This the continuous of my last novel, talked about the General Chun Fei , he was not death, after she took the princess of the Qin dynasty to escape from the army of Xiangyu, the princess was death. So he was really sorry for not taking care very well to the son of General Mengtian and also lost his promise to Meng Fan that he would put the princess to a safety place, and came to the Shaolin Temple in Song shan , became a sweeping monk of the traditional pavilion collection of books.
Thousands of years later, he taught a KUNGFU BOY who need to take care the reincarnation of the dead princess of QIN dynasty,prictise KuNGFU ,finish his experience  and toughening, finally become a real MAMMON.      


  • Chapter 1:  the first met because the robbery case

    YAN JIAO was a city in the east of BEIJING, every year a lot of students get their degree and will buy the house here , the main reason is the price of BEIJING is very expensive, anther one is BEIJING like the downtown in USA, noise and no green almost all the people, but YAN JIAO is very peaceful and have the CHAO BAI river and some parks.
    I just came to the street at the north of the YAN JIAO city,that followed the portrait which my master gave to me this morning. This was the first time I came to the world of mortal people, I know some master have already lived to xiu xing for many years, like the old Chinese saying:"xiao yin yin yu lin, da yin yin yu shi” That means: the junior hermits practice Buddhism or Taoism in the deeply forest, but the high level hermits in the world of mortal people. As a pre Mammon, I need to practice here now.
    The first I saw the woman was the lady in my portrait, she was more pretty than the portrait, even the eye, the nose,the face skin and the beautiful chin all came from the doctor, not her mother, I heard that from my monk roommate who went down hill from SHAO LIN temple,many stars do plastic operation to change a beautiful face, but that really can make the men fall love with her. And now that really happened, her boyfriend stood there helpless and she still said the bad word to him:" Zhu yi fan, lao niao, that the rude woman calls herself when she was very angry, had really misjudged you, before I saw you came from the famous university of the USA, I trust you will give me the wealth and happy life. But I make a big mistake, you, you are a fool, you buy a 3 bed room apartment here and promise me let my parents all can come here to take care of my child and live with us for the future. now , the house price changed from RMB 398 to RMB 205 , and we still need to pay for the loan to the bank every months!!!....."
    " Who know that the government suddenly gave a lot of police to control the price? And your parents promise that if I have a 3 bedroom apartment near my work place, can let them take care of her grandsons, I can marriage you! I have already 27 years old and my parents only have one son, it's me and they want me marriage ASPS  ....." The boy with lots of grey hair gave a kind of sob as he said the words.
     "My parents said you need buy the house near your working company, you work at CBD Guo mao  center of Beijing but not here....." The princess in the portrait argued.
    "But the apartments there too expensive to me.....OK , you can leave....." The boy gave up with a despair expression in his eyes.
    "I must go,who marriage with you who will be a poor wife all her life! But don't forget I pay about RMB 280000 for the furniture and the domestic electrical machines and appliances....." The princess said.
    "If you like them just take! But I also pay over RMB 350000 for decoration our marriage apartment,..... "The boy so upset.
    The princess left him with vigorous strides, the boy stood there with a broken heart.
    "The women are all tigers!" Before my monk brothers told me, it seems true. 

    "There is really no nice woman in the world?" I saw the couples, a little disappoint, than saw a single mother talk with the agent for the apartment sale in front of the door of their company.
    "I am really sorry to tell you this about we have no any deal for several months, more and more agents become delivered men for the order take-out food, .... you know that the Beijing government moved to Tongzhu District that area quit near here and the government functionaries will come here and our place is so closed them , so they will push the price down and let them buy cheap apartments near their work place .......now the government don't let the common people buy the apartments here if you don't have HU KOU BOOKLET here or you do not work here over 3 years, we all know all the common people live here works in Beijing( This just like the people works in downtown but live in the suburbs)but now they only permit the person who works in suburbs buy the houses apartments......)

