Monster Soul Online

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Monster Soul Online
Author: Persona
Translator: Sinless
Editor: warlocc & Chrysis
Translator Synopsis:
Monster Soul Online.

A virtual reality MMORPG known primarily for one thing: there are no rules. It is a lawless world where humans can shed the masks they wear and unleash the cruel beasts inside. It is in this very world that our story takes place.

After our protagonist, Sila, is defeated in a match that was in no way fair, he is forced to venture into this world after his master goes missing. The only clue? His opponent from the duel, Montra, says that he kidnapped Sila's master. Outside of the game, they are but two young men in a vast world filled with many kinds of people. Inside Monster Soul, however, Montra reigns supreme as the Magic Emperor, one of the top four players. Sila, on the other hand, is just starting out, and he has a lot of catching up to do if he wants to get answers from Montra.

But not everything is as it seems in this world, and what starts off as a simple journey to find his missing teacher turns into a quest of previously unpredictable proportions. Sila uncovers a world beneath the reality he thought he knew, filled with martial artists capable of incredible feats. From the legendary Tiger God to the peerless Sword Prodigy, Sila will learn about and even meet some of these figures that other martial artists both revere and fear. His quest will push him to his limits and bring out both the best and worst parts of his inner self. His light and his darkness. Whether he makes it out while retaining some part of his original personality or not, only time will tell.

About the author and myself:
We are both Thai. Persona is the author of the story and has been successful to some degree. This work "Monster Soul Online" is a popular web novel among Thai readers. It was published as books in 2011 consisting of 14 books and ended at chapter 474 (plus some special chapters) in 2013. The story shifts to the second and last episode of the novel called "Monster Soul Online: Second Raid" which is still ongoing.

Now the copyright phase of his publishing has ended. With his passion to spread his story to worldwide audience, I, who share his passion, decided to translate his work and would like to share it in WuxiaWorld as it is the place that I enjoy spending time reading many translators' works (I am a fan of Overgeared, The Novel's Extra, and TDG). By the way, I have already gotten the author's consent to translate and share his work.

I am currently translating as a hobby so I don't have much time.
I wish to be consistent and am planning to translate 2-4 chapters per week.

Original webnovel:
Monster Soul Online:
Monster Soul Online (2nd Raid):

1. Putting one’s palms together (=Sawatdee) = In Thailand, it's an act of paying respect. Also an act of greeting and saying goodbye to another person.
2. Qinggong = art of lightness. Usually referred in traditional Chinese novel where martial artists have the ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speed, perform gravity-defying moves such as gliding on water surfaces, scaling high walls, and mounting trees.
3. MSO's Rank is similar to cultivation realm. Details below.
Squire Rank level 1 -> Squire Rank level 1000
Knight Rank level 1 -> Knight Rank level 1000
Marquis Rank level 1 -> Marquis Rank level 1000
Lord Rank level 1 -> Lord Rank level 1000
Emperor Rank level 1 -> Emperor Rank level 1000
4. Qinggong = an art of using inner force through fingers; usually was mentioned in traditional Chinese novel regarding martial art. This art is commonly used in order to damage qi’s channel, attack internal organs, or strike in mid-range.

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    Special Chapter: A High Wall

    (Beginning of Volume#1: "First Step into the New World") 

    Pain, loneliness, and despair.

    Just one of these emotions was almost unbearable, but he was experiencing all three at once.

    Within an arena made of hard cushions in a branch of the Sky Dragon Dojo, many people sat around witnessing a fight but no one dared to make a sound. The loudest noise was his own breathing. His rib must have been cracked as every breath he took brought pain.

    This fight had no referee. The winner was the last man standing. Sila saw a light bulb in the ceiling. The taste of blood in his mouth had helped to clear his blurry consciousness.

    Sila slowly stood up with no one interrupting. His opponent was wearing white sparring clothes now stained with blood, not so different from his own brown sparring clothes. However, all the blood belonged to him and him alone.

    Montra still hadn’t received any harm.

    Montra. This was an uncommon name. But Sila thought it suited very well to this man. Be it intelligence, charm, fighting or overall ability, Montra was blessed with all of them as if possessing some magic.

    T/N: ‘Montra’ means ‘magic’ or ‘spell’ in Thai.

    Under normal circumstances, Sila would have given up. However, what was at stake today was not his own pride. It was something much more important. The stakes were his teacher’s whereabouts and well-being.

    “Where is my teacher?” Sila asked painfully.

    Montra didn’t answer. “Get serious, or don't expect me to tell you anything.”

    Sila hurriedly moved three steps closer to Montra, entering the range where his attack could reach. He twisted his waist, concentrating all the strength he had into his fist.

    Montra was calm. He moved a half-step forward. His right arm was lifted vertically, while his left was used to easily swipe Sila’s attack aside.

    The sound of an attack connecting echoed throughout the arena. Sila’s body was thrown into a cushion. His skin was starting to turn dark brown due to the injuries he had taken.

    Montra walked closer. “Why are you still not using your dojo’s martial arts?”

    Sila tried to lessen the pain by relaxing his muscles. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to use them, but he couldn’t. Although he had been raised in a dojo, even selected as the main disciple, his teacher had never once taught him any martial arts. He could only perform sloppy martial arts that he had mimicked from the others he fought.

    All his childhood, Sila had learned nothing but muscle-building and fight. His life mostly consisted of two things: his teacher and his dojo.

    Both were taken away from Sila by the very opponent in front of him.

    “Hahh!” Sila tried to kick Montra’s left ankle. However, Montra casually lifted his foot up. Then, Sila exerted force into his leg to sweep the floor, giving Montra no choice but to jump.

    Sila then used his hand as spring, pushing himself into the air and kicked Montra as he was in mid-air, causing him to fly away.

    Montra neatly landed on a cushion. His eyes flashed with curiosity. “Is that your dojo’s martial arts?”

    “That’s my own move, you bastard!”

    “Is that so? If you don’t intend to use them, then be ready to never use them again.”

    Finished talking, Montra jumped towards Sila for the first time. He appeared in front of Sila with only one move. His foot stomped on a cushion, tearing it off.

    Sila hurriedly punched at Montra’s waist. However, Montra moved his elbow down to counter. The sound of bones fracturing could be heard from Sila's right fist.

    Moreover, Montra's right fist punched at Sila’s abdomen, near his liver. Sila felt like he was hit by a metal hammer. He felt pain all over; his body felt numb.

    He almost wanted to pass out. However, the pain had kept him from doing so. He was experiencing every cruel moment. His eyes wandering without focus. He was alone. No one was standing by his side. His hope was chipping away as the attacks didn't stop coming. The longer this dragged on, the more his fatigue and pain multiplied. The taste and smell of his own blood almost causing him to vomit.

    Sila stood staggering. In front of him was a high wall, making it impossible for him to see what was ahead.

    Most people would give up here.

    Nevertheless, Sila didn’t. No matter how high of a wall it was, what he had to do was the same. He just had to climb over it.

    Sila used his last ounces of energy to weakly grab Montra’s collar.

    Montra’s palm rotated like a whip. He grabbed Sila’s hand and twisted it so that a bone in Sila’s wrist fractured. He was expecting Sila to stumble onto the floor in agony.

    Yet, things didn’t go that way. Instead, Sila abandoned his left hand and used his broken right fist to punch Montra’s face with all his strength. The impact was enough to push Montra two meters away.

    ‘Starting with one punch,’ thought Sila while he readied himself for another round. Montra jumped toward him again, like he was a merciless, violent dragon.

    At the time, Sila still wasn’t aware that this fight would be the one that would overturn his life forever.

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    Prelude: A Broken Spirit

    At the Grand Hospital,

    A beautiful female doctor, who many male doctors and patients had dreamed of, was now talking to a middle-aged man.

    Though the man’s actual age was forty-five, he looked like he was in his thirties. He had a clean-cut hairstyle, short beard, and was wearing a neat outfit.

    The guys surrounding these two had eyes filled with envy toward this man. They were all trying to eavesdrop on their conversation.

    This female doctor’s name was Panhathai. This name was very suitable for her. She truly was like a heart to many of the men here. The fact that she was only in her late twenties but didn’t have a boyfriend yet caused many men to think they still had a chance.

    T/N: Panhathai means ‘like a heart’ in Thai.

    Even though they felt that way, no one would dare injure themselves enough to be treated by her, since she was an orthopedist. By the way, the conversation of these two wasn’t flirtatious at all. It was focused solely on a particular patient.

    “Doctor, Sila has been in the hospital for more than a week. Why is he not getting any better? His wounds are all gone, aren’t they? So why can’t he walk yet?” the man anxiously asked.

    “Mister Rashane, you first need to understand that, for physical therapy, an external wound is not the major concern. It’s the internal one that—”

    “Internal wound? Does that mean his internal organs are damaged? If that’s the case, how long will it take for him to recover?” Rashane inquired with great care.

    “No, I mean his spirit. Sila himself is not willing to recover. He doesn’t even want to perform physical therapy. If he isn't willing, the medical treatment won’t be effective.” The doctor replied with regret.

    Rashane fully understood the reason why Sila had no will to recover. Sila was his close friend’s, Mora’s, main disciple, and at the same time Mora’s adopted son.

    Mora was the owner of a martial arts dojo, he had adopted him when Sila was a child. For Sila, Mora was his teacher, his father and his only friend.

    Not many days ago, Mora had disappeared without a way to contact him. Meanwhile, there had been a letter from Sila’s competitor threatening him to give up in an upcoming duel if he wished to see his teacher again.

    His opponent in the duel, Montra, was a champion of many competitions, and the son of a very famous martial arts dojo master.

    Sila didn’t give up after being threatened by the letter, though he couldn't concentrate in the duel, resulting in his loss. He had ended up badly injured, to the point that he had to be admitted to the hospital.

    The worst part of these events was, that although the duel had ended in Sila’s loss, Sila’s teacher was still not coming back.

    With the teacher having disappeared and the main disciple utterly defeated, the other disciples decided to resign from the dojo. Thus, now his dojo business was completely ruined.

    Although Rashane was not directly involved, he had known Sila ever since he was a child and saw him as his own son. Because of his relationship with Mora, he decided to help by paying the medical fees and looking after Sila since that incident.

    “So he should at least perform physical therapy, huh?” Rashane murmured and let out a sigh.

    “He doesn’t even need to have serious physical therapy. That’s because, for Sila’s body, the injuries he received are not considered fatal.”

    “He doesn’t have to have serious physical therapy? What do you mean?”

    “First off, have you heard of a brain scanner?” the doctor asked with a smile.

    “I have. I even have one at home. It’s a device that gives us access to the virtual system directly via brainwave while we’re sleeping, isn't it? Time in the virtual system is slowed by five fold. It’s a pretty convenient tool for work. Though, recently, my daughter is the one who constantly uses it for playing games.”

    “That’s the one. Our hospital has the policy to use brain scanners for treating the patients who have mental damage rather than physical. The patients will get access to beautiful and relaxing scenes such as mountains, rivers, waterfalls, or the sea to calm their mind.”

    “That sounds good. Then why hasn't the hospital used this method on Sila yet? Is it because I need to buy one myself? If so, I have no problem with that. Please just tell me the expenses. I will pay,” proposed Rashane.

    Panhathai hurriedly waved her hand. “It’s not about expenses. I have already told Sila about it, but he has declined.”

    “Is that so...?”

    Rashane felt very hopeless.

    ‘Wait. What did my daughter tell me before?’

    The man thought of something. Suddenly, he smiled; he just got an idea to motivate Sila to use a brain scanner.

    “Doctor, I have a plan. I will contact you later with more information. Please pardon me as I leave. I will be back soon.”

    Rashane ran off as enthusiastic as a kid.


    Panhathai was a bit confused.

    Rashane hurriedly left the hospital, so he didn’t get to hear the upcoming words of despondency from the female orthopedist.

    “Hahh... He already left. It’s regretful that I got to talk only about the patient... A handsome widower with decent age. He is exactly my type.”

    The light complaint from the female doctor gave the other eavesdropping guys the resolution to not cut their beard in the future, in the hopes of having a better chance of winning the doctor’s heart someday.


    Three hours later, the door of room 303 was opened.

    A man in a patient outfit was lying down on the bed. His messy dark brown hair was being blown by the wind from the windows. His body was a little malnourished but still looked decently muscular. His deep brown eyes looked vacantly through the windows until the sound of the door made him turn his head to look at two familiar figures.

    “Hello, Uncle Rashane.”

    The man put his palms together to greet the visitor.

    T/N: As you may know, in Thailand, putting one’s palms together is an act of paying respect. Usually performed by a younger one toward his respected person. It’s also an act of formally greeting and saying goodbye to another person.

    “Hi, Sila, How are you? Feeling any better?” asked Rashane while putting the box he carried onto the floor.

    “So-so, sir”

    Rashane lightly nodded, “I bought something for you today.” He then started to unpack the box.

    “You don’t need to. Just paying for my medical fees has made me wonder how I can ever repay your kindness already.”

    “If you truly want to repay my kindness then get better. Nevertheless, you don’t need to be so concerned. I think of you as my own son.”

    “Thank you, uncle.”

    The box was finally opened. Inside was one of the recently released brain scanners. This was the result of Rashane consulting with the doctor; she had told him that the hospital's brain scanners had fewer functions and were shared with the other patients. When Rashane told her his plan, she had suggested he buy a personal one instead.

    “What is it?” Sila curiously asked.

    A brain scanner consisted of two parts. The first part looked like a hair band with an electronic monitor on the front of it. This part was called a brain scanning device. The user had to wear this part to use the brain scanner. The other part was the central processing unit called a brain-wave controller. It looked kind of like a laptop, but its functions were much more complex and versatile.

    Despite these two parts being with wireless, they still had to be within a ten meters radius to be effective.

    “A brain scanner,” said Rashane, “And it’s the most recent one.”

    Sila could guess Rashane’s intention. He released a sigh.

    “Thank you, uncle Rashane. But I’ve already told the doctor that I won’t—”

    “Just listen to me first, Sila. I have something to tell you. If you listen to all this and still don’t want to use it, I will then accept your decision and won't bring this topic up again.”

    Sila stayed silent after hearing this. So Rashane took it as a sign to continue.

    “This brain scanner is set up to access a game called Monster Soul Online which is very popular right now. My daughter is also playing it. In this game, users will get to experience a virtual reality world. Pain, hunger, taste, smell, and emotion will all seem real.”

    Rashane paused for a moment as if he was hesitant to tell Sila the next sentence.

    But finally, he sighed and continued.

    “Sila, what do you think about... ermm... Montra?”

    Suddenly, Rashane changed the topic.

    Almost at the exact same time as Rashane had ended his sentence, Sila’s eyes were filled with vengeance. His hands squeezed heavily on bed’s edge.

    Sila spoke with very a cold tone, “…I want to chop him into pieces.”

    Hearing this, Rashane felt regretful that he had to use this method. But if this was the only way that will make Sila willing to use the device, then he must do it.

    “Why did you suddenly bring up Montra?” One could easily tell that Sila’s voice was full of suppressed anger.

    “I want to tell you that; Montra is also playing this game.”


    Sila was so shocked to the point that he exclaimed unconsciously.

    “I heard it from my daughter; his name seemed very familiar so I did some research. His game character is very well-known inside the game. He is among one of the top players, regarded as part of the Four Emperors, and even among these four, he is known to be the strongest. He uses his real name and real face for his character. He even has many fans. Right now he is the leader of the Heavenly Dragon Guild, which is the biggest and most influential guild of Monster Soul... What I want to say is this: the game is very realistic. If you want to meet Montra again, it may not matter whether it is in real life or in-game.”

    The room fell into silence. Then, a reply could be heard from Sila’s mouth.

    “How quickly can this device be operated?”

    This reply made Rashane and doctor feel happy and worried at the same time. Both of them felt happy that Sila was finally willing to use the device. Meanwhile, they were also fully aware that the reason for him using the device was not a good one—seeking his revenge.

    ‘Hopefully nothing bad will happen,’ thought Rashane.

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    Chapter 1: Right Arm of the Sealed One

    “Hello. Welcome to the world of Monster Soul. I am the NPC (Non-Player Character) responsible for assisting new players before they enter the actual game.”

    A sweet voice echoed in the black room. The voice didn't sound computerized or fake in any way.

    “How strange... Excuse me. Are you human?” asked Sila.

    “Yes, I am a real person who works as an NPC. We are better able to talk, answer, and adapt to every unpredictable situation, so the company uses real people. There are also NPCs who are AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the game though. However, even if they are an AI, a player will have a hard time separating them from an actual person. Our AIs are considered the most advanced in the industry.”

    “Then, what should I do here? Umm... I haven’t played an online game before.”

    “I see. You’re a new user. First, let’s register you. What name will you choose for your avatar.”

    “Avatar’s name, hmm?”

    If Montra used his real name for playing, then Sila didn’t see any reason why he couldn’t.

    “I will use my real name. My name is Sila.”

    “Alright. Do you confirm the name Sila?”


    “Confirmation completed. Next, please adjust your avatar. You can adjust your avatar up to a maximum of thirty percent of your real face and body.”

    A holographic of Sila’s face, frontal body, side, and back were shown.

    ‘Thirty percent? That’s quite a lot. Well, that guy also uses his real face.’

    For the same reason, Sila didn’t want to confront Montra with someone else’s face.

    “Don’t change.”

    “Player Sila doesn’t wish to change his face and body. Please confirm this.”


    The system notification rang.

    You have successfully created your avatar. You have gotten Beginner’s Clothing and Beginner’s Dagger.

    “Player Sila, would you like to listen to an explanation of the game?”

    “Do I have to listen to all of it?”

    Sila asked back. He was kind of a curious person.

    “No, you don’t have to. You can choose to listen only to the parts you are interested in. And even if you want to listen to this kind of explanation later, you can still visit the Hall of Beginnings located on the Island of Beginnings to listen to all of it.”

    “Then, please summarize only important parts to me. If I don’t understand, I’ll go ask the person in the Hall of Beginnings later.”

    “Roger. In this game, a player will have the role of a person who lives in the world of Monster Soul, a world where monsters and humans coexist. The time ratio between this game and real life is five to one. The notable differences between this game and other games is that; this game has no profession system, and an avatar’s level has no correlation to fighting ability.”

    Sila frowned a bit. “Eh? So, self-training is enough? Don’t we have to fight monsters? What is the point of an avatar’s level, then?”

    “An Avatar’s level gives benefits such as receiving certain quests, unlocking skills, as well as being able to equip higher-tier weapons. For example, a level 1 player can train themself to fight a level 30 wolf. But they'll be unable to equip equipment that is designed for the higher-leveled characters to use.”

    Sila nodded in understanding. Then, he asked about the thing that his uncle mentioned.

    “I heard that this game is very realistic. So, if our avatar gets hurt, we will also feel pain; if an avatar dies, we will also experience death. Is this true?”

    “That’s not quite true. Allow me to explain; in this game, if a player dies, their avatar’s level will be decreased by 10, equipment and items will randomly drop, and the player will have to wait for one in-game hour. Regarding painfulness, in the game, a player will feel one-tenth of the pain you would physically feel. Adjusting the pain level to a higher degree is optional. Doing so will grant the player a special reward from the system. The higher the pain level, the more valuable item you will receive.”

    Sila was confused, “It can be adjusted? Then, there should be multiple people who have a special reward from this, shouldn’t there?”

    “That’s not it. Although this game is realistic, no one would want to receive realistic pain. Also, the condition to get the pain adjustment option is not currently known. The condition is; asking about pain during the avatar creation process. By the way, once you decide on a certain painfulness degree, you cannot change it anymore. Of course, there are some other secret methods to change the painfulness level, but all of them are very complex, I can safely say that this condition is the easiest. Players usually go straight into playing the game immediately after creating their avatar. Not many waste their time listening to my explanation as they know they can listen to it anytime they want to at the Hall of Beginnings. Actually, you are only the second person who has unlocked this condition.”

    “Hmm? Who is the first one? And what item did he get?”

    “The first one is Player Montra. But as for his reward, I cannot tell you that since it’s the player’s personal secret.”

