What are some other good books I can read?

I am currently sort of in a hole right now. I have no idea what to read right now. Listed below is a list of the books I have read.

Any suggestions are welcome!

1) coiling dragon (twice)
2) Stellar Transformations (once)
3) Desolate era (Up to date)
4) I shall seal the heavens (twice)
5) Martial god Asura  (Up to date)
6) Martial world (Up to date)
7) Warlock of the magus world (once)


  • try the korean ones, most of them are more game like if not literally a game
  • personally this is what i read currently
    - Renegade Immortal
    - Imerial God Emperor
    - legend of dragon king
    - archfiend
    - demon hunter
    - Monarch of Evernight
    - Talisman Emperror
    - A wll eternal
    -praise the orc
    -i reincarnated for nothing

    but if u like MGA n something like that then:
    -Spirit realm
    - emperor domination
    - spirit vessel
    - SOTR
    - Talisman Emperor
  • 1. King of Gods
    2. Paradise of Demonic Gods
    3. The Nine Cauldrons
    4. The Godsfall Chronicles (On hold until RWX finishes Desolate Era)
    Absolute Choice is the first novel that I've read on Wuxiaworld that I genuinely do not like.
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