Lord Xue Ying (雪鹰领主 “Xue Ying Ling Zhu”) by I Eat Tomatoes

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In the Tranquil Sun province of the empire, there exists an unremarkable lordship known as Xue Ying Territory! This is the home of the Dong Bo clan, the clan of our hero Xue Ying! His father, a commoner turned noble; his mother, a noble who abandoned her clan for love, and his brother, an innocent toddler. But peace cannot last forever, Xue Ying’s peaceful life is shattered, and the only way to reclaim it is through power!


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  • Credit goes to NomYummi of VoidTranslations. A few parts were re-translated by Ruze.


    Volume 1: Chapter 1 – Xue Ying Territory

    Dragon Mountain Calendar, Year 9616. Winter.

    Tranquil Sun Province, Azure River County, within the Water Rites Town.

    An eight or nine year old boy with red lips and white teeth dressed in exquisitely tailored clothes made of white fur carried a sack on his back. He was currently dashing nimbly through the mountains. In his right hand he held a short spear of black wood as he chased a panicked and fleeing wild deer. The leaves of the surrounding trees shook off some snow, which gently drifted down.


    The boy suddenly hoisted up the short spear. His body tilted slightly backwards as strength flowed from his waist to his right arm, and he gave a ferociously throw!

    Shua! [Ed. note: this is a sfx]

    The short spear in his hand flew through the air, hitting a few tree leaves as it covered a distance of 30 meters and scraped past the rear of the wild deer. Then, it stabbed into the depths of the snow, barely leaving a trace of blood on the wild deer’s behind. The wild deer immediately ran even faster with all of his might towards the depths of the mountains. Just as it was about to run out of sight…

    Suddenly, with a whoosh, a rock flew out.

    The rock turned into a ray of light as it traveled through the mountains, flying over 100 meters. With a thump, it pierced through the trunk of a large tree and precisely shot the wild deer in the head. The wild deer’s skull could not block it. It swayed from side to side as its momentum carried it forward 10 more meters before it crashed to the ground.

    “Father.” The boy turned his head and looked into the distance, as he helplessly said: “Don’t help me. A little more and I would have hit it.”

    “If I had not helped, that wild deer would have run off. Your short spear’s accuracy while dashing at high speeds is still a bit off. Tonight, go back and practice using the short spear another 500 times.” The forceful voice arrived from far away. In the distance, two figures walked side by side.

    One of them was a rather sturdy middle-aged man with black hair and black eyes who carried a box of weapons on his back. The other figure was even bigger and sturdier. He stood over two meters in height, with arms thicker than most people’s thighs, but his head was that of a lion. He really did have a lion’s head and a human’s body! With his messy yellow hair draped over his shoulders, he was clearly one of the seldom seen “lion men” of the beastman race. He also carried a box of weapons.

    The middle-aged man spoke with a smile: “Tong San, old friend, see how formidable my son is? He’s only eight years old this year, yet he already has the strength of a grown man.”

    “Yes, Xue Ying is pretty good. In the future, it will not be a problem for him to grow stronger than you,” teased the brawny lion-man.

    “Of course he’ll be stronger than me. When I was eight, I was still laughing around and playing with the village’s children. I didn’t understand anything. Only after entering the army did I have the chance to cultivate Dou Qi!” The middle-aged man sighed in regret. “As a father, I’m unable to provide perfect conditions for my child. But for the ones I can give, I’ll do so with great effort and train him properly.”

    “Dong Ba, for you to become a Heaven Rank Knight after starting off as a commoner, and to even be able to purchase your own territory to become a lord is already very impressive.” The brawny lion-man smiled.

    This middle-aged male was precisely the lord of a territory encompassing over 100 square kilometers: Baron Dong Ba Lie!

    Baron was the lowest title of nobility in the Xia Dynasty’s Long Shan Empire. When the empire had first been established, the awarding of noble titles was very strict. The current empire had already existed for 9000 years. This colossus had already begun to decay so much so that the buying and selling of some low noble titles were all permitted by the government.

    [TL Note: Order of nobility — Duke > Marquis > Count > Viscount > Baron]

    At that time, Dong Ba Lie and his wife had decided to buy a noble title only because they had a child. After buying a piece of land, they had named the territory Xue Ying Nest! It shared the same name as their son and clearly displayed their love for this son.

    Of course, this was only a small piece of land in Yi Shui County.

    “I only started cultivating Dou Qi when I was 20 years old. But my son is different. This year, he’s only eight. I estimate that once he’s around 10 years old he can begin cultivating Dou Qi. Ha ha, he will surely be more powerful than me.” Dong Ba Lie looked at the boy, his eyes filled with a father’s love and expectations for his son.

    “Seeing his strength, 10 years old is about right.” The brawny lion-man also approved.

    With their countless experiences, their foresights were naturally accurate.

    “Father, you were able to throw a rock through that thick big tree from that far away?” The boy was currently standing next to it. His two hands hugged the tree but were unexpectedly unable to completely wrap around it. Its trunk had a huge hole. “For a tree this thick, ah, if you were to let me slowly chop it down, it would take a very very long time.”

    “Now you know the power of a Heaven Rank Knight,” said the brawny lion-man. Dong Ba Lie also gave out a laugh. As a father, he still liked to show off in front of his son.

    “As powerful as a god?” the boy deliberately curled his lips in a devious grin.


    Dong Ba Lie and the brawny lion-man Tong San were suddenly silent.

    The Long Shan Empire’s founder, the Long Shan Heavenly Emperor, was a formidable god. This was knowledge that almost all of the people in this world knew. Dong Ba Lie could be considered a brave individual within the army, but compared to a god? There was simply no comparison.

    “It looks like tonight, practicing with the short spear another 500 times is too little. Yeah, go practice another 1000 times.” Dong Ba Lie licked his lips.

    “Father!” The boy opened his eyes wide. “You, you… …”

    “Looks like you still dare to argue with me! Remember, when arguing with your father, you will definitely suffer losses. Alright now, go back, go back.” Dong Ba Lie said.

    The brawny lion-man ‘Tong San’ took out a flute from his neck, put it in his mouth and played a few low sounds. The sounds spread throughout the mountains.

    Soon 20 armored soldiers rapidly rushed over.

    “Take the hunted animal back.” Dong Ba Lie commanded.

    “Yes, m’lord.” The soldiers respectfully responded.

    Dong Ba Lie and the brawny lion-man brought the boy Xue Ying to the peak of the mountain. A large number of horses and approximately 100 soldiers were gathered here. On the spacious snow lay a huge white blanket on which sat a mysterious purple-gowned lady. Next to the purple-gowned lady, a child of two or three years of age ran and jumped around. The soldiers held a look of reverence for the purple-gowned lady.

    Because this purple-gowned lady was a powerful mage!

    “Little Rock, come look who’s here,” said the purple-gowned lady with a smile. The two or three year old child immediately turned his head to look and his eyes brightened.

    [TL Note: Kid’s actual name Qing Shi means bluestone, so Little Rock is kind of like a nickname]

    “Carry me, brother. Carry me, brother.” The child turned around and dashed over.

    The purple-robed lady also smiled at this scene.

    “Little Rock.” The boy Xue Ying immediately walked to the very front and crouched down. His younger brother Qing Shi threw himself into his embrace: “Carry me, brother. Carry me, brother.”

    Xue Ying carried his younger brother and kissed him.

    “Little Rock, I hunted a wild deer today. Look.” Xue Ying pointed to the wild deer being lifted by the soldiers behind.

    “Mild veer? Mild veer?” The little brother Qing Shi opened his crow-black eyes wide as his mouth let out an unclear sound.

    The little brother ‘Dong Ba Qing Shi’ was only two years old. Even though he tried hard to speak, his words were still unclear and he also didn’t really understand their meanings.

    “It’s a wild deer, a type of animal found on the back slopes of our family’s mountain.”

    “Xue Ying, why don’t you give me your little brother.” The purple-robed lady also got up and walked over.

    “Yes, mother.” Xue Ying handed over his little brother.

    The purple-robed lady said, “I brought some sweet olive cakes that are still hot. They’re in the basket, why don’t you hurry up and eat them?”

    “Cake?” Xue Ying’s eyes brightened and his mouth watered. Realizing that he was drooling, he immediately dashed over.

    “I want to eat. I want to eat.” The little brother Qing Shi immediately struggled from his mother’s embrace. He became most active whenever the phrase “eat cake” was mentioned. Otherwise, he was usually disobedient when eating.

    “Of course there’s some for you, you little glutton.” The purple-robed lady saw Dong Ba Lie and the lion-man Tong San, “You two hurry up too, I also prepared some food for you to eat.”

    “Ha ha … … Master is not only powerful in magic, but also in the kitchen,” said the brawny lion-man.

    This lion-man had once been a slave when he was little, and had gone from being the purple-robed lady’s servant to one of her followers. Even though many years had passed and their relationship had grown to become like that of family, the brawny lion-man insisted on calling her “master”.


    Once Xue Ying had his fill of food and drink, he looked into the distance. Because their camping spot was at the top of the mountain, he could see a few mountains and some farmland with a single glance. Everywhere he looked was his family’s territory. His mother and father, because of his birth, had stopped their days of adventuring, purchased the title of a noble, and bought a large piece of land. The entire strip of land had taken the name of Xue Ying Territory!

    Dong Ba Xue Ying did a big stretch, his face full of happiness.

    He had a mother and father who loved him dearly. He had a cute little brother. He had the many kind people of his territory.

    With this type of life, Dong Ba Xue Ying was extremely satisfied.

    The only thing that gave him a headache was that his father’s training was too painful.

    “Practicing with the short spear another 1000 times in addition to the original 500 times … … and the more important marksmanship, and the… …” Dong Ba Xue Ying’s face turned sour.

    Nightfall, under the waning moon.

    The wind whistles.

    “Boom ~~~”

    1000 meters above the ground, a giant bird flew quickly, looking like a black cloud.

    This giant bird had four wings with a wingspan of over 20 meters. Its flying speed almost reached the speed of sound. It was the extremely tyrannical and terrible demon beast, the Four-Winged Vulture. On its back, two silhouettes sat with their legs crossed. One was a silver-armored man, while the other was robed in grey and carried a purple staff.

    “Where are we?” asked the grey-robed person.

    “Master, we have already entered Yi Shui County. I estimate that we will arrive at Xue Ying Territory in half an hour.” The silver-armoured man looked downwards with an ice-cold gaze, clearly distinguishing his lower position.

    “In another half an hour, I will finally see my sister.” The grey-robed person’s voice was complex. “You really are quite capable of hiding. Even when pursued by our family, you were able to hide for no less than 15 years… …”

    In the darkness of the night, the Four-Winged Vulture headed straight for Xue Ying Territory.

  • Volume 1: Chapter 2 – Transcendence


    Dong Bo Xue Ying leaned against the head of his bed, amongst the warm and cuddly blankets, reading a book. Beside him lay a fire crystal, its’ light brightened the entire room.

    The name of the book was 《The Ten Great Transcendent Knights》。

    This was a biographical novel, and also Dong Bo Xue Ying’s favorite story. Especially stories of the legendary transcendents. Since Dong Bo Xue Ying is from a noble family, and furthermore, his mother is a mage, his family had a lot of books. He had read those books since a young age and had learned a lot of common knowledge.

    For example, he knew that knights could divided into seven ranks: Human, Earth, Heaven, Meteor, Silver Moon, Legend, and also, ‘Transcendent’.

    There are three tiers of knights: mortal, star, and transcendent knights.

    Human, Earth and Heaven ranked knights were considered to be mortal knights.

    Meteor, silver moon and Legend ranked Knights were considered Star Knights

    And above the star knights, stood the Transcendent Knights.

    The three great ranks….. Were very difficult to break through! For instance, my own father and uncle Tong, were both stuck at the heaven rank.

    As for Star Knights, What were Star Knights? These knights are dazzling stars on the battlefield, no one could harm them. Even when struck by innumerable arrows, they would still survive. In short, they could turn the tides of war, slaughtering countless enemies.

    But these are only powers of mortals.

    Even though one person in the legend rank could destroy a military force of 100,000, even if that man has become a “one man army”, reached the “limits of mortals”, possessed “power rivaling God” or some other appellation, in the end they were only mortals. If one relied on numbers, these beings could be exhausted to death.

    But after entering the Transcendent Tier, there was a huge difference. Not only would this knight stronger than a Star Knight, his very life and soul would be transformed! This knight would no longer be mortal, but a transcendent being! Numbers mean nothing to them, as they never get tired, and it is almost impossible to harm them. These people’s amazing powers surpassing the limits of the material world!

    Even gods fear those at the Transcendent Tier.

    All the the beings in the Legends, Lava Giants who are thousands of meters tall or great demons in the purgatory of the abyss, are Transcendents. And humans too can become a ‘Transcendent’ through cultivation.

    The strong Transcendences of the humans repel even the invading demons and could kill anyone who resists!

    These ‘Transcendent’ humans are the reason why the humans have ruled over all the other foreign races for so long.

    “It would be great if I could become a Transcendent Knight. I could catch a few demons as pets, make a huge dragon my mount and find a few gods to drink with” Dong Bo Xue Ying laughed foolishly while he looked at the book, imagining himself as a Transcendent Knight, when suddenly———.


    The fire crystal beside extinguished by itself.

    “Ah. Why did the fire cristall go out? This quickly?” Dong Bo Xue Ying was just getting to an exciting part of the book. He made a helpless and bitter expression, “Having a mage as mother is quite pitiful, even the fire crystal lamp goes out at sleeping time”

    “Sigh, time to sleep!”

    Without light at night, one can only sleep.

    When Dong Bo Xue Ying started sleeping soundly,he started dreaming. In his dream he was a Transcendent knight, there was nothing he can’t do, he cannot help but have a big smile on his face, it was clear that this dream was a very sweet one.

    The Dong Bo couple was also in bed, preparing to go to sleep.

    “Dong Bo, recently I have felt uneasy.” The said, wife armpillowing the husband

    “Ah Yu, don’t worry. We’ve been here in Yi Shui city for 8 years now, and it was always quiet, your family has never found us. Be at ease, nothing will happen. Our family will always be this tranquil, for ten years, no twenty years…..no until our hair turns white as we grow old, they will never find us, they will never ever find us.” Dong Bo Lie embraced his wife gently.

    The wife rested her head on her husband’s chest.

    She doesn’t mention the subject again, because she knows how powerful her family is. Eventually they will be caught.

    There was a trace of smile at the corner of her lips, because she doesn’t have the slightest regret of the choice she made. It would have been a disaster had she followed her family’s plans for her. She escaped her family and went for an adventure in many places. At last, she was able to be with her loved one again and even have two adorable sons. She is already fully satisfied with her life.

    “Dong Bo, do you regret it?” His wife asked with a low voice. “If they catch us, they will not let you go lightly.”

    “How many life threatening situations did we go through? Do you even need to ask? Dong Bo smiled.



    It was late in the night, the whole fortress was silent, except for the few soldiers standing guard. Everyone was soundly asleep.

    “Hong~~~” A huge bird like a black cloud flew through the sky, a rumbling noise broke through the atmosphere. Even some glass windows in the castle started to vibrate.

    The big bird hovered in the sky.

    A grey robed man and a silver armored man were looking down at the place.

    “We’re here.” the grey gowned man has a complicated expression “Little sister…… I really dont want to take you away.”

    “Alert, Intruders!!!”

    A vigorous roar rang throughout the whole castle, lion man Tong San let out a raging loud roar.

    “It’s a Lionman from the Beastman clan?” The silvered armoured man looked down and asked curiously.

    “It’s the lion man slave that was given to younger sister by the family last time, who would have thought that this lionman still follows my sister after so many years.He’s quite loyal.” The grey robed man looked at the vigourous lionman, and thought of the slave, a lionman teenager that was locked in the cage that year, that lionman teenager had quietly followed sister till now, and now he’s become so powerful, both strong and impetuous.

    The lower part of the castle occupied 1km of land, divided into inner castle and outer castle. In the outer castle, there lived 4 camps of soldiers and servants. Knights could bring their family to live in the outer castle. There are guards on duty every night on all the wall surrounding the outer castle.

    “There’s enemy!”

    “There’s enemy!”

    The 300 soldiers on the castle wall raised a giant dark red crossbow. A large arrow was already drawn on the big thick crossbow, aimed at four-winged vulture the from far away.

    “Go.” the grey robed ordered.

    “Yes” the silver armored man jumped from the bird onto the ground, it was approximately a 56 meter fall, and he landed without any cushion. With both feet he landed on the ground of the fortress loudly, shaking the ground. The stone slate below his legs cracked in all directions.

    The silver armored man look ahead. At this moment the married couple had come out, even Dong Bo Xue Ying and his little brother had woken up.

    Who could sleep through the roaring and rumbling outside?

    “What’s going on?” asked Dong Bo Xue Ying while carrying his little brother and standing behind his parents

    “Mo Yang Yu!” The silver armored guy standing on the open of the castle. A large number of soldiers were pointing their crossbows at him on the castle walls. He coldly said, “You still dare to resist, even in this situation? You better come with us obediently”

    “Look around you” Dong Bo Lie shouted

    The silver armored man looked around, in the distance there were soldiers on the walls of the stronghold and on the ground around him, every soldier holding up a large dark red crossbow. The pupil of the silver armored man slightly contracted with a simple smile. “Star Breaking Crossbow, not bad, a county town within a small mediocre territory, can surprisingly provide so many Star Breaking Crossbows. With this many, you have some hope of killing me”

    “You are a meteor knight, in a one on one battle, there is nobody in our castle who could match you.” Dong Bo Lie said: “But with 500 star breaking crossbows, each of which is capable of injuring you, if we besieged you from all sides………I’m confident we can slaughter you.”

