Leylin from WMW vs Chu Feng from MGA

Whom do you like from the above two? I would just like to know what people think of them .


  • Saitama
    You are either on my side,
    By my side,
    Or in my FUCKING WAY!
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  • Chu Feng sucks ace. He's insubordinate and churlish. Leylin would destroy him. Didn't Leylin manipulate and kill 3 or 4 favored children of destiny in the Twilight World just so he could create an item to see into the future and know whether his plan of action is going to result in success or failure? I get the feeling Chu Feng would just be a tool for Leylin to use for his benefit.
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    Leylin is your out of the box protagonist for general wuxia novels, he doesnt expect women to line up for him, he never expects wild treasure to appear before him. Not to mention, he dont have your generic "my original parents and their bloodlines are OP" bullshit. I mean if Chu Feng was born in a Xianxia world where your Dao heart decides your future prospect, Chu Feng would be one of those arrogant young masters who Leylin would crush under his feet along his journey
  • Seriously, what's here to discuss?
    Leylin is better by far, even comparing him with someone from ATG is lowering his worth.
    I wrote up a hell of a lot more but deleted it, why bother writing at all...
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