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    Chapter 13: Nameless Elder's Main Disciple

    After laughing for a long time, the old man finally wiped a teardrop of joy on his eyes before turning his head towards Sila who was now standing dumbfounded.

    “Have you not yet understood? The thing you did just now was called a ‘knife-throwing’, not a ‘hidden weapon firing,’” said the old man.

    “A knife throwing?” Sila still didn’t fully understand.

    “Umm ... I’ll show you, then,” the old man still giggled, “The correct way to use a hidden weapon.”

    The old man opened a palm of his right hand; there was a bamboo knife on it.

    Sila was intently staring at that knife for a long time. But nothing happened. He then raised his head to speak with the old man.

    “Nothing happened, sir?” Sila confused.

    “Just look closely.”

    And when Sila lowering his head to look at the old man’s palm again, the knife was gone.

    “Huh? Where is it now?”

    The old man said nothing but pointed at Sila’s chest. Sila’s eyes followed that and found a bamboo knife floating in front of his chest, only a millimeter away from his heart position.

    “W-Whoa! How can this be?” Sila panicked. Nevertheless, in the blink of an eye, the knife was disappeared again.

    The old man once again opened his palm, showing the same bamboo knife.

    “You’ve made three mistakes when you attempted to fire a hidden weapon previously,” the old man started to explain.

    Sila now got a glimpse of his mistakes, so he stood silently and listen carefully to the old man’s word.

    “First, you circulated Qi of Little Fish to support your attack. This was considered too soon. You just started learning; you should practice it without using advanced qi first.

    “Second, you flicked your wrist. It’s as if you wanted your opponents to know that you would attack them with a hidden weapon. That was very stupid. A hidden weapon wouldn’t be called hidden anymore if your opponents know when it’s coming.

    “Third, which was the funniest one; which hidden weapon holder in the world would shout ‘I will throw a hidden weapon at you now!’ before firing it? Hahaha. This one made me laugh so hard.”

    Sila’s face turned red by shamefulness. Every word from the old man was totally right. What he had previously done was really embarrassing.

    “Don’t be too serious, young lad. I’ll teach you about it, but...” paused the old man.


    “But I have two conditions. First, you must call me teacher.”

    “I’m learning a skill from you so I’m planning to call you my teacher anyway, sir,” Sila said respectfully, “Then, what’s the second condition, sir?”

    “Second, you need to do a quest for me. Place it as your top priority. You also need to complete it within seven days because this is very urgent.”

    Sila quickly calculated his online-able time. He had taken only one nutrient pill so he had two to three days in the game. However, he thought he could manage to extend his play time to seven days since he had done that before.

    The problem was, if he accepted this quest from the old man, he would have no time to look for news about Montra. But after thinking about it for a while, he decided that practicing the use of the hidden weapon would be beneficial to him more than confronting against Montra when he’s still a noob in Monster Soul.

    “I accept your condition, Elder... I mean, Teacher.”

    Sila knelt down and began to kowtow, mimicking what he had seen in a Chinese movie.

    “Fufu. Aren’t you a bit over-dramatic? This is a game. You didn’t have to go that far, actually.”

    The old man pulled Sila back to sitting posture.

    Sila was a bit embarrassed. Nevertheless, a system sound could be heard by him.

    You have been given a social status: Nameless Elder’s Main Disciple.

    “Using hidden weapons is an art where the more you practice it, the harder it gets. Even if it’s a low-grade skill, no one really wants to use it and most turn their interest to learn the mechanical bow instead, since that skill is much easier to use.

    “The first step for mastering the art of hidden weapon is quietness. You have to fire a hidden weapon without having to spell out a skill’s name. To do that, you need to possess a high-tier qi-type skill named Soundless.

    “The second step is secrecy. You have to fire a hidden weapon with an inner force, not by flicking your wrist. Well, there’s a problem with that; when you use your inner force to fire a hidden weapon, there will be a light glowing effect around it. This problem can be solved by possessing another high-tier qi-type skill: Qi Concealment. With that skill, you could freely use your qi without displaying any special effect.

    “Third, you have to be cruel. Firing a hidden weapon should always be fast and accurate. Opponents shouldn’t understand what their cause of death is and die stupidly without consent. This is easier said than done, since firing it fast and accurate require tactfulness and expertise. In actual combat, you wouldn’t have time to aim at your target; as soon as you think you want to fire your hidden weapon, it should hit your target already.”

    Sila stood still speechlessly. Now he fully understood why nobody wanted to learn this skill: Even though it was an F-grade skill, it required two high-tier skills to be able to use it in actual combat.

    “Hey, don’t just blank out. My lecture is not over yet,” said the old man.

    ‘There’s even more?’

    Seeing Sila’s dumbfounded face, the old man smiled playfully before continuing, “Those are merely the basics of using a hidden weapon. They would be enough for piercing a tree, but still hard to pierce a skilled opponent; that’s why I said the more you practice it, the harder it gets.

    “Next, you need to learn how to fire a hidden weapon without making the noise of air friction. You also have to learn how to enhance your qi into your hidden weapon too. Moreover, you have to be able to fire it in a curve trajectory and learn how to fire many hidden weapons simultaneously to hit multiple targets. Mastering the art of hidden weapons means having mastery in all of these techniques.

    “Then, the more advanced step is to be able to collect a used hidden weapon via pulling it back by inner force. This will make the hidden weapon truly be hidden from the sight of others. Moreover, with a power to pull it back, it can be used to attack from the opposite direction of yourself too.”

    Now, even Sila was starting to want to buy a mechanical bow instead. It might be expensive, but at least it wouldn’t be as troublesome as what he had just heard.

    “Well, actually, I can give Soundless and Qi Concealment to you right here and now.”

    Sila smiled. If he had those skills, he would just need to increase his hidden weapon firing speed to pass the basic stage of using the hidden weapon.

    “But...” continued the old man.


    “But, just as I said before, you have to do a quest for me in return. You are not the type of person who only waits for others to feed you everything, right?”

    It reminded Sila of the time when Varee told him he was only skillful because he had obtained his abilities from others. So, he was more determined to do a quest now.

    “What do you want me to do, Teacher?”

    “You have to find an item for me. It’s called the Millennium Peach.”

    “Teacher, one item trading for two skills seems unfair to you. Please let me do something else for you.”

    “Fufu. I can ensure that it’s quite fair. The Millennium Peach is being protected by the Great Millennium Ape and its subordinates. You will have to both bring the Millennium Peach to me and take down the Great Millennium Ape, totaling two conditions.”

    “Then, excuse me, Teacher. I will do it now and get back soon,” Sila stood and turned away.

    The old man didn’t stop Sila. But he laughed and said, “Haha. Such an impatient lad you are. Do you know where to find the item and the apes yet?”

    Sila embarrassed himself again, “Oh, sorry, it seems that I’m too hurried.”

    “Come here,” the old man beckoned Sila to sit next to him, which Sila then obediently did so. Afterward, the old man put his hand against Sila’s back, and the system sound rang out.

    You have inherited qi from your teacher. The skill Basic Qi - Level 100 has been promoted to skill Intermediate Qi – Level 1.

    You have inherited qi from your teacher. The skill Qi Circulation - Level 75 has been promoted to skill Qi Circulation (Intermediate) – Level 1.

    You have inherited qi from your teacher. The skill Recovering Qi - Level 57 has been promoted to skill Recovering Qi (Intermediate) – Level 1.

    You have inherited qi from your teacher. The skill Bone Restructuring Qi - Level 33 has been promoted to skill Bone Restructuring Qi (Intermediate) – Level 1.

    You have inherited qi from your teacher. The skill Qi of Little Fish - Level 24 has been promoted to skill Qi of Little Fish (Intermediate) – Level 1.

    You have inherited qi from your teacher. The skill Qi of Little Tiger - Level 24 has been promoted to skill Qi of Little Tiger (Intermediate) – Level 1.

    You have inherited qi from your teacher. You have learned a special skill: Soundless.

    You have inherited qi from your teacher. You have learned a special skill: Qi Concealment.

    You have inherited qi from your teacher. Your level has been increased to 500.

    You have obtained Invitation Card to the Bamboo Hut. It’s a personal item which cannot be sold or transferred.

    Sila was very surprised by the sound that had rung continuously. His skills had been promoted, and his avatar level had also been increased. Most importantly, he even learned two special skills that his teacher had promised to give him after finishing the quest, not now.

    Sila stared at his teacher. His eyes were filled with questions.

    “You’ll know the reason when you confront the Great Millennium Ape. Just be sure to give it your all. To tell you the truth, the current you is no match for it. You’ll need to use your wit.”

    The old man said that and changed his posture to sit on his haunches.

    “My last advice, now, circulate your newly promoted qi until you get used to it; focus on Intermediate Qi and Recovering Qi first, and then the rest. Once your Qi Circulation’s skill level reaches 100, start practicing firing bamboo knives for a day. All of these processes should take around three days for you to complete. So, use the remaining four days to do your task. Your destination is ‘Stone Forest’ located in the west of the town. That’s all. Now, I have to rest for seven days straight. My inner force should fully be regenerated again by the time you return.”

    After that, the old man shut his eyes and started his meditation.

    “Teacher?” called Sila, but his teacher didn’t respond at all. An insane amount of inner force must be required for his teacher to transmit all those qi to Sila. Realizing this, Sila didn’t want to bother the old man anymore and started to follow the instructions of his teacher strictly.


    Sila went out of the Quest Building after four days had passed. He had spent one more day than the time his teacher had anticipated.

    Since the time was running out, Sila quickly visited the weapon shop to buy a hundred of the Small Throwing Daggers. Now he understood more the reason why people didn’t use the hidden weapon skill; as each throwing dagger required one slot of his Item Window’s space (each of them wasn’t counted as an item, but a weapon.) Well, if it was a needle, it would be counted as a miscellaneous item. But as he had never practiced using a needle before, using a dagger he’d been familiar with should be better. And since he had to fight against a herd of apes, he didn’t think he would have time to collect his used dagger nor could he perform a pulling technique as his teacher did; so, he bought as many daggers as he could carry.

    Then, Sila purchased steamed buns to fill all of his food box, refilled fresh water in his liquid bottles, and rushed to buy a fire-making kit. At first, he’d thought he would need a sleeping bag, but he’d previously found out that circulating Intermediate Qi for three hours made his fatigue completely disappear; it had the same effect as sleeping. Thus, he decided not to sleep during his journey to speed things up and also to increase the skill’s proficiency at the same time.

    Finally, he was ready for his journey. It was then that he received a call from Varee, but since he had upgraded his system window to D Grade, he could set it to block the call.

    Of course, Sila was fully aware that Varee was a decent high-level player who could be his good companion to finish his quest. But he had decided to do this quest alone without relying on others’ help. Therefore, he set his System Window to block the calls of every person (well, actually, Varee was the only person in Sila’s friend list) before running to the west side of the town.

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    Chapter 14: Heading to the Stone Forest

    Sila ran pass the west gate of the town. He passed a meadow full of lovely pink slimes who didn’t show any hostility towards Sila who was a part of the slime race.

    Nah, actually, they weren’t hostile mobs in the first place.

    Every monster which spawned near the Town of Beginnings was a non-aggressive mob. Even if Sila passed through a herd of slimes and found a group of wild dogs, they still wouldn’t attack him first.

    As he had heard from Lucy, the aggressive monsters could only be found after a player entered the forest zone.

    Stone Forest was a part of the western forest area. It was an extremely infamous area in which all trees within a one-kilometer radius were completely petrified. It was also a habitat of the Great Millennium Ape who was considered to be too strong to be a monster living on the Island of Beginnings. Thus, the Stone Forest was always a forbidden area of the Island of Beginnings.

    Sila had been running for a day until he finally reached the fringe of the forest. From here on out, the monsters would be aggressive. He decided to rest for a bit. He ate a steamed bun and circulated the Intermediate Qi to alleviate his fatigue.

    He was quite certain that once he entered the forest zone, he might not be able to take it easy and to circulate his qi to rest anymore.

    Actually, Intermediate Qi allowed the user to be able to circulate qi even while running. It just  required a certain amount of concentration to do that. As Sila still wasn’t used to doing so, he thought it would be wiser to play safe and just rest for now.

    Sila had cultivated for two full hours and realised that it was dusk already. Considering his vision would be getting worse at night and the fact that he didn’t know the exact remaining distance, he changed his mind to stay here for the time being.

    He was playing it safe. Although his ability was definitely higher than a run-of-the-mill new player, this was the first time that he had gone this far from the city.

    With that in his mind, Sila traveled back for around one kilometer to avoid the attacks of wild monsters and then lit a fire.

    He had already finished circulating Intermediate Qi, so he didn’t feel tired at all. Sila took this opportunity to further polish his hidden weapon skills. He prioritised practicing hidden weapon over training his qi purely because of his teacher’s words:

    ‘You’ll know the reason when you confront the Great Millennium Ape. Just be sure to give it your all. To tell you the truth, the current you is no match for it. You’ll need to use your wit.’

    Sila interpreted the words ‘use your wit’ as he definitely had to rely on the hidden weapon art he had been taught. It might even be a key factor for him to win against the Great Millennium Ape. If it was that case, it would be pointless if his hidden weapon couldn’t hit the target.

    Sila dedicated himself to keep firing knives. Currently, he could only fire one at a time. Well, since it was only one, he could fire it quite quickly and strongly. It was also soundless and there was no need for him to flick his hand anymore since he could directly use Intermediate Qi to forcefully fire it.