    Sila’s eyes changed as soon as he heard the name Montra.

    “Which degree of pain did he choose?” Sila’s voice was full of coldness.

    NPC fell silent for a moment when she sensed the change in Sila’s tone. She answered slowly, “Player Montra set his pain level to ten out of ten, which is equal to real life pain.”

    “Then I ask for five times his pain level.”

    He didn’t want to be inferior to Montra, so Sila told NPC that sentence.

    NPC paused for a moment in shock. She had never seen a player like this.

    “We are truly sorry, but ten is the highest degree that a player can choose. The system does not allow for a player to adjust pain level higher than that. Otherwise, it would be overly dangerous to the player.”

    “In that case, ten is fine.”

    “Painfulness level is at ten degrees which is equal to reality. Please confirm this.”

    A smile formed at the corner of Sila’s mouth as he sneered inwardly, ‘Equal to reality, huh? I experience pain a hundred times more painful than this in reality.’


    “The system would like to inform you that the pain caused in this game will affect your actual body. Despite the fact that there are no real injuries, when your brain perceives the pain, your actual body will likely be affected. The company will not be responsible for any harm caused by the virtual pain at level ten. If the player understands this condition, please accept the agreement and reconfirm.”

    “I accept and confirm.”

    The system notification rang again.

    You have gotten the Sealed Box.

    A ring-size black box with silver chain covering it appeared and floated in front of Sila. He grabbed it and read the details of the box immediately.

    (S) Sealed Box

    A sealed box that, upon opening, will randomly give you one of the unique items in ‘The Sealed One’ set, which contains seven parts. Only six parts currently remained. (If a player receives this box and there are no parts remaining, the box will change itself to (S) Mysterious Box, which will randomly give out one S Grade item instead).

    Sila tried to open it, but there was no prompt. While he frowned and was about to ask, the NPC girl then answered his question.

    “In this place, all items will be unusable. Please try opening it again after you are inside the game.”

    After hearing this, Sila threw the box into his system window.

    “Do you need any more information?”

    “No. Please send me into the game.”

    “Roger. We suggest players visit the Hall of Beginnings to receive starting items there. The system will now send you to the Island of Beginnings, starting on the outskirts. We wish you a fun time playing the game, sir.

    A self-ridiculing little grin face showed on Sila's face, ‘Have fun, huh?’ before he became a white light and disappeared.


    A light appeared in a suburb. This was a very common sight around Town of Beginnings; it was the sign of a new player entering for the first time.

    Sila emerged amid that light. He looked around and found that this place was a wide grassy field. On his right, he could see a forest area that wasn’t too dense, on his left was a city. The distance from here to the city looked to be around two kilometers.

    While he was still deciding whether he should go straight to the city or not, the system rang out.

    Monster Pink Slime, Level 1 Squire Rank, has appeared.

    A pink mucus began dancing from left to right around his feet. However, it had shown no sign of attacking him at all.

    ‘Weird. It doesn’t seem as though it will attack me. Is it a non-aggressive monster?’

    At first, Sila was going to try punching it since he specialized in barehanded combat. But he later felt a bit of disgust toward touching the slime. So he decided to equip his Beginner’s Clothes and Dagger first.

    (F) Beginner’s Clothing

    Uniform designed for a new player. Increases physical defense by 3 points.

    (F) Beginner’s Dagger

    Increases physical attack by 3 points.

    They were an ordinary dagger and brown normal-looking clothing. Well, he didn’t care. At least he felt a bit safer holding the dagger than using his bare hand to attack the slime.

    He tried to stab the pink mucus one time.

    After the attack, the pink slime immediately but slowly tried attacking back.

    However, Sila could easily dodge its slow attack. He stabbed it again and again. Soon, the slime’s body broke after getting stabbed three more times.

    System sound rang again.

    You have defeated Pink Slime, Level 1 Squire Rank.

    You have received 5 experience points, 3 silver, and the Pink Slime Card.

    You have learned a passive skill: Dagger Mastery – Level 1.

    “Hmm? Did I get a card? Didn’t Miss NPC tell me that monster cards are a rare drop? Why did I get it on my first try? Am I that lucky?”

    Sila defeated many slimes around there afterward.

    One hour had passed. Sila had gotten tired. He had killed about a hundred slimes, but his level was only at 2. This indicated that Pink Slime gave very little experience even for new players. Surprisingly, Sila got 67 cards from them. It appeared that the Pink Slime Card’s drop rate was very high. His Dagger Mastery skill level also rose to 15.

    Sila opened his system window to see his avatar’s status.

    Player Status: Sila

    Level: 2

    Race: Human

    Rank: Squire

    Health Points: 473 / 512

    Magic Points: 50 / 50

    ‘Is this high or low?’ Sila wondered since he had never played the game before. His life had only been dedicated to martial arts training.

    He looked over other windows leisurely. He changed his system window’s color to deep blue, connected the game system to his mobile phone, and set his system sound to a soft and girly voice. Strangely, there was a terrifying lady boy’s voice available for him to choose. Sila thought this was a joke designed by a game designer.

    He finally stumbled upon the Sealed Box.

    ‘I forgot that I had to open it in the game. Well, I better open it now.’

    Sila held the small back box in his right hand, and said, “Open.”

    The silver chain broke with a shower of bright silver sparkles. The system notification could be heard inside Sila’s head.

    You have gained an active skill: Unseal – Level 1.

    ‘Oh? I even gained a skill. The item inside must be good.’

    You have obtained the (S) Right Arm of the Sealed One. It’s a special item which cannot be sold or transferred, and you are forced to equip it. The system will now automatically equip it. The (F) Beginner’s Dagger is now transferred to your inventory. Passive skill: Dagger Mastery - Level 15is deleted.

    Sila’s right arm from below the elbow suddenly turned into stone.

    “What’s this!? I can’t move my hand! And did it just delete my skill?”

    Sila was shocked. He hurriedly read the information of the Right Arm of the Sealed One, but it was labeled with [Has not yet been unsealed] status.

    “Unseal” Sila used his skill reflexively.

    The level of the Unseal skill has risen to level 2 … 3 ... 4 ... 15.

    Now Sila’s arm could move properly, but its appearance was not the same. Now it looked like he was wearing a long, antique mechanical arm that was covered in characters that Sila couldn’t understand. However, he did not pay attention to its new shape. His focus was on its updated information.

    (S) Right Arm of the Sealed One

    The right arm of a certain man who was sealed somewhere in this world. Increases physical attack by 100 points. Cannot be unequipped under any circumstances. You cannot equip a main weapon or use the unique skills that are available only for the human race.

    Normal people would complain. But for Sila, his reliance and confidence lied in his fists, and he did not intend to use any weapon from the start. His only worry was the fact that he couldn’t use the human race’s unique skills. What did that mean? He was human, right? Did this mean he couldn't use any skills?

    “I don’t see how this is an S-grade item. I really can’t understand the thoughts of this game’s designer.”

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    Chapter 2: The Hidden Quest That Everyone Knows

    ‘What will be, will be,’ thought Sila.

    Sila sat down looking at his new right arm. Although he could move it freely, he still felt like it wasn’t his own arm. It felt as though he was wearing a very long glove from his fingertips to his elbow. It looked lifeless. Like the artificial arm of a robot.

    No matter how many times he read his new arm’s information, the Right Arm of the Sealed One was not as good as an S Grade equipment should be. He had just visited the game forum via a news window and found that an option of increasing physical attack by 100 points was very ordinary and could be found on D Grade equipment. With the restrictions that forced a user to equip and forbade the user to use some skills, Sila thought that this right arm should be categorized as E Grade equipment instead.

    ‘I should try to attack using this arm first.’

    He looked left and right, the field was still filled with slimes. Hence, he decided to attack one of them. However, he was not sure how to attack it with his new arm as he still was not used to it. The arm was slightly larger than his original one.

    While he was feeling a bit silly, he decided to just use it on one of the slimes.

    The Pink Slime died in one hit.

    You have defeated Pink Slime, Level 1 Squire Rank.

    You have received 5 experience points, 3 silver, and 3 Pink Slime Cards.

    You have learned a passive skill: Bare Hands Mastery – Level 1.

    Sila was not surprised at all when he heard he received three cards altogether since he had known that these slimes would sometimes drop several cards at once. Sila figured that these cards were a very common drop. Nevertheless, except for these Pink Slime Cards, no other item was dropped from the slime, except money.

    Sila didn’t worry much and began hunting more than a thousand Pink Slimes. This time he could eliminate them at a much faster rate since his arm, which had 100 attack points, could kill a Pink Slime in one hit.

    Newbies around there started to notice him. Making Sila thought, ‘Am I seizing the monsters from newbies? But wait ... I am a newbie too.’ With this perspective, he hunted for more.

    He was aware of the time again when he was at level 3. His Bare Hands Mastery reached level 27. He had 1,857 silver while the number of the card was whopping 2,851.

    ‘I remember Miss NPC said about the card window. She told me to seek more information about it at Card Shop, though.’

    With curiosity, Sila inspected one of the cards.

    (F) Pink Slime Card

    ‘That’s it? There is no other explanation. How can I know what it is used for?’

    He then thought about the card window. He decided to insert one Pink Slime Card into his card window.

    A system notification rang.

    Would you like to equip a Pink Slime Card? Do you want to confirm?


    Confirmation completed. You have changed your race to Slime Race. Please check more information in your status window.

    You have learned a special skill: Heart of Slime.

    When system sound stopped, Sila quickly opened his status window.

    Player Status: Sila

    Level: 3

    Race: Pink Slime

    Rank: Squire

    Health Point: 558 / 558

    Magic Point: 50 / 50

    ‘Huh? I am not a human anymore? But my body didn’t seem to change at all.’

    Sila pressed on the race button in status window to see his current race information. It suddenly made him speechless.

    Slime Race

    Monsters in the slime race will not attack you first.

    You are forbidden from using magic.

    The slime race’s nemesis is the dragon race. Monsters in the dragon race will give priority in attacking you first.

    “Slimes don’t attack first? Aren’t they passive to begin with? And what is this... the slime’s nemesis is the dragon? Doesn’t that far outclass them? How did they even become an enemy in the first place? More importantly, this race forbids me from using magic so now my avatar can’t use skills or magic. What should I do?”

    Even if he had never played any game before, the word dragon still sounded very almighty when compared to these pink slimes.

    Sila thought there would be nothing worse than this. Thus, he inserted one more card into his card window. Strangely, the card disappeared instantly with a small window message popped up.


    Sila frowned. He inserted another card. It disappeared again.


    ‘I see. I have to insert 2,500 cards. No wonder why they dropped so easily.’

    After that, Sila spent about an hour inserting cards one by one until the number reached 2,500.

    ‘Why does the system only allow me to insert them one at a time? Terribly time-consuming.’

    The system notification rang.

    Congratulations! You have accomplished a hidden quest. You have received the Invitation Card to the Slime Kingdom. It’s a personal item which cannot be sold or transferred.

    Invitation Card to the Slime Kingdom

    A special item which cannot be sold or transferred. Upon paying 1,000 silver, you can teleport to the Slime Kingdom.

    Sila felt a bit confused as he read the description. Well, for now, he decided to just keep it in his item window, which was now much clearer because many slime cards were used. The reason Sila didn’t determine to go to the Slime Kingdom was that 1,000 silver was considered expensive for him right now. Moreover, he did not have any information about the Slime Kingdom yet. It shouldn’t be too late if he did some research before he went.

    “Well, I’ll kill some more slimes before entering the town.”

    But as Sila turned around to look for the disgusting slimes, he surprisingly found that the slimes didn’t look so loathsome anymore. Instead, they looked cute in pink balloon-like forms with big eyes and mouths.

    “What is this? Where are the slimes?”

    Sila immediately thought that this must be related to his newly acquired skill: Heart of Slime.

    Special Skill: Heart of Slime

    You can see the genuine form of slime.

    “The genuine form?”

    Many slimes began to snuggle him. They gave him the loving eyes as if they’re trying to tell him that ‘We are comrades, Bro’ causing Sila to cancel his slime elimination plan.

    ‘Why did the system have to make these guys this cute? Now I think I won’t be able to hunt slimes anymore.’

    Finally, Sila went to the Town of Beginnings.


    The Town of Beginnings was bustling and lively. People were crowded. Most of them were wearing Beginner’s Clothes. The atmosphere was somehow similar to the atmosphere in a traditional Chinese movie. All buildings and shops on either side of the road were decorated in a Chinese style.

    There was a signpost pointing to the main road, saying the Hall of Beginnings was up ahead.

    Sila followed the signpost. There were many signposts indicating directions every ten meters, making Sila wonder why this city had to have so many signs. Even without the crossroad, there was still a signpost.

    Sila finally saw the Hall of Beginnings in front of him, but his eyes were more focused on the Card Shop near it.

    ‘Miss NPC told me to ask about the cards here, so I should pay a visit.’

    When Sila went inside, the shop had no customers at all. There was only a young woman with blonde hair, who was wearing a red cheongsam, standing behind the counter.

    “Hello, how may I, Muay, serve you?”

    ‘Muay? Her face is very westerner-like, her eyes are also blue. If it isn’t because of her cheongsam, I may think I’m lost in Europe.’ Sila argued in his mind.

    T/N: Muay is a Thai nickname used to call for girls who have Chinese-like face. So, his thought here is about this name doesn’t suit her appearance.

    “Mister Customer?”

    “Oh. Sorry. I would like to inquire about the cards.”

    “You must be a new player, then. Feel free to ask anything.”

    “Okay. The thing is, recently, I inserted a card into my card window and then my race turned into the slime race.”

    “Oh, that is the hidden quest, Race Selecting. In Monster Soul, players can change race to other races besides human via inserting an unidentified card of the desired race. However, now this quest is not considered hidden anymore since everyone knows about this method. You can even look up this info on the game forum. By the way, upon changing race, players will inherit that race’s strong and weak points.”

    “Oh, okay then. Umm... could you please tell me about slime race’s strong points? It seems like I can’t find them in the description.”

    Muay smiled before replying, “There is none.”

    Sila was a little shocked. He lifted his right hand to pick his ear, but then he realized his finger was too big. So he scratched his head instead.

    “I am sorry. I did not hear it properly. What did you say just now?”

    Muay smiled again before replying, “There is none. The slime race is a race that no one plays. Players who had gotten this race all deleted their avatars then started anew. It only has weaknesses, and can’t even use magic. Currently, there is only one player who plays this race.”

    “Hmm? Who is he?”

    “Player Sila, sir.”

    Sila was dumbfounded, ‘Well, true, if there is only one, then that’s me. Is this race that bad?’

    “Ermm... everyone dislikes this race that much?”

    “Yes. According to the Blue Pigeon Guild’s information that is published in Monster Encyclopedia, they regarded the slime race as the weakest race available.”

    Sila thought for a few seconds.

    “Then what is the strongest race?”

    “According to the Blue Pigeon Guild’s information that is published in Monster Encyclopedia, they defined the dragon race as the strongest race.”

    “Is there anybody playing as that race?”

    “Yes, there are five people. The strongest of the race is Player Montra of the Heavenly Dragon Guild. Other three are also the members of this guild, while the last player is currently not in any guild.”

    ‘Montra again. So that bastard is indeed very strong in this game.’

    “What does it mean by the word ‘the strongest of the race’?”

    “The system can only announce the name of the strongest of each race to the public. By the way, the strongest of each race will be given an ultimate special skill of their own race. For example, Player Sila is currently the strongest of slime race who possessing Heart of Slime. If there is someone asking for this information, I am then obliged to answer this much.”

    “Can I ask what the ultimate skill of the dragon race is?”

    “Sure. The dragon race’s ultimate skill is Dragon Heart which allows the player to regain life once upon dying. When they revive, the player will have 50% of their total health points, with attack and defense increased by 30%, and speed increased by 10%.”

    “What!? Why does it so much different from my race? Mine is just making slime looks cute.”

    “I cannot answer that one.”

    ‘Well, maybe she is just an AI.’

    “I have another four questions; I have the Unseal skill, but why can’t I identify cards?”

    “A card can only be identified by the Card Shop’s owner. Please let me borrow one.”

    Sila gave her a card. Muay took it and silver light instantly emitted from the card. Afterward, she gave it back to Sila.

    (F) Pink Slime Card

    Increases the attack power by 1% when fighting against the slime race’s monsters.

    Monsters in slime race will not attack you first.

    “It’s also free of charge,” said Muay.

    “So it’s like that. Next, how rare for a card to drop? It seems like I got them very easily.”

    “Normally, the drop rate of a card is 0.1%. However, it varies based on monster races. For instance, the slime has a 50% drop rate whereas the dragon only has a 0.0001% drop rate. The selling price is also inversely proportional to the drop rate and race. For example, 10 Pink Slime Cards can be sold for 1 silver while the Earth Dragon Card can be sold for 50 gold. Well, it usually isn’t sold at the store since it can be sold between players for a much higher price. As for the Pink Slime Card, it’s usually left on the floor since its price is next to useless.”

    “So that’s the reason I could find them everywhere. Okay. Next question is: what is this?”

    Sila took out the Invitation Card to the Slime Kingdom.

    “This is an invitation card to the kingdom of the player’s chosen race. When using it, the player will be sent to the special area to perform special quests. Upon quest completion, players will gain secret skills of their own race. The number of skills is fixed at three for every race. The content of the quest could be asked from an NPC of the race that lives in the kingdom. The invitation card can be normally obtained by inserting the specific amount of unidentified cards depending on race. The slime race needs 2,500 cards, the beast race needs 15 cards, the dragon race needs 5 cards; for example.” 

    Sila nodded. He perceived that people started walking into the store so he quickly finished his business here.

    “Lastly, what kind of items are sold here?”

    Muay let out a sigh and then smiled. Sila felt as if the sentence ‘Finally I can start selling something.’ was written on her face. She gestured her hand to the counter.

    “Please come this way.”

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    Chapter 3: A Wise and Lovely NPC

    After wasting a lot of time questioning Miss Muay, Sila walked out of the Card Shop in the next hour.

    Sila gained vast knowledge about cards from Miss Muay. For example, cards sold in the Card Shop were all supporting cards. Every card of this type, ranging from F to D Grades, could be found in the store. As for cards in the C to A Grades, they only dropped from monsters. However, few C to A Grade cards could be up for sales in some shops in limited quantity. The selection of cards also changes daily. Unfortunately, the Card Shop in the Town of Beginnings didn’t have any of those.

    S Grade cards are mostly given by participating in special events or obtained through hidden quests. Not every S Grade card is powerful though. Rather, a card’s grade is classified by the ‘rarity’ of the card. Players should be cautious of this fact. There was a time when one player successfully bid on an S Grade card for 300 gold in an auction, but the result was horrible, it appeared that the card’s effect was only to make the user’s height decreased by half.

    Moreover, only a limited number of cards of the same kind could be equipped in the card window. The same F to D Grade cards can be equipped with up to three duplicates, C to A Grades can be equipped up to two, while players can only equip a single unique S Grade card.

    Sila bought two cards that increased his attack by 1% when fighting bare-hand, at 500 silver each. He inserted them in his card window together with three Pink Slime Cards, even if he did not plan to hunt slimes anymore, to have his window fully utilized.

    The Hall of Beginnings was not far from the Card Shop. There was a small signpost in front of the entrance saying, “We, wise and lovely NPCs, welcome all new players.”

    Sila stepped inside. He took a look and found that the atmosphere of this place was pretty much like a financial bank. There was a queue ticket machine, which was very contradictory to the traditional Chinese atmosphere of the town. There were no bank counters with lines of customers though. Instead, there were five doors serving players privately and individually. When a player stepped out, there would be a sound to call out the player next in the queue.

    ‘It’s designed like this for privacy, I guess?’

    Sila was a bit startled when he received the queuing ticket number 1856 as he presumed that he would have to wait for a long time. But he soon sighed in relief when he heard an announcement.

    “Number 1839, please enter Room Number Four.”

    Sila noticed that the time taken for each player in each room wasn’t the same. The player who went through door Number Four still hadn’t come out, while players who entered room Number One, Two, or Three usually took about five to six minutes. As for the Room Number Five, players took less than a minute before running out of the room.

