Any ending in sight??

Hello fellow readers,
From what i see there are 3300+ chapter and ongoing. Is there any information about the ending of MGA? i hope it doesnt go to 5-6k chapters.


  • Last I heard, the ending of the Holy Land arc and beginning of Ordinary Realm arc was the 'half-way point' for the story. Based on other info in these forums, there is still a lot of places left as the raws I believe are still in the Upper Realm while there is a Starfield and possibly something beyond that level left in the story.
  • Yeah, tbh the ending is really up to Kindhearted Bee (the writer) I personally dont think it will end for a while. I dont know about that "half way point though". With Chu Fengs speed at leveling up at this point, and with the remaining realms he can attain, along with the realms not released yet. Itll be going on for at least another 2000 chapters.
  • More or less, it will take 2000 to 3000 chapters. The story is taking more time to be revealed and there are also problems that have yet to be solve by CF. And also, I guess that he would have added more members to his harem,  Little Fishy( when he meets her in the upper realm), Eggy and Xue Ji, Elf Princess, Bai Ruochen and Sima Yang. Also, I guess he would take the 3 girls that he had rape.
  • also not the chapters are shorter then regular chapters so 5-6K would be around 2.5-3K but besides that, would rather it be more fleshed out and possibly longer, considering how many 'lvls' there are, and what spirit power can do, there could have been so much more potential, the only issue I have apart from the obvious repetitiveness, stupidity of people is the fact that it seems he'll only be facing the younger generation regardless where he goes (spoilers allude at it), would be nice if it was similar to DE where X strength and everyones a lot older then MC
  • The unique ending in sigh is people dropping this novel after 2600+ chapters LMAO.
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