can't wait to acquire internal arts and venture into Jianghu!"

    The lower courtyard disciples were now filled with worship for Lin Yi.

    As for the upper courtyard, they were also talking about similar things.

    "Junior Brother Lin Yi is truly a peerless genius! I knew long ago that he would do something great when he left Huashan, hahaha!"

    "Still calling him junior brother? By killing a second-rate expert, he is sure to become a core disciple. When that time comes, you have to call him Senior Brother Lin Yi!"

    "So be it! I already expected him to become a core disciple within a short amount of time. In any case, he once called me his senior brother, and that's good enough for me, haha!"

    "To think that you still can laugh so happily at being greatly surpassed by others!"

    "Why can't I laugh? Junior Brother Lin Yi is a monster, how can we compare to him? If we did that, it would ruin our confidence!"

    "I'm speechless, you are actually making so much sense!"


    "Hahaha, I was right about Junior Brother Lin Yi! He has indeed made a great mess in Lanzhou City by messing up a demonic cult elder!" Within the Hall of Internal Affairs, Yu Zecheng slapped the table and laughed heartily.

    His face was filled with great excitement, and he did not seem to care that his palm was reddened from slapping the table.

    "Senior Brother Yu, I already said that Junior Brother Lin Yi would surely create a sensation in Jianghu sooner or later!" Xiaoliu also nodded in laughter at one side.

    The two of them had seen Lin Yi rise from the lower courtyards to killing a demonic cult elder while only being a third-rate expert.

    They were genuinely happy for Lin Yi's achievements.

    As of now, Yu Zecheng was no longer wearing the white garb of Huashan's upper courtyard, but the violet robes of a core disciple.

    Violet was a symbol of nobility in Huashan.

    Only the core disciples and the elders of Huashan were allowed to wear violet robes.

    In the headquarters of Huashan, among tens of thousands of people, there were less than 500 of them who could do so, and Yu Zecheng was one of them.

    As he thought back to half a year ago when a youth asked for his name confidently at the entrance of Huashan, Yu Zecheng couldn't help smiling. "Junior Brother Lin Yi, we will meet very soon!"

    Xiaoliu watched him from the side and did not think much of it.

    After becoming a core disciple, his Senior Brother Yu often smiled to himself secretly.


    Within one of the courtyards in upper courtyard, Han Bai, Yu Hai, and Jiang Xiaoyu were gathered together. They were actually wearing the white garb of upper courtyard.

    In less than a month of Lin Yi's departure, the three of them managed to acquire internal arts and became upper courtyard disciples.

    Upon hearing the news regarding Lin Yi, they were dumbfounded.

    After cheering for Lin Yi, Han Bai looked towards Yu Hai and Jiang Xiaoyu with an anxious expression: "Senior Brother Lin Yi is progressing too fast, and he is now capable of killing second-rate experts! If we don't our best to catch up, we will be left far behind by Senior Brother Lin Yi. There's no more time for idle talk, I'm going to train in seclusion!"

    With that being said, he hurriedly left.

    Jiang Xiaoyu looked at Yu Hai and asked in a soft voice: "Are you going to train in seclusion as well?"

    Yu Hai nodded and said as a matter of factly: "Of course, what else would I be doing? It's bad enough to be left far behind by Senior Brother Lin Yi, do you think I want to lose to Han Bai as well?"

    Then he also left.

    "Damn!" Jiang Xiaoyu looked at their empty seats and cursed.

    Pacing back and forth, he shook his head and talked to himself: "No way, how can I, Jiang Xiaoyu, lose to the two of them? Senior Brother Lin Yi is a monster, so there's nothing I can do about him! But I definitely can't lose to the two of them!"

    "I will also go into seclusion! I won't stop even if the sky collapses, and when Senior Brother Lin Yi returns, I'm going to let him know that I'm not any inferior compared to those two!"

    After venting his frustration, he shut the doors and sat down to practice his internal art.


    At the peak of Huashan.

    On a large rock on a cliff, there is a young man lying on his back.

    He wore a violet robe, while his hair naturally fluttered on his shoulders. One of his hands was grasping a sapphire gourd, while the other hand was held in a sword form.

    The gourd was filled with wine.

    From time to time, the young man gulped down a large mouthful of wine while making various sword moves with his sword form.

    He had a sloven appearance, but it did not seem sloppy.

    Instead, it looked cool and romantic.

    An angular face and eyebrows which resembled swords.

    He was filled with a handsome and romantic temperament.

    This youth is Huashan's Linghu Feng!

    "Lin Yi? Slaying Old Demon Xu?" Linghu Feng suddenly uttered a few words, then shook his head and smiled: "Interesting, it is interesting."

    At this moment, a young girl wearing a violet dress appeared. Upon seeing him, her beautiful eyes lit up, and she dashed towards him while holding a jade-like sword.

    Resembling a dancing butterfly.

    "Eldest Senior Brother, you came here again to drink!" The girl pouted as she berated him.

    "Little Junior Sister!" Linghu Feng smiled and quickly got up to greet her: "You are here!"

    This young girl was his junior sister who grew up with him, Liang Rulu.

    There were seven of them, all of whom are second-rate experts.

    When roaming Jianghu, they were called the Seven Heroes of Huashan.

    Liang Rulu was the youngest among them, and Linghu Feng was their leader.

    "Eldest Senior Brother, for the last three days that you are back in Huashan, you have spent all three days drinking wine!" Liang Rulu sat next to Linghu Feng and pointed at his nose.

    Touching his nose, Linghu Feng said: "It's not like Little Junior Sister doesn't know that Senior Brother has just this hobby."

    "Just this hobby?" Liang Rulu glared at him with a disappointed but angry expression: "Eldest Senior Brother, you should know that this hobby is the reason why so many people in Huashan are against you. That's why you are still not the chief disciple by now! I believe you have heard of Lin Yi who is capable of surpassing his level and has killed an elder of Ming Cult."

    "It is rumored that there are many people who wish to establish Lin Yi as the chief disciple!"

    Linghu Feng said with a nonchalant look: "I have heard of Lin Yi. He is a disciple who rose from the lower courtyard, and he is the new heavenly talent of Huashan. If Sect Master wishes to let him become the chief disciple, so be it.”

    "I don't have any interest in the position of the chief disciple anyway."

    As he said that, Linghu Feng stood up and spread his arms as if he wanted to hold the entire sky in his arms. Laughing loudly he said: "Drinking great wine while being accompanied by beauties, isn't that a great thing?"

    "This is what I, Linghu Feng, truly want!"