    “This is the territory of the Dong Bo family.” The purple gowned girl Mo Yang Yu also said, “You are invading a noble’s territory, this is a provocation towards our family. We have all the reason to kill you. You will die without any consequences.”

    In the Law of the Empire, nobles have special authority, and the territories of nobles are inviolable.

    “You married couple should just come with me, stop resisting” The silver armored man frowned.

    “Nobles are underprotection of the empire, are you going to violate the law by seizing two nobles?” The purple gowned girl Mo Yang Yu coldly asked.

    “Xiao Yu”

    A slightly hoarse voice could be heard.

    Everyone raised their head and looked up and saw the big bird carrying the grey robed person who was holding a magic staff. Suddenly a fearful turbulent pressure gathered. Layers of thick clouds appeared in the sky out of nowhere. Within the layers of cloud, thunder and lightning was flashing. Thin threads of lightning appeared out of nowhere, striking many places within the open castle grounds. These countless lightning bolts made a splendid and magnificent scene in the black night. These lightning bolts landed on the soldiers, one after another they immediately fall onto the ground twitching and screaming, dropping the Star Breaking crossbows all over the ground.

    In a blink of the eye, several hundred soldiers lost their will to resist. They could tell that he had been lenient, otherwise if he was truly been serious, all of these soldiers would have been roasted and turned into charcoal.

    The majestic four winged vulture landed, then a grey robed person came down. He lifted his hood, revealing a pale yet handsome face. The facial features of the grey robed youth were very similar to Mo Yang Yu’s.

    “Xiao Yu, do you still wish to resist?” The grey robed youth asked.

    “Big brother….” The purple gowned Mo Yang Yu widened her eyes, her body slightly trembling.

  • Book 1: Chapter 3 – Separation (Part one)

    On the side, Xue Ying held his younger brother, both nervous and shocked. This gray robed youth is mother’s older brother?

    Off to the side, Xue Ying held his younger brother close, astounded and nervous. This gray robed man is mother’s older brother?

    “Brother, so many years have passed. “Mo Yang revealed a smile, “To be able to see you again makes me happy, you have already reached the realm of stars, you’re now a Silver Moon mage, am I right?”

    “Yes”, The gray robed youth nodded

    The Star realm of mages are the three great ranks, Meteor, Silver Moon, Legend.

    Like with knights, a star mage

    This gray robbed youth was impressively a silver mage.

    Even in his family, his status was rather high.

    “To be able become a Silver mage without help, you should be among the top 3 in younger generations of the family.” Mo Yang said with envy,”brother, if you became a legend mage, it will be even amazing.”

    “Even today, there’s no Legend Mage in the family, it’s simply too difficult to take the final step into the Legend rank.” Lamented the grey robed youth.

    Legend rank……

    The significance comes from the fact that within the Dragon Mountain Empire, there was only a single Legend rank! The Legend rank demands absolute respect from mortals, that was because they reached the pinnacle of mortals. However, the Transcendent rank was one step further!

    Even though this Silver Moon mage seems so powerful that he can easily utterly destroy a troop of army, but if he were to face a Legend rank….. I’m afraid he wouldn’t even be able to cast a spell.

    “You’ve violated our clan’s rules. You must know, our clan’s rules have been in place for thousand years!” Stated the grey robed youth. “Without rules, even a flourishing clan will ultimately decline. Our clan’s has experienced dire times but now we’re once again flourishing. This was all due to the clan rules. But if you violate the rules, then you must be punished.”

    “Tell me your choice.” Said the grey robed youth.

    Immediately, the atmosphere froze. On the side there was Dong Bo Lie,the robust lionman and Xue Ying as he held his little brother. Each one was incomparably tense.

    “I’m a noble. Therefore I am under the protection of the empire’s asylum laws! You can’t violate the imperial asylum laws by catching us. Although you’re very formidable, if you violated the imperial laws…. Even you would die.” Mo Yang Yu stared at her elder brother.


    The grey robed youth shook his head. “Even at the last moment, you’re unwilling to give in. Forget about it. This time I have truly brought a warrant.”

    The complexions of Mo Yang Yu, Dong Bo Lie and the robust lionman all had a big change.

    The grey robed youth raised his right hand and a golden scroll appeared out of thin air. As soon as he opened the scroll, a mysterious power saturated the air. As he held his little brother, Xue Ying could only sense that the power released by this scroll was exceedingly mysterious! He couldn’t help but revere it within his heart.

    “Imperial decree. The Mo Yang clan has ordered the punishment of Mo Yang Yu of the younger generation. The punishment will be a century of isolation! Baron Dong Bo Lie, has been sentenced to a century of forced labor! Mo Yang Chen was responsible for carry these punishments out!” The grey robed youth’s voice resonated throughout the castle.

    The Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang husband and wife looked at each other with a glimpse of relief.

    “Hundred years of isolation? Hundred years of forced labor?  Too long, this was too long.” The Lionman on the side becomes anxious, “The lifespan of a normal human is just about a century, even after reaching the Star rank, the life span is just about a century or more, there are already this old, another century of isolation and hard labor…… isn’t that isolation till death, forced labor till death?”

    “No, uncle, aren’t you the executioner? Please save my parents, save them please.” Carrying his younger brother, Xue Ying keeps on shouting.

    A call of ‘uncle’ makes the grey gowned youth trembled.

    “I can’t save them, no one can save them, the clan rules of Mo Yang clan are incredibly strict, it’s no use no matter who comes to intercede. “ The grey gowned youth shook his head.

    “Wu…wu, wu..wu…..” Qing Shi was crying in Xue Ying’s arms. Qing Shi was only two years old and although he doesn’t understand much, he could feel the surrounding atmosphere.

    Xue Ying also wanted to cry.

    However, he was even more anxious, he was already eight years old, he was very sensible, mother and father are going to be isolated and forced labour a century, that was really a punishment till death! It’s his own mother and father! His most important family members!

    “Save my parents, save my parents please.” Xue Ying’s eyes tearing up, “Uncle, you must have a way, you must have a way!”

    “Xue Ying don’t cry, Pebble you too, don’t cry ok?” Mo Yang Yu walks over here and squated down, carrying two sons with her, she turns to look at the grey gowned man, “Can you please give me and Dong Bo some time?”

    “Fine.” The grey gowned youth nodded.

    On a nameless mountain in Xue Ying territory, there was a wooden house.

    Dong dong dong……

    The mountain road was shaking.

    Lionman Tong San was nervously riding a frost pegasus. The frost pegasus was extremely quick as it hadn’t been equipped with its armor this time. From Snow Rock Castle, he had only been riding for the period of time it takes to finish a cup of tea.

    “Zong Ling, Zong Ling!” Yelled the lion man impatiently.

    The cabin’s door opened.

    There appeared a silver haired male wearing a black robe. However, he exposed a two meter long serpent’s tail that was as thick as a person’s thigh. That unconcealable serpent tail indicated his identity —— it was a serpent beastman! Furthermore, he had the face of a human which only belonged to serpentmen of royal blood —— the Six Armed Devil Serpent!

    Because he had six arms, he was usually hiding them within his black robes so that others wouldn’t stare at them.

    “Tong San, what’s the matter?” Asked Zong Ling.

    “The master’s clan has finally caught them. They’ve also brought a warrant.” Lionman nearly wept as he said this. “You’re the most clever of all of us. Quickly think of a way out of this.”

    Zong Ling’s body began trembling as he lightly shook his head. “The Mo Yang clan has a warrant this time. Nobody can save them now. Only a Transcendent being’s power could make the Mo Yang family release them.

    “Then, then…… There’s really nothing that can be done about it?” Grieved Tong San.

    He couldn’t forget.

    In his darkest day of suffering, that young lady had brought him out to play, year after year. Until finally, they escaped the Mo Yang clan. Since the very first time she brought him out, he has loyally followed her and encountered life or death situations time and time again for her. Within his heart…. His master was even more important than his very own life!

    “There’s nothing we can do about it. Was it Ah Yu that let you come over?” Inquired Zong Ling.

    “En. It was master that let me come.” Answered Tong San.

    “Go then. Nevertheless, you must say goodbye to them.” Within his black robes, Zong Ling was clenching his fists tightly to the point that his sharp fingernails pierced his palms. Regardless of whether it was Dong Bo or Ah Yu, they were both companions who had encountered countless life and death situations with him. At this moment, how could he not be aggrieved? But there was nothing he could do and it wasn’t in his nature to show his emotions. He was almost always calm.


    There was another frost pegasus on the side of the cabin. Zong Ling and Tong San left in a hurry to return to the castle.



    Within Snow Rock Castle.

    The Dong Bo couple were currently explaining to Xue Ying the tasks they were entrusting to him.

    “Xue Ying, this pendant magic storage item that you can use to store items in. It’s extremely precious to the point that it’s worth rivals that of the Xue Ying Territory.” Said Mo Yang Yu as she took of her pendant. “From today onwards, it’s yours. Besides your uncle Tong San and uncle Zong Ling, no one else can know of it! You can’t even tell your little brother. After all, your brother is still a child; he could accidently shoot off his mouth and reveal it to others.”

    The territory couldn’t be seized.

    But if the magic storage item was revealed, it would be very easy to steal it.

    “Mother, you take it.” Replied Xue Ying.

    “Me and your father are being taken away so any treasures on our bodies will be taken away.” Mo Yang Yu’s finger gently pricked Xue Ying’s finger, causing a drop of blood to come out. Silently, Mo Yang Yu recited an incantation. Soon after, the drop of blood formed a magic brank on the pendant. Immediately, Xue Ying felt his spirit connect with the pendent.

    In addition to the various things and gold coins, there was also a scroll within the pendant.

    “All of the most important treasures of this castle are inside of it. Oh, that’s right. Your father still has another treasure.” Mo Yang Yu looked to her side towards her husband.

    Dong Bo Lie took out a gold colored book from within his robes.

    The whole book was made from gold leaves. Gold could be preserved for many many years without damage, but only extremely precious books would be made using gold.

    “This a spear technique left behind by a Transcendent being.” Dong Bo Lie said with a smile. “The foundation I’ve taught you is the same as this book’s spear technique’s! All of the ancient nobility have three or four books written by Transcendent beings but our clan doesn’t have many. We only have this one book yet it’s a gun technique book. You must properly study it and bear in mind that you must not divulge its contents to anyone besides your uncle Zong and your uncle Tong San……… Haha. When we obtained this book they were also present.”

    “En.” Immediately after taking the gold book, Xue Ying felt a bizarre fluctuation of power coming from it. He immediately stored it inside the pendant.

    “Lets go then. We’ll go and wait for your uncle Zong and uncle Tong San to arrive.


  • Book 1: Chapter 3 – Separation (Part two)
    Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu, husband and wife, brought their two sons, Xue Ying and Qing Shi to wait in the hall. Soon, two figure entered.

    These two figures were precisely Tong San and Zong Ling.

    “Dong Bo, Ah Yu.” Zong Ling was thinking of something to say, yet no words came out of his mouth.

    “We’re going to have to trouble you two right before we leave.” Mo Yang Yu said with a smile. “Tong San has a rough temper, so it wouldn’t be good to have him manage the territory. So we’ll have to rely on Zong Ling to manage it. We’ll also have to rely on you to instruct our two children.”

    “You can be at ease.” Nodded Zong Ling. “Leave it to me.”

    “Xue Ying, remember that I have left all the matters of the territory to your uncle Zong. Once you’re 18 years old, then you’ll officially take over.” Mo Yang Yu gazed upon her son. She was afraid there wouldn’t be anyone to help her two sons. Two frightened children would quickly be devoured by outsiders.

    “En.” Xue Ying said as he held his younger brother.

    His little brother Qing Shi withdrew into his brother’s embrace. Qing Shi wasn’t grieving anymore but rather, he was feeling fear. He feared Zong Ling and Tong San.

    After all, he was only 2 years old. As far as the lion headed Tong San and the serpent tailed Zong Ling  was concerned, he had some feelings of fear towards them.

    “Tell me mother, where is the Mo Yang clan? How can I save you two?” Xue Ying couldn’t help but impatiently ask.

    “Save us?”

    Mo Yang Yu and Dong Bo Lie shot a glance at each other.

    “Forget about these things and live your life well instead. You got it? As long you two brothers are fine, me and your father will be happy.” Said Mo Yang Yu. Save them? The Mo Yang clan’s laws were very strict. They would have to become Transcendent beings to make the Mo Yang clan go against its own laws. Her children becoming Transcendents? They didn’t dare to imagine it.

    “Tell me what I need to do to accomplish it. There must be a way.” Xue Ying anxiously replied.

    “Wait until you’ve received the Black Iron Order of Dragon Mountain Mansion, then I’ll explain this matter to you in detail. At that time, you will naturally know how to rescue them.” Zong Ling said from the side.

    Mo Yang Yu and Dong Bo Lie blankly stared at Zong Ling.

    “Let’s give the child a bit of hope.” Zong Ling said.

    Dong Bo Lie nodded his head at this. Xue Ying had always been a bright child and he’s already 8 years old. He couldn’t possibly forget this matter so perhaps it would be better to give him a target. Dong Bo Lie sternly said, “That’s right. Wait until you’ve received the Black Iron Order of the Dragon Mountain Mansion first. Then your Uncle Zong will tell you everything!”

    “The Black Iron Order of the Dragon Mountain Mansion?” Xue Ying silently carved this into his heart.


    Late at night.

    Snow Rock Castle’s drawbridge was lowered.

    The silver armored man and the grey robed youth were standing outside the castle. The Dong Bo couple were saying their farewells to their children.

    “Xue Ying, take care of your little brother. Alright?” Mo Yang Yu said as she entrusted this task to him.

    “En”  Xue Ying nodded with with flowing tears in his eyes.

    “Wa, wa…..” Xue Ying was holding onto Qing Shi’s hand but he suddenly began crying loudly.

    Mo Yang Yu couldn’t help but crouch down and embrace her to sons. While she kissed their sons, Dong Bo Lie stood there with teary eyes.

    “We’re going.” Mo Yang Yu gritted her teeth as she said this. Mo Yang Yu and Dong Bo Lie were now leaving for a distant place with the grey robed youth.

    They couldn’t help but turn around as they walked onwards.

    “Wa~~~ Don’t go, don’t go, don’t go!” Qing Shi yelled as he cried.

    Xue Ying also had tears flowing down as he held onto Qing Shi’s hands. He loudly yelled, “Father, mother, I, Dong Bo Xue Ying…… Will definitely save you! Our family will definitely be reunited! Definitely!”

    “I promise!”

    “I promise, I will definitely rescue you! No one will stop me!”

    Xue Ying’s promise echoed throughout the silent night sky.

    Mo Yang Yu couldn’t help but weep as she covered her mouth with her hands while Dong Bo Lie also began trembling as they climbed onto the Four Winged Vulture.

    “We’re going.” The grey robed youth lightly shook his head.

    Save them.

    How would he save them? Even the older brother had wanted to rescue from them from this. But the clan’s rules were merciless. Emotions were useless in the face of the Mo Yang clan’s rules. Only a Transcendent being had the power to save them.

    Not just him, the Dong Bo couple never thought their son could become a Transcendent. They weren’t looking down on their son, rather it was because he had to become a Transcendent to save them. Transcendents were basically legends! Not only him but also the Dong Bo couple never thought their son could rescue them

    “Hu!” the Four winged Vulture (flapped with)/spread its wings, and dashed towards the heavens in an instant.

    Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu looked back from the top of the Vulture, outside of the castle there was One big and one small child, who looked very weak. The married couple’ heart tightened, they didn’t want to leave their children.

    “Live on well, live on well.” Mo yang yu silently repeated, she prayed for safety and peace for her two childrens from now.

    Xue Ying looked up while holding his little brother’s hand.

    The vulture flew with high speed into the horizon, and became smaller and smaller…

    “Don’t go, don’t go” the little brother Qing Shi cried.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying embraced his little brother “Pebble don’t cry, please don’t cry, our parents will be back soon, they are just on a small trip, quick come back with your big brother. I promise they will be back.”
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  • Book 1: Chapter 4 – Brothers

    Morning on the second day.

    Dragon Mountain Manor, Water Rites City.

    In this world, every city has a Dragon Mountain Manor! The Dragon Mountain Manor of Water Rites City was an ancient five-floored stone building.

    The entrance of the Dragon Mountain Manor was guarded by powerful-looking knights. Neither the civilians nor nobles dare to venture within ten metres of the main entrance. Trespassing beyond the boundaries would mean certain death, even for the nobles!

    A white-robed old man dashed into Dragon Mountain Manor.

    “Lord You Tu,” greeted the two green-armoured knights at the entrance respectfully.

    “Is the lord of the manor around?” asked the old man.

    “Yes he is around. The lord had not seemed well since this morning,” one of the tall, green-armoured knights replied.

    The old man stepped into the interior of Dragon Mountain Manor, heading up to the third floor.

    “Dong dong.” The door was knocked.

    “Come in,” came a voice from inside.

    A white haired elder pushed open the doors and entered, closing the doors behind him. In the room was a smooth, dark yellow, long table. Piles of paper and books were placed on the table. Behind the table sat a black, middle-aged man. He was browsing through a book.