    Sila waited around fifteen minutes until he heard:

    “Number 1856, please enter Room Number Five.”

    ‘Lucky. It’s the Room Number Five, this is the fastest one.’ Sila stood up and went straight into the room. The door opened automatically, conflicting with the town’s atmosphere again.

    If Sila thought the atmosphere outside was somehow contradictory, the inside was even more so. Inside the room was very dark, only the faint glow from the lamp on the table in the middle of the room made the surroundings visible. There were two wooden chairs located on the opposite sides of the table. One of the chairs was currently taken by an elderly man with white hair and a bushy beard. His face had a scar on his left cheek, and his eyes seemed very brutal.

    “Ermm... my apology. It seems like I got into the wrong room.”

    Sila turned back, wanting to go out. But the door was completely locked.

    ‘What? Why doesn't it open? And it doesn’t have a doorknob too.’

    “Sit down first, boy,” a deep and intense voice came from the mouth of the old man, “That door won’t open until I finish my business with you.”

    Hearing that, Sila was forced to sit down on the chair, thinking, ‘What did his word ‘finish’ refer to?’

    “First of all, my name is Crow, a wise and lovely NPC of the Hall of Beginnings.”

    The silence was there for a while, and the voice of Crow broke that silence.

    “Don’t look at me like that. That was the sentence that the Hall of Beginnings forced every NPCs working here to say, I don’t really want to say it myself. I just recently have temporary work here because my niece, Lucy, is taking leave for a day. Actually, the rooms here were arranged by the popularity from Room Number Five to One, just so you know.”

    Sila didn’t know what to say, but his stomach suddenly rumbled at such a wrong time since he hadn’t eaten anything yet.

    “Are you hungry? Take this rice with fried pork then. We provide one free meal for each new player anyway.”

    Crow put the bowl of rice with fried pork on the table. It was a mystery to Sila. Although he observed every moment of the old man’s movements, he still couldn’t follow when this rice bowl appeared.

    “Eat it and listen to me. I don’t know what happens to newbies this day. They’re all so arrogant. When they saw me, they kept screaming ‘Let me out,’ without listening to anything.”

    Sila nodded, not because he understood Crow’s feeling, but because he understood the reason why they wanted to go out.

    Well, due to him being raised in a dojo since childhood, Sila didn’t feel afraid of people’s faces much. He silently ate rice bowl while listening to Crow. However, the things that Crow said were all irrelevant to what new players should know. They were just pure rants.

    Sila could summarize what Crow said that; Crow was a real person who actually acted as an NPC in a place called the Madmen’s Valley. But today, his niece, Lucy, had urgent business in her real life, so she begged him to act her role for a day.

    One day in real life was about five days in the game. Thus, Sila asked if the Madmen’s Valley was okay since the NPC in charge was missing. Crow answered that it would be fine since there weren’t many people who were able to reach there. Most of them would usually die before entering. His day normally just passed with him killing the time by slaying dragons. This request of his niece was actually good for him since now the dragons’ respawned time was too slow for him to hunt.

    Sila put the chopsticks down after finishing his meal. He then went straight to the main topic.

    “I am a new player. I came here as the NPC in the avatar-creating process suggested it.”

    “Well, take these.” Crow gave items to Sila.

    You have obtained the Liquid Bottle (500 ML capacity).

    You have obtained the Hotel Coupon (free 1-night stay).

    You have obtained 10 Small Health Potions.

    You have obtained 10 Small Magic Potions.

    You have obtained the Small Bento.

    You have obtained 2,000 silver.

    The Small Bento was full of rice and fried pork inside; it could store food for three days. The bottle was filled with fresh water. Crow told Sila that, if he wanted a bento or water bottle that was better than these; such as one that had more capacity or could keep food fresh for longer; Sila would have to buy them himself at the store.

    After that, Sila asked many things, of which Crow answered only a few questions. Most of the time Crow gave out the sentence that greatly conflicted the title of a wise and lovely NPC: “I don’t know either. Go find out about that by yourself,” though Sila didn’t feel bothered much.

    “Okay. You can go out now, kid. Don’t forget to pay me a visit at the Madmen’s Valley someday; I will cook a dragon soup for you.”

    Sila promised he would do so if he could. Crow then pressed the red button on the table. However, nothing happened.

    “Hmm? That’s strange.” Crow pressed the button once more. Still, nothing happened.

    “What’s going on, sir?”

    “It’s this button. I pressed it but the door didn’t open.” Crow kept pressing it again and again.

    “Is it broken?”

    Sila felt a little uncomfortable. It would be okay if he struck inside the room with someone else, not the old man with a savage face like this.

    “God damn it! Take this!”

    Crow’s hand was glowing with a red aura. He used it to slap the button on the table very hard. The table then broke into pieces and spread around. A piece of table debris flew toward Sila.

    Sila raised his left hand to parry, but it seemed that the debris had some kind of inner energy within. So it slashed Sila’ arm, creating a long wound.

    Sila felt numb at first, but later the pain sensation came. Blood flowed out from that big wound. Sila gritted his teeth while drinking two health potions that he just recently acquired. Crow saw Sila bled so he stepped closer.

    “Health potions only increase health points. For the pain, you will have to wait for the wound to disappear.”

    Sila, still gritting his teeth, nodded.

    Crow somehow felt guilty, so he sighed and put his hand on Sila’s shoulder.

    “Stay still and try to focus your thoughts toward the wound.”

    Sila felt as if something flowed into his body. He then quickly concentrated his mind onto the wound.

    His painful sensation had immediately disappeared. Sila also saw his wound recover gradually.

    You have learned a passive skill: Recovering Qi – Level 1.

    You have learned a passive skill: Qi Circulation – Level 1.

    Sila stared at his left arm which now had only a blood stain remaining without any wound, then said, “What’s just happened, sir?”

    “Oh. That’s Recovering Qi. It can’t regenerate blood cells nor increase your health points, but it can make wounds and pain disappear faster. It will be more effective if you concentrate it solely on the wound.”

    “Thanks for your help, sir.” Sila put his palms together to show his gratitude. He started to have the thought that qi was very convenient.

    “It’s nothing. For me, it’s the same as helping some insects.”

    Sila paused but he couldn’t say anything because Crow’s next sentence quickly interrupted.

    “More importantly, why did the door still not open?”

    “Normally, in which case that the door would not open, sir?” Sila tried to help.

    “It shouldn’t be broken; it has never been broken before. Else... maybe I still haven’t given you all the items.”

    “Then, besides water bottle, bento, health potions, magic potions, hotel coupon, and money; is there anything else?”

    “No, that includes all of them, unless you already have a race.”

    “Oh, I do have a race.” Sila felt glad since they finally found what the problem was.

    With that sentence, Crow was stunned for a while.

    “Hmm? Let me see.” Crow put his hand on Sila’s shoulder again. “Inspect.”

    Crow paused shortly, “You really have one. Strangely enough, it’s hard to find people choosing the slime race nowadays.”

    “I’ve heard that it’s very weak, isn’t it?” asked Sila.

    “I don’t think so. Personally, I think that, in this world, there is no being that is the weakest or the strongest. I also believe that nothing is useless; it’s just that we still don’t know its value. If we believe in the path we have chosen, then we just have to keep moving forward. By waiting to follow someone else’s footprints, you will never be able to create your own path.”

    This statement alone made Sila delighted. He always found information telling him that the slime race was weak. Crow was the first person who ever said otherwise; it’s just that he still didn’t know its true capability.

    When Sila asked if Crow knew what the good point of slime race was, Crow then replied: “I don’t know either. Go find out about that by yourself.”

    Crow picked something out of thin air again. Sila still couldn’t follow Crow’s movement this time.

    “Take it.”

    Crow opened the palm of his hand. There was an emblem. Strangely enough, there was only half of it.

    Sila extended his arm to obtain the item. However, Crow moved his hand back, making Sila slightly baffled.

    “Be careful. Do not let the darkness swallow your mind. I can only tell you that, otherwise it will break the NPC’s law,” said Crow with a serious face, and then extended his hand to Sila.

    Sila could only reply with, “I will,” as he didn’t know what exactly the situation. Sila didn’t ask for more information since Crow himself said that he couldn’t tell Sila more than that.

    Sila touched the emblem.

    You have obtained half a piece of the Emblem to the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins.

    Since the other half piece is already possessed by another player; the condition is completed. You will be immediately teleported to the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins.

    A black light appeared below Sila’s feet before sucking him into the ground, made him completely disappeared from the room. Crow was left standing alone; he murmured, “Good luck, kid.”

    The door was now open. Crow went outside since the red button somehow had been lost, then shouted: “Next person, come in!”

    Many new players were shocked to see the brutal face old man came out of the room that the loveliest NPC, Lucy, usually stationed.

    One amateur male player, with a white and chubby build, sweated a lot. That’s because the next person in the queue was him. He slowly walked to the Room Number Five unwillingly. His two feet also suddenly felt very heavy as he walked.

    During the walk, he, by chance, happened to overhear the conversation between two other newbies.

    “Hey, the player who previously went in still didn’t go out, did him?”

    “Oh, right. Is there a back exit?”

    “Hell no. there is only one entrance.”

    “Then maybe...” the two whispered lightly, but no matter how lightly it was, the chubby player could hear it clearly,

    “...He was killed!”

    His already pale face became paler. Eventually, he entered the room. In the room, the dim light shone from the lamp on the floor, enough for him to see the wood debris, which should be a table before, scattered. There was an old man stood alone with his savage face dimly lit, making him look just like a devil.


    The sound of the door closing behind made the chubby guy shudder. He wanted to turn back but the door didn’t open. He then sensed the viscosity on the floor with his feet.

    He looked at the floor and shocked even more. 


    The young man looked up and accidentally made eye contact with the old man who slowly walked toward him. The old man grinned with a reaper-like smile.

    Suddenly, an old man spoke with a hoarse and intense tone:

    “My name is Crow, a wise and lovely NPC of the Hall of Beginnings.”

    The young man almost fainted. He turned his back and hit the door repeatedly while shouting, “Let me out!!!!!” to the point he crazily screamed and finally fainted.

    Crow was confused. He wondered what had happened to the new players these days to make them want to go back out before listening to any information. He inspected the boy’s condition. Then he thought that, if he waited till this boy regained consciousness, someone would blame him for taking too much time. Thus, he decided to call the next person himself.

    Outside of door Number Five, many players’ faces went pale as they heard the shout, door hitting, and screaming sounds coming from within. After all these sounds, the door opened, and the one who came out was not the player, but an old man.

    “Next person, come in!”

    The players hurriedly began to escape from the building to the point that there was not a single player left in the hall, none at all.

    Crow shook his head and complained.

    “They are indeed very arrogant, new players nowadays.”

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    Chapter 4: Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins – First Part

    The ground suddenly disappeared from beneath Sila. He felt as though he was falling through a bottomless abyss. Sila’s body stayed in the air for ages before finally crashing into the ground.

    Sila felt pain all over his body and immediately remembered Recovering Qi. He sat down and closed his eyes while concentrating, circulating qi throughout his body. As time passed, the pain gradually faded.

    He also heard the system notification.

    The level of Recovering Qi skill has risen to 2.

    The level of Qi Circulation skill has risen to 2.

    When Sila opened his eyes, he could now see the surroundings. He was in a large, dimly lit, rectangular room. The floor he was sitting on was covered with red velvet carpet. The walls were checkered black and white with a chessboard pattern. Strangely, there were no windows or doors.

    As his eyes began to adjust to the darkness, he saw that there were two men standing next to him. One of them had black hair, was very handsome, and was wearing a black butler uniform; his skin was noticeably pale. He stood by the side smiling.

    The other one had fluffy brown hair. He was not as handsome as the butler but had a nice muscular figure. He was wearing the uniform of an elite wuxia.

    T/N: As you may know, wuxia is a term refers to traditional Chinese martial artist in Chinese novel. Its characteristic is mostly wearing long-sleeved clothes, performing lightless movement, and able to use inner force called qi.

    Sila thought that the other two must have been waiting for him to finish circulating Recovering Qi for a long time as they didn’t interrupt him. As he would like to say something, the butler interrupted.

    “Please don’t talk to each other, sirs, otherwise you two will be disqualified from the hidden quest.”

    Sila then shut his mouth. The young man in wuxia clothing turned his head and nodded at Sila, to which he nodded back. Afterward, the butler continued.

    “Firstly, I am Sebastian, the butler of the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins. Currently, my master is away so please allow me to act as his representative. I hereby welcome you two sirs to the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins.”

    Both of them listened quietly.

    “You don’t have to be so quiet, sirs. You two can talk to me normally, as long as you don’t talk to each other or mention something that is related to your identity.”

    Sila felt relieved and asked Sebastian what he was wondering about.

    “Why are we here?”

    “You two are here to participate in the hidden quest, sirs. It’s a duo quest with a condition that two players participating have to be complete strangers to each other. Each of you also have to possess half of the emblem to this mansion. The emblem can be obtained by selecting a race before entering into the Hall of Beginnings, sirs.”

    Sila nodded before looking at the man in wuxia clothing. He thought that this man must be either very remarkable or super lucky to have a race before going to the Hall of Beginnings. Excluding the slimes of which had a very high drop rate for their cards; he heard that other monsters’ cards had a very low drop rate. Since Sila was currently the sole player in the slime race, it meant that this man was in another race. Compared to this man, Sila felt he was far inferior.

    Sila didn’t know that; this man was also surprised of Sila as well. This man had received the emblem a long time ago. When he saw the emblem’s quest condition, he felt hopeless. Finding another player who had selected their race before visiting the Hall of Beginnings was, by no means, an unrealistic feat. But he also couldn’t tell anybody since there was a condition that the other person couldn’t be anyone he knew. Although it was true that he could tell his friends in real life, Monster Soul Online was, however, a virtual reality game that scanned the player’s brain, so it would be pointless if he did that. Due to all these facts, his emblem had been always collecting dust in his item window to the point that he had totally forgotten about this quest.

    “Where is this place?” asked the wuxia man. That was the first time Sila heard his voice.

    “I cannot answer that, sir. I can only tell you that this place is not located on the Main Continent. It’s a place that cannot be accessed through normal transportation methods.” Sebastian answered politely.

    “Then, what is your level?”

    Sebastian smiled before answering, “I am a monster of the grim reaper species in the undead race, Level 350 Lord Rank, sir.”

    The man in wuxia clothing exposed a panicked expression. Sila saw that and wondered what was wrong.

    ‘Is this butler’s level very high? But I once heard that level didn’t affect fighting ability, does it?’

    With this thought, Sila asked. “Didn’t undead refer to a corpse? You don’t look like a zombie at all.”

    “Undead means an undying being, sir. It does include a moving corpse though; but it’s a Squire Rank being, while my rank is Lord.”

    “Is Lord Rank strong?”

    As soon as this question came out from Sila’s mouth, the man in wuxia clothing suddenly stared at Sila as if he saw an alien. He clenched his fists tightly and started circulating his qi in secret. He looked toward Sebastian while worrying that Sila might get killed, as monsters in some species think highly of their rank and don’t want anyone to insult it.

    However, Sebastian only laughed and smiled gently before answering Sila’s question.

    “You must be a new player, aren’t you? Umm… I should say that Lord Rank is above Squire Rank by three degrees. For more accurate information, I suggest you ask others instead, since I am obliged to stay in this mansion without an opponent to measure my strength. Oh, but I used to spar with my master, and he said that I was ‘quite decent.’”

    The man in wuxia clothing was a little more worried. Normally, monsters in Lord Rank were insanely strong and very hard to find. However, this monster said that it even had a ‘master.’ Now he really couldn’t imagine how strong its master, who once had said Lord Rank monster’s strength was only considered ‘quite decent,’ was.

    “Well, we should end the question session for now. Allow me to explain the details of your hidden quest first, so we can start soon.”

    Sebastian waved his hand, and the room was transformed into a luxury suite. There were many facilities available; such as a TV, refrigerator, liquor bar, and even a Jacuzzi tub.

    “Please follow me, sirs.”

    Sebastian pointed to two recently appeared doors. One was white and one was black. Sebastian led two players into the room behind the black door first.

    The room they were entered had walls and floors in a deep black color. The size was about ten times wider than the room before; it was more like a wide field than a room.

    “This is the training room, sirs. At the entrance there is an altar with a list of monsters that you can summon to fight against, you can also summon them simultaneously. ”

    Sebastian paused for a while and then continued.

    “Please note that all the summoned monsters will be of the darkness attribute, and they can only range from Squire to Knight Rank. In addition, these monsters will not drop any items, money, or give any experience points. Their purpose is for training solely.”

    When Sebastian finished speaking, he led the two players back to the first room and guided them through the white door.

    This time, the room was all white. Inside the room, there was a single treasure box on the floor. Sebastian opened it, showing them the gold coins inside.

    “Here is the treasure room, sirs. Now you can see there is only one treasure box. But actually, the number of boxes will grow by one every one hour, and the treasure inside will get better each time. Some will contain gold, and some will contain weapons or accessories. Every item found in the treasure box inside this room will guarantee to be B Grade item or higher, even S Grade item could be found. You can walk into this room to see the treasure’s content leisurely, but taking it with you is prohibited, otherwise, you will be disqualified.”

    Afterward, Sebastian took them to the first room.

    “This room is the lounge; all necessary facilities are presented here. You can take everything in this room with you, whether it’s food, drinks, or even bed if you can carry it. This room also has five times the recovery rate than other safe zones.”

    Upon hearing these statements, the eyes of the man in wuxia clothing shone as if he could think of something good.

    “Well, now I am going to talk about the hidden quest. Both of you must have been waiting for a long time now.”

    Both men nodded.

    “Okay. This hidden quest’s content is very simple. From now on, I will start counting the time. The quest will end when the time is up, and you will receive the quest reward.”

    “Time counting? How long?” asked Sila.

    “I cannot tell you that, sir. It might be an hour or it could be a week.”

    “Is the quest just for us to wait?”

    That was a question from the man in wuxia clothing.

    Sebastian smiled again. But it was a smile that Sila could tell as a wicked one.

    “Yes, just that, but …”

    Sila frowned. ‘I can sense that I definitely won’t like the next part.’

    “…there will be a few ‘rules’ to this quest.”


    Both Sila and the man repeated this word simultaneously.

    “Yes, in this quest, you two will have to follow these rules, sirs.”

    “And they are…?”

    “First, when one player dies, the other will be given all of the treasures in the treasure room. Second, if the time count ends, in the case that the two of you are still alive, no one will get any treasure inside that room. Third, you two are forbidden from communicating with each other, by both speaking or by writing a message; you can still use body language though. Fourth and lastly, when one player loses their life, the quest will be counted as ended immediately.”

    The silence fell into the room.

    “Do you have any questions?”

    “Umm…” asked Sila faintly, “What will happen? Why is there a part about losing life in the rules? Will there be a monster invasion trying to kill us?”

    “No, sir. Please be at ease. It’s only the two of you here.”

    ‘How can I be at ease? This is like telling us to kill each other, isn’t it?’

    “Does this mean we have to kill each other?” directly asked the man in wuxia cloth.

    Sila’s face turned slightly pale. No matter how he looked, this man seemed a lot stronger than him.

    “I didn’t say that, you know? Please just be reminded of the rules.” A sly smile lurked on Sebastian’s face, “Oh, there is something I almost forgot.”

    This caught the attention of the other two.

    “You two have an emblem to the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins, haven’t you?”

    Both players nodded. They picked the emblem up and tried to give it to Sebastian.

    “Please keep it. I just want to say that: in case that the owner of an emblem destroys his own piece, both of the players will be disqualified for the quest, considering that the emblem is not completed.”

    Sila felt more stunned. This sounded like both players had his own insurance; in case that one felt like he couldn’t fight, he could just break the emblem, and no one would get anything. This could also mean one must kill without the other being noticed.

    “That’s all. Now please excuse me, sir. Let the three of us meet here again when the quest ends. Oops, or maybe not three, but two, hmm… or… will there be only me? Fufufu.”

    No one laughed at this joke.