    "The position of chief disciple, the position of Sect Master, whoever wants it, let them take it!"
  • Author uses the term 天骄(tian jiao) to exclusively refer to the top ranked talents like Linghu Feng and a few others, I have translated it as heavenly talent. The Ming Cult heavenly talent Ao Tianjiao's name is literally this phrase.
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  • Chapter 85 Clearing the Fourth Meridian

    Seeing Linghu Feng behave in this manner, Liang Rulu was not impressed. Although she liked her Eldest Senior Brother's magnanimity, she was angry at his lack of responsibility!

    With an angry huff, she stood up and pointed at Linghu Feng: "Eldest Senior Brother, you can't be so selfish, you need to consider the six of us junior brothers and sisters. Taking the position of chief disciple is not a matter which solely concerns you, it concerns all seven of us. If you give up just like that, we will be very upset and disappointed with you!"

    With an unchanging expression, Linghu Feng pointed towards the sky with his fingers and said calmly: "Little junior sister, even if I don't obtain the position of chief disciple, I can still protect all of you and not allow anyone to bully any of you."

    "Eldest Senior Brother, are too naive!" Liang Rulu stamped her foot and left.

    As Linghu Feng listened to the sound of her footsteps fading away, he drank another mouthful of wine. A hint of doubt flashed in his eyes and he muttered to himself: "Could it be that I'm wrong? No, I'm not wrong! What's wrong with pursuing the kind of life that I want? Why don't any of you understand me? As long as I'm here, even if I'm not the chief disciple or the sect master, who would be able to bully all of you?"


    Lanzhou City.

    Lin Yi's face was as white as a sheet as he laid on the bed to recuperate. The three moves he used to kill Old Demon Xu, as well as the move he used on Monk Jueyuan, had contained the supreme power, and he suffered great internal injuries as a result.

    For numerous days, he was half awake and half asleep.

    He greatly disliked this condition and muttered to himself: "Looks like I definitely can't use the supreme power before I become a second-rate expert."

    Knock! Knock! Knock!

    Someone was at the door.


    Mo Yu, Yun Taizi, and Lu Buping walked in. After a few days of recovery, most of their injuries had healed and they were able to move freely.

    Although they had suffered a blow from Old Demon Xu's Eagle Claws to their heart area, they had been protected by heavy armor, so it wasn't too serious.

    Compared to Lin Yi's injuries, it was quite trivial, as Lin Yi had suffered serious internal injuries.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi!"

    They greeted him politely as they entered.

    Propping up his body, he leaned on the frame of the bed and glanced at the three of them. Raising his brows, he asked in puzzlement: "Where's Junior Sister Yiqian?"

    "She is still resting in her room as she is feeling unwell." They replied with an awkward expression.

    Shaking his head, Lin Yi laughed: "So she is still unable to forgive me."

    Going back on his word, Lin Yi had killed Monk Jueyuan in the end. The little nun was unable to accept his ruthless act of killing someone from the righteous faction and she still couldn't believe that it was done by the kind-hearted Senior Brother Lin Yi who dispensed justice in Lanzhou City.

    Lin Yi had a calm expression and he was not bothered by Yiqian's inability to accept his true colors.

    Since a long time ago, he had thought very little of how others looked at him.

    In his previous life, he had spent years in the game and experienced many things. He realized that as long as he did what he was supposed to do, everything else did not matter. Those who could accept him would naturally accept him. Those who could not accept him, no matter what he said or did, it was useless. Therefore, as long as he felt that he was right, it was good enough.

    Looking at the three of them, Lin Yi smiled. At least they were still able to understand him, so he wasn't too much of a failure.

    "Senior Brother Lin Yi, how are your injuries?"

    Yun Taizi stepped forward and asked with a concerned expression.

    "They are much better, but I still need a few more days of rest."

    "That's good, that's good!" Yun Taizi nodded with relief.

    Seeing a mild expression of joy in the three of them, Lin Yi asked with a smile: "Looking at your expressions, everything is written on your faces. Whatever matter it is, speak out."

    Lu Buping laughed and gave a thumbs up: "Senior Brother Lin Yi, this move of yours is indeed a great move."

    "Right now, in Lanzhou City, and even the entire Jianghu, everyone is talking about how Senior Brother Lin Yi vanquished Old Demon Xu to take revenge for the righteous sect disciples. Nobody suspects us of killing Monk Jueyuan."

    "Just this?" Lin Yi said with indifference: "I already told you, killing Jueyuan is not a big deal. There was only the five of us there back then, and now that Monk Jueyuan has already been fed to the wolves, who would suspect us? Shaolin might suspect us, but they have no evidence to prove it since his corpse does not exist anymore. What else can Shaolin do to us?"

    "Besides, we have no grudges with Monk Jueyuan, who would be so silly as to suspect us?"

    "You guys still don't have a stable state of mind, and you need to work on that. Once you spend more time in Jianghu, you will realize that in this world, there isn't only the righteous and demonic faction. Also, there aren't only people from the righteous faction killing those from the demonic faction or people from the demonic faction killing those from the righteous faction. There are also many people from the righteous faction killing others in the righteous faction. Otherwise, how do you think Shaolin managed to become the leader of the righteous faction? Simply because of their great reputation? Is reputation edible? Can it convince the masses to follow you?"

    "It is strength. Only strength can intimidate the masses and make everyone in Jianghu fear and respect Shaolin and the major sects."

    The three of them nodded: "We have learned our lesson!"

    Lin Yi waved his hands: "Go back for now and digest the experience you gained from the battles if you have nothing to do. During this period of time, there's no need to go outside the city since the demonic cult disciples have retreated. Both factions have suffered quite a lot of casualties in the last battle, so everyone is licking their wounds. Don't think or talk about the matter regarding Monk Jueyuan and just take it that it never happened."

    "As for Junior Sister Yiqian, rest assured. Although she is still unwilling to forgive us, she will never betray us. She is still a child and is too pure-hearted, that is why she can't accept what we did."

    "We understand. Please rest well, Senior Brother Lin Yi, the rest of us are looking forward to going out to exterminate evil with you again."

    The three of them left and closed the doors once again.

    Lin Yi shook his head and no longer thought of the matter. In his heart, it was not a big deal to kill Monk Jueyuan. With the era of chaos arriving soon, how would Shaolin have the energy to waste on such a trivial matter?

    Besides, once the era of chaos arrived, there would be large numbers of Shaolin disciples dying in the war. Even though Monk Jueyuan was a talent, his status in Shaolin was similar to a Huashan upper courtyard disciple.

    Huashan had roughly five thousand upper courtyard disciples, and being the top sect in Jianghu, Shaolin had nearly twice that amount. Who was going to remember one mere Jueyuan? The passage of time would eventually erase all traces of Jueyuan's existence.

