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  • 0058. B1C43 Terminating 'the Catfish'

    0058. Book 1 - Chapter 43: Terminating ‘the Catfish’

    Red colored demon dust?

    In fact, the servant also had the same question since he saw the red powder for the first time.

    “Who knows.” The servant paused and hesitated for a moment before continued to say.

    “Maybe, it is a variant-type of demon dust?” The servant raised an eyebrow, if only he had an eyebrow, too bad he did not have any hair on his body because his body was covered by golden scales. So, his face just looked like a rock, the bald rock without any hair, raising ‘an eyebrow’.

    “How can the demon dust has red color? Are you retarded?!” Of course Ellie did not believe with the servant. She glared angrily at the servant as she kept asking the servant.

    Ellie did not know if the servant was lying or not at this time, but, she knew very well what the color of demon dust and the effects of demon dust. That was why she was not worried about her own safety, instead, she was worried about the kids.


    The color of black was the symbol of any grade demon dust, as black was the representative for the color of demonic essence within demon dust.

    As a demonic object that could emit demonic essence, demon dust was just like a container for the demonic essence itself. It could be said that demon dust was like the concentrated form of demonic essence. And black itself was the color of demonic essence.

    How could the concentrated form of black colored demonic essence have different color?

    Especially when the demon dust had only one substance - demonic essence. It was not like when a colorless concentrated sulfuric acid had been mixed with white sugar which would turn into a strange black thing that looked like a black poop.

    Demon dust with the different color other than black?



    As far as the servant knew, any demon dust should have black color indeed. So, the servant did not even know how to answer Ellie’s question. He himself did not understand and still confused with what happened.

    Currently, the servant still did not even notice, some the red powder had been spread on his body. And, a strange hot sensation had already started to arouse from within his body for a while ago. But, because his mind had been filled with another matters, he did not realize this sensation yet.

    “I don’t know. Maybe a new type of demon dust?” Once again, the servant replied in doubt. He was unsure with his own reply and could only stare at Ellie while tilting his head to the side, as he tried to act as cute as possible.

    “Since when a demon dust has red color?!” Ellie kept asking to the servant.

    Ellie just wanted to hear the truth from the servant’s mouth. Like the servant, she also did not realize the strange sensation that had started to arouse from within of her body for a while ago.

    Because all their thoughts were filled with the question, why demon dust had red color, both of them just did not notice it yet, the effect of the red powder in their body.


    “Well, the world is vast; it is very spacious and mysterious.” The servant said as he began to close his eyes. Then, without stopping, the servant continued to say.

    “We never know whether red colored demon dust exists or not in this world. There are lots of mysteries in the world that difficult or impossible to understand.” The servant said while closing his eyes. He acted profound and mysterious like an intellectual wise man.

    “Don’t act like your father! Just...” Before Ellie could continue to speak, the servant interrupted her. He opened his eyes and placed one of his golden scaly fingers onto Ellie’s seductive cherry-red lips.

    “It is rude to interrupt when someone else is speaking. Where is your manner? As a lady, you need to take care of your manner, otherwise, you will only end up as a hag without a husband.” The servant slowly spoke with an extremely solemn and a dignified expression like a sage. Then, without stopping, the servant kept speaking, continuing his lecture. At the same time, Ellie was stunned when she heard it, she was stupefied. Little by little, anger started to arise from the inside of her heart.

    “There is always something that people do not know yet. For example, my name. Everyone in this world, did not even know what my name is.” The servant casually threw a witty remark.

    Ellie frowned when she heard the servant’s remark. At this very moment, Ellie started to think that the servant was deliberately acting stupid to evade her question and stalling for time.

    “DAMMIT!!! You interrupted me just to make that pun!” Ellie was instantly furious, her anger reached the peak. She immediately slapped the servant’s hand in front of her attractive lips.

    “And you said no one know about your name! I know your name! For a long time ago, I had known your name, you - stupid catfish!” Ellie thought the servant was intentionally avoiding answering her question and acting stupid on purpose. After a long time arguing with each other, Ellie started to lose her patient as well.


    As a life-and-death companion, it could be said that Ellie and the servant was as close as a bosom friend. Deep inside of her heart, Ellie had already considered the servant as her friend. If not, with Ellie’s manner, the servant would be died already.

    Someone might forget and lost in temptation when they saw Ellie’s lovely face, but, although Ellie was very beautiful and marvelous like a goddess, she did not mind killing the villager before.

    Previously, when Ellie flipped out and lost her temper, she wanted to exterminate and massacred the entire Sun Village out of impulse. Fortunately, Kate could stop her in time.

    On the other hand, the servant was perfectly aware about Ellie. He knew about her actual name, he even knew about her race, history, and a little of her past.

    More importantly, the servant had considered Ellie as his friend!

    If it was not Ellie who mocked him but someone else, the servant would kill them already. Unlike Ellie, the servant had shorter fuse and could explode any time because of petty matter, like when the earlier incident that happened with Dark Crow before.

    Previously, the servant wanted to kill Dark Crow on a whim just because he did not like with what Dark Crow brought to sell. If the chieftain did not stop the servant, Dark Crow would lose his little life.


    “Pedophile, I already said, don’t call me catfish! And my name is not stupid!” The servant argued. Then, he continued to speak. “Usually, other need to call me as Your Highness, but as my friend, you can call me…”

    But suddenly, Ellie interrupted the servant and raised her hands as she casually said. “Then, this pedophile will end your catfish life.”

    “Wait, my whiskers are out of limit!” The servant shouted in panic. He was greatly alarmed when he saw Ellie reached out her hands to clench his whiskers. The pair of whiskers on the servant’s face that protruded under the nose and above the mouth of the servant that looked like a finger but were a little longer and thinner.

    “Keep off your hands!” The servant kept shouting in panic, he was terrified. Currently, he could feel Ellie had already begun to pull out both of his whiskers at the same time.

    “As you said, you don’t like to be called as a catfish, so now, your best friend will help you to pluck out the root of your problem for good.” At this very moment, Ellie already could not endure the servant’s demeanor anymore. She ignored the servant as she kept pulling the servant’s whiskers.

    “DON’T PULL IT!” The servant screamed in a high pitch voice. His voice was very loud like a thunder, at the same time, this voice also filled with a lot of dreads and horrors!

    The servant was greatly terrified, like a frightened little boy who got his first circumcision!

    “Now, hurry up and tell the truth! What is this red powder?! Did you mistakenly bring a wrong powder?” Once again, Ellie asked while pulling the whiskers. She was threatening the servant.

    “Wait, wait, wait! I know this smell! It smells like…” The servant was stunned when he took a sniff. He just realized that there was unusual smell from his body and strange sensation in his body, the sensation that had been aroused for a while ago and getting stronger as time passed.

    “A red hot chili pepper?” Ellie asked.


    At this time, Ellie’s red face that had been smeared by the red powder had been turned into scarlet. Previously, Ellie could not feel the hot sensation because it was too weak. But now, she could feel it. At the same time, she could clearly feel hard to describe sensation on her body and her face. It was slightly hot, but also tingling. Like a red hot chili pepper!

    Ellie just realized she could feel a strange prickling sensation at a few places in her body. In the other hand, the servant also felt similar sensation in his body. Because both of them had been covered with the red powder, they could feel the same sensation.


    “Nope, but an aphrodisiac…” The servant replied.

    Meanwhile, Ellie fell into silence, she only stared at the servant, still waiting for the answer.

    “It is an aphrodisiac. I can smell an aphrodisiac. Now can you let go of my whiskers?” The servant asked in a low voice

    SNAP!! SNAP!!

    Ellie ignored the servant and pulled out the servant’s whiskers.

    “NUUOOOOOO!!!!!!” The servant’s piercing voice rang out shortly after Ellie plucked out the whiskers.

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  • 0059. B1C44 The Servant's Rage

    0059. Book 1 - Chapter 44: The Servant's Rage

    Ellie had already waited too long to get the truth from the servant’s mouth. But, what she got was only a silly answer.

    An aphrodisiac for a present, or an aphrodisiac for revenge?

    When Ellie heard it, how could she believe with the servant?

    If the item was something that killed Ellie, she would believe it instead, but, an aphrodisiac?

    What a joke!


    “Now, do you feel answering seriously?” Ellie asked apathetically. Her expression did not change at all. She looked completely calm and without a guilt, even after plucking other people whiskers.

    The servant ignored Ellie. He just stared at the whiskers in Ellie’s hand for a while. He completely lost for words and could only stare at the whiskers without letting out any sound. The servant could not believe with what happened. It never crossed his mind that Ellie really plucked out his whiskers without a second thought.

    Shortly later, the servant slowly raised his gaze and stared at Ellie in disbelieve.

    “YOU!! How dare you to pull it out!” The servant said to Ellie in anger. His gaze became cold, and his tune became serious. His face looked like someone that was ready to kill anyone.

    “Shut up! I know it is fake! You just attached it on your face to trick other people!” Ellie rebuked the servant.

    “But it is still freaking hurt!” The servant said while stroking his face. His serious expression that had been filled with anger before, suddenly turned into his usual silly looking expression in the blink of an eye.


    Actually, at first, Ellie was not completely sure if the whiskers on the servant’s face were the real deal or not. But, after threatening the servant, Ellie had a strong feeling that the whiskers were fake.

    Ellie was perfectly aware with the servant’s character and behavior. She met the servant was not just for one or two weeks. She had known the servant for a very long time.

    Like Karen, the servant loved to make a trouble and did something stupid. Moreover, he surpassed Karen in this aspect many times over. Fortunately, one of them was furry, while the other was scaly. If not because of this, other people would already think both of them was blood related sibling, the duo troublemaker sibling.

    It was unknown what kind of unlucky star that was shining when the servant had been born into the world and made the servant was an expert when it came to make a trouble and infuriated other people.

    Like Karen and other unlucky people, the servant might be born under that unlucky star. They might be born to be a troublemaker and party pooper!

    And now, after looking at the servant’s reaction after she plucked out the whiskers, Ellie was completely confident. No matter why the servant attached the whiskers on his face, Ellie was certain, one hundred percent sure beyond no doubt.

    The whiskers were fake!


    Currently, the warm sensation in Ellie’s body had turned into hot sensation. She felt the unusual heat from the inside of her body. It was not because of her anger but from the other aspect.

