千年灵狐 The millennium fox and beauty kung fu fairy


痴痴:is our heroine 's name.

Before I send the novel that I wrote it,I want to say because I am a new USA citizen,and my mother tongue is Chinese. So I will put Chinese and English translate after it, part by part. The interpreter maybe not very well. Such as if I will write the autumn is fall: since I hope the reader will feel the fall of leaves that is really very beautiful,but if I use the English  I only can translate it like the three season of the year. I believe that you can get my mean, but the language can not show my truth felling, and maybe that's some mistake with the grammar,I hope you can understand and I am learning English now. 
I wrote this novel in Chinese, and I only can transfer it myself here.


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  • 痴痴情深之前世今生
    1 绝别
     the leaving for ever
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  • “please leave me alone,go to look for someone you like and live happiness!
     If some day I can give you happiness , I will be back to you....."
    The jiuwei fox fairy will dead , he talk with the little fox very weekly.

  • There very hight mountain and a lot of cloud around them. The two fox fairy are on the very large ice lake, the blood of mail one have already changed the color of the white snow to red and also the power of fairy have already dissipate step by step, and his breath more and more faintly. The little white fox fairy is so sorrowful with the sad sound " gulu  gulu。。。。。” that is her cried sound.
    She is really a very petit body but that does not show that she xiuxian with him for more than 9000 years. Her tears followed on her bright ,clean and flocky face. She can not leave him alone , she can not even she hope she can live with him forever. She is lying on the ice lake with the
  • He is also tearing silent as xiuxing over thousands and thousands years fairy, he had already with a very peaceful idea state  空灵一切,nothing can let him show this sad. But this is his first time and also the last time tears, that's only for her, for the leaving. His tears with the huge power and that is the treasure for the fairy beyond any price and that money won't buy.
    These are 9 peals shape tears, they flying in the air show beautiful color like the rainbow, at last come together. He use all of his last power to push this in her mouth and put down to her dantian. He make the power together there and leave all his power to her, let her use this as a zhenyanzhiqi. 
  • She tearing the pear tears become to the shape of 千纸鹤 thousand of crane and flying to the afar. It's representive  of her miss forever. She know that no one can change his fate yet she still pray for the miracle. 
  • "I am really miss the zhizi flower and I remember we drink the lushui in the morning and small them, that really a very happy memory, may I saw them again?"He asked.
    She will take them to him , but she worry about his hurt. She walk a while and turn her head back to see him.Her eye seems to say :" Please wait for me back, please!"
    She hope she can stay with him but now she must come to the binghaixuelin ( the ice and snow virgon forest) She hope he can drink the lushui of the flower and get better, she think that run to the forest. 

  • He saw she had left, only the lines of footprint in the snow and the tear with them, so he breathed a sigh of relief, he only afraid she saw he huifeiyanmei( the state is the fairy will disappear in the universe for ever) she can not take on the tremendous sadness and heartbreak.
  • He close his eyes, wait for his fate.
    However she come back very fast with the zhizi flower the lushui on it, she saw he lying on the very far face of the ice lake, he have already do not know everything, his body disappears part by part. She run at full speed, she want to hold him hard, leave his body, he should not disappear, should not. Unfortunate, When she is coming ,he have became the nimbus, is flying on the sky, she hold nothing.   
  • That kind of heartbreak is sixinliefei,tongbuyusheng( Chinese call that, may be you used grieved),  she is raving to the sky, that agony is as if ten thousands arrows have pierced the heart - in extreme grief.
  • She raving too strong and broken the zhenyan that he just put in her body, the tears power one of nine(1/9) come out from the eight(8/9).
  • This the the jinxiang, that is the mirror image ,when we become together finished the jiulingheti (nine living things become one) we see that. Change another word,  In the universe, the time and the place is the relativity, in the dantean of the lady fox fairy , there is a microcosm. There are a lot of galaxy in the microcosm. The Sea Face Star, the Aliens translate the name, is one of the planet in the galaxy.  The systems of stars are really very, very little, and the human being's math found the number unit can not give a precise definition to the times between the two space.
     From the time the his nine tears come to her dantian to the time the 1/9 come from the 8/9, more than 2000 years have pasted in this Sea Face star. That is the period from jiulingheti and the FOX SON OF HEAVEN show the face fight a large-sclace evil spirit---the nine tears shape of power together in the dantian of lady fox to the time I changed my fox fairy by pulling out my tendon and cutting my bone piece by piece and leaving my 8 sisters for the man who I love him deeply.  
  • In our world, someone don't believe the magic because the science can't prove it; Some one don't believe the living life can become a fairy keep young never dead ; but someone even don't believe the scientist they trust the doomsday will be coming that is really crazy. (They don't know there is no limit in the universe - knowledge is infinite ,  the higher intelligence living beings is keeping the peaceful of the universe .....)
    However, that is a very crazy thing happened here in our universe, Sea Face Star, here's person call it earth.Let's come and see:

  • The California seashore NO .1 line is a sunshine place, (pinyin:wumeiqili), beautiful charm of the aura, a lot of romantic love story happens there. The blue sea with unlimited sky, Santa Cruze is just like a peaceful and happiness  girl, attracted me like a magnet: the sea gulls look for their foods no the desk armor, the sea lion play with their friend but a single mother with a cloud white color skirt suddenly falling down from a seashore hill with no person. Her eleven months years old baby was crying on the seashore. And my fairy sisters come and take care her.
    This lady was me, that 's really a very hard days, I got a Domestic Violence and so sad, the other side have a lot of money a hire a very good lawyer, I just resigned my post in Beijing and come to USA for several months with no family help. I  only can come to the AACI to ask help, but I meet a person SSW who only want to get the green card and tread us very bad, I told this to my doctor , and after my doctor do sth. to help me. The SSW began to ask me do not see her again. She said:" you do not need to see doctor!you need to pay attention to your case!" So my depression  more and more critical juncture, so I do this like many other mothers who also got a DV. That's a white and red nightmare: the white is his semen, the red is the menstruated blood.
  • When I was falling in the sea, the memory for thousands of years was been opened (chenfengqiangniandejiyi).
    The first come to me is that image:
    My eight fairy fox and beauty sisters and I yinlingruti put the spirit in my body (when the spirit bright globe was coming to my diantian the distressing scene come to my mind that is I wrote it at the beginning of the novel ) , after that we absorbed the essential of wannianshunjing, the billions of years tree hamadryads finished the jiulingheti, my fox fairy beauty sister and I come to together, the jiuhulingdi showed in the sky and fight to .....
    That's not the importance to me, the most important thing for me is him, his real name is Fan Meng , the son of the General of Mengtian .....
    I was not a fox fairy at that time, I am only a young pity girl who is living in the end of the Qin Chao and beginning of the term Chu Han xiangzheng, after that China come to the Han Chao. That is more than two thousands year before , around  206B.C. I almost can not remember it very clearly. That's is the first Chinese peasant uprising,because the tyrannical rule that came from the emperor of the Dynasty cause to  the ordinary people lived in an abyss of misery. The common people raise up against the government.
  • Before the emperor Qinshihuang Yingzheng dead, he asked his youngest son Huhai help him to give the jade of the He family -- a priceless gem to his oldest brother Fusu, Fusu is the man my beauty fairy sister only fall love with. Qinshihuang YIngzheng also gave the portrait of the deceased, he wrote the letter let Fusu become the new emperor.  But the Zhongshufuling, that is a very high government officer rank at that time, Zhao Gao, he deluded  Huhai took the Heshibi gem and changed the letter said that his father let Fusu dead and let the Huhai became the new emperor. The bad gay Zhaogao also lure by promise of gain to the prime minister(in ancient China) to helped them change the letter from the QInshihuang, let the good new person Fusu dead ......
    Zhaogao used the extravagant life and most beauty's body to  captive the youngest new emperor everyday, after Huhai become a new emperor. Zhao Gao also concealed the truth let the youngest emperor believe his country is prosperous and the people are at peace. By this way he can let the youngest emperor drunk a lot with the beauty and not pay attention to him, so he can do everything to say that this is the emperor's mean.
  • But step by step, the young emperor thought that the girls who played with him was too common, he want the most beautiful and young girls. So the Zhao Gao let the solders grabbed the beautiful girls came to the palace. If the parents of the girls disagree and refused it, the solders put them to the jail and killed. At that time, I was one of them. When I was 5 years old , I came to the Qin palace and became a maid in waiting. My parents all dead because against the superiors , I became a orphan in the imperial palace. I was so lonely and I only have a fairy picture of Efangnv-- she is a medicine fairy, when I just came to here, I get a fever and missed my dead parents so much. At that night she came to my dream and helped....
    When I was 7 years old , some day I met a hurt puppy, all the blood on its leg. I hearing the eunuch was looking for it and said:" where is the wild dog?I need to kill the stray dog let it can not always come to our palace!"
    I began to know it was a naughty puppy but so cute! I hided the puppy after the eunuch went, I took care of this little puppy until it got well. I freed it, because the puppy miss his master before it came to me. And after that almost two weeks or ten days the puppy will came to see me from the hole of the palace's wall. So I had a friend --it was a lovely puppy. But at that time,I don't know I had already had two friends, the other is the master of the dog, he always climbed in the palace with puppy together and hide in the bush to see me, that's a boy almost the same age with me.
    When he grew up, he do a lot to protected me, as a maid in the palace really very hard , he also pay the officer of the palace let me live in a remote room let the men can not easy to see me. If the emperor saw the maid , she is very petite and beautiful, then want sex with the maid, base on the rule I only can follow.
  • 2 深宫
    the deep harem of the forbidden palace