    Suddenly, Lin Yi recalled the 300,000 battle experience he earned from killing Old Demon Xu.

    Ouyang Jue gave 40,000 and Monk Jueyuan gave another 40,000. He also had 50,000 left over previously after upgrading his sword art and clearing his meridian. Killing demonic cult disciples while on the run also netted him several tens of thousands of battle experience.

    There was more than enough to clear the fourth meridian.

    Since there was nothing to do right now, why not upgrade his internal art?

    Lin Yi opened the panel for the twelve standard meridians.

    The fourth meridian was called the Hand's Yang Supreme Large Intestine Meridian and the start of the second phase.

    System notification:

    Do you wish to consume 400,000 battle experience to clear Hand's Yang Supreme Large Intestine Meridian?

    Lin Yi silently consented.

    With a tremble, he lost control of his body.

    He could see 400,000 battle experience being rapidly depleted on the system panel before turning into warm and mystical streams flowing into his dantian and merging with his internal strength.

    His internal strength had expanded, and it flowed from his dantian towards the fourth meridian, majestic and unstoppable like a great river.

    The fourth meridian was broken through like a thin sheet of paper, and Lin Yi's body trembled once more.

    System notification:

    Successfully cleared the fourth meridian: Hand's Yang Supreme Large Intestine Meridian.

    Lin Yi regained control of his body and he could feel his internal strength greatly enhanced. His body was also becoming stronger visibly.

    Originally, people from this world would slowly and gradually get stronger by steadily practicing internal arts. Thus, they would first acquire the physique required for the fourth meridian before they could clear it.

    But relying on the system, Lin Yi had skipped this process and forcefully cleared the meridian first. After that, the system would improve the condition of his body rapidly to match the fourth meridian.

    As a result, even his internal injuries were healed in the process. His body which was in great pain was greatly soothed and there was now only minor pains in a few areas. His injuries had healed by at least 60%!

    This was a pleasant surprise!

    Lin Yi joyfully opened his stats panel to check his upgraded stats.

    System notification:

    Name: Lin Yi

    Identity: Huashan upper courtyard disciple

    Attack: 200 (Basic stat +60, Internal art multiplier +60, Hand's Yang Supreme Large Intestine Meridian +80)

    Defense: 100 (Basic stat +10, Internal art multiplier +10, Hand's Yang Supreme Large Intestine Meridian +80)

    Speed: 180 (Basic stat +50, Internal art multiplier +50, Hand's Yang Supreme Large Intestine Meridian +80)

    Internal strength: 80
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  • Chapter 86 The Five Heavenly Talents Gather

    After clearing his fourth meridian, his attack stat reached 200. If he channeled his internal strength, even a move from a basic martial art would have an attack of 600. Lin Yi had learned a superior sword art and upgraded it to perfection stage.

    In the aspect of offense, Lin Yi was entirely capable of being on par with the heavenly talents from various major sects who were second-rate experts, even probably even surpassing the majority of them. Offense was his greatest advantage.

    However, his speed and defense were seriously lacking in comparison. Putting aside defense, as Lin Yi did not learn any defensive martial arts and was not intending to do so, he was most concerned about his speed. With sufficient speed, it was the best form of defense he could get. Entering the battle and attacking or retreating and defending, coming and going freely, that was the ideal state which he desired. Unfortunately, he only learned Huashan Movement Art. For most people, a silver grade movement art was already considered very good. But for Lin Yi, it was still too inferior.

    Huashan Movement Art only had some basic movement skills and did not have any killer techniques like superior martial arts. Without killer techniques, there was no explosive power. It would still suffice for normal battles, but when it came to opponents who were stronger, especially those higher classed than himself, his speed would become his fatal weakness.

    "Looks like I have to look for a superior movement art. Unfortunately, Huashan does not possess any famous superior movement art."

    Huashan's superior lightness arts were all evolved from Huashan Movement Art. It excelled at close combat movement but fared poorly when it came to long-distance movement and rapid escaping maneuvers.

    He was not interested in Huashan's movement and lightness arts.

    However, he was currently unable to think of where he could find manuals for other superior lightness arts. In his previous life, he also did not have any wondrous encounters and stumble upon any of these superior arts.

    Each method of inheriting rare and powerful skills required harsh and rigorous tests before one could obtain them.

    Even though he knew of several of these methods, one of which was the location for inheriting archery skills, there was no time for him to obtain it right now as it was no longer like back in the game. Everything was real, and he had the power, but he no longer had the kind of freedom he enjoyed in the game, and every move he made was under the scrutiny of the public. It was more of an issue of his personal safety.

    Although he managed to kill the second-rate expert Old Demon Xu, who knew if there were any first-rate experts watching his every move.

    As his reputation spread throughout Jianghu, Lin Yi had most likely become a thorn in the demonic cults' flesh. The demonic faction would always be trying to get rid of him.

    If he tried to obtain superior martial arts in a secretive manner, the experts from the demonic faction would be more than happy to try to kill him if they found him alone. This was the disadvantage of being famous. However, if Lin Yi had to choose all over again, he would still choose to be famous.

    He had chosen a path of fame and glory.

    Obtaining greater fame was for the sake of battle experience and the right to compete for the position of Huashan's chief disciple, so as to eventually obtain Huashan's Nine Swords of Dugu and Violet Mist Divine Skill.

    Compared to the potential gains, the danger he exposed himself to was nothing.

    Without power, there would be nothing he could do during the era of chaos except to accept his fate.

    "It all comes down to power. If I'm even more powerful and become a first-rate expert, I would be able to easily obtain superior skills."

    Clenching his fists tightly, he sighed in his heart.

    There was no need to think too much about the matter. As long as he continued to strengthen himself, he would eventually obtain a superior movement art and fix his weakness. Right now, he needed to become a second-rate expert as soon as possible! Only then would he become a true heavenly talent and obtain the right to compete for the position of chief disciple with Linghu Feng.

    Being the most outstanding disciple of Huashan, Linghu Feng was much stronger than Old Demon Xu, and Lin Yi was currently not a match for Linghu Feng.

    Lin Yi was well aware of his own strength. He was not stupid enough to think that just because he possessed the experience of a peak expert in his previous life, he would be able to look down on everyone under the heavens.

    There were still plenty of incredible talents in this world.

    Putting these thoughts to one side, he shifted his focus back to his current situation.

    After clearing the fourth meridian, he still needed vast amounts of battle experience to clear the fifth and sixth meridians.

    However, the demonic cult disciples had gone into hiding because of what he did, so he could no longer hunt them down for battle experience currently. Without any alternatives, Lin Yi could only train using his own efforts.