    Ellie only knew one thing, the sensation was unpleasant and it started because of the red powder on her body. But, after wasting time to argue with the servant for a long time, Ellie still did know what the red powder was. At this time, she only wanted to seek the answer.

    “Although I can’t break your horn, I can cut off your tail. Now hurry up and answer my question! Don’t play a trick anymore.” Ellie was tired. She had very tired after hearing the servant talking absolute nonsense from time to time.

    “Yes, ma’am. Right away ma’am. Solo tienes que preguntar!” The servant gave a salute to Ellie, like a subordinate to his boss.

    The servant clearly did not want something happen to his tail. So, he acted obediently and ready to answer all Ellie’s questions.

    “Now, tell me the truth! How can you smell an aphrodisiac? Wait, before that, answer me, what is this red powder?” Once again, Ellie asked.

    Ellie was curious about the red powder on her body and inside of her house. She wanted to completely make sure. What is the red powder? It is harmless to the kids or not?

    “How many times do I have to tell you?! I brought a low grade demon dust to take revenge to you!” The servant frowned as he revealed the truth. And then, without a pause, the servant continued to say. “It was for revenge because a week ago you made me dirty like a rag!”

    Ellie felt that it was hard to believe with the servant. She knew the servant loved to play a trick and prank her, and she did not know if the servant had told the truth or not at this time.

    “Are you telling the truth this time?” Ellie asked. To make sure, Ellie pulled the servant’s tail and ready to pluck it anytime.

    “BASTARD!! ARE YOU DEAF!!” The servant was completely enraged with Ellie at this time. He stood without moving while staring at Ellie with his narrowed pupil as he let out a killing intent.

    When Ellie saw the servant’s current attitudes, she knew her threat to pluck out the servant’s tail succeeded. Unlike the whiskers, his tail was the real deal. Ellie knew the servant told the truth to her this time, the part about the revenge and the low grade demon dust were true.

    But, before Ellie could ask anymore question, the servant had already touched, grasped, and then pulled Ellie’s breasts as he said furiously. “I dare you to pull my tail any more than that and I will immediately tear off your breasts!”

    “Dammit! It is hurt! Stop pulling my breasts!” Ellie shouted to the servant as she attacked the servant’s face with her other hand.

    “Then stop pulling my tail!” The servant shouted back. He caught Ellie’s hand and attacked back with his other hand.

    When Ellie saw the servant attacked her for real, she did not have a leisure to ask because she needed to calm the servant first.


    Ellie immediately let go the servant’s tail, and then she deflected the servant’s fist with her hand. After that, she made a palm from the same hand and thrust it toward the servant’s face.

    When the servant saw it, he let go of Ellie’s hand and evaded sideways, and then he turned his body and made a roundhouse kick toward Ellie’s head. “Eat this!”

    Ellie immediately ducked, stepped forward a little, and then thrust her palm toward the servant’s chin from below.

    The servant made a step backward as Ellie’s attack missed from the target.

    The servant smirked. He moved his tail and coiled it around Ellie’s lower leg. Then, he swung his tail to smash Ellie into the ground.

    Before Ellie smashed into the ground, she immediately moved her hands to land them on the ground and immediately pushed it back. It made Ellie leaped toward the servant as she just thrust her foot into the servant’s face. “Are you crazy! Stop it!”

    The servant frowned because his plan failed. He immediately evaded, took a step sideways and raised one of his legs to kick Ellie’s stomach. But, in the air, Ellie caught his leg and turned her body to land on the ground, and then she made a full swing and threw the servant via his leg.

    And then, the servant coiled his tail onto Ellie’s arm to prevent from getting thrown. He immediately turned his body and fixed his position to prepare for next attack. But, he suddenly realized Ellie did not attack him or made any move anymore.

    As he landed on the ground, all he saw was Ellie stood over there, precisely in front of him while holding his tail and let out a smile.

    Now, the situation turned into stalemate and backed to the start. Both of them were facing at each other while Ellie was gripping the servant’s tail.

    Although it took too long just to describe it with words, and although they exchanged a lot of attacks, the fight did not last for more than four seconds.


    “Can’t you feel the hot sensation in your body? It feels like when chili pepper had been smeared on your skin!” Ellie asked.

    The servant’s serious expression that had been filled with anger slowly turned into his usual expression. Little by little his anger faded away, as well as his killing intent.

    Ellie’s smile widened as she saw the servant’s expression slowly changed. She was happy because the servant was able to calm down and could be asked.

    “You are right! Now, I just realized, why I feel this hot?!” The servant turned his gaze and looked at his arms. He could see the red powder was there, smeared on his arms.

    Because the scales on his body, the effect of the red powder was reduced. Although the servant could feel the heat, what he felt was not as strong as what Ellie felt.

    “And you said you could smell an aphrodisiac?” Ellie asked.

    “Yes! I can smell it. Eh?? Wait, this smell, this sensation…” The servant suddenly stopped speaking for a moment.

    Suddenly, the servant cursed. “DAMMIT!!”

    Then, the servant instantly turned around. He dashed and ran out of the village.

    “Take off your hands from my tail! If you want run, then run with your own legs! Stop clinging!!” The was annoyed with Ellie because Ellie was still holding his tail. But, he did not reduce his speed at all.

    “Where do you want to go?” Ellie asked as she was clinging at the servant’s tail while taking a free ride.

    To the river? To take a bath? Or, just wanted to take a walk? Ellie didn’t know. Ellie could only cling to his tail and didn’t it let go.

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  • 0060. B1C45 Kate's Hypothesis

    0060. Book 1 - Chapter 45: Kate's Hypothesis

    After Kate got out from Ellie’s house while pulling the kids and ran to take some distances, she stopped, put down the kids, and then turned around.

    Kate saw the servant turned around and he saw Ellie was standing in front of him. But, when the servant tried to escape, Ellie grabbed his tail and prevented him to escape.

    “Big sis, Ai’s nuts! Ai’s nuts! Ai’s nuts on the house! Ai’s nuts on the house!” Karen shouted frantically while staring at Kate. She shouted unclear words while pointing her finger to the direction of Ellie’s house.

    “Big sis, Ai’s nuts are in the house, not on the house.” Karin corrected.

    “Karen, Karin, can you stop it. It sounds weird.” Ai said in a low voice as he lowered his gaze downward. Currently, he felt embarrassed when he heard Karen and Karin talked about the chestnuts. But, he did not understand why.

    “Hey, look!” Kate suddenly pointed her finger toward Ellie’s house. It made the kids turned their head.

    The twins and Ai’s attention changed and focused at Ellie's house. All of them saw the servant and Ellie from afar, they saw the servant threw something toward Ellie.

    “Is that Ai’s nuts?” Karen asked while tilting her head. Although the item that the servant threw was very fast, Karen could see it. But, it was still blurry and not clear.

    “No, that is the chestnut that you gave to the servant before.” Kate calmly answered and explained while still watching Ellie and the servant from afar.

    “Then, where is Ai’s nuts?” Karin asked curiously.

    “Behind the servant. Look! You can see them on the floor.” Kate told to the twins as she pointed her finger.

    “Hey, the servant steps on it! He crushes it! NO!!” Karen shouted.

    Karin, Kate and Ai could see it as well, the servant stepped back and crushed the chestnuts that Karen dropped before.

    “Can all of you stop talking about that?” Ai said in a low voice. He felt embarrassed and uneasy, although he did not understand why he could feel it.

    “Hey look! The servant throws something again.” Karen suddenly said.

    And, Karin immediately followed. “They move to the backyard.”

    All of them could see, the servant tossed something toward Ellie, and then Ellie smashed it with her backhand. They saw Ellie and the servant had been covered by red powder as Ellie dragged the servant to the backyard.

    “Let’s go! We need to move and change our location.” Kate said and led the kids to another location. They went to continue watching what would happen.

    “Hey don’t ignore me!” Ai was slightly annoyed with them, but he still followed them from behind.



    “Ouch, Aunty White slaps the servant.” Karen said while covering her cheeks with her furry hands. Although she was not the one that was getting a slap, she winced when she saw it.

    “Auuu… That must be very hurt!” At the same time, Karin was startled when she saw it. She closed her eyes while hugging her fluffy tail in fear.

    [Good! I don’t care if it is hurt or not as long as you don’t talk about my nuts!] Ai secretly thought in his mind.

    “Oh they quarrel again. But, I wonder what they talk about. I can’t hear anything at this distance.” Kate muttered in a low voice. She was very curious about the relationship between Ellie and the servant.

    “I wonder what is that red powder.” Ai said in puzzlement. He was curious about the red powder that was covering Ellie and the servant.


    Shortly later.

    “Apparently, big sis is very angry to the servant. I don’t know if her red face happens because of her anger or the red powder.” Kate expressed her thoughts. Although Kate could not hear the conversation between Ellie and the servant, she could see that Ellie and the servant continued to quarrel at Ellie’s backyard.

    “Eh? Aunty White pulls the servant’s whiskers?” Ai widened his eyes.

    Although the distance was too far and Ai could not hear anything, somehow he could see Ellie pulled the servant whiskers as they continued to quarrel. At the same time, the squirrel sisters could see it as well. All of them saw Ellie pulled the whiskers and then plucked it out afterward.

    “Yes. Big sis plucked it out.” Kate nodded. She confirmed of what happened.

    ““Auuuuu!!!”” Karen and Karin immediately covered their mouth and tightly closed their eyes when they saw Ellie plucked out the whiskers. They cringed in fear, their ears dropped down, their tails become stiff, and all the fur on their tails were straightening and stood up. And then, the twins opened their eyes a little. Due to their curiosity, they peeked and continued to watch Ellie and the servant.

    But, what happened after that made them dumbfounded. Even the fear of the twins vanished in the blink of an eye.

    Kate, Karen, Karin and Ai saw the servant groped and fondling Ellie’s breasts!


    ““Eh? HUH!!”” Ai and the squirrel sisters could not believe with what they saw. Their eyes immediately opened as wide as possible in the blink of an eye. They wanted to confirm whether what they saw was the truth or not. All of them stared at Ellie and the servant with their widened eyes, unable to believe with what they saw.