    Formerly, Sila had tried to strengthen the knife with Qi of Little Tiger, and then he discovered that it was very hard to do so.

    Not only was circulating qi into object a hard task to do in the first place, firing qi-strengthened object was also insanely difficult.

    Although it was true that the more qi he put into the object, the more power it could display; there was a big problem, which was that object would also be harder to handle and control. Thus, Sila’s qi-strengthened knife had never hit the target even once since he had tried.

    Even so, Sila kept practicing and practicing until it was finally morning. Now, his qi-strengthening knife could hit the target once out of ten tries. Well, Sila didn’t mind that. Since currently, if it was about firing the normal knives to a target within five meters, he would never miss the target.

    ‘Even if each normal knife can’t cause much damage, it should be okay if the target gets hit by many of them, right?’

    Sila stood up before heading into the woods, this time for real.

    During his run, one random idea popped up in his head.

    ‘It’s somehow uncool for a Wuxia like me to run like this. I better ask the teacher to teach me qinggong next time.’

    Well, soon enough, Sila discarded the unnecessary idea since he was already entering the forest zone. He had to move faster while being more careful.


    Sila was running in the forest for more than a day. Although he did encounter some monsters, he always avoided them being in a fight in order to save time. When they attacked, he would evade and use that chance to flee. It was actually easier than he had expected.

    Well, the weird thing was, the deeper he went into the forest, the fewer monsters he ran into. In fact, in his current location, not even one monster could be seen anymore.

    The system notification rang.

    You have entered the territory of Monster Great Millennium Ape. You cannot use Return Scrolls for the time being.

    Sila looked around. He was too focused on running into the forest to not notice that the trees around him were all petrified.

    It seemed that he had arrived in the Stone Forest already.

    Once he noticed that, he stopped running. His teacher had told him that the Great Millennium Ape had subordinates. Thus, Sila raised his awareness and walked slowly, step by step as he didn’t want to accidentally end up surrounded by a herd of apes.

    It was a bit unexpected that he couldn’t use Return Scrolls (Invitation Cards were counted as Return Scrolls), but it didn’t mean much to him since he didn’t think of returning until he had finished his quest anyway. It was  just that, he would have to get out of this area before using the Invitation Card to the Bamboo Hut on the way back.

    Even at night, the Stone Forest wasn’t darkened. There were glowing mosses attached at the trunk of the petrified trees. Thus, Stone Forest shone with dim lights, creating a mysterious atmosphere.

    Sila went deep into the center of Stone Forest. It was a clear field with a big rock in the middle. On that rock, there was one tree rooted into it.

    The tree shone brightly, and on one of its branches, there was a peach which was dozens of times larger than a typical peach.

    ‘That should be a Millennium Peach,’ thought Sila.

    Sila looked left and right. He didn’t spot a single monster. Therefore, he was more careful whilst gradually climbing up the rock and tree to pluck off the peach.

    Here was the highest point of the field, allowing Sila to see all nearby surroundings. However, even with that, there was still no sign of monsters.

    Sila plucked off the peach and put it into his inventory. A system sound alarmed.

    You have gotten the Millennium Peach.

    Sila sighed in relief, since he had thought something would happen as soon as he got the peach.

    Now, if he was an ordinary player, he would quickly find a way back by now. However, for Sila, he still had one more quest—taking down the Great Millennium Ape.

    Ironically, as if it knew that Sila was thinking about it, the specific notification sound could be heard by Sila.

    Monster Great Millennium Ape, Level 500 Squire Rank, has appeared.

    Sila turned his head to look at his opponent walking out from the sea of petrified trees. It was a big gorilla with golden fur. It was walking leisurely towards Sila.

    However, in the next second, the golden gorilla dashed towards him at high speeds as if it was a shooting arrow, contrary to its bulky body.

    Sila knew he couldn’t guard against this attack head on. Thus, he evaded by jumping down the rock, heading toward a clear field.

    Nevertheless, the giant ape used its feet to lightly touch the ground, changing its direction to Sila’s current location without even the slightest decrease in speed. This action made Sila realise one fact.

    ‘The Great Millennium Ape can use qinggong!’

    Sila suddenly felt he was in a horrendously disadvantageous position. This fact meant it would always be faster than him.

    Within the attack range, the Great Millennium Ape raised its foot that was glowing in red to attack Sila. Sila immediately sensed that he shouldn’t block it, so he quickly circulated Qi of Little Fish and dodged slightly to the left.

    The Great Millennium Ape’s foot hit the ground, causing an explosive sound. The dust dispersed around, indicating the severity of its attack. Sila felt glad that he’d made the right choice not to guard against it.

    ‘It can use qi too. This will be troublesome.’

    The area was still filled with dust, but the Great Millennium Ape ruthlessly charged through the smoke to attack Sila once again.

    Fortunately, Sila already had anticipated its attack. He concentrated Qi of Little Tiger into both hands. When he saw the Great Millennium Ape’s glowing palm coming, he leaped forward and raised his left palm to block it.

    The Great Millennium Ape sneered at Sila’s foolish action of blocking its attack with a bare hand. It accelerated its own pace to clash with Sila’s palm.

    The explosive sound of qi clashing together could be heard. Both qi negated each other, making Sila and the ape lose their balance.

    The Great Millennium Ape was stunned. It was overconfident in its qi.

    Sila was quicker to regain his stance and was already raising his right hand to strike its forehead.

    Sila firmly believed that his attack would be able to kill the Great Millennium Ape. He was very confident in his Qi of Little Tiger. No one had ever survived from the hit at a vital point ever since he had used it.

    Nevertheless, the giant ape utilized the impact of the previous collision coupled with qinggong. It gently kicked the ground, leaping backward.

    With the Great Millennium Ape’s action, Sila’s attack was wasted like throwing a stone into a lake. Some of the force he put into his attack returned back to hurt him, causing him to spit out blood.

    This was another reason why there weren’t many players choosing qi type. If you made an error in using your power, part of that power would return to damage yourself.

    Sila quickly circulated Recovering Qi to chase away the pain. Of course, he didn’t wish to be completely healed. Just physically stable enough to perform next movements would be fine.

    The Great Millennium Ape saw Sila spitting out blood because of his failure in using power. It instinctively knew that this was its best chance.

    It charged forward again. The gap of several meters between two sides immediately closed into one meter. It didn’t even care to circulate its qi as it was fully aware that just hitting Sila to cause him more injuries would do the trick.

    In a fight, range is a very significant factor. Now that the Great Millennium Ape was able to control the range at its will: if it wanted the distance between it and Sila to be far, the distance would become far; if it wanted the distance to be short, the distance would become short. Sila was totally in an unfavorable position here.

    In this exact moment, Sila finally understood why his teacher told him to practice the hidden weapon art; It was his only method to attack in long range.

    If Sila possessed Qi of Little Turtle, he could use this chance to firmly guard himself, causing the Great Millennium Ape to hurt itself. However, since he didn’t possess it, and his ability regarding defense was significantly lower than that regarding the offense, he decided to utilize his prominent point by attacking instead of blocking.

    Sila completely ignored the Great Millennium Ape’s charging. He firmly stretched his hand out as a blade, and then counterattacked by piercing it toward the Great Millennium Ape’s heart which was the vital point that the ape would need to guard if it didn’t want to die.

    The giant ape was shocked. Due to its hastiness, it didn’t strengthen its body with qi at all. Although Sila’s hand didn’t seem to strengthen with qi too since it wasn’t glowing in color, based on the previous collision, the ape discovered that Sila was able to conceal qi. Hence, it comprehended that this time, this hand of Sila must also be fused with qi as well. If this bare body of it clashed with a qi-strengthened hand, although this human would take some damage, it would undoubtedly be the one to die.

    With that thought, the Great Millennium Ape used qinggong to withdraw from the area of impact again. However, this time was not exactly the same. It began to notice that there was one knife on Sila’s stretched out hand.

    In a blink of an eye, that knife disappeared mysteriously.

    Later, it could hear the sound of a dagger stabbing something nearby. It was stunned while fumbling its forehead, only to find that there was a knife pierced deep into its skull.

    The wound was bleeding. The Great Millennium Ape collapsed and later turned into light.

    Sila breathed a sigh of relief. Just now, he had swiftly fused the Qi of Little Tiger into a knife. Although the amount of qi he put in wasn’t much, he hurriedly fired it. Surprisingly, the knife accurately stabbed the target.

    Sila gained a little more understanding on the usage of the qi-strengthened hidden weapon. Previously, when he had been practicing, he was too focused on raw power and put too much qi into a hidden weapon, so it was difficult to control the trajectory. However, with his current ability, if only the qi he put into it wasn’t too much, he would still be able to fire the qi-strengthened hidden weapon accurately.

    This was the correct answer of qi-strengthening hidden weapon’s usage method: Putting in the most qi whereas causing a minimal effect on accuracy.

    The cornerstone of hidden weapon was precision, not severity.

    With the body of the Great Millennium Ape dispersing as a light, Sila felt something wasn’t right. Well, at that time, he didn’t know what was wrong. The most important thing for him to do now was to recover. Thus, Sila immediately circulated Recovering Qi.

    However, the next alerting system sound made him panic.

    Monster Great Millennium Ape, Level 500 Squire Rank, has appeared.

    Monster Great Millennium Ape, Level 500 Squire Rank, has appeared.

    Monster Great Millennium Ape, Level 500 Squire Rank, has appeared.

    Monster Great Millennium Ape, Level 500 Squire Rank, has appeared.


    Monster Great Millennium Ape, Level 500 Squire Rank, has appeared.

    A voice telling the appearance of a large number of monsters could be heard inside Sila’s brain. At this moment, Sila finally realized what had been wrong; Just now, when he had defeated the Great Millennium Ape, there was no sound telling him he had received the experience or money.

    More importantly, with this system notification, Sila could realize one fact:

    ‘The Great Millennium Ape I took down previously was just a mere minion...’ 

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    Chapter 15: The Great Millennium Ape

    Sila hastily circulated Intermediate Qi throughout his body as he was spotting many golden gorillas around the edges of the forest walking towards him. Finally, there were around fifty of them surrounding Sila.

    From his previous fight, he knew that these Great Millennium Apes could move very quickly due to qinggong. With the distance between him and them becoming closer, the fight could have erupted anytime.

    The other thing that Sila was curious was: ‘Are these apes as skillful as the one I fought before? If they are, I will be in damn trouble.’

    The gap between the apes and Sila was becoming closer and closer. An ordinary player would run away by now, but Sila needed to beat the leader of the Great Millennium Apes first.

    Sila himself was fully aware that he excelled in offensive abilities rather than defensive ones. If he waited for these apes to come even closer, he would only be forced to keep defending until death. Thus, he decided to be the one who performed a pre-emptive strike.

    As soon as the gap between him and them became fourteen meters, he fired a knife towards an ape in front of him, and swiftly charged following that knife.

    A knife stabbed deep into that Great Millennium Ape’s head, immediately causing it to disperse as a light. This was a signal for all the other Great Millennium Apes to go all out to attack.

    Seeing his attack worked successfully, Sila felt joyful. He tightened two more knives in both hands. Although he had never fired two knives at the same time before, in this situation, he would just have to try his hardest.

    Sila depended entirely on his hidden weapons since he got a glimpse of these apes’ ability. They were agile creature, but compared to him when using Qi of Little Fish, their ability to cope against long range attack wasn’t that great.

    So, even though Sila couldn’t damage them with his bare hand combat, his hidden weapons could.

    With his understanding in qi-strengthening hidden weapon usage, all his firing knives would fuse with the only minimum amount of Qi of Little Tiger that could send the apes to death if they were hit at the vital spot.

    Both knives in his hands quickly flew towards two giant apes approaching him. Both of these apes were too focused on attacking Sila so they didn’t notice the knives at all. When they were finally aware of the knives’ presence, it was the same time that their life met its end.

    Sila slightly frowned. Although it’s true that he had successfully killed both of them, the knife he had fired with the left hand missed by two inches from where he aimed at. f the one on the left hadn’t rushed towards him just now, his knife would have missed.

    With two more of their comrades dying, the rest of the Great Millennium Apes were filled with anger, they were rushing toward Sila without caring for anything else.

    Sila had no time to think. He kept firing the knives only from his right hand. When a knife was fired, another one would follow up immediately..

    As for his left hand, he only used it to tighten one knife without firing it out. Knowing that it was less accurate, he planned to use this knife in emergency cases only.

    Dozens of Great Millennium Apes were dying one after another. This was because their strength lied in qinggong. The more apes alive, the less space for them to utilize it. Thus, their number was declining sharply.

    As Sila noticed this weakness of them, he accelerated his firing speed to kill as many as he could before they became aware of this weakness. If these apes were to change their fighting tactics to come at him one at a time, he would definitely die from exhaustion.

    Sila depended only on his hidden weapons to get rid of them. The reason was; if he made an error in performing bare-handed combat, the backlash of power would damage himself badly, allowing these monkeys to besiege him later.

    Despite Sila currently having an advantage, he was fully aware of his limited amount of qi. He also didn’t know whether these Great Millennium Apes would be the last for him to fight or not. Thus, he tried to look around to find the boss of these apes, as his quest was to take it down.

    However, all of them looked exactly the same as though they had been copied and pasted. Sila didn’t have any other choice except to keep killing them one by one.

    More than a dozen of the Great Millennium Apes had died. Now, their number declined to seven. Nevertheless, with them having more space to move around, it was harder for Sila to kill them.