    Practicing his internal art was compulsory every night. Internal arts could be considered as the foundation of one's strength, so it was the most important thing to practice.

    Other than that, Lin Yi also continued to practice his sword arts.

    Although he had already reached the perfection stage for all his sword arts, but he still kept on practicing. Even if he did not gain any experience points, so what?

    He could improve his understanding of the sword arts and deduce new killing techniques from it. These techniques could enhance his fighting ability when facing difficult opponents.

    Starting from Basic Sword Art, followed by Huashan Sword Art and finally Deadly Chain of Three Celestial Swords. Each move was performed extremely slowly, like the movement of a snail. But as he did so, his sword arts became increasingly tempered.

    Once, twice, thrice...

    After countless times, every move gradually seemed to possess the laws of heaven and earth, and there were no flaws to be found.

    Lin Yi began to immerse himself in the experience, as he had never experienced this in the game. He felt very comfortable and liked it very much.

    After sword practice ended and the sky darkened, he would immediately sit in his room and start practicing his internal art. Channeling his internal strength to flow through the meridians in his body, he improved his control and refined his internal strength.

    Every step required great effort, but Lin Yi enjoyed the process.

    He liked the feeling of slowly and gradually growing and refining his internal strength.

    Time passed silently.

    Just like that, half a month had gone by.

    Although Lin Yi did not make much progress in his internal art, he was satisfied. He felt enriched and also felt the meaning of being alive. His state of mind was strengthened as well.

    Whenever he was tired from practice, he liked to go out of Liushanmen to walk around various parts of Lanzhou City and watch all kinds of people go about their daily business. Many people recognized and surrounded him when they saw him approach.

    Lin Yi always smiled at them, regardless of whether they were ordinary people or from Jianghu.

    His reputation of having a gentle and chivalrous personality quickly spread.

    Nearly everyone praised Young Hero Lin for being approachable and chivalrous. After he had made numerous appearances, lesser and lesser people came to disturb him as they knew he preferred peace and quietness.

    He liked sitting at a window seat on the second floor of a restaurant and ordering a flask of wine as well as a dish or two. As he ate and drank, he would watch the people downstairs living their busy lives peacefully.

    Lin Yi gradually grew to like such a peaceful way of life. These were his most comfortable days since crossing over. There was no danger and no era of chaos constantly driving him forward, making him unable to stop and rest.

    He could quietly enjoy the joys of practicing martial arts while watching the lives of all kinds of people.

    There was an increasingly refined aura emanating from him, and if any Huashan lower courtyard disciple saw him now, they would be astounded. Was this refined and unassuming youth really the same Senior Brother Lin Yi who was extremely aggressive and a challenge maniac?

    Suddenly, a commotion was raised.

    Spreading quickly, Lin Yi raised his brows and listened silently.

    "The demonic cult disciples are here again, and this time they have arrived with a greater force!"

    Everyone gasped in fear, and some even started trembling. The great battle half a month ago between both factions had made them realize the cruelty of war and the sadness of death.

    Nobody wanted to return to that time when they could not sleep in peace and felt danger at every moment. A peaceful and comfortable life was what they wanted.

    Lin Yi was also jolted awake by the sudden news. Half a month of peaceful days had nearly made him forget that he was in Lanzhou City right now, the most chaotic location in Jianghu before the arrival of the era of chaos.

    Shaking his head, he sighed as he gazed towards the sky. If not for the era of chaos, he would never have spent so much effort and energy into improving his strength and to compete for the position of Huashan's chief disciple.

    Practicing martial arts in peace and immersing himself in the experience was the kind of life he wanted.

    Only, such a life was too much of a luxury right now!

    The recent days had been the most luxurious days he had ever spent.

    From now on, such peaceful days were over.

    Returning to Liushanmen, he quietly awaited the arrival of further news and prepared himself for battle.

    On the first day, large numbers of demonic cult disciples appeared.

    On the second day, a large army from the demonic faction was gathered, and many talents from various demonic cults and sects arrived, exceeding the numbers from the previous battle.

    On the third day, there were signs that the army was about to invade Lanzhou City.

    On the fourth day, the demonic faction did not make any moves, but there was news from major sects of the righteous faction. Emei's eldest core disciple Zhou Qian had led a force consisting of more than ten second-rate experts as well as a hundred third-rate experts to Lanzhou City, creating a commotion in Lanzhou City as they arrived.

    On the fifth day, Qingcheng's eldest disciple Li Donglin also arrived, similarly leading a force consisting of more than ten second-rate experts and a hundred third-rate experts.

    On the sixth day, Wudang's eldest disciple Priest Qiankun also brought along a similar force.

    On the seventh day, Shaolin's chief disciple Master Juexing led more than twenty second-rate experts and more than two hundred third-rate experts to Lanzhou City.

    On the eighth day, Lin Yi was informed that he needed to go the entrance of the city. On this day, Huashan's Linghu Feng had led more than three hundred Huashan disciples and arrived at Lanzhou City.
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  • Chapter 87 First Meeting with Linghu Feng

    Lin Yi stood outside the city gates and looked into the distance. 300 Huashan disciples were riding on their horses as they approached the city.

    The one leading them was dressed in a violet robe and carrying a sword on his back. A sapphire gourd was hanging on his waist and his long hair fluttered in the wind. With strong facial features and prominent eyebrows, he was a handsome man.

    This man was Linghu Feng.

    As he saw Linghu Feng, Lin Yi did not feel much about it. He did not harbor any grudges against Linghu Feng, and the only reason he competed with him was purely for the sake of the position of chief disciple.

    If not for that, Lin Yi quite admired Linghu Feng actually.

    He was a wanderer of Jianghu, and he was romantic, cool, and handsome. His only interests were drinking and being good at swordplay. From this, Lin Yi was similar to Linghu Feng.

    If Jianghu was calm and peaceful, Lin Yi would never have the need to become his rival, and they might even become friends.

    But the cruel and harsh era of chaos was arriving.

    They were not fated to be friends.

    Lin Yi had to obtain the position of chief disciple at all costs.

    Linghu Feng was unsuited for the position because his heart was not in managing Huashan. Therefore, there was no way he could grow Huashan strong enough to resist the invasion of the demonic cults.

    Although he was incredibly talented, he was only suited to be a sharp sword of Huashan and not its leader.

    As he thought so, Lin Yi's expression was unchanging. Gazing towards the rest of the disciples, he was pleasantly surprised. He discovered Yu Zecheng also dressed in a violet robe and tagging behind Linghu Feng.

    Immediately, suspicions rose in Lin Yi's heart.