  • Our nine sister can come together, that is because the bad gay Zhao Gao. He thought the chengxiang, prime minister (in the ancient China) Lisi ,he was always obstructed him to do the bad things, so Zhao Gao wanted to kill him. But Lisi is the prime minster, he can't do that the only way is let the young emperor said that. But how can let the emperor killed the Lisi? Zhao Gao got a idea, let the most beautiful girls played with the emperor, when they were very happy ZhaoGao let the eunuch told Lisi came to asked to talked the young emperor, the emperor played with the maid and very happy. The Chengxiang Li suddenly came, he must unhappy, then Zhao can said that he was not put the emperor in his eye, that is his way to kill Lisi. But he need the most beautiful and sexy maid and knew how to captivate the emperor.
    At that time I grew up to become a teen. 
  • Zhao Gao looked for the most beautiful girls everywhere, not only the common people 's children but also the dancer of the tea and bar at that time there is not the good girl's place, the lady officer in the palace, even the ex- maids of the emperor 's sons ....they looked the suitable beautiful and sexy ladies all of the world but still not appeased the young emperor, he was really a very strong age need that.
    Finally, Zhao Gao found the wuchen---the minister of the wizard. The wizards came to together to make the most beautiful ladies' body, I always heard the other maids said that they put the alluring women to the Chuxiu  harem and no person dared to close that harem,they trust the peri and the beauties' ghost in that palace.
    But unlucky I got an order that said I need to move there and learned sth. I was so sad and very scare, that day I saw the fish in the pool but it can't leave it , it was control in the pool in the middle night. I began to miss my parents, I pray they will have a happy life in the other world not like me.....
    I was grieving secretly in front of my room, suddenly, a burst of rapid footsteps break the silence. 
    This's the first time I saw her, my sister Wan er at that time we all common girl, no magic, with a very tough life. We only can cry , abide and endured every bad things in silence. She ran to me with a disordered hair and her cloth teared. 
    "Help, please, ......let me hide there...." She cried and begged me with the out of breath sound. Her eye stared my room.
    But it's too late to come in, the five men have already catched her arm. I kneed and begged to them:" Please leave her, please!" 
  • Notice:
        I wrote this novel and the final explaintion right belong to me!
  • Notice:
         1. If you say this novel is a romantic xianxia novel I am agree with you; if you say this novel is the magic with the science fiction I am also; but if you say this novel is a pornogaphic literature I am disgree with you. Because I believe that the novel is a romantic xianxia novel or not is not owing to the eroticism part in this novel or not, but on account of the main idea of the novel. This novel 's main idea show girl fairy(Chichi)'s true loving to his BF Mengfan, and also talk about how did they(her 8 older sister and Chichi)became the fox beauty fairy 's adventures. However I know there are really a lot of very famous movies, such as Titanic, Ghost, Braveheart  ..... when they came to some country they claim:" Please have a look at this, the Jack and Rose make love in the car! ......"So these films become the porn films and can not show to the public Even a lot of Chinese xianxia for example the blood kiss part if the TV serial The Journey of Flower, and a lot of Kongfu film like Eroica.....They all need be cut and the audiences only can see the incomplete,fragmentary Kongfu film or xianxia, wuxia TV plays, I really think that can not show the soul of the screenwriter's opus, not only a lot of audiences but also the maker they are not appreciate it. But you know the media is someone's mouth and voice in some country. But I am not any one 's mouth, I am a USA citien, 18+,I wrote this novel in the USA now and I believe I need follow the law of USA.