    “Lastly, I hereby wish you both to enjoyment and relaxation in our Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins, sirs.”

    Suddenly, Sebastian faded into the darkness; leaving two men still standing uncomfortably.


    The atmosphere in the room had been very awkward for the first hour. No one said anything. Actually, it was the rules that stated that no one could say anything. The man in wuxia clothing now walked into the corner and sat on his haunches, closing his eyes.

    Sila saw that and decided to do the same. He then started thinking about the rules since he had nothing to do.

    ‘Sebastian said we should try to remember the rules, didn’t he?’

    Sila could summarize the rules as followed:

    One: When one player died, the other who survived would get all the treasures in the treasure room.

    Two: When the time ended, if both of them stayed alive, then no one would get even a single treasure in the treasure room.

    Three: Players could not communicate via speaking or writing a message, though body language was allowed.

    Four: The quest would immediately end when someone died.

    Five: Although it wasn’t included as a rule; whenever someone destroyed their own emblem, both players would be disqualified immediately.

    ‘No matter how I think about it, these rules are forcing us to assassinate each other …’

    Sila glanced at the man. The other was still sitting with his eyes closed.

    ‘Is this my chance?’

    Sila thought, but then he recalled Crow’s final sentence before he was sent here.

    ‘Be careful. Do not let the darkness swallow your mind. I can only tell you that, otherwise it will break the NPC’s law.’

    ‘Did the word ‘darkness swallowing my mind’ mean this?’

    Well, Sila was just vigilant. Normally, He wasn’t the type of person who attacked someone behind their back.

    But what about the other? Would that man attack Sila behind his back? Sila didn’t know. They had just met each other.

    Many thoughts were floating in Sila’s mind. But in the end, he shook his head, dismissing all useless ideas.

    ‘He still hasn’t shown any bad intentions toward me, how can I be biased against him then? I should just circulate my qi. Recovering Qi is very helpful, it’s better if I train this skill while I have free time.’

    Sila sat down and started circulating his qi.

    The level of Recovering Qi skill has risen to 3.

    The level of Qi Circulation skill has risen to 3.

    Sila smiled happily and continued to circulate his qi throughout his body. The skill levels then slowly increased.

    As the skill level increased, Sila could feel that the time it took for his qi to circulate through his body had shortened. His concentration later entered into a state that was unaware of the surroundings, even the system sound telling him that his skill level had risen couldn’t be heard by him anymore.

    Time had passed. When Sila came to his senses and opened his eyes again, he felt panicked as the man in wuxia clothing stood before him. This man’s hand was touching Sila’s head, the hand was glowing in white light.

    Sila had seen this scene before when Crow slapped the table. That time Crow’s hand had been glowing in red light. But with Sila being hit in the head, he thought that it wouldn’t matter whether its color was red or white.

    ‘Damn it. I was too careless.’

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    Chapter 5: Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins – Last Part

    Sila gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. Although this wouldn’t be his actual death, with his pain equalled to that of real life, ‘head exploding’ wouldn’t be anything near his preferred cause of death.

    However, after being prepared to receive tremendous pain, nothing actually happened. Sila slowly opened his eyes, seeing the man in wuxia clothing standing at the previous position, his hand still on Sila’s head. The only thing that changed was the fact that the man’s body was drenched in sweat.

    Immediately, Sila felt some kind of energy flowed into his body.

    As he had experienced this situation before when Crow had given him Recovering Qi, Sila immediately knew that this man’s intention wasn’t malice; he just wanted to give Sila some power.

    Four different kinds of qi circulated inside Sila’s body. Sila immediately knew his limit that he wouldn’t be able to control all of them at the same time, so he assiduously circulated one at a time, leaving the rest to flow inside his body without control, which was very dangerous.

    Anywhere that uncontrolled qi went, Sila would feel painful there. The feeling was like his skin was broken down. Nevertheless, he tried to ignore them. He slowly and patiently circulated each qi despite the pain.

    He didn’t know how long it had been, but finally, all four qi were in a stable state as he heard the system notifications.

    You have learned a passive skill: Basic Qi – Level 1.

    You have learned a passive skill: Qi of Little Fish – Level 1.

    You have learned a passive skill: Bone Restructuring Qi – Level 1.

    You have learned a passive skill: Qi of Little Tiger – Level 1.

    When Sila opened his eyes, he noticed that the wuxia guy had gone back to his corner, sitting and circulating his qi. Sila guessed that the man must have lost a significant amount of power to give him four qi simultaneously.

    Sila had waited for a long time. But that man still didn’t seem like he would open his eyes soon. So Sila went back to his position and started eating food from his own food box and drinking water from the bottle while studying his newly acquired skills.

    (C) Basic Qi – Level 1

    The most basic qi of qi-type skills. Increases efficiency of other qi depends on its skill level.

    (A) Qi of Little Fish – Level 1

    Qi of one of Little Divine Beings that increases your dexterity. Dexterity means the agility to respond to an action, not speed.

    (B) Bone Restructuring Qi – Level 1

    Qi that enhances your body. Increases your maximum health points and magic point depends on its skill level.

    (A) Qi of Little Tiger – Level 1

    Qi of one of Little Divine Beings that increases your strength.

    Reading this information, Sila found that all four qi was very useful to him. He felt truly grateful for the man’s action and wanted to express his thanks. But no matter how long he waited for, the man still sat still.

    Even more hours had passed, but the man was still motionless. Sila then decided to kill time by circulating his qi. Finally, he entered the meditation state again.

    A sound of the system informing the level of his various qi-related skills rising couldn’t distract Sila’s concentration at all. He didn’t even know how much time had passed when he opened his eyes again.

    Both Sila’s eyes could see a figure of the wuxia man looking at him.

    Sila nodded; then, the man nodded back and took something out. It was the half piece of the Emblem to the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins. The man placed it on the table and then stepped backward.

    ‘Is he trying to tell me that he isn’t hostile?’ Sila thought and decided to place his own half piece on the table too, trying to convey ‘me too.’

    The man nodded before walking into the room behind the black door, which was the training room. Sila saw that and followed him.

    The man stood in front of the altar that could be used for summoning monsters and pointed to the middle of the room as if trying to tell Sila to go there.

    Sila did so without question.

    The man typed something on the altar. The system sound could be heard afterward.

    Monster Black Wolf, Level 20 Squire Rank, has appeared.

    A Hexagram symbol emerged on the ground near Sila’s feet, followed by the appearance of a wolf in black fur. It was two-meters tall and its eye’s color was blood red. Its white fangs looked both majestic and vicious.

    Sila was shocked. It would be weird for him not to be shocked, since he hadn’t faced any monster besides the Pink Slimes.

    The Pink Slime has only one attack pattern, body bump, which was very easy to read. Their levels also varied from just 1 to 2. With a level 20 wolf in front of him, he felt unconfident in beating it. It also looked much stronger than the slimes.

    The black wolf didn’t follow Sila’s line of thoughts. It didn’t hesitate to attack Sila as soon as it fully appeared. It launched at Sila who was standing next to it.

    Sila evaded it and used his right hand to strike the wolf. It then bounced to the side but immediately stood up as if it hadn’t taken any damage.

    The wolf glanced at Sila and jumped at him again, this time its target was his leg.

    Sila lifted his right leg to dodge but he still took some damage. The sharp fangs cut his right leg, creating a small lesion. However, Sila followed the battle flow and hit the wolf again.

    Sila’s fight was a rough one. He only struck after evading the wolf’s attack. Finally, ten minutes passed, and the wolf disappeared. Sila wiped the sweat on his face while thinking that he did quite well for a level 3 player like him to fight against a level 20’s monster.

    When Sila turned around, he saw the man in wuxia clothing was crossing his arms over the chest. The man’s facial expression showed that he was dissatisfied by the result. He beckoned Sila to walk to his position, and then pressed something on the altar, before going to Sila’s previous position.

    A Hexagram symbol emerged on the ground again, except this time it was very big.

    Monster Black Wolf, Level 850 Squire Rank, Level 850, has appeared.

    Sila was shocked. Were his ears playing a trick on him? Did he just hear the word ‘level 850’? But his suspicions were completely gone in an instant when he saw the body of a black wolf appearing. It was three times larger than the one he had fought before.

    The Black wolf quickly leaped toward the wuxia man. Its claws were so fast that Sila couldn’t follow. It was a breath-taking scene.

    The man evaded the wolf’s claws naturally like a fish swimming past the rock under water.

    The Black wolf seemed pissed off. It tried to attack again. But the man could dodge its attacks with the least possible movements every time.

    Time had passed for three minutes, but the man still hadn’t been attacked nor had tried to attack. His arms were just crossing behind his back.

    Sila finally realized that the man had been using Qi of Little Fish.

    ‘Oh, so he is telling me to use qi while fighting.’

    Sila circulated Qi of Little Fish and the blue aura spread out of his feet. He felt his body was more agile. He tried moving his feet and found that they could move faster.

    The man turned his head to Sila and nodded. He then put his right hand up and circulated qi until it glowed red.

    ‘If the blue aura before is Qi of Little Fish, then this should be Qi of Little Tiger.’ Sila also followed the man’s action. Now his right hand was also glowing in red color.

    The man looked at Sila. He seemed satisfied. Finally, he struck his right hand towards the black wolf.

    This single attack was enough to break the wolf’s body. The sound of bones cracking was so loud that Sila could hear it clearly. The black wolf disappeared without leaving a single dust.

    The man walked back and gestured Sila to go back to the middle of the room. Sila went there and the same black wolf he had fought reappeared again.

    Monster Black Wolf, Level 20 Squire Rank, has appeared.

    This time Sila circulated Qi of Little Fish throughout his body, and concentrated Qi of Little Tiger on his right hand. When the wolf leaped in, Sila swiftly dodged and struck it back.

    The wolf was hit. Sila knew by the impact that his attack power was several times stronger than before.

    The wolf laid down on the ground and dispersed into the light. The man in wuxia cloth lightly nodded, and then, the training became more intense.

    Sometimes the number of monsters increased, sometimes their level increased, but they were always a black wolf.

    When he felt tired, Sila would go to rest in the lounge: eating, sleeping and circulating qi. Sila usually circulated Basic Qi, Recovering Qi, and Bone Restructuring Qi in resting time, since he could train his Qi of Little Fish and Qi of Little Tiger during combat.

    Sila kept training until he totally forgot the time. Now, even though he’s still level 3, his skill levels, including Bare Hands Mastery, were very high. Sila currently could fight against fifty level 80’s black wolves without taking any damage. He even thought that he still could get stronger than this.

    As he killed the last wolf, there was a loud clap.

    Both players turned their heads to the sound’s origin. There was Sebastian clapping.

    “Splendid. Now please kindly follow me.”

    “What’s going on?” asked Sila.

    “Seven days have passed since then, now the quest has ended, sirs.”


    Three men stood inside the lounge. Sebastian waved his hand once, and all the facilities disappeared. The room then turned into an empty room.

    “I am quite surprised to see both of you here.”

    “It’s not that weird since the rules encourage so,” said the man in wuxia clothing.

    “Rules?” Sila was a little confused. He had dedicated himself to training and totally forgot about the hidden quest.

    “Oh, is there someone who actually understands the rules? Mind if I ask you to explain it out for me?” said Sebastian.

    The wuxia man nodded once before he explained.

    “On the surface, the rules are as if telling us to kill each other, but we actually mustn’t. That’s because, before you mentioned about the rules, you told us that we will receive quest reward when the quest ends; and this is the real rule. Other rules are merely a distraction. Although you persuaded us to get the hand on treasure inside the treasure room, you never once said that the quest reward is the treasure. So, I think that if only one of us is alive, one of us will get the treasures in the treasure room; but if we’re both alive, we will get the real quest reward instead. Is that correct?”

    Sebastian smiled and applauded, “Fantastic. It’s exactly as you just said, and I could guarantee that the treasures in the treasure room are not comparable to the true quest reward in the slightest.”

    Sila was still shocked. He was distracted by the five rules and didn’t realize anything about the actual rule; it’s just that he had been too immersed in training and forgotten everything else. Maybe it was wuxia guy’s intention to distract Sila by making him train so that they could achieve this quest without killing each other.

    “You two are the first to accomplish this quest, sirs. Some players were sent here before, but they were killing each other within an hour.” Sebastian sighed, and then continued. “Now let’s talk about the prize.”

    Seven cards flew off and rotated in a circle manner, then floated in front of two men, facing down.

    “Please choose one each, sir.”

    Sila thought, ‘We only get one card for a quest that took a week to finish?’

    Although he thought that, deep down in his heart, he wasn’t much interest in in-game thing. He then randomly picked one card, while the wuxia guy took another one.

    “You now can face it up.”

    Both of them faced their cards up. But they barely saw anything before the card immediately inserted itself into their System Windows. Afterward, the system notification rang off.

    You have obtained (S) Greed Card – Level 1. This is cursed and therefore forces you to equip it, and it cannot be unequipped. Due to you not having the remaining space in the card window, the system will now send all cards except the Greed Card in your card window to item window.

    ‘Forced equipping again.’ Sila hurriedly checked the card’s ability. His card window had only one card; it’s a card of one young prince with the golden crown inside the treasure room.

    (S) Greed Card – Level 1

    Increases the minimum drop rate of all items, including cards, to 20%

    You will earn only 10% of all experience points from now on.

    ‘Well, I don’t have gaming experience, is this considered good or bad?’

    Sila turned his head to see the man beside him. That man’s face seemed very satisfied.

    “You two got the Greed Card and the Pride Card, very well,” said Sebastian.

    This sentence of Sebastian let both of them know the name of the card that the other person had. Sila guessed that the Pride Card would be a pretty good item.

    “At this moment, I need to tell you two things. First, you two are not allowed to tell anybody about this quest, this includes both the quest receiving condition and the quest achieving method. Otherwise, both of your cards will be confiscated.”

    The two of them nodded.

    “Second, the half part of the emblems possessed by you two still has its own usage. With them combining, the holder of the completed emblem will have the right to teleport to this mansion for seven days to use our services. You can obtain its other part from another person by any means, like by purchasing … or by stealing.” The grin was formed at the corner of Sebastian’s mouth.

    Then, the wuxia man suddenly threw his own part of the emblem towards Sila.

    You have obtained the Emblem to the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins [One-time usage]. It’s a special item which cannot be sold or transferred.

    Sila looked at the man’s face. The man seemed like he didn’t slightly care about this item.

    Sila didn’t say anything and planned to repay this man’s goodwill later.

    “It’s about time. I bid you farewell, sirs.” Sebastian turned his face to Sila. “As for Mister, I will wait for you to come back here again.”

    Shadows appeared on the feet of the two men before sucking their bodies, making them completely vanish.

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    Chapter 6: The Return of Lone Wolf

    At the main branch of the Victorious Wolves Sect, the core members of the sect consisting of six people had been confused by the mysterious disappearance of their leader during the conference. They were now stressfully sitting and discussing. Then, a black shadow suddenly emerged on the floor in the meeting room on the chair of the guild head.

    All the people inside the room panicked at the sudden occurrence. They each drew their weapons and clutched it tightly, waiting for the upcoming event that might be a sudden invasion of enemy’s guilds.

    Soon, the body of a young man dressed in an elite wuxia clothing appeared. When everyone saw the familiar figure, they disarmed.

    “Leader!” shouted everyone with the tone that expressed relief.

    “Hmm? Everybody is still here? Do we have a meeting that lasts a week long now? I’m just not here for a while but our meeting had become more intense, huh?” said the man jokingly.

    “It’s not funny! Where have you been? Everyone was looking for you. We couldn’t even get in touch with you.”

    A young woman with graceful looks complained. She had long braided-hair over her shoulder and was wearing a male wuxia outfit.

    “I went to do a hidden quest. It’s a special area so we couldn’t contact each other. Are you worrying about me that much, Ratri?”

    The lady’s cheeks turned slightly pink.

    “Who is worried about you?! I am just worried about the guild. The guild that had its leader suddenly disappear for a week!”

    “I am truly sorry. It’s a quest that I was forced to do. When the quest condition was met, it instantly teleported me there.”

    Then, the old man with a white mustache stepped forward.

    “Easy, easy, it’s a good thing that the leader has come back safely. By the way, could you please tell us that quest’s detail?”

    “Oh, Hermit. It’s a duo quest that I almost forgot about it. It’s the first quest I ever received though. Nevertheless, I can’t tell you much detail, otherwise my reward will be confiscated.” answered the man.

    Hermit understandingly nodded, “Then, could you at least tell us what the reward is?”

    Hermit knew well that most of the hidden quests’ rewards are good. With even the restriction that forbade the quest holder to share information to anyone else, the reward should be at least B Grade item.

    “It’s a card.”

    “A card? Just one?” said Ratri. Everyone in the room also wondered what kind of quest would give only a single card while taking one week to finish it, “show us.”

    The man opened the system window.

    “It cannot be removed from my window so I will read it out loud for you guys.”

    In this game, a player cannot look into another player’s system window. Except for players  equipping Peek Card which was a C-grade card that dropped from One-Eye Bats.

    (S) Pride Card – Level 1

    All basic stats will increase by 50% when you aren’t in a party.

    You will earn only 10% of all experience points from now on.

    The whole room suddenly showed expressions full of shock and delight. The core members were shocked on how good this card was, and delighted that with this card; their leader’s strength would be increased by half. And a half of his strength was considered very significant.

    Afterward, it was Hermit, the guild’s strategist, who broke the silence of the room.

    “Formerly, if I didn’t hear wrongly, the leader said that it’s a duo quest. May I ask whether another person also got the same reward?”

    “No, it seemed like he got another card. But the usefulness of his card shouldn’t be much different from mine.”

    “Then who is that person? Is he an ally or an enemy?”

    Everyone wanted to ask this exact question as well. Being a friend or foe, the result would be very different. If that person was an ally, then their alliance would get stronger; but if that person was an enemy, it would mean a more dangerous opponent had shown up.

    “I don’t know too.”

    The room quieted down again, and it was Hermit again who spoke up, “You did a one-week long quest together, why don’t you know?”

    “I really can’t explain the detail since it’s related to the quest. But I can say that he may be neither an ally nor an enemy.”

    “Do you mean, he is a guildless player?” asked Ratri.

    Guildless players or individual players refer to the players who weren’t affiliated to any guild. In this game, there were many kinds of people who wanted to seek for something they couldn’t find in real life. Some sought for authority, some sought for money, some sought for strength, but some were just here to relax. Many people didn’t have any interest in doing quests, leveling, and in-game authority; they came here for their personal reasons.

    “It may be so since I saw him in Beginner’s Clothing.”

    All the members were glad. If that guy was still a new player, then the chance he still wasn’t in any guilds was high. If they could invite him into their guild, he would be a good asset.

    “Well, I know what everyone’s thought is. It’s fine to invite him, but please don’t importune him so much. You all are forbidden to use violence against him as well. That’s our sect’s policy. Maybe he just wants to enjoy the game.”

    “We know that, leader. Now, could you please tell us about that person’s identity?” hurriedly asked Hermit.

    “Well... his right arm looked weird; it’s kind of like an arm of a golem. His location is now likely to be on the Island of Beginnings. But judging by his potential, it won’t take long until he arrives at the Main Continent.”

    “Is he that good?”

    “Not much. But he could fight against fifty Level 80 Squire Rank wolves at the same time.”

    Everyone in the room was shocked by the fact that ‘not much’ of their leader meant the new player being able to fight against fifty Level 80 Squire Rank wolves.

    “You’re exaggerating, right? How could a new player do that?” argued Ratri.

    “He could. He is able to use Qi of Little Tiger, Qi of Little Fish, Bone Restructuring Qi, Basic Qi, and maybe Recovering Qi as well.”

    “What!? A new player could use qi? And He even possesses two of Qi of Little Divine Beings, on top of that! How is that possible?” shouted Ratri.

    “It’s possible, I myself am the one who transmitted him those qi... except for Recovering Qi though, since he already had it from the start.”

    Everyone in the room stared at their leader speechlessly.

    “Hmm? What about it?”

    The man played dumb.