    " But you know that my child over 6 years old and need education, I heart that the public school are very difficult to enrollment, the parents need on the line before midnight and slept in front of the door of the school  ,but still many children can not go to enrollment and stay at home ......."The mother cried.
    "Why you are not put your child in USA school?The public school are about 80 students in one class, that is not good place for the children!"The agent said, their company agents all had the degree and really pay attention to the children's education like this single mother.
    "This is why I beg you sale my apartment, I got a DV in the USA and my EX pay a lot of money to the lawyer and got the only house we lived before, we have no place to live there I lived here more than 10 years and after I got my degree I used the Chinese work for about 10 years. I am poor English and the shelter was no place in CA , cause of the high price there , my EX got the town house in west SanJose white bick DR. have over USA: 1,200,000 dollars, Many people can not gave back the rooms or the beds place of share rooms, cause of high house rent price.    So I need to sale this apartment to buy cheap USA house in another state !"The mother said.
    " Don't think that now, I heart one agent sale an apartment several months before, but they have already come to the court for many many times, the buyer wants the money back before they pay for the front money, but the house own said base on the law , you pay this for let me can not sale my apartment to anther one and you go back on your works so you can not take the front money back......" The agent gave a lot of cases because the house price fall down very sharply the disputes between the buyers and the house owns ,so that was not the suitable time to sale the apartment. 
    HU KOU BOOKLET : HU JI POLICY  is a very special policy in the developing country, but not USA, this police make the government control the common people easier. That is in my novel " the Millennium fox and beautiful KONGFU fairy "that story happened  before this one. You must be very odd why the girls were not escape,  that was the most important reason if they ran away their relations were all killed , that calls Zhu lian jiu zu! It means her uncle's family all need be killed ; her ante 's family all need be killed, ....JIU ZU: the patriarchal  clan, the nine degrees of kinship, all need be killed. So Zhao Gao can use this police to let the woman did that kinds of things. And now the HU JI POLICY still in China, this time the government use it that just like : if you did not live CA before , then you can not buy house in CA any more. You may ask how can the government know that, the reason is your family informations are all in the HU KOU BOOKLET.

    This is why the Chinese all beg to secure officials position, right is money, can control the housing price and almost every things.There is a old saying:"SHI NIAN QING ZHI FU, BAI WAN XUE HUA YIN!" But with no good education, how can the children of common people secure officials position? You maybe say put money buy, or look for the relationship..... that maybe, even I am a monk, I still know that it was really some cases for sale the officials positions in the Chinese history, but now the media is the government's month and tough, I don't know....I only know a lot of poor education people come to a wrong way to make money, that happened now :
    I saw the single mother was so helpless and worry about the education of her child after the agent told her the truth about the market to sale house.But her daughter was not listen this and staring the turtles in the big basins,"Mom, may I see that?" Her daughter asked , point to the stall with goods spread out on the ground for sale turtle and was agog to observe the turtles. These were really many stalls on this street, many people bought vegetables, fruits,clothes and flowers etc here, like the farm market in the USA.
    "Ok, but we only can still here for a while, and will come to the school if we can come in , I need get some information about your enrollment."The mom was understood and tender said to her child.
    The child got allowed, very happy, tugged her mom's hand to observe the turtles.After they came there, the mother put her hand on the rucksack ,opened and took her LSAT card from her rucksack, that a rucksack opened in the middle of the rucksack which she bought in the USA,so all the things show out, include her wallet and cell phone.
    She was so upset and study the card, that she had written some Chinese explain there, she hope can know a lot about the law of the USA to fight the unfair , can extricate herself from a difficult position now.
    Suddenly she wanted to change anther LSAT card and saw her rucksack was opened, at the same time a thief was putting her wallet and phone in his pocket and running away from her, because he saw that the victim saw him.
    "Stop him, he stole my wallet and phone, Stop him...." The single mom could not leave her daughter only one to stop the thief.
    The upset boy still stood there saw her girlfriend took a taxi and watched that the taxi was going further and further, and suddenly heard the sound from the far place and saw the thief was running to him. When the thief would passed him, he rapidly used the SAO TANG TUI, the ground sweeping leg, extended his right leg stop the thief's way and let the thief was falling down on the street.
    "You dare to stop me, you don't know this territory is under our control ?" The thief fell down, knead his waist and claimed.
    "He don't know, then let him know about this, BEN DA YE do the robbery job from the WU DAO KOU to here, almost no one dare to stop us, you want to become a hero, OK, I will let you know what is a hero!" several bad guys show their gleaming knives around him, before they only disguised themselves as a passerby.      
    "YI FAN!?"The single mother held her cry daughter because of the scare from the criminal group and saw the young man who act bravely for a just cause. 
     One guy  ran to  him and thrusted at him with the long knife but YINFAN dodged and reverse kick with the 360 HOU XUAN TUI--that is a name of Chinese KONGFU's name, but I am not find the suitable explain in English, you can put it on the internet and search this action. His left foot kick the bad guy's head, the bad guy pounced on the vegetable stall, his knife thrusted into a big kohlrabi.
    The bad guys saw this very angry , 5 men came to him together. It was quicker than words can tell , SHUANG QUAN NAN DI SI SHOU,one person fought with 5 by the irresistibility, at last he was stabbed with the dagger that produced in Sinking province.    
    Before I saw all of this as an invisible man, because this was the first time I came to the metal world,I was a little nervous about the strange world.But now it was the time let them know what is the  China KUNGFU.

