Reading Wuxia on eReaders (.epub)

Hello there. So, lately i started reading novels on this website but reading on laptop is not healthy for my eyes. Normally I read books on my eReader. So i made a program to save novels from wuxiaworld to .epub files. Yes, program alredy exist and works (mostly).
I could release it on this forum together with source code to enjoy for everyone, but i'm not sure i should. It cuts revenue from ads for website and translators. So what do you think, should i let it ascend to internet realm? 


  • I'd be interested in the source code, I want to make a script that automatically send the chapters to my Kobo (over Calibre Server). Not sure about publishing it, maybe it's better to ask RWX directly.

    (I'd be grateful if you send me source-code link per PM, which language is it by the way?)
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