    This man was the master of Water Rites City’s Dragon Mountain Manor – Lord Si An!


    “You Tu, how was it?” asked Lord Si An as he glanced up.

    “The news was accurate. Last night, Baron Dong Bo of Xue Ying Territory and his wife were taken away,” reported the old man. “The forces of Snow Rock Castle tried to resist but were defeated in the blink of an eye.”

    “Heh, the Mo Yang clan is really overbearing!” frowned Lord Si An. “It was only yesterday that I received news from the prefecture and already, they had captured their people during the night.”

    The internal rules of Dragon Mountain Manor were also very strict.

    The nineteen provinces of the empire.

    Every provincial capital has a Dragon Mountain Manor. Each Manor wields secretive and tremendous power.

    Province, Prefecture and County cities.

    Three levels of administrative divisions to rule the world.

    “They are the Mo Yang clan after all. The Mo Yang clan ranks among the top ten clans of the Eastern Province domain,” said the white haired elder.

    “Heh,” sneered Lord Si An. “They ranked last among the top ten clans of the Eastern Province domain! Moreover, the rise of their clan into the top ten ranks was due to their ancestors! Otherwise, they would have never made it now.”

    “Then even with an exposure of a bit of power could crush our colossus,” the old man sighed and shook his head. “Pity. Xue Ying Territory is now left with just the two children. I learnt from my investigations that the two year old son of the couple cried non-stop. Many soldiers and servants of Snow Rocks Castle are saddened by the whole incident too.”

    “The Dong Bo couple have treated their people really well and are well respected,” nodded Lord Si An.


    Xue Ying Territory. At the summit of the tallest mountain “Snow Rock Mountain” lied the majestic Snow Rock Castle.

    Within the castle, some of the servants were sorrowfully gossiping in the dark. However, due to the presence of lion-man Tong San and Six-armed Snake Demon Zong Ling, the daily life of the entire castle continued as per usual.

    Although, it was already day.

    Little brother Qing Shi had only just managed to calm down. Ever since his parents were taken away, he had been crying non-stop. No one could pacify him! In the past, it was his mother who attended to him personally. Since mother is a mage, she could easily add a hypnotic effect to her voice….putting a child to sleep was a very easy task . But now, with the trauma that Qing Shi had gone through, it was a big headache to put the child to sleep.

    Qing Shi had been terrified of Lion-man Tong San, Snake Demon Zong Ling from the start. Moreover, the maids had never accompanied the little brother to sleep. So it fell on Dong Bo Xue Ying to personally get his brother sleeping!

    Although Xue Ying felt miserable, he endured the misery to coax his brother to fall asleep. Although it was already day, his little brother was dead tired, seemingly having forgotten the plight of their parents. He was after all still a two year old child……It could very well be that when he grew up next time, he would not even be able to recall last night’s incident.

    “Be good, Pebble. Go to sleep.”

    “I want to sleep with you, elder brother.”

    “Ok. Am I not here with you?”

    “Elder brother, I want to listen to you sing”



    Gradually, a very tired Qing Shi fell asleep in the arms of Dong Bo Xue Ying. The latter did not dare to move, for fear of waking up his little brother.

    Soon, night fell.

    Zong Ling and Tong San arrived outside the house.

    “Let me see,” said Zong Ling as he gently pushed the doors slightly and peeked through the slight opening. He caught sight of the chubby Qing Shi lying spread-eagled on his elder brother’s chest. He was drooling saliva on his brother’s chest. However, Dong Bo Xue Ying was also sound asleep. His clothing was a little dishevelled and the blanket only covered half of his body.

    Tong San also peeked through the door crack, himself feeling heartbroken as he gazed at the two brothers snuggled together.

    “Ayu has always been the one taking care of Pebble and had never allowed the maids to look after him. The sight of us frightens Pebble……How will we manage in the future? Will Xue Ying have to put him to sleep every day?” Zong Ling was feeling a little worried.

    “Uncle Zong, Uncle Tong,” greeted Xue Ying as he gently left his brother on the bed while he got up.

    “You should sleep more,” said Zong Ling. He knew that Xue Ying had certainly not slept long.

    The truth was Xue Ying had indeed not slept much. He was still reeling from the shock and on top of that, he has to take care of his brother. It was only pure exhaustion that compel him to fall asleep. Even then, his sleep was light. The presence of Zong Ling and Tong San had woken him up. Fortunately, his constitution was strong and he could withstand the pressure.

    “It’s ok. Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong, Pebble has always being taken care of by mother alone and no one else,” said Dong Bo Xue Ying. “Now that my parents have been taken away, the news cannot be concealed. Even now, all the more I cannot allow the servants to take care of my little brother. He is scared of both them and you uncles. So only I can take care of him. After all, I only have to get him to sleep. During the day, we will only need to arrange for someone to keep watch.”

    “There are many people in the castle to keep watch during the day,.” said Tong San.

    “Then we will have to depend on you. When your brother gets older, it should get better,” said Zong Ling.

    “En,” Dong Bo Xue Ying did not say much else. Qing Shi was after all his one and only little brother. With their parents taken away, he would have to take good care of his brother.

    “Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong, previously you mentioned that I will have to obtain the Black Iron Order of Dragon Mountain Manor to understand everything. How do I get it?” asked Dong Bo Xue Ying.

    Both Zong Ling and Tong San were secretly helpless.

    It seemed that this child would always be committed to save his parents.

    “Once you have grown stronger, Dragon Mountain Manor will naturally send over the Black Iron Order,” said Zong Ling.

    “Stronger? How much stronger?” asked Dong Bo Xue Ying.

    “Your father, Uncle Tong and I all do not have the Black Iron Order,” said Tong Ling. “The day that Dragon Mountain Manor acknowledge your strength will be the day the Black Iron Order will be sent over.”

    Dong Bo Xue Ying instantly understood.

    To obtain the “Black Iron Order”, he must first be more powerful than Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong!

    “Now I understand,” Dong Bo Xue Ying did not ask further.

    “How long has Pebble been sleeping?” asked Zong Ling.

    “Almost six hours,” replied Dong Bo Xue Ying.

    “Then let’s wake him up. It’s already evening and Pebble has been troubled for so long without having eaten anything yet. Let him wake up for dinner. Also, let those maids play with him so that he will be able to sleep during the night. If he continue sleeping now, he will make a big fuss in the middle of the night.”



    The sky was dark.

    In the dining hall, Dong Bo Xue Ying sat at the head of the square table with Qing Shi beside him. The servants began serving the food.

    For dinner, Dong Bo Xue Ying was having some fruit juice and a well-prepared portion of devil beast meat. His little brother was having some milk and cereals.


    As Dong Bo Xue Ying watched his little brother eating happily with a smile, anguish filled his heart. There used to be their mother and father sitting at this table too. But now, it was just him and his brother.

    “Are you full?” asked Dong Bo Xue Ying.

    “En, I am full, very full,” replied Qing Shi as he patted his little belly. With great curiosity, he asked, “Where are mother and father? Why are they not around? Are they still sleeping?”

    “They went out. Pebble, shall we head to the back garden to play?” replied Dong Bo Xue Ying.

    “Back garden. Let’s go to the back garden!” Qing Shi’s attention was instantly diverted away. The back garden had a lot of fun places. It was specially built for the two brothers by their mother. They loved to play there. There were even some magical artifacts there.

    “Take Master Qing Shi to the back garden and look after him well.” Dong Bo Xue Ying instructed the three maids standing at the side.


    The three maids replied respectfully. They all knew that from this very day, this young man was the lord of the entire Xue Ying Territory.

    As he watched the maids bring his little brother down the stairs, Dong Bo Xue Ying placed his hands on the railings and looked at the back garden. There were over twenty fire crystal lamps that lit up every part of the back garden. At the back garden, there were ten over servants to play with his little brother. Every servant playing with his brother had been carefully chosen for their loyalty.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying went back to his study room.


    The study room was big. It was six metres high, fifteen metres long and ten metres wide. Considering that Snow Rocks Castle covered over one kilometre of grounds, this study room seemed very ordinary.

    Inside the study room was a table. The shelves were filled with a large number of books, many of which were biographical novels. In the past, Dong Bo Xue Ying had enjoyed reading them and his mother had also accumulated many of them.

    Sitting at the front of the study table and with a wave of his hands, the golden leaf manual appeared in his hands.

    “The secret spear-fighting manual of the Transcendent knights?” Dong Bo Xue Ying immediately started to read.

  • Book 1: Chapter 5 – Spear Technique

    “I, the Xia Dynasty’s ‘Dark Ice Knight’, Yu Yuan Han, have left this spear technique here.”

    One of the pages in the golden leaf book was crammed with small drawings of a small person practicing a spear technique.


    A mysterious and mighty power made the air in the room vibrate.

    “Hm?” Shocked, Dong Bo Xue Ying raised his head to look at the scene in front of him. A dazzling silvery white light appeared from the open pages of the golden leaf book. The mystical light slowly formed into the shape of an old man holding a spear, dressed like a beggar. This silver figure was extremely tiny, it was barely taller than the book.

    Suddenly, an ice-cold aura enveloped Dong Bo Xue Ying, who couldn’t help but shudder.

    “Hua!” The image of the old beggar started to practice technique after technique, all of which used the spear in his hand. The spear, became like a dragon; raging, thrusting, lashing, and blocking…….


    This was too familiar, this was the spear method that Dong Bo Xue Ying had been practicing since 6 years old, this was the spear technique that was very common in Long Shan Empire, it was called 《Soul Spear Technique》


    《Soul Spear Technique》was taught around the world, it’s the simplest and most basic technique called the origin of all spear techniques. There’s no particularly amazing killing technique, only basic techniques. Many spear experts started from learning the       《Soul Spear Technique》when they first started learning to use a spear.

    “I have practiced the Soul Spear Technique for almost three years now, why haven’t I realised that this spear technique was actually so impressive?” Dong Bo Xue Ying stared at the images of practicing with widen eyes. A simple thrust of the spear by this old beggar image could make the body of spear shoot out spiraling like a water snake, Dong Bo Xue Ying couldn’t help but feel excited by the powerful thrust, when the spear was retrieved, it was spiraling the same way with the opposite direction.

    He started practicing at six years old, and now he’s eight years old, it is now winter, he has indeed practiced his spear for nearly three years.

    “The spear technique father has passed down to me is very standard, he also taught me according to this set of spear methods, but why do I still feel that my spear technique is different from his?” Dong Bo Xue Ying carefully observes.

    The same basic spear techniques.

    When a master practices, it is indeed different from a newbie.

    “There’s an inner strength, every shot has a surge of strength, as if the entire strength of the body was perfectly used on the spear.” Dong Bo Xue Ying had a vague observation.

    The book was still opened and this set of 《Soul Spear Technique》was continuingly practiced/performed.

    After an hour, who knows how many times he read it, only then he flips to the next page.

    This page is full of cramped words.

    “Basics are important in spear techniques, the first set of spear technique I will teach is the origin of all techniques 《Soul Spear Technique》, only when you practice this to perfection, is there hope of learning my spear technique.

    “There’s a set of qi circulation methods below.”

    “My spear technique is known for it’s speed! Using this Dou Qi method, you’ll be able to wield the spear even more quickly!”

    All of the other densely packed characters were all about the dou qi method.

    The words of this Transcendent Knight were very casual, but in fact, this technique was a priceless treasure! If there were two equally ranked knights, the knight with a unique dou qi technique would be able to make four to five moves while the opponent would be only be able to make two to three moves. I’m afraid that the victor would be decided in moments.

    “My spear technique is called the《Dark Ice Spear Technique》, there are three realms.”

    The first realm is Falling Snow, if you learned this technique, you have crossed the threshold, and are now considered a master of spear.

    “The second realm is Blood Rain if you have learn this technique, you have surpassed the Legend rank and have hopes of stepping into the Transcendent realm!”

    “The third realm is Dark Ice, every Transcendent has their own ways, and this technique represents my Transcendent way, that is why I am called the Dark Ice Knight! My path may not necessarily suit you, if you can reach this level…… Or you can borrow some Dou Qi circulation techniques.”

    Dong Bo Xue Ying became excited as he read.

    It’s indeed the spear techniques left by a Transcendent Knight, it leads you all the way to Transcendence!

    He continues to flip, the page after is《Dark Ice Spear Technique》’s densely packed characters/words of explanations, there’s also some unique methods of qi circulation technique….. These words of explanations was written a total of 20 more pages, they are very direct, even Dong Bo Xue Ying could understand what this elder was talking about, but Xue Ying’s spear fighting skills are after all too shallow, there’s no way he could learn this set of spear techniques.

    He flipped to the last page.

    There’re some cramped pictures, the pictures on the page immediately guides the light to project a projection of an old beggar, he begins to perform the 《Dark Ice Spear Techniques》

    The old beggar first practiced the usual 《Falling Snow of Dark Ice Spear Technique》, the feeling was just one word, fast! Just one strike was as if hundreds and thousands of spears, like numerous falling snowflakes…… At least Dong Bo Xue Ying’s naked eyes could not clearly see them. Then he began practicing slowly, as if in slow motion, Dong Bo Xue Ying could see all of them clearly.

    After that he practices the 《Blood Rain of Dark Ice Spear Technique》, and at last the practice of 《Dark Ice of Dark Ice Spear Technique》!

    This set of spear techniques can only be described with one word- Fast!

    It was extremely fast.


    Naturally, he continued practicing the 《Soul Spear Technique》. Only when he had mastered this technique would he be able to begin practicing the most basic technique of the 《Dark Ice Spear Technique》, Falling Snow.

    Younger brother Qing Shi really stuck onto Xue Ying even after he coaxed him into bed that night. He noisily pestered Xue Ying on his bed for nearly an hour before finally going to sleep.

    The next day, after eating breakfast.

    The martial practice grounds.

    “This martial practice grounds.” Dong Bo Xue Ying said as he swept his eyes over it. In the past his father practiced here everyday.

    “Let’s begin then.”

    Dong Bo Xue Ying put on some weights and began running around the whole circumference of the inner castle. The inner castle took up one li (500 meters).  He had already established a daily routine of running several li everyday.

    After he finished running, Xue Ying returned to the martial grounds and threw off his weights. While sweating all over, he leisurely walked to an area with many short spears. Every single short spear was roughly five catty (2.5 kg). They were all specially made for Xue Ying.

    “All right!” said Xue Ying as he picked up a short spear and casually threw it 80 meters, hitting a thick target. This target had long since been scarred with various cuts.

    “Go, go, go.”

    Dong Bo Xue Ying started to run while throwing another short spear.

    He turned around and ran as he threw his spears!

    He hit the target during motion…..

    “Throw it for me.” Xue Ying yelled.

    “Yes master.” The servant on the side obeyed and began throwing some small targets into the sky. Xue Ying began running from 80 meters away and throwing spears at the targets. Sometimes he hit the target and sometimes he missed by a bit. Clearly his throwing movements were still lacking a bit.

    Father has said—— ‘Short spears are merely an aid. It’s possible to hit everything while running and throwing. In the future you must practice everyday and throw 200 times to warm up so you can maintain this feeling.’


    After throwing one thousand short spears, Xue Ying felt both of his arms aching. His whole body was dripping with sweat. He had long since gotten used to this feeling.

    After finishing his short spear practice.

    Xue Ying began practicing a set of fist techniques that strengthens the muscles and bones throughout the body. It was a dou qi technique called the 《Three Stage Flame Technique》. Father had spent not a small amount of money to obtain this technique. Originally the technique father had learnt while he was in the army was only a lower grade one.

    The effect of Qi cultivation was the best when the body was exhausted!

    This fist technique combined both strength and gentleness. While matching his breathing to the technique, his training made his whole body feel comfortable. A faint mysterious power drilled into his body, making his body feel numb. This caused his physical strength to quickly recover.

    After practicing the 《Three Stage Flame Technique》twice, both his arms had recovered.

    “Good. Time to begin practicing the spear technique.”

    Xue Ying picked up a spear to his side. In accordance with his height, the spear was also 1.8 meters long and weighed 5 kg.

    “Hè!” Xue Ying began practicing the 《Soul Spear Technique》.

    He had already practiced this spear technique for nearly three years. He was already very skilled in it. However, today he felt completely different.

    “Right, using force this way is the most comfortable.” Xue Ying had watched the Transcendent Knight practice spearmanship yesterday. He couldn’t help but begin imitating the knight while he was practicing. Immediately, he had harvested quite the reward.


    His left hand lightly gripped the spear while his right hand held the end of the spear. Abruptly, he began exerting force.

    With a turn of his right wrist,

    The spear shot out like a big snake, rotating rapidly. If an enemy encountered this attack, it would look like the spear was aimed at his face, but as the spear spinning came closer, it would drop down and bury itself into his throat! There were two purposes for using this attack, the first would be to confuse the enemy, while the second would be to efficiently penetrate the defenses of the enemy.

    “Pa!” The spearhead was thrusted into the body of a practice dummy. This dummy was fixed in the ground, and made out of two types of metal. The inside of the dummy is made out of cast metal. While the surface of the dummy is coated with refined gold/alchemical which is very durable and can even repair itself. These dummies are so durable that it is impossible for knights under the star tier to destroy them. But in the entire field, there are only five of these dummies, because each dummy costs 500 gold coins!

    In addition to the dummies on the field, there was one refined gold/alchemical dummy in his mother’s laboratory, in order for her to conduct her experiments.

    “Thrust, thrust, thrust.” Dong Bo Xue Ying thrusted with his full strength.

