ISSTH - Where was I ? T_T

Hello !
I've kind of one shot the first 1000 or so chapters of ISSTH, but burned out and stopped for a few months, now i'd like to continue reading it but i can't remember for sure where i was and what was happening exactly. I'm kind of scared to spoil myself if i browse too many chapters, and i don't really want to read again a 100 chapters i've already read.
Is there any good soul here with a good knowledge of the novel willing to spend some time talking about the storyline to help me remember ?

I remember the MC transporting the whole Meng clan to the 9th mountain because they were threatened, but i don't remember by who and why, and i don't remember how far after that event i went.

PS : it's actually my first message, i'll read the forums later to see if there is a presentation of newcomers needed. I'm french so excuse my english mistakes please (but feel free to point them out)



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