Heaven's List

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I'm interested in the novel Heaven's List (苍穹榜:圣灵纪) the sequel of The Great Ruler by the same author!
Check it out on this site https://www.qu.la/book/47374/
Let me know what you think!


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    Me, too!
    The title "The Heaven's List: Holy Saint" should also relate to the ongoing Manga publication and translation ("The Heaven's List", also known as "Holy Saint" or "Spirit's Story") of that ongoing novel.
    The new Novel is also placed in the Great Thousand Worlds a few years after TGR - around 14 to maximum 200 years later, depending on how long a certain character required to reach a certain age. It's a bit unclear how long this took - see Xiao Xiao (BTTH & TGR) for example. In TGR she seems to be in her middle to late teenage years but is actually already more than 100 years old. At the end of BTTH she was about three to five years old and TGR is set about ~ 100 years after BTTH/WDQK... 
    The beginning chapters of the new Novel are very promising as they contain a very interesting twist related to the chapters 1522 & 1523 of TGR. 
  • Is Yuan Zun the same universe as btth wdqk and hl? Also is yuan zun first or is it HL?
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    It is just a physical book book similar to how The Legend of Yao Lao wrote the which was very good (it was completed in the forum) the translator bought the book because the raws were not so precise.
  • The link that you shows are the broken link please give the right link... Try to bring the novel version plz (the heaven list:holy saint)...

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