    He thrust from the middle thrust, from below, and from above.

    From the Left, and from the right.

    The simple thrust was the foundation upon which every spear technique was based. With every thrust, Dong Bo Xue Ying tried to remember the feeling of when he trained with the Transcendent Knight’s spear technique.

    After thrusting a thousand times, Dong Bo Xue Ying’s right arm was aching, and he was bathed in his own sweat. In the past, he would only thrust five hundred times before ending training, but now he pushed himself even further.

    “Pa.” Finally, while thrusting the dummy with full force again, the spear was repelled, and his arm became numb and he lost his grip on the spear. “Bang.” The spear fell to the ground

    Dong Bo Xue Ying knelt, gasping for air. Sweat dripped from his whole body as he gazed at the spear lying on the ground.

    Even though he was determined to go on, he was exhausted, and he was tempted to give up.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying looked up, in the past his father would stand above him, angrily scolding Xue Ying.


    “Tired Already? You only thrust 300 times! With your body, you could strike 500 times without feeling tired, and you should only feel tired after thrusting 1000 times. Your limit should be five times what you have done 1500 thrusts! Even the damage caused by reaching your limit will be healed by the medicinal bath that is awaiting you! Tomorrow it will be as if you hadn’t been injured at all. You are so fortunate! What did I have when I was training as a child? Can’t even thrust 500 times!—-”

    “Get up! If you don’t stand up then you are a coward!”

    “Only 500 times. You, a noble young master, can’t do it?”

    “Get up! The son of Dong Bo Lie is no coward”

    “Stand up!”

    Father’s roar dimly sounded in his ear.

    “Stand up! Stand up!” Dong Bo Xue Ying grabbed the spear and stood up.


    Dong Bo Xue Ying thrust with full force again.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying’s eyes were red as he thrust again and again as if he was mad, “Father, I really want you to scold me… I wouldn’t mind if you called me a coward… I would still be happy.”

    One only knows how valuable something is after losing it.


  • Book 1: Chapter 6 – Cultivation

    After finishing one thousand five hundred stabs, Xue Ying was soaked with his own

    sweat. He had lost the feeling in his right arm and it was even too numb to move. He relied solely on his willpower to complete the one thousand five hundred slabs.

    “Water.” Xue Ying asked with a hoarse voice.

    “Master, here.” The servant, who was watching from the side was startled by the rough training of her young master, quickly brought water.

    Xue Ying picked up the large cup with his left hand and finished the whole cup in one gulp.

    Soon after that he continued practicing the 《Three Stage Flame Technique》!

    While cultivating Dou Qi, the muscles and bones of the body would begin to itch. This time, the most obvious ones were his right arm and hand. It was clear that the Heavens and Earth mysterious power from that day was drilling into his right arm and  hand continuously. The more exhausted the body is…. the more effective the Dou Qi cultivation is! Naturally, the body mustn’t be exhausted to the point of collapsing. The way Dong Bo Xue Ying was practicing, for the average person, they would likely have destroyed themselves after ten days. However, he was able to take an expensive medical bath everyday! After a year of these baths, most noble families would have gone bankrupt!

    After Xue Ying practiced this routine three times, his ability to absorb the power of the Heavens and the Earth had already greatly diminished. With that he decided to stop. His left arm seemed to be fully restored, but his right hand was still a tad sore.

    “Start to lead the spear with the left hand .”

    “Come at me.” As Xue Ying stared at the refined gold dummy in front of him with shining eyes, he held his spear with his left hand and used his right hand for support. Then he violently stabbed with the spear!

    “Tong San, have you seen Xue Ying?”

    “No, I haven’t.”

    Zong Ling and Tong San were both confused and surprised. It was almost lunch time yet Xue Ying was nowhere to be found. And since Mr. and Mrs. Baron Dong Bo have just been captured, they were even more worried about Xue Ying.

    “Where is the Lord?” Zong Ling and Tong San asked one of the chambermaids.

    The maid replied quickly, “Our Lord has been at the martial grounds since this morning.”

    “He is still in the martial grounds? It’s almost noon.” Tong San asked in slight astonishment, “Xue Ying usually practices for two to four hours at most in the morning, but it has already been six hours since morning!”

    Zong Ling hurried toward the martial grounds without a word..

    As they got closer to the training area, they heard a constant sound of strong collisions. Zong Ling and Tong San glanced at each other and then opened the door to the training area.

    “This…” Both of them were stunned by the young man in front of them.

    The youth, who was red all over his body, was holding the spear tightly, and stabbed and slashed continuously at the refined gold dummy.

    He exerted power from his waist and angrily slashed out with the spear!

    One, two, three times… In the same manner, the spear continuously streaked across the vast sky with growing strength. In the instant he struck the refined gold dummy, his speed and ferocity reached it’s peak.

    The skin of the youths whole body has turned red on top of that the surface of his body was releasing steam due to the extreme heat of his body.

    “His blood and his Dou Qi have surged to this level already?” Zong Ling mumbled.

    “Xue Ying, are you crazy? Stop it and take a break!” Tong San said anxiously. He had never seen Xue Ying like this. He was worried that Xue Ying had gone over his limit.

    “Wait for a while! I am not finished” Xue Ying said.

    “Don’t worry, Xue Ying takes medicated baths every day. He will be fine. I think he just needs to let it all out.” Zong Ling was concerned about Xue Ying, not because of over exertion but because he was worried that Xue Ying might dwell on his misery. After all, his body will heal and repair itself once he takes his daily medical bath. He knows Xue Ying since he was a little baby and he doesn’t hope for any odd changes in Xue Ying’s character.

    Xue Ying turned his face towards his uncles and smiled, “Uncle Zong, Uncle Ting, don’t worry about me. I will be fine.” He wasn’t doing this just to give vent, and it was because after he’s read the secret book of marksmanship of Transcendent Knights, he made himself a plan. He started this training plan after reading the Frozen Spear.

    A secret book cannot turn you into a Transcendent. In order to become a Transcendent you must be dedicated and do a lot of hard work.

    Once again, the time to drink a small cup of tea had past. Xue Ying practiced the《Three Stage Flame Technique》twice before ending his morning training!

    After lunch, Xue Ying played with his little brother for a while and then went out for his afternoon training.


    He exerted strength in both of his hands, thrusting his spear forwards. He had thrust using the strength of his whole body through his arms, causing the thrust to clearly become even more fierce!

    His spear landed precisely on the refined gold dummy’s face, neck and chest where the red dots are again and again.

    That was the fourth part of his spear training — Double handed stabbing!

    After two thousand times of double handed stabbing, it was time to practice his Dou Qi.

    “Fire the arrows!” Xue Ying ordered.

    “Yes, my lord.” Ten meters away there stood ten servants hesitantly holding their bows and arrows even though the arrows had no tips. In the past, Dong Bo Xue Ying had always had his father as a training partner but now he was immediately jumping to arrows… If he were unable to resist and was struck by the arrows, it would still be extremely painful even without the tips. It might even puncture the skin and cause bleeding.

    Those servants were really worried.

    “Quick, do as I ordered you earlier!” Xue Ying ordered again, so the servants had to obey.


    They started with one arrow as Xue Ying used his spear to block it.

    One each time.

    Even though there were ten meters of distance and the servants are untrained, the arrows were still quite fast. Xue Ying had mastered the art of blocking really well. He slashed, blocked and dodged.

    Now the stakes have been raised. With two arrows coming at him at a time, Xue Ying seemed to have a hard time. He got shot by three to four arrows out of ten. His body s purple and red with some cuts, but small injuries like that wouldn’t stop him.

    The 《Soul Spear Technique》 was the origin of ten thousands  spear techniques and can be called  the foundation of all spear techniques in the Xia Clan. If one just practice the movements, all that will happen was that he will look good without any real substance. One must practice it with resolve over and over again to reveal even the most ordinary of movements to possess astonishing power!

    There are six sessions to Xue Ying’s spear training: Stab with left hand, stab with right hand, double handed stab, block and freestyle attack. Between those sessions, he used his Dou Qi to relieve the soreness in his body. Otherwise he would not stand a chance at enduring such intense training….

    He trained for twelve hours a day!

    Immediately after training, he went to take a medical bath. His body was on the verge of  collapse but he found relief in the bath. It gave him a fighting chance in getting stronger! His body, especially his arms and palms were changing. They were more muscular and the bones are harder after breaking and repairing itself continuously.

    When night fell, Xue Ying ate and played with his little brother. After reading some books, he went to sleep.

    He looked very tired but in fact, he was just in the same state as an exhausted commoner who had worked all day. Once he had made a habit of this, it’ll feel normal to him. Dong Bo Xue Ying could feel that his spear technique had improved as well as his body becoming even more powerful. However, his exhaustion was being overshadowed by his pleasure.

    He even smiles when he was practicing spear techniques. Sometimes, he would stop and think, it was clear that he was immersed in the wonders of spear techniques… As a result to his complete devotion, he had progressed at an astonishing speed.

    Winter two years later.

    The snow fell in a whirl.

    A handsome and strong young man could be seen as he practiced with a long black spear while his servant held a shield. The shield was covered with a thick layer of animal skin and cotton. It seems a little bit silly, but without the extra protection from the animal skins and cottons, none of the servants could withstand the upcoming force.

    The servant kept on dodging left and right but Xue Ying suddenly thrusted his spear. The spear rotated and went out like a dragon, causing a hissing sound in the air. In a flash, the spear had already stabbed the shield, causing the servant to tremble under its strength. This spear was pretty good but if it was a slash, it would have been even more powerful!

    “My Lord, I can’t dodge it no matter how…” That brawny servant said with bitterly .

    “If you can dodge it once, you’ll get a silver coin, so you guys, train well. ” Xue Ying said. The servants at the side were filled with envy,  because one silver coin was a month of their salary. And not long before, some servant would occasionally successfully dodge the attacks. Xue Ying had given away hundreds of silver coins in total, but now, it’s really difficult to win even one silver coin.

    “I haven’t made any progress over the past few days. I think I have reached a bottleneck.” Xue Ying said to himself. “According to the Dark Ice Knight’s book, I should start practicing on ‘withholding’ my power?”

    One needs to be able to release and withhold one’s power.


    “My Lord, My Lord, bad news, bad news.” A maid screamed as she rushed into the martial grounds.

    Xue Ying knew something bad must have happened, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

    “It’s Lord  Zong Ling. He is heavily injured.” The maid said, “There’s blood everywhere.”

    “Uncle Zong!”

    Xue Ying was greatly alarmed , Zong Ling had been taking care of the territory for the last two years so that he could practice his spear without any disturbances, “Where is my Uncle Zong right now?”

    “Mr. Zong is at his home. Mr. Tong is there too.” The maid said quickly.

    Xue Ying put down his long spear and darted out to Zong Ling’s place.

  • Book 1: Chapter 7 – Eternal Wind Knight

    Inside a room.

    Xue Ying ran in to find Zong Ling in bed and Tong San sitting beside him in a chair.

    “Uncle Zong, are you alright?” Dong Bo Xue Ying looked at him carefully; Uncle Zong had changed into a clean white gown. Although it didn’t seem that there were any injuries, his face was pale.

    Zong Lin smiled and said, “The leader of The Bent Blade Union is indeed a difficult opponent, if I hadn’t worn the gold smelted inner armor to protect my body, I’m afraid I would really have lost my humble…… cough, cough, cough…..” He started to cough as he spoke and covered his mouth with a handkerchief he found beside him. The white handkerchief quickly turned red as the blood spread through it.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying’s heart shivered as he looked at him. ‘Coughing blood? Could he be injured internally?’

    “Uncle Zong.” Dong Bo Xue Ying sat to the side of the bed.

    “It’s nothing, I won’t die.” Zong Ling threw his handkerchief to the basin beside him as then smiled and said, “This little injury is nothing, there have been lots of cases where I sustained injuries much more serious than this one, back in the days when I was still adventuring with your father and uncle Tong.

    “Xue Ying, be at ease. This degree of injury will recover within one of two months with the physique of a Six-armed Serpent-demon.” Tong San was quite calm. They had gotten used to this long ago, struggling on the fringe of life and death for years on end. “By the way, Zong Ling, why are you hurt so badly? You brought a battalion of soldiers with you. Did the leader of the Bent Blade Union really do all of this?”

    “Indeed, he was more powerful than I thought. He deserves his title, ‘The Strongest Bandit in the Water Rites Region’.” Zong Ling said.

    “Who is the leader of the Bent Sword Union? What’s his background?” Dong Bo Xue Ying could make neither heads nor tails of this man.

    “It is time for me to tell you something”, Zong Ling said, “Sooner or later, you will be in charge of Xue Ying Territory.”

    Zong Ling looked into Xue Ying’s eyes, “A lord not only controls their territory, but also protects their region and all their people! Whoever invades your land, kills your people or snatches your property, you must eliminate them all!”

    Dong Bo Xue Ying nodded.

    “When your parents were here, your mother was a Heaven mage. With a powerful mage, an army can bring out more of their strength. Besides, we were equipped with many Star Breaking crossbows. No bandit within the entire territory dared to offend us,” Zong Ling said. “After your parents were taken away, I think the bandits were held back by our Star Breaking crossbows.”

    Dong Bo Xue Ying was quite clear about the capacity of the Star Breaking crossbows, his father’s team was equipped with five hundred of them after all.

    These crossbows cost up to 50,000 gold coins, an amount that is large enough to purchase the entire Xue Ying territory. That was why the Dong Bo clan was well known to the town of Water Rites.

    “The tax rate in Xue Ying territory was low, and people loved their lord. These past few years, people have lived good lives. This provoked the greed of the bandits,  so many of them were about to make trouble.” Zong Ling said, “Then your parents were taken. The Bent Blade Union, as the mightiest bandit group, intruded on our territory and started to plunder  and ransack all they saw.”

    “When I heard the news, I set out with 300 soldiers, each riding a horse and armed withStar Breaking crossbows. However, when we arrived there, more than 500 civilians had already been killed and robbed.”

    When Dong Bo Xue Ying heard this, anger branded his eyes a bloody red.

    More than 500!? This, this…..

    Those bandits are demons! The civilians had done nothing to them!

    “I was following their traces, but I had never thought that the evil leader of the Bent Blade Union, ‘Ge Bin’, would hide alone in the slaughtered village and ambush us.” Zong Ling sighed, “We were caught off guard and the 300 soldiers fell into confusion Holding him back was all I could manage.”

    “Ge Bin is a meteor knight. I fought with a meteor knight before and ordinarily I would be able resist him for a while.’ Zong Ling sighed, ‘But Ge Bin was really fast with his blade, muchfaster than a regular meteor knight… I suspect he is in possession of an unusual ‘Dou Qi’ method.’

    Dong Bo Xue Ying shared this suspicion.

    Between father, Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong, Uncle Zong is the most powerful. Although he was only a Heaven Knight, he also had the royal lineage of the Serpent-man race. As a Six-armed Serpent-demon, he possessed great strength thanks to his six arms that could attack simultaneously. Besides that, his serpent tail added nimbleness and sharpness to his movements… Therefore, even if he fought with a higher ranked meteor knight, it should be possible for him to hold on for a while.

    “My blade was fast , but his was faster. I was not able to ward him off and was struck by his blade thrice! Fortunately, thanks to the Refined Gold Armor, I only ended up with some internal injuries. The 300 soldiers also begun to fight back with their crossbows, forcing the leader of the Bent Blade Union to flee with a light wound.” Zong Ling sighed, “His swordplay and movements are incredibly quick. No wonder he has such a fearsome reputation.”

    Dong Bo Xue Ying was scared. Uncle Zong was cut three times. If he hadn’t been so lucky, or if the battle lasted longer, Uncle Zong would have lost his life!

    “Xue Ying, rest your heart.”

    Tong San said in a firm voice, “There are only four meteor knights and one meteor mage in the entire Water Rites town! The leader of the Bent Blade Union is the only meteor knight amongst the bandits too. This time, he learned what the power of our Star Breaking crossbows through his own body… I don’t think he will dare to take this risk again. Next time, we will be fully prepared, better than this time! If the Bent Blade Union doesn’t have the guts to invade us, the other bandits won’t either.”

    En. Dong Bo Xue Ying relaxed.

    “Ge Bin is a meteor knight, his opportunities are limitless, but he still chooses to rob others. Why does he resort to such methods?” Dong Bo Xue Ying asked.

    “Hmph.” Tong San gave a snort, “Xue Ying, some people in this world are skilled, but love making money in exchange for nothing. They rob people! It is said that, Ge Bin’s, first bounty was placed because his greed drove him to killing members of royalty for treasures. Now he is a notorious bandit.

    Zong Ling added, “He has held a bad reputation in the city for a long time. Although many suspected that he was committing crimes nobody could find proof of his actions. When they finally found some evidence, a bounty was placed on his head, but he was strong enough to escape and hid in the Hui Mie Mountain range with a group of bandits. Till this day, he has continued to go on rampage around the city. Anyway, there is no reason to worry about things we can’t fix.”

    Dong Bo Xue Ying agreed.

    ‘Indeed, let’s just forget about it.’

    They had hidden in the Hui Mie Mountains, a stronghold which even the city guards didn’t dare tread. The Hui Mie Mountain Range is the largest mountain range in the empire; it stretched for over 30,000 miles and connected four provinces. Additionally it housed numerous terrible magic beasts in its central regions while the outer rim was a haven for bandits.

    The depths of the Hui Mie mountains were far too dangerous.