    “Big sis, did the servant just fondle Aunty White’s breasts?” Ai asked to Kate. He did not make any movement and just kept watching Ellie and the servant from a distance. Currently, he was still trying to watch them and confirmed if it’s true or not.

    “Yes. And now they are fighting again.” Kate nodded slightly.

    Kate and the kids saw Ellie and the servant fought and attacking each other for a few seconds. Then they stopped fighting and continued to talk normally like nothing had happened before.

    At this point, Kate frowned.

    “Like I thought. I smell something fishy between those two.” Kate said in a low voice.

    ““Fish??”” Ai and the twins repeated.

    Ai turned his head and stared at Kate in confusion. At the same time, the twins also turned their heads and stared at Kate in confusion. All of them could not understand what Kate had said before.

    “Eh? Big sis what did you mean?” Ai asked curiously.

    “I don’t smell any fish from them!” Karen immediately denied Kate’s statement as Karin instantly followed afterward. “Indeed! I’m agree with big sis!”

    But, before Kate could answer them, they heard the servant screamed. This scream attracted their attention and made them immediately turned their heads.

    At this time, Ai and the squirrel sisters saw the servant dashed and ran away at a fast pace. At the same time, they heard Ellie shouted.

    Kate, don’t let the children come into my house!!

    Kate, Karen, Karin and Ai could see, currently Ellie was clinging at the servant’s tail. They could only stand dumbfounded while watching Ellie and the servant disappeared in the distance.


    Shortly later.

    “Big sis, you can smell the smell of fish from the servant or Aunty White?” Karin asked curiously while staring at Kate with her wide eyes.

    “Don’t you realize? Big sis always avoids to give me clear answer when I asked about the servant. She kept answering that I should ignore the servant, the servant is catfish, or any other odd reasons.” Kate started to express her thoughts.

    “Karin, the servant is a catfish. There is normal if big sis can smell fish smell from him.” Karen clicked her tongue and explained with a smug face.

    “But, why I can’t smell it? Is catfish not a fish? Then, why it is called as ‘catfish’? It should be called ‘clearly not a catfish’!” Karen said in confusion.

    “No. It is not that. I mean, there is something strange about their relationship.” Kate shook her slowly.

    “I don’t understand.” Ai said. He was puzzled, as well as the twins.

    Ai and the twins stared at Kate seriously. Although they did not realize anything, nor did they understand, they still kept listening.

    “And now, you just saw it, the servant groped big sis’s breasts violently. But, big sis only fought the servant for a few seconds, and then they stopped fighting and talked normally. Isn’t it strange?” Kate kept explaining to the kids.

    Ai and the twins could not help but nodded their heads. They saw what the servant did before, but they still did not understand what Kate wanted to talk about.

    “Don’t you think big sis is hiding something from us?” Kate asked. She always felt Ellie had hidden something from her.


    “Hmmm…” Karen closed her eyes as she started to think seriously, Karin tiled her head while hugging her tail. Meanwhile, Ai was scratching his head because he did not understand.

    “Maybe, the servant is not a catfish?” Karin asked. She remembered the servant told them that he was a dragon-race when the servant peeked at them when they took a bath before.

    “They must go into the woods to look for more chestnuts. The servant must feel sorry because he stepped on Ai’s chestnut before, so they go into the woods to search more chestnuts in exchange.” Karen said confidently.

    “The servant is actually Karen’s big bother? Both of them have similar behaviors and like to make a ruckus.” Ai said casually. He felt the servant was similar with Karen.

    “I’m not!” Karen immediately shouted in denial. She pouted and glared at Ai.

    ““Hahaha!!”” All of them but Karen could not help to laugh when they heard Ai.


    “Then, big sis, what do you think?” Ai asked to Kate casually. He wanted to know what Kate thought about the servant and Ellie.

    “I think they are lovers. They secretly hide the fact that they are actually a couple. Or it might be possible that they went to take a bath together!” Kate said seriously.

    On the other hand, Ai and the twins were stunned. They were thunderstruck when they heard Kate’s hypothesis.

    “Hey! It is not fair! I wanted to take a bath too!” Karen frowned, as Karin nodded in agreement.

    Meanwhile, Ai asked to Kate. “Big sis, what is a couple?”

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    0061. B1C46 The Rain

    0061. Book 1 - Chapter 46: The Rain

    “Don’t you realize? Although they fought many times, they did not have any intention to hurt each other seriously. In addition, although the servant kept mocking and harassing big sis from time to time, big sis could still forgive the servant in the end. At least, I never saw big sis injures the servant for real. This is completely not like big sis at all.” Kate explained her thoughts to Ai and the twins. Meanwhile, the kids could only stare at Kate while standing dumbfounded in front of her. Then Kate continued.

    “If they are not a couple or lovers, then what are they?” Kate asked to the kids that stood transfixed in front of her.

    Kate felt the relationship between Ellie and the servant was very strange, so Kate asked to the kids. Kate wanted to know what the kids thought about Ellie and the servant.

    “So, that is mean, the servant is not a dragon-race?” Karin suddenly asked while staring at Kate with her wide eyes. Although Karin didn’t understand what is lovers or couple, she was pretty sure and remembered clearly, the servant told them that he was a dragon-race before.

    “Eh?” Kate was flabbergasted. But, before she had any chance to say anything, Karen suddenly said.

    “So, they will not go into the woods to search for more chestnuts? Previously, you told me to search more chestnuts and plucked this by myself to replace Ai’s share that I had secretly eaten before.” Karen raised her hands and showed the chestnuts to Kate. Then, without stopped, she continued to speak.

    “But the servant crushed Ai’s nuts too! Why the servant doesn’t need to search more chestnuts while I needed to do that? This is not fair! This is discrimination!” Karen said while pouting. She was annoyed and angry as she felt injustice and discrimination.

    Karen didn’t care about lovers, or Ellie and the servant relationship, or Kate’s hypothesis. All she cared about was a justice. Karen wanted the servant to receive the same punishment like her and compensated the chestnuts that the servant crushed before.

    “Huh?” Kate was stunned. She could only blink her eyes while looking at Karen in puzzlement. Kate was very sure that Karen complained and said that she wanted to take a bath before, but why she suddenly talked about justice?

    “So, the servant is not Karen’s big brother? I thought they are siblings?” Ai was pretty sure that Karen and the servant were very similar, as similar as peas in a pod. But, he could not believe that he was wrong.

    “Of course not!” Karen denied as she glared at Ai.

    “By the way, what is a couple?” Ai asked to Karen in puzzlement.

    “Eh? I don’t know. Some kind of food?” Karen asked back.

    After Kate heard Ai’s and the twins’ answer, she could not help but fell into silence. She did not even know how to respond back as she had never expected she would get such answers.

    Kate stood like a rock, dumbfounded and petrified while staring at the kids in front of her, her eyes seemed blank as it looked like she stared into distance. Meanwhile, the kids stared at Kate full of curiosity as they demanded an answer for their questions.

    At this time, Kate realized that the kids did not understand at all!

    The wind blew, stirring Kate’s hair and gently caressing her face. The wind looked like it wanted to comfort Kate.


    A moment later, Kate awoke from her petrification.

    “Then, let’s go into the woods and secretly following big sis and the servant.” Kate suggested to the curious kids that were standing in front of her.

    At this time, Kate really wanted to satisfy her curiosity and secretly following Ellie. But, if she kept talking with the kids and explained this and that to them, she would lose their trail and failed to follow Ellie and the servant.

    ““Eh? Why?”” Ai and the twins asked in protest. They were unsatisfied and did not understand why they needed to go into the woods. They thought, why Kate did not answer their questions, why they needed to go into the woods, they did not want to go into the woods, all they needed was the answers from Kate, wasn’t Kate could do that?

    “We will secretly follow big sis and the servant to take a peek. We will find out what they will do alone in the woods if we do not stay together with them. Isn’t it fun?” Kate smiled gently.

    Kate realized it was useless to talk with the kids about what she thought. Because each of them has different thoughts, their conversations would not be able to connect.

    Furthermore, as the kids were too small to understand about love and romantic relationship, they would not even able to understand or had any interested about the relationship between Ellie and the servant. So, Kate thought that it was easier to trick the kids and led them to follow Ellie rather than kept arguing and explaining their questions.


    “It seems fun.” Karen said shortly. She grinned and let out a giggle. As long as she could have fun, she did not mind following Ellie and the servant secretly.

    ““Hmm.”” Karin and Ai nodded while looking at each other. Although both of them did not completely understand what Kate wanted to do, they thought Kate’s suggestion was interesting.

    But, before they could continue their plan any further, the rain started to fall.

    “It rains!” Karen shouted while looking upward. She raised her hands happily. Currently, she completely forgot about Kate’s suggestion, she had even forgotten about her demand to uphold her justice.

    “And why the rain starts to fall! Oh my god! It rains heavily!” Kate frowned. She felt dejected and could not help but thought, why the rain started to fall when she planned to secretly follow Ellie and the servant.

    “Hurry up and come with me. We will take shelter in my house. Ai, you too. I’ll carry you.” Kate said frantically. She canceled her plan and brought the kids into her house.

    Although Kate was very curious about Ellie and the servant, she was more afraid if the kids got sick because they were playing in the rain, especially Karen that was currently running wildly enjoying the rain.

    “Karen! I’ll smack your heads if you do not come here right now!” Kate shouted while carrying Ai and running into her house.

    “Big sis, hurry up and come here!” Karin shouted while following Kate from behind.



    In Kate’s and the twins’ house.

    Inside of the house, there were a bed with a table and a few chairs that was made from a wood. Like Ellie’s house, Kate’s house was pretty simple. But, the bed in Kate’s house was slightly bigger than Ellie’s bed.

    “Excuse me.” Ai said in a low voice. This was the first time he entered their house.

    “Ai, welcome into my house.” Karen suddenly stood in front of Ai and welcoming him like a host. Then, without stopping, she continued to say.

    “This is our table. And this is our chairs.” Karen said while pointing her finger to the table and the chairs one after another to show them to Ai. She showed the furniture and other things in her house. “This is where I usually sit, this is Karin’s chair, this is a stone that I casually picked up from somewhere, and this is big sister’s underwear.”

    “Why did you pick up this stone from somewhere?” Ai asked in puzzlement. He was more interested about Karen’s stone on top of Kate’s underwear.

    “To use it as a weight.” Karen explained cheerfully. She was too excited to explain this and that to Ai.