    Despite it conflicting with normal logic; the less amount of Great Millennium Apes Sila had to fight, the more disadvantageous Sila was.

    Now, Sila’s knife finally missed the target. All the remaining Great Millennium Apes had learned from their comrade’s deaths so they could read the direction of the knife and be able to dodge it by simply tilting their head.

    With them being able to dodge Sila’s attack, their liveliness increased. Then, they charged at Sila in unison.

    Sila immediately realized his mistake. He had been always aiming at the head – the vital spot of the monkeys. Therefore, no matter how silly the monsters were, with him constantly attacking at the same spot, they would eventually notice his aim.

    Sila fired another two qi-strengthening knives. This time, these knives didn’t aim at the head; they stabbed at two Great Millennium Apes’ heart instead.

    And even before those two dispersed as lights, Sila made another move; he once again fired two knives toward another two monkeys that flinched, sending them to follow their comrades to the afterlife.

    However, the remaining three apes were now very close to Sila. Their attacks were coming at Sila at full speed.

    Sila calmly circulated Qi of Little Fish to agilely spin his body out of their attack’s range, and then slapped at the nape of the neck of the monkey closest to him.

    Well, due to lack of time to put Qi of Little Tiger into his attack, that ape didn’t die.

    Sila grabbed its body and started using Intermediate Qi as his inner force, which he normally used to fire hidden weapon, to fire the Great Millennium Ape away.

    Of course, he knew that his inner force wasn’t strong enough to push its big body without him having to move like his usual hidden weapon; so, he added his arm strength to throw it forcefully.

    Its body was thrown toward another Great Millennium Ape who was rushing at him. Sila quickly followed his thrown object while putting the full power of Qi of Little Tiger into his right hand.

    At the same time that the rushing Great Millennium Ape was catching its friend’s body, Sila struck his palm at the thrown Great Millennium Ape with full force. His palm was so powerful that its impact was enough to affect the Great Millennium Ape in behind, killing both of them together.

    Finally, there was only one Great Millennium Ape left.

    Nevertheless, with Sila’s big movement to kill those two Great Millennium Apes previously, his back was wide open. The last Great Millennium Ape didn’t miss this chance and leaped forward. Both of its palms were intensely glowing in dark red aura.

    Sila didn’t even have time to turn his head. But he somehow could sense the frightening power through the air from his back. So, he fired the knife backward without looking.

    Sila’s qi was nearly depleted from his previous attack, so this knife wasn’t fused with qi. It was also not precise as he didn’t aim. However, it made the Great Millennium Ape have to dodge slightly and caused it to lose its tempo a little.

    Sila turned his body back while circulating his nearly-exhausted Qi of Little Fish to evade its attack. Well, he was a bit too late; the palm was bound to hit him in the next second.

    Sila followed his instinct. He flicked his hand to hit the opponent’s wrist from the side, making the palm to awry slightly.

    Although this made him avoid being hit directly, it still slammed into his shoulder heavily.

    The sound of bones cracking could be heard. It seemed like Sila’s right shoulder was totally done for. His right arm was falling to the ground without him being able to control it at all.

    Sila grit his teeth while bearing great pain. He forced himself to fire a knife toward the head of the last Great Millennium Ape with his left hand.

    The knife stabbed at its forehead precisely. The Great Millennium Ape staggered for a while before finally turning into a light and disappeared.

    Sila opened his system window and picked up Large Health Potion to drink while circulating Recovering Qi to heal his bone fracture. The amount of qi he had used was also regenerating slowly.

    However, the system sound alarmed again.

    You have defeated 50 Great Millennium Apes, Level 500 Squire Rank — achieving a certain condition.

    Monster Great Millennium Ape, Level 200 Knight Rank, has appeared.

    After the end of the system sound, Sila immediately looked around to find his new enemy. Of course, he still didn’t stop circulating Recovering Qi as he wanted to prolong his healing time as much as he could.


    The howl of a monkey was coming from behind.

    Sila turned his head. At the base of a peach tree in the middle of the field, there was one golden monkey standing.

    This Great Millennium Ape was obviously different from previous ones. Its size was three times bigger. It was also wearing navy blue Wuxia’s clothing embroidered with gold thread. It was looking at Sila with great fury.

    Sila continued to circulate Recovering Qi. and his bone began to slowly join back together. Meanwhile, Sila’s eyes were glued at the Great Millennium Ape’s muscles, preparing for its sudden movement.

    Not waiting for Sila to be fully healed, the giant ape flashed forward like a shooting arrow.

    Sila saw this as a good opportunity to strike. He instantly fired a knife toward its head.

    However, the result was unexpected; when a knife flew closer to its head, the Great Millennium Ape flicked its hand to easily brush away the knife.

    Sila was frightened. This was the first time that someone was able to sweep his hidden weapon away. That ape swept it as though doing so was child’s play!

    When the gap between them got closer, the Great Millennium Ape accelerated by kicking the ground, its palm was focusing at Sila’s chest.

    Sila hurriedly circulated Qi of Little Fish to evade.

    Its palm completely missed, making Sila felt relieved to know that at least he could still depend on Qi of Little Fish.

    But after its palm missed the target, the Great Millennium Ape immediately used its right foot as a fulcrum, spinning its body and thrusting its palm again.

    Sila had no time to think, he turned around to evade its attack a second time.

    With him dodging another hit, the Great Millennium Ape still didn’t quit attacking; it used its foot to strike anew.

    Although it was a combat in very close range, Sila couldn’t find any chance to fire a hidden weapon as the Great Millennium Ape kept moving its vital spots.

    Sila was only able to keep dodging, waiting for an opportunity to escape from the Great Millennium Ape’s series of attacks.

    In a film, we usually see a fight between the hero and the villain take turns to offense and defense. But that’s for the audiences to enjoy watching. Sila, who had been raised in a dojo, fully knew that: in actual combat, the turnaround of the flow of the battle is something very strenuous to the combatants. Just from the tiny disadvantage at some point, as a fight drags on, it will gradually keep exhausting them until the disadvantageous one is defeated in the end.

    In an actual fight, the result is usually clear from the start of the battle.

    As if emphasizing this fact, the Great Millennium Ape’s attacks now started to scrape Sila. Its tail struck at Sila’s left leg. Although this attack of it wasn’t strengthened with qi, it decreased Sila’s speed.

    With Sila’s injury at the leg, the Great Millennium Ape accelerated its attacks, wanting to get rid of him as soon as possible.

    ‘You’ll know the reason when you confront the Great Millennium Ape. Just be sure to give it your all. To tell you the truth, the current you is no match for it. You’ll need to use your wit.’

    Words of his teacher echoed into Sila’s mind.

    ‘My wit...’

    Looking at his own injured leg, Sila finally realized what his teacher’s words meant.

    …How could he be such a fool before?

    Sila tightened a hidden weapon. The Great Millennium Ape saw that action and sneered. It raised both of its hands to cover its forehead and its heart, while its foot still swinging toward Sila.

    The sound of a dagger stabbing something could be heard. Sila had already fired his hidden weapon.

    This time, its target wasn’t the vital spots like a head or a heart. It instead pierced at the Great Millennium Ape’s swinging leg.

    With the success of this attack, the Great Millennium Ape halted for a brief period. Sila surely wouldn’t let this precious opportunity go. He instantly fired another three knives, aiming at the Great Millennium Ape’s other leg.

    Just now, he had noticed that the Great Millennium Ape had tried to attack all over his body; whereas he was too naive, trying to wait for an opportunity to kill it in one hit like he had always done to his past opponents. Of course, it was a very effective method, but with him fighting against a skilled opponent, it was undoubtedly not an easy task to do.

    The opportunity to win is something one has to create oneself, not just simply waiting for it to occur.

    Not only were his three firing knives not fused with qi, but they were also fired in close range. Thus, the accuracy of the knives were topnotch. They pierced the Great Millennium Ape’s right leg in unison, causing the Great Millennium Ape to cry in pain. Its guard was slightly lowered.

    Sila fired another three knives toward its chest, flank, and shoulder tip. Even though they weren’t fused with qi, they were enough to stop the Great Millennium Ape’s movement.

    Conscious of the principle of fighting, Sila knew he mustn’t let go of this hard-earned chance of winning. He didn’t take a break and fired another four knives disregarding the preciseness.

    The Great Millennium Ape raised its hand to brush away the knives. But it could sweep only one. The remaining three knives stabbed at its flank and lower abdomen. While it was still in pain, another series of knives were coming again, not letting it rest.

    Its large body turned into a drawback. If disregarding the vital spots, with its massive body, Sila could hit this Great Millennium Ape with his knives even with his eyes closed.

    All four of the daggers pierced its body. Its guard was completely broken. Thus, Sila immediately fired a qi-strengthened knife toward its wide-opened head.

    Come to think of it, this was truly notable. From the tiny bit of the tempo he had gained from firing at its leg, Sila kept widening that tempo to reach this point.

    The knife pinned down precisely in the middle of the Great Millennium Ape’s forehead. Well, it was still not dead yet. Now, it gritted its teeth to bear the pain and rushed at Sila as though it wanted the both of them to die together. It didn’t even care about defending anymore.

    Sila jumped backward while continuously firing knives with both of his hands.

    The Great Millennium Ape stopped. Its body was covered in so much blood, dyeing its clothes and fur in red.

    It should be close to death already. But Sila didn’t want to be too careless. He fired one qi-strengthened knife to its head.

    Its massive body began to totter. Sila kept firing knives nonstop. Now, the Great Millennium Ape looked almost like a hedgehog.

    Finally, Sila stopped firing. The reason for that was because he had already ran out of knives.

    The Great Millennium Ape’s body fell to the ground before turning into light and disappeared, this happened together with an alarming of the system sound.

    You have defeated the Great Millennium Ape, Level 200 Knight Rank. You have received 600,000 experience points, gotten 200 gold, the Great Millennium Ape Card, Cloud Roaming Hermit’s Clothing, and the Nameless Elder’s Secret Scroll.

    Your Level has been risen to 580.

    Territory of the Great Millennium Ape has been decayed. You can use Return Scroll from now on.

    At the end of this system notification, Sila ended up lying down on the ground in exhaustion. He let out a heavy sigh and began to circulate Recovering Qi.

    Then, after quite a long time passed, Sila used Invitation Card to the Bamboo Hut to return to the place where his teacher was.

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    "From his previous fight, he knew that these Great Millennium Apes could move very quickly due to its qinggong"
    this should be "he knew that these Great Millennium Apes could move very quickly due to qinggong" because you're talking about more than one ape
    "The gap between the apes and Sila gradually was becoming closer and closer. Now there was only twenty meters gap between them"
    it should be"The gap between the apes and Sila was becoming closer and closer" the gradually is redundant
     "Now there was only a twenty meters gap between them" this one is just a simple mistake 
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    "He could spot many golden gorillas around the edges of forest gradually kept walking toward him."
    This should have been "He could spot many golden gorillas around the edges of forest walking towards him."
    "From his previous fight, he knew that these Great Millennium Apes could move very quickly due to its qinggong"
    this should be "he knew that these Great Millennium Apes could move very quickly due to qinggong" because you're talking about more than one ape
    "The gap between the apes and Sila gradually was becoming closer and closer. Now there was only twenty meters gap between them"
    it should be"The gap between the apes and Sila was becoming closer and closer" the gradually is redundant
     "Now there was only a twenty meters gap between them" this one is just a simple mistake 
    these arent all of them but they're the first few i saw 

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    Chapter 16: The Source of Your Luck

    The sun was setting, dyeing the sky into a crimson red color.

    Even knowing that this was merely a scene created by a computer system, its beauty still captivated Sila’s glance.

    He had been at Bamboo Hut since afternoon. But his teacher was still meditating. As Sila hadn’t wanted to disturb his teacher, he circulated Recovering Qi to fully heal himself while waiting for his teacher to finish meditating.

    Nevertheless, when he had reopened his eyes later, his teacher had already gone inside the hut.

    Sila thought that his teacher must have some tasks to do. Hence, he went to the Card Shop to identify the Great Millennium Ape Card and unsealed the Cloud Roaming Hermit’s Clothing himself, which he later found out his rank wasn’t high enough to wear them.

    (A) Great Millennium Ape Card

    Increases attack power by 20% when fighting against ape race’s monster.

    Increases running speed by 20%.

    Grants the user the item skill: Golden Needle [This skill will be lost if the card is no longer equipped.]

    Item Skill: Golden Needle

    Generates golden needle at the size of a hair. Its attack power is 0, but it possesses a mini-stun ability. (*Mini-stun: Stop target from activating an active skill.) Cooldown time: 1 minute.

    (A) Cloud Roaming Hermit’s Clothing

    Increases physical defense by 3,000 points. Increases magical defense by 2,500 points.

    Increases physical attack by 10%

    Increases dexterity and running speed by 20%.

    Increases agility by 30%.

    Restriction: Knight Rank or above.

    (A) Millennium Peach

    Upon ingestion, increases maximum qi points by 50%

    (S) Nameless Elder’s Secret Scroll

    Upon giving it to the mysterious nameless elder, you can learn one high-tier qi-type skill.

    …These included all things he had done while waiting for his teacher to come out.

    He kept watching the evening sunset while thinking about the items he had gotten in his mind, especially a secret scroll that included his teacher’s identity.

    Meanwhile, his teacher finally came out of the hut. In his hand was a cup of soup with a pungent odor, causing Sila to furrow his brows.