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    chapter 2: the KUNGFU fairy

    The guy with minority upper outer garment was really angry and wanted stabbed YIFAN deeply with the dagger.  When he stabbed another time, I showed my face with a heavy hand,  he was really scared suddenly my stern face with a very cold eyes glared at him. His body beyond his control took two steps backwards and bumped his partner.
    "Zhen jian gui, na li lai de chou he shang ?"----"Shiver my timber, where the heck did the monk come out?"  The guy with the minority upper outer garment shouted.
    "Pai shen me,bu guo yi ge shou he shang lao er,hu zi ,zen men ji ge yi qi shang!"---- "Don't be scared,that only a thin,tight monk,lao er,hu zi ----this is they call their partner's name of the bad buy,we hit him together!" The tall,fat and strong man said.
    " Take care of him!" I hold YI FAN to the broken sofa that a old grandma sat there basked in the sun, now she was scared by them and hide in the mobile shop, was a looker on through the window of that shop; and push the sofa , the sofa slipped to the woman who sold the handcraft animal toys with her daughter. And jumped up used the SHAO LIN LIAN HUAN TUI, that is one of the SHAO LIN 72 unique skills.
    The fat one pricked me by a  short sharp sword ,I left arm stop it and caused to trip their legs by GOU GUA TUI,he was fallen cause of DI PAN BU WEN---unstable chassis, legs are weak ; then the 8 guys saw my KUNG FU was a little scared so they  rushed at me with the knives together , the first guy pricked my right heart ,I turned 180 degree and changed the SHUN SHOU QIAN YANG action to pushed his back let me fly up and kicked their 7 guys' chest one by one.......some ones was lying on the street, some was taken several steps backwards  to bumped the temporary table of the roadside food stall, some one was broken the bone and pain to cry :" Call them help......."It was happened very faster than the words.
    " Could you help me call 120, that the EMS telephone number of the mainland in china, please , the boy really need help?"   The victim single mother hold her child ,she was really very worried about YI FAN's knife wound and asked the sale turtles' man.
    " What? .....Oh!.....Yes, of course! "He just shout"Bravo!" for the Kung Fu show and never changed his mind to response to her words.Then he called 112........and the person who sold the clothes and the socks heard the words of the single mother, began to call 110, that is the number of policemen's office.  
    "Kong Fu xue cheng zhe yang ye hao yi si chu lai hun?"---- "You practiced Kung Fu like this,means so awfully, how can you still do the bad thing here?"  I fingered my nose and laughed.
    The bad guys were so angry because they, many people ,failed to me, only a thin , skin dark and young face monk, they called the local ruffians all came, most of them came from Beijing,because Beijing only need walk several minutes to here, but they all came by motors. So quickly hundreds of   ruffians nearby made the motors in a line and  poured in me from different place. One guy used a long sword pricked me, another threw a incisive axe to me. I jumped up, my food QING TING DIAN SHUI BAN LUO DAO TA MEN TOU SHANG, kicked at their head one by one ,like the dragonfly skimming the surface of the water---touched on their head without hurting them deeply. But the guy who threw the axe to me was not so lucky, I jumped up with kick his shoulder and up very high but he was be pricked into his heard with his partner's long sword , and also his axe just threw to his partner's head, the brains and blood were all out.
    " How many people need the emergency treatment?" 120 asked.
    "1, no , 3, no... now is 8 ....." The man who sold the turtles.    
    "What?....."120 was amazing, how could a man more than 40 years old learned counted the number here?
    "Just let the ambulance come here ASPS, some one can't wait any more, the knife hurt his abdomen very deeply,he lost a lot of blood now ! And the number of the patients is going up, if you wait for the exactly number, a boy who did boldly what is righteous hero will die!" The single mother snatched the turtle man's mobile and said( ZHAN DING JIE TIE) fast and made it definitely.  
    " I got it, we will come ASAP!" The 120 said.
    " Thanks for your phone!" She gave back his mobile with a thankful smile.
    "The Kung Fu King is coming, the Kung Fu king is coming out from the film......" A child was put ride his father's neck , because a lot of pleasure-seekers was there and he is short, shouted and applaud.
    " No, he is not your Kung Fu King, he is my Kong Fu Fairy ....." Another boy with a peach shape hair held her mother's hand and argued.
    "These are too many people here, if the axe is thrown out, I am afraid you don't have a suitable place to hide and hurt you, my son, let's go home!" The boy's mother said.
    "No, I am not afraid about this, I want to become a Kung Fu hero when I grow up, too!" The peach shape hair boy said.