    Including Huashan, there were now a total of five major sects gathered at Lanzhou City and more than a hundred second-rate experts who came. What exactly happened for them to make such a move?

    One had to know, even during the era of chaos, a gathering of a hundred second-rate experts was a rare occurrence.

    Invasion of the demonic cults?

    Not likely.

    Although the demonic cults were trying to stage a comeback by starting a war between both factions, there was no need for the five sects to pay such great attention was there?

    With doubts in his mind, Lin Yi approached Yu Zecheng who had dismounted with a smile. Before he could speak, Yu Zecheng laughed heartily: "Hahaha, Junior Brother Lin Yi, we meet again. Are you surprised?"

    "Senior Brother Yu, I have yet to congratulate you on becoming a second-rate expert as well as a core disciple!" Lin Yi laughed and greeted him.

    Yu Zecheng waved his hands: "What is there to congratulate? Core disciple? It will be your turn soon! I should be the one to congratulate you instead for killing an elder of the demonic cult. Surpassing your level to battle a second-rate expert and creating a sensation in Jianghu, you have acquired plenty of face for our upper courtyard!"

    "Did you know, when news of your amazing feat reached Huashan, the entire sect was in an uproar! Everyone in the upper courtyard was constantly talking about you!"

    "As for those little rascals in the lower courtyard, needless to say, they have already started worshipping you like their ancestors, hahaha!"

    Yu Zecheng's loud laughter attracted the attention of all those around him.

    Among the 300 disciples, more than ten of them were wearing violet robes. This meant that they were core disciples.

    There were both males and females, and many of them had a curious expression as they looked at Lin Yi. There were also others who gazed at Lin Yi with a hostile expression. Linghu Feng had an indifferent expression instead, and after glancing at Lin Yi, he started examining the city.

    Noticing the hostile gazes, Lin Yi raised his brows and asked Yu Zecheng: "Senior Brother Yu, who are those people?"

    Following Lin Yi's gaze, a look of interest flashed in his eyes and he brightly stated: "Junior Brother Lin Yi, it's time to let you know. This one with a sapphire gourd on his waist is the great and famous Senior Brother Linghu Feng!"

    As soon as Lin Yi saw Yu Zecheng's behavior, he knew what he was trying to do. Playing along, Lin Yi approached Linghu Feng and bowed politely: "Lin Yi greets Senior Brother Linghu!"

    Linghu Feng merely nodded his head and replied: "Junior Brother Lin Yi, I have heard of your name. Slaying the devil with three swords, another famous young hero of Jianghu has now appeared in Huashan."

    "It is nothing at all, I'm greatly inferior when compared to Senior Brother Linghu." Lin Yi humbly said. Linghu Feng frowned when he saw Lin Yi's behavior as he had imagined Lin Yi to be a hotblooded and proud person. Linghu Feng instantly lost his interest and was slightly disappointed.

    Yu Zecheng hurriedly introduced those behind Linghu Feng and prevented the situation from becoming awkward. "These six people, heh heh, they are the Six Great Talents of Huashan. Together with Senior Brother Linghu, they are known as the Seven Heroes of Huashan in Jianghu!"

    "So it's the Seven Heroes of Huashan, these six senior brothers and sisters look awe-inspiring!" Lin Yi quickly replied.

    "Hmph!" The only female among them, Liang Rulu, snorted coldly. The remaining five also did not reply, showing their hostile intent obviously.

    Lin Yi did not pay much heed to it, as he knew they were the fellow disciples of Linghu Feng who grew up together. In his previous life, it was because of them that Linghu Feng caved in under their constant pressure and became the chief disciple.

    It was also because of them that after Huashan was decimated, Linghu Feng continued to protect these six people and gave up on everyone else in Huashan.

    Having acquired great fame in Jianghu and being proclaimed as one of the two heavenly talents of Huashan by Sect Master Ouyang, Lin Yi naturally earned the ire and hostility of these six people who supported Linghu Feng fervently.

    Similarly, Lin Yi also did not view them kindly.

    In the future, on his path to becoming the chief disciple, he would surely have to deal with these six people. Therefore, he did not care whether they were friendly or hostile.

    With Yu Zecheng's deliberate introductions, Lin Yi very quickly identified those who were hostile and those who were friendly among the 300 Huashan disciples.

    The Seven Heroes of Huashan were obviously hostile.

    The other core disciples were divided into two types.

    The first type made their way to the core disciples from the lower courtyard, while the second type was directly accepted as core disciples due to their talent.

    The former was obviously friendly to Lin Yi as he had walked the same path as them, and Yu Zecheng also belonged to this faction.

    As for the latter, the majority of them were simply curious about Lin Yi and were neither hostile nor friendly.

    Maybe Yu Zecheng simply wanted Lin Yi to understand which faction he belonged to. However, Lin Yi was very grateful to Yu Zecheng for doing so, as he had saved him a great deal of trouble. If he were to figure it out by himself, he would surely have to waste a lot of time and energy.

    The 300 disciples dismounted and entered the city.

    Lin Yi walked together with Yu Zecheng and pointed out his doubts: "Senior Brother Yu, exactly what has happened for the five major sects to bring so many second-rate experts to Lanzhou City under such short notice?"

    "Junior Brother Lin, let me tell you, this matter happened very suddenly. Not long after you left Huashan, demonic cult members appeared to cause trouble and commit arson in various territories controlled by major sects. The major sects sent large forces to exterminate these demonic cult members, but once we arrived, they immediately went into hiding like rats. That was truly a tough period, as we tired ourselves out putting out the fires."

    "At first we thought that they were only here to cause trouble. Who knew that we would suddenly receive news that large numbers of demonic cult members were invading the area of Lanzhou City and that they had even sent a second-rate expert who wiped out the forces of Shaolin and various other major sects. Only then did we realize that the arsons were simply a distraction, and their true aim was the geniuses of our righteous faction."

    "Fortunately, Junior Brother Lin managed to display your prowess and slew the second-rate expert from the demonic faction, thus saving the lives of countless geniuses from our righteous faction."

    "Just when we thought that we could finally catch a breather, only half a month later, we received news that many second-rate experts from the demonic faction have gathered outside Lanzhou City. Being unable to sit back and watch, the five major sects immediately sent the five heavenly talents along with other second-rate experts and third-rate experts to rush to Lanzhou City, fearing that the third-rate experts in Lanzhou City would be completely wiped out."

    Yu Zecheng had a bitter expression as he explained, indicating that he had suffered quite a bit during this period.

    Lin Yi was surprised when he heard the explanation. It seemed that Lanzhou City had suddenly turned into the battleground for the heavenly talents of the two factions.