    “Oh, have you finished cultivating already? You returned quicker than I thought so I didn’t have time to prepare you this soup a while ago,” his teacher gave Sila the soup, “Here, eat it.”

    Sila took it and stared at it. It was a dark green and condensed soup. Its smell was unlike anything Sila had ever experienced.

    Sila raised his head to look at his teacher as if to ask ‘Are you serious?’

    “Why are you looking at me like that? Hurry up and eat it while it’s still hot, or else its deliciousness will drop.”

    Sila held his breath and swallowed it in one go. As soon as the soup touched his taste buds, every word except ‘delicious’ popped up in Sila’s head. Its flavor was so disgusting that Sila almost choked. Anyway, he forced himself to gulp it down in the end.

    “Fufu, it’s so delicious that you can’t even describe its flavor, isn’t it? Good, good. Well, that’s aside, let’s get to the point,” said the old man, “How’s it? Fighting against the Great Millennium Ape, was it hard?”

    The bitter taste was still lingering on Sila’s tongue. Nevertheless, he answered.

    “It was so strong and quick, sir. I don’t have qinggong so I was at a very disadvantageous position. I’m lucky that I could still depend on the hidden weapon, though.”

    “Indeed, I sent you there to make you realize this weakness of yours. I’m confident that you already knew yourself that you excel more in offence than in defense, but it’s better for you to know what you’re lacking from an actual combat. By the way, give me the secret scroll for now.”

    Sila was right. This scroll was to be given to his teacher.

    His teacher continued. “Okay, now, the current you are lacking in two … no, three aspects. Well, if you were given a choice to choose between a reliable defense and increment in speed, what would you chose?”

    This question was somehow very difficult to answer as they were both important.

    Moreover, his teacher said that there was another thing?

    “What is the other aspect that I’m lacking, sir?” asked Sila.

    “I won’t tell you. You have to figure that out yourself, that’s a part of your training. Nevertheless, if you truly wish to know, just try asking Divine when you arrive at the Slime Kingdom.”

    “Slime Kingdom?” Sila confused. He had never expected that their conversation would link to something about the slime race.

    “Huh? Why are you confused? You are in the slime race, right? I can know that much just by looking at you. Well, it seems that you still haven’t passed the Way of Slime’s ordeal yet.”

    “Way of Slime? What is it, sir?” Sila asked again.

    “Damn, you rascal. I don’t know, okay? I’m not a slime. I also have never been in the Slime Kingdom too. It’s just that in the past, I once had a good fight against Divine, one of the Slime Guardians. We fought for three days straight but the winner still couldn’t be decided. So, in the end, we shared booze and conversed together. That’s why I know a little about the slime race.”

    The old man waved his hand as though he was telling Sila that he wouldn’t say anything more.

    “You fought against a slime for three days and three nights?”

    Sila furrowed his brows as he doubted it. Although his teacher hadn’t shown any superior ability yet, he could easily tell that his teacher was a very skilled person.

    Such a skilled person as his teacher had to fight for three days straight against a slime? And ended up with a draw, even!

    “Are slimes that strong?” Sila asked once more.

    “Fufu. Yes, they are very strong – comparable to dragons, to be exact. Nah, if we’re talking about the three Slime Guardians or the Slime King, their ability might even surpass the dragon's,” the old man paused, “Well, I won’t talk about this topic anymore. You will experience it yourself when you visit Slime Kingdom… Yeah, if you want to know something, you ought to find it yourself. I’m not your encyclopedia.”

    Sila was still only half believing. How could those cute liquid creatures be that strong?

    “Now, let’s get back to the topic. Just answer me, defense or speed?” The old man continued.

    Sila thought for a while before responding: “Speed, sir.”

    “Fufufu. Prioritize polishing your strong point over fixing your weaknesses, I see.” said the old man while touching his white beard.

    “I personally think that we should develop our strong point to a certain extent before fixing our weakness. With this, at least we will have something we excel in, sir.”

    “I actually don’t agree with that. Anyway, since you choose it yourself...” the old man then put his hand on Sila’s shoulder.

    The system sound alarmed.

    You have learned a passive skill: Qi of Little Bird (Intermediate) – Level 1.

    (S) Qi of Little Bird (Intermediate) – Level 1

    One of the Qi of Little Divine Beings that increases your speed. Enables you to perform qinggong and increase the ability to attack multiple enemies.

    Sila was surprised. If he remembered correctly, his teacher had told him that Qi of Little Bird was one of the Qi of Little Divine Beings which were hard to obtain.

    The old man let out a sigh, “The hidden quest ends here. Now, my business with you is done.”

    “Hidden quest?” Sila confused.

    “Taking down the Great Millennium Ape, that’s the hidden quest. Upon defeating it, you will get a secret scroll. Then, if you give me that scroll, you will gain one high-tier qi-type skill; which you just have done.”

    “Huh? Isn’t that the quest for me to do in exchange for learning Qi Concealment and Soundless from you, sir?”

    “Nah, I’m your teacher, remember? Do I need to have a reason to pass down my skills to you?”

    “But ...”

    “It’s only that; I noticed that you wouldn’t like it if you gained the skill easily, so I ordered you to do something. By the way, it actually had no time limit for you to complete this quest; I’m just too lazy to wait,” said the old man without giving much attention to it.

    “Then... what about the Millennium Peach, sir?”

    “Hm? You have found it? It seems that you’re quite lucky. That peach tree doesn't normally bear fruit. I told you to get that just because the Great Millennium Ape will only appear when you approach the tree.”

    “I see, however, would you like to have it, sir?” Sila handed the peach out.

    “Nah, just eat it yourself. Its flavor doesn't match my taste,” the old man waved his hand as he refused.

    ‘What the... the flavor that matches your taste is something like that soup? …hmm? wait...’

    “Teacher, what about the soup that I just ate?”

    “Oh, that soup is cooked using a baby manta ray as an ingredient. It has a property to stabilize qi. Very well, listen to this, qi that is transmitted from other people is different from the qi you develop yourself. Self-developed qi is hard to earn, but it will completely be yours. Meanwhile, qi received from another person is needed to be stabilized before you can use it. The time to stabilize qi may be a day or even a year, depending on the aptitude of the receiving person toward that qi.

    “However, baby manta ray has a special property to help people immediately stabilize qi. So, when you gain Qi of Little Bird, it then stabilizes itself to the same degree of other Qi of Little Divine Beings in your body. Well, I thought you knew about this and already eaten it once when you obtained Qi of Little Tiger and Qi of Little Fish.”

    Sila thought of squid-like bento he’d taken from the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins. He took it out and showed it to his teacher, “Do you mean this food?”

    “Oh, in a bento form, huh? It’s a rare sight to find it in the whole body like this. Well, I prefer it in a soup form more, as it tastes better.”

    ‘What the? This bento and that soup are made from the same ingredient? Why are their flavors different as night and day like this?’

    “With the whole body of it like the one in your hand, it should be able to sell around this amount,” the old man held up all five of his fingers.

    “Wow, it could be sold for 5,000 silver? That’s pretty impressive.”

    “5,000 silver my ass. It’s 5,000 gold. By the way, your soup just now would cost around 500 gold, I guess.”

    Sila was stunned to the point that he almost vomited the soup from his stomach.

    ‘That terrible soup’s cost is that expensive? And also, this bento... Urgh! Selling it will make me rich instantly.’

    “You must be thinking that it’s very expensive, right? But it’s actually too cheap in my opinion, you know? With its property to let you use qi that you would otherwise have never know when you will be able to use it, many people would be willing to pay that much,” the old man continued, “Well, you’re very lucky, aren’t you? Having a baby manta ray’s bento, getting a Millennium Peach, and even meeting with me; that’s abnormal.”

    “Meeting with you?” Sila didn’t understand why meeting with Wu Ming considered being lucky. Couldn’t anyone do that just by entering the Quest Building?

    “Nah, you’re the first player who arrives at the Bamboo Hut without being invited.”

    “How could that be, sir? Isn’t everyone choosing qi type able to arrive here via the entrance in the Quest Building?” Sila was stupefied.

    “Oh, so you came from that door. I see, so that’s why you’ve always been thinking that this place is related to the Quest Building.”

    “Huh? Isn’t it?”

    “No, I’m actually not a Quest NPC. Well, I finally get it why you asked me for a quest when we first met.”

    “What? Then, where is this place?”

    “This place is the Bamboo Hut, home of the nameless elder, a special dimension that always randomly appear somewhere in the game for a brief period. The chance you can enter here is less than winning a lottery prize. So you’re considered very lucky.

    “Did you think that the quest I order you to do is something I randomly pick up? You know what? No one in their right mind would want to bother taking down the Great Millennium Ape. Not only are its subordinates quite strong, but they’re also not giving out any experience points. In addition, it’s a monster in Knight Rank itself, which upon being defeated; it will not give you any item except one useless S-grade Secret Scroll. The funniest thing is – that scroll must be given to me for the holder to learn a skill. Hahaha, as I just told you how low of the chance this place could be found, I just hope that they could find this place within their lifespan.”

    ‘Oh man, now I can see how sadistic the quest is. It’s no wonder no one would be able to do it.’

    “Wait... but I have obtained the clothes and its card. Isn’t this a contradiction of what you just said, sir?”

    “That’s why I kept telling you that you’re lucky. There must be a reason, maybe something like a luck stat. You should check it”

    Sila opened his system window and couldn’t find anything wrong.

    Then, something came to his mind.

    “Greed Card!”

    (S) Greed Card – Level 4

    Increases the minimum drop rate of all items, including cards, to 30%.

    Increases the minimum chance to come across a special situation to 30%.

    Increases the minimum chance to encounter a hidden boss monster to 10%.

    You will earn only 10% of all experience points from now on.

    ‘Its level has increased. Its effect is also extended.’

    “Well, well, just leave me alone already. I would like to continue weaving my basket. Just come to visit me later sometime. Don’t come too often, though,” said the old man.

    Sila said goodbye and walked away. During his walk, he could hear the old man’s voice.

    “Don’t forget to visit the Underwater Palace later. You’ll find a clue about Qi of Little Turtle there.”

    At the time Sila arrived at the street, he realized he had been logged in for a very long time. Thus, he quickly went to a cheap hotel before logging out from the game.

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    Chapter 17: The Change of Skills

    Sila woke up only to realize that it was time for lunch.

    At first, he had planned to just do some shopping and stuff. But as he had received a hidden quest, which made him stay online for an entire two days to complete.

    Sila pulled the brain scanner off his head. The life-supporting capsule was then opened for him to get out.

    Looking around, he found that there was a cold porridge on the table next to him. As he had experienced the physical exhaustion before, he took it to replenish his strength.

    After he finished eating, Sila sat down and rested for a while, waiting for his body to regain strength.

    Later on, he got up and headed to the physiotherapy room.

    An hour passed as he was training his body. As the doctor said, it was true that the actual body could gain benefit from using a brain scanner. Sila could walk more leisurely now.

    Now that Sila could walk normally, his mood was brightened. He was smiling mildly all the way back to his room.

    As he opened the door, there was someone with a displeased face waiting for him.

    “Oh? Varee. What business do you have here?” asked Sila.

    Varee looked rather expressionless as she heard his words. She said, “Mister Sila, you’re not keeping your promise.”

    “What promise?” Sila confused.

    “The promise that you would tell me or my dad about your playing time before logging into the game.”

    ‘Opps, I totally forgot that.’

    As Sila hadn’t planned to stay inside the game for a long time at first, he hadn’t left a message to tell others about his playing time.

    “Yesterday morning, my dad came to visit you and found that you’re online again. He told me to contact you but you blocked me. What’s this supposed to mean?”

    “Erm, I was busy at that time. Next time I will tell you beforehand, okay?” said Sila without care.

    “I see... Okay, then”

    Varee gave him an odd smile as if she was planning something.

    “Well, I will take my leave now. I only came to ask you about that. Oh, the doctor told me just now that your condition is getting better. You would have to stay at the hospital for only four to five more days. By the way, if you need something, just contact me in the game. Don’t forget to unblock my contact.”

    Then, she left.

    Sila was free and had nothing to do. He planned to log in again. This time, he didn’t forget to leave a message on the table next to his bed.

    “To uncle, I will log out in another 3 days. – From Sila.”

    He picked up six nutrient pills and threw them into his mouth. Next, he equipped a brain scanner and turned on a life-supporting capsule.

    He was online again.


    Sila woke up on a bamboo bed in a shabby-looking hotel room that was used to log out by many players. The cost for his stay was only 50 silver per night. No surprise that there was only a bed inside; no bathroom, no furniture, no refrigerator, no anything.

    His main objective was still searching for Montra. Lucy had suggested him to visit Blue Pigeon guild’s information center to purchase such information. It would be better than him looking for Montra’s whereabouts without a clue.

    However, there was one big problem: There was no branch of Blue Pigeon Guild’s information center on Beginning Island. As Blue Pigeon Guild evaluated that new players wouldn’t have much money and there was already the Beginner Building here, expanding a branch here wouldn’t yield much profit.

    Thus, Sila decided to leave Beginning Island. However, as soon as he had arrived at a harbor located at the north of the island, he discovered bad news.

    The ship departed once a week, and the last departure was yesterday.

    Sila reminded himself of the nameless elder’s advice and decided to train his skills while waiting for the next departure.

    He used the Invitation Card to the Bamboo Hut. However, upon arriving, his teacher immediately scolded him.

    “Go practice by yourself. I’m not a babysitter.”

    Since then, Sila had been practicing firing hidden weapons.

