When does Jiang Chen stop hiding his real name?

I'm not being a hater or anything but seriously how long does he plan to keep hiding his real identity? I would have thought the moment he became an official successor for Veluriam Capitals top emperor that he'd be ok with announcing himself but I guess not.

I know it isn't critical to the story if people really know his name or not but I guess I get slightly annoyed with how many wuxia novels have the MC hiding around and being super deceitful to the world around him/her just to get by. It makes sense when you are super weak and have noone to rely on or maybe you have family that you don't want your enemies to use as hostages but jeez just give me a MC who bravely faces challenges in the open please. Ok enough ranting, can someone just tell me the chapter he finally stops hiding his identity? 


  • Chapter 1308, though several people close to him are told beforehand, it's just to the general public that's not untill 1308.
  • So he has been "Zhen Shi" since chapter 722 and that puts nearly half the novel by that revealing point of using the fake name. 
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