Bible Academia Challenge - Chapter 1-7

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Chapter 1: Start of Seisho’s Journey

The second hour of the day after the sunset, 29th day of Adar year 5828. It is still the summer school break of Seisho Chosa, a soon to be 1st year middle schooler student entering UST (University of Systematic Truth). He is watching from the widescreen outside the house near the people's park, the semi-finals of the Bible Academia Challenge year 2, also broadcasting in World Channel 777. And the last question had been given to the participating three schools. And they are waiting for the final decision for the final answer. Two students for each school, six students in total are vying to get the final answer and be chosen as the winner of the 1st part of the semi final elimination round.

The question that was given was “Where in the Bible you will find or read that there is no female angels of God?” Whosoever get this answer right, will be given 50 points. If all of them are correct or all of them are wrong the winner will still be UE (University of Excelsior) because they are leading on the scoreboard showing 480 points.

The DLSU (Divine Love of Spirits University) students, from the left of the stage has a score of 450 points in the scoreboard, if  UE and UST got their answers wrong, UST will be the winner of the 1st Round Elimination, they show their answer to the screen. “Revelation 12:14  And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.” They answered that because they believe that there are really female angels in the Bible.

The UST students in the middle, shows their score of 440 points,and their answer on the screen and it is written, “Job 2:1  Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them to present himself before the LORD.”

Next the UE students on the far right had answered, “Zechariah 5:9  Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women, and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork: and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven.” They answered that because they also believe that there are female angels of God.

The manner of questioning are logically true, and  it always will defy the intellect of the students to really squeez out the their knowledge of the Word of GOD.

This tournament is the most prestigious and most sought after competition in the history of the whole world. All the schools all over the world is fighting over with each other in with their knowledge  of the Holy Book of the Bible. And becoming the number one title holder of the “Bible Masters” that no school has ever gotten yet. It says in the Bible “Proverbs 4:7  Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” This is why this game was a brainchild by The Real Church of God, International, and the Over-All-Steward of this organization is Brother Eriya Gomenani. Brother Eriya doesn’t want to be called in any kind of honorary titles, except by which Jesus Christ said that they call each other brothers and sisters. “Mathew 23:8  But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.”

Any school that attains being the number one or the champion, only shows that they are really the best school in the world that teaches everything to gain Wisdom and Knowledge not only spiritual, but also academic, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of learning. That is why Brother Eriya is doing this because even though he knows all the questions a man can ask from any walks of life, and he gives the answer  taken only from the Bible. He wants also to make sure that his answers are still  are written and trust worthy.

The prize winnings of this contest are not only for the students benefits but for the entirety of the whole school. Free education for all of its students, meaning they will be the one to pay for all the students tuition and other payments and together with the salaries of all of the school admin staff, teachers, service staff, etc.. The only thing the owner of the school will pay is the taxes due to the government.

Seisho is patiently waiting for the answer to be given, so that he can add it, to all the answers he had jotted down from all the challenge games, since it all started out last year ago, and the present year. He have watched every single challenged but the questions ar so vast it was almost have not been given twice from the list he compiled. He has also been reading the Bible since then and finish it from cover to cover. And still he is not able to give impromptu answers from the question being ask on the challenged. It only proves that without any help, he cannot memorize all the things written in the Bible and understand everything properly all by himself. The reason for this is, he would like to be part of the team of the school he will be attending this coming school year, that will start on the 4th day of Sivan this year.

His memory flashbacked to him when everything got started with Bible Academia Challenged. He was in his 5th grade elementary when it began, while he was waiting for the answer to be given. There were 2 schools who have won the challenged 2 years ago, and the first one who got ⅔rds of the prize was given OU (Oxenforth University) and the other one who got ⅓rd of the price was with LVCC (Le Virtu Christi College). The title “Bible Masters” and also the  winning prize can only be given when all the answers that had been asks in the whole year of competition were all one hundred percent correct.

Once the winner of this current round will be known, only 2 more slots will be needed to be filled out to the Finals of Bible Academia. From this 2 slots there will be 6 schools who will be competing with each other to complete the “Final Round”.