    “We’ll leave them alone until I have gotten stronger. But don’t worry, I will definitely eliminate that tumor.” Dong Bo Xue Ying thought in his mind.

    “By the way, Xue Ying, did you make up your mind about Eternal Wind Academy?” Zong Ling unexpectedly asked.

    “Xue Ying!” Tong San said hurriedly, “This is the Eternal Wind Academy! The biggest academy and the most powerful force in the Tranquil Sun Province! It’s way better than your mother’s Mo Yang clan! The dean, Chi Qiu Bai, is the ‘Eternal Wind Knight’ and the strongest person in the province! Your strength guarantees you guaranteed admission to the academy, but it’s already winter! There isn’t any time for hesitation!”

    “Ten-years-old is the maximum; Eternal Wind Academy does not admit children older than ten.” Zong Ling looked into Dong Bo Xue Ying’s eyes.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying was silent.

    He had thought about this for a long time.

    The Eternal Wind Academy didn’t grant admission to any child older than the age of 10. This is because the time of a child’s development is very important to one’s cultivation as a knight. If they don’t cultivate, then they lose a lot of their future potential. But the age at which one develops varies from person to person, and it can be as low as the age of 10. Thus the age limit for admission was created.

    Eternal Wind academy is the best academy in the Tranquil Sun province!

    Although the entrance exam for the academy is very strict, Dong Bo Xue Ying was almost guaranteed a spot with his strong body and spear skills. The benefits enrolling in the academy are immense; By the time a student graduates, he is at least a heaven tier knight, regardless of his or her strength upon entry. Some knights go even further and achieve the Meteor Rank before graduating.

    “I have thought things through and made a decision!” Dong Bo Xue Ying said.

  • Book 1: Chapter 8 – Resolve

    “Oh?” Zong Ling and Tong San both looked at Dong Bo Xue Ying, waiting for his decision.

    They didn’t want to separate from Xue Ying, after all Eternal Wind academy was more than 4,500 kilometers away from the Xue Ying Territory. Once admitted into the academy, he must live on the campus and would have to spend about six years there. Some students even stayed for more than ten years in order to graduate. Separating for such a long time, how could they bear it?

    The two old men didn’t have kids while also having a deep friendship with the Dong Bo Lie married couple, thus in Tong San’s heart, Mo Yang Yu is the most important master for him. Zong Ling also had sincere feelings for Mo Yang Yu, but he was a Six Armed Serpent Demon…. Mo Yang Yu couldn’t accept that at that time in the adventure group. Instead, Mo Yang Yu came together with Dong Bo Lie in the end.

    When Mo Yang Yu got pregnant, the two old men were really happy! So they came to live together, and watched over Xue Ying from his birth. Actually, in their hearts they thought of Xue Ying as their own child.

    Separating for such a long time? They really didn’t want to.

    But Eternal Wind academy was the best in the Tranquil Sun Province, which would help Dong Bo Xue Ying greatly.

    “Of course I won’t go.” said Dong Bo Xue Ying

    “Why not?” Zong Ling asked, worried.

    “Why don’t you want to go? If you want to be a great knight, then Eternal Wind Academy is the best place to go. We couldn’t go even if we wanted to. After the new year when you become 11 years old, you can no longer enter.” Tong San said, worried.

    Weaklings don’t have futures.

    This is a world where only the strong survive! All powerful aristocratic families have powerful martial capabilities.

    “Do you hate to part with Pebble?” Zong Ling suddenly asked.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying nodded, “I don’t want to part with Pebble, he is only 4 years old and he is not close to you two. he sticks to me so much that I need to sleep with him every day. He doesn’t have many memories about Mother and Father now, he only wants me, his older brother. I don’t want his childhood to not only be absent of his mother and father, but also of his brother!”

    Zong Ling and Tong Sang fell silent, they could feel that Xue Ying really treasures his brother.

    “At least I had my parents with me until I was eight, brother is four. No parents, no brother….. I can’t do this.” Said Dong Bo Xue Ying.



    “I wish to rescue my parents, but will going to the Eternal Wind Academy be of any use?” Dong Bo Xue Ying said, “I don’t think so!”

    “Hm?” Zong Ling and Tong San were puzzled.

    “The Eternal Wind Academy does indeed have a good education system, and it can foster large quantities of Heaven Tier Knights – some even became Meteor Knights. However…… even if I became a Meteor Knight, will I be able to rescue my mom and dad? Hmph, my uncle is ***** Silver Moon rank mage, and even he can’t do anything to the rules of Mo Yang family.” Dong Bo Xue Ying said, “If i want to rescue my mom and dad, I will need to be stronger than uncle. I will become a Titled knight! Or even a Transcendent!”

    Zong Ling and Tong San looked at each other, a little surprised.!

    They never talked in detail about the real situation of the Mo Yang family, but Dong Bo Xue Ying inferred that he needed to be at least a Titled knight or even a Transcendent to make it possible. This child is indeed intelligent, as this inference is correct!

    “Titled knights are extremely rare.”

    “Transcendent Knights are legends, I collected a lot of books about Transcendent Knights. Some were exaggerated and fabricated, but their process of growth is real.” Dong Bo Xue Ying said, “I once collected information tracking the growth of these Transcendent beings.”

    The books figure out the training methods of all one hundred and twenty five Transcendent beings in history.  Among them, one hundred and nine became Transcendents after many life and death experiences!”

    “And merely sixteen went to the academy!”

    Dong Bo Xue Ying looked at Zong Ling and Tong San, “What does this mean? If you want to become a Transcendent being, the academy sect are the minority instead!”


    Zong Ling and Tong San were shocked.

    They had never thought about this, they only knew that a Transcendent founded the academy, and that it was the absolute holy place! So amazing, a great amount of heavenly and Meteor knight…. but most of the famous Transcendents reported in the history were never in the academy!

    They all fumbled along the path of cultivation themselves!

    “How could that be?” Tong San was startled and couldn’t believe it.

    The books are in my study room. I also meticulously sent people to Yi Shui city to find biographies about Transcendents.” Dang Bo Xue Ying said. “This is the reality. Even though many genius’ have entered the academy, few have became Transcendent!”

    “I also researched why.”

    “According to the Transcendence spear technique book father set aside for me, I made a deduction.” Dang Bo Xue Ying said, “To become Transcendent, you need to forge your own path! But the academy students are led by the knight teachers. Although it may easier for them to break through ranks because they train earlier, when they need to go their own ways, and have suddenly lost the guidances of their teachers, they become blind! How could they know where to go?”

    “Also those who are not in the academy don’t have systematic guidance.”

    “They to search for their own way by themselves. When confronting a crisis, they need to polish and refine themselves to overcome it. Only through this method will they understand themselves! This is a path that only they themselves walk! One that was only they comprehend! As a result, they will slowly fumble into Transcendence”

    Dong Bo Xue Ying’s eye shone. “ Highly detailed systematic guidance is good for training a large number of knights. But to train to become a Transcendent knight, that detailed education, would instead shackle a person and make it very hard to break through.”

    Tong San stared blankly at Dong Bo Xue Ying, and said with a dumb voice, “You are truly the son of the master; you both say the same things.”

    Zong Ling stopped smiling. “I never thought that the biographies unexpectedly hid principle. I feel at least… your deduction has a lot of justification. ”

    “My deduction could be wrong.”

    “But numbers can not lie.”

    “125 transcendent knights who made their names famous in the past, and 109 of them never entered the academy! That’s why I will also not enter the Academy.” said Dong Bo Xue Ying

    “Ha Ha, that is because you’re pursuing the peak, for many children becoming a Heavenly knight is not bad and becoming a Meteor knight would be amazing. How many people would dare to aim for Transcendence?” Zong Ling laughed. “When training to become a knight under the Transcendent rank, entering a academy would be a great guidance, so most knights are from the academy.”

    “Yeah.” Dong Bo Xue Ying nodded.

    He agreed with that point.

    But his goal lie much further!

    “After you read the biography you could summarize this fact, it is no wonder you are Ah Yu’s son, if you become a mage, you would have a future too.” Zong Ling praised. Mages need to dissect and analyze the mysteries of the universe, so the ability to think is very important; all of the powerful mages are very intelligent.

    “Too bad my mental force is not strong enough.” Dong Bo Xue Ying laughed, “I am not suited to be a mage.”

    Unlike mages, a knight only needs to train hard and have determination, so regardless of their gender, everyone has a chance to become one. Mages have very high requirements of innate talent: to start with, one needs to have a high spiritual power, and if their spiritual power is not high enough, they are not even worthy of trying.

    “After the new year Pebble will be five years old, so we can now test his spirit power.” Dong Bo Xue Ying said, “Perhaps it is already at the doorstep.”

    Spiritual power exceeding a certain threshold means having a great natural talent.

    Normally, one must reach the doorstep by the age of ten, otherwise there is no hope for a future in magic.

  • Book 1: Chapter 9 – Five Years Later, Turning Over a New Leaf

    After dinner.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying, his brother Qing Shi and Zong Ling were sitting together. Dong Bo Xue Ying took out a watermelon-sized crystal ball, left behind by his mother, from a package.

    “Brother, what is this? It’s so beautiful.” The cute Qing Shi asked. While Do Bong Xue Ying resembled their father, Qing Shi looked more like their mother. He would become a dashing man for sure, more handsome than Dong Bo Xue Ying.

    “Here, Pebble. Put your hands on it.” Dong Bo Xue Ying said.

    “Okay.” Qing Shi replied before obediently placing his small hands on it.

    When his hands touched the ball, the mental waves inside him reacted with  the crystal ball. One could see that the crystal ball immediately started glowing with a red light that filled every corner of the room.

    Xue Ying and the others beamed with delight as the light spread.

    “Brother, why it is glowing?” Qing Shi asked curiously.

    “Great sorcerer, come. Let me give you a kiss.” Xue Ying replied, embracing his little brother and kissing him.

    A sorcerer was different from a knight.

    As a knight, one needed to start training from childhood. For example, Eternal Wind Academy had a rule about admission that stated that the maximum age for a knight to apply was ten. In contrast, sorcerers were never trained at such a young age. Those who had  good family backgrounds might begin to practice around the age of ten. Others might start around sixteen or even twenty. In Eternal Wind academy, the final threshold for a sorcerer to apply was as old as thirty years old.

    Before thirty, one still had a chance to be admitted.

    Being a sorcerer required having a sharp mind. The spirit in particular was heavily involved in training. One might damage his spirit and become mentally retarded if he started too young and acted recklessly. As one got older, he would gain much-needed experience, wisdom would be accumulated over the years. Quite a few sorcerers  started training at age of forty or fifty and still achieved great things, and even being able to become a transcendent.


    Time passed by day after day.

    It the blink of an eye, five years have passed

    ‘huhuhu~~~‘ Goose feathers-like large snowflakes were falling.

    In front of the fence stood a young man in black garments, looking at the flakes dancing through the sky. His facial features was as if it was detailedly carved by knife. Years of training had given him the dreadful presence of a spear expert.


    A warmly dressed boy shouted from far away.

    “Qing Shi.” Xue Ying grinned. He jumped down from six meters high, to the snow-covered ground below. His little brother had grown and Dong Bo Xue Ying had changed his way of addressing his little brother, he now called him ‘Qing Shi’, not ‘pebble’ as he had when they were young.

    “Brother, let’s go to Water Rites Town to play. There’re so many fun places there and it’s so boring to stay at home.” Dong Bo Qing Shi said excitedly.

    “What about asking Uncle Zong to go with you?” Xue Ying smiled as he spoke.

    “You always stayed in the Xue Ying territory and hardly going into town in a whole year. Aren’t you bored?” Qing Shi murmured.

    Xue Ying smiled, but didn’t say a word.

    His little brother now hardly remembered anything about their parents, let alone their parents night they were taken away. He lived a carefree life.

    “Let me practice my fist techniques a little longer.” Xue Ying said. He took off his upper garment, revealing his robust body. Clearly, years of penance had made him amazingly sturdy.

    As he spoke, Xue Ying stepped onto the snow and started practicing  the <Three Stages Technique>. This was both a Dou Qi method and fist technique.

    Snowflakes fell on Xue Ying’s skin. Each gesture and motion he made enhanced his understanding of the world around him.

    “Take your time then. I’m going to play.” Qing Shi said before running off.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying continued practicing the fist technique. Every movement looked quite slow, yet strength flowed like water underneath his skin.

    At the age of thirteen, his spear technique had already achieved the stage of ‘one with the spear’.

    But this was not enough…… Every piece of his strength must be united as one and under his complete control, as precisely and and fine as possible. Only by doing so would he deserve to be called a ‘spear master’. Only by doing so he could master the first stage of the <Black Ice Spear> technique, ‘Falling Snow’.

    During the past two years, when practicing fist techniques, he would focus on feeling oneself and searching for inspiration in peace. He wanted every fragment of his power to work perfectly as one.


    Dong Bo Xue Ying faintly felt that he was nearing the threshold of uniting his strength perfectly.

    He had trained his spear technique every day until this winter, completing ten years of training between his sixth and fifteenth birthdays. The tough training he had gone through in these ten years equalled twenty or even thirty years of training for normal people.

    My progress with the spear technique hasn’t been a problem. But why is it that I still can’t generate Dou Qi?‘ As Dong Bo Xue Ying picked up a spear nearby and started practicing with it, it was as if the spear was a part of his body. The spear was like a dragon. Powerful as he surged forward. One stab would create endless shadow images. One simple sweep would become an unblockable force.

    According to his initial plan, he should have been able to generate Dou Qi when he was ten! He should have become an earth knight when he was fifteen! But in reality?

    He hadn’t generated even a shred of Dou Qi, let alone become a knight.

    However, Xue Ying, Zong Ling and Tong San weren’t disappointed by this. On the contrary, they thought that this was really weird!

    The principle of Dou Qi was to absorb energy from heaven and earth and nourish one’s body. When these energies were absorbed so much they could no longer be absorbed by one’s body, they would be converted to Dou Qi and form inside one’s body!

    When Xue Ying was ten, his body was already even stronger than the best amongst normal people. In the five years that followed, he never stopped developing his body. He never stopped taking in the world’s energy and thus never generated any Dou Qi.

    “What on earth could the reason be?”“My body is ten times better than that of a normal person, so why is it still absorbing energy?” Xue Ying wondered, confused.

    Even though Zong Ling and the others had a lot of experience and knowledge, they couldn’t tell what had caused this either.


    The spear struck a snow-covered rock and rebounded and abruptly whooshed forward with a terrifyingly sharp whistling sound.

    The deepest and tiniest parts of his body had suddenly started itching, breaking his concentration.

    Hm?‘ Xue Ying put away the spear. Every piece of bone and every fibre of muscle in his body was tingling, he could barely stand the itchiness even with his fortitude. This itchy feeling was followed by a burning sensation, as if all his bones were being burnt to ashes. His skin became red and his skin became tougher, and a membrane began to form underneath his skin.

    There was blood-red stream rising from Xue Ying’s naked upper body. It formed a blurry shape, one that resembled a towering giant.

    Xue Ying was entranced. He ‘saw’ a giant, barefoot, but wearing a hide skirt, raise its head and roar wildly on a desolate ground.

    The scene faded with the red steam.

    But inside Xue Ying’s body, the transformation intensified.


    Xue Ying could not bear it any more. He fell on his hands and knees as his burning hot skin melted the snow surrounding him.

  • Book 1: Chapter 10 – Devouring Like a Wolf

    A petite maid held a wooden basin full of clothes and walked quickly through the snow. Suddenly, she saw something confusing. A man was face down on ground with little snow around him.

    ”What happened?” The little maid walked over in wonder.

    ”It’s master!” As she got closer, she recognized that the man kneeling there was the lord of Xue Ying territory. His back was a little red and sent out hot air. Vapor floated around him. There was hardly any snow in the surrounding ten meter radius, they were completely melted. If some powerful knight or sorcerer saw this, one would be mind-blown.

    However, this little maid was just an ordinary person. She would never understand what him using just the energy from his body to melt the ten meter area of nearby snow meant.

    ”Why did the surrounding snow melt? Is this Dou Qi?” The little maid thought, at the same time couldn’t help but shouted, ”Master, master, are you alright?”

    She was kind of timid.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying was often overwhelmed by sweat and hot air, and sometimes even collapsed from exhaustion, so the maid thought her master once again had Qi Gong deviation from spear training.

    ”I’m fine.” Xue Ying’s voice was a bit hoarse. He stood up slowly.

    ”I’m good.”

    Dong Bo Xue Ying swiveled and glanced at his maid, ”Unusually great!”

    The little maid was stiff and didn’t dare say a word.

    ”Transmit my order. Prepare the kitchen. I want a whole magical beast baked and sent to me.” Dong Bo Xue Ying said.

    ”A whole beast?” The maid stared at him.

    It was common sense that a normal horse weighed from 700 to 1000 pounds. Like the Frost Pegasus, it weighed almost 2000 pounds. As for other stronger magical beasts, they usually weighed several thousand pounds or even more than 10000 pounds. Because demon beast meat contained many energies beneficial to training, it was Xue Ying’s staple food, and was available to the castle knights as well.

    That was why one or two magical beasts were always stored in the castle’s freezer. But those one or two beasts supplied the entire castle and would normally last for days.

    ”Yes, an entire one. The last time I went there, I saw a level three beast and a level two beast. Fully roast the level three beast and send it to me.” Xue Ying ordered.

    ”Got it.” The maid tamely went to transmit his order.