    “Don’t play dumb. Other qi aside, how dare you transmit Qi of Little Tiger and Qi of Little Fish to an outsider? More importantly, didn’t you once tell us you couldn’t transmit those?” said Ratri.

    “It’s because that place is special, it has five times the recovery rate than normal and I could see that he had a potential for growth,” answered the man, “Calm down, it doesn’t mean I lose anything by transmitting qi to others, so it’s fine. I just had to stabilize my qi for a moment back then.”

    Basically, Qi of Little Tiger and Qi of Little Fish are two of Qi of Little Divine Beings series; including Qi of Little Tiger, Qi of Little Fish, Qi of Little Bird, and Qi of Little Turtle.

    Normally, nobody could transmit these qi to another person since it’s required an enormous amount of qi points to perform such tasks. By the way, qi point was a secret stat that wasn’t shown in status window (if it isn’t upgraded.) The maximum qi point of this man was insufficient to transmit any Qi of Little Divine Beings. However, in the mansion, he had found that even qi point’s recovery rate was five times higher than normal. He then had tried to convey some qi to Sila.

    The very long time that he’d had to take to stabilize his qi after transmitting qi to Sila, even with five times recovery rate of the mansion, had been concrete evidence that transmitting the Qi of Little Divine Beings really required a lot of resources.

    Sila had been lucky too. Usually, when Qi of Little Divine Beings entered one’s body, one’s health point would be decreased constantly until one died or was able to control it. But with the mansion’s health point’s recovery rate that surpassed health point’s declining rate, Sila could somehow survive, though it took a lot of time and he felt very painful.

    These two problems had always prevented this man to transmit the Qi of Little Divine Beings to his guildmates even though he would love to. However, all of them had been solved simultaneously by the existence of the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins.

    Later, the leader got many complaints from Ratri. Everyone somehow smiled in a mild manner with that sight. They all knew that the leader and Ratri were actually a couple in real life that had decided to play the game together. However, except for the core members present, all the other guildmates only knew Ratri as a vice leader. In fact, the leader didn't care if everyone knew about Ratri being his girlfriend. But it was Hermit who told him that he should keep this a secret to reflect a good sect’s governance.

    “Well, let the meeting end now. My ears are going numb.”

    Then everyone dispersed and announced the reappearance of their leader to other guild members. They said that the leader just had left to practice, and now he was back, with the strength that increased tremendously.

    When everyone went out of the room, the man went outside to the terrace and circulated Qi of Little Bird. Then, he soared like a majestic bird onto the door facade.

    The praises could be heard from the audiences below, admiring their leader’s skill.

    The man gestured his hand for everyone to silence then everyone was quiet down in unison.

    “Now I have completed my intense training. Sorry to make everyone worried. With my current strength, I guarantee that our sect will be the one who wins this year’s war event!!”

    This was the action Hermit begged him to do some work: at least motivating the guildmates’ moral.

    “Then, please excuse me.”

    “Leader? Where are you going? We should celebrate with you completing your training.”

    One member shouted, and everyone seemed to agree with him.

    “Let’s get it ready in another seven days, then. I am going to hunt Silver Griffin and will surely bring its meat to feed everyone. There’s a rumor that its meat is very tasty, we will know soon whether it is true or not.”

    He declared and then soared, disappearing from everyone’s sight.

    The guildmates suddenly buzzed because they all knew that Silver Griffin was a magical beast that nobody in the game could solo-kill it; this fact alone was enough to indicate its fearsome abilities. Still, their leader planned to hunt it alone! With the goal of getting its meat, the fight would get much harder since he has to tear it off alive; because in Monster Soul, when a monster died, it became a shattered light in three seconds.

    “If he can get the meat, we will surely win the war event this year.” said one member with admiration.

    Silver Griffin, Marquis Rank, Level 600. Swift and flying-type magical beast, together with high physical and magic endurance, and it could even use magic spells.

    The yell got louder to the versatility of their leader. Everyone was proud to be a member of this guild.

    Ratri felt glad as she saw these incidents. Her loved one was truly majestic. She still remembered the day back then when their guild only consisted of mere seven persons.

    While Ratri smiled lovingly, Hermit’s voice cried out.

    “Leader! I told you to incite them, not to go outside! Your last week’s assignments are still unfinished, yet you are going to leave for another week!? Do you have any idea who will have to clear your work instead!? Leader! Come back!”

    Everybody turned their heads to Hermit and thought:

    ‘Leader is skipping his work again...’

    Ratri giggled. She took a glance at the wooden sign in front of the sect, which was the first guild sign that her lover had wrote.

    ‘Victorious Wolves Sect, a home of all Wuxia,’ with the signature: ‘Lone Wolf.’


    Meanwhile, Sila appeared in some strange place. It was a sweet pink room with colorful flowers patterns. He was confident that he hadn’t known of anywhere like here.

    While he was still confused, he could spot a young lady who had fallen asleep in a sitting pose on the chair, putting her face down on the table in the middle of the room.

    This woman was considered very pretty. She was wearing a pink dress with lace. Her skin was also smooth white.

    Sila looked around the room. Soon he realized that since he had been teleported from the Hall of Beginnings, this room must be within the Hall of Beginnings. The time had passed for seven days; Mister Crow would have gone back, so this girl must be Lucy, Crow’s granddaughter.

    With the thought that he didn’t want to disturb Lucy’s sleep, Sila walked toward the door, but it didn’t open.

    ‘I have to find a red button,’ thought Sila as he remembered that Crow once tried pressing a red button.

    However, Sila couldn’t find any button.

    While he didn’t know what to do, his system window alarmed.

    You have received one message.

    Sila read the message and then frowned.

    “Come meet me on the second floor of the Town of Beginnings’ restaurant after you get this message. Be fast.”

    ‘There isn’t any sender name on the message, so who is the sender? I haven’t been acquainted with any player yet, have I?’

    Sila tried to wake Lucy up, but her sleep was a very deep one. No matter how many times Sila had poked, called out, or slightly shook her body; she was still sound asleep. Since she was a lady he wasn’t close to, Sila was afraid of offending her too much. So, he stopped trying to wake her in the end.

    Afterward, Sila decided to circulate his qi while waiting for Lucy to wake up herself. He then entered the meditation state.

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    Chapter 7: Who Must I Kill to Meet That Guy

    A sleepy girl woke up and rubbed her eyes softly.

    A couple of days earlier, she had been working hard without any rest. The reason for that was her uncle. She didn’t know how he did, but the Hall of Beginnings had become an isolated place because of him. There had been rumors about how you would be killed by an NPC if you’re careless, or about their slogan “We, wise and lovely NPCs, welcome all new players.” is totally fake.

    She had to put a lot of effort into bringing players to use the Hall of Beginnings’ services again. She had advertised, cleared works, planned a marketing campaign, and felt so exhausted to the point that she had to secretly take a nap in her player service room.

    When she looked around, she was startled that there was a young man sitting in the room. She was shocked because, normally, if she didn’t allow it, no one would be unable to enter this room. This actually was the main reason why she chose to rest in this room.

    Soon the young man’s eyes opened.

    “Oh, I see that you are awake now, Miss Lucy,” the man in the Beginner’s Clothing greeted her.

    ‘Hmm? This person knows me?’ Lucy now pondered where she had met him.

    Sila saw the woman’s confused reaction and felt unsure if he just mistook someone else for Lucy or not, since he had never met Lucy before.

    “Are you not Lucy, Crow’s niece?”

    “Oh, sorry. I am Lucy. Are you my uncle’s acquaintance?”

    “We once talked when I used this place’s service.”

    Sila started telling Lucy on how he met Crow. He also used this chance to ask for information that Crow had irresponsibly told him, “I don’t know either. Go find out about that yourself” with Lucy; which she could answer them perfectly, living up to the title ‘Wise and lovely NPC.’

    “I should take my leave now. By the way, how can I get out of this room?” asked Sila.

    Lucy waved her hand. Then, the door was opened

    “It’s our pleasure to serve you, sir,” said Lucy with a smile.

    Sila said thanks and stepped out of the room.


    Sila slowly walked along the Town of Beginnings’ main road, heading toward the restaurant just as the mysterious message told him.

    ‘Since I have come to this game, I’veonly acquainted myself with Miss Muay at the Card Shop, Mister Crow, the man in wuxia clothing, and Miss Lucy, didn’t I?’

    He began to guess the identity of the sender. Miss Muay was an NPC so she shouldn’t have any reason to send him a message. Crow should have gone back to the Madmen’s Valley already. The man in wuxia clothing was also out of the list since the two didn’t even have a proper conversation. As for Lucy, he had just met her after receiving the message.

    ‘I’m really clueless.’

    Shortly, Sila spotted a group of people tightly gathered on the street, blocking his path. The town only had one main road, so if he planned to visit a restaurant, he would have to go through.

    He peeked at the situation over the crowd’s shoulders and found that there were three men cornering a young man and a woman.

    Sila had a principle not to interfere with other people’s business. The world is cruel like that. The strong devour the weak, the wolves hunt the rabbits. If you don’t want to be hunted, then don’t be a rabbit. Only strength will make you survive. Moreover, it might be another story if those two in the corner were someone who couldn’t fight. But since they didn’t look weak, Sila had more reason to not intervene. Most importantly, this was just a game’s matter.

    Judging by the situation, the incident would come to an end soon. The side with the young man and the woman had them both badly injured. Though the people on the other side were injured too, they were still getting the upper hand since they had more people.

    “You two, just give up and hand us the ‘Serpent Heart’ obediently.” The brutal man who seemed to be the boss of the side of the three people said.

    “My companions and I hunted for this item ourselves. We even faced a lot of casualties, so I cannot give it to you. Not to mention that we obtained it rightfully,” stated the young man.

    “Rightful? You are quite wrong here. The Great White Serpent was a monster that our guild settled on for a long time ago. But since it wasn’t fully mature, its heart wouldn’t contain any special effect. We had patiently waited for it to grow up, but then your party snatched away our prey. We had invested a lot of resources into feeding it, so we are the rightful one here to obtain its heart.”

    “But, when we said we were going to hunt it, you guys said we could take anything if we won,” shouted the young woman, “Then what is this? When we actually successfully hunted it down, you guys are trying to plunder our loot. Is this an act of a righteous side!?”

    ‘A righteous side, huh? Are these bandit-looking guys really being considered as on the side of justice?’

    Sila couldn’t imagine these guys to be good men no matter how he looked at them, either appearance-wise or action-wise.

    Sila kept waiting but both sides were still shouting at each other, stating they were righteous for various reasons. However, Sila could tell that both sides were trying to recover themselves in secret; they all were looking for an opportunity to strike. Although the conversation was ongoing, if one side scrambled, that side would be attacked immediately.

    Since he couldn’t go through this crowd anyway, Sila then inquired about the situation from the man in front of him, “Big Bro, could you please tell me what’s going on here?”

    The mob turned their head to Sila. They saw Sila in Beginner’s Clothing and comprehended that Sila wouldn’t have known the stories in this game and about this incident. They then enjoyably explained many things to Sila.

    Sila could summarize all gamers’ explanations as followed:

    The group of three bandit-looking men had planned to hunt the Great White Serpent together long ago. But since it was still immature, they had decided to feed it. The feeding here meant making it go through fights to increase its abilities and growth. They had let it to fight against several Level 20 Squire Rank wolves by catching the wolves and releasing them into the Great White Serpent’s territory.

    Nevertheless, this morning, the party of those two currently cornered people, which their group originally had consisted of seven people before, had traveled to the Great White Serpent’s territory and met with the savage men’s group.

    The group of savage men had inspected the newly arrived group’s level and found that all members of this party were only Level 50s Squire Rank. Their group had been so sure that this party couldn’t possibly kill the Great White Serpent, which was a Level 250 Squire Rank monster; so they had let this arrogant group pass through.

    However, contrary to the savage men’s group’s expectation, with a well-coordinated fighting method of this team of seven people, the Great White Serpent had been killed. Then, the savage group had rushed into the battlefield to loot items, and been able to slay five people from the opposite team since they had been all exhausted from the previous fight.

    The team of seven, which their members had been reduced to two, used Returning Scroll to escape to Town of Beginnings. But the savage gang had gone after them. In the end, the fight continued in this place as Sila now witnessed.

    Sila could hear one person saying that the Serpent Heart was an item that can promote one’s rank from Squire to Knight if one’s level reaches 1,000.

    About Rank, Sila had heard from Lucy that, in Monster Soul, both players and monsters had rank. The ranks were ranged by strength from Squire, Knight, Marquis, Lord, to Emperor Rank. Each rank had a level cap at 1,000; and when one was promoted, one’s level would be at 1 of the new rank.

    With the ability to promote rank, the Serpent Heart was considered a very important item. Its market price was a whopping 30 gold. It was no wonder why both groups tried to claim their right to get it.

    Now, Sila was more interested in these onlookers. It was one thing for him that he had a principle not to interfere in others’ affairs, but why did these people just stood still and did nothing? If the Serpent Heart was truly that precious, there should be many people here who wanted to snatch it themselves. In fact, it shouldn’t be weird at all if someone was consumed by greed and shamelessly engaged in the battle.

    Sila stated this curious opinion out, and there was someone who answered him.

    “Little Bro, it’s normal that no one would dare to interfere in the affairs of the Heavenly Dragon Guild.”

    “Heavenly Dragon Guild?” Sila frowned. He thought he had heard this name before.

    “Those bandit-looking men are members of the Heavenly Dragon Guild established by Montra, the one who is entitled as the Magic Emperor, one of the Four Emperors.”

    Sila’s face changed to an expressionless one. If there’s someone who truly knew him here, one would immediately realize that this was Sila’s symptom of trying to suppress the anger inside of him.

    The crowd saw Sila became silent and misunderstood that maybe Sila didn’t know about Montra and the Heavenly Dragon Guild since he was a new player. So they started explaining.

    “Montra is held up as the strongest player in the game. Because in the war event last year, Four Emperors; which consist of Montra: Magic Emperor, Lone Wolf: Qi Emperor, Zero: Shadow Emperor, and Cross: Sword Emperor; clashed, and the winner of that event was Montra. Since then, Montra is hailed as the strongest player, and his Heavenly Dragon Guild became a mighty one. The Heavenly Dragon Guild is a large guild with many members; it’s also the most influential guild in the game as of now. It has been claimed as the guild of a righteous side and helps maintain the game’s balance and peace.”

    Sila had listened enough. He circulated Qi of Little Fish and magically passed through the crowd as if he was a little fish swimming through a fishnet.

    Finally, he entered the battlefield, receiving everyone’s attention.

    Sila now was wearing a Chinese style Beginner’s Clothing that had long sleeves down to both hands, covering all his arms to fingertips. If one didn’t look close enough, they wouldn’t notice that his right-hand fingertips weren’t like those of a human.

    This outward appearance of Sila now was due to Lucy’s recommendation. He had consulted with Lucy on how to hide his right arm that many people often glanced at.

    Lucy told him that although Beginner’s Clothing had a starting form of a short sleeve shirt with long pants; since Monster Soul Online had no occupation system with some players wanting to get a feeling of being a swordsman, mage, priest, etc.; the Beginner’s Clothing then had a trivial feature to change its original form to another three forms: leather clothing for an adventurer, silk cloak for a mage, and long-sleeve cotton clothing for a wuxia; which Sila was now wearing.

    Sila turned his back to the man and the woman, gazing longingly to the three savage men.

    Now that he was close to them, he could spot that the collars of these men’s clothes were embroidered with the white Chinese dragon, so he assumed that this was a symbol of the Heavenly Dragon Guild.

    “Who are you?” asked the boss of the savage men’s group.

    “Where is that bastard Montra?”

    Sila didn’t answer but asked back in a cold tone.

    Those around him panicked, ‘Who is this man to dare to call the Magic Emperor without respect in front of the Heavenly Dragon’s Guild members?’

    The leader of the savage men’s group shouted at Sila:

    “Kid! Not only are you interfering with our Heavenly Dragon Guild’s matter, but you also called our guild leader without respect. You are done for today.”

    And when his subordinate whispered something to him, a brutal smile was formed.

    “Hahaha, and you are just a newbie with level 3.”

    Sila was a little surprised that his opponent knew his level, but he didn’t change his expression.

    Actually, there was a way to inspect another player’s level. In fact, this could be done by upgrading one’s system window. Naturally, Sila’s level had been inspected by most players since he had entered into the battle scene.

    Inspecting the other’s level could only be performed when the inspector’s system window grade was higher than the one who was inspected. With Sila’s F Grade system window, anyone could easily inspect his level.

    Although level was unimportant in this game, the savage men totally thought that Sila was an easy opponent.

    Being level 3 and wearing Beginner’s Clothing, Sila truly looked like a newbie. Not only that, his outward appearance was that of a wuxia who tended to use qi. In this game, the players in qi type could only start training Basic Qi only when their level was above 50. So, with that logic, Sila was only viewed as an easy prey for them.

    The cornered young man behind Sila also inspected Sila’s level and concluded the same. He then told Sila with concern.

    “Little Bro, this is our matter. I know that you have good intentions, but you shouldn’t be involved in this affair. Please step back.”

    Sila didn’t even look back, “I’m not here to help you. I just have my own business with the Heavenly Dragon’s guild members.”

    The woman felt angry upon hearing Sila’s conceited voice. Her friend had been trying to help just now, but instead of Sila thanking them, he didn’t even care.

    “Hey! You! Big Brother Tiger was trying to help you just now. Not giving a word of thanks was bad enough, but you even rejected his kind deed.”

    Tiger saw his friend misbehave so he turned his head to talk to her, “Don’t be like that, Alice.”

    While the three of them were busy talking, one of the savage men’s group’s subordinates saw a chance and rushed toward them, his target was Sila. Now many onlookers closed their eyes since they didn’t want to see the scene of someone dying.

    “Die! You weakling!”

    Sila only glimpsed at the attacker’s assault. Compared to the Level 80 Black Wolf, this attack looked rather slow. He struck his blue-light glowing hand towards his opponent. Although his hand’s movements looked slow, it was actually fast.

    In a flash, his opponent was bounced off. He was then caught by his teammate.

    ‘Unexpectedly, it works. Who knows that Qi of Little Fish can be used offensively as well? I always thought that it could only be used for dodging.’

    Sila looked at his left hand while imagining how he could further utilize his qi.

    Now, everyone was stunned and stared at Sila… everyone here included the crowd, the trio of savage men, and Tiger and Alice as well.

    “... Kill him first.”

    The three savage men made eye contact with each other and then attacked Sila simultaneously from three sides. In their hands were thick swords, they were coming at Sila from different directions.

    Sila dodged to the left and then hardened his right hand while circulating Qi of Little Tiger into it. Sila used his hand as though it was a sword; he thrust it into the chest of one of his enemies. The palm sword stabbed through the heart, which was undoubtedly a vital point. His opponent couldn’t even scream before he turned into a light and disappeared.

    Sila’s two other enemies turned their head to witness the sight of their friend dying. Their anger was more intense than their fear; their boss, who was nearest to Sila, thrust his sword to Sila’s back.

    Sila spun his body to the left while concentrating Qi of Little Fish into his left hand. He used it to grab his opponent’s wrist and then harshly twisted it, making his enemy cry in pain.

    Sila’s last opponent saw his boss being held tightly. Thus, he immediately cast Lightning Arrow toward Sila. It was one of the low-tier spells that required no cast time.

    Sila felt pain as soon as he was hit by lightning arrow. He had learned from Lucy that one can’t evade magic unless one reaches a very high level, uses special item, skill, or card. Thus, magic arrows were very popular among players. Even players that didn’t intend to be magic-type player usually possess some magic skills, especially magic arrows, which didn’t have a cast time.

    The system sound suddenly rang.

    Right Arm of the Sealed One has received lightning-element energy, the special skill: Electromagnetic Field is unlocked.

    Sila didn’t listen to the sound of the system. He was busy focusing on circulating Recovering Qi to relieve his pain while putting more force into his grasp to make the thick sword fall out of his enemy’s hand that he’d locked.

    Next, he quickly concentrated Qi of Little Tiger into his right foot and used it to kick the dropping sword towards the enemy who just had hit him with magic.

