Still no paypal , also is the site GDPR Compliant for eu user's

hi, sorry to save time and ask 2 questions at once, but when will you be getting PayPal for subbing ( as until then sorry not using going to sub) and also as of the 25th may the site should be GDPR Compliant for EU readers like myself, I'm only pointing this out as I wouldn't like to find something like this happening in the next few weeks to WW ( as I'd be upset as hell if I couldn't read )


  • cheers for adding  the new warning to the site, as I didn't want to wake up and find the site blocked by my isp as some arse reported you to try and be funny
    I just beg one thing, please add PayPal so, I can give you after looking in to your choice it's not got a huge usage in the UK / EU other than a few sites please add PayPal and take my cash I willing want to give it to you but I only use paypal for online paymenys due to the probems i've had in the past with some SEA but mostly Chinese companies ( this comment is not towards  all chinese or SEA  companys i've detalt with and wouldn't want to tar then with the same brush but i was almost ripped off for £4,000.00 once when I was ordering 200 zenithink tablets when they used to be made and other amounts when i was ordering tech and pc parts for my company) and paypal has always got my money back within 1-2 days  
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