    “Eh? Isn’t this the magic stone?” Ai asked. He still remembered the magic crystal that could glow when someone touched it. And Karen only used it as a weight! If the magic crystal could talk, it might be angry right now! Or maybe happy?

    “Yup!” Karen shortly replied. Then, she moved and stood beside their bed as she said. “This is our bed. And this is where I sleep together with Karin and big sis at night.”

    “And that…” Suddenly, Karen stopped talking when she saw something on the bed, something wet and left a yellow mark on the bed.

    “That is definitely Karin’s pee.” Karen snorted and let out a chuckle. She covered her mouth with her hands as she tried to hide her chuckle.

    “Hey!! It is not! Ai, don’t believe with big sis!” Karin immediately shouted in denial. She felt embarrassed as her face turned red.

    Ai immediately turned his head. He asked while staring at Karin. “Eh? Is it not?”

    Karen immediately turned her head as she asked to Karin in confusion. “Eh, it is not? You did not pee on the bed last night?”

    “I’m not! That is clearly your pee!” Karin pouted while glaring at Karen furiously. She was very angry and embarrassed right now.

    “Eh?! It is not mine. But. if you did not do it, then who did it?” Karen asked to herself. She tried to figure out who was the one that peed on their bed before.

    “Ah!! I know!! Then, this must be big sister Kate’s pee.” Karen crossed her arms on her chest while closing her eyes and nodding in understanding.

    “Stop talking nonsense. Can’t you smell it? This is not pee.” Kate said gently while putting a bucket on top of the wet mark on the bed.

    “It is a rainwater that leaks down from above. Look!” Kate said while raising her head and pointing her finger upward. She pointed to the leaky roof above the bed.

    “Ahhh!!” Karen and Karin looked upward as they realized. Furthermore, the wet mark on the bed did not smell like a pee when they took a sniff, although it had a yellowish color.

    “Now, hurry up, come here and take off your clothes. I will wipe your body with this towel.” Kate showed a towel to the kids as she called them to come closer. She wanted to wipe Karen who was soaking wet from the rain.

    “Karin, please take some new clothes for your stupid sister that could not smell the different between pee and rainwater.” Kate said casually as she stripped Karen’s wet clothes.

    “Hey!! I can smell it!!” Karen pouted angrily as she stared at Kate, naked without wearing any clothes. Karen rebutted that she could smell and tell the different, but she forgot to rebut that she was not stupid.

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  • 0062. B1C47 Golden Rose Under the Rain

    0062. Book 1 - Chapter 47: Golden Rose Under the Rain

    The blue sky was pitch black, had been wrapped by the dark clouds, bright sunlight had been broken, had been fragmented by the dark clouds.

    The sound of thunder, rang sharp and loudly!

    Heavy wind was howling, as swallow was flying low, glided to left and glided to right, zigzag in the woods between the trees.

    The storm was coming; raindrop was falling, densely!

    Under dark cloudy sky, without any umbrella, a girl with her golden hair, fearfully running in the rain, full of nervousness, she was pale as she was looking up, at the sky in worry.


    Leaped to left; leaped to right, running evading the trees, with her face full of worry, running straight ahead did not look back.

    She could not go back, didn’t want to go back!

    Running in confusion, a woman with her white hair, chasing after the blonde one, silently following from behind.

    Ran and chased forward, without lowering, her guard!

    Under dark cloudy sky, running forward silently, following the blonde haired girl, the white one could feel the tension, didn’t know what happened, she could only stay alert all the time, of possible danger.


    Under dark cloudy sky, passed through the woods and the rain, two women leaped here and there, running and evading the trees, one with her blonde hair, and the other one with her white hair, ran as fast as they could.

    Under dark cloudy sky, rain was falling very hard, two women with different hair, running forward with their wet clothes, until they had stopped, stood at a certain place in the woods, with face full of worry.


    “How could this happen? This is bad! I hope I was wrong.” The golden haired girl let out a sound. Her face filled with anxiety as she was looking around at her surroundings which had already been filled with fetid air.

    The golden haired girl was wearing golden colored breastplate, golden colored arm-protectors, golden colored belt, and golden colored boots, which perfectly matching with her hair color.

    The golden haired girl was very striking, especially with her limpid golden amber eyes. Adding with her golden hair that had been wetted by the rain and her golden armor, she looked extremely remarkable, magnificent, and elegant in the area that had been filled with dark fetid air and withered trees, as a speck of gold dust in the place full of sand.


    “Aurora, this place, why I can strongly feel thick and heavy demonic energy in this area? Please tell me that I am wrong.” Said the white haired woman that was currently standing beside the golden haired girl Aurora. Her hair was clean and clear without any strip of black hair. Although she only wore plain clothes, but her beauty was not less than the golden haired girl that was standing beside her right now.

    These two women looked in their mid-twenties, or maybe younger, they were very beautiful and marvelous in their prime age, especially with their slender and slim figure. Their perfect curves could be seen because rain had been wetting their clothes and drew the outline of their impressive figures, the impressive voluptuous sexy bodies with fully loaded bosoms that bulged out on their chests.

    The two beauties were standing still, while occasionally turning their heads left and right as they were looking around at their surroundings. They could see some withered trees in their vicinity, however what made them worry was not the trees, but dark fetid air that had been filled with thick demonic energy instead.


    “Nope, you were not wrong. I can also feel this thick and heavy demonic energy. I’m afraid a powerful demon being had died and leaving its carcass somewhere in this area, or it was wounded somehow and let its blood polluting this place.” Aurora replied as she kept trying to calm her mind and threw away her bad thoughts.

    Aurora was afraid when she felt demonic energy and dark fetid air in the area. This phenomenon normally happened when the blood of powerful demon being spilled and scattered. It made the demonic energy from the blood leaked out, seeped into the air and polluted the air.

    “But, I can’t feel any demonic presence in this place. This is strange.” Aurora said in confusion and worry. The rain only increased her worry, because, the rainwater only accelerated its spread. But, because she had never felt any presence of a demonic being in this place, Aurora just did not want to believe it and hoped that she was wrong.

    “Whatever the reason, we need to hurry and find the source.” Aurora started to take a step forward. But suddenly, she stopped as she turned her head and looked at the white haired woman beside her as she realized.

    “Elena, my name is not something that you can casually say it!” Aurora said in dissatisfied tone as she glared at Elena in discontent.

    “Don’t worry. I do not feel anyone in this area. The only one in this place is only us. The only one who knows Aurora Oriana is here is only me.” Elena said casually as she took a step forward and started walking ahead.

    “Hey, be careful and don’t be stupid! We don’t even know if someone actually hears our conversation or not right now.” Aurora was greatly dissatisfied at Elena. Clearly, Aurora was very unhappy because Elena had mentioned her full name loud and clear.

    “Remember, caution is everything! We will get into trouble if that f**king son of a bi*** found us in this place.” Aurora reminded Elena. Then, she started walking and following Elena from behind.

    “Aurora, watch your language! Don’t you realize who you are?” Elena narrowed her eyes as she scolded Aurora and kept walking.

    “Yes mother, I will listen to mother.” Aurora said like an obedient child, and then she let out a short snort after that.

    “A girl should not speak like that! Furthermore, you’re a princess. And, I’m not your…” Before Elena could finish talking, Aurora interrupted her.

    “Mother, how old are you? Twenty-seven or seventy-two? Why are you talking like an old hag?” Aurora asked to Elena from behind as she smiled.

    “How could you! It is twenty f…” Before Elena could say something, Aurora interrupted her once again.

    “Uuuu… How could I forget, your hair is completely white like a hag.” Aurora narrowed her eyes and pouted. At the same time, she tried her hardest to restrain her chuckle due to her own pun.

    “Hey! Don’t ignore me! I am only one year older that you! And my hair is white since I’m born! It has nothing to do with my age!!” Elena’s lips twitched when she heard it.

    “It doesn’t change the fact that you are old and I am young! I’m pretty and you are old! My hair is beautiful while you are old. I’m a princess and you’re old!” Aurora said casually.

    “Forget it! Talking to you just make me angry!” Elena said helplessly.

    “You are so old, and indeed old hag tend to forget something.” Aurora kept mocking Elena in a very low voice. But she made sure it was loud enough for Elena to hear it.

    “DAMMIT!! STOP THAT!!” Elena roared furiously. As Elena was not Aurora’s mother, she could not do anything to make Aurora to listen to her.

    “Oh?! For god’s sake!! Watch your language! A girl should not speak like that! Where is your manner? What an impolite old commoner!” Once again, Aurora interrupted Elena as she let out sarcastic sarcasm one after another.

    “Aurora, you…” Elena was stunned as she started to realize something. Elena had a strong feeling that Aurora still held a grudge against her.

    But, before Elena could say something, Aurora had interrupted her again.

    “Uuuu… I forgot you are an old hag so you don’t need to act like a girl! Wait, has anyone knocked your door before? As far as I know, you are still virgin, right? Such a spinster! So sad!” Aurora satirized coldly as she let out a giggle afterward.

    “Shut up! I’m sorry okay! I apologize I had said your name and told you this and that!” Elena was furious, but she did not turn back or stop. She just kept walking forward while grumbling on the way.

    Rather than bickering with Aurora, Elena was more worried about the demonic energy in this place. Additionally, Elena knew if she did not yield but kept arguing, this situation would continue for eternity.

    “You are so stupid! If you need to apologize in the end, why just do not do it in the first place?! And for your answer, poo-poo, apologize is denied!” Aurora retorted.

    “Sigh… How can I forget her nature?” Elena could not help but sighed tiredly. She could hear Aurora let out a snort from behind.

    Aurora replied in a low voice. “That is because you are old! Didn’t I already tell you, old people tend to forget something? Sigh… So sad. Old hag with her saggy memory and her saggy breasts.”

    “IT IS NOT!! STOP TALKING ABOUT MY BREASTS!!” Elena immediately refuted.

    “I hope this will not continue for a long time. If not, she will always find a way to make me angry.” Elena could only say silently in her mind. Elena knew if she kept saying something, Aurora only replied to her in sarcastic sarcasm.

    Then, the two of them continued walking forward in silence, looking for the source of the demonic energy.