Seisho saw Brother Eriya bow down his head, and before writing down the answer to be be shown on the screenboard , he swayed his head from left to right twice. It is like he was anticipating the answers that the participants will give, are from the four possible answers available. And he press the green button, and it showed the answer on the screen, the answer of UST was the right one “Job 2:1  Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them to present himself before the LORD.” They were jumping and shouting and their coaches and teammates all rushed to them to celebrate getting the first slot from the 3 slots available for the current year season. Even the ones in their school were all rejoicing with the outcome because finally they have the chance to get the benefits everyone have been waiting for.

While the DLSU and UE students were somehow asking how about their answers, and saying can they get an explanation why there answers are wrong? The Brother Eriya gave the explanation to them in a subtle way of speaking, first the “Revelation 12:14  And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.” and “Zechariah 5:9  Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women, and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork: and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven.” they said these two verses are a part of a prophecy and this are just symbols of something or someone. While the answer of UST angels are called also sons of God, satan himself is an angel actually he is a Cherub a much higher type of angel that was before he rebelled to God and loose that distinction.

Brother Eriya did not show the three other possible answers to the question, maybe because he was not satisfied at all with the answers of the two schools DLSU and UE answer. There are time that Brother Eriya explains much thoroughly regarding the answer so that all the students, some other judges, the expectators will be able to know and understand why it is like that. Seisho making a snap of his fingers saying to himself what a low down, those questions are like diamonds that he was waiting, but instead he was not able to grasp the knowledge he could have learned. And he also made a jump of joy when UST have won, since he will be studying there he will not pay anything for schooling. If they definitely won the championship, UST is the nearest school from his house, it is a couple of blocks away and without taking any ride, he can just go there by walking, and when he saw that the school may stand a chance to winning he told his mother to enroll him for his middle school a couple of months ago.


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  • B.A.C.: Chapter 2 Following Rules

    Seisho heard a very familiar voice behind him, and he immediately known who it was from the sound of her voice saying “amazing answer right!” He turned around and confirmed it was really Rosy. Rosy was her classmate since kindergarten, and she was given that name because it is the most distinguishing part of her face, her mother upon seeing her have decided to call her that name. The doctors themselves said her cheeks were so rosy complementing the name that they heard from her mother.

    Rosy indeed have grown a little taller and became a little slimmer than before, after their graduation from elementary. She is wearing a nice blue flowery dress with a jeans like texture and the length of it was almost touching the floor if it’s not only because of her sandal with high shoe soles. Her hair’s length is already down to her waistline. She no longer wears any kind of jewelry like before. In other words a very natural look.

    Seisho remembered how Rosy changed her style to comply with the new rules of all the schools that BAC help acquaint unto them. She also wants to join the ranks of the  tournament like Seisho. And these rules are not that hard because it is really the natural way and it is what’s written in the Holy Book. It says “ In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shame facedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;”

    Rosy walks towards Seisho, and she ask him a question saying “are you attending middle school at UST too?” And Seisho said “yes I am! Why did you ask?” Rosy smile first showing her cute dimples and said “I thought you will be going to LVCC. Since they already won and the students there are no longer paying for their tuition fee.” Seisho also smiled back at her then he said, “well I still want us to become classmates, so that we can go home the same time just like before.” Rosy laugh and made a giggling sound and ask Seisho one last time. “Are you going home now? Can I walk with you to home again?” While she was saying that he also have seen the changes that happened to Seisho.

    Before, Seisho’s hair was long and likes to pony tail it always. But when he heard from one of the questions of Bible Academia Challenged that the hair of male Christians should cut their hair, because that is one of the teachings of Christ in the Bible saying

    "Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?  But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering."

    Seisho answered Rosy and said “You go home first I need to get my BAC smartphone at BAC Center!” When Rosy heard about the smartphone, she took something in her bag and showed it to Seisho and said “look what I’ve got here! Let me come with you to get yours.” Seisho’s eyes got bigger and and felt very excited. He asks Rosy if he can hold the device he was referring with the BAC smartphone. It was his first time to see it up-close he sprouted out a very loud “wow”. Seisho told Rosy while nodding “let’s go to BAC Center while I inspect this gadget!”