    Xue Ying watched the maid run away with the big basin in her hands. He smiled, grabbed his clothes and put them on. He looked like the same young and handsome man as before… but only he knew how powerful and terrifying his body had become!

    ”Let’s see how high I can jump.” Xue Ying looked at the grand main building in front of him which he lived in. The railings were seven meters above the ground. He was able to jump up to the railing, grab it and then swing himself over!


    He pushed off the ground hard and flew into the sky like a shadow, and didn’t stop until he reached the top of the castle. Even Xue Ying was surprised. But nobody else noticed this scene due to the heavy snow.

    ”I can really jump this high? The main building is more than 20 meters tall. As I recall, although the wall of Water Rites Town is high, it is only 18 meters. I’m able to easily jump over Water Rites Town’s wall?” Xue Ying was shocked. From this feat he could tell what his new rank was.

    Xue Ying jumped down from the roof, then went to the dining room and waited for his roasted meat.


    He was really very hungry. He had never been hungrier before. Although Xue Ying was excited about his level up, the hunger was driving him crazy; that’s why he immediately ordered a beast roasted.

    Xue Ying snagged some desserts from the plate and swallowed them in one gulp. His evolved stomach instantly absorbed the desserts. But they were far from enough to satisfy him.

    ”Master, master.” A bearded servant ran towards Xue Ying and asked with his rough voice, ”Master, you want an entire roasted magic beast, the rank 3 beast?”

    ”Yes!” Xue Ying glanced at him,” As quickly as possible! Bring it to me as soon as it’s done.”

    ”Got it, got it.” The bearded servant was shocked. He executed the order without hesitation.


    Usually when the master commanded someone to do something, the head cook wouldn’t even dare to question him, but this time the command was simply unimaginable! A whole rank 3 magic beast! That was no less than 6000 kilograms of magic beast flesh! That amount of meat was worth an enormous amount of money! Furthermore, the command didn’t come from the master’s personal servant, but instead from a young laundry maid. It was because of this that the head cook came to double check with Xue Ying.

    Otherwise, if the maid had been telling lies, then the maid would have been truly unlucky! The value of a rank 3 magic beast and the possible repercussions of wasting it made even the head cook tremble in fear.

    The master wants to roast a whole magic beast! Isn’t that too much of a waste even for him?’ The head cook secretly thought to himself, but he didn’t dare to voice his concerns. How could he possibly question the master’s command? All he needed to do was comply with the command!


    As Dong Bo Xue Ying waited, he had to endure the trembling throughout his whole body caused by his extreme hunger.

    Finally, he could smell the fragrance of roasted meat.


    Dong Bo Xue Ying scuttled out of the dining hall and reached the railings in a flash. He looked down from the railings and saw a cart slowly moving forwards with a flock of male servants following beside it. Within the cart was precisely the two halves of the roasted magic beast that he had ordered! The 6000 kilogram magic beast had had its lungs taken out and had been drained of its watery blood. All of the servants were standing motionlessly. This was due to the amount of energy required to transport the roasted beast over. It truly was troublesome.

    “Just a bit further and we’ll have delivered it to the master. Everyone, lets muster our strengths and work as one. Together we’ll be able to go up.” The male servants were discussing the easiest way to deliver the food that weighed over 5,000 kilograms to the second floor of the building.


    The ground suddenly shook. A youth dressed in black stood upon the cart before them.

    “Master.” All of the sturdy male servants stared blankly at him before yelling respectfully.

    “Alright then, hand over this magic beast. You can all go on with your businesses now.” Saying this, Dong Bo Xue Ying lifted the gigantic plate with the two halves of the roasted magic beast from within the cart.

    The plate was even bigger than his own body! Dong Bo Xue Ying promptly began walking towards the dining hall.

    The male servants just stood on the side lifelessly.


    He’s carrying it. He can carry this much and walk?

    The beast weighed 6,000 kilograms. Even if it lost some weight while being roasted, it still weighed over 5,000 kilograms. A group of strong men working together could only drag it to the second floor, yet he just carried it away like this? Just how strong could he be?

    ”Don’t gossip to others.” Xue Ying said, glancing downwards.

    ”Yes.” The servants answered.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying knew that the news would be spread out sooner or later. But it was not a big deal. Anyway, it was common for wealthy clans to do some wasteful things. The more wasteful, the more mightiness the clans would think they were showing

    Without a stable financial situation, who could be wasteful?

    As for lifting more a magic beast weighing more than 5,000 kilograms, that was nothing. It was only a matter of time before he would reveal his ability.

    ”Our master can lift more than 5,000 pounds of magic beast. He must be a Heaven Knight now, right?”

    ”Maybe. A fifteen-year-old Heaven knight. He will only turn sixteen after the New Year. How extraordinary.”

    ”Hmph, you see how powerful our master is, but you haven’t seen how crazy he is while training. The servants in the Training Field said that they could feel tougher just by watching!”

    The servants murmured.


    Kuang dong!” The big plate was laid on the dining table. It was so heavy that the table shook.

    Ping~~ Dong Bo Xue Ying closed the door of dining room immediately.

    The servants thought that their master was just wasteful.

    But in fact…

    Dong Bo Xue Ying was really eager to eat!

    ”Let’s eat.” Dong Bo Xue Ying picked up the knife and cut out a five kilogram piece of meat. He ate it with a big gulp. Even the bones were chewed and swallowed. His body was cheering and madly taking in the energy. The moment the food entered his stomach, it was already fully digested.

    His body that was so hungry and short of energy kept digesting and absorbing energy.

    Eat Eat Eat!

    Dong Bo Xue Ying swallowed the food so fast one could see the food being gradually consumed. All of the golden roasted meat, and even the small bones, were gobbled down. He only left some big bones behind.


    ”Xue Ying, Xue Ying, why are you so wasteful now?” The voice of Lion Man Tong San came with a hint of anger. Nobody in the castle except for Tong San dared to criticize him.


    Lion Man Tong San pushed the door open with anger. But in the next moment he was shocked. Only the big skeleton was left on the plate, and all the small bones and pieces of meat were gone.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying cleaned his mouth and smiled, ”Uncle Zong, as you can see, I didn’t waste anything.”

  • Book 1: Chapter 11 – Great Strength

    “You, you…” Lion Man Tong San looked at the large magic beast’s skeleton, and felt that it was unbelievable. “Xue Ying, did you cut off and hide the meat? Where did you hide it?”

    Tong San searched every corner of the dining room. He even kneeled on the ground and checked under the table and cabinet.

    “Uncle Tong, I did eat it all.” Xue Ying wanted to convince him.

    “You really ate it? It weighed more than 5,000 kilograms. You are just this small and you ate it?” Tong San stared at Xue Ying, “How could I believe it? Even a knight cannot eat more than 5,000 kilograms of meat in one go. Let alone you.”

    Dong Bo Xue Ying felt helpless.

    This was the first biological leap he had experienced; every one of his cells was craving energy. That was why he was able to eat so much. Even if he wanted to, he would not be able to eat so much in the future.

    “Uncle Tong, look.” Dong Bo Xue Ying picked up a silver plate near him and suddenly squeezed it hard twice. The plate was compressed into a metal ball.

    “This…” Tong San stared dumbfounded.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying took the metal ball into his right hand. He squeezed it again and silver liquid flowed out from gaps between his fingers.

    After that, Xue Ying folded and rubbed his hands. A silver stick appeared!

    [ED Kaizoku: haha see the magic]

    “How did you do that?” Tong San couldn’t believe it. Both he and Zong Ling could not do that. If he pressed hard, he could crack the plate and reshape it into a ball. Squeezing the metal until it flowed like a liquid, or even reforming it into a stick, was really terrifying.  

    “I said, I did eat all the meat.” Dong Bo Xue Ying said, “Will you believe me now, Uncle Zong?”

    “Sure, sure. I believe whatever you say. What on earth is going on? How did you suddenly become so powerful? This, this is simply… I cannot figure it out.” Tong San was quite confused. Usually, one could not skip ranks. The order was from to Human rank to Earth rank, from Earth rank to Heaven rank, and then from Heaven rank to Meteor rank.

    “You don’t have Dou Qi and you are not a Human Knight yet. How?” Tong San could hardly understand this.

    “I am now!”

    Dong Bo Xue Ying stood up, “Uncle Zong, wait for a moment.”

    As he said this, Dong Bo Xue Ying started practicing the fist technique in the spacious room. Each gesture and motion flowed like water. His body was filled with strength and flooded by energies from heaven and earth. An amazing power emerged in his muscles, a power called… Dou Qi!

    In fact, after he ate all of the meat, his body had already started generating some Dou Qi.

    “Gurgle gurgle gurgle.” As Dong Bo Xue Ying practiced the《Three Stages Flame Technique》, his body gathered more and more Dou Qi and imbued itself into his skin, muscles and bones. The mysterious power of the heavens and the earth began to unceasingly enter his body while his body continuously transformed due to the Dou Qi…… It was as if his body was a bottomless pit.

    He kept practicing the Dou Qi technique over and over again.

    In the beginning, Tong San was shocked and worried, but after some time passed, he was able to gradually calm down. However, four hours quickly passed by and he began to feel somewhat powerless.

    “Why are you still practicing?”

    “How long do you plan on practicing?” Tong San looked at Dong Bo Xue Ying in puzzlement.

    It must be said that practicing a Dou Qi technique more doesn’t necessarily mean greater gains! Before becoming a knight, only two or three practice sessions were needed a day as the body would be unable to absorb anymore. But after becoming a knight…… it still took a very long time for the Dou Qi to increase! There’s a limit to the amount of Dou Qi one can absorb each day, therefore the number of practices is limited too. But Dong Bo Xue Ying had already been practicing for more than four hours, this is clearly abnormal!

    Hong long long~~~” Dong Bo Xue Ying felt all of the Dou Qi within his body bubbling in excitement. At last, he could no longer absorb any more of the power of the heavens and the earth.

    [TL Ruze: Hong long is the sound of rumbling.]

    “I never would have thought I would breakthrough so quickly and that I would become an Earth Knight the moment I broke through.” Dong Bo Xue Ying secretly said to himself. “Of course it’s only natural that my Dou Qi has reached the rank of an Earth Knight. My physical strength already far surpasses that of an Earth Knight.”

    According to the normal path.

    When the body first produces a strand of Dou Qi, then they would become a Human Knight.

    Afterwards, Dou Qi would begin appearing in their muscles and bones and gradually nourish them. The Dou Qi would grow more and more until it finally can be found throughout the muscles and bones, only then would they become an Earth Knight!

    After the Dou Qi covers the whole body, it would begin condensing within the abdomen into a Qi Ocean within the Dantian! This is a Heaven Knight!

    Within the Dantian’s Qi Ocean, when Dou Qi condense into a liquid and started flowing would one become a Meteor Knight. After liquefying, a qualitative change would occur in the Dou Qi. It would no longer be fierce and hard, rather, it would become hard yet soft. By coupling strength with gentleness, they would be able to form a tenacious layer of Dou Qi on the surface of the body to protect themselves. This was the reason that Meteor Knights could simply ignore a countless barrage of arrows. While this Dou Qi layer has high defensive capabilities, it can also be used to nourish the body and strengthen it.

    If the liquid Dou Qi condenses even further, it would form a false Dan. This form of Dou Qi is even more profound as well as powerful. It’s even so soft that it can enter the tender inner organs causing the body to transform once again! This is a Silver Moon Knight.

    But a Legend Knight?

    They must reach the realm of being one with the heavens! When that moment comes, the will be able to draw upon the power of the heavens and the earth! Only then would they truly be Legend Knights. A Legend Knight is completely different from a Silver Moon Knight. The gap is simply exceedingly astonishing. They can kill a Silver Moon Knight with a single simple movement! The representation of the very limits of mortals, ‘Legend Knights”. The very few of the most terrifying of the peak Legend Knights could even battle a Transcendent and survive.

    They were the last step before becoming a Transcendent.

    “My body’s muscles and bones are both perfect, due to my needless nourishment of it. It was due to this that I could immediately reach the rank of an Earth Knight.” Dong Bo Xue Ying said to himself. “The next step is to establish the Dou Qi Spring. I must slowly accumulate enough Dou Qi now.”

    “Xue Ying, Xue Ying.” Tong San began yelling as soon as he saw that Xue Ying had stopped.

    Haha. Uncle Tong, come with me.” Dong Bo Xue Ying said with a smile before immediately exiting the dining hall and leaping down from the building. Tong San swiftly followed him and jumped down.

    It was extremely fast.

    Two figures arrived at the empty martial grounds.

    “Xue Ying, why have you come to the martial grounds?” Tong San asked in bewilderment.

    “Don’t be so anxious Uncle Tong.” Saying this, Dong Bo Xue Ying ran to the side and picked up the spear he usually used. This spear was weighed over 25 kilograms and could be considered the best spear within Snow Rock Mountain.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying grasped the pike and fixed his attention on the refiner dummy in front of him.

    Tong San held his breath and watched attentively off to the side. He understood that his nephew wanted to reveal his strength. He wanted to see what level of strength Xue Ying had reached when putting his spear techniques to use.


    The spear moved, becoming a mirage.

    The afterimages of the spear collided with the refiner dummy, repeatedly issuing out a ‘pu, pu, pu’ sound.

    In an instant, Dong Bo Xue Ying had already stopped his spear.

    “So fast! Xue Ying, your spear technique is so fast now even I block it.” Tong San was stunned by the speed of Dong Bo Xue Ying’s spear technique, immediately after he looked at the refiner dummy, his eyes widen even more. Densely packed holes appeared on the body of the refiner dummy, the large numbers of holes formed three words- ‘Isn’t this amazing’!

    “You’re able to pierce through its body?” Tong San asked with eyes wide with astonishment.

    Anyone under the Star rank would absolutely be unable to harm this refiner dummy!

    “Then I’ll let you see something even more amazing!” Dong Bo Xue Ying suddenly burst out the power within his body; there was even a faint red vapor surrounding him. A ferocious atmosphere erupted around him, terrifying Tong San. Dong Bo Xue Ying brandished his spear and struck the refiner dummy. The spear bent into a ridiculous curve and with a ‘peng’, the dummy trembled and cracked. Peng! With a second strike, the dummy immediately shattered with pieces of it flying if all four directions, leaving only the lower half of the dummy.

    “Peng!” The spear struck the refiner dummy a third time in its foundation.


    The entire spear fractured. The lower body of the dummy broke into pieces.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying stared at the broken spear in his hand, a pear that he has used for a long time. He never though his strength would have been able to break it.

    “Brother I’m back!” Brother Qing Shi’s clear voice was heard.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying lifted his head to look at the sky. It had turned dark.

    “Uncle Tong, Qing Shi and Uncle Zong are back. Let’s go eat first. I’ll tell you and Uncle Zong everything after we eat.” Dong Bo Xue Ying said with a smile. If it had been anyone else who had come across this matter, perhaps they would still be baffled. Fortunately, he had read many books and there happened to be one book that had an extremely brief record of this.

  • Book 1: Chapter 12 –  The Primordial Era

    “Alright!” Tong San just had to bear with his curiosity. After dinner, he would be able to find out. He was patient enough to wait.

    “Brother, I am back!”

    Qing Shi and Zong Ling rode on the frost pegasus, leading the group of soldiers home and showing off their military might. The Water Rites Town was the whole country’s most unlawful town. In Water Rites Town, the Xue Ying Territory’s Dong Bo Clan was one of the top ten clans. Therefore, whenever Qing Shi went to visit the Water Rites Town, there was a great amount of fanfare due to his dominant status.

    Seeing his brother spending everyday happily, Dong Bo Xue Ying couldn’t help but also be very happy.



    After dinner, as Qing Shi had played the whole day, he was tired and quickly fell asleep. Dong Bo Xue Ying, Zong Ling and Tong San went to the study room.

    “What are we doing in Xue Ying’s study room? Tong San, why do you have such an excited and impatient expression, what is going on?” Zong Ling said in confusion.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying smiled and walked to the shelves to find a book he had read before.

    “Let me tell you!”

    Tong San took a deep breath. “Today, Xue Ying ordered the servants to roast the 5,000 kilogram rank 3 magic beast and then he ate it all by himself!”

    Zong Ling’s eyes went wide.

    [TL Miki note: Damn him, he didn’t call me to the party] [ED: Ikr. I’m hungry.]

    Just one person ate 5,000 thousand kilograms of meat? Was he even human? He should be a dragon instead!

    “With his current strength, in one strike, he would be able to defeat us.” Tong San continued to say, “A moment ago, the refined gold dummy in the martial grounds was destroyed by Xue Ying’s spear after three hits, and Xue Ying’s spear also could not handle his strength and broke!”   

    “What!?” Zong Ling was shocked.

    Xue Ying’s twenty five kilogram spear was also made by a Great Refiner. Even though it was not a ranked weapon, it should still have been qualified for a Heaven Knight to use. Moreover, the spear’s barrel body is very good at strong power. Just how much force did he exert on the spear for it to break?

    “How did this happen?” Zong Ling asked.

    “I also want to know, but Xue Ying said that he would only tell us when we came together.” Tong San and Zong Ling looked towards Xue Ying.

    Dong Bo Xue Yin browsed the books on the shelf and soon found the book. He quickly turned the book page by page until he found the page he had previously read. He then used his finger to mark a part of the page and smiled as he handed the book to Zong Ling. “Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong, it’s this biography. Please, if you take a look at that paragraph, you should be able to understand.

    “Hmm?” Zong Ling curiously took it. Tong San also moved his head to have a look.