    It was very hard to believe, the golden haired girl Aurora, although very beautiful and very attractive with her voluptuous body, had such personality and razor-edged mouth. She was like a beautiful golden rose. But, also full of thorns.

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  • 0063. B1C48 The Source

    0063. Book 1 - Chapter 48: The Source

    “Why? Why it rains! Dammit! I hope it is not a powerful demon.” Aurora said in worry.

    Currently, the rain was falling very hard and made the woods had been filled by the rainwater.

    “Hey. Calm down. We still can’t find the reason why this happens.” Elena reminded. But, she was also worried.

    “Although the rainwater does not overflow and floods the woods, it does not change the fact that the rainwater will help to accelerate the spreading of the demonic energy.” Aurora stopped then turned to face Elena.

    “When the blood of a powerful demon being has been spilled, the blood will release a massive amount of demonic essence. The stronger the demon, the stronger the effect of the demonic essence that will be released! And when the blood has been mixed with the rainwater, it will spread faster and flowing everywhere as the rainwater flows. It will spread into a large area! And you told me to calm down!!” Aurora was a little upset to Elena. Then, she turned and continued to search the source.

    Shortly later, they still could not find the source of the area. The infected area was too large for them to search!

    Because of it, Elena and Aurora were getting more anxious. It even made Aurora completely stopped harassing Elena.


    As Elena and Aurora continued to walk forward in the woods that was filled of withered trees, their faces turned more serious. The more they walked straight ahead, the more they could feel the sickening atmosphere in their surroundings.

    Elena and Aurora could feel the fetid air become denser. They could also feel the demonic energy become stronger and heavier. This made them realized they were close to the source of the infected area.

    Fortunately, Elena and Aurora were not a normal human being. A normal human being would be already died if they stay in the area filled with this demonic energy.

    Not long after that, the two beauties arrived at a certain place that was filled by very thick and heavy demonic energy. The place was also full of demonic essence. But, they just stood silly over there, stood in confusion without moving at the area that was densely filled by strong demonic energy.


    “Is this the source? I can feel the demonic essence, but where is the carcass?” Aurora asked to Elena. Although she knew she had arrived at the right place, she was confused and almost could not believe with her own eyes because she arrived in an empty place without any carcass of demon being.

    “Most likely!” Elena nodded in agreement as she frowned. At the same time, she was confused, as confused as Aurora.

    “Where is the carcass and the blood?” Aurora could not even smell a hint of blood in this place.

    At this time, the two beauties could not believe when they saw their surroundings. It just an empty place with withered trees. They could only stand over there, dumbfounded in puzzlement!

    “Hey, can you smell demon’s blood from this place?” Elena turned her head and asked to Aurora.

    “No. I can only feel demonic essence.” Aurora let out a short answer as she shook her head helplessly.

    “Impossible! How can this place turn into like this if there is no reason?” Elena said in disbelief. Then, she started circling the area, trying to find the reason of this phenomenon. She searched the area with the strongest demonic essence.

    “Call me of you find anything.” At the same time, Aurora did not stand still. She turned around and searching at other area to find some clue about this phenomenon.

    Both of them worked together to find out about what had happened to this place.


    Shortly later, Elena found something on the ground as she could feel the ground in front of her let out the strongest demonic essence in the vicinity.

    “What is this? Crystal? Stone?” Elena saw something on the ground, but she did not know what it was because it had been shattered into pieces. She also found some black feathers had been scattered nearby.

    At the same time, she could hear Aurora roared furiously. “BASTARD!! PRAY THAT I WILL NOT FIND YOU, YOU BASTARD!”

    BANG!! BANG!!

    “What are you doing? Come here and look at this! I think I found the problem.” Elena called Aurora as she continued to observe the feathers and the fragments in front of her.

    BANG!! BANG!!

    Of course, Aurora did not answer and ignored Elena!

    Because, at this time, Aurora was busy with her own activities! Currently, Aurora was still banging a tree into the ground!


    Elena turned around. She was shocked by what she saw and could only mutter in a low voice. “That stupid girl! What happens to her? Did she find an enemy?”

    Elena could only narrow her eyes when she saw Aurora held a tree with one hand while uprooting another with her other hand. “What the hell is she doing? Isn’t she supposed to look for an area with the strongest demonic essence, why is she playing with those trees?”

    Elena did not see anyone else or understood the reason why aurora was angry.

    But, Elena ignored Aurora and did not make any sound when she saw Aurora uprooted another tree and then banged it into the ground. Because, she heard what was the reasons when Aurora roared in anger. “WHY THIS PLACE COVERED WITH A LOT OF SHIT! I ALMOST SLIPPED AND COVERED WITH THIS SHIT!!”

    BANG!! BANG!!

    “Oh?? I see! Who told you to mock me before!” Elena smiled. Her smile was very wide as her face was very bright. She was very happy when she heard the reason. “Heh! Taste that heaven’s retaliation!”

    “That girl is at her rebellious age and she clearly does not want to listen to what I said. So, she can enjoy playing with that shit and the trees while I continue playing with these feathers.” Still smiling, Elena muttered to herself.

    Elena knew if she intervened, Aurora would transfer her anger at Elena. So, Elena just ignored her and waited until the storm was calm. In fact, Elena did not want to stop Aurora at all. Clearly, Elena did not want to disturb the happiness of her companion.

    “Furthermore, she looks very happy playing with her trees. I better ignore her for now.” Elena ignored Aurora who currently still furiously banged the trees into the ground. And then, she turned back and continued examining the feather and the shattered stones in front of her.


    Shortly later.

    “Hey, someone dared to defecate at this place! And probably more than one person because the amount is too much! Since when this place becomes a latrine?” Aurora said in fury.

    Elena could hear Aurora’s angry voice nearby. She knew Aurora was approaching her.

    “Just come here and look at this!” Elena said casually as she turned and showed the black feathers to Aurora.


    “DAMMIT!! I stepped on another poop!! Oh wait, this is banana! Why is banana in this world smells like poop?!” Aurora roared. She felt very miserable and wondering why something bad happened to her from time to time.

    “Hey you! Old hag! Is that you who put it here, old hag?” Aurora asked to Elena and stood in front of her. She intentionally mocked her and tried to make Elena angry because she saw Elena let out a hint of smile at the corner of her lips.

    Elena could only say to herself silently as she shook her head wearily. “Sigh… Just forget it. She is not a little kid but act like one. Do you think I don’t know what you want!  It will be troublesome if she fights me for real.”

    Elena knew Aurora was still furious and provoked her on purpose. She knew if she bit it, then Aurora would absolutely fight her in earnest for a long time to release her anger.

    Elena ignored the provocation and acted innocent. Then, Elena replied nonchalantly. “Don’t be silly! You know that I did not do it.”

    “Look at this!” Elena raised her hand and showed the black feather. Then, the turned around and pointed her finger at the ground as she said. “I found these black feathers with unknown pieces of something over there.”

    Aurora followed Elena’s direction and looked at the ground. Suddenly, her face filled with a shock.

    “These black feathers! Don’t tell me!” Aurora was startled when she saw the black feathers and something that had been shattered on the ground. And then, she immediately snatched the black feather in Elena’s hand. “Give it to me!”

    “Do you know something about it?” Elena asked as she saw Aurora put the black feather in front of her nose to smell it.

    “That damn crow!” Aurora cursed in a low voice. She could smell Dark Crow’s scent from the feather in her hand. Then, she crouched down and picked up a piece of the shattered thing on the ground, and then she put it in front of her nose to smell it.

    “This! Damn! Damn!” Aurora clenched her fist until the piece of thing in her hand shattered into tiny particles.

    “Hey! Tell me what happened! Don’t leave me in the dark!” Elena immediately asked in worry. She knew, Aurora realized something and knew the truth.

    “This is because of you!” Aurora pointed her finger and poked it into Elena’s breasts.

    “Why you blame me! Hurry up and tell me everything!” Elena frowned. She was completely in the dark and did not know what had happened. She did not even understand why Aurora had blamed her.

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  • 0064. B1C49 The Bottle of Aphrodisiac

    0064. Book 1 - Chapter 49: The Bottle of Aphrodisiac

    “It is a good that nothing bad happens. I thought this demonic energy appeared because of the blood of powerful demon. If it is only a low grade demon dust, it will not become a problem.” Aurora finished explaining everything to Elena as she let out a long sigh afterward.

    “What!” Finally, Elena knew the full story after Aurora told her everything. All of her unanswered questions and her confusions had been answered as the truth had been revealed.

    “You said this scattered item is a bottle of low grade demon dust that you supposed to get from Dark Crow!” Elena said as she looked at Aurora with her widened eyes. She was very surprised after knowing the truth.

    “Yes! That bastard crow dared to sell a wrong bottle to my father! That stupid merchant does not deserve to be a merchant.” Aurora cursed.

    Dark Crow supposed to sell a bottle of low grade demon dust, but Dark Crow mistakenly gave a wrong item instead. It made Aurora was very dissatisfied and angry with Dark Crow.

    “Hahahaha… It’s because you scared Dark Crow. From your story, Dark Crow must be very scared of you. That crow even thought that you are a pervert! Do you think I don’t know you? I know you very well! HAHAHAHAHA!!!” Elena laughed until her tears came out from her beautiful white eyes.

    “Stop laughing, this is not funny! If you did not call me a perverted horny catfish and spread the rumor, this situation will never happen!” Aurora frowned. She felt aggrieved as she felt this day was her unlucky day.

    The bottle of low grade demon dust supposed to be her tool to take revenge against Elena to make her suffering from diarrhea, but because Dark Crow mistakenly swapped the bottle, Aurora threw a wrong bottle and her plan for revenge had failed.

    “How can I not laugh?! This is too funny!” Elena kept laughing as she ignored Aurora.

    “And you are a dragon-race, on top of that, you’re a dragon princess! Furthermore, with your special ability…” Still laughing, Elena wanted to say something, but Aurora interrupted her. “Shut up! It still did not matter when you blurted out my real name, but this topic is forbidden!”

    “Oh yeah, I forgot. But, you must unconsciously release a little of your special ability when you angry. Did that crow wet himself?” Elena kept laughing.

    “This is not funny! That damn crow dared to shatter this bottle in this place! This is a provocation toward us! Don’t you realize that this place is close to our village?” Aurora pouted as she stared angrily at Elena.

