[UPDATE/SOLUTION] [Suggestion] 'text-wrap'

I'm using 1920x1200 resolution and I always need to zoom text, just to make it more comfortable to read :p
So there is the issue, when I'm trying this here @ wuxiaworld it just doesn't work as I want, text doesn't wraps itself, it's not responsive!

I thought that's the 'must have' part on sites where your purpose to visit them is probably only for that TEXT... especially services as big as this one. I guess that's why there is a subdomain m.wuxiaworld.com dedicated for mobile use.

note: I don't know why I didn't thought about it before, but it looks like you can just add prefix 'm.' before chapters link in place of 'www.' in your PC's browser like "http://m.wuxiaworld.com/godsfall-index/godsfall-book-1-chapter-41/" and It works like a charm, you just made yourself self wrapping text :o


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