    Later, he opened the system window to check information about his avatar.

    He recalled that he had to unblock every contact so he adjusted the setting.

    Then, he spotted the status of the Right Arm of the Sealed One that was changed into

    [able to unseal.]


    The usual system sound alarmed.

    The level of Unseal skill has been risen to level 16 … 17 ... 20.

    You have gotten a hidden quest: Search for the Lost Android Kingdom.

    Sila’s right arm was no different from before the unsealed state. It didn’t look like a golem-like arm anymore. Anyway, he got a hidden quest again.

    Sila read the information regarding his new right arm on system window.

    (S) Right Arm of the Sealed One [Error] *Please read more detail

    ‘Error?’ Sila immediately looked for more detail.

    Detail of Right Arm of the Sealed One

    S-graded psychic-typed weapon. While being processed, it detected that user has chosen to become qi-type creature so it became malfunction. If you wish to repair it, an esoteric technology from the Lost Android Kingdom is required.

    Cannot be unequipped.

    All special skills have been replaced by qi-type skills as below:

    Special skill: Laser Beam                    has been replaced by Special skill: Ray Assemble

    Special skill: Black Hole                      has been replaced by Special skill: Worlds Crossing Bridge

    Special skill: Magnet Gravity               has been replaced by Special skill: Universe Momentum

    Special skill: River Blade                     has been replaced by Special skill: Unblemished Aqua

    Special skill: Vacuum Ball                   has been replaced by Special skill: Cruise Breeze

    Special skill: Electromagnetic Field   has been replaced by Special skill: God’s Cathedral

    Special skill: Unseen Flame                has been replaced by Special skill: Flame of Torturing

    Special skill: Frozen Hydrogen         has been replaced by Special skill: Freezing Soul

    Sila was dazzled by new skills’ description. He felt both joy and sorrow. Some of these skills had the similar ability to his old skills, while some were completely changed. These skills were like Soundless and Qi Concealment, they’re special skills that couldn’t be leveled up. Their powers were solely depended on user’s expertise.

    The part that Sila regretted the most was the fact that the Right Arm of the Sealed One was no longer able to guard against attack anymore. It’s now a part of Sila’s flesh and blood.

    He presumed that golem-like appearance that could block attack was some kind of psychic-type ability. With that being gone, now he wouldn’t be able to use it to absorb magical attack anymore.

    His idea to use this arm to compensate for his lack of Qi of Little Turtle was completely ruined.

    Sila spent the rest of the day trying his newly acquired skills. His teacher was surprised when seeing that and inquired Sila how he had obtained these skills.

    When Sila had finished his story, the old man didn’t say anything but suggested to Sila how to utilize all the skills.

    Later, the morning had come, and his prepared steam buns were out of stock. Sila begged his teacher for food, but his teacher coldly rejected, saying this place wasn’t a free food center.

    In addition, his teacher told him to practice outside, “You can’t keep self-training forever, actual combat experience is important too,” prior to kicking Sila out while telling Sila not to come back soon.

    Sila also overheard his teacher’s murmur:

    “If I knew having a disciple was this annoying, I wouldn’t take him as one. Buying a dog to pet would be better.”


    There were still five more days for the ship to depart again. Sila didn’t have anything to do so he went to the restaurant and ordered some dishes to eat. He was bored and didn’t have a will to fight. His teacher had said that the Great Millennium Ape he’d fought against was a highest-level qi-type monster on Beginning Island so he had lost his interest in this place already. (By the way, Sila hadn’t listened carefully that the Great Millennium Ape was merely a ‘highest-level’ ‘qi-type’ monster on Beginning Island. That meant there's still magic-type and psychic-type monster that their level might be lower or higher than it, but level wasn’t the only factor that determined monster’s ability.)

    ‘Should I use this free time to visit the Slime Kingdom?’

    Sila wondered, but then shook his head to discard the idea. He didn’t know how long a Way of Slime’s ordeal would take. If it required more than a week to complete, he would miss another ship. Hence, it should be better for him to visit there after arriving at the Main Continent.

    As Sila had nothing to do, He leisurely spent his time sitting in the restaurant for almost half a day. Even the waiter now started to complain behind his back about him sitting here with just only one set of food.

    Later, Sila sensed that he was being stared at. He looked around and found one table with three men and two women sitting together. Sila thought that some of them somehow looked familiar but he couldn’t remember exactly where and when he had met them.

    The other side seemed to notice that Sila had already spotted them. A man who Sila felt the most familiar with stood up and walked toward him.

    “Hi, I’m Tiger,” greeted the young man.

    As the other side had introduced oneself and seemed to mean no harm, Sila replied, “I’m Sila.”

    “So your name is Sila. I’m here to express my gratitude that you once helped me and Alice from Heaven Dragon Guild’s members.”

    Sila finally recalled this man, since he had fought against Heaven Dragon Guild’s members only once. At that time, he had been focusing on Montra and Heaven Dragon Guild so he almost completely ignored two people he had helped. Well, actually, he hadn’t in the least thought of it as helping them.

    “No need to thank me. I have my personal grudge against Heaven Dragon Guild anyway.”

    “Well, do you mind if I ask you to join our table? I would like to introduce you to my friends,” Tiger asked politely.

    Sila’s motto was that: if someone hurt him, he would hurt them back; but if they were nice to him, he would try to be nice to them in return. Thus, with Tiger being this polite, he didn’t know how to refuse and eventually walked to their table.

    “Mister Sila, this is Alice whom you had already met. The other three are Aek and Tod, who are twins, and Jundtrathep. Everyone, this is mister Sila that I once told you guys about,” Tiger slowly introduced them.

    Tiger was a short-haired, muscular guy, with a personality of a leader. He was wearing a full set of knight armor. Sila perceived that Tiger must be this party’s tanker (the position which responsible for taking the most damage from the enemy.)

    As for Alice, she was a young fine woman with a cute face and a naughty grin. She was wearing a lethal clothing and had a bow next to her. Sila guessed she must be a long-range attacker.

    Aek and Tod were young men who could be considered quite handsome. They were wearing armor similar to what Tiger was wearing. Sila guessed they were a defense-based player like Tiger.

    Lastly, Jundtrathep was a delicate pretty girl with wavy blonde long hair. She was wearing a magicians cloak. The item next to her was an ordinary two-metered long wooden wand.

    Everyone started to chitchat, especially the twins who were pretty good talkers, whereas Jundtrathep didn’t talk much. Tiger would be the one who reminded them when the topic of the conversation began to be far off.

    “Mind if I ask what you were planning to do next, Mister Sila?” asked Tiger.

    “Based on your looks, our age shouldn’t be very different. Just calling me Sila is fine,” Sila responded politely.

    “Okay. Umm... I heard the waiter said that Sila had been sitting here for half a day. Can I ask if you’re waiting for someone?”

    Varee’s face came to Sila’s mind for a brief moment.

    ‘But, I didn’t have an appointment with her, did I?’

    “No, I’m not waiting for anyone. I’m just waiting for the ship going to the Main Continent to depart.”

    “Huh? Big Brother Sila. Isn’t that quite too long to be waiting like this?” said Aek.

    “Don’t you have something else to do?” asked Tod.

    “No, I’m quite bored of this Beginning Island already,” answered Sila.

    “Have you been everywhere on this island?” Tod continued to ask.

    “No, I only have traveled to the west, at the place called the Stone Forest,” Sila replied in an uninterested tone.

    He couldn’t imagine that his words would be a shocking statement to everyone.

    “Stone Forest!” Everyone shouted in disbelieve.

    “Now you’re just bragging. There’s no way a Level 3 player could survive in the Stone Forest,” rudely said Alice.

    Tiger glanced at Alice as if he was scolding her for being discourteous. Then, he apologized to Sila and started to explain:

    “She just meant that: nobody would travel to the Stone Forest; as it is the territory of the Great Millennium Apes, level 500 monsters, who don’t drop any item. In addition, upon taken them down, their boss in Knight Rank would appear. But it also didn’t drop anything except a useless S Grade item.”

    Sila didn’t seem to mind Alice’s rudeness, “That’s it. I had been given a quest to find that thing so I went there and hunted it.”

    Tiger didn’t further ask about the quest since he thought it might be Sila’s personal secret.

    “So, Big Brother Sila is free now, right? Why don’t you come with us to the Illusion Forest?” Ake invited Sila.

    “We’re going to hunt for Elf Card and Plant Card there,” explained Tiger.

    “Why don’t you just purchase them from the Card Shop? I remember them being sold there,” asked Sila.

    “We want to use them to change Alice’s and Jundtrathep’s race, which the cards that are being sold in the Card Shop can’t do that as they’re already identified. We previously considered purchasing them from other players, but their cost is 10 gold each, and both races are required five cards for a player to perform race changing. Even worse, we need thirty of both of them in order to obtain an invitation card to each kingdom. We just can’t afford to pay that much,” explained Tiger.

    Sila recalled his moment when he had changed into slime race.

    ‘Everyone in the game really knows about this race selection thing, huh?’

    “We have already been there four times. But we only got three Plant Cards and two Elf Cards. If we’re lucky, hunting there another two rounds should make it,” said Tod.

    “Originally, our party also consists of two damage dealers, but they’re busy today. Thus, as I comprehend that Sila should be able to dish out high damage; I think it would be great if you join us,” Tiger politely invited.

    Sila gave it some thought. He had nothing to do anyway. “Well, I’m in.”

    With Sila’s reply, everyone agreed to separately go around shopping what they needed first. They agreed to assemble again at the east gate of the town in next thirty minutes.

    Sila purchased many food boxes from the restaurant and went to buy throwing daggers just in case (now he carried around 200 of them.)

    Afterward, as he noticed that his remaining storage space was low, he went to upgrade his system window to C grade for 100 more storage space. (Upgrading system window to C grade required 50 gold together with a condition that player must have killed a monster in Knight Rank before.)

    Sila also changed his system window’s wallpaper into slime theme.

    When he arrived at the appointed place, he found that Tiger’s team was already waiting for him.

    Thus, they were all heading to the Illusion Forest together like this.

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    Wow op op these cards are insanely powerful like wth

     Haha. I personally think it is an excellent idea of author. Giving a reason for MC's luck regarding fateful encounter instead of just shrugging it off as pure luck/plot.
  • Sinless said:
    Kiger98 said:
    Wow op op these cards are insanely powerful like wth

     Haha. I personally think it is an excellent idea of author. Giving a reason for MC's luck regarding fateful encounter instead of just shrugging it off as pure luck/plot.
    True its not written off as luck you paid a price now you get a reward so its worth while but damn now I really want to know what the other 5 do
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    Chapter 18: Am I forgetting something?

    When Sila’s group went out of the town, pink slimes soon approached Sila and snuggled him.

    Sila meant no harm to them and just put them away so that they didn’t get in the way of his group.

    “Ewww, don’t you feel disgusted?” said Alice when she saw slimes clinging onto Sila’s legs but he smiled at it and slowly put it down.

    “Hmm? No, I think they’re cute,” said Sila, totally forgetting that he was the only one who could see their lovely appearance by the effect of Heart of Slime, while others could only see them as disgusting gelatinous liquid beings.

    Hearing that, Alice didn’t say anything more but perceived that Sila had a weird taste.

    Sila’s group didn’t attack the slimes because it would’ve been a waste of time and also considered as seizing them from newbies. (Some new player didn’t even want to waste time attacking these slimes.)

    During their journey, Sila kept picking up Pink Slime Cards that were left on the ground. This couldn’t be called looting since items dropped from monster would always automatically be added into player’s storage upon the death of the monsters (except if the storage was full at that moment). Thus, their being on the ground meant someone left those by their own will. This could be seen a lot; as slimes were monster that people tended to kill if they had nothing to do while passing by. Still, the cards couldn’t be found in large quantities as they would disappear after being left ten minutes on the ground.

    “Big Brother Sila, why do you keep collecting Pink Slime Cards? They’re not even worth selling.” Tod asked, the rest of the members also wanted to know Sila’s answer.

    “I feel sorry for the loss, that’s all,” answered Sila. As he was of the slime’s race, even when others saw slime cards as something worthless, he somehow felt like he should at least should collect them. He didn’t know how he could utilize them though.

    Now, even Tiger who didn’t have a bad impression toward Sila started to think that Sila must be very poor since ten of these cards could be sold for measly 1 silver.

    ‘So Sila didn’t have much money, huh? We will divide more money to him, then,’ Tiger thought.

    In fact, everyone in the team had thought the same way. Alice who always talked badly toward Sila even began to pity him. And Jundtrathep truly sympathized with his poorness to the point that she almost shed a tear.

    Thus, everyone became friendlier towards Sila. Alice was being nice, and Jundtrathep who usually didn’t talk much tried to have a conversation with him. All these slight changes somehow made Sila quite confused.

    When they nearly arrived at the edge of an eastern forest, there was a voice calling to them.

    “Hey, you, stop right there.”

    There was a voice came from behind.

    Sila and the gang turned around to take a look. They found that the opposite side was a group of around ten people. Many players in the group were wearing good armor, while some were wearing a mage cloak. Anyway, what they all had in common was that they looked as though they wanted to pick a quarrel with Sila’s team.

    Tiger was well deserved to be called an expert in the aspect of command. In a blink, he organized his team through eye contact before stepping up to stand next to Sila. Meanwhile, Aek and Tod stood slightly behind both of them, while Alice and Jundtrathep stayed at the back. The combat formation was very suitable for this kind of situation.

    “What do you want from us?” Tiger asked people from the opposite side.

