Cultivation system feedback

I'm not sure whether or not this is the right forum to post it, but I couldn't find any other one that came close to what I wanted to post so here we go.

After reading way more Wuxia, Xianxia and Xuanhuan than is healthy I've started worldbuilding for a novel/story I'm trying to write. I'm making a cultivation system for this and would like some feedback on whether or not it's good and understandable.

Current cultivation draft:

1. Body cultivation
Basically just the strengthening and achieving control of the body. This would consist out of ten points (or stars or whatever, haven't decided yet) that can be completed in whatever order but need to be completed in order to get to the next cultivation stage. These points are: muscle training, bone densening, joint strengthening, flexibility training, respiratory training (basically increasing lung power and efficiency), 5 senses training, body core training (not the 'core' core, but rather the torso muscles), blood circulation training, blood refinement training and body efficiency training.

2. Energy cultivation
Training to realise and utilize energy - my world's form of Chi/Qi and mana. In this stage, one would learn how to detect and utilize energy. The points for this stage are: internal energy detection, energy circulation, energy manipulation, external energy detection, energy refinement, energy conversion, energy absorption, energy regeneration, energy reinforcement and energy assimilation.

3. Soul cultivation
This is the stage where you become aware of what your soul is - how it feels and how to utilize it. This stage consists of 5 points: soul realisation, soul visualization, meditation, soul expansion and core creation foundation.

4. General cultivation
This is sort of a buffer stage where you strengthen the body, energy and soul in order to prepare for the next stage. On would have to go through 5 power levels (or breakthroughs - haven't decided on a term yet) for each 'discipline' respectively in order to be capable of advancing to the next stage. It is technically possible to skip this stage but that would cripple you in future cultivation.

5. Core cultivation
This stage teaches you how to form your core and how to further improve it. This stage consists of 5 points: core creation, core stabilization, core strengthening, core fortification and core assimilation.

6. Bloodline cultivation
This stage can be started from any point you wish after completing the core cultivation stage. It's basically creating and strengthening a bloodline using the techniques learned in the previous stages.

7. Realm ascension
From here on out the goal is to ascend realms. I haven't decided on names and requirements yet except for the first one: everything before this stage belongs to the Foundation Realm and is basically the teaching school on how to proceed.

Basically, this is how I currently envision the cultivation system. Any critiques?


  • The most imortant one (IMO) is the strengthening of mind and wisdom. Essentially, realising the laws or the dao.
  • When writing your novel, don't forget to include s**ual parts..... I mean intense fighting parts.
  • intense battle at night parts
  • i think you should not have too much cultivation realms...70+ is too much
    40-50 realms will do... Unless you want a quick-phased story with insufficient character development 
    or slow-phased story with low number of people that will read until the end.
    meanwhile 40-50 will do as you will be able to balance it.

    Martial World is still popular, 45 realms.
    2000+ Chapters.
    With proper character development and balanced speed of story,
    so if yours is 70+, expect it to not be relevant, as not others want to wait 5000+ chapters or read 1000+ chapters with quickphased storyline.

    Just an advice. You might be able to think something much more clever.
    This is not a criticism.
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