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  • The boy had never finished his words the fragment of the brick that the small pedlar used to rise their strawberries' board in the vendor's booth, came to him.
    "A"His mother cried.
    (I don't know what the Americas will say when the accident or some bad sth. happened, but when the Chinese women was shock for sth. they will cry:" A", just like the boy's mom.)  
    " Be careful!"   I showed my body very sharply in front of the boy's head by KONG JIAN ZHUAN YI, some one believe KONG JIAN ZHUAN YI is a kind of extrasensory perception and psychokinetic power; some one think its a kind of magic ; Anyway as for me, I believe  when you has a good master and  taught you the right way you would get this from practice , but not try it yourself, just babies can not play the fire themselves.
    I hold the fragment  brick and anther big baby boy with the famous French perfume smell hold me. He gave my a money king 's mask and said :" my KUNG FU master, don't leave me, I want to learn the best China KUNG FU from you! This was my BAI SHI LI---a kind of gift to give the master to let the master teach him KUNG FU! "  At the time, his mother ran to held him and said :"It's too dangerous to you, you promised you only want to buy the monkey king masks and then will go, but you stay here to watch the scene of bustle now!"She wear a lot of famous jewelries, clothes and also the boy's French perfume smell came from her.
    " I am not finished chosen them!" The boy said but still held me.
    "Jing Fu Ren, that the Chinese smell pedlar respectfully called the Government official's wife, SHI SHEN MO FENG BA NIN GEI CHUI LAI LE, why you came here to give me the business?"The smell pedlar said and was putting all his things out. (Before he saw they fighting  here , was afraid that would hurt his children's masks had already put  them to his toys bins.
    "Don't put them out, just came to my Luxurious villa and gave all of your toys to my son that is OK!This is your money!" She said and took a thick ,fat wad of money to give him and pulled his son left from me, but his son still held my leg very tight and didn't want to leave.
    "Xiao PENG YOU, that the name the person always called the little kids , just go with your mother, it's not safety here!" I told him.
    "NO,you are my kung fu master and you need teach me your kung fu!....."He was never finished his words the strong driver and  bodyguard for them came and held him up went to their luxurious villa and said:"This was the common people's area,they are all very, very poor and fool, different  not with us, let's go, don't make trouble!"His mother followed,I gave the mask back but she pulled it to me, means they don't need it and was alert to every common people and their movements, left very quickly.    
    "where is that little thin monk? Do you saw we are lots of people and scare, DANG QI SUO TOU WU GUI LE--became a turtle hiding in your shell?"One man with a brick said and the others were all laughing.
    I was not afraid any one said I was a turtle or sth. I was still in the children's group outside the circle of the audiences' circle.
    "Do you want teach me kung fu?"The peach shape hair boy said with using his finger poverty-stricken touching his common people's child pants.
    "Sure!You should be pride of you are a common person ! "I kneed and smile to them, the children around me now.
    "Really?...." They saw me with the surprise light,"But why did you not teach the rich boy kung fu but you teach us?"
    "Because he has the bodyguard but you not, we are learning Chinese kung fu because we need CHENG E YANG SHAN, CHU QIANG FU RUO----make the unfair to fair , help the weak against the bully.....not for the money , not for the winning the fight, not for becoming a hero who only want to get the good name ......"    
      "If you don't come out, I will hurt this boy more, ...."the thief rob the single mother's money before said and took the knife came to the Chinese mother and daughter who took care of the boy was hurt.
    " The girl was very pretty!"
    "Don't hurt her, Rogue!”The girl's mother exclaimed and CEI LE TA YI KOU TU MO---spat on his face.
    "NI ZHAO GE BU ZHI DAO SI HUO DE LAO DONG XI !"-----"You don't know what is the dead ,older!"He was angry,wanted to kick her and stab her.
    Suddenly a monkey king showed the money face with a "CHI.....CHI....." sound, ------the money king came from the four famous Chinese novel : Story of a Journey to the West or The Pilgrimage to the west , he is the Chinese boys favorite fight in this novel and "CHI....CHI...." was this beautiful money king's sound when he was very angry, but now was my model him, because I saw the mask and thought about him.
    The bad guy's foot never touched the mom but fell down ,hurt his after brain very heavily on the cement shell with the face towards the sky.
    I was not bite him and almost I did not want to hurt anyone, I just played with the beautiful money king's mask and model his sound.
    But the guys not thought about that, they still wanted to fought me down and hurt me, they used the LUO HAN ZHEN now. Several men constituted the pyramid, some men stood on the old red target that before the smell pedlar put the flower , cages with the all kinds of birds , some coops with the smell animals ,such as the rabbits, white mouses etc, and the gold fishes globes on it  , now they moved them to the other side of the street, because they were afraid they were scare their animals or broke the flowers.
    "Where did you learn this, I always said you can not learn something yourselves or with a wrong master, this is not correct !" I said handed the target one side , dragged it light with the words:" There are really a lot of garbages  on this old target, it need be cleaned!" And they all followed down on the street.
     " They are the same problem that was DI PAN BU WEN,XiA ZHI WU LI" Then I began to keep my promise and give my children students the first class, I got their parents ' allow and put them on the house, there a very flat place and also good view to saw the kong fu show there .
    They were cheerful and asked:"  So master how can make the leg or feet  very strong ,let the body can be very stable in the fight ?"
    Then from today you need practice ZHA MA ,ZHAN ZHUANG very hard, this was like you building a high rise, the foundation is really very important. If the foundation was not stable, then what will happen?"  
    "That will become the castles in the air...."The USA single mother's daughter answered.
    "That will be broke...." the peach shape hair boy  replied.
    But I show my body very sharply to the street, they thought that I knew the FEN SHEN SHU, a kind of skills can make one person show his faces at more than one place, but the truth was my speed was really faster than their eyes.
    They made a long dragon ZHEN---the men's fight used a formation, battle array.