    These rules and regulations were added to the schools who will enter Bible Academia Challenge, the hair of the students should conform to, all male students should have a haircut to maintain a short hair and female students should not have haircuts so they will have a long hair. Together with the following other rules every time the tournament is conducted on the stage. First, any kind of electronic gadgets are prohibited (e.g. earphones, headphones, microphones, cell phones, tablets, laptop PC, cameras, music players, storage devices, and the likes)  except for the special smartphones that were given by BAC to each contestant. Second, paper, notes and the likes are prohibited. Third, you can ask anyone or collaborate as long as they are part of your team. Fourth, time limit for the answer to be written in the screen panel is two minutes. Fifth, anyone caught cheating is disqualified in that current game, another two more times will be disqualified in current year. An additional year of disqualification will result in total banned from entering anymore to BAC. Sixth, if a team or school did not arrive on time of the tournament they will be deducted one thousand points and their opponent will not be declared as winners, on the other hand both teams or school will be given a new school to play with. Seventh, These are the official set of rules and regulations that the BAC participants will follow in order to maintain their place in the competition.

    It was in the semi finals of the first year of the Bible Academia Challenged when these were applied, and all the schools who will not follow will be disqualified from the tournament. There is already a school who have that same kind of policy, and  that school is the LVCC, they have won the 2nd place of that tournament, together with Oxforth University who was very willing to do the rules because not only they want to help their students to enter their school without paying for anything, they also want to be recognized as the best school in the world. They are considered one of the current prestigious schools in the world. With that they have seen the sincerity of Bro Eriya's words because two schools have been given the price the Bible Academia Challenged had promise. All the other schools administration have given there go signal that any student, teaching staff, who does not comply with that will not be given a chance to enroll or work at their school.

    An additional bonus that were given to the schools who did not win but were very willing to follow the rules, they were given a building to be constructed and use as a learning facility regarding all things about the Bible, and they have the same network and technology with all the participating  schools so they can research properly with all the references and super computers that came with the building after they finish the construction. The building will be a base of learning for all students and coaches who are participating with the BAC competition. It has two stories, a library, a practice room, and ten classrooms were the students will be rank from level one to five. Those who gets to level five are the ones who will participate with the competition while the other students that ranks lower will have to level up in order to join.

  • Chapter 3 Smartphone Omega A+

    The whole building is capable of lighting up itself without the use of outside electricity. Because Bro. Eriya does not want for the school to have an additional utility payments, that is why everything in the building is being run by a super solar panel cells that can last up to one week, meaning it can stock up power or electricity for one week. Let us say that the sun would no longer give its light any longer, the whole building will still have power for seven straight days with full capacity, all lights and equipment with one hundred percent full power usage. If the power used will be limited, it can last up to a month.

    But the most exciting thing to those students who have registered to become a participant of the BAC competition is the super advanced and powerful smartphone ever made in the whole world, and it is called the Omega A+. It has an unlimited storage system for pictures, videos, music, files, and application to be used by the owner or user. Its system is thirty years much more advance that the current phones. It is always online or it does not go offline, it records everything about the owners location as a security feature for the user, and the things he or she might have done using the gadget and its other application, it does not need to be recharged, because it does not run out of power. It does not need a subscription plan for communication, its sim card is already built in with the phone, and it is integrated with the most sophisticated messenger app ever invented, the “ChatterSauce”. Every telecommunications company will run this application for free for the BAC competitors and staff.

    The Omega A+ smartphone has all the versions of the Bible ever published by linguist or translators, it is also complete with the photographs of all of the original text like Septuagint, and the Codexes. Complete with the history of all the religious organization in the world including all the cults and sects. It can also translate the most ancient and modern language into the owners native language, so he/she can understand whoever is speaking with him/her, or what he/she wants to read.