    The sword was spinning so fast that Sila’s opponent couldn’t properly react. It soon cut his head off, resulting in the fountain of blood, which was a very terrible sight for all onlookers. Fortunately, a few seconds after, this frightening scene turned to a white light and disappeared.

    Meanwhile, Sila hadn’t finished his attack yet. His right foot didn’t stop for just kicking the sword but went further and kicked at his opponent’s knee mercilessly. His opponent screamed in pain and lay down helplessly.

    After that, Sila’s figure looked like a grim reaper. He crossed his arms behind his back and stood still as if all of these series of the event weren’t related to him. This was a stance that Sila imitated from Lone Wolf. Sila thought it looked cool so he did the same.

    All the events had happened and ended too quickly. Even Tiger who tried to interfere in a helping manner was stunned. No, it’s safe to say that the same thing was applied to the entire crowd as well.

    “Where is Montra?” slowly asked Sila.

    “I-I don’t know where the leader is, really! He always keeps practicing in secret. I am just an underling so-”

    “Then, who knows?”

    “T-The Two Monarchs or Five Warlords would know. But except for Sir Black Star Warlord who stations at Alkedia City, I don’t know where the others are.”

    Sila listened quietly then spoke in a loud voice.

    “Go tell everyone in the Heavenly Dragon Guild this: tell Montra to get his ass out and meet me.  If he doesn’t, I will definitely crush everything related to the Heavenly Dragon Guild until he comes out.”

    After that declaration, Sila concentrated Qi of Little Tiger on his foot and kicked his opponent’s chest heavily, sending him to the afterlife. He then walked toward a restaurant while the crowd backed off from his path unconsciously.

    At that time, Tiger and Alice were still in shock. They could only stare blankly at Sila walking away without anyone daring enough to give him their thanks.

    T/N for Thai readers: you might notice that "Rank" is ordered differently than the original novel (changing from Marquis -> Knight  to Knight -> Marquis.) This is due to the fact that the author wrote about this when he mistakenly believed that Knight has a superior nobility than Marquis (which he realized was false later and decided that it was too late to change it since readers had become accustomed by it.) Thus, me and the author had consulted each other and decided to change it in translated version so that we can give an easier-to-understand reading experience to worldwide reader.
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    Chapter 8: A Bet in a Restaurant

    After walking out for a moment, Sila belatedly realized that he had forgotten to state his name. Needless to say, as the right moment had already passed, he wouldn’t go back and tell the crowd his name since it would be lame.

    Sila decided to leave things like this. There would be another chance later.

    He was more interested in the system notification within his system log.

    You have defeated Player Bloody Face, Level 165 Squire Rank. You have received 8,000 experience points. The defeated player is a Wanted Player. You can claim your reward at the Bounty Hunter Association later.

    You have defeated Player Soul Slayer, Level 141 Squire Rank. You have received 7,000 experience points. The defeated player is a Wanted Player. You can claim your reward at the Bounty Hunter Association later.

    You have defeated Player Cruel Executioner, Level 150 Squire Rank. You have received 7,500 experience points. The defeated player is a Wanted Player. You can claim your reward at the Bounty Hunter Association later.

    Your level has risen to 18.

    Sila wasn’t astonished by the fact that he got experience points. Since he had known from Lucy that in this game, players were like monsters in the way that they could be killed for experience points. They just wouldn’t drop money or items (except from dying to some special abilities).

    In Monster Soul, there was no such thing as chaotic status or a penalty for killing another player, so people could freely kill others. However, the system had a service for players to put another player’s name into the Bounty Hunter List with a fee amounting to 10% of the bounty. To put it simply, your name can be on a bounty hunter’s list even if you did nothing wrong other than being hated by someone, whereas even the most evil player’s name might not be on the list if no one dares to place a bounty on them. Anyway, if you stayed online actively for one month in-game time while on the Bounty Hunter List, the bounty on you would be gone, and you would receive 50% of your bounty for yourself, while the rest would be transferred to game system. Then, if your enemy still bore hatred toward you, they would have to submit your name to the list again.

    The thing that surprised Sila was the noticeably low amount of experience points he received. Normally, if players killed creature that had higher level than them, they would receive bonus experience points. But even with that bonus, the experience points Sila had received was very low due to the effect of the Greed Card.

    Sila went straight to a restaurant. The restaurant in the Town of Beginnings was decorated in a Chinese style. The chairs and tables were all made of wood and the restaurant was crowded with people. However, it didn’t take too long for a waiter to come forward and welcome Sila.

    “Welcome Big Brother, what would you like to eat for today?”

    The waiter in silk Chinese clothing greeted Sila.

    “I have an appointment with someone on the second floor.”

    “Then please come this way.”

    The waiter led Sila to the second floor. During their short trip, Sila noticed that there were many people glancing at him.

    ‘Weird. Why are they glancing at me? Are they the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s members who came to claim revenge on me? No, that shouldn’t be it. That event was only five minutes ago. They shouldn’t be this quick.’

    When he arrived at the second floor, there was only one person here, contrary to the floor below. Sila turned his head to waiter.

    “That lady over there reserved all the seats in this floor for three days, telling us that she would be waiting for her friend. This is the second day that she has been waiting.”

    The waiter gestured a table that had a woman sitting on a chair near it.

    Then, that young woman turned her head to Sila and bowed.

    “Please come and sit here. Mister Sila.” She greeted him.


    Sila walked and then sat on the chair opposite of her. Now they were separated by the table. Meanwhile, the waiter excused himself.

    It was then that Sila had the opportunity to look at this young woman closely.

    She was a very pretty woman. She looked cheerful and bright. Her beautiful black hair was put up into a bun and pinned with a barrette. She wore a white kimono with a blue wave pattern, which was matching the short Japanese sword leaning beside her chair.

    “Please have a cup of tea first.” She slowly poured tea into Sila’s cup.

    “Thank you.” Sila drank it, but it was hot, making Sila show a bit of a troubled expression.

    The young woman smiled faintly and said, “You don’t have to hurry.”

    “Umm ... I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure that I don’t know you,” Sila immediately brought a conversation to the main topic.

    “Sila, you might not know me, but I heard about you from my dad.”

    “Your dad?”

    “Rashane is my dad.”

    Sila now started to understand. He remembered Uncle Rashane had told him that Rashane’s daughter was also playing the game. She even had played for a longer time than he did.

    “I see, so perhaps you have some business with me?”

    She was smiling slightly, “I personally don’t, but my dad wants me to tell you something.”


    “He tried to contact you. He previously planned to let you play briefly so he didn’t set the timer on the brain scanner that you are using. However, you have played for over one day and still haven’t logged off, so he was starting to worry and sent me to search for you.”

    Sila began to feel guilty that he had made his uncle concerned about him. Rashane was really nice to him.

    “My dad told me you might use ‘Sila’ as your in-game name so I tried contacting you using that clue. But since we aren’t on each other friend list, I used the massaging system to send you a letter. But then system told me that you were in a special area that forbade communication so I decided to wait here.”

    It seemed that the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins was a special area that wouldn’t allow him to contact nor be contacted by anyone outside.

    “I won’t log out until I achieve my objective here,” Sila told her simply.

    “Do you mean ... fighting against Montra?”

    Sila was surprised that she knew his objective.

    “I heard about it from my dad. Never mind that, just when do you think you can achieve that goal? A day, a month, or a year?”

    Sila didn’t answer her question. He was fully aware of the meaning behind her words. It was only his stubbornness that kept him from logging out. He just felt that he still hadn’t done anything worthy since he had entered the game. At the very least, he wanted to know Montra's current location.

    The young woman sat quietly, giving more time for Sila to think.

    “By the way, what’s your name?”

    Sila asked her to brighten the mood. But before she could respond, there was a loud voice shouting up, answering Sila’s question on her behalf.

    “The Goddess of Purified Water is visiting my territory. How rude of me to greet you this late?”

    Sila turned back to see the group of around fifty men dressed in warrior’s, mage’s, and archer’s clothes. The one who had shouted was the man wearing flame red armor. If it wasn’t because of the people who were staying behind seemingly ready to commit an assault the previous sentence of his could be considered very polite.

    “I wondered for a bit, but in the end, it’s just you, a weak bandit that I had killed before. Well, I’m sorry but I can’t remember your name,” the young woman answered politely.

    Despite the courteous tone, Sila thought that she was insulting the other side of being not worthy to remember.

    The man in flame red armor knew the meaning of the words as well. His face showed a distorted expression, “You bitch—”

    The woman saw Sila sitting still without a sign of panic or fear expression. She felt a little curious. With her father telling her that Sila had just started playing this game; Sila’s avatar wouldn’t be high in level. Nevertheless, she knew that Sila had been practicing martial arts since childhood and that would be a reason for his calm expression.

    However, no matter how excellent he was in the real world, it would take time for him to adjust himself to accustom with in-game skills, magic, and weapons. Moreover, it would also take a long time to move his avatar as freely as his own actual body.

    Witnessing Sila’s overconfidence and his stubborn nature like this, she concluded that Sila was childish. She smiled unconsciously.

    Her opponents saw that smile and misunderstood that she was looking down on them. So they unsheathed their weapons.

    The woman unsheathed her short sword too. Amazingly, the sword changed its form and turned out to be a two-meter-long katana, causing Sila to stare at it in astonishment.

    The woman saw Sila interested in her sword, so she explained.

    “This is my Spiritual Sword named Shadow Moon. It’s a sword that combines characteristics of Japanese and Western swords.”

    “Spiritual Sword?”

    “Yes. A Spiritual Sword can only be obtained upon inserting a card of the monster or  magical being’s race into the card window when a player is of the human race.” (Magical being means a lifeless creature with a soul, mostly created or enhanced by magic, such as a Golem or a Cursed Sword.)

    “Oh, you mean selecting a race, right?” asked Sila.

    “That’s it. For this race, upon race changing, you will get one Spiritual Equipment as a bonus. It can be selected as a sword, axe, or even armor. But you cannot change it nor remove it from your equipment window.”

    “Hmm … then, what’s it good for?”

    “It has a soul, so although it absorbs your experience points, it can be evolved and gain skills like players and monsters.”

    “That sounds much better than my race.”

    The woman was a little surprised by the fact that Sila had already selected a race.

    ‘So this is why he seems so confident. Well, in this case…’

    She came up with a plan.

    Now, her opponents were very furious. Not only did the other side not care about them, they also kept talking together about the game’s matter as if they were nothing but thin air.

    Two underlings from the group couldn’t stand the humiliation anymore. They rushed to Sila as they saw he wore the Beginner’s Clothing.

    Weirdly enough, they were now attacking Sila despite originally wanting to pick a fight with the woman.

    Sila looked at the woman, but she didn’t seem to do anything. She was just calmly looking back at Sila, which made Sila felt as if she was testing whether he could win against the two of those guys by himself.

    Sila’s expression changed into a cold one as he felt somehow upset. Then, he activated a skill that he recently acquired, of which he read the description for prior to entering the restaurant.

    “Electromagnetic Field.”

    Special skill: Electromagnetic Field

    Creates a circular electromagnetic field around user. The length of the radius will be dependent on the charged electric energy.

    *Does not require magic points. But requires lightning-element energy for activation.

    Every object within a three meter radius around Sila was transfixed in their current position. The woman was affected by this skill as well. Her face showed a slightly surprised expression before quickly turning back to normal.

    But for the two charging people, their expression showed extreme panic. Both of them felt numb all over. Their body was stopped and became transfixed midair.

    Sila stood up. He circulated Qi of Little Tiger into both of his hands and struck at the two stationary targets. Their body flew back to the rest of their group, collided, and then disappeared.

    All the people on the other side were dumbfounded. They heard that the Goddess of Purified Water had come alone so they even gathered fifty level 300+ players to teach her a lesson for killing them three times.  But now, in front of them was a man in Beginner’s Clothing who possessed powerful qi and remarkable skills despite only being level 18.

    Sila sat down again while listening to the system notification telling him that his level rose to 22 before picking up a cup of tea without looking at anyone.

    The woman smiled and started speaking, “Now I know the reason why you seemed confident. It must come from the ability to use qi. But isn’t a qi-related quest only accessible when the avatar’s level reaches 50 first?”

    “Someone transmitted it to me.”

    “So you didn’t learn it yourself, huh?” She said that without even looking at Sila

    Sila’s eyes changed slightly, which she could notice. Sila comprehended that she was insulting him that no matter how skillful he was, his abilities were still derived from other people.

    She gave Sila a smile; it was her attempt to provoke Sila further.

    “Would you like to have a bet with me?”

    “What kind of bet?” Sila asked back without changing his expression.

    “We will bet on whoever can kill more thieves. If I win, you have to accept three of my requests, but if you win—”

    She hadn’t finished talking yet, but Sila interfered, “Why do I have to bet with you?”

    She smiled and turned to look at Sila, “It’s just for fun. Yeah, actually, you don’t have to if you don’t dare. Just leisurely watch me kill these thieves, then.” She said that while standing up.

    Sila drank all his tea in one go and bumped the cup to the table, making a loud noise.

    “Fine. If I win, don’t show your face to me ever again,” said Sila.


    Sila stood up alongside her, sending off his anger toward those thieves, and then started circulating his qi.

    This was a fight with his pride on the line.

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    Chapter 9: The Secret of the Right Arm

    Sila soared into the group of thieves as though he was a wolf assaulting sheep’s den. He circulated Qi of Little Fish throughout his body to increase his dexterity to dodge all weapons thrusting at him. His two hands were dense with Qi of Little Tiger, hitting the careless enemies one by one; his target was always the heart or the head, slaying them in one hit.

    No matter how fast Sila killed his enemies, he could only kill them one or two at the same time. This was because he didn’t possess all Qi of Little Divine Beings.

    Qi of Little Divine Beings consisted of the following:

    Qi of Little Tiger focused on attacking. If one concentrated it into a part of their body, one’s attack would be increased. At a higher level, it could even break through the enemy’s defense.

    Qi of Little Fish enhanced the user’s flexibility and precision, but it didn’t include movement speed. At a higher level, the user would be able to dodge even magic.

    Qi of Little Bird was different. It emphasized speed and the ability to use qinggong. Sila would have to use this qi to attack multiple enemies simultaneously. When this qi was mastered, one would be able to use many techniques simultaneously.

    T/N: Qinggong is an art of lightness. It’s usually referred in traditional Chinese novels where martial artists have the ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speed, perform gravity-defying moves such as gliding on water surfaces, scaling high walls, and mounting trees.

    Lastly, Qi of Little Turtle was an ultimate qi of protection and healing. It strengthened both the user’s physical and magical defense. If one could master it, one would gain the ability to resist all damage below a certain point, for example, the damage below 1,000 points would be counted as nothing.

    One would be considered a master in qi only upon completing all four of Qi of Little Divine Beings. That’s because each individual qi was supporting each other, and could be utilized in every situation together. Well, currently, there was only Lone Wolf who could master all four Qi of Little Divine Beings. His title, the Qi Emperor, was also given to him based on this fact.

    As Sila didn’t possess Qi of Little Bird and Qi of Little Turtle, he would always lack the ability to attack multiple enemies and the ability to guard against magical attacks.

    After some of his opponents had died, they finally realized these weaknesses of him. Now they were all keeping their distance and attacking Sila with low-tier spells.

    Three people pointed their staff at Sila. Then, wind blade, rock boulder, and fireball were all flying at Sila.

    Sila saw them coming, but since he was busy evading a sword next to him, he then had to prepare for the impact of these spells.

    The wind blade came first and left Sila’s shoulder with a long incision. The fireball followed next and Sila guarded it with his right arm by instinct. Surprisingly, no damage was taken; the fireball was somehow absorbed into his right arm. Well, while Sila still confused, the rock boulder hit his chest heavily, sending him to collide with the restaurant wall.

    The system sound could be heard.

    Right Arm of the Sealed One has received wind-element energy, the special skill: Vacuum Ball is unlocked.

    Right Arm of the Sealed One has received fire-element energy, the special skill: Unseen Flame is unlocked.

    Right Arm of the Sealed One has received earth-element energy, the special skill: Magnet Gravity is unlocked.

    Many thieves saw Sila lose his stance. They knew this was their great opportunity so they hurriedly ran towards him. The man in the most frontal line stabbed his spear towards Sila’s body.

    Sila had no time to think. He was still busy circulating Recovering Qi since he was hurt so badly that he could barely stand. His only hope now was the newly acquired but unknown skills. Well, based on his experience with Electromagnetic Field; the skills obtained from the Right Arm of the Sealed One tended to be a powerful skill.

    Vacuum Ball!

    Air in front of Sila suddenly seemed blurred. The tip of his enemy’s spear hit the almost invisible ball and swerved to Sila’s side. Then, the ball divided itself into several small balls and spread around, bouncing his enemies off. Although the balls couldn’t kill even a single enemy, they were enough for keeping distance between Sila and the thieves.

    Now Sila could stand firmly again since Recovering Qi began to show its effect. Sila stared at his right arm that previously had been hit by a fireball but he hadn’t been hurt by that attack.

    ‘Is it not counted as my body?’

    Sila used to perceive the Right Arm of the Sealed One as his new arm, but after thinking carefully about it, it took up his main weapon’s space in the Equipment Window. So, it shouldn’t be weird if it was counted as a weapon, not his organ. That must be the reason why he hadn’t taken damage when he’d guarded an attack with this arm.

    When the thieves saw Sila stand up but did nothing, they comprehended that Sila had used a health potion and was waiting for it to take effect. So, they hastily lifted up their weapon to attack again.

    Sila thought this was a good opportunity for him to test his arm, so he lifted his right arm to block.

    His opponents saw this retarded action and smiled cynically. How could an arm block a sword? If they could get rid of one of this man’s arms, he would become an easy target for them to kill.

    The sword accelerated, not changing direction.


    Sound of the sword clashing against metal could be heard. His opponents were all shocked; they just noticed that Sila’s arm was covered with a weird armlet.

    Sila smiled unconsciously. His idea was correct, this arm really was counted as a weapon. Just now, besides an impact, he didn’t receive any damage. Moreover, it seemed that his opponent’s sword was chipped, while his arm didn’t have even a scratch.

    ‘As expected of an S Grade item.’

    Sila quickly kicked one of his opponents towards the group without letting that one die. He used that body that bounced off as a shield and rushed to follow it.

    The robbers evaded their comrade’s body to the sides, but what awaited them was Sila who used his hands to strike two enemies’ heads, turning them into a light, and then he activated another mysterious skill:

    Unseen Flame.

    Three thieves in front-line fell immediately and writhed with burns. They later turned into light and disappeared. Sila felt a little surprised too since he didn’t think the flame would truly be unseen. By the way, Sila was a user of the skill so he didn’t feel any heat, while the thieves could feel it clearly and tried to move away from the area whence the enigmatic burns came from.

    The battle entered into a chaotic state, Sila didn’t have much time to think and decided to use his other newly acquired skill. So far, all skills hadn’t failed his expectation yet.

    Magnet Gravity.”

    One of the thieves was instantly pulled toward Sila. Sila strengthened his fingertips and pierced through the enemy’s heart in midair. This unlucky thief was turned into light immediately.

    All the thieves didn’t rush at him anymore. They stood away from Sila remotely and frightfully.

    Sila finally had time to rest. He circulated Recovering Qi to heal his unclosed wound while studying his new skills.

    Special skill: Vacuum Ball

    Creates a compressed ball. You can determine the number of the ball if proficient enough.

    *Does not require magic points. But requires wind-element energy for activation.

    Special skill: Unseen Flame

    Creates fire. Flames created by this skill can’t be seen by anyone.

    *Does not require magic points. But requires fire-element energy for activation.

    Special skill: Magnet Gravity

    Creates a magnetic force that can pull or push the object. The severity of the force depends on the size of the object.

    *Does not require magic points. But requires earth-element energy for activation.

    Sila was curious by the fact that these skills didn’t need magic points but required the energy of a specific element. Did that mean he had to receive those elemental attacks with his body? If that’s true, then these skills were problematic for him to use, unless he could charge energy himself with his own spells. Unfortunately, Sila was a slime race which couldn’t use any magic skills, so this problem was quite serious.