          2. If you must say this is the Eroica novel, I have no choice. So if the reader under 18 years old, please  do not read the Chaper 2 Shengong 3 .Chunjian 4.xianwu 5 Rumeng 6 Relian , this part is the Female protagonist was passionately in love with her BF. And also they all over 18 years old now in the story before anything happening concern sex. You maybe know that the Huhai was only on the throne for several years, it does matter, this is a fiction, this is not the history text book. I said that they all over 18 years old and the Huhai was on the throne for more than ten years if not enough he can be on the throne, I am not Copernicus,I love read the million pound bank and the adventures of Tom Sawyer wrote by the great writer Mark Twain, and also the novel all need follow the temper of time.          Or the less than 18 years old please do not read it , I learn LSAT now , I hope I can know more about USA law, but now I know the law only talk about the 18+ and protect the free speech right of the writer. And also I hope you know some wrote a long novel that is really not easy, the baijin writers of the qidian wrote a novel even his wife born a baby for him in the ER,he still wrote his novel outside. When we give the whole mind to our novel  that time we eats food but without knowing its taste, I sleepless at night because I still think about my novel.
          3. I really like to read romantic wuxia novel The Return of the  Condor Heroes wrote by the famous writer LOUIS CHA(JINYONG), when I talked with the Chinese screen writer about this opus, we all believe the literary status and influence of this novel just like the FOUR FAMOUS NOVELS OF A DREAM IN RED MANISION at our times. And I wrote this novel is a romantic xianxia novel , the main idea if the novel is show the female protagonist, Chichi, her persistent loving at that the people were all living in deep distress time, her struggle, suffering of losing his true lover in agony. Also how she became the strong and fearless step by step , she fight with the evil with her sister.....Also this novel show the Chinese history and Dao and the other cluture of the ancient orient........The history is like a mirror, make men wise!
          IN sum , 18- please don't read it! All the role concern sex over 18 years old, I am also over 18 year old , USA citien . If still have some problem about this, please tell me, thanks!
  • AGAIN:I am a USA citizen, I love freedom!
  • continue:
    “Please release her, please”I beg them, but no useful, they push us to the room.
    My two roommate heard this,very scared, ducked into the quilts and shivered with horror.
    I saw their faces I was quite sure that they were all the flunkies of Zhaogao,even they in the eunuch's cloth but they are not the really eunuch(huanzi). It was true I saw a strong man show his stick and grabbed hold of my beautiful older WANER sister's YIJIN(the one or two pieces making up the front of the Chinese ancient dress), took the pink Dudou(the Chinese ancient ladies'bra) out and smell it,
    “It's really fragrance!"A short man put it close his nose and said with a lascivious smile, two white peaches shape things exposed.
    "NO,......,no, help don't touch there! no.."She cried when the bad fat and big nose man fumbled her flower(genitals)
    *****if you are over 18+ I believe you know the mean of the flower*****
    Waner older sister scratched them , kicked their legs even bit them .....and because she was pregnant, the blood  came out from the flower, flowed down by her snow white legs. 
    But the bad guys saw she had been doing this, they laughed, and very enjoyed, they began to suck her peaches. 
     I was a teenager(must be18+) at that time, I was so bashful to see this the first time in my life, I cried and bowed my head.
    " Just as a sexy beauty, it's really big and soft, tasty!"
    " gaze up this, and see this clearly!" the two bad gays are covered all over with the  smell of alcohol and came to me, placed his big hand with a long scar under my chin and  raised my head up.
    " Woo, what a beautiful cute face ! (HONGWENYUANWEN: ZHE NIU ZHANG DE ZHEN PIAOLIANG! )I have never seen it before, if the Xishi( Chinese famous beauty) is still alive, she will be ashram of not having this kind of delicate and charming face!" The bad men saw my face was very amazing, all came and around me, one tore my palace maid dress and saw a airport there.
    I was very angry and thought that "let you see, we all the same, you see main like yourself!" I turn my face to another side,I did not like to see the ugly,deformed and ill-looking faces.
    They saw my young body was not engender , 3 of them left me and came to my older sister.
    "What a perfect face,it is! If you disagree with us, I scratch it, it maybe not as perfect as before...." the guy back me use a knife gesticulated in the front of my face, but he never hurt me anymore.
    "NO, don't touch her, if you want to do sth. just come to me, she is really young, please don't hurt her, please!"She stopped pushing the man who stood behind the door, and let her could not run away.

