[Question] What happens after stopping a sponsorship?

Say i'm sponsoring a novel and after a while I'm 50 chapters ahead of the free tier. If I decide to stop my sponsorship do I need to wait for the free tier to catch up or does the release continue in a slower rate from where I stopped?


  • And I quote: "the highest advance chapter 'tier' translators can set up can only allow for a number of advance chapters = 2x the number of weekly public chapters"

    meaning, that the most you'd ever have to wait is two weeks, assuming you were paying the highest tier of sponsorship (something like 80$) and then stopped all forms of sponsoring.
  • That rule only applies when it's less than 12 free chapters a week. $100 tier on A Will Eternal gets you 50 chapters ahead e.g.
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    I think it's obvious that you will need to wait, considering the way QI is working it's still better since there you only pay for current chapters, which means paying $100 will give you like xxx amount of chapters, but with this way you always need to pay for the next ones, they will squeeze more and more money for next chapters or you will need to wait couple of months for free ones to catch up...

    edit: After all I guess it's pretty much the same, since here you pay monthly but when you reach last sponsored chapters you still can read just one or two chapters per day (depends on tl's release rate). So in the end it only matters at the point when you start donating and go read all sponsored chapters (within ur packet range) since after that you need to wait for next chapters, like in the case for free ones, you are only ahead of rest, but nothing is really changed.

    Well, if you are sponsoring someone then it doesn't really matter, if that's what your real goal was, otherwise you should think twice if release rate for free and sponsored chapters is the same.
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