    While he was standing thinking about this problem, Sila’s feet began to freeze. It seemed that there was one thief secretly cast a mid-tier spell in the back line, thinking that if Sila’s swift movement was sealed, their comrade could easily besiege and kill Sila.

    Right Arm of the Sealed One has received ice-element energy, the special skill: Frozen Hydrogen is unlocked.

    Sila tried to activate Unseen Flame again to melt the ice, but nothing happened. He guessed that it was due to the fire-element energy that he had received from the enemy’s fireball having been depleted.

    Sila hurriedly concentrated Qi of Little Tiger into his feet to slowly crack the ice, while focusing Qi of Little Fish into his hands to emphasize on parrying the enemies’ attacks.

    “Please don’t forget about me.”

    The Goddess of Purified Water's voice attracted the attention of all parties since she hadn’t made her move thus far; all the thieves’ focuses had only pointed toward Sila who had been harming their friends. Now when everybody realized about her presence again, she had already been standing behind all the thieves.

    Her position was blocking the path down to the first floor. Even though the thieves could still escape by jumping out of the windows, this position of her could put a lot of mental effect of ‘their escape route had vanished’ on them, decreasing their morale.

    Just within a second after that sentence of her, eight people in the rear had been killed without even realizing their cause of death.

    The thieves saw their friends being assassinated so they left the wounded Sila who now couldn’t do anything but parry, and jumped at the woman. They thought that if they’re attacking her as a mob; she then wouldn’t have a chance to attack them in secret.

    The number of enemies surrounding Sila was abruptly decreased.

    Sila felt slightly concerned about the bet, so he fully concentrated all his power to destroy the ice binding his feet without caring for his defense. Finally, the ice broke, but Sila had to pay the price of being too hastily; the sword of his last enemy stabbed into his abdomen.

    Since Recovering Qi wasn’t in the same category of Qi of Little Divine Beings, and Sila wasn’t skillful enough to control qi of different categories simultaneously; Sila could only stop using two of his Qi of Divine Beings and only used Recovering Qi to save his own life.

    Sila grabbed the hand of the enemy who had stabbed a sword into his abdomen.

    Frozen Hydrogen.”

    The body of the man whose hand was grabbed by Sila was frozen immediately prior to dispersing as a light. Sila then gently pulled the sword out and quickly closed his eyes to assiduously circulate Recovering Qi to heal his bruised body.

    Then, when he opened his eyes again, there was completely no one at his sight except the Goddess of Purified Water.

    “I killed five more people than you did. The result of this bet is my win. Any complaints?”

    Sila could only accept his loss, blaming himself for not thinking twice. In the first place, these thieves had come in a gang to get her alone; this fact was enough to indicate that her battle power was that good. It was his own fault to accept her bet without carefully thinking about it. Now he reaped what he sowed.

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    Chapter 10: Skills Lost

    Sila’s eyes were still closed. He was circulating Recovering Qi to fully heal his wounds. Meanwhile, the Goddess of Purified Water went downstairs to pay the restaurant’s owner for damage compensation.

    Finally, Sila’s body was fully recovered. His external wounds and pain were all gone. He opened his system window to check his current status while waiting for the Goddess of Purified Water to return.

    Player Status: Sila

    Level: 56

    Race: Pink Slime

    Rank: Squire

    Health Points: 325,045 / 400,000

    Magic Points: 250,000 / 250,000

    Passive Skills

    Bare Hands Mastery – Level 100 (maximum)

    Qi Circulation – Level 75

    Basic Qi – Level 100 (maximum)

    Recovering Qi – Level 57

    Bone Restructuring Qi – Level 33

    Qi of Little Fish – Level 24

    Qi of Little Tiger – Level 28

    Active Skill

    Unseal – Level 15

    (Unseal skill is a general skill and available to all races, so it isn’t counted as the skill of the human race)

    Racial Skill

    Special skill: Heart of Slime

    Skills of Right Arm of the Sealed One

    Special skill: Electromagnetic Field (Lightning)

    Special skill: Vacuum Ball (Wind)

    Special skill: Unseen Flame (Fire)

    Special skill: Magnet Gravity (Earth)

    Special skill: Frozen Hydrogen (Ice)

    Special skills weren’t skills that could be measured by level. Their abilities were often high from the start and could be used in more versatile ways if the user mastered them.

    ‘I can’t use magic and skills of the human race, so how can I defend myself against magic attacks from now on?’

    Firstly, Sila had thought he could use his right arm to block spells. However, after thinking about it carefully, that would only work against low-tier spells. If his opponent used higher tier spells which had a wide area-of-effect or a unique characteristic, it would be hard for him to defend them with only his right arm.

    “Have you finished recovering?” The soft voice got Sila out of his thought.

    “Yes.” Sila nodded. “Thank you for paying for me.”

    She nodded in response, and said, “No problem, but when did I ever say that I would pay for you?”


    “What’re you ‘huh’ing for? The damage compensation is 300,000 silver. Don’t forget to pay me later.”

    Sila was somehow shocked. “These damages cost us 300,000 silver each? Isn’t that too much?”

    “Who told you it’s 300,000 silver for us each? That’s the total amount, which you have to pay alone.”

    “What? Why? They came to get you, aren’t you the one who should pay?”

    “Is that so? Then, please tell me, is there anything that I damaged in this restaurant?” She replied with a smile.

    Sila turned to look around. There were burnt marks on the floor, debris of table and chairs scattered here and there. There was also a hole in the wall. All of them had been caused by him, or the thieves who had fought with him.

    He sighed. “Okay, I understand now. In any case, I don’t have the money right now. I will pay you later when I can.”

    “That’s fine. For now, please just come with me.”

    “Huh? Go with you? Where to?” asked Sila, feeling puzzled.

    She smiled faintly and said, “A hotel.”


    “You still remember your promise about obeying my three requests, right?” said the woman before  dragging Sila out of the restaurant without his consent.


    A while after leaving the restaurant, Sila started to be unable to bear this girl’s action of dragging him around, so he stopped walking.

    She saw that and asked, “What happened?”

    “Why do we have to go to a hotel?”

    “To log out, of course,” answered the woman, “My dad has been waiting for you outside.”

    Sila finally understood the reason why she was trying to take him to a hotel, well, it would be better if she clearly stated her intention from the start. Sila felt a bit embarrassed since he had misunderstood. He glanced at her face, figuring whether she had intended to tease him or not. Unfortunately, her expression was hard for him to tell her real thought, so he frowned as he felt unsure.

    ‘Does she really not intend to speak vaguely?’

    “Then… why should I log out?” asked Sila.

    “It’s because you’re always in the game. My father was worried about you so much that he has always been staying by your side without going back home. He even ordered me to drag you out as his last resort, remember?”

    “Well, if that’s the case, can you log out and tell him not to worry about me? I will log out sooner or later.”

    “I thought you would say something like this. So, this is my first request: Until you leave a hospital, please tell me or my dad about what time you will be logged in and logged out.”

    “Huh? Just like this? That’s your first request?”


    Sila was surprised, based on her habit that he had seen, he thought her requests would be something more bothersome than this.

    “Why?” Sila was curious.

    “Because there’s a certain someone who only thinks about himself. My dad paid for your medical expenses, you know? Just how long do you plan to let him keep paying? It’s true that he’s not saying anything, but you should at least reflect on your behavior.”

    Well, actually, Rashane was considered a wealthy businessman. For him, Sila’s medical fees were trivial. Nevertheless, she brought this up to make Sila feel guilty and try his best to get out of the hospital.

    And it proved quite effective. Sila didn’t know Rashane much; he only knew that Rashane was his teacher’s close friend since Rashane had been coming to their dojo from time to time. The fact that he hadn’t met Rashane’s daughter even once was a proof by itself how less he acquainted he was with Rashane. Thus, he couldn’t possibly know Rashane’s financial status.

    Sila couldn’t argue this girl at all. He reflected his own misbehaviour and went ahead of her towards a hotel in the Town of Beginnings. The woman felt glad that her speech worked and followed him without saying anything.

    However, during their trip, Sila spotted a weapon shop.

    “Ermm... you.” Sila started the conversation.

    “I have a name, you know?”

    “Oh, then... the Goddess of Purify Water,” said Sila while complaining in his mind, ‘Why did she have to name her avatar this long?’

    “Actually, my name is Varee, or you can also call me by my nickname, Nam,” explained the woman, “The Goddess of Purify Water is merely my title.”

    T/N: Both her real name ‘Varee’ and her nickname ‘Nam’ literally means ‘Water’ in Thai.

    “Okay. Miss Varee. Do you mind if I visit this weapon store first?”

    “Hmm? Do you want to buy a weapon? Can’t you buy it when you log in next time?” commented Varee.

    “No, no, I just want to ask the owner something.”

    She pondered for a moment. “Well, okay, but please make it quick.”

    Sila nodded before walking into the weapon shop, followed by Varee.


    In the shop, there were many weapons on display. There were many varieties of weapons including a sword, a bow, a halberd, a spear, a knife, and even a spiked mace. They were all put on shelves made of bamboo. Behind the shop’s counter, there was a sturdy man wearing jean pants with his upper body exposed.

    “Welcome. What do you want to buy?” greeted the shop owner.

    “I would like to ask about my weapon,” replied Sila.

    “I see. Feel free to ask me anything.”

    “It’s about this Right Arm of the Sealed One.”

    “Right Arm of the Sealed One?/Right Arm of the Sealed One?” asked the shopkeeper and Varee in unison.

    “Yes.” Sila rolled up his right sleeve to clearly show his arm. “Here, this is the Right Arm of the Sealed One.”

    Only when Varee took a good look at it, she could realize that this thing wasn’t a weird arm guard as she had thought. It was actually Sila’s arm that looked like an arm of a Golem.

    The shop owner was silent for a moment before he began to speak.

    “Congratulations, Mister Customer, you just got a hidden quest.”

    “Hidden quest?”


    The shopkeeper touched Sila’s arm. Then, the system notification could be heard.

    You have gotten a hidden quest: Search for the Sealed One. The time duration is unlimited.

    “Search for the Sealed One?” Sila still didn’t fully understand.

    “Just as the quest’s name suggests, the quest will be completed when you find the Sealed One, who is staying somewhere in the world of Monster Soul.”

    “Where is he, then?” blatantly asked Sila.

    The shop owner smiled. “Well, I don’t know either. I do have a clue though. Do you want to listen?”

    “Of course.”

    “Legend has it that, in ancient times, there was one man who possessed tremendous power. He alone could decide the life and death of all creatures in the world of Monster Soul. There’s a saying that his eyes could see through everything, whether it was in the past, present, or future. His torso was so strong that nothing could inflict even a small scratch. His left arm was the embodiment of all ancient spells. His right arm was the defensive innovation from futurity. His left leg fused with all natures in the world. His right leg was forged by every powerful weapon. And lastly, his heart was the source of limitless power.”

    Sila and Varee listened to a story told by the shopkeeper quietly. It was a story of a man who they thought shouldn’t be categorized as human anymore. Nevertheless, the shop owner continued the story.

    “The man was even stronger than God and the Demon Lord, so people began to worship him instead of God, and fear him instead of the Demon Lord. His existence stirred up a chaos in the Abode of the Gods and the Demon’s Realm. It was the first time that both sides combined their great forces to get rid of this man.”

    “Oh, I see. So, he was ambushed by both God and the Demon Lord; and then was sealed as his title said, wasn’t he?”

    The shop owner shook his head and denied. “You’re wrong. Even when he was beset by both God and the Demon Lord’s sides, he still couldn’t be defeated. It was instead God and the Demon Lord’s sides that suffered a lot of casualties. Finally, their troops fled. After that, God and the Demon Lord had consulted together on a way to eliminate him, and unfortunately for that man, they really found it.”

    “Backbiting?” guessed Sila.

    “No, it’s through love.”

    Sila was surprised by the answer.

    “God and the Demon Lord thought that if that man really had no weakness, they just need to give him one themselves. The two of them joined forces to create one woman. They led this woman to him and waited for love to bloom between both humans. After that, they held her as a hostage and gave him a choice to trade his life for her safety, to which the man accepted their condition and shattered his own life for his lover. However, the parts of his body were far too powerful and indestructible. Therefore, they were sealed by God and the Demon Lord later.”

    Listening to this ending, a drop of tear could be seen lingering below Varee’s eyes. She quickly wiped her eyes without being seen by everyone though.

    For Sila, he still didn’t quite understand, ‘Love, huh?’

    “I don’t understand why that man chose to give up his life. There’s no guarantee that other party will release the woman even if he did so.”

    “Huhu. You may understand it once you’re really in love, then,” replied the shop owner.

    “Well, what happened next?” asked Sila.

    “It is said that the man somehow survived and is still alive as a normal human being and continues to search for his lover in spite of being powerless in the world of Monster Soul. Some also said that he is now living quietly with her in a place that no one could reach. There was also a rumor about him having permanently died from this world.”

    “And my quest is for me to find that man?” All Sila had listened to was merely a tale, he didn’t get a single clue.

    “Yes, it is,” answered the shop owner.

    “I don’t understand how that tale is a hint for me,” said Sila.

    “Well, it’s a basic backstory to let you understand the Sealed One a little bit more.”

    “Hmm, then, what’s his name?”

    “After the fight, both sides of God and the Demon Lord were trying to erase his identity from the world. They decisively forbade all creatures to talk and record about him. So, even his name has faded with time.”

    Sila thought in his mind that this statement was extremely contradictory. If there was really no record about this man, then how could the shop owner know about this? Well, it’s just an in-game story setting, so he didn’t bother much.

    “In any case, back to the main topic, what do you know about this arm?”

    “Since it’s the right arm, I think it has the defense and future-related powers. Maybe it needs more energy to improve its functions. What type of elemental energies had it absorbed?”

    “There were fire, lightning, ice, earth, and wind.”

    “So, it now lacks water, light, and dark energies. If you collect them all, something might happen.”

    “If you just need to take a hit from elemental attacks, I can help.” It was Varee’s voice that said this. “Players usually have all elemental low-tier spells anyway. If you don’t mind, we can try it now.”

    “Then, go ahead,” Sila told Varee.

    Varee didn’t waste her time. She shot a black ball toward Sila, followed by a very bright light coming out of her palm.

    Sila raised his hand to block the black ball, and then closed his eyes before the bright light’s effect could be fully shown. However, prior to his eyes completely shutting, Sila could vaguely see Varee reach her hand toward her sword.

    The sword was quickly drawn, glowing in blue aura.

    At that moment, Sila lifted his right arm to guard his neck. Then, the sound of metal clashing could be heard, together with the force that Sila needed to step backward to decrease the impact.

    The system sound alarmed.

    Right Arm of the Sealed One has received dark-element energy, the special skill: Black Hole is unlocked.

    Right Arm of the Sealed One has received light-element energy, the special skill: Laser Beam is unlocked.

    Right Arm of the Sealed One has received water-element energy, the special skill: River Blade is unlocked.

    When Sila regained his stance again, he shouted at Varee unpleasantly, “Are you trying to kill me!?”

    “Well, I just want to see whether you could defend against it or not.” Varee smiled. “You are quite good, though. This is actually my signature move; using chantless light-element skill to blind the opponent’s eyes before striking quickly at a vital point.”

    Sila was about to say that he wasn’t a move tester, but a shocking system notification interrupted him.

    Right Arm of the Sealed One has received all elemental energies. It will enter into the sealed state again. All skills obtained from Right Arm of the Sealed One are deleted. It can be unsealed again after seven days from now.

    Suddenly, his right arm’s shape changed back into his normal arm, but it was petrified and couldn’t be moved at all, similar to the first time he had obtained it from the sealed box.

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    Chapter 11: Meeting in Real Life

    The shop owner, Sila, and Varee all looked at Sila’s stone arm with curiosity.

    “What’s happening? Mister Sila?” asked Varee since she couldn’t hear the system explanation like him.

    “It’s this damn arm, it’s sealed again, and the skills related to it got deleted too,” Sila answered with a gloomy expression.

    “Then, should we go to the grocery shop? The owner of that shop can use Unseal,” suggested Varee.

    “No need. I can use that skill too. It’s just that the system told me I can only unseal it when seven days have passed.”

    Upon hearing Sila’s word, Varee felt a little surprise. That’s because Unseal was a skill that very few people possessed and was highly desired by various guilds. The reason was due to the Unseal skill of the groceries shop’s owner was only able to unseal items up to C Grade. If someone wanted to unseal a higher Grade’s item, they would have to search for players or NPCs that had the Unseal skill with higher skill level.

    ‘Well, the system said so, but I can just try,’ thought Sila.


    At the end of his word, a system sound could be heard inside his head.

    The level of Unseal skill has risen to 16 … 17 ... 18.

    Sila’s arm could be freely moved again, however, its shape wasn’t the same. It looked like a normal human arm carving with red ciphers.

    He took a look at its information in his system window, but the explanation was still the same.

    Sila explained what happened to Varee and the weapon shop’s owner. After discussing, they decided that he could only wait for seven days. Sila and Varee later excused themselves. (Sila also asked for the weapon shop’s owner name. His name was Bronze.) As for the current appearance of Sila’s arm, Varee used a bandage to wrap it for the time being.

    Now, they were heading towards a hotel after wasting time in the weapon shop.


    The hotel in the Town of Beginning resembled a Chinese tavern made of bamboo that could be seen in an old movie. Its first floor, a lobby, also looked exactly like that of the restaurant.

    Varee stopped at a reception and talked with the employee. The employee looked at Sila briefly and then gave Varee a key.

    Sila secretly argued in his mind: Why the hell was this tavern created from bamboo have to use a key to open the door? The designer of this game must really be a strange one.

    “Follow me,” Varee said to Sila and led him to the stairs. Sila went after her without noticing the eyes filled with envy from the many players around there.

    Varee used the key and entered room 303, which was as weird as Sila imagined: as there really was a keyhole on that bamboo door.

    In the room made of bamboo, there was a queen-size bed that looked very comfortable. The room was very wide; there was a mini bar, refrigerator, sofa, and a separate bathroom and kitchen within. A mini Jacuzzi tub and a shower could also be found in the bathroom, while there were few kitchen utensils and small gas stove in the kitchen.

    “Huh? Why did you get in too?” Sila asked Varee since she still didn’t leave the room.

    “Why can’t I? This is a room for a couple. By the way, don’t ask for too much; just get into the bed,” said Varee with an expressionless face.

    “G-Get into the bed?” Sila was blushing.

    “Yes, get into the bed and log out already. Did you think I’d let you be alone? No way. I’ll be in trouble if you flee... Oh, I almost forgot.”

    The system sound rang inside Sila’s head.

    Player Varee would like to be your friend. Will you accept?

    Sila frowned slightly. “You would like to be my friend?”

    “Don’t think about it too much, there is no special meaning behind it. It’s just that if we are friends, I will be able to see your online status in the friends list, and it will be easier for us to contact each other.”

    Sila recognized that there was no harm in accepting, so he pressed the accept button.

    When Sila laid down on the bed, the system sound alarmed again.

    Do you want to log out?

    Sila said yes. Then, a digital number of ‘Ten’ flashed in front of his eyes; and when the number reached ‘Zero’, Sila’s body was gone.


    Sila woke up in a strange glass capsule, which later opened itself to let Sila out. Sila stepped out of the capsule and looked around. The room was dim, but he could see the surrounding quite well since he had just woken up. He found that he was still in the same hospital room, with this glass capsule as the only new object that hadn’t been here before.

    After that, the light in the room was lit up. Sila could see Rashane lying on a sofa. It seemed that he hadn’t gone back home for a long time. As the light flashed, Rashane woke up. He looked at Sila and smiled happily.

    “Oh, Sila, you are out finally! I was so worried that you might not know how to log out since you said you haven’t played a virtual reality game before,” asked Rashane with a worried tone.

    Actually, for using a brain scanner, it would force the user to log out if it detected that the user’s body was in a dangerous state. However, since Sila’s body wasn’t in normal condition, Rashane feared that the system might miscalculate the physical condition of Sila’s body.

    Sila felt guilty. He had always been in the game and hadn’t thought about the person outside worrying about him.

