Conspiracy about Mad Snail



  •  so did we ever actually figure out if he was using the second name to write under or not?
  • I'm still a fan of TDG. It has alot of interesting ideas in my opinion. Opened up my mind to things I never thought of. It also gave me ideas for the story in working on, Fallen Grace. Check it out if you want. I'm trying to post a chapter every week to two weeks as I've been blessed with alot of free time. Check it out if you'd like. It will be on FanFiction dot net under the username MonkeyMan92. Fwi, if any of you do read it, I'm going to say upfront, I'm not the greatest writing as I struggle a lot hahaha.
  • So, he's down to one chapter a month with important details missing and a lot of confusion as well eg no idea what happened to long Tianming, Li Yufeng, even the spring of life (apparently in a chapter, he says he'd be able to provide the lord ancestor with a body and revive Ye Zong; in the next he says he won't be able to revive Ye Zong
  • This has aged like fine wine.
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