    Currently, the highest classed heavenly talents were second-rate experts. There still wasn't anyone from the younger generation who had managed to become a first-rate expert.

    Lin Yi began to have doubts deep in his heart. He suspected the presence of a sinister plot, but he could not tell what it was. The only thing he was sure of was that in his previous life, he had never heard of a battle between heavenly talents in Lanzhou City before the era of chaos arrived.

    Maybe things were different now that the game had turned into reality?

    Lin Yi could only make guesses, but the doubts in his heart remained.

    As the two of them continued walking and talking, they were left behind by the others and ended up at the rear. When they finished talking, they had reached Liushanmen.

    Just as they entered, they saw Shaolin's chief disciple Monk Juexing approaching with several men.

    The Shaolin disciples were clearly coming for the Huashan disciples.
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  • Chapter 88 Shaolin's Interrogation

    "Young Hero Linghu!" Monk Juexing came before Linghu Feng with several men.

    "Master Juexing." Linghu Feng greeted him in response.

    "Young Hero Linghu, I would like to know if Young Hero Lin from Huashan is currently here? I have something to ask him." Monk Juexing stated his intentions directly.

    Linghu Feng nodded and turned towards Lin Yi who was at the rear and nearly all the Huashan disciples also turned their heads to look at him.

    "This monk looks hostile, does he have a score to settle with you, Junior Brother Lin?" Yu Zecheng asked Lin Yi softly with a worried expression.

    Lin Yi gave him a look which indicated that there was nothing to worry about. Disregarding the curious looks from others, he simply stepped forward openly and greeted: "Master Juexing, do you have something to ask me?"

    Monk Juexing gave a look to a fellow monk beside him and nodded silently before making a gesture. The remaining several Shaolin disciples spread out and quietly surrounded Lin Yi, sealing off any possible routes of escape.

    Lin Yi's expression did not change as he saw their movement. It was as if he did not see it at all.

    "Young Hero Lin, let me ask you, on the day that you saw my Junior Brother Jueyuan being pursued by Old Demon Xu, why did you leave him to his death instead of saving him?" Monk Juexing gave an angry stare and emanated a frightening aura, pressuring Lin Yi.

    Lin Yi's body shook and he stepped backward before stabilizing himself and taking a deep breath: "Why does Master Juexing think that I left him to die instead of saving him? On that day, when I realized that Old Demon Xu was pursuing Master Jueyuan, I hurriedly ran towards them. Alas, I was too late, and Master Jueyuan had already died to Old Demon Xu's Eagle Claws with his heart being ripped out. In a fit of anger, I battled Old Demon Xu and eventually managed to slay him. Everyone in Jianghu knows of this matter."

    With anger flashing in his eyes, Lin Yi continued. "Everyone in Jianghu calls me Young Hero Lin, and say that I am a true hero who is full of chivalry. Why is it that according to Master Juexing's words, I have turned into a despicable person who would leave others in the lurch and allow them to die? I respect Shaolin as the leader of the righteous faction, but it does not mean that Shaolin can insult me freely!"

    Lin Yi's voice was very loud as he had used his internal strength, and everyone in the vicinity could hear him clearly. Nearly all the people in Lanzhou City who heard him put down what they were doing and started staring at the Shaolin disciples in anger.

    Some of them who could not bear with Shaolin's overbearing behavior even started scolding them loudly. "As the leader of the righteous faction, does Shaolin not know shame? To think that you would start accusing innocent people! Young Hero Lin is a good person, and he saved a hundred thousand lives in Lanzhou City by slaying the devil from the demonic faction. Why do you suddenly accuse him of being a despicable person?"

    "That's right, to think that you would accuse and insult someone as heroic as Young Hero Lin, that's truly atrocious!"

    "Hmph, even if Young Hero Lin arrived before Master Jueyuan died and did not save him, it is a fact that he saved a hundred thousand lives in Lanzhou City! Are you trying to imply that the lives of a hundred thousand people are worth less than the life of Master Jueyuan? Are you saying that we are not human, and only Shaolin disciples are human?"

    "So ridiculous! The reputation of Shaolin has been ruined by all of you!"

    All of a sudden, it became very rowdy at the entrance of Liushanmen.

    More and more people came to watch the scene as they heard about the commotion.

    Hearing the words of the masses, Monk Juexing and the other Shaolin disciples had unsightly expressions. Suddenly, a loud roar erupted.


    It was one of the Shaolin 72 Consummate Skills: Lion's Roar!

    Nearly everyone was deafened and shaken by his roar. Holding back their anger, they continued staring angrily at Monk Juexing and the other Shaolin disciples in silence, not daring to speak any further.

    This monk in front of them was the top heavenly talent in Shaolin, Master Juexing.

    Realizing this, the people were taken by fear.

    Looking on in satisfaction, Monk Juexing then looked coldly at Lin Yi and asked: "Fine, I shall not pursue this particular issue for now. Let me ask you another question. Why didn't you retrieve the body of Junior Brother Jueyuan?"

    Everyone was even more infuriated by this question.

    In the middle of a great battle that was filled with danger, who would still bother to retrieve bodies? Not to mention that Young Hero Lin was not even a disciple of Shaolin, what obligation did he have to retrieve Monk Jueyuan's body?

    If he did that, what if the other major sects who had disciples killed by Old Demon Xu such as the Murong Clan and Quanzhen Sect all came to ask Young Hero Lin why he did not retrieve their bodies?

    Even Lin Yi was dumbfounded by the question.

    Evidently, Shaolin's people were already suspecting him, and they were simply trying to pick a bone with him.

    If he revealed any flaws carelessly, the matter of Monk Jueyuan's murder could be exposed.

    However, Lin Yi was not a newbie in Jianghu, how could he be intimidated so easily?

    Regaining his cool, he asked in surprise: "Master Juexing, I am unable to understand your question. Do I have an obligation to retrieve the body of a Shaolin disciple? How can you even ask this? Also, is Shaolin going to pronounce me guilty of a crime just because I did not retrieve the body? Hmph, putting these aside, let me tell you why I did not retrieve the body!"

    "On that day, during the great battle with Old Demon Xu, I was seriously injured and paid a heavy price before I finally managed to slay him. After accomplishing that feat, I was not even able to walk on my own and had to rely on the fellow disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects to carry me back to Lanzhou City. Under such circumstances, do you think I would still have the strength to retrieve Master Jueyuan's body?"

    As he finished, Lin Yi coughed and revealed a faint bloodstain on the corner of his mouth. With his pale looking face, it was obvious that he was still suffering from internal injuries.

    It was true, with the kind of injuries Young Hero Lin had, how could he possibly retrieve the body of a Shaolin disciple? These Shaolin monks were simply being unreasonable!