    The Omega A+ is also capable of projecting crisp 3D holographic image of the person you are talking to on the other side of the line, plus it can project videos, pictures or any content of the smartphone showing on the screen. The basic specification of Omega A+ is as follows: Weight: 150 grams, Dimensions: 146.8 x 72.6 x 10 millimeter, OS: Omeganoid 02, Screen size: 5.2 inches, Resolution: 1080 x 1920, CPU: Platinum 258, RAM ( Random Access Memory): 1 Terabytes, Storage: Unlimited, Battery: Blue Crystal (Unlimited Power), Rear camera: 20 Megapixels, Front camera: 20 Megapixels.

    Seisho was telling Rosy while he is inspecting the phone, this is really an amazing piece of equipment, so powerful and you can use it on any kind of field of expertise. And unknowingly they’ve already arrive at the gate of the BAC Center because of their conversation and almost passing through another block. Oww we’re here, Rosy said. A very exciting YES was Seisho’s reply.

    As they entered the center, A hologram that looks like Bro. Eriya is welcoming every one that passes the automatic sliding doors, and they were able to see also different holograms from each section of the center that were giving information to the people regarding the content of that section or the things inside it.

    Since Seisho only came their the second time around he doesn’t know were to head off to get his BAC smartphone. The first time was when he turned in his application when he was already very sure to enter the tournament. He instinctively just went towards to the location of the main concierge and ask where he can acquire his BAC smartphone. The concierge staff looks like the main NPC of a role playing strategy game, since they are the one who can be ask anything about the center. Then Rosy said to him, Sei, I know where to go! She personally gave that nickname to Seisho since the very first time they’ve met. Seisho said, Ow yeah I forgot, I was really so excited, can’t wait to hold my very own Omega smartphone. With a very big smile on his face. Still the NPC, oh I mean the concierge pointed and told them the location. They are already walking away but gave thanks to what they heard from the concierge staff.

    On the way to were the staff pointed them, some familiars faces were coming straight at them. It’s Sunny, Summer, Windy, and Flaul. Their classmates in elementary. Greeting them saying hey RoSei nice to see you both again! We took our smartphones, are your here to get yours also? That was Sunny speaking, his voice has already change because of the stage they all are experiencing right now. The adolescent stage. Rosy and Sei greeted them back and gave a nod on their friends question. What schools are you attending? Seiho asked, Windy reply back saying that’s a big secret hihihi. Flaul also said, guys, let’s meet up in the tournament. Hope to see fellow classmates in the stage of BAC. The group have said their goodbyes and went on walking towards the automatic sliding door. Rosy and Sei said goodbye also and went on straight forward to get Sei’s smartphone.

    Now they are in front of the Tech Section staff. Seisho showed his ID number that they gave when he turned in his application. The tech guy said, ok wait for me here in a couple of minutes. While they are waiting, Rosy received a video text message and let’s Sei to also read it, saying if she will be joining the BAC Solo Competition. Every student participant with the Omega A+ smartphone are being texted or called for the confirmation if they will join or not in that solo competition. Rosy upon reading the video text has that cute smile again showing her dimples and saying, Sei, let’s join and help each other get points so we can get the benefits of a Bible Master.

    The tech guy returned to the station and his hand is Sei’s Omega smartphone, a BAC backpack that is super light, durably strong, it is also waterproof and reversible to use the other side with a different color. He also receive a black shades in order to perfectly see clearly the holograms that the phone can project to anywhere. The tech guy opened the box of the smartphone and turned it on, he then said, i will put the phone in front of your face for the face recognition to set up. Afterwards the tech guy said now let’s setup the fingerprint security features, and lastly entering his passcode. Then all of his information was stored in the Omega A+ smartphone and in all the main servers of BAC. He was also given his phone number and while he is putting all of the peripherals of his BAC tourney kit. He received the same video text message and now said let’s say yes and join and help each other in the solo competition. They both confirmed on joining, pressing yes to the prompt at the same time. Though in Sei’s mind even though Rosy did not ask her, he already has decided long time ago to enter in that solo event. They’ve said goodbye to the tech guy and went out of the center now walking towards the way of their houses, and all through the while they are walking, Sei has this really big smile on his face that had never went out all throughout their walk home.

