Allow opt in/opt out of notifications

Please add this! It's annoying to see notifications of titles I dot read and haven't read in months. Instead of doing it automatically let us pick the series we want to follow and to opt out of those we're not interested in


  • You can already disable / enable notifications at your Bookmarks page. Just click that flag / pause icon to enable / disable notifications by series.
  • Not or you still get notifications popping up. Now for titles I've NEVER read
  • I pressed the Pause notifications button, and I still get notifications.

    It happened like this for me, if this information makes any difference for troubleshooting:

    1. Subscribed to a high tier amount of chapters for AWE
    2. Canceled subscription, but now have plenty of chapters before the free chapters catches up
    3. Pressed pause on the notification for the novel
    4. Still get Newest (free) Chapter notifications
    It's quite a downer, seeing the notification icon for it, when I'm expecting chapters from a couple of other novels.
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