NOT MGA kind of novel again.

i wish WW n the translator to be carefull in choosing a project. its a shame (if u have a better word to express it, u can say it) for a good translator in speed n quality to translate MGA kind of novel. i mean i am fine with culltivation novels, but they must have a good story. ex are: Renegade Immortal, AWE, IGE,

honestly i am disapointed with some of the novels in WW which have a good translator. so lets pray for a better new novels to come


  • Its about views and cliches gets views. Novels like ATG, MGA, TDG are easy to translate and are already established as popular novels in china.They have the common weak becomes strong which many teen readers enjoy as they try to relate the MC with themselves.The MC gets girls, all proud daughter of heavens want MC and every character is just there to show how awesome MC is.Its what the youth enjoy and thats what gets famous and even if you talk about Er Gen though his novels are much more mature and defined even he fail to make a cohesive plot with an ending worth reading for.

    If you want light novels with mature theme you should look for Bakemonogatari series, Reverend Insanity,SNAFU. And if you can try you should go for fantasy novels of western writers like Stromlight Achive, Mistborn by Brandon Sandreson or Wheel of Time, First Law , Kingkiller Chronicles. They are much more defined and follow a much complex plot with least amount of fillers.

    But if you are reading wuxia and xianxia tiles accept the fact that they are just novels with cliches filled in them.They are like teen youtubers of youtube, you just watch them for the mindless drama.

  • i understand ur point, n i  try to accept it, but sometime it just make me feel " uuurghhh" n "wtf?" when reading some of the novels in WW so thats why while i try to accept, i also hope that they will find a better project.

    already read reverend Insanity. already watch SNAFU anime like 5 times plus i know what happen in volume 12 via spoiler so i dont think i will read, it.

    i do think that i will give western novels a try but i dont know what or where to start. so thankyou for the recomendation.
  • you should try reading the korean ones, most of them if not are game like and some have good story line, and they are short so you can see the ending while you are still alive lol
  • Already did
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