    Staring at Lin Yi with an ugly expression, Monk Juexing continued questioning him: "If that's the case, then let me ask you another question. Why is it that we were able to find the bodies of every other Shaolin disciple who died, but not the body of Junior Brother Juexing?"

    Upon hearing this, Lin Yi held the back of his head with his hands and replied indifferently: "That's because you are asking the wrong person. You aren't going to get any answers by asking me, because I don't know what happened exactly."

    "Then who should I ask?" Monk Juexing looked coldly at Lin Yi.

    "You should look for the wild beasts that live in the Western Region and ask them whether they have eaten Master Jueyuan's body!" Lin Yi pointed outside the city before imitating the howl of a wolf.


    Everyone broke out in great laughter when they heard his words.

    "Hmph!" Monk Juexing snorted loudly, his voice erupting in everyone's ears. The laughter ceased immediately.

    "Young Hero Lin, don't let me find any evidence. Otherwise, Shaolin will never let you off even if you are the top heavenly talent of Huashan. You should know what I'm talking about!"

    Leaving behind a few intimidating words, Monk Juexing left with the rest of the Shaolin disciples in anger.

    In his previous life, by the time Monk Juexing was famous in Jianghu, he had already acquired the peerless martial art Tendon-Altering Sutra and had become a peak expert. Even the five God-ranked players which included Lin Yi was helpless against Monk Juexing.

    In a one-on-one duel, at Lin Yi's peak, he merely had a thirty percent chance of winning Monk Juexing.

    Monk Juexing fully displayed the overbearing style of Shaolin, and under his leadership, Shaolin was able to stabilize itself and begin to take back control of the great war, eventually gaining the upper hand. As a result, Shaolin expanded its influence and power rapidly, and by the time Lin Yi crossed over, Shaolin had become the number one major sect in all of Jianghu!

    "Monk Juexing, I might not have been able to do anything to you in my previous life, but in this life, I will definitely make you regret offending me!"

    "A gentleman is able to wait ten years to take his revenge while a mean person is able to wait the whole lifetime to take his revenge!"

    "I, Lin Yi, belong to the latter!"

    "Don't worry, there's still plenty of time, I will slowly play with you."

    A cold glint flashed in his eyes as a murderous intention rose and vanished into the depths of his heart. His face revealed an indifferent expression.

    "Junior Brother Lin, are you alright?" Yu Zecheng patted Lin Yi on the shoulder and he woke from his thoughts.

    "I'm alright."

    "That's good then!" Yu Zecheng heaved a breath of relief before giving him a thumbs up: "You did well in not getting intimidated by this baldie. By not submitting, you have acquired face for Huashan and disgraced Shaolin."

    "It's just that by offending this Monk Juexing, Junior Brother Lin has offended the entire Shaolin! Monk Juexing is the chief disciple of Shaolin and therefore future abbot. He holds immense influence, and now that you have offended him, your future days won't be easy!"

    "If I offended him then so be it. Would Shaolin dare to kill me in bright daylight?" Lin Yi responded with indifference.

    "That...that's not going to happen." Yu Zecheng was taken aback by Lin Yi's bravery and smiled.

    "Then that's fine. As long as they don't dare to kill me openly, I will take on all the schemes and plots that they have in store for me! Hmph, others might fear the name of Shaolin, but I do not fear them!" Lin Yi laughed coldly as he replied forthrightly.

    Yu Zecheng secretly nodded in satisfaction and realized that he was less than his junior brother.

    If he were to be in Lin Yi's shoes, he definitely wouldn't be able to remain as calm and composed after being marked by Shaolin.

    "Those baldies of Shaolin are so overbearing!"

    The Huashan disciples spoke out in resent after the Shaolin disciples had left.
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  • Chapter 89 Ao Tianjiao

    "These damn Shaolin baldies really don't give any face to Huashan at all. To think that they would openly threaten our disciples!"

    "Hmph, they are truly detestable!"

    "There's plenty of other occurrences where the Shaolin baldies have been extremely high-handed as well! How many people in Jianghu are infuriated but do not dare to speak out? Junior Brother Lin is truly brave to not fear the might of Shaolin and their chief disciple Monk Juexing.

    "That's right, the top heavenly talent of Shaolin Monk Juexing has reached the peak of second-rate experts and is well-known for his power. Many people in Jianghu cower in fear at hearing his name, not to mention a direct confrontation with him!"

    "Junior Brother Lin Yi is truly worthy to be on par with Senior Brother Linghu. With such magnanimity and guts, I respect him!"

    Many Huashan disciples expressed their satisfaction and admiration for Lin Yi.

    Liang Rulu was instantly displeased by what she saw and she coldly snorted: "He has indeed stolen the limelight, but it is at the cost of creating a rift between Huashan and Shaolin! Do all of you know how much trouble he has brought to Huashan by doing this?"

    Once she opened her mouth, all the Huashan disciples shut their mouth.

    However, resentment and disgust could be seen in their eyes as they looked at Liang Rulu. Although Liang Rulu was a great beauty, her words were irksome and discomforting.

    For the sake of preventing trouble, Huashan disciples have to bow down to Shaolin?

    Then what face would Huashan still have?

    Truly a narrow-minded woman with little foresight and backbone!

    Even though they were filled with resentment, they did not dare to talk back as she was the little junior sister of Linghu Feng. Unless one did not want to stay in Huashan anymore, no one would dare to offend her.

    By comparing the behavior of Liang Rulu and Lin Yi, they were now even more friendly towards Lin Yi.

    "Junior Sister, shut up and stop talking nonsense! Junior Brother Lin has done well in this matter by preserving the reputation of Huashan. If Huashan disciples have to bow down to Shaolin simply for the sake of avoiding trouble, how would others in Jianghu view Huashan? We are also a major sect, for what reason do we have to bow down to Shaolin? Are we going to abandon our backbone and spirit?" Linghu Feng scolded her loudly with a solemn expression.

    "Eldest Senior Brother!" Liang Rulu was displeased and tried to explain herself: "Junior Sister is simply saying this out of consideration for Huashan. It isn't worth causing a rift with Shaolin for the sake of one disciple!"

    "Shut up! You are not allowed to speak unless you are told to!" Seeing the resentful looks on the Huashan disciples towards Liang Rulu, Linghu Feng continued to berate her harshly. "If you speak again, don't call me Eldest Senior Brother anymore!"

    Liang Rulu was opened her mouth and was about to speak, but she saw the serious expression on Linghu Feng and decided to shut her mouth. Her face was full of grievance and she threw a hateful glance at Lin Yi. Her enmity towards Lin Yi had only grown even deeper.