  • They made the man stood on the another to a 5 men high line to the sky and fought me ,wanted to attack one by one and kept me can not fly. I touched a board that they sold the fruits before used my foot ,  made it fly up to the high line, the second person FAN GEN TOU and came to the high one's should , the long dragon formation was never changed.
    "JIE JIA HUO!"----" Hold this arm!" The man in the pleasure seekers threw a stick to me. I had a arm that a HU LING DUN, just can not use to fight with this kinds of common people because I didn't want to kill them.But the common people's stick was nice to me now, I used it played with them on the street.
    " The gun shot only in a line ,  but your stick beat the bully with a large field;
      your Qing gong ,dodge and flying skills like the bird is flying between the cloud;
     and your heroic spirit and your promoting justice deed can let the fairy in the heaven all knows...."The kids made a short children's folk rhymes to me, like the cheer section in some contest.
    " The professional kung fu boy came to fight  , they are really know a lot about Chinese kung fu or they no, that all will emerge, the south good at fist, the north keep their leg , kick skill very well, SHAO LIN‘ unique skills  and WU DANG's  TAIJI method , you all achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject , making your skill no limited any movements in martial arts or traditional opera, you kung fu only come from yourself style and that run the way depends on what the other one used.......you come like the wind, you leave no one can follow ....."
    When I really enjoyed play with hundreds of guys they had a organized, their leader in CBD was coming.     

