[Question] Sponsor via Paypal

Will there be a Option to Sponsor via Paypal in the Future?

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  • Same question, on Patreon I payed via Paypal to sponsor Yang Wenli, now that he migrated to WW, I can't sponsor anymore...
  • Yup, can no longer sponsor anymore. Don't have a creditcard...
  • +1 on paypal
  • only creditcard sux add paypal plz
  • Why should “Stripe” be the only either/or option for payment? Can’t WW use both Stripe and PayPal ? Even Patreon and Quindian both use PayPal ... no excuse to change the payment plan of many if not all the current sponsors of advance chapters people use to pay to support their favorite authors/translators .... Just a simple google search on “Stripe” tells me all I need to know how messed up the company Stripe is and how awful their support structure is . Just because they are a tad cheaper in a few areas than PayPal shouldn’t disminish Paypal’s reputation and longevity in the payment option market. Just my 2 cents of opinion. 
  • I'd also really appreciate a paypal option. Getting a creditcard solely for wuxiaworld just doesn't seem worth it to me...
  • I would spend a little bit on this site because I want to support it. Without paypal I am not able to.
  • +1 and UP UP UP
    In europe credit cards are not really used by most people. I don't have a credit card, nobody in my family has a credit card, none of my friends has...

    There are alternatives to Paypal (as they have some high percentages, maybe WW doesn't want to make a deal with devil) but Stripe itself supports many other payment methods (For Germany SEPA orSofortUberweisung would be perfect) it just needs to be activated, it doesn't even cost more.

  • I would be fine with Stripe, except they don't accept Discover either. I only have one visa card and the bank who manages it is terrible.

    Maybe Wuxiaworld could accept cryptocurrency?
  • I was just able to sponsor via PayPal.
    This was done by linking it with google pay. No real credit card required.
    If you want to do the same you might have to disable adblocking in your browser, so you can actually see the google pay button on the page where you enter CC info.
    It would have been a lot easier if you had enabled other forms of pay via stripe, wich is possible.
  • Doesn´t work for me. I have no adblocking on WW I only disable trackers.
    But I really hope to be able to buy a tiny VIP abo soon.
    Shoot down stripe or maybe something more constructive ;)
  • *poke*
    is there at least a thought about this topic ? The "Higher Gods" seem a bit to absent from this forum.
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