Why was the bookmarks page changed? I liked the possibility of sorting them into reading, on hold, completed and dropped.
Is this a temporary change? 


  • Yes, it's testing phase. 
  • So... When will the feature of sorting them return?
  • I really like the new bookmarks system, before I had my web browser bookmarks list cluttered up with novels, now its all within the site itself. Additionally, being able to have a wuxiaworld account that remembers what I've read, it's super convenient, the new website on the whole is a great step forward for wuxiaworld! Keep up the good work folks :)
  • The bookmark system is good. I just don't like having all novels on one page because some of them are on hold or already finished.
  • i also liked the features you mentioned that are no longer there... It was easier to see what was what... 
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