  • Chapter 5 - The Battle of Friends & The Downpour of Wisdom


    Rosy also started typing her answer, God, Spirit of God, Word, Angels, Cherubs, Seraphs, Archangel, 24 Elders, 4 Living Creatures. Those are what she had also remembered from the past BAC challenges she have watched and what she have learned reading the Bible with her father.

    While Sei was getting a hard time remembering, on his typing pad he have written almost the same as Rosy except Word. Time flew so fast and the buzzer had sounded. The MC said, let us see the answers on the board. Ms Rosy Damp received a total of 100 points and Mr Seisho Chosa receives 81 points.

    The MC also have given the location where in the Bible all of this are written and the explanation to the answer plus giving some additional bonus hints. Saying in the book of Genesis you will be able to locate the 1st answer God who is the father of Spirits and the Creator, the 2nd is the Word which is the only begotten one, who God have conceive from His bosom written in the books of Psalms, Proverbs, and John. 3rd is also read in Genesis, God’s Spirit who have encircled what we know now as the Earth, and the following, in no particular order, the Twenty Four Elders and Four Living Creatures found in Revelation or Apocalypses. Archangel found in books of Daniel, Judas, and Revelation who is known as Michael. Cherubims found in the books of Genesis, Psalms, Isaiah, and Ezekiel. Satan or lucifer is one of the cherubs before becoming and called what he is now. Seraphims found in Isaiah. And lastly Angels who were also called the sons of God, found in most of the books but much more relevant in Genesis, Job, Psalms, and in the 16 books of the New Testament.

    Sei took a glimpse at Rosy and smile at her, and said to himself, “she really has a good memory, good job Rosy”. At the same time Rosy saw Sei is looking at her with a very comfortable smile, she smiled back while saying “I understand Sei, I will give my all”.

    The MC have started speaking again and giving the next question of the battle. Our next question is “Who are the 4 persons who have divided the Holy Bible giving them chapters and verses?”. You have two minutes to write down your answers starting now.

    Both of the contestants have answered the same names, “Archbishop Stephen Langton, Cardinal Hugo de Sancto Caro, Rabbi Isaac Nathan ben Kalonymus, and Robert Estienne”. It seems they are in unison while writing down their answers on their holographic pulpits writing boards. After writing or typing down the answer, they can press the green button to let the MC know that they have finished answering with conformity, and the MC can already announced the answers right away.

    The holographic figure of the MC got startled being able for them to press both the green button. He announces that they are both correct and gotten 100 points each.

    Rosy is leading only a mere nine points. The MC is giving the third question “What is the exact number and the names that became Apostles of God?” Your two minutes starts now!

    Sei have already started writing down his answers and it shows

    Simon, who is called Peter
    Andrew, Peter’s brother
    James, son of Zebedee
    John, son of Zebedee
    Matthew the publican
    James the son of Alphaeus
    Lebbaeus, whose surname was Thaddaeus;
    Simon the Canaanite
    Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed Christ
    Matthias, who replaced Judas
    Rosy’s answers was different, she wrote the following:

    Simon, who is called Peter
    Andrew, Peter’s brother
    James, son of Zebedee
    John, son of Zebedee
    Matthew the publican
    James the son of Alphaeus
    Lebbaeus, whose surname was Thaddaeus
    Simon the Canaanite
    Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed Christ
    Matthias, who replaced Judas
    Saull, who is called Paul
    Jesus Christ
    The MC has started the timer countdown signaling the two minutes are over, five, four, three, two, one. Stop typing your answers! He says. Let’s us show their answers on the board. With the viewers are quietly observing the match and waiting for the correct answer to be announced. The MC says that Ms Rosy has a perfect score all of her answers are correct, getting one hundred points. Sei’s missed three answers short but still received eighty one points.

    Only two more questions remaining in the match, and Rosy is leading only twenty eight points, having a total score of  three hundred points, while Sei has two hundred seventy two points. The crowd were cheering on, more at Rosy. Sei is enjoying the fun game that he is experiencing with his best friend Rosy. There is no feeling of competition.