    “Well, how come you decided to stay online for a full four days?” asked Rashane.

    Sila told everything that he had encountered in the game to Rashane. Rashane was shocked when he knew Sila had adjusted his painfulness level to a real life degree. However, when he heard that Sila had already met Varee, he felt delighted that Varee could find Sila.

    Soon, Rashane’s mobile phone rang up, following which he then went out of the room to answer the call.

    Sila felt he had nothing to do. Therefore, he thought he should try his best to get out of the hospital as soon as possible. He pushed himself out of the bed and felt a slight pain. It was somehow discomforting for him since he hadn’t walked for so long, but if he was walking slowly then it wasn’t not a big problem.

    He tried to walk to the physiotherapy room while avoiding the nurses along the way.

    It was nighttime, so there was no one in the physiotherapy room. Therefore, Sila slowly used an equipment there alone.

    In fact, Sila’s external wounds were completely healed. However, since he didn’t come to rehab and always avoided meeting with a physiotherapist, it was hard for him to walk normally.

    Well, soon, he began to get used to his condition and could now walk faster.

    “…You’re here,” a woman’s voice rang out.

    Sila turned his head to look. Unfortunately, since he moved his neck too fast, the pain instantly came to him. He lifted his hand to touch his painful neck, but that just made the situation worse. Without his hand to support his weak body, he then collapsed.

    Luckily, the woman quickly rushed forward and supported him in time.

    “Thank you,” Sila said to her, and when he took a good look at her face, he felt that this person looked familiar, “Varee?”

    “Yeah, it’s me,” replied Varee.

    “Why are you here?” Sila asked and tried to grab a rail to support his own body again. Varee saw that and backed off a step.

    “I was talking with my dad on the phone, asking whether you have logged out or not. But when he returned to your room, you have disappeared. Sheesh, he was making a big ruckus, so I came to help him searching for you since I was nearby.”

    “I just came to rehab by myself, so that I won’t bother your father for the medical bills more than this.”

    Varee was slightly surprised. She wasn’t serious when she told him about her dad being responsible for Sila’s medical bills, but now Sila was very serious about it and tried his best to get out of the hospital as soon as he could. This made Varee made aware of Sila’s personality more while feeling a bit guilty at the same time.

    “But if you overwork your body and injure yourself again, the one who will worry the most will be my dad, you know?” Varee scolded him.

    Sila didn’t mind Varee much and began to walk slowly between the railing again. Varee saw that and didn’t say anything. She kept watching until Sila wanted to go back to his room.

    Sila tried to walk by himself. Nevertheless, seeing him staggering, Varee came to support him.

    Sila looked at Varee, and she said, “It’s to help you go back to your room faster. I want to go home already.” Eventually, Sila let her help.

    When Sila arrived at the room, he could see Doctor Panhathai talking with Rashane with worried looks on their faces. Then, both of them noticed Sila and hurriedly helped reinvigorate him. Varee stepped back and let them support Sila to the bed.

    Afterward, Sila had to listen to the doctor’s complaints about him disappearing without telling anyone for a long time.

    Then, the doctor left the room, with Rashane following her since he had something he wanted to discuss with her. Thus, now, there was only Sila and Varee inside the room.

    Varee opened the food box that she had brought with her and placed it in front of Sila.

    “Eat it. My dad told me to buy it for you.”

    Then, Varee started to feed Sila; it was shocking for him.

    “Hey. I’m not a disabled person, you know? I can eat it myself,” Sila told Varee.

    “Tell me those words again after you can lift your hand up,” said Varee.

    Sila tried to lift his hand up. Surprisingly, he really couldn’t. His strength was all gone.

    Varee pointed at a glass capsule and began to explain.

    “This is a life-supporting capsule. Since you didn’t take nutrient pills and stayed very long inside the game my dad bought this machine and set it up for you. It causes a person inside the virtual reality world to go into a semi-hibernation state. However, even with that, you’re still considered in danger since you lack food and drinks for many days. Usually, people need to take a quick rest after they get out of this machine, however, you instead went to rehab alone, so your body used up all your remaining energy… Now you can understand why doctor and everyone was so worried about you when you went missing, right?”

    Hearing this, Sila now could understand why people had been making a big ruckus even though he’d been missing only for a short while.

    “Now, open your mouth,” said Varee.

    With that, Sila had to open his mouth unwillingly and was forced to eat. Varee was feeding him extremely fast. It was so fast that at times Sila couldn’t even swallow his food in time.

    When Rashane had finished talking with the doctor, he opened the door of Sila’s room slightly, but immediately paused after seeing Varee feeding Sila.

    Rashane thought, ‘Are they this close already?’

    The doctor wondered why Rashane opened the door but didn’t step inside, so she took a peek and witnessed the scene. Seeing what’s happening, Panhathai pulled Rashane out, closed the door lightly, and then said with a smile on her face, “We should leave the youngsters alone.”

    “Good idea, I didn’t want to interrupt them too,” said Rashane.

    The doctor blushed slightly, “Well, we should find something to eat too. I know one restaurant that’s very ro-”

    “Oh, I’m fine. I’ve eaten already. Now I think I should go back to finish my accumulated tasks. They must be piling a lot since I left for many days. Goodbye.”

    Rashane said this without a slight understanding of a woman’s heart.

    “-mantic... huh? Oh, I see. Then, Good luck, sir.”

    Unfortunately, she hadn’t even finished her sentence yet Rashane had already gone.

    The female doctor sighed with regret.


    Then, Varee left after finishing to feed Sila. Good grief, many people would see that her action was a sweet and romantic one. But for Sila, he instead thought that, today, he finally knew the goose’s torment of being cruelly force-fed to later turn into a delicious Foie Gras. He defined Varee’s action as cramming, not feeding.

    Varee surprised a little when she heard from the doctor that her father had already gone back, so she quickly but politely said goodbye to the doctor before she left.

    Well, she didn’t forget to give Sila a bottle full of weird candies. She said that these were nutrient pills that her father had told her to give to him. She then explained to Sila that he should take one tablet per 12 hours that he planned to be in the game, but not over 14 pills, a.k.a. 7 days in real life, since that would be too long.

    Now Sila was alone in the room. He looked at the clock and found that it was almost 10 p.m.

    Since sleeping and playing the virtual reality game were not much different, Sila decided to log in again.

    He ate one pill and found that it had a strawberry flavor to it. It didn’t dissolve in his mouth so he decided to swallow it.

    ‘This should be okay now, right?’

    Afterward, Sila equipped the brain scanner before lying down on the bed. He also pressed a button within the glass capsule to close it, and finally returned to the world of Monster Soul.

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    Chapter 12: What Did I Do Wrong?

    Sila appeared back on the bed inside the hotel room and felt a little hungry despite just having finished eating in real life.

    He didn’t know how to cook, so he opened his bento which contained a strange dish that looked to be some kind of seafood. It looked like it was made of squid, but Sila wasn’t sure. He had brought it from the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins; there had been two of them inside the refrigerator. Back then, the man in the wuxia clothing had suggested Sila eat it, and since he found that it was very delicious, he took another one and placed it inside his item window because Sebastian said that he could take everything back with him.

    In any case, Sila soon realized that there should be food inside the refrigerator in the hotel room too. And so, he put the bento away as he was the type of person who liked to save the most delicious food to eat last. He opened the hotel room’s refrigerator.

    Inside the refrigerator, there were two sets of steak. He took one out and found that it was hot and gave off a savory aroma. At first, Sila was amazed at how the food which came out of a refrigerator could be hot. But then he realized that this was a matter of the game. He was just curious that since the food was already ready to be eaten just like this, then what was the point of having a kitchen in this room?

    Sila ate it until he was satisfied. Then, he took a bath in the bathroom and donned his original Beginner’s Clothing. He noticed that they were old and slightly ragged, so he decided to go to the clothes shop first. But then again, he remembered that he was quite poor.

    ‘Oh! I remember. There is a bounty that I haven’t claimed yet.’

    During the fight in the restaurant, the system sound had rung so often that Sila stopped listening to them. In any case, he vaguely recalled that some of the thieves had a bounty whereas some didn’t. Hopefully, the total amount should be able to cover the value of his future clothing.

    Thus, he decided to change his first visit to the Bounty Hunter Association.

    Sila went down and approached the employee at the reception to pay for the hotel bill. However, the staff said that Varee already paid for it. Sila was curious and asked about the fee.

    “Small honeymoon suite, amounting 100,000 silver per night, sir.”

    Sila was surprised that it was a honeymoon suite, and also surprised at the high price. Oh well, he couldn’t do anything about it so he headed towards the Bounty Hunter Association as he had planned.


    The sign of the Bounty Hunter Association looked just like a pirate flag—it was a symbol of a skull of the monster with two swords crossed behind it. Sila went in and found that there were many people inside. Luckily, the number of staff was high as well. He didn’t have to wait long until a staff member greeted him.

    “Welcome to the Bounty Hunter Association sir. Would you like to claim a reward or put a bounty on others?”

    “Claim the reward,” answered Sila.

    The staff nodded before gesturing to the office desk. “Please sit down first, sir.”

    Sila sat down in a chair while the staff member was checking some data. Afterward, the window screen floated in front of Sila.

    “You will obtain the reward of twenty-eight people’s bounty, totaling 550,000 silver, sir. Please check if the details are correct.”

    The staff member pushed the screen towards Sila. The screen displayed a list of twenty-eight players, including the bounty of each.

    Although the staff told him to check, Sila couldn’t remember who he had killed. So he pushed the screen back to the staff after looking at it for only a short while.

    “Mister Sila has also become a Wanted Player too, you know?” said the staff when he got the screen back.

    “Huh? Am I?”

    ‘Someone put a bounty on me?’

    “Yeah, 200 gold from the Heavenly Dragon Guild and 100,000 silver from a group of players. This is effective from today onwards. When you’re online for a month and haven’t been killed, you will receive half of this money.”

    “I see. Thank you for telling me,” Sila said goodbye to the staff member and left, heading to the clothing shop which was his main objective.


    The clothing shop looked very normal. Many types of clothing and fabrics were displayed for customers to browse.

    When Sila stated his request, the shop owner asked him what kind of clothing he was looking for.

    Since Sila used Qi as his primary combat method, he told the shopkeeper that he was looking for clothing that wuxia commonly wore. Then, the shop owner brought him a brown wuxia’s clothing embroidered with gold thread. It was made of decent quality fabric.

    After listening to the shop owner’s explanation about this clothing’s usefulness for a brief moment, Sila felt tired and didn’t want to waste any more time just to choose only one set of clothing, so he paid 100,000 silver coins without bargaining.

    (C) Wandering Wuxia’s Clothing

    Increases both physical and magical defenses by 300 points.

    Increases attack by 5%, increase qi point by 5%, increase qi circulation’s speed by 10%, and increase agility by 5%.

    *Could clean itself but couldn’t self-repair.

    Sila then spent 200,000 silver to increase his system window by two Grades (upgrading F Grade to E Grade required 50,000 silver, while upgrading E Grade to D Grade required 150,000 silver) out of Lucy’s recommendation. She had told Sila that he should upgrade it quickly since the first two upgrades didn’t cost much and it would allow him to have 100 more spaces in his item window for each increment in Grade and also the ability to inspect a player who has a lower grade system window and also to access more in-depth information of skills and items.

    Next, Sila went to buy miscellaneous things which were: Medium Health Potion 50 EAs, Large Health Potion 20 EAs, Medium Magic Potion 30 EAs, Liquid Bottle (2-liter capacity) 5 EAs, and Large Bento 5 EAs. All of them cost him 55,000 silver.

    Before accidentally wasting more money than this, Sila quickly fled from many shop owners who had proved themselves to be great salespeople and went to the Quest Building as Lucy had suggested.


    There were few people inside the Quest Building. Sila went in and found three doors which were each labeled as Qi, Psychic and Magic respectively.

    After standing there confused for a while, a man came to him.

    “Hello. May I help you?”

    “Oh, hello. I’m a new player here,” Sila replied politely.

    “New player?” The man looked at Sila with a strange feeling. That was because Sila was wearing one of the most expensive clothes in the city. “Umm... you should have some fundamental knowledge of qi, psychic, and magic from the Hall of Beginnings already, am I correct?”

    “Yes, there are three types of energy in this game which are qi, psychic, and magic. Qi focuses on an inner force, psychic focuses on the balance of power, and magic borrows force from outside.”

    Sila recited what Lucy had told him word by word. Well, he only knew this much. Lucy had suggested him to inquire more about energy types from the Quest Building directly, as the staff there was more specialized.

    “Yes, when a player enters this place for the first time, they will have to select their main energy type. Players can choose only one type, and other unselected energy types will only act as supplements for the player.

    “By the way, qi type energy focuses on drawing the power from within. The more a player practices, the higher the player’s basic stat and ability. The disadvantage of qi type is that there are fewer skills to learn compared to other types, resulting in less variety of player’s skill pool. Players will have to utilize their possessed skills to their fullest instead. Despite this type having a difficult start, if one can be proficient at it, one will be very strong.

    “For psychic type, it focuses on the relationship between the player and an object or monster. The stronger the player’s mind, the deeper the relationship. Players who select this type will become better at using weapons and items than other types. This type has more skills than qi type. However, their disadvantages are the low basic stats and the need to rely on equipment or pet.

    “Lastly, magic type is the most popular energy type right now. It’s easy to train; just using a magic scroll and you can learn a spell. As a bonus, magic points are clearly shown in the player’s system window from the start, unlike qi points and psychic points which will only be shown when the player’s system window is at least C Grade. The skills of magic-type players are of a high variety and there are so many skills that you couldn’t possibly count them. Also, a magic attack has its benefit, which is that it’s unavoidable except when the opponent uses a skill or item that allows them to be able to dodge. The disadvantages of this type are that there’s the casting time for spells and each spell has its own characteristic, making your opponent able to easily predict it.

    “Well, judging from your clothes, you would select the qi type, right?”

    Sila didn’t answer but he nodded instead. In his opinion, he wanted to depend on himself as much as possible, even if it was difficult to do so. For him, depending on pets or chanting spells were contrary to his style. Moreover, he already had trained his qi to a certain extent.

    “Player Sila would like to select qi type as the main energy type. Please confirm this.”

    “Confirm,” answered Sila.

    The system sound alerted.

    You have selected qi type as your main energy type.

    “Now it’s finished. If you have anything to ask about the qi type, please inquire the NPC of each energy type behind the door,” the staff gestured Sila to walk toward the door with ‘Qi’ sign.


    As soon as Sila walked through the door, he found himself in another dimension. There were bamboo forests on either side and in the middle; there was a pathway which led to a little bamboo hut. Around the hut, there was a small fence for feeding chickens in the yard. On the porch, there was an old man who had a long white beard and was dressed in cheap voile clothes sitting and weaving a basket out of bamboo.

    When Sila arrived at the hut, the old man beckoned him to sit with him on the porch. Then, the old man continued weaving a basket, completely ignoring Sila.

    Sila somehow began respecting the old man. The feeling the old man gave off was very similar to that off his currently missing real-life teacher, except for the fact that Mora wasn’t this old. Hence, Sila waited obediently until the old man finished weaving a basket, and started turning his head toward Sila.

    “Greetings, erm... elder,” said Sila after considering what he should call this old man for a while.

    “I’m Wu Ming (Anonymous),” said the old man with a strong voice. If judged by his voice alone, one would most likely misunderstand and say that the speaker must be quite young.

    “Oh, I see, Elder Wu Ming, then.”

    “Just call me Elder. I don’t really have a name.”

    “Yes, Elder,” replied Sila.

    “Then, what do you want from me, young lad?”

    “I want to get a quest for qi-type players, sir.”

    The old man frowned a bit, like he was thinking about something. Then, he quickly showed Sila a smile.

    “Fufu. A quest for qi-type players, you said? Usually, you would get a scroll of Basic Qi, but you’ve possessed this skill already, haven’t you? Besides, you even have two of the four Qi of Little Divine Beings.”

    Sila was a little surprised that the old man knew he had trained qi before. It must be one of the abilities of the NPC.

    “Qi of Little Divine Beings?” Sila wondered at these words.

    “They’re advanced qi series which consist of four types of qi. You now have Qi of Little Tiger and Qi of Little Fish. What you lack are Qi of Little Bird and Little Turtle.”

    “Oh, so you meant those qi. I just know that there were four of them in the series. Could you please tell me what the difference is between having all of them and not, sir?”

    “Well, based on the current you, you must lack the ability to attack multiple enemies and the ability to protect yourself against magic. If you possess all the Qi of Little Divine Beings, these weaknesses would be gone.”

    Sila recalled a fight in a restaurant and agreed with the old man’s statement, “In that case, can I ask you to teach me those qi’s, sir?”

    “Fufufu. No can do, young lad. These qi are high-tier skills so you will have to search for them by yourself. Well, right now, there is only one player named Lone Wolf who possesses all of the Qi of Little Divine Beings, so you can ask about the qi from him if you want. As for me, I can only teach you some basic skills.”

    Sila recalled the person who had transmitted the qi to him. If Lone Wolf was the only player who possessed all of the different types of qi, then, the probability of the man in the wuxia clothing he had met in the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins being Lone Wolf, the Qi Emperor, was pretty high.

    Sila was a bit depressed when he heard that the old man could only teach him basic skills, but he didn’t care that  much. He thought he was luckier than other players already judging by the skills he currently had.

    Then, another one of his weaknesses came to his mind.

    “Do you have a skill which can allow me to attack an enemy in the distance, sir?”

    “Well, I do. Let me see... yizhichan is a high-tier skill so I can’t teach it to you. But if it’s a hidden weapon skill or a single-handed mechanical bow skill, then it should be okay. Which one do you prefer?”

    T/N: Yizhichan is an art of using inner force through fingers; usually was mentioned in traditional Chinese novel regarding martial art. This art is commonly used in order to damage qi’s channel, attack internal organs, or strike in mid-range.

    “How are they different, sir?”

    “For a mechanical bow, you just have to buy a good bow and high-grade arrows, dip them in poison for a while, and then you are good to go. It’s easy to control and you can clearly see the results. As for the hidden weapon, its advantage is that you can use anything as a hidden weapon; it can be a needle, a knife, or even a rock. However, you have to enhance the hidden weapon with your qi for the attack to be more effective. Even though it’s an F-grade skill, it’s hard to master, just like an S-grade skill. Not many people learn this skill because it’s hard to learn and it’s even harder to use in actual combats.”

    Sila thought about it. Since he had decided to rely on himself rather than external powers, he thought that he should stick with this mindset until the very end.

    “I will choose the hidden weapon, sir,” replied Sila without hesitation.

    “Fufu. I can’t expect less from a young person like you. Well, just don’t regret your decision later.”

    A system notification rang.

    You have learned an active skill: Hidden Weapon Firing – Level 1.

    You have learned a passive skill: Hidden Weapon Mastery – Level 1.

    The old man smiled slyly before handing a small bamboo knife to Sila, saying, “Try using it.”

    Sila took the bamboo knife. Then, he tried to show off his ability by concentrating Qi of Little Fish into his wrist that holding the knife before flicking it swiftly.

    “Hidden Weapon Firing!”

    At the end of his shout, a bamboo knife was being thrown out of Sila’s hand although it was not very fast. The knife pinned precisely at the middle of a bamboo tree.

    Sila smiled at the success of his first attempt, while the old man was laughing his ass off.

    Sila confused and didn’t understand why the old man was laughing. Okay, it might be slow, but it was his first attempt. So it should be acceptable, right?

    “What did I do wrong just now, sir?” Sila tried to ask for his mistake.

    The old man looked at Sila as if Sila was some alien and started his non-stop laughter again.

    “You really have no clue, huh? Hahahaha!”

    Sila was still bewildered. He recalled his action and had no idea what he had done wrong.

    Well, it seemed that he had to wait for the elder to stop laughing and explain it to him... 

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    Double chapters for today. Feel free to tell me if there're terms or concepts in recent chapters that confuse you.

    By the way, who would like to guess what has Sila done wrong for the old man to laugh his ass off? :smiley:
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