Chaos Powers

I just recently started reading this novel. Stumbled across this story from the manhua version and I find it rather interesting so I have been reading it for the past few weeks.

I am also someone who likes to be spoiled... lol.. so I have been reading a lot about the ending and spoilers from other places.

One thing that caught my attention yet I couldn't find any information about is Chaos powers.

In one of the spoiler I read, there was a mention about Ling Qing Zhu discarding her Yuan and Mental powers. And instead focuses on another type of powers called Chaos.

Well the spoiler sounded like this:

"In the end, she discards all her strength (Both yuan power and mental energy) and specialises in Chaos power. This is a different path from everyone else in the world and gives her a very strange power. However, you cannot put her in ordinary power levels. She becomes crazy strong (perhaps second strongest in the world after Lin Dong) by the end and warms up to Lin Dong."

So questions:

1) What is this Chaos power?

2) How is it different than the other powers which is Yuan and Mental energy?

3) Is there any chapters I can refer to that would explain more about this chaos power? Maybe where Qing Zhu discards her powers or maybe pure explanation about what kind of power is this?


  • First, Qing zhu did not discard her powers or restarted again. She just learned how to sense the zenith.. or a strange energy that only a certain clan is capable of sensing or using. This strange energy helps attacks to become more powerful and destructive. 
    Second, lin dong is not the one who gave the power to qing zhu. He just accidentally helped her when they made sex. And it was actually the other way around since after mastering the zenith art. Qing zhu teaches lin dong the technique which allowed lin dong to be stronger
  • Well turns out she did discard all her powers... hahahaa... and now she depended solely on this Primal Chaos power....
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