    “Not with your guys. We have a business with that man alone,” said the man in the front.

    “Me?” Sila said while pointing his finger at himself. He was very sure he had never met these people.

    “Yeah, you took what’s ours.”

    Sila furrowed his brows. The only things that Sila had ever picked up were Pink Slime Cards, not to mention that they were something people throwing off on their own.

    “Fine, I can return them to you. How many cards are yours?” That was Sila’s response.

    “We don’t need cards. We need you to pay us for them, or else, die,” said another person in that group.

    Tiger frowned. These people had previously said that Sila took something from them, but when Sila wanted to give it back, they refused instead. They were clearly picking a fight here.

    “As for you guys, don’t meddle in this if you don’t want to die,” said the man in iron armor while looking at Tiger’s party.

    Sila was expressionless. If they wanted to pick a fight, he then would gladly give them a fight. Sila circulated Intermediate Qi throughout his body while using God’s Cathedral. His qi was spreading out into a sphere of twenty-five-meter radius around him, covering all the players standing here.

    Inside the sphere, Sila would know the motion of everyone in great detail. Moreover, with Soundless and Qi Concealment, no one here noticed that Sila had made his move already.

    Special skill: God’s Cathedral

    One of qi techniques. Allows you to spread out qi into a sphere around your body. You can detect the motion and/or attack everything within a sphere. The distance that qi can be spread out is depended on your expertise.

    Actually, Sila could use Qi of Litter Tiger instead of Intermediate Qi to combine with God’s Cathedral. Doing so would cause the health points of persons inside the sphere to decrease without them being aware. But he didn’t do that since it would also affect Tiger’s group.

    By the way, the members of the group of around ten players here were all bounty hunters. As they perceived that Sila’s level was only 3 (it’s an old data, now most people couldn’t check his current level as Sila had upgraded his system window) while having a high bounty on his head, it’s no wonder Sila would naturally become their prey for earning money.

    Tiger picked up a sword and a shield to fight. Aek and Tod also readied their spear and shield. Meanwhile, Alice drew her bow, and Jundtrathep tightened her grip on her wand.

    The opponents saw Sila’s comrades were about to fight back, so they pulled out their weapon too.

    “You guys had a bounty from Heaven Dragon Guild too. Although it’s not much since you’re getting in our way, we will think of it as a bonus, then,” said the man on the other side.

    Tiger was about to invite Sila into their party, but his opponent was quicker. The end of that man’s sentence was like an attacking signal, eight arrows were shot from enemies. Three of the arrows flew towards Tiger, while the rest flew towards Sila – their main target.

    Tiger lifted up his shield to guard. Then, panicked as he could see that the arrows were dipped with poison. He was okay since he had the shield, but Sila who fought with barehand would be in grave danger. Thus, he immediately shouted, “They’re poison-dipped arrows! Dodge them!”

    Sila didn’t even take a glance at the flying arrows. Inside God’s Cathedral, he could perceive every motion as though it was happening on his palm.

    Sila swung his hand while using Universe Momentum to attract the arrows to gather together. Then, he repelled them using the same qi technique. In addition, he secretly put Qi of Little Tiger into those arrows to increase their attack power.

    Special skill: Universe Momentum

    One of qi techniques. Allow you to attract and repel object. The size of an object that can be attracted or repelled is depended on your expertise.

    It was a strange sight when all the arrows flying towards Sila had been waved at once and then flew back with a shocking speed compared to the ones originally fired at them.

    The shield holder who stood in front of an archer stepped forward to block one of the flying arrows. Unexpectedly, the shield broke, and the holder was severely damaged by the qi concealed inside that arrow. Afterward, he coughed blood and lost consciousness.

    By the way, the arrow still had remaining power left in it. It skimmed over the shield and scratched the arm of the archer, causing him to have to drink an antidote in panic.

    Meanwhile, the other two archers were unlucky enough not to have a protector near them. Therefore, as soon as the returning arrows flew back, one of them was hit at the chest, while the other was hit at the head, resulting in their immediate deaths.

    The battle had started not over ten seconds ago but two people had already died. This fact alone was able to make the other side shudder in panic. Of course, Sila didn’t wait for a second and used this chance to rush at them with Qi of Little Bird.

    Tiger’s team members were also stunned by the sight. They knew that Sila was considerably strong, but they never expected him to be strong to this extent.

    Back then, in the Beginner Town, the Heaven Dragon Guild’s members had previously fought against them and were in an injured state, so it wasn’t too weird that Sila could defeat those guys in one hit. But, this time, it was different.

    Although Tiger previously thought highly of Sila, it seemed that his estimate was still not high enough.

    Well, Tiger was an experienced player so his shock only lasted for a brief moment. He knew that this wasn’t the right time to talk. Now that the opponents had lost their moral, it was their chance to counterattack. With this thought, he quickly rushed following Sila.

    With that, the rest of the team also regained their senses. Aek and Tod rushed forward too while Alice began to shoot the opposing side’s magician and Jundtrathep cast several buffs for the party members.

    With Sila rushing and Alice’s arrow hitting one of their magicians, the bounty hunters regained their sense too.

    “Don’t be afraid! He’s only level 3. Kill him and we can be rich!” shouted the one who seemed to be the leader.

    Greed was really a great source of power. Upon hearing the word ‘we can be rich,’ they completely forgot what they had seen, and collaborated to attack Sila.

    Sila was like a tiger in sheep’s den. Every move he made always resulted in one person dying or at least heavily injured. The reason that not everyone died in one hit was because he had only been using Intermediate Qi, not Qi of Little Tiger nor a hidden weapon.

    This was the nameless elder’s teaching. His teacher had told Sila that Sila had obtained Qi of Little Divine Beings too soon, and relying on them too much would be dangerous. He taught Sila that basic qi was much more important than Qi of Little Divine Beings and advised Sila to train his Intermediate Qi first. Sila actually didn’t agree with this statement, but as he had been raised in an environment of always being obedient to his teacher, he tried to follow this teaching.

    As for hidden weapons, his teacher warned Sila not to use it until Sila could fire it without others noticing. That was because if someone knew Sila could use hidden weapons, the hidden weapons could no longer be called ‘hidden’. However, the old man told Sila that he could use it against wild monsters, as they wouldn’t tell anyone.

    Since the battle had started, Sila had used Qi of Little Tiger only once when he returned those arrows. Until now, Sila’s hands were only shimmering in the aura of Intermediate Qi.

    Of course, the reason he didn’t used Qi Concealment was also due to his in-game teacher’s doctrine.

    His teacher told him that, if he could make others believe that he couldn’t conceal qi, he would be able to utilize this perception by concealing qi at the right moment. This method was commonly used by almost all skilled fighters. No one would foolish enough to announce that he himself could conceal qi. His teacher also told him that if he wanted to stay safe in this world, he must reveal only seventy percents of his abilities while keeping the rest in secret.

    Sila glanced briefly at Tiger and found that Tiger had considerable skill. Judging from the aspect of defense alone, Tiger’s ability even surpassed Sila’s. Tiger could block every attack and counterattack whenever there was a chance. This was completely different from Sila’s fighting style which focused on offense to open up the next attacking chance without a care for his defense.

    Aek and Tod seemed to learn from Tiger as their styles were similar to Tiger’s. Well, their abilities were considered much lacking when comparing to Tiger’s.

    Alice seemed to be a skilled archer. Sila couldn’t tell much as he didn’t excel in archery. He thought so just because he saw her arrows reached the targets frequently.

    Lastly, Jundtrathep only cast buffs and healing spells to support her friends. As Sila didn’t know anything about magic, he couldn’t tell whether Jundtrathep was skilled or not.

    A magician on the opposing side was very unlucky. He had been secretly chanting a high-tier spell in hope to put an end to the battle. However, Sila spotted him and secretly fired a golden needle to stun his movement, causing him to die by Alice’s shooting later on without his consent.

    If it was Golden Needle, Sila could easily fire it as a hidden weapon. That was because it was small to the point of it being invisible to the naked eye, but it also dissolved after hitting the target. Thus, the golden needle was currently the only hidden weapon that Sila could fire without being noticed.

    Finally, the fight ended with an overwhelming victory. Not even one member of Sila’s side was dead, while the bounty hunters’ side was completely wiped out. However, the experience points acquired from them wasn’t enough for Sila to level up by even a single level.

    “Big Brother Tiger! Jundtrathep was poisoned,” Alice called out, causing all members to notice Jundtrathep’s condition.

    Jundtrathep was sitting on the ground. Her right hand holding her left shoulder which black blood was oozing out. Her face went pale. Meanwhile, Tiger’s face was stiff.

    “Don’t we have an antidote?” asked Sila.

    “No one has one, Big Brother Sila. No poisonous monster lives in Beginning Island, so the shop doesn’t sell an antidote and we don’t have it,” explained Aek.

    “I will quickly go and look for it from the merchant in the town. But the problem is we don’t know what kind of poison it is,” said Tiger.

    “Would you like me to try detoxifying the poison by using qi?” Sila proposed.

    Tiger smiled at Sila’s good intention, but he still felt skeptical.

    This was because just having a qi didn’t mean you could detoxify the poison. It must be a qi with healing property to do that. By the way, judging by Sila’s action, Tiger believed that Sila was more likely to possess a qi with combat property.

    Well, since he didn’t have many choices, and trying it out shouldn’t be harmful, Tiger said, “Please try.”

    Sila nodded before putting his hand on Jundtrathep’s white shoulder. He had never used qi to detoxify poison yet. No, to be honest, he hadn’t even experienced transmitting his qi to someone else before. Nevertheless, as he had already offered his help, he hoped that the result wouldn’t turn out to be disappointing.

    Sila circulated Intermediate Qi while using Unblemished Aqua that had a cleansing property. Then, he transmitted that qi into Jundtrathep body through her shoulder.

    Special skill: Unblemished Aqua

    One of qi techniques. Allow you to cleanse impurities in the body. The degree of cleansing depends on the your expertise.

    Jundtrathep felt slightly cool. It was the feeling as if she was bathing in nice water. Soon, the black blood flew out of her wound, and her face seemed better.

    As Sila witnessed the effectiveness of his qi transition, He also transmitted Recovering Qi to heal Jundtrathep wounds as a bonus. The wound was closed almost in an instant.

    Everyone was looking at Sila in shock. No matter how they looked, Sila was obviously a combat type. They had never imagined that he would possess qi with healing properties too.

    Jundtrathep stood up and looked at her previous wound which completely disappeared without leaving a scar.

    “Thank you, Big Brother Sila.” She bowed. Her cheeks slightly dyed in pink.

    “No problem,” replied Sila.

    Meanwhile, a system sound alarmed.

    You have learned a passive skill: Qi Transmission – Level 1.

    Afterward, Tiger suggested that the time would be evening soon and they should put up the tents at the edge of the forest now.

    Sila thought that it would take around three to four more hours for the sun to be set, so he asked Tiger why they had to put up the tents this soon.

    “That’s because, for us to go to Illusion Forest, we have to pass through the territory of Tree Dragons first,” answered Tiger.

    “Tree Dragons? Are we okay that way?” asked Sila.

    “We’ll be fine. Although it’s true that Tree Dragons are quite strong and have a relatively high level comparing to monsters in Beginning Island, it’s known among players that they’re not active during daytime. Thus, if we rest here and start traveling again in the morning, we won’t have to encounter them. On the contrary, if we go into the forest now, it’ll be night time and we’ll have to fight against them.”

    Sila nodded in understanding, then followed Tiger to start camping.

    ‘Umm... I feel like I’m forgetting something here, no?’

    Good grief, Sila pondered about it, but he didn’t care much.

    Since he forgot it, it must be something unimportant – he would remember it again when the time came, or so he thought.

  • What is it that Sila has forgotten? Do you guys realize it?  :D
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    What is it that Sila has forgotten? Do you guys realize it?  :D
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  • Sinless said:
    What is it that Sila has forgotten? Do you guys realize it?  :D
    dragons and slimes are bound by eternal love... :D >:)
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    He has a ship to catch lol
    dragons and slimes are bound by eternal love... :D >:)
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    Chapter 19: The Stone and the Moon - First Part

    Five brown tents were being put up on the field. In the middle of that field, there was a pile of firewood which was prepared for a bonfire. After the tents were finished putting up, Tiger, who noticed that Sila still hadn’t put up his own tent, asked.

    “Sila, let’s put up your tent. It’ll be dark soon.”

    “Oh, I don’t have a tent. Don’t worry. I plan on staying outside as guard,” answered Sila.

    There was no need for Sila to sleep. With Intermediate Qi, if he circulated it for three hours, he would feel as though he had slept all night. Thus, a tent was an object that Sila deemed a luxury, especially for him who didn’t have much storage spaces left (they were mostly used for throwing daggers.)

    However, from the other’s point of view, they thought that Sila was poor to the point that he couldn’t even afford a cheap tent. They pitied him but couldn’t help since the tents they had were low-grade tents that allowed only one person inside.

    Sila, still clueless about what others thought of him, sat on a log next to a pile of firewood. “I will stay right here.”

    “Big Brother Sila, you don’t have to be on guard. This area is safe from aggressive monsters. Let’s take turns sleeping in our tents instead,” proposed Aek, which everyone agreed to.

    “Please don’t mind me. It’s my own fault that I didn’t bring a tent. Moreover, I haven’t slept in a tent even once since I played this game, so maybe I can’t sleep well in it anyway. I’m more used to staying outside like this,” explained Sila.