    “You didn’t even know where Dark Crow went after he came out from your house. It could be someone else. How could you know that Dark Crow was the one who shattered the bottle? I saw everything when I prepared to ambush you before.” Elena said as she kept chuckling.

    Aurora immediately explained.

    When Dark Crow sold the bottle, he gave it directly to Aurora’s father, after that, Dark Crow took his other merchandises out from his bag and showed it to her father and recommended it to her father to buy. Because Aurora stood behind her father, she could clearly see everything when her father put the bottle on the table as her father was busy to look at Dark Crow’s other merchandises.

    “After that you know the rest, I told Dark Crow to disappear, and then he hurriedly packed up and leave. And because my father touched the bottle, I can still smell my father's scent from this little chunk.” Aurora explained while showing the fragment of the bottle to Elena, then she immediately said.

    “Let’s go to Dark Village. We need to go there to root out the problem.” Aurora persuaded Elena to accompany her and go to Dark Village together to kill Dark Crow.

    “No, I think you are wrong.” Elena calmly said. And then she turned and pointed to a trail on the ground. “Look at this trail. I think Dark Crow slipped and fell.”

    And then, Elena turned and pointed to the banana that had been stepped by Aurora. “And this is the reason why he fell, this banana that you stepped before.”

    “Look at this, you can see the trail of his claw comes from there and ends here. And I think this bottle was shattered because it came out from his bag and fell into the ground.” Elena explained her deduction about what she found out from the clue on the ground. While Aurora only stood in silence as she was analyzing Elena’s deduction.

    “Furthermore, you know very well that Dark Crow is greedy. He loves money to the core. More than anything. Shattering his own merchandise will not give him any benefit, do you think he will do that?” Elena asked to Aurora. Both of them knew very well about Dark Crow, and Elena believed Dark Crow would never do that.

    Aurora pondered for a moment as she thought of what she would do if she became Dark Crow. Shortly later, she concluded.

    “If it is me, I will throw it into the house or just throw it directly into the face of someone that I don’t like. If he wanted to take revenge to me, he didn’t have to shatter this bottle at this place, he can just spread the content or shattered the bottle in our village. Yes, you are right.” Aurora nodded. She agreed with Elena.

    “Hahahaha!!” Elena suddenly burst out laughing.

    Elena knew that Aurora had an evil plan and wanted to make her suffered from diarrhea, but Aurora failed to do it and suffered from her bad luck instead, Aurora even stepped on a poop not too long ago.

    But suddenly, little by little, Elena’s face turned. Her smiling face turned anxious.

    Elena remembered about the red powder in her house, the red powder that had been thrown into her face, and the same red powder that had been claimed as an aphrodisiac by Aurora.

    Although Elena did not know how it felt when an aphrodisiac had been smeared on the skin, the sensation that she felt was very similar if chili peppers had been smeared on the skin.


    “Hey, had you said the truth when you said you could smell an aphrodisiac? Why could I only smell chili pepper?” Elena asked anxiously to Aurora. Until now, Elena still did not believe if the red powder was an aphrodisiac.

    “I’m not like you. It is because I have greater sense of smell. And indeed, I can smell an aphrodisiac, even now, I can still smell it.” Aurora answered casually as she let out a smug face.

    “Then, we need to go back right now!” Elena said frantically. She was worried about the kids that usually played around at her house.

    But, before she could turn around, she felt nothing strange. More precisely, she could not feel the hot sensation within her body anymore. Due to heavy rain, the red powder had disappeared completely because it had been washed away.

    “Wait a moment, I don’t feel anything right now. Are you sure that red powder in my house is an aphrodisiac?” Elena asked.

    “You don’t need to worry about those kids. They are safe. I mistakenly threw the wrong bottle before. That red powder was only herbs spices for cooking.” Aurora said casually. She knew what Elena was worried about.

    “Then why did you say that it was an aphrodisiac! Why did you say you could smell an aphrodisiac! And not too long ago, you still said it!” Elena was angry because she was worried for nothing.

    “I told you that I could smell an aphrodisiac because it surprised me too. And before I told you that the red powder is just herbs spices for cooking, you already plucked out my whiskers! It is your fault and now you blame me for that! Since the beginning, I had already told you the truth! You are the one who stupidly jumped into a wrong conclusion!! I told you this, you didn’t believe me! I told you that, you didn’t believe me! What the hell do you want! Are you looking for a fight?! Bring it on!!” Aurora retorted as she was already taking a fighting stance.

    Elena frowned as she was stupefied when she heard it. She wondered if it was what really happened or not, but she could not really remember anymore.

    Shortly later, Elena asked. “Then, what about the aphrodisiac scent that you talked about.”

    Aurora stared at Elena for a while.

    And then, Aurora pulled out a black bottle from her cleavage as she said and showed it to Elena. “This is the aphrodisiac I talked about. That stupid crow mistakenly took the bottle of low grade demon dust when he packed out and left this one instead.”

    Within a day, Aurora felt too many unlucky coincidences had happened to her. Dark Crow mistakenly thought she was a pervert, she failed to get her revenge, she even stepped on a poop, had been ridiculed by Elena, and now she was standing in the rain for nothing.

    Aurora could not help but let out a long tired sigh.

    “I’m tired. Let’s go home and return to the village. I just want to go back and take a rest afterward.” Aurora said as she transformed into another form.

    Aurora’s voluptuous breasts deflated as her armors and her golden hair melted then covering every inch of her body. After that, two horns protruded on her head as golden tail and a pair of golden wings protruded on her back.

    Aurora transformed into a reptile-type demi-human form with golden colored scales on every inch of her body.

    “What are you doing? Hurry up and transform too! And why did you suddenly transform into your real form?” Aurora asked as she told Elena to transform.

    “Eh? I just transformed out of reflex when I saw you.” Elena replied as she let out a laughed and started to transform.

    Unlike Aurora, Elena was not as dragon-race. She was a pure human-race. So, she could not make herself looked like demi-human. She could only change her facial shape and made herself looked older. Like a woman in her thirty.

    Now, it should be obvious who Aurora is. But sometimes, I will still call her as he.
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  • 0065. B1C50 Sergio the Servant

    0065. Book 1 - Chapter 50: Sergio the Servant

    Under the dark cloudy sky and the heavy rain, at somewhere in the woods that was located near Sun Village, there was an area that had been filled with demonic energy. More precisely, the area had been infected by demonic energy.

    As time passed by and the rain continued to fall, the infected area that had been filled with demonic energy expanded wider and wider. All of this started from the middle of the infected area, the source of the infected area that had been filled with demonic essence.

    Within the source of the infected area, there was two figures that could be seen standing and facing at each other while talking to each other. These two figures were standing right in the middle of the source of the infected area that could kill an ordinary human being in a short period.

    But, unlike a normal human that would be died if one had stayed for a short time period in this place because their body would rot quickly, these two figures were totally unaffected by the demonic essence.

    “Now, let’s go home.” One of the figures that looked like a reptile-type demi-human said. He turned around and started to leave the area.

    “Eh, wait! Did you forget about your clothes? Do you plan to return like that? Completely stark naked without any clothes?” The figure with white colored hair asked while following from behind. She looked and had similar appearances like Ellie, in fact, she was Ellie.

    “Why should I bother with it? You are completely like my father that used to say something like that.” The figure that looked exactly like the servant said, but unlike the servant, the figure had a pair of wings on his back.

    The figure stopped. He turned around and said. “My body has been covered by my scales. Isn’t this enough?”

    The figure spun his body a few times and showed his golden colored scales that covered every inch of his body.

    “You don’t want anyone to call you as a pervert, but you expose every inch of your body like that, stark naked without any clothes. Hurry up and wear some clothes!” Ellie scolded the figure that looked like the servant.

    “Fine, fine!” The figure with golden colored scales said. Then, he spread out his wings and then covering his body with his wings. Suddenly, his wings transformed, it melted and turned into some kind of clothes.

    After the wings transformed into some kind of cloths, he looked exactly like the servant. In fact, he was the servant.

    “Isn’t this just the same? I’m just covering my body with my wings.” The servant said as he was observing his own body to make sure his clothes was covering his body properly.

    Then, the servant and Ellie continued to walk and returned to Sun Village.


    After walking for a while, Ellie and the servant finally came out from the source of the infected area that had been filled with demonic essence of low grade demon dust.

    “This rain.” The servant suddenly stopped walking as he raised his gaze and looked at the dark cloudy sky. After a short pause, he said. “I wonder what is wrong today.”

    The servant only stood still while looking at the sky. Meanwhile, Ellie stood beside the servant and just looked at him in silence.

    Few minutes later, the rain stopped.

    “It is stopped.” Ellie looked at the sky as she said. “What are you thinking about?”

    But, the servant ignored Ellie and kept looking at the sky as he had already lost in his thoughts. He did not even realize that the rain had stopped or Ellie spoke to him.

    Ellie raised her hand, she shook the servant’s shoulder and teased him. “What happens to you? Is your stomach starting to hurt? Do you start getting diarrhea?”

    “Hmm?” The servant awoke from his thoughts.

    Usually, the servant would be angry to Ellie and mocked her back if Ellie said something like that and teased him, but now he ignored Ellie’s remark as he only looked at Ellie in silence for a while.

    Shortly later, the servant said seriously.

    “I think we need to kill Dark Crow. Don’t you realize? Since that crow came to our village, something bad has been happening one after another.” The servant thought Dark Crow as a dark omen and something that brought them a bad luck.

    “Stop that! It was just a coincidence. Even if this demonic energy has spread to our village, the villagers will only suffer from diarrhea. And something bad happened to you because you were just not careful enough.” Ellie said and reassured the servant.

    The servant thought for a moment as he considered what Ellie was saying.

    “I hope you right.” The servant sighed. The servant did not know what had happened to him, but strangely, he could feel a strange feeling. The servant kept having a strange feeling that there are others who knew about his true identity.

    “Let’s go back.” Ellie said.

    Then, the servant lowered his head as he let out a long tired sigh. “Sigh… This is so sad. In the annals of history, this might be the first time when a dignified dragon princess has been reduced to a mere servant boy.”

    When Ellie heard it, she pouted cutely and only stared angrily at the servant while grumbling to herself. “This is also the first time when a dignified dragon princess doesn’t act like one!”