    Zong Ling looked at the title of the book: << The Wood Cutter Knight>>

    “It’s him, the Wood Cutter Knight?” Zong Ling and Tong San were a little startled. Although they did not read many books, during their adventures they had heard many legendary stories. Amongst those stories, the Wood Cutter Knight story was very common. This Wood Cutter Knight was a knight that lived five thousand years ago. He was famous mainly due to his strength.

    He was originally just a mountain village’s wood cutter. However, after stepping onto the path of the knight, when he was at the Legend rank, he used only an axe to kill Transcendents! During the time when the Transcendents were alive, he was unequalled among them!

    His titled name was “Wood Cutter”. The name was chosen by himself.

    He was called that period’s “strongest Transcendent”. He was so strong that no Transcendent could resist his axe! It was that frightening.

    “First take a look at this paragraph.” Dong Bo Xue Ying smiled. During his childhood, he had also revered the Wood Cutter Knight for a long time, as the knight’s powers were extremely domineering. Throughout his life, he loved to cut wood and even treated his enemies like wood. No matter if it was a huge dragon or an evil demon, he just cut them down!

    En.” Zong Ling looked at the paragraph along with Tong San.

    “Yes, at that moment, the Wood Cutter Knight awakened the legendary Giant Axe bloodline that resided in his body. He explained in his writings that all of the human race’s bodies actually hold countless bloodlines.”

    “During the birth of this world, the entire surface of this area, where this country is currently located, was actually empty. At that time, the world was very vile.”

    “The face of the earth went through a long, gradual period of nurturing until finally gave birth to a group of formidable lifeforms. They were the primordial era’s first life forms! All of them held terrifying powers strong enough to move mountains and fill the oceans. They could carry huge mountains as they ran about. They would kill gigantic dragons and drank its blood and eat its meat. In front of them the dragon was really weak. Even the Gods of other planes did not dare to descend.”

    “After those strong lifeforms continuously flourished, the human race was finally created! Thus, in the bodies of the entire human race lies those primordial life forms’ bloodlines.”

    “And in the long years that followed, the Gods descended and left their descendants among the human race.”

    “The human race continuously reproduced, so I’m afraid that any person’s lineage can be traced back thousands of years to the same bloodlines.”

    “In every human race lies those primordial beings’ and the Gods’ bloodlines. Of course, only a faint part of each person’s blood is made up of this mixed bloodline.”

    “Direct descendants are more powerful. For example, it is said that after the emperor of the Dragon Mountain empire, ‘Heavenly Emperor Long Shan’, became a god, all of his sons, the legendary twelve princes, became Transcendent beings. This is because their father was an exceedingly powerful God! It was only due to their bloodline that they were able to become Transcendents.”

    [TLC Ruze: Long Shan means Dragon Mountain. Dragon Mountain Empire was named after Emperor Long Shan.]

    “Since time immemorial, from the primordial era to the ancient times… But now, we are all just ordinary mortals, as those strong beings’ bloodlines have become far too thin.”

    “However, there are still occasions where the primordial bloodlines awaken. Some of these bloodlines could use giant axes, some could become godly archers, some could become experts at running, some could teleport, some could manipulate lightning, some could shape-shift, and some possessed a nearly immortal body….”   

    “However, according to the book, awakening the bloodline is an amazing feat. However, almost nobody succeeds after that, as it’s almost impossible to become a Transcendent. The reason why I respect the Wood Cutter Knight is because he regarded his own bloodline with tranquility, that he ultimately became the strongest Transcendent of that time period.”

    “When the Wood Cutter Knight awakened his primordial Giant Axe bloodline, he met the most important woman of his life. The author wrote in detail about his life thereafter….”

    In the whole thick diary, only that short paragraph was related to primordial bloodlines.

    After that, it was about the Wood Cutter Knight’s legendary life.

    “Primordial bloodline?” Zong Ling and Tong San looked at Dong Bo Xue Ying.

    “Yes, it should be that I awakened my primordial bloodline.” Dong Bo Xue Ying said.

    “Which bloodline?” Zong Ling asked curiously.

    “Could it be the one that can teleport?” Tong San was excited. “Let me see you create lighting! Let me see you bring forth fire!”

    “I don’t know how to.”

    Dong Bo Xue Ying helplessly said.

    There are many types of primordial bloodlines, after all, there was a whole group of primordial beings that the earth had first given birth to. My awakening was relatively ordinary.

    “This book says that every primordial bloodline has some kind of specialty?” Zong Ling said.

    “Actually, the unusual methods to utilize the powers are very harsh,” Dong Bo Xue Ying said. “My special power allows my strength to be doubled!”

    “Doubled?” Zong Ling and Tong San’s hearts started to burn with excitement.

    They also wanted such special powers.

    Which Knight would not wish for their strength to be doubled? Even if there was no teleportation or shape-shifting power, to be able to double one’s strength was still very useful.

    “However, once I use my power, my physical strength will also be consumed quickly.” Dong Bo Xue Ying said, “Normally I can battle for an hour and remain tireless, but once I use my power, I will be completely drained of my strength in a short moment so my fighting time will be limited.”

    “What is your current level of strength?” Zong Ling curiously asked.

    “In ordinary battle, my strength should be at about the Meteor Knight rank!” Dong Bo Xue Ying said.

    “Once you use your power and double your strength, then won’t you reach the power of a Silver Moon Knight?” Zong Ling and Tong San were elated.

    “Although my power increases greatly, my speed won’t be able to compare to that of a Silver Moon Knight. Moreover, I can only remain in that state for a short period of time.” Dong Bo Xue Ying smiled.

    “So it’s like that. Currently you are the strongest person in the whole Water Rites Town,” Zong Ling expectantly said. “Ha ha, it was as I said! Xue Ying, you are so diligent in your training and trained in your spear techniques for about ten years; for you to not generate Dou Qi is clearly very abnormal! You really did not reveal your power, but now you that you have, it’s so shocking!”

    Dong Bo Xue Ying smiled.

    Actually, after this awakening, Dong Bo Xue Ying had his own thoughts.

    Every human had primordial bloodlines hidden within them, but after reproducing for so many years, their bloodlines were too thin now! Then why can some people still awaken?

    Dong Bo Xue Ying did not have many examples to refer to, but from the “Wood Cutter Knight”, he could still figure out a point. The knight was a man who had always liked to chop firewood, and who, in the end, awakened the Huge Axe bloodline! Also, whenever he himself finished training in spear techniques till the very limits of his arm and fingers’ strengths, he would need to soak in medical baths to recover.

    Maybe he awakened the power of his bloodline because he did his utmost every day!

    In the end, Dong Bo Xue Ying did not know who the towering roaring giant he vaguely saw during his awakening was, so he just gave his primordial bloodline a simple name: “Power Bloodline”.

    “This is just the beginning!” Dong Bo Xue Ying said, “Just like for an ordinary person’s body. When nourishing themselves with Dou Qi, they will unceasingly improve. While nourishing myself with Dou Qi, I can also feel my body continuously strengthening.”   

    “Ha ha ha….” Zong Ling and Tong San smiled.

    Today they were very happy.

    At the time when the originally young boy shouted his oath, they had only thought of it as a child’s dream. Nobody present at that time was convinced that Dong Bo Xue Ying could actually rescue his parents, as the task was just too difficult!

    However, today, the two of them could finally see hope!

    “That’s right, after today, I will not need to soak in the medicinal bath.” Dong Bo Xue Ying smiled and said, “Although my body is not quite immortal, my recovery ability is a lot stronger than that of the medicinal bath.”

    As he said that, Dong Bo Xue Ying took a paper cutter from the desk and cut a line on his palm. If it was under the effect of the medicinal bath, it would have taken a day to completely recover.

    However, at that moment, the wound on his palm quickly healed, and in just a breath’s time, his wound completely disappeared.

    Actually, as long as one has a strong body, their recovery power would be shocking.

    For example, after Silver Moon Knights have their bodies’ internal organs transformed by liquid Dou Qi, they would have shocking recovery powers. By cleansing themselves with heavenly powers, Legend Knights can obtain almost immortal bodies, which are even more extreme than Dong Bo Xue Ying’s body. Although it was said that a Legend Knight can die by mortal means, it was only theoretically possible.

    After all, the price was just too high!

    If an army was really sent out, a Legend Knight would escape, not even giving them a chance to be able to surround him.

    To kill a Legend Knight, one normally must be at the same rank, or a Transcendent.

    “That’s right! There is still an important thing to do. After two days, I will prepare to visit the Water Rites Town.” Dong Bo Xue Ying hurriedly said.

  • Book 1: Chapter 13 – Going to Town

    “Go to Water Rites Town?” Zong Ling and Tong San said in excitement. It was rare to hear this from Dong Bo Xue Ying. This was because in the past Dong Bo Xue Ying was always very hardworking. It, it was rare for him to go even once a year.

    “Xue Ying, are you going to buy some weapons?” Zong Ling suddenly asked.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying showed a proud smile. “Uncle, I would have forgotten to do that if you hadn’t mentioned it, I really should get a new spear. The reason I’m going to Water Rites Town ….. Is actually because of New Year. After the New Year,” Qing Shi is going to be 10 years old! He can’t keep playing this way, and earlier I promised him earlier that I would find him a magic teacher when he turned ten so that he could start learning.”

    “Well, a magic teacher is pretty important.” Zong Ling and Tong San said seriously.

    A mage needs knowledge and wisdom.

    Without a good teacher, learning by oneself would make it difficult to become a knowledgeable and wise mage. Not to mention, advanced magic techniques involve the spirit. Being reckless might cause damage to your own spirit, and once that happens, it’s too late for regrets.

    “All of Water Rites Town only has only one mage – Bai Yuan Zhi. “Said Dong Bo Xue Ying, “Bai Yuan Zhi is living in the town so I’m planning on asking him to accept my brother as his personal disciple.”


    “A personal disciple?” questioned Zong Ling in worry. “I’m afraid this might be quite difficult.”

    A mage’s teachings are the teachings of all aspects of knowledge and thoughts.

    The relationship between a mage and his personal disciple is one comparable to that of a parent and child. Because of this, powerful mages prefer to accept random disciples, nonchalantly telling their disciples that their results depends on how much effort they put in themselves. As for a ‘personal disciple’ who receives more careful guidance, a powerful mage can only take a few throughout his life. This is because even a powerful mage needs to spend time practicing on their own; taking too many ‘personal disciples’ would interfere with this.

    “How would I know what might happen if I don’t try?” Dong Bo Xue Ying laughed.


    Two days later.

    Since a he was an expert who had is almost reached the ‘spear master’ realm, even though his strength had risen drastically, but after adapting it for two days, Dong Bo Xue Ying had already grown accustomed to become familiar with it. He took his brother, as well as a hundred cavalrymen, and headed towards Water Rites Town

    “It’ has been a while since I last went to the town with my brother.”  Qing Shi said excitedly.  

    Dong Bo Xue Ying rode on the frost pegasus while Qing Shi sat between Dong Bo Xue Ying’s arms in excitement.   

    As a rank 2 magic beast, the gallop of the frost pegasus was extremely smooth. Moreover, the current pace of the frost pegasus could barely even be considered a trot for it! After all, he had to let the cavalrymen in the back keep pace with them. If he allowed the frost pegasus to madly gallop…. he feared that it would vanish in the blink of an eye!


    After a little more than a half an hour, a towering city came into sight.

    The castle was only 50 kilometers away from the Water Rites Town!

    When his parents chose to settle…. they chose a territory near the city! The edges of Xue Ying’s territory were all near the city.

    “It’s the Xue Ying Territory’s cavalry.” Water Rites Town’s lazy guards heard a rumble as they looked into the distance where the cavalry was headed towards them.

    At the front were the Xue Ying Territory’s young lords; in Xue Ying’s arms was his brother Qing Shi.

    “I didn’t expect that the young lord would visit the town.”

    “It’s rare for him to come.”

    “His brother comes here often. I saw him several times last month.”

    The guards stood talking to each other at the opposite sides of the entrance as the cavalry entered the city.

    It had been over 9000 years since the founding of the empire. Thus, the lowest level city guards such as these had long become lazy, and were only able to intimidate some small bandits. Some great lords were so ferocious that even the powerful bandits didn’t dare to provoke them.


    “It’s Xue Ying Territory’s young lords”

    “Make a way.”

    “Make some room.”

    The townspeople were curious to see what was going on, so all of them made way. Because it was one of Water Rites Town’s top ten families’, and because it was one of the current lords who was personally traveling, so this was considered a big spectacle.

    “The Brilliant Rising Sun Store!” A huge store was very eye catching.

    “It’s here.”

    lululu ~~~” Dong Bo Xue Ying stopped his horse and ordered, “Everyone is to wait for me outside.”

    “Yes, lord.” The soldiers respectfully replied.

    “Uncle, let’s go in.” Dong Bo Xue Ying gave the horse’s reins to one of his men. He held his brother hands as they entered the store.

    The inside of the store was said to be hundreds of square meters large, and have dozens of clerks and customers.

    This was Water Rites Town’s largest and best place to buy weapons.

    “In the end, Water Rites Town is just a county level town, few people can buy the refiner weapons,” Zong Ling laughed. “One rank 2 refiner weapon requires several tens of thousands of gold coins, and is worth as much as the entire Xue Ying Territory. Just how many nobles in Water Rites Town can buy one? If you want to buy one, I’m afraid that you must go to a prefecture city. Even specialists will go to the provincial capital to buy one! So most of these aren’t ranked. A rank 1 refiner weapon would be considered the peak here. Perhaps if here were any rank 2 refiner weapons in this shop, they would be considered a treasures.”

    Dong Bo Xue Ying nodded slightly, the spear that was broken before was unfixable.

    “So this is the legendary Xue Ying territory’s Dong Bo Xue Ying, haha. I’ve heard of him before, but this is the first time I’ve seen him.”

    Clad in a purple robe, a middle aged man entered while laughing.

    “I’m here to see the Earl Quan.” Dong Bo Xue Ying smiled.

    You could count the number of powerful figures in Water Rites Town on your fingers, and Quan Xu Ming was one of them! This person was once a great merchant who had a large business outside, but he was unwilling to always be rushing about, so when the chance came he returned home. Afterwards, he bought some land and opened a store in the city. It was said that the store… had all kinds of rare treasures and weaponry and so on. Nevertheless, it was best in the entire Water Rites Town.  

    [TLC Ruze Note: Xu Min is also the name of the store. Xu Ming means Brilliant Rising Sun. Some liberties have been taken of course.]

    From the sheer number of treasures, one could see the power the store held.

    “I trust you, so I’ll call you my boy Xue Ying,”  The purple robed, middle aged man laughed, “My boy, what have you come to my shop for?”

    “A spear,” said Dong Bo Xue Ying.

    “Show us your best spear,” said Zong Ling

    “Yes, the best, bring out your best,” said the excited Qing Shi beside them.

    “Haha….. So bold. However, my store is only a small store when all is said and done. I only have three spears that can be considered the very best here.” The purple robed middle aged man humbly thought this within his heart after hearing their request. ‘Generally, most people don’t have enough strength to require a ranked refiner weapon, so it seems that this young lord is rather powerful! Perhaps he has even stepped into the realm of the Heaven Knights.’ He turned around and instructed, “Go get our best three spears for my boy Xue Ying to choose from! Xue Ying my boy, let us head inside first to sit down and leisurely talk.”

    By then, quite a few guests had noticed Dong Bo Xue Ying and started quietly talking about him.

    Although Xue Ying very rarely entered the town, the town people still discussed about him very often. He had become the lord of a territory at eight years old. Reportedly, he practiced his spearmanship every single day as if he was possessed. It was also said that his parents were arrested, but others said that they were killed….. There were all kinds of rumors with some being more outrageous than others.

    Within the room.

    Tea and cake was served. Light chatting was heard.

    Six maids, every two holding a weapon box, brought in a total of three ancient weapons.

    “Open them all. Let my boy Xue Ying have a look. ” ordered the middle aged man clad in a purple robe.

    Pun pun pun. All three weapon boxes were opened.

    Dong Bo Xue Ying’s eyes immediately lit up as he looked at the weapons.

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  • Book 1: Chapter 14 – The Godly Spear, Flying Snow

    The purple robed middle aged man saw Xue Ying secretly nod to himself. In fact, the townspeople of Water Rites had given Xue Ying a nickname: ‘Demon Spear.’ It meant that his spear training had already deviated! Actually, this nickname wasn’t that malicious, but it wasn’t praising him either! However, the purple robed man had experienced many things in his life and could clearly understand that the world was a vast place…….

    True rulers are those who are strong: those unimaginable Legend Ranked existences and even those Transcendent beings.

    However, the true path of cultivation is requires one to be very assiduous to succeed, but only through the true path can one even hope of becoming an existence of that rank!

    As a result, he wasn’t willing to offend these extremely diligent individuals.

    “Good spears.” Xue Ying said as his eyes swept over them. From the faint amount of Qi emitted by these spears, he could sense the spiritual nature of each spear. This was important because he would naturally begin to resonate with the spear after carrying it morning and night.

    Three spears, each one divided into two parts. After all, the spears were simply too long to be stored in the box. Only by splitting them into two parts would they fit in the boxes. The very shortest a whole spear could be was two meters! It was simply too cumbersome.

    “My boy Xue Ying. Let me introduce these spears to you. All three of these spears were personally purchased by me,” said the purple robed man.

    “I’ll have bother Earl Quan to do so then.” Xue Ying said with a slight nod.

