The Godsfall Chronicles

Hey All,

I started reading web novels 2 years ago when i accidentally found out that Tales of Demons and Gods wasn't just a manga but a novel. I googled and found wuxiaworld. After that i discovered ISSTH an amazing novel with a very passionate translator(i get money are sweet and ppl like to get paid for their work, so no more double releases in AWE). In general i don't like the whole system with level and numbers i find it a little boring and then REN introduced The Godsfall Chronicles. An amazing novel, 67 chapters and every paragraph is more interesting than the previous, but Its been the second time that the translation is in hiatus with no explanation, i just go in WW everyday just to check. Its the second time that the translator is completely irresponsible to his readers with no explanation or a small post (and don't tell me about a post in another website ). For all the reasons i mentioned.  i would like to say GOODBYE to WW thanks for all the chapters that you provided, i hope someone that actually respects his readers pick up this novel.

PS: i didn't see anyone forgetting to post that donations are open in patreon!!!!!


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