    A loud shout was heard by everyone, let’s ask the fourth question the MC said. “In what time or generation did men started or began to call upon the name of the LORD GOD?”

    Both Sei and Rosy are unawares of the answer to the question, they don’t have any idea when did men started calling or Praying to God. Sei may have competed reading the Bible twice, but he was not able to read anything about. Even Rosy can’t remember anything his father have thought her.

    The two minutes is up and they both don’t have any answers.

    Bro Eriya was watching and very curious about this particular match, because it was reported to him, that a certain participant have gain multiple points for accepting six multiple challenges but only played one match, which is currently happening right now.The MC is now telling everyone the answer to the question. He said “the answer is written in Genesis, the third generation from Adam, his grandson Enos”.

    Then Brother Eriya added to what the MC was saying. Elaborating in details that God is not egocentric, not selfish, nor uses coercion. He did not ask anyone to praise Him or follow Him or acknowledge Him. Men only started calling to God on the third generation from Adam, which is from the time of Enos. But God did not ask nor commanded for man to do so. Men also called to different gods which they have made by their own inventions and machinations. The very first recorded history of men that is in the scripture of Genesis in the place were Jacob stole the graven idol gods of his stepfather Laban. Though we only read it in that location in the Bible, but men have worshipped or praised what they know as god, just like the gods of Egypt Hindus, and other neighboring nations, and in the year of 3200 BC is what they say the very first god or deity ever known outside of the Bible, a different god is being worship.

    That only proves the research of known Psychologist, the belief that we are born to believe in God, it’s wired into the brain, humans are programmed to the believe of God, because it gives them a better chance of survival. That magical and supernatural beings are hardwired into our brains from birth, and that are religions are very were tapping into a powerful psychological force.

    That is why He (GOD Almighty) gave us freewill, He wants us to do it on our own accord that is when Enos started praising and worshipping God without Him giving any order or commandment. That is also why other men have done in the past worshipping someone, created their own gods for their chance of survival.

    Only after the Israelites were freed from the bondage in Egypt, were they are given the commandment who to worship, and not any kind of idols or any graven images or even likeness, showing  that He is a jealous God. That is written in the book of Exodus. But then in the book or epistle of John when Jesus ask a Samarian woman for a drink of water, and from there Jesus said “Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father.  Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

    The spectators from the crowd, Sei, Rosy, and the MC were all stuck in awe, from the bonus information that Brother Eriya has given. It is like a flood of so many data was being downloaded and still the storage is not enough to contain it. Everyone is like can’t move on after that very detailed explanation.

    Brother Eriya gave the MC the go ahead signal for the final question of the match for Sei and Rosy.

    from Wikipedia: “Archbishop Stephen Langton and Cardinal Hugo de Sancto Caro developed different schemas for systematic division of the Bible in the early 13th century. It is the system of Archbishop Langton on which the modern chapter divisions are based. Old Testament versifications were made that correspond predominantly with the existing Hebrew full stops, with a few isolated exceptions. Most attribute these to Rabbi Isaac Nathan ben Kalonymus's work for the first Hebrew Bible concordance around 1440. Robert Estienne created an alternate numbering in his 1551 edition of the Greek New Testament[17] which was also used in his 1553 publication of the Bible in French. Estienne's system of division was widely adopted, and it is this system which is found in almost all modern Bibles. Estienne produced a 1555 Vulgate that is the first Bible to include the verse numbers integrated into the text. Before this work, they were printed in the margins.
  • Chapter 6 - Solo Challenge Point System

    The MC is now giving the final question “Who is the oldest person that have lived and recorded on the Bible and what is his age?”

    This question has been given in the past, and both Sei abd Rosy have heard the answer from the first time it was ask. Both of them answered “Methuselah and lived 969 years of age”.

    The MC said “both of your answers is correct and it it is written in Genesis and it says “And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred sixty and nine years: and he died.”

    Rosy was declared as the winner of the match, she has received 1,000 bonus points for accepting the challenge, 500 points from the answers she gave, and 1,000 bonus points for winning it. Totalling to 2,500 points.