    Xue Ying didn’t feel inclined to understand the ways of the world; his mind only thought about cultivation! So it was only natural that he would not be too rude.

    “This black colored spear,” Said the purple robed man as he pointed at the first spear from the left. “Is called ‘Black Cloud’ and is 3.2 meters long. It can be considered a best seller outside of the town and a lot of nobles wish to buy it. My boy Xue Ying, why don’t you give it a try and see its advantages for yourself?”

    Oh.” Xue Ying’s brows creased slightly. The spear was too long so he didn’t really like it.

    He stepped forward and picked up the two parts before rapidly rotating them until they were jammed together.


    With a single hand, he threw it!

    With only a single hand, Xue Ying was able to throw a spear weighing no less than 50 kilograms perfectly straight! The spear flew into the distance, piercing through the air as if it was splitting it open! Off to the side, the two maids’ complexions turned pale in fright.

    The purple robed man was inwardly alarmed, ‘What great strength! His spear technique is so formidable!’

    “It’s flexible, too flexible.” Xue Ying said as he shook his head. “This Black Cloud is too long. It has a thin neck, causing the spear’s head to dance about. Although a true expert would want the spear’s head to dance about, this movement must be completely controlled! This movement of the head can’t be caused by the spear being too flexible.”

    “Naturally for those who aren’t adept in spearmanship, they wouldn’t be able to see the sudden thrust of a spear over three meters long and its dancing head. All of a sudden, they would have a hole in them. So for those lords who don’t properly practice the spear, they would of course view this as a good weapon.”

    Xue Ying evaluated out loud.

    At the age of 13 he had already reached the realm of ‘One with the Spear’, but now, he had already touched the realm of a Great Spear Master! Xue Ying was able to know the strengths and weaknesses of a spear after only testing it briefly.

    This Black Cloud Spear was an excellent weapon for those weak in spearmanship. It would even let their strength increase greatly.

    But for those adept in spearmanship, they wouldn’t even bother looking at it!

    “So amazing, simply so amazing! Haha. I have met some true experts outside before and they too, didn’t even bother to look at this silk trouser known as the Black Cloud Spear that all the nobles are so fond of.” The purple robed man pointed to the dark violet spear on the other side. “This spear is called ‘Amethyst Blood’”. This is a true spear for experts. It’s 2.5 meters long and it’s thick enough for a hand to wrap completely around it. The tip is exceedingly sharp since it’s a spear meant for killing. It’s said that the dark violet color of this spear came from blood settling into it after countless slaughters.”

    “Your bragging sure is incredible.” Xue Ying said as he picked up Amethyst Blood.

    As soon as he held it, a faint fondness for it grew within his heart.

    Then, he began brandishing it as he pleased.


    The spear struck outwards in a sweeping motion, filling the expansive room with a whistling gale. Immediately afterwards, he swung the pike around and thrust the spear out furiously in a flash!

    Xue Ying raised his hands and moved his legs as he pleased in a way that spear experts absolutely could not do. The purple robed man’s evaluation of him kept getting higher and higher!

    “Its power is very gentle.” Xue Ying said while giving a slight nod. “This spear doesn’t have any weaknesses. With the assistance of the refiner formation, the tip is indeed sharp enough.”

    It was a good spear suitable for his use.

    “I’ll introduce the last spear to you.” The purple robed man said as he pointed to the last spear.

    Xue Ying looked at the spear. Just from appearances, this spear was the one he liked the most. The whole spear was colored silver, with the shaft having countless snowflakes engraved into it. He could faintly feel the spear’s sharpness.

    “The other two spears were rank 1 refiner weapons. However, this one I had obtained by accident and when I had it appraised, it was actually a rank 2 refiner weapon.” Said the purple robed man.

    “Rank 2?” Startled, both Xue Ying and Zong Ling exclaimed.

    There was actually a rank 2 refiner weapon in Water Rites?

    “Its whole body is ice cold and its refiner called it ‘Flying Snow’.” Stated the purple robed man. “Its main advantage is seen when practicing spear techniques. A scene of a countless number of snowflakes fluttering in the wind will appear and confuse the enemy!”

    “I’ll test it out then.” Xue Ying picked the two parts of the spear and assembled it before he began testing it.

    The purple robed man was a little nervous.

    Generally, each refiner weapon had its own advantages. For example, it’s could be faster, sharper, possess fire and so on.


    As for this Flying Snow Spear, it only caused some snowflakes to appear and confuse the enemy. For a true expert, how could snowflakes possibly confuse them? They could easily distinguish the spear’s point from among the snowflakes! It was only because of this that a rank 2 refiner weapon would appear here.

    As for the weapon’s origin…..

    It was during the days when Earl Quan traded outside. He had met an old beggar who he felt was quite extraordinary. So he provided the beggar with food and drink for three years. At the end of those three years, the old beggar started up a furnace and refined a spear for him. He had said, “This is the Flying Snow Spear. It should be enough to repay you for the food and drink you have provided me.” After repaying him, the old beggar left.

    At that time, he had thought that this spear was an amazing godly weapon. After testing it, he discovered it truly was a rank 2 refiner weapon, but it didn’t have any amplification effects. Naturally it still exceeded the value of the food and drink he had provided.

    Hu~ Si~

    Grasping onto the silver spear, Xue Ying tested ten moves before stopping. His face wore an expression of tranquility, yet his heart was stirred.

    An excellent spear.

    This was a truly excellent spear.

    Even an expert at the realm of ‘One with the Spear’ would find it hard to understand the true value of the spear. However, Xue Ying had spent these last few years practicing his fist technique to the realm of ‘One with Strength’. It was only because of this that he was able to discover the profound mysteries of the spear.

    But Xue Ying couldn’t speak of this! This was because he had to haggle for it! He truly didn’t have the money to buy a rank 2 refiner weapon.

    “This spear’s not bad. It’s worthy of being called a rank 2 refiner weapon.” Xue Ying said as he looked towards the purple robed man. “But I feel that it doesn’t have any special qualities aside from the snowflake illusion. All refiner weapons have some special qualities. Some increase magic power, some are extremely sharp and so on. But this spear doesn’t have any of that; it only confuses the enemy. Don’t tell me that a true expert wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the snowflakes and the spear’s tip?”

    “The reason it’s rated as a rank 2 refiner weapon is because it should be enough to bear a battle between Legend rankers.” Stated Xue Ying. “In regards to those of us with such feeble strength, it would be better to just get a rank 1 refiner weapon.”

    A rank 1 refiner weapon would be fine for any battles below the Legend rank.

    A close quarter’s battle between Legend ranks could frighten the heavens and move the earth. Most rank 1 refiner weapons would break under such circumstances! At the moment Xue Ying could explode his strength to the rank of a Silver Moon Knight and not too long in the future, he would definitely achieve the might of a Legend rank! If it was a rank 1 refiner weapon, he feared he wouldn’t be able to use it for too long. This was the reason he wanted to obtain Flying Snow.

    Naturally, the most important thing was the profound mysteries contained within the spear.

    “It’s a rank 2 refiner weapon when all’s said and done, and I can see that you really like it.” Said the purple robed man.

    “Give me a price then.” Said Xue Ying.

    “30,000 gold coins!” The purple robed man readily said.

    Xue Ying smiled.

    In fact, he felt helpless within his heart. This was because the Dong Bo Clan only had 15,000 gold coins left! Furthermore, this money was from Uncle Zong. Including their debts, they hadn’t had any money since two years ago! This was because of the medicinal baths Xue Ying had been taking since he was 6 years old. He had bathed away all of the money!

    It costs 5000 gold coins for a single year of medicinal baths! For 10 years of baths, it had costed them 50,000 gold coins! Originally the Dong Bo couple had thought that Xue Ying would become a knight at around 10 years old, and that he then wouldn’t need any more medicinal baths. He would be able to use Dou Qi to both nourish and restore his body. Who would’ve thought that Xue Ying wouldn’t break through until he was 16 years old!?

    “Then what about the Amethyst Blood?” Xue Ying immediately turned his head towards the Amethyst Blood Spear.

    “That one is only 5,000 gold coins.” Said the purple robed man. “That one can’t even compare with Flying Snow. Although Flying Snow doesn’t possess an auxiliary effect, it’s still a rank 2 refiner weapon.”

    It seems a battle is the only way.’ Xue Ying said. “The highest I can pay is 10,000 gold coins.”



    Both sides continued haggling.

    “18,000 gold coins! I can’t sell it for any lower.” Said the purple robed man. The reason why he was selling it for such a low price was because this spear was really mediocre and had nothing strange about it. Secondly, it was something the old beggar had given him in exchange for feeding him. Third of all, this spear has been met the hands of dozens of experts, but none of them had wished to buy it for such a high price. Previously, someone had wanted to buy it for 18,000 gold coins but he didn’t want to sell it then. But now that he had returned to Water Rites….. He couldn’t sell it for 18,000 gold coins even if he wanted to!

    “Fine then.” Xue Ying didn’t want to continue haggling because he understood how precious this spear truly was. “But I can only pay 8000 gold coins right now! For the remaining 10,000….. I’ll pay it three months later!”

    He really didn’t have the money!

    “Selling on credit?” The purple robed man stared blankly at Xue Ying.

    “I didn’t bring that much today. After all, I wouldn’t have thought that you would have a rank 2 refiner weapon.” Xue Ying said with indifference. Now that he had such an extraordinary strength, it wouldn’t be hard for him to earn ten or twenty thousand gold coins. Especially once he obtained the spear, it would be like a tiger that had grown wings!

    “Alright. We’ve reached a deal then! Haha. I’m convinced of the Dong Bo Clan’s strength now. Let us write a certificate of debt first.” Said the purple robed man.

    “Do you need collateral?” Xue Ying asked.

    “No need.” The purple robed man was very brave; he still wished to befriend Xue Ying.

    “Uncle Zong.” Xue Ying called.

    From start to finish, Zong Ling hadn’t said a thing and simply followed Xue Ying’s decision. At that moment, Zong Ling took out big stack of gold notes and handed two of them over to the purple robed man.

    Afterwards, Xue Ying wrote a certificate of debt worth 10,000 gold coins.

    Soon after…. Flying Snow was in his possession!

    ‘You obviously haven’t encountered a Great Spear Master before, otherwise how could you possibly let this fall into my hands?’ Xue Ying thought with a heart full excitement as he picked up the box containing the spear. He wasn’t aware that in the whole Azure River County, there wasn’t even a single Great Spear Master! Although there were many great weapon masters, there weren’t many that trained with the spear. It was already considered amazing if they reached the state of ‘One with the Spear’. But a Great Master?

    It was simply too difficult!

  • Book 1: Chapter 15 – The Demand of the Great Mage

    Xue Ying picked up the weapon box containing the godly spear, Flying Snow and pushed the button on the side of the box. The two parts of the spear popped out from the top. Xue Ying nimbly took the two parts out of the box and then smoothly reinserted them until the box locked itself again.

    “Brother’s so cool!” Qing Shi said, eyes shining.

    “After you become a mage you will be even cooler!” said Xue Ying while looking at his brother with a smile.

    “Haha, this weapon box is a bonus. ” The purple robed middle aged man said with a smile. He was in a good mood after selling the goods that had stayed in stock for such a long time. “There are more mechanisms on the side of the box, so you can put rope or other materials inside of it when you’re out on an adventure.”

    The box was very light and was able to hold many things.

    It did not take long to store or take out heavy or long weapons either.

    “This weapon box is a bonus?” Xue Ying smiled and asked, “How come the refiner didn’t make a box for the Flying Snow himself?”

    Refiners generally made matching, elegantly decorated cases for the weapons they had made.

    So why had the refiner not made a case for this weapon??

    Xue Ying was very curious about the background of this spear.

    The refiner certainly knew how valuable this spear was. Normally it would be extremely expensive, but Earl Quan had actually traded it for a measly 18,000 gold coins. This made Xue Ying even more curious about its background.

    “Be at ease. I won’t cancel my purchase.” Xue Ying said.

    “Ha…” The man in purple hesitated for a while, then said, “My boy Xue Ying, I won’t hide this from you. When I was in the merchanting business, before I opened this shop, I met an old beggar. He ate at my place for free… I felt that he was not an ordinary man, so I didn’t stop him. Three years later he made a spear, and said it was his payment for the food. After that, he left. I was very excited because this proved that he was indeed an extraordinary figure. When I sent the weapon away for several appraisals, the results all showed that it had a snowflake illusion effect, but few other auxiliary functions. Fortunately, it could resist a great amount of force, so it was appraised as a rank 2 refiner weapon.”

    Xue Ying slightly nodded.


    After buying his weapon, Xue Ying and the others went to visit the mage Bai Yuan Zhi.

    “The mage’s house is located at the end of the alley.” Zong Ling said as he pointed at a narrow alley in front of them.

    “Everyone, dismount from your horses and wait here. Uncle Zong, Pebble, let’s go.” Xue Ying said.

    Xue Ying grabbed Qing Shi’s hand and entered the ancient alley.

    “I never would have thought that Bai Yuan Zhi lived in such a remote place, I expected something more refined. ” Xue Ying said.

    “The atmosphere in noble areas can be quite pretentious. Here he can more easily focus on on training and studying.”

    They went to the end of the alley.

    At the end of the alley was an enormous mansion. Xue Ying stepped forward and knocked on the closed door.

    Shua.” A short-haired young boy opened the door and asked, “Who are you here for?”

    “Xue Ying Territory’s Dong Bo Xue Ying has come to visit the great mage.” Xue Ying said.

    “You’re the spear demon?” The short-haired youth exclaimed before quickly covering his mouth.

    Voices resounded from within the mansion. “Junior fellow apprentice, who is it?”

    “Our teacher is doing closed door studying right now, we wouldn’t dare interrupt him. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for an hour, Baron Dong Bo,” The young boy explained. “I will inform you when our teacher comes out. I cannot let you in now.”

    “Fine, I’m not in a hurry.” Xue Ying said.

    He was very patient.


    An hour later.

    Bai Yuan Zhi was wearing a loose white gown. As he was over ninety years old this year, his skin was a little creased, and his long black beard reached down to his stomach.. He was surprised that this young man with a weapon box on his back actually had Qi that was far too sharp to have come from a normal spear expert.

    “Great mage.” Xue Ying said humbly.

    “What’s the matter. Get to it, I’m busy.” Bai Yuan Zhi said bluntly.

    “The great mage is very direct. I’ll just say it then,” Xue Ying said. “My little brother will be ten years old after the New Year and he has a very high talent for magic. I really hope you will be willing to act as his teacher.”

    “It’s easy to accept another disciple, as long as some conditions are met.” Bai Yuan Zhi said absentmindedly.


    Xue Ying shook his head, “I wish for my brother to be your personal student and be taught directly by you!”

    “Taught by me?” Bai Yuan Zhi frowned, “I’m over ninety, but that is not considered old amongst mages of the Star rank! I still want to go further as a mage, so I don’t want to waste too much energy in teaching. I have only taught one student personally up until now. You want your brother to be taught by me… That isn’t impossible, but I have two requirements. I will teach your brother as long as you satisfy either one.”

    Xue Ying said, “Please tell me.”

    “I’m in dire need of a specific magic beast material – the heart of Silver Moon!” Bai Yuan Zhi said excitedly, his eyes shining, “It’s the heart of a rank 4 magic beast, the Silver Moon Wolf King! It must be freshly obtained since it can only be preserved for three days.”

    “What’s the other requirement?” Xue Ying asked.

    The heart of a Silver Moon Wolf King. And it must be fresh?

    This requirement was too harsh.

    “Being a mage is expensive,” Bai Yuan Zhi exclaimed. “I need money to support my research, but it’s not easy to make money. I’m willing to accept your brother if you pay me 50,000 gold coins!”

    Only a couple nobles across all of Water Rites Town could afford to pay 50,000 gold coins, and even then, only by selling their lands.

    But territory was the nobility’s foundation, which meant even fewer people had 50,000 gold coins available.

    “Fine, I understand.” Xue Ying stood up.

    Bai Zhi Yuan sighed.

    He knew his demands were unreasonable.

    “I will get you a heart of Silver Moon or 50,000 gold coins in one month.” Xue Ying said.

    Bai Yuan Zhi became dazed for a moment.

    He actually agreed?

    Bai Yuan Zhi couldn’t help but get excited.

    “Then I’ll wait for you here.” Bai Yuan Zhi stood up and started acting more politely. His first student was the child his best friend had left behind. If some requirement of his wasn’t satisfied, he would never waste his time on teaching. But his requirements were so demanding that before Xue Ying, nobody had ever agreed!

    “Goodbye. Great Mage doesn’t need to see us off.”

    Xue Ying stood up and left.

    Bai Yuan Zhi stood near the window and looked down at the yard. Xue Ying left the mansion, holding his brother’s hand. The silver haired Six-Armed Serpent Demon accompanied him at his side.

    “It seems that the young lord is not an ordinary man.” Bai Yuan Zhi smiled.


    “Brother, how was it?” Qing Shi asked hopefully.

    “You’ll know the result after the New Year.” Xue Ying smiled, “Be at ease, Qing Shi. The great mage will accept you as his student. Just wait ‘til the new year.”

    However, Xue Ying was making a plan in his heart.

    I need to get the heart of a Silver Moon or 50,000 gold coins in one month…

    The time limit isn’t very tight. There shouldn’t be any problems, but I’d rather tell Qing Shi after everything is settled. It wouldn’t do to talk big now.

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