  • **************
    Chinese culture & history :
    The Chinese people use the “Chenyu Luoyan Biyue Xiuhua” to describe their beauty,like lilies and rose. 
    XISHI also named XIzi, CHENYU is for her, means : when she washed her clothes in the stream, the fishes overlooked her beautiful and forgot swimming down to bottom.
    DIANCHAN: BIYUE is for her, means: When she was in the park at night, the moon saw her , the moon was ashamed because not as beautiful as her and hided in the cloud.
    YANGGUIFEI, also called YUHUAN,young: Xiuhua is for her, means: When she came to the park, she touch a flower, the flower was ashamed, and bowed.

    The 3 beauties all will show their faces in this novel that is :
    XISHI,before is WANER older sister;
    DIANCHAN older sister;
    YUHUAN older sister.

    THEN I introduced them here, and I hope you enjoy it.

  • *****************
    I need do some research about the law 
    before that the 5 pages can't be published
  • I thought you can guess most what happened at that night, in my novel these is no a lot about The Hero Saves the Beauties, sometimes in the truth world if you got a rape and violate in a strange place, the other side who did the DV to you not cost a fortune and against you on the court that have already a lucky things, some ladies who was a new immigrant know the old saw in China“ Don't wash your dirty linen in the public", so she chose  to hide this until she dead at home.
    this is the explain about the 5 pages cut and continue <span>:smile:</span>
    After that, the 5 bad guys saw she was lying on the floor and a lot of blood there , in the state of unconsciousness, the blood was soaked the messy dress and became a piece and a piece together into a small pool.
    " Laoda, Zhao gonggong not let us to kill her ,but now...." the short one told to the fat one.
    The fat one saw the situation was not very good , he immediately brought out a handkerchief package and threw it on the ground said:" this medicine can help her!" And left with the other 4 guys.

       I was really so sad about my old sister Waner lost her baby and got a desperate wound , that night she was hemorrhea (the uterus was bleeding freely), coma, muzziness and high fever.
      I let my roomate  Xiaolao came to look for the eunuch Xiaoxinzi he was good relation with me and when I met some troubles and always let him help, I hope he can ask a doctor came here and saw my sister WANER. I picked up the medicine and smelt it, I could see that handkerchief with the purple magic color. 
      I took out my medicine fairy Efangnv's  picture, that is a roll zhujian , slips of bamboo, opened it , I begged and asked her help :“Shenxian jiejie , the God sister , please come out and help me, I don't know a lot about the medicine, but this sister really need see the doctor ASAP! Could come here and help us , thanks  so much......” I close my eye and preyed by the real heavenly- mindedness at that time I was very scared for my sister WANER 's hurt and crying.   
  • The bamboo was trembling;
    The picture was dispearing;
    And a beautiful fairy with a medkit was showing in our room secretly! 
    "My God sister you are really coming and help, ...."I was very happy , but she knee and hold my sister Waner right away, she almost had no time to see me because that's ER.  She put her finger under her nose, felt her pulse very carefully, opened her eyelids and watch her eyes.......solve the problems through investigation and study.
    " God sister, they gave us this and said it can help her...." I took the handkerchief package and said .
    She opened the medicine saw it carefully and smelt it said," This is the MENGPOSAN , this can not help her but let her lost all her memories."
    She sat beside the table very quickly and began to took the Maobi and slips of bamboo to wrote the prescription.
    " I need you put this in her mouth hurry up, and she need use these medicine for more than 10 days....." She said.

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