    After Sei and Rosy’s match, they have both continued walking home, everyone who’ve watch them battled out their wits, passing them by is congratulating both of them, a very happy feeling knowing that they have 2 representatives who battled it out even though they are friends.

    They have reach Rosy’s house, said their goodbyes with each other, Rosy suddenly lean over to Sei and kissed him and said thanks for the very unforgettable moment they have both shared. A memory in which they will cherish until they grow old.

    Sei continued walking towards his house.  Rosy rang the doorbell four times, she knew with that no-one is inside, took her keys out and opened the doors. She was greeted by her dog Oreo, and played a little with her.

    Rosy heard her stomach growling for food, and she took the prepared dish by her Mom Luzvimin, and heated it a bit to savor the flavor of the Tamarind Pork Soup, one of her favorite dishes. Every spoonful of the soup makes her tingly feeling because of its sweet and sour taste, akin to lemon, apricots, and dates.

    She finished eating on a scrumptious dish. She wa getting ready to retire when she felt a very hot temperature coming from her parents room. She hurried her steps, felting the door before opening it, she took  some clothes to wrap it around the door knob. She was able to open the door and the flaming flat iron has already consumed almost everything on inside the room, and spreading very fast, she took Oreo and the emergency bag that her parents told her to carry in times of emergency situations.

    The fire is spreading so fast she needs to get out of the house immediately. Her parents have arrived and saw what was happening. They rush towards the house, they know that Rosy had already returned back by that time. Worriedly rushing to get inside at the same time Rosy is already opening the front door to escape the wild spread of fire.

    Shocking each other when the door opened her father took Oreo from her, and her mother grabbing her hand immediately and runned outside, they were halfway across the street when suddenly a very loud bang and a big explosion threwing them a meter away. All of them getting mild injuries at the back part of their bodies.

    An emergency vehicle with a logo “UNTV - Helping First, Before The News” inscribe in their vehicles and uniform clothes. They wear contacted immediately by Rosy’s Omega smartphone. One of the features of the smartphone connected to every emergency vehicle of UNTV (United News Television). Also a brain child by the nephew of Brother Eriya, who they called Brother Daniew Rayson. They were treated right away by the  staff of the UNTV emergency vehicle.

    Rosy was still shock from what happened, when everything was almost perfect because of the feeling she just felt earlier with Sei but now all inside her mind is what will happen now? Were will they stay? That house has been with them since her grandparent's both it and was inherited by his father. Luzvimin, her mother couldn’t believe it also because she was the one who have left the flat iron still plugged into the electricity.

    Rosy’s father was comforting her mother, telling her that it is not her fault, that things happen's with a reason and they just need to accept what is done, is done.

    While they are being treated with their injuries, a cal was initiated in Rosy’s Omega smartphone.

    Rosy answered it, and a calm female voice spoke “This is BAC Solo participants support line! my name is Haidee! Are we speaking with Ms Rosy Damp with BACID bacs4305250?’

    Yes this is Rosy speaking.

    “We are here to help you! Regarding what happen with your house, we know that it is a tragedy. But we would like to inform you that you can use your BAC Solo score points to rent a house and also get all necessary things that you will need like clothing, food, etc.”

    Rosy replied saying, using my BAC Solo participants score points!? Can I really do that?!

    “Yes Ms Rosy! Your score has reached 2,500 points from the match you have won earlier this day. You can use 50 points for a standard housing style for a month. Since it is getting late, we can bring you and your family to the housing fascility in order for you to settle in. From the investigation and reports of the emergency team of UNTV, there is nothing left from the debris of the fire in your house. An explosion have scattered your belongings and other things and now deemed unusable.”

    This is the difference of the BAC Schools Challenge and Solo Participants Challenge. Rosy and her Family was crying because of what they have heard from the support agent on the other side of the line. After the conversation, a hologram map showed up from Rosy's Omega smartphone showing them their newly rented house and at the same time they were brought their by the UNTV emergency vehicle. They were brought first to the  BAC Mall to get all their new clothes and some food. The apartment they are staying is fully furnished with everything they need.

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