    “Hey! This situation forces me, OK! We need to hide, so I can’t act like a real princess!” The servant immediately retorted.

    “I never see you act like one!” Ellie snorted as she immediately denied his excuse.

    Then, Ellie and the servant continued to return to Sun Village while bickering on their way.


    Shortly later, before they almost arrived in Sun Village.

    “Remember, don’t reveal my real name! Right now, I’m just a servant boy with the name of Sergio.” The servant stopped walking as he reminded Ellie about his current name, Sergio.

    “You too. Don’t accidentally reveal my real name!” Ellie reminded.

    Both of them hid their true identity in their daily lives. They also hid their real name and their true appearance. Almost everyone in Sun Village didn’t know about their true identity, even the kids who usually together with Ellie did not know about it.

    “Don’t need to worry. I will call your nickname as always, Pedophile.” Sergio said casually while waving his golden tail happily.

    “Stop that!” Ellie roared as she retorted angrily. “What if people start to think that I am really a pedophile!”

    “Eh, the rain has stopped? I did not even realize that the rain had stopped.” Sergio said as he looked at the sky. Then, he sadly said. “I wonder how long I need to hide from Asura and disguise myself as a servant boy? I want to be free and reveal my true self.”

    “You!!” Ellie wanted to make fun of Sergio as a catfish, but when she wanted to say something, Ellie suddenly remembered about the whiskers when Ellie saw there was no whisker at Sergio’s face.

    Previously, Sergio had told everything to Ellie. And what he said in the woods was exactly the same thing like what he had said in the village. That’s mean, Sergio did not lie to Ellie and just told the truth when both of them quarreled in Ellie’s backyard. This made Ellie felt uncomfortable, she felt guilty toward Sergio, especially since both of them were friend.

    At the same time, Ellie remembered something. She remembered Sergio suddenly started to transform when the rain started to fall. She was also curious why Sergio decided to disguise himself as a servant boy. But, because Ellie felt a little guilty about the whiskers, she decided to talk about it first.

    Ellie pulled out the whiskers from her clothes and showed it to Sergio.

    “You don’t want to make your whiskers anymore? I still have it if you want to attach it again on your face. Do you want to get it back?” Ellie said while showing the whiskers. She felt glad because she kept the whiskers and had not thrown it away.

    “You!” Sergio was stunned. Although Ellie showed the whiskers because of goodwill, Sergio thought differently. He was annoyed by Ellie’s actions and took it as a provocation instead.

    [This old woman! I had forgotten about my whiskers and you reminded me. Good, good, that is good! You also called me catfish because of my whiskers. Good! I will teach you some lessons.] Sergio thought in his mind. Although his whiskers could grow again after time passed by, he still felt a little bit of pain when Ellie plucked out his whiskers.

    “Can you hold my whiskers in your mouth and bite it firmly?” Sergio asked as he let out a wicked smile.

    “Eh, what for?” Ellie asked curiously. She didn’t realize Sergio planed something evil toward her.

    “I can help you and add a little something on your face to make others will not easily recognize your true face.” Sergio casually said.

    “Oh! Ok. It’s good then. Maybe it will be helpful in the future.” Ellie’s face lighted up. Then she put the whiskers in her mouth and bit it firmly.

    Sergio touched the whiskers, then suddenly, the whiskers transformed into something different. The pair of whiskers turned into a lot of short golden hairs.

    “What is this?” Ellie asked as she pinched the short golden hairs with her fingers and pulled it out from her mouth. She was confused because the whiskers turned into something like that. Furthermore, there was a lot of it!

    “That is my nose hairs. My whiskers are actually my nose hairs.” Sergio said as he laughed out loud and energetically slammed her tail into the ground. He was very happy when he saw Ellie bit his nose hairs.

    “You look so stupid when you bit my nose hairs. How did it feel? Did it taste good?” Sergio asked as he continued to laugh nonstop and kept slamming his tail into the ground behind him.

    “BASTARD!! I WILL KILL YOU!!” Ellie roared furiously. Her face turned red as she was extremely furious at this time.

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  • 0066. B1C51 Sergio's Reason

    0066. Book 1 - Chapter 51: Sergio's Reason

    After Ellie and Sergio fought a bit due to the whiskers, they continued their journey and returned to Sun Village.

    On the road, Ellie was wondering why Sergio named himself as Sergio and had an appearance like a male lizard-type demi-human after he transformed. But, she was completely confused because she remembered that she saw nothing at Sergio’s lower body when he was naked before.

    Out of curiosity, Ellie asked unconsciously.

    “Why did you choose to transform yourself into a man? Do… do you also want to know how it… looks… like? Do… you also want to know how it feels… to have… it…? But, I did not see anything before... Is… is…is it covered with your……. scales?” Ellie blushed a little. She spoke in an extremely very low voice, piece by piece, afraid if someone else could hear it.

    “I’m not. Although I look like a man but this is my female form.” Sergio replied casually.

    Then suddenly, Sergio asked in puzzlement as he narrowed his eyes. “But, I don’t really understand what you said after that. What did you mean about something that covered with my scales? Want to know what? What were you talking about?”

    Ellie suddenly stopped walking. She was stunned as her face had been burned by embarrassment!

    [UUEEEE!!! WHAT HAD I SAID!!!] Ellie screamed in silence.

    “Eh!! Ahh!!! Um…” Ellie did not know how to answer Sergio. She had been petrified as she nailed on the ground. At the same time, her face was red blue and black. Completely looked like someone who just swallowed a fly.

    How could Ellie answer? Of course, Ellie could not answer! She would not able to explain why she thought something like that.


    After a moment of silence, Ellie still stood like a log without letting any sound as her face turned into redder and redder like boiled crab.

    “Eh, your face. What did happen to you? Are you sick?” Sergio noticed Ellie’s red face as she began to fidget nervously. He could even see Ellie started to sweat already.

    “Eh? No.” Ellie answered shortly while shaking her head a few times.

    [Damn it! Why I asked something like that! What happened to me!!! I don’t want to be called as a pervert!!] Ellie screamed silently.

    “Eh? Don’t tell me that demonic essence starts to affect you? Your face like someone who wants to take a dump.” Sergio saw Ellie kept fidgeting nervously. He started to think Ellie had been affected by the demonic essence.

    [EH!! This girl did not realize! Should I just answer that I want to take a dump? Eh? Wait!!! Why should I admit it!!] Ellie was silent while thinking how to escape from this situation.

    “No!” Ellie answered shortly while shaking her head in denial a few times.

    “Wait, there is something strange with you. Usually, you will angry if I said something like that, but now, you just denied it. You can’t even talk properly before.” Sergio asked anxiously. Then suddenly, he thought.

    “Damn! It is must be because that stupid crow had cast some kind of curse to you. How about we go to Dark Village and kill that crow right now?” Sergio became angry as he continued persuading Ellie to kill Dark Crow.

    [Good job Dark Crow!! I will not call you as a stupid crow anymore!!] Ellie happily screamed in silence. She was very grateful to Dark Crow. Because of Dark Crow, she could escape from a calamity.

    “Wait! I’m alright. I’m fine. How about, we just go back right now. Come on, let’s go back. Forget about that stupid crow.” Ellie said in panic as she made an excuse. She was very panicked, she even called Dark Crow as a stupid crow.

    “Are you sure?” Sergio asked in worry. Although he enjoyed teasing Ellie, he was still worried if something bad happened to Ellie. After all, no matter how bad Sergio’s attitude toward Ellie, he still considered Ellie as his comrade.

    “There is nothing wrong with me. I’m just worry about the kids. Yeah, that’s right! I’m worried with the kids!” Ellie finally found an excuse, the right excuse to escape from her embarrassment.

    “Are you sure you are alright?” Sergio lifted an eyebrow. He had a feeling that Ellie was hiding something from him, but he could not find out what was it.

    “I’m alright.” Then, because Ellie kept insisting to return to Sun Village, Sergio could only follow Ellie's request.

    Then, because Sergio could not understand what Ellie talked about and her thoughts before, he chose to ignore Ellie’s strange behavior. Furthermore, Sergio knew, Ellie often did something stupid from time to time. So, Ellie’s strange behavior was perfectly normal in Sergio’s eyes.


    On the way to Sun Village, Ellie saw Sergio was walking in silence. Ellie felt that she needed to distract and prevented Sergio to think and realize about her questions, her perverted questions.

    “Hey, you still have not answered my question.” Ellie sweated. She felt very nervous at this moment. She hoped Sergio did not realize the meaning behind her questions before.

    So, in order to distract Sergio, Ellie asked more questions. “Previously, you just said that you a male servant with the name of Sergio. But now you said that your body is your female form. Why did you choose to disguise yourself as a male?”

    Sergio stared at Ellie for a while as they continued walking toward Sun Village.

    “It’s because that stupid Yoyo! That stupid yoyo had told all the villagers in Sun Village and convinced them that I’m a male because my body lacks any breasts unlike a normal female demi-human. It’s just impossible to argue with that stupid Yoyo. So I just go with the flow and said that I’m a male.” Sergio explained. He did not really care if the villagers thought that he was a male or a female.

    “Ah I see, indeed it is!” Ellie nodded. But, when she stared at Sergio’s chest, more questions appeared.

    “I just realized. Where are your breasts? They are so big but now they are gone.” Ellie asked. She was wondering and could not even understand how Sergio’s body transformation worked.

    “And why did you make yourself looks older?” Sergio asked back and mocked Ellie. He thought Ellie’s question as a mockery.

    “I didn’t have any choice. I could only change myself looks like this. And don’t change the subject. You still have not answered me.” Ellie said casually.

    Ellie felt a little envious at Sergio because she could not do the same thing like him. If Ellie could change his body shape, she also wanted to hide her breasts too. Because, both of them only gave a benefit toward the viewer, but for Ellie, they were so heavy and made her back stiff and sore.

    “Why don’t you realize the simple fact? It’s not like you never saw my real form. My real form also doesn’t have them. They only appear when I’m in my human form.” Sergio said as he frowned and thought Ellie become stupider day by day because she didn’t angry or realized of his mockery.

    “Then, why did you suddenly change your form before?” Ellie asked. She kept asking to prevent Sergio thought about her strange behavior.