    Everyone sympathized more with Sila’s hardship. However, with him saying that, they couldn’t do anything about it anymore.

    Well, in their perspective, it wasn’t weird at all that Sila was poor since he’s a qi-type player.

    One must understand that the game consisted of three energy types: qi, psychic, and magic. The prominent point of qi-type players was their higher basic stats compared to other types and their relatively few skills available for learning. In addition, the equipment usually didn’t support qi-type players well. For example, the clothes available for this type were usually simple martial artist’s uniforms that made a set. Thus, it was the type that poor people tended to choose as it required less money.

    Equipment-wise, psychic-type players were the polar opposite. Psychic-type players greatly benefited from items and equipment. Just the armor of physic-type players could even be broken down into subparts: torso armor, arm armor, gauntlets, leg armor, and etc. This type requires high amounts of money to play. To put it bluntly, it was the type that one could easily become strong to a certain extent if you just invested enough money into it but for someone to become first-rate among psychic-type players, money alone wasn’t enough, one would need to master utilizing both items and skills to reach such a stage.

    For magic-type players, although their equipment wasn’t as good as a psychic-type, it was still better than qi-type. With their prominent point being the large pool of skills available to learn. The skills of magic-type players were also usually better than other types.

    If one were to define each type by their characteristic, qi type would be ‘great basic stats’, psychic type would be ‘great item utilization’, and magic type would be ‘great skills’. Everyone should choose whatever they preferred.

    As the sky was getting dark, everyone sat around a bonfire that Tiger had lit up and was having a conversation together. But since some topic would be regarded as a player’s personal secret, the conversation was centered around the game in general.

    Sila didn’t have much information regarding other races (actually, not just other races, but he didn’t possess much information even about his own race), so he used this chance to ask others.

    “May I ask why do Alice and Jundtrathep want to become elf race and plant race?” asked Sila.

    “For Alice, it’s because she uses the bow as her main weapon. And as we currently know, the races that excels in handling this type of weapon are the goblin and elf races,” answered Tiger.

    “If it’s the goblin, we could comfortably make it. They’re not strong and high in number. Their cards are also easier to drop than the Elf Card. However, this girl doesn’t accept it,” Tod further explained.

    “I’m a lady! How can you make me play as the goblin race? I won’t allow it!” argued Alice.

    “Come on, just have fun playing the game. A goblin’s height is also suitable to your height, no? hahaha.” Aek and Tod started laughing.

    Alice scowled and didn’t say anything more. She had been teased a thousand times already. She glared at Sila resentfully as he was the one who brought up the topic.

    Tiger let out a sigh at the childishness of Aek and Tod. Then, he answered the second phase of Sila’s question.

    “And for Jundtrathep, plant race was the least acceptable race she could be.”

    “The least acceptable?”

    “Yes, she plays as the supporting role using magic. Therefore the best races most suitable were the dragon race or fairy race. But these two races are insanely rare. So, ultimately, we decided that plant race which has some sort of supporting ability was acceptable.”

    Sila nodded, thinking that everybody was seriously trying to find the race that suited their playing style. Compared to him who accidentally selected his race before everything else, he didn’t know whether his choice would lead to a future problem or not.

    “How about you, Big Brother Sila? Which race are you interested in?” asked Tod.

    “For Big Brother Sila, I think the beast race would suit you. Species like wolf, tiger, or ape are all good in melee combat. Oh! or flying beasts would do since they excel in speed. Moreover, at high levels, you would be able to fly in the sky. That would be very cool,” suggested Aek.

    “I have already changed my race.”

    Sila sentence’s immediately attracted everybody’s attention.

    “Which race, Big Bro?” asked Aek, which Tiger turned to look at him disapprovingly as this might be a player’s personal secret, despite the fact that Tiger also wanted to know.

    Sila fell silent for a while, wondering whether it was okay for him to choose the slime race.

    Tiger saw that Sila was silent so he interpreted it to mean that Sila didn’t want to answer. “It’s fine if you don’t want to answer, Sila. It’s a player’s personal secret anyway.”

    “Oh, sorry, it’s not like that. I was just thinking about something else.” Sila said. He turned his head to Aek and answered, “I play as the slime race.”


    Everybody, including Tiger who was usually calm, shouted at the same time.

    “Why are you playing as the slime race?” asked Jundtrathep.

    Saying ‘I don’t know’ would be embarrassing so Sila quickly thought of a cool answer.

    “I noticed that no one was playing as the slime race, viewing them as useless. However, I personally believe that there’s no useless thing in the world. Whatever the race we are, we could still be strong if we were to try hard enough,” this was the answer that came out of his mouth but it was almost entirely based on what Crow had told him though.

    Anyway, Tiger regarded Sila as a great man who had confidence in his own path.

    “Well, Big Brother Sila, even being a slime race, you’re still this strong. In the future, I think no one will dare to insult the slime race anymore,” said Aek.

    Everyone nodded in agreement. Then, they ate a meal together. The food was prepared by Jundtrathep, the only person who could cook well. The food was some kind of creature roasted with salt as the seasoning. Sila ate it and found it to be quite delicious but the food he had eaten at the Mansion of Seven Deadly Sins still far surpassed it.

    Afterward, everyone went to their respective tents. Although Tiger once again suggested that they could share tents, Sila still politely refused their offer.

    Everybody was sleeping. Meanwhile, Sila had cultivated for around three hours and found that the in-game time was now 1 A.M.

    “Ah! I finally remember!” exclaimed Sila.

    Talking about races made him realize that slime race’s nemesis was dragon. Although Tiger had said that it would be fine during the day, the Tree Dragons would still automatically and aggressively attack him anyway and anytime.

    Indeed, they might attack only him, but he didn’t want to take the risk that they might instead attack his teammate altogether. Thus, he should handle the problem beforehand. Based on Crow’s blabbing, the dragon race had a slow respawning rate, so if he defeated all of them now, they shouldn’t be able to bother his team later during the day.

    Sila watched the time in System Window and thought that he would be able to come back in time before everybody wakes up if he hurried. So, he didn’t hesitate and started using Qi of Little Bird to rush into the forest.


    Tree Dragon’s territory was closer than Sila expected. Just 30 minutes was enough for Sila to reach here. For normal persons, they usually tended to avoid coming here at night because Tree Dragons would attack them first; but for Sila, daytime or nighttime didn’t matter since these Tree Dragons would attack him nevertheless.

    System sound alerted.

    Monster Tree Dragon, Squire Rank, Level 350, has appeared.

    Monster Tree Dragon, Squire Rank, Level 350, has appeared.

    Monster Tree Dragon, Squire Rank, Level 350, has appeared.

    Monster Tree Dragon, Squire Rank, Level 350, has appeared.

    Monster Tree Dragon, Squire Rank, Level 350, has appeared.


    Monster Tree Dragon, Squire Rank, Level 350, has appeared.

    The trees around Sila transformed themselves into dragons. They were dragons with bodies made from trees, showing a body of brown wood and green leaves. To be exact, they were more like trees with dragon-shape rather than actual dragons.

    As if they knew that their enemy had appeared, they all immediately leaped towards Sila.

    Sila had previously fought against the Great Millennium Apes who possessed high speed. Therefore the Tree Dragons’ dull movements seemed rather slow in Sila’s eyes.

    He could dodge their attacks even without the help of Qi of Little Fish. Sila rushed forward to strike his hand that was strengthened by Qi of Little Tiger at one of the Tree Dragons. Its head exploded instantly.

    Sila smiled while thinking that they were weaker than he had expected. Although he didn’t know their vital points, blowing their head off like this should also do the trick.

    However, while he was still being delightful, the headless Tree Dragon lifted its leg to kick Sila.

    With the distance between him and it being so close, Sila quickly circulated Qi of Little Fish to avoid its attack and he also counterattacked, causing its arm to shatter into pieces.

    In addition, Sila fired two qi-strengthening knives to stab other Tree Dragons’ head, which causing their head to explode as soon as the knives hit.

    Nevertheless, even without a head, they still jumped to attack Sila.

    Of course, Sila didn’t give up. He evaded their attacks and tried to counterattack again.

    Soon, many of them shattered into wooden pieces. Unfortunately, their flesh might remain with nothing but one arm, but that remaining one arm would still miraculously regenerate their body to attack Sila non-stop.

    If things went on like this for long; even if Sila didn’t make a single mistake, he would still die from exhaustion.

    Sila finally understood. Although these Tree Dragons were not as fast as the Great Millennium Ape, their ability to regenerate was terrifying. Since the battle had started, Sila still wasn’t able to kill even a single one of them.

    ‘If a physical attack doesn’t work, I will need to attack them with elemental attacks instead.’ Sila simply followed the logic.

    With his previous Right Arm of the Sealed One, he had possessed offensive skills of all elements. But upon it being changed into a qi-type equipment, only fire and ice skills remained as elemental attack skills; while the rest of the skills had been turned into special qi techniques.

    Fire skill was Flame of Torturing while ice skill was Freezing Soul.

    Special skill: Flame of Torturing

    One of qi techniques. Allow you to add hot and active attributes into your qi via circulating; creating a flame that can’t be seen. The heat of the flame is depended on your expertise.

    Special skill: Freezing Soul

    One of qi techniques. Allow you to add cold and tranquil attributes into your qi via circulating; creating an ice that can’t be seen. The coldness of the ice is depended on your expertise.

    Good grief, with him being deep in thought, when Sila became conscious of his surroundings again, he was already trapped by the roots, binding one of his feet. Then, obviously, the Tree Dragons didn’t miss this chance to charge at him.

    Sila put Qi of Little Tiger into his foot to destroy the roots binding it. However, the short amount of time needed to destroy them was enough for some Tree Dragons to reach him.

    A Tree Dragon used his fangs to claw after Sila and almost mauled him.

    Sila brought out the power of Flame of Torturing qi on his hand. The heat of the invisible flame caused an air to waver. Instantly, Sila struck his palm to the nearest Tree Dragon.

    As soon as his palm hit the Tree Dragon, it flew away writhing in pain before turning into ashes. The system sounded informing Sila that he had defeated it and gained some experience points together with an item, but Sila didn’t have time to bother. Realizing that Flame of Torturing was effective, he used it constantly.

    But the number of Tree Dragons were too high. If Sila struck at it one or two at a time, his inner force wouldn’t be enough. So, Sila tried combining and using the skills together as the nameless elder had guided him.

    Sila brought out the power of God’s Cathedral. His qi was extended to form a sphere with a radius of fifty meters. Then, the power of Flame of Torturing was combined with a sphere, causing the atmosphere to be blurred by heat.

    The Tree Dragons were screaming in pain. Although the flames couldn’t be seen, they were all burning inside the sphere.

    If Sila combined God’s Cathedral with Qi of Little Tiger, their health points would gradually decrease without them noticing; but with Flame of Torturing that he currently used, thanks to the skill’s characteristic being the blistering heat felt by its victim, they would be conscious of pain and damage unlike the former choice and their health points would decrease much quicker.

    Sila leaped into the area that Tree Dragons gathered the most. His two hands were moving constantly as they were helping him kill the opponents faster.

    The area inside the fifty-meter radius sphere was now turned into a Tree Dragons’ hell. They were going berserk and attacking Sila like crazy. Unfortunately, their actions resulted in their own predicament, as they were even more focused around Sila, causing the flame to burn them easier.

    Eventually, when over an hour had passed, all Tree Dragons were burnt into ashes.

    As Sila had killed over a hundred of Tree Dragons, his avatar’s level rose. The system sound informed him of money and items he had gotten.

    Sila lost so much qi and strength as he had fought continuously without rest. So, he began to circulate Intermediate Qi to replenish his qi.

    “Big Brother Sila.”

    A clear voice came from the bushes.

    Sila turned his head to look at Jundtrathep, whom he didn’t know when she had come.

    As Sila was about to say something to Jundtrathep, a system sound interrupted.

    You have achieved a certain secret condition: Killing 200 Tree Dragons while being a member of slime race. You have gotten a hidden quest: Decolonize the Slime Kingdom. The detail of the quest can be inquired from the Slime King of the Slime Kingdom.

    You have awakened Monster Python – Earth Dragon, Knight Rank, Level 800, from its slumber due to Decolonize the Slime Kingdom quest. If slime race creature is killed by the Earth Dragon, that slime’s rank will be demoted by 1 rank.

    The ground then started to shake.

    T/N: The protagonist’s name, ‘Sila’, literally means ‘Stone’ in Thai, while ‘Jund’ and ‘Jundtra’ in the name ‘Jundtrathep’ literally mean ‘Moon’. Thus, this chapter’s name ‘The Stone and the Moon’ basically refers to them being together.
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    I might as well explain about rank and level in this game (just in case my translation is lacking for you to understand from in-novel context.)

    Squire Rank level 1 -> Squire Rank level 1000
    Knight Rank level 1 -> Knight Rank level 1000
    Marquis Rank level 1 -> Marquis Rank level 1000
    Lord Rank level 1 -> Lord Rank level 1000
    Emperor Rank level 1 -> Emperor Rank level 1000

    In conclusion, it is different from typical leveling system in online game. But it is similar to typical cultivation system in a sense that once your cultivation reach a big breakthrough, it will start counting as level 1 of the next realm.

    P.S. the explanation about them is in chapter 7 (Who Must I Kill to Meet That Guy) when Sila was asking the crowd about the situation that preventing him to go to the restaurant.

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    Chapter 20: The Stone and the Moon - Last Part

    “Ah! I finally remember!”

