Question regard to VIP and sponsorship

Got question ,figure forum be easier place get answer.Anyways sponsorship is it month or 1x thing cuz inferface when you click it doesnt really express if it monthly or 1x. Same with VIP if u do 1year time ,u get 50$ credit toward sponsorship so is it just 1x thing ?


  • For your first question, it's a monthly subscription. 
    This forum isn't really monitored, so you should email [email protected] or [email protected] for a prompt response from staff.
  • lol i come wuxiaworld daily i do good check my email once every few month to years lol
  • What if I dont want to be VIP but jst want to sponsor some novels?? Why is the site keep pushing me to sign up for the VIP when all I want to do is jst to sponsor a novel?
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