     “Just the guys who made the LUO HAN ZHEN all came from TONG ZHOU district of BEI JING, and This group almost came from the CHAO YAN district of Beiing ......"A Beijing middle aged lady said.
    "How do you know this?"Anther asked.
    " You just saw the mark of their ribbons tied the head, and also the time the first group came here only less than one minutes by motors ,the ribbon wrote TONG ZHOU OF LSHH and the second about less than 10 minutes by motors that wrote the CHAO YANG OF LSHH,..... !"
    "Be far away from him, who let you so many men bit one?"The leader shout with an unhappy face,"Yes, I came from CBD , the CHAO YAN district of Beijing  , the first group came from TONG ZHOU DISTRICT of Beijing, and I want to fight with you one by one, no ever I wound won or fail , our brothers should not help me, do you understand ?"The leader said and took his clothes off, show his very strong ,developed muscle body.
    The pleasure seekers saw his body were all laughing, why?

  • The single mother who just was stolen by the thief was worried about the hurt of the Yifan, now she stared at the cross of the road ,stayed with the sale animal and took care of the Yifan 's single family together. She did not pay attention to the Kung Fu show, and a middle age man talked with the pleasure seeker:" there are a lot of Xin Jiang thieves in Beijing and they do the bad things, the police men do not put them to the jail and send them to their living place, then they comes back by the train to steal the common people ago. Da jie, this is the man call the single mother, how do you think about them."
    She did not answer this , but she saw the thief's face not like the Wei wu er race, but this can not say he is not. Maybe he was, when the common people was poor education, even it is very different to come to the elementary school, she don't know what will happened for these children; maybe he was not, some one may be want to use some information to let the common people's tough, but she was not any one 's sound so she kept silence. She heard his question and thought about yesterday's nightmare:
    In that dream, every family named themselves' country, so one family = one country . She, the single mother , became the other star's common people and a child, lived in a big family, there were a lot of children in her family, members like the father, mother and thousands of children. You may ask why so many children ? Because they long life for and the father was very powerful he always sex with the other ladies and made children came back to their family. But the father said he was the leader of this family and every one must be followed him , if not he will published the one who was against him and if the mother did not the father beat the children or killed the children who disagree with him , he will beat their mother. His neighbors disagreed with what the father do this for his country , the richest country stood out and against the DV father. But the father said:" Why you do this for me , you have no right to noninterference in our family's affairs; he also taught his wife and children that external interference is not correct.
    But she don't want to say who is right and who is wrong, she only thought that why there is no police men, no courts in that start, only a government in that star and the name is U.N., the leader of the U.N. called the secretary general of the United Nations , she was not seeing he do anything about this family, and is this bad things happened no any relation with the U.N. And also the U.N. worked place is the richest family's home , and when the neighbors in this star was attacked by the FAXISI, that some bad countries' name, the neighbors only could make a union and fought with them, some be stolen , the richest family stood out to help the others would said the richest one want to get some things from this. But the problem was why that star no legal systems ? Was they living in a primitive communes?And the U.N. maybe say we so weak, ..... but was the government so weak that was good for every family ? Then that means we do not need the law systems anymore in that star? And only let the children and the wife was killed there or continuous their tragic experience?                      
  • She was a single mother before got the DV , so she always dreamed the DV and could not sleep very well. The man who asked her see a very weary looking face, he though she was a semi-health person and not asked a lot.
    The monk thought his tattoo and smiled;