    The loud voice of Sila had woken Jundtrathep up from her sleep as she was a light sleeper. When she went out of her tent, the only thing she saw was Sila leaping into the woods.

    ‘It’s night time already, where is he going to?’ Jundtrathep wondered.

    She didn’t want to interrupt Tiger and her other teammates who had fought hard today while she had only been supporting. The fact that she wasn’t really useful to the team had troubled her for a long time. Thus, she decided to follow Sila without waking anyone else.

    With Sila’s speed being much higher than Jundtrathep’s, the distance that took him only thirty minutes to reach took Jundtrathep nearly two hours.

    When she arrived at the scene, the air around Sila was so hot that she couldn’t walk to him. The sound of someone fighting was the only sound that she could hear.

    As she was wondering what to do, the heat suddenly disappeared. She used that chance to run up to Sila.

    The sound of fighting had ended. She looked at Sila who was standing amidst of the ashes and called out to him

    “Big Brother Sila.”

    Sila opened his eyes and walked towards her. But as he took three steps forward, a shocked expression immediately appeared on his face as the earthquake occurred.

    Sila then soared towards Jundtrathep and held her in his arms before leaving the area.

    “W-Wah,” she panicked as Sila was too sudden in carrying her.

    Sila didn’t care about Jundtrathep’s reaction. He looked at a small hill in front of them and landed himself there. Then, he put Jundtrathep down and looked back at his previous location.

    As Jundtrathep touched the ground, she looked at Sila with a pouty expression. However, he wasn’t looking at her. She wondered about his behavior and followed his line of sight. What she saw together with the system sound alerting her immediately made her shocked.

    Monster Python – Earth Dragon, Knight Rank, Level 800, has appeared. If you are killed by the Earth Dragon, you will take up to 24 hours to resurrect.

    *The voice that Jundtrathep heard wasn’t the same as Sila heard because she wasn’t a slime-race player*

    In front of them was a small mountain, no, it was actually a large dark brown dragon with luscious brown scales. It stood with four legs on the ground. Its back was full of sharp thorns while its eyes were illuminated with green light.

    “Is it you who seeks to kill me, little slime?” a husky voice of the Earth Dragon resonated in the air.

    “Hmm? It can speak?” Sila exclaimed.

    It was Jundtrathep who was more shocked by this matter. She knew well that some monsters in the game could speak. However, she had never seen one before. The ability to speak in monsters indicated that they were high-tier monsters with great intelligence. Fighting against them was several times harder than normal.

    “Of course I can speak. Did the Slime King send you to fight me? Aren’t you too weak to do that task?” replied Earth Dragon.

    The word ‘weak’ was a taboo for Sila. Upon it reaching Sila’s ears, his face turned expressionless. It was one of the words which he hated the most.

    “No one sent me to do anything. By the way, do we really have to fight?”

    As Sila recognized that his opponent was able to speak, he hoped that he could negotiate with it. If he was alone, even if he couldn’t stand against it, he could still flee away. But now there was Jundtrathep who wasn’t a combat type player beside him, he would try to find a safe route first.

    “Our race cannot coexist. Between you and me, there will only be one survivor,” answered the Earth Dragon.

    “What about her?” Sila gestured towards Jundtrathep.

    “She came with you so she’s considered my enemy as well. I won’t spare her life.”

    Jundtrathep’s face went pale as she heard the answer of the Earth Dragon. How could she fight it? The dragon race was considered the strongest race in the game, wasn’t it?

    Sila frowned, “what will I gain from fighting against you?”

    “Kuhuhu, little slime, if you kill me, one of the eight Slime Seals will be broken. Moreover, I am also guarding a treasure. Aren’t you interested in it?” replied the Earth Dragon while asking back.

    Sila didn’t even know the existent of the Slime Seals, but he thought they must be related with him. As for the treasure, he wasn’t interested in it at all. He was more concerned for Jundtrathep’s safety who actually wasn’t related in the matter.

    Jundtrathep’s mood turned gloomier as she realized that she was the cause for Sila being unable to flee. She felt terrible as she was a burden again. However, she soon wiped her teary eyes and sent a party invitation to Sila.

    Sila was surprised to receive a party invitation. He turned his head to look at Jundtrathep.

    “We have to fight together anyway. I’ll try my best not to be a burden,” Jundtrathep spoke up.

    Sila then thought that this would be the best solution.

    “Okay, but you should stay at the rear and do the support. Leave the fighting to me.”

    Jundtrathep nodded, and then Sila accepted her party invitation. With them being in the same party, most of their skills weren’t going to harm each other.

    Party (No Title)

    Party Leader: Jundtrathep, Squire Rank, Level 185

    Health Point: 2,350/2,350 Magic Point: 6,500/6,500

    Member: Sila, Squire Rank, Level 595

    Health Point: 660,000/660,000 Magic Point: 355,000/355,000

    Jundtrathep was shocked by how high of Sila’s level. Based on what Alice had said, just two to three weeks ago, Sila’s level had been only at 3, so how could he raise his level this fast? In her case, she was gaining experience points for more than two months, but her level was still at 185. Moreover, what about Sila’s health point and magic point being that absurdly high? Although it was true that qi-type players usually had higher basic stats compared to other types but his stats were still considered abnormal, even higher than a level 1,000 player.

    The reason why Sila’s level had risen so fast was because he had been fighting against the monster that had higher levels than him, so, he had gained the bonus of level and rank difference. Even with a 90% experience point deduction from Greed Card, the remaining 10% was still very high. And his abnormally high basic stats were due to Bone Restructuring Qi that increased his health and magic, qi, psychic point pool as his level went up.

    “Fufu, have you finished talking? I won’t be waiting anymore,” said the Earth Dragon.

    Jundtrathep moved slightly backward while Sila leaped forward, directly confronting the Earth Dragon.

    “Let’s get started then,” said Sila.

    The end of his speech was a starting signal. The Earth Dragon’s claw immediately swooped towards Sila.

    Sila didn’t dodge. He then wanted to estimate how strong his enemy was. He struck back with his hand strengthened with Qi of Little Tiger.

    The sound of two palms clashing against each other resounded loudly. The Earth Dragon received the impact and had to step back for two meters, while Sila’s ankles sunk deep into the ground.

    Even with the help of Qi of Little Tiger, Sila still received this much force. He realized that the dragons attack power was as high as his.

    The Earth Dragon was impressed as well. It hadn’t thought that this little slime would be able to cope against its direct attack without evading. It was also impressed that it even had to move back two meters despite it being a dragon with the highest physical defense.

    “God’s Breath,” chanted Jundtrathep.

    *God’s Breath was an active skill that recovered health point, magic point, qi point, and psychic point*

    Sila could feel his inner force being regenerated inside him. He circulated Qi of Little Bird and kept evading series of attacks from the Earth Dragon. Then, given the chance, he counterattacked it using Flame of Torturing, which was effective against Tree Dragons.

    His palm struck at dragon’s body, but it didn’t even flinch. Then, its tail swiftly pierced toward Sila, which Sila could only barely dodge.

    “Granite Spear.”

    This time, it was the Earth Dragon who started to use a spell.

    The ground around Sila immediately turned into large stalactites. The speed of the spell was so quick that Sila couldn’t dodge all the stalactites even with the help of Qi of Little Fish. Some of them graze Sila’s left leg, creating a wound.

    With Flame of Torturing being ineffective, Sila had no choice but to attack it with physical attacks. He bore the pain in his leg and used God’s Cathedral combining with Qi of Little Tiger to chip away the dragon’s health points bit by bit while using both hands strengthened by Qi of Little Tiger to strike its body continuously when he got the chance.

    Despite him attacking it constantly, the damages it received were still very little.

    “Desert Storm.”

    The dragon cast a spell again. It knew very well that its speed was far below Sila so it cast the area spell that caused the movement of everyone inside the spell’s territory to be slower.

    Since its movement was considered very slow from the start anyway, the effect of this spell didn’t affect it much. But for Sila who his specialty laid in speed, this spell caused him to suffer greatly.

    “Roaming Wind.”

    Jundtrathep cast another supporting spell.

    (*Roaming Wind was an active skill that increases the target’s speed slightly.)

    Sila’s speed was increased slightly. But it was still much slower than his original speed. His speed was now faster than the Earth Dragon only by just a little.

    He concentrated Qi of Little Tiger into his hands using Ray Assemble and struck it at the dragon’s chin at full force.

    The Earth Dragon bounced back ten meters a small crack appearing on its chin. This attack of Sila was by far very powerful. But based on the damage the Earth Dragon received; he deduced that he would need at least ten more of this attack to defeat it but he knew he didn’t have enough qi to do that.

    Special skill: Ray Assemble

    One of qi techniques. Allows you to concentrate qi into a single point to optimize its power. The speed needed to concentrate and the delicacy of the power gathering point is depended on user’s expertise.

    “Rock Shield,” The Earth Dragon was still able to cast another spell.

    With that, another full-forced punch that Sila threw at it was blocked by the giant rock that suddenly rose from the ground. The title of dragon that most excelled in defensive ability wasn’t there for nothing. With this single spell, the rising rock had been turned into pieces, while the Earth Dragon didn’t receive any damage.

    Sila’s stamina and inner force were significantly down. Then, the tail of the Earth Dragon struck at Sila’s body, causing him to fly away towards the rock at Jundtrathep’s feet. The rock that was hit by him now cracked, indicating how high the damage Sila had received.

    “Big Brother Sila, are you alright?” asked Jundtrathep.

    “I’m fine. By the way, Jundtrathep, which element is most effective against the earth element?” Sila asked back.

    “Earth element is weak against the ice element. But... I don’t have any offensive spell, much less an ice offensive spell.”

    Sila who started circulating Recovering Qi felt delighted upon hearing that sentence. If it was an ice element, there was a way for him to go.

    The Earth Dragon was walking towards him, but Sila wouldn’t stay still waiting for it. He brought out a Large Health Potion and drank it down before throwing the Millennium Peach into his mouth, quickly chewing on it.

    The Millennium Peach had a sweet yet sour flavor, sending off a nice aroma. Upon swallowing it, Sila could feel his qi surging.

    “From now on, you should only use spells that regenerate my qi, okay?” said Sila, he didn’t wait for Jundtrathep’s response and soared toward the Earth Dragon again.

    Hearing his request, Jundtrathep only kept using God’s Breath since it was her only spell that had the ability to recover health point, magic point, qi point, and psychic point; although by a small amount.

    Sila, upon closing the distance to the Earth Dragon, used God’s Cathedral again, but this time combining it with Freezing Soul. With that, the area around Sila and the Earth Dragon noticeably begun to chill down.

    Luckily, Freezing Soul was indeed effective. The Earth Dragon’s scales began to frost over little by little. That was because the heart of the Freezing Soul was cold and tranquil. Yet, the health point of Earth Dragon was declined rapidly due to the effectiveness of the skill.

    Earth Dragon felt panic. It knew well that the slime race couldn’t use magic, and the woman with Sila seemed to be a supportive player, so it had been thinking that it was in a totally advantageous position. And now, it was clear as day that its thought was too naive.

    Sila was aware of the iron rule of the fighting. Upon being in an advantageous position, he must maintain his advantage while reducing the enemy’s chance to turn the situation around as much as possible.

    Sila put the power of Freezing Soul into his hands. He used both of them to strike at the Earth Dragon’s body around the area where it scales still didn’t frost over. With these series of attack, the Earth Dragon screamed in pain while its whole body turned into an ice sculpture.

    The frozen body of the Earth Dragon started to break down and Sila didn’t hesitate to keep attacking more and more. He had no mercy towards it, as he knew that if it was in his shoes, it would have done the same.

    Finally, Sila stopped his attack, while Jundtrathep approached next to him. As for the great Earth Dragon whose height was over ten meters, half of its giant body was broken into pieces, now only the head and the upper half of its body were left behind.

    “You’re strong, little slime. But don’t be too conceited, among the Eight Dragons, I’m the weakest. It’s the reason why I’m here at Beginning Island.”

    “No, you are actually very strong. I’m just lucky to be able to beat you,” Sila honestly replied. He really thought that he was truly lucky this time. He would have died by now if he didn’t happen to possess an ice elemental skill by pure chance.

    “Fufu, no need to be so modest. By the way, a treasure is hidden in the tree behind me … little slime, I wonder how far you will proceed regarding the Slime Seals.”

    After it finished its last sentence, its body dispersed into the light.

    The system sound alerted.

    You have defeated Python – Earth Dragon, Knight Rank, Level 800. You have received 400,000 experience points, gotten 1,500 gold, Python – Earth Dragon Card 1 EA, Orichalcum 1 EA, and Earth Shield 1 EA.

    Your Level have risen to 620.

    You have achieved a special condition of the quest: Decolonize the Slime Kingdom. The Seal of Earth has been destroyed. There are seven Seals remain.

    Player Jundtrathep has defeated Python – Earth Dragon, Knight Rank, Level 800. Player has received 4,000,000 experience points, and gotten 500 gold.

    Level of Player Jundtrathep has risen to 665.

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    Op op must get more info this is sooooo good
    And I like how the support shoots right past our Mc lol
    The support shoot right past MC?
    Could you please clarify why you think so?

    No offends here : ) I just would like to hear about it because I'm sure that situation doesn't happen in this fight. Maybe you misread some statement or maybe there's a mistake on my translation that needed to be fixed to prevent the misunderstanding.

    Edit: Oh! I just realized. Maybe you were referring to their level, not their action, right?
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