    Lin Yi had now offended a woman for no reason.

    Linghu Feng looked towards Lin Yi and praised him: "Junior Brother Lin has done well and preserved Huashan's reputation and dignity!"

    With a humble look, Lin Yi replied: "This is something that Junior Brother should do. However, Senior Sister Liang is right, I did cause some trouble for Huashan by creating a rift between our sect and Shaolin. I admit my mistake, please hand out punishment, Senior Brother Linghu!"

    With that being said, Lin Yi carefully scrutinized Linghu Feng's expression.

    "What mistake has Junior Brother Lin made? You did not make any mistake, instead, you have done a great deed! So what if we offend Shaolin? The reputation of Huashan is more important!" Linghu Feng waved his hand in indifference.

    Lin Yi was relieved at his reply.

    Linghu Feng was still someone with integrity. If he was really going to punish Lin Yi, he would be disappointed in him. Fortunately, even though Linghu Feng wasn't a talent for management, being a person with integrity meant that Lin Yi would still treat him as one of Huashan's people. When the time comes, he would have no need to get rid of him.

    Of course, this was merely a preliminary observation. If he ever realized that Linghu Feng was similar to Liang Rulu, he would deal with him as needed and not hold back.

    News of what happened in Liushanmen was quickly spread by people who were angered by Shaolin's actions.

    Many people of Jianghu were displeased and infuriated by Shaolin's high-handedness, and they all expressed support for Lin Yi.

    For a time, this matter raised a great commotion in Lanzhou City.


    Outside Lanzhou City, demonic faction camp.

    Ao Wufa was agitated and nervous as he walked along a long corridor before entering a large and spacious hall. Then he raised his head and looked at the man sitting on the chief seat with caution and respect.

    It was a young man wearing a black robe with flashy golden decorations, and he exuded an air of nobility.

    His face was devilishly handsome, his eyes resembled stars, and his eyebrows resembled swords, extending towards the sides. Overall, he had an imposing and majestic appearance.

    Sitting on the seat unmoving, he possessed an aura of one who looked down on everything under the heavens from high above.

    This man was Ao Wufa's elder brother, Ming Cult's young master and the number one heavenly talent in the entire demonic faction: Ao Tianjiao.

    "Elder Brother..." Ao Wufa cautiously called out.

    Ao Tianjiao raised his head to look at him.

    An overwhelming pressure assaulted Ao Wufa, causing him to kneel involuntarily before finally dissipating. Heaving a breath of relief, Ao Wufa lowered his head and did not dare to look into Ao Tianjiao's eyes.

    "Have the heavenly talents from the various righteous major sects arrived?" Ao Tianjiao's voice was emotionless.

    Ao Wufa nodded his head and replied: "Shaolin's Monk Juexing, Wudang's Priest Qiankun, Emei's Zhou Qian, Qingcheng's Li Donglin, and Huashan's Linghu Feng. These five heavenly talents have arrived in Lanzhou City. Besides them, no other heavenly talents have come."

    "Five heavenly talents? That's more than enough! It isn't an easy feat to gather them in one place, and I have spent great efforts to get them here. Since they have finally arrived, I shall not punish you for failing your task!" Ao Tianjiao said coldly.

    Ao Wufa wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and felt relieved.

    He was secretly astounded at the lengths his elder brother went to just to gather the righteous heavenly talents together. First, he sent countless demonic cult members to various territories held by the righteous faction to cause trouble and attract the attention of the righteous faction experts. Then he started a great battle between both factions in Lanzhou City and sent Old Demon Xu to slaughter hundreds of talents from the righteous faction.

    All these had been carried out under Ao Tianjiao's orders.

    His aim was to attract the heavenly talents from the righteous faction to gather in Lanzhou City.

    Ao Wufa could never be capable of devising such grand schemes. Shaking his head in his heart, he wondered why he was so vastly inferior to his elder brother.

    "Give the orders, we shall set off for Lanzhou City immediately!" Ao Tianjiao waved his hand and commanded. With his eyes shining in delight, he laughed: "It is finally my turn to appear!"

    "Five heavenly talents from major sects? Hmph, today I shall see, who is the number one heavenly talent in both factions!" Ao Tianjiao was filled with excitement and eagerness to battle.

    He had been waiting for this moment for too long!

    "Understood!" Ao Wufa accepted the orders and retreated.

    In just a short while, the demonic faction army consisting of tens of thousands of people started heading towards Lanzhou City.

    This scene greatly frightened all the people from the righteous faction who were outside Lanzhou City, and they quickly fled.

    Very soon, news of the impending invasion by the demonic cults reached Lanzhou City.

    The people in the city hurriedly shut the gates and passed the news to Liushanmen.

    Receiving the news, Linghu Feng held his sword and stood up as he muttered: "They are finally coming!"

    Looking at the Huashan disciples, he commanded loudly: "The demonic cults are coming, follow me to prepare for battle!"

    "Yes!" Three hundred Huashan disciples drew their swords at the same time and replied.

    Running towards the city gates, although Lin Yi had not recovered fully yet, he also followed behind with excitement. His four companions from the Five Mountain Sword Sects tagged along.

    Similar scenes could be seen among the other major sects who had sent reinforcements.

    Emei's chief disciple Zhou Qian drew her sword and shouted with a murderous expression: "Junior sisters, follow me to exterminate evil!"

    "We shall follow Eldest Senior Sister's orders!" All the Emei female disciples replied and surged towards the gates. Wearing pink dresses, the Emei disciples resembled pretty flowers.

    Wudang's chief disciple Priest Qiankun made a gesture with his hands and said: "Dear junior brothers, let us go as well."

    "Great Heavenly One, exterminating evil is the duty of Wudang!" The Wudang disciples nodded and made their way to the gates in an orderly fashion.

    Qingcheng's chief disciple Li Donglin waved his hand and said: "Everyone, follow me and let's slay some devils!"

    "Kill!" Qingcheng disciples drew their swords and responded loudly before following closely behind their chief disciple.

    Shaolin's Monk Juexing had his palms closed together and he said with a fierce expression: "Amitabha, the demonic faction is invading, junior brothers, for the sake of protecting the peace and order in Jianghu, the rule of the righteous faction, and the reputation of Shaolin, follow me to vanquish evil!"

    "We shall follow your orders!" Numerous Shaolin disciples nodded and closed their palms together before running off for the gates.

    The disciples from the five major sects arrived at the gates and ascended the city walls. Then they looked towards the approaching demonic cult members in the distance with various expressions.

    On the other hand, the five heavenly talents looked extremely relaxed and unbothered by the great demonic faction army.
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