Other Payment Options for VIP

Who else would like to pay with Paypal but can't because WW wants a Cardnumber. I hope you can also add Paypal in the near future. I already read RWX post where he said "Paypal integration is something we'll try to look at in the future as well, but it was kind of one or the other". I an understand that but also hope that Paypal will come. 

PS. Read on WW since it's little. Hell... at the beginning Gravity was many times bigger. Love what you did with the site. Keep it up

PS.PS. Sorry if my Englisch isn't up there. Not my first language.


  • I'd also like to pay via paypal.  
  • +1 UP.
    If Paypal is not good for any reason, I'd like to at least have something like SEPA or Sofort Überweisung, Stripe Payment what Wuxia uses allows such payment methods, please activate it. I don't have a credit card and won't have any time soon (and don't wish for it)
    If it were possible to pay with bank transaction (like Sofort does) I'd like to get VIP and sponsor some novels.
  • i would also like if they could add Paypal as soon as possible because i am not too found of given my CC number at to many place... the less the better...
  • +1up

    I kinda don't like having a credit card connected to to many places but still this time it's worth it there are no ads and I'm not using ad-blocker :D
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