    the man who want to fight with him their eyes looked fierce and malicious;
    he attracted the monk, the monk only dodged. Untiled he came to the wall , he was more and more angry with not touch him even a hair , he fight the monk increasingly vicious and hit the monk with a fire shot. But the monk vanished suddenly because the EMS was coming and his heavy fist bit the wall to injured himself fist and blood out with the born broke .     
    "You come out, coward, craven,poltroon,scaramouth ....." He was very angry ,stamped with rage and shouted.
    "Yes, I am, you won,88!"The air gave an answer with the monk's sound.
    "Why did you come so late?"The single mother asked the nurse ran out from the EMS and after they took the hurt people to the stretcher on the way to the ambulance .
    "There are two couple married, you know the Chinese wedding must be lots of , lots of cars there!"The nurse answered.  
    "A wedding ?" I was coming to another side of the road, do not want to loss the chance to see it.
    "But why did they come here so quickly?"She point to the motors.
    "They came from Beijing, use another way!I came from Yanjiao , you know we need to pass the YAN LING LV cross and it is always traffic jam there,speicially today wedding cars lines !"The nurse said.
    "Why you are laughing?"The leader man shout to the seekers and got so exasperated. 
    "You are a LIANG SHAN HAO HAN?What time the LIANG SHAN HAO HAN began to rob the money from the poor single mother with pity child?you saw the mother,what a pity woman? "The older pleasure seeker asked and pointed at the single mother.
     He saw her with a old cloth without any dear things with her but only a pity child and now was taking care of the hurt boy, going to the ambulance.
    "Why you said she is a wife of a bad mordant prince, why you wore this kind of cloth? why you used this?" He came to the different bad guys and asked with threw the XIN JIANG thief to the side of a ear of the thief who used this knife, he so scared and dodged being wet with cool sweat.
    He went with the other men but did not let them followed them again, anther man said with an angry face:" You stay here wait for the policemen!"   
  • I saw the wedding car and waiting for my BBQ outside the small BBQ street side food stand.
    The wedding car was coming that was really extravagant long car, and several kids came there stopped the bridegroom got out the car they asked for the money, the man in the car gave some money to the kids but they not enough ,still asked more , he gave them time by time, finally he could stretch his leg and climb out of the car that really not easier.
    " The bridge was a foreigner,......." One child in the pleasure seekers to see the wedding shout cheerfully.
    "..... he was really very handsome and young,........"Anther one said,
    "Which girl so lucky married with a so handsome man!" 

    "I can't married with you anymore!" The bridge broom was climbing out the car with a broke suit because just the car scratched the part of his suit and the kids pushed the door of the car do not let him come out.
    " why I need buy the apartment, the very expensive diamond ring for you,why I need give the big betrothal gifts to your family ,why we need to come to SHIJIAZHUANG to get our marriage certification to sign our name by train?  (He was unfair to come to so long way to the government of He Bei province capital to marriage, because YAN JIAO is a city really near Beijing, but the China government must let them come to a very far place to marriage. Almost because the HU KOU of YAN JIAO is belonged to HE BEI after the Communist Party govern China and this is really not easy for the common people who live here.But they don't care,becuse if the official marriage only need a call...." The bridge broom said.
    The bride ran out and hold him cried with a fail botching face recently by the plastic surgeon :"No, you can not treat me like this!"
    "I am sorry, but I really am not comfortable with your country custom about the man must buy a house then they can marriage,I don't want to marriage you anymore, I am really apologize to you! I marriage with my lover not pay for the prostitute one time !"He said with a very sad face and left by a taxi to Beijing International Airport  direction.

    You must want to ask me why I didn't follow the scared rules of the religious orders,who am I and why I came here. 
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