    “Because you kept clinging at my tail.” Sergio shook his tail on his back. Then without a pause, he continued to say. “It feels weird and ticklish when you kept holding my tail.”

    Sergio frowned. He stopped walking and turned to face Ellie. At the same time, Ellie instinctively stopped, she turned and faced Sergio.

    Previously, Ellie kept holding Sergio’s tail for a long time. She even clung at his tail while taking a free ride when he ran into the woods. It made Sergio felt uncomfortable with that situation.


    “When someone is touching my tail, it feels like when someone gropes your breasts.” Sergio said as he raised his hands and groped Ellie’s voluptuous breast in the blink of an eye.

    “Au…” When Ellie wanted to say something, Sergio immediately stepped closer and covered Ellie’s mouth instantly.

    “What do you want to say? Do you want to say my real name? Are you stupid!” Sergio frowned as he kept covering Ellie’s mouth with one hand and groping Ellie’s voluptuous breast with his other hand.

    Ellie was stunned. She stared at Sergio with her white round eyes. Not because her breasts were sexually abused by Sergio, but because she did not understand.

    Ellie said ‘au’ because she was surprised by Sergio’s action, not because she wanted to say his real name. Thin could not be helped, Sergio’s real name also started with ‘Au’.


    “You need to be more careful!” Sergio reminded Ellie.

    If a stranger saw what was Sergio did to Ellie, they would have thought that he took advantage of Ellie and sexually harassed her. Especially in a quiet place, somewhere in the woods near Sun Village.

    Furthermore, they might think that Ellie did not mind at all. They might think Ellie was a pervert. Because, although Sergio kept groping her breasts, Ellie was not angry at him and just let him continued to grope them instead.

    “Stupid! What are you doing!” Ellie was startled as she awoke from her thoughts. She immediately covered her breasts and stepped back a few steps as she blushed a little.

    “See! You also didn’t like it when I touched yours.” Sergio laughed out loud, then he turned and continued to go back to Sun Village. He walked and led the way while waving his tail happily.

    Ellie was stunned for a while, and then she awoke and followed Sergio from behind as she said. “Wait for me.”

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  • 0067. B1C52 A Long Day

    0067. Book 1 - Chapter 52: A Long Day

    In Sun Village, within Kate’s house, Ai and the twins sat down in a circle as they were playing with some chestnuts. Because of rain, Kate gave up following Ellie secretly. She could not risk Ai and the twins to get sick.

    “This is for Ai, this one is for me, and this is for Karin.” Karen said as she divided the chestnuts to Ai and Karin. Then, without a pause, she continued to divide the chestnuts among the three of them. “This is for me, this for Ai, and this is for me, this is Karin, and me again.”

    “Karin, this is for you. And this last piece is for me.” Karen smiled widely after she finished dividing the chestnuts equally.

    Shortly later, twenty chestnuts had been divided. The result was Karin got five, Ai got give, and Karen herself got ten.

    “Wait a second! How can you call this equally?!” Ai suddenly rebuked in disapproval. He was not satisfied with the result after Karen divided the chestnuts.

    “Big sis! Why do I and Ai only get five chestnuts for each of us while you alone get ten chestnuts? Do it again!” Karin frowned. She was also not satisfied with Karen.

    “Eh? This is already the second time I divided the chestnuts. Even if we repeat it, the result will remain the same!” Karen complained. She felt tired to repeat and divide the twenty chestnuts for the third time.

    “I agree with Karin. Karen, do it again!” Ai said as he frowned.

    “Fine, give me all of them and I will do it again.” Karen said tiredly as she collected the chestnuts from Ai and Karin.

    Ai and Karin were not satisfied with the amount of the chestnuts that they got after Karen divided the chestnuts. How could each of them get five while Karen alone got ten?

    Ai and Karin felt that they had been deceived by Karen. So, they observed Karen seriously when Karen divided the chestnuts. But, no matter how many times they asked Karen to repeat it, they did not understand why each of them only got five-pieces of chestnuts while Karen got ten-pieces of chestnuts.

    “Look! I will equally divide it again. This is for Ai, for me, Karin, me again, Ai, me, Karin, me…” Karen divided the chestnuts for the fourth time. But, the result was still the same. Ai and Karin got five chestnuts for each of them while Karen herself got ten chestnuts.

    “See, the result is still the same.” Karen snorted a little as she let out a silly smug grin. Although Karen herself did not understand why she got more chestnuts, but she was very satisfied with the result.

    “This is strange. No matter how many times we divided it, the result remains the same. Why I and Ai only get five, while you get ten.” Karin scratched her head in confusion.

    “Hmmm… I wonder where is wrong. How can you get more than us?” Ai asked to Karen. He felt that he had been deceived, but he could not point out the gist of the problem.

    “I don’t know. I just divided it equally.” Karen said in puzzlement. As she did not do it intentionally, she was also confused just like Karin and Ai.

    “Fufufufufu.” Kate could not help but giggled from the side while watching Ai and the twins dividing the chestnuts. As Kate did not know that Karen did not do it in intentionally, she thought Karen was a little mean toward Ai and Karin, but she ignored them because their actions were very amusing.



    In the afternoon, Ellie and Sergio arrived at Sun Village.

    “Finally, we are back! I feel today is very long. Then Pedro, it is time for us to split up. I’m going home.” Sergio said to Ellie as he started to walk toward his house. But, before Sergio could take a step forward, someone raised her hand and grasped his shoulder from behind.

    “Wait, we are not done here. And who the hell is Pedro!” Ellie scowled as she prevented Sergio from leaving.

    “What do you want?” Sergio said as he turned around and stared at Ellie irritably. Then, he continued to say. “You don’t want to be called as a pedophile. So, I shortened it into Pedro to make other people don’t realize that it is from pedophile. Aren't I nice?”

    Sergio smiled while waving his tail happily.

    “Stop your nonsense! You will only make other people confuse if you keep changing my name and call me with different name whenever you feel like to do it! Can’t you just call me Ellie?!” Ellie could only let out a long sigh as she glanced at Sergio in annoyance.

    “Fine. Then Eli, let’s split up. I need to go back and report what we found to my fat… I mean the chieftain.” Sergio immediately rectified his words. He forgot and almost exposed the chieftain’s true identity. Then, Sergio turned and started to walk toward the chieftain’s house.

    But, before he could take a step, Ellie grasped his shoulder and prevented him from leaving as she said. “Wait. We are not done here.”

    Sergio suddenly turned to face Ellie. He stared at Ellie in annoyance.

    “What the hell do you want, Eli! Stop bothering me and go play with the kids, Eli!” Sergio was upset because Ellie kept preventing him from leaving.

    “Do you forget about the red powder in my house?” Ellie asked while raising an eyebrow. She crossed her hands on her chest to express a dissatisfaction toward Sergio, but her actions were not very convincing like someone who was upset because she only made her breasts bulged and puffed up.

    “Did not I already tell you, Eli? It is only herbs for cooking, Eli! That red powder will not affect you or that blue haired kid, Eli.” Sergio said helplessly. He felt tired because Ellie still asked about something that he had told to her before.

    Ellie had a feeling. Her woman intuition told her that Sergio kept make fun of her right now. But, she could not pinpoint what it was.

    Suddenly, Ellie grasped Sergio’s hand. She turned around and walked toward her house while dragging Sergio forcefully. “You are forgetting something in my house. Before you return, I will show you.”

    Ellie only dragged Sergio and did not explain in detail. She planned to make Sergio clean her house. But, Ellie did not reveal it because she was afraid if Sergio fled and escaped.

    “What?” Sergio was startled and confused. He did not understand what Ellie wanted to do to him. So, he could only follow. More precisely, he could only forcibly get dragged by Ellie.



    At Ellie’s house, especially at the corner of Ellie's backyard, Karen was crouching down while digging the ground over there. Beside her, Ai and Karin also crouched down as they helped Karen to dig the ground.

    “Karen, are you sure we can get more chestnuts if we do this?” Ai asked as he continued to dig the ground.

    “Big sis, I’m not sure if it will work.” Karin said to Karen while helping them to dig the ground.

    “I also don’t know. But, big sis Kate told us that a chestnut tree can come out from this tiny chestnut if we bury it under the ground.” Karen stopped digging. Then, she tossed a chestnut into the hole that they had dug together as she said. “If a chestnuts tree will not come out later, we will blame big sister Kate and ask for a compensation.”

    “I don’t understand. How can a large tree come out from a tiny chestnut?” Karin said in puzzlement as she covered the hole with the soil.

    “Me too. I’m completely confused with this world.” Ai said as he helped the twins to cover the hole.

    Shortly later, they were done with their task, the task to plant a chestnut tree.

    The three of them stood up as they continued to look downward at the place where they buried the chestnut seed.

    As Ai had lost his memory, there were a lot of things that he could not understand in this world. Sometimes, part of it was even completely different from what he remembered from the unlocked part of his memory.

    “I feel this world is full of miracles.” Ai said as he kept looking downward. Then, he continued. “Previously, Karen always got more chestnuts than me and Karin when we divided the chestnuts equally. Maybe, a chestnut tree can indeed come out from a tiny chestnut.”

    Ai’s thoughts were very simple. A miracle happened when they divided the chestnuts before, so he hoped he could see more miracles.

    “Hmm!” The twins could only nod in agreement when they heard Ai.

    The three of them were very enthusiastic and eager. They could not wait to see a chestnut tree came out from the ground. But, after they waited for a few minutes, the tree still did not come out.

    “This is strange, is the tree hiding in the ground because we are waiting here?” Ai asked in confusion.

    “What should we do?” Karin asked for advice.

    “Keep waiting and stop talking. Maybe it is just shy and hide because the tree can hear us.” Karen said in a low voice. She did not dare to say loudly because she was afraid her voice would scare the tree.

    “Fufufufu.” Kate could not help but giggled as she watched what the kids did and talked about. Especially when Kate saw their confused and clueless expressions as they stood motionless while waiting the tree to come out from the ground.

    [Ai and the twins are too cute. I can’t believe they believed with what I said. Although I feel a little mean to them, but it is fun to tease them.] Kate thought to herself as she continued to giggle.

    As Ai and the twins were too little to understand a lot of things, Kate tricked them and told them that a chestnut tree would come out if they buried a chestnut in the ground. Meanwhile, Kate herself did not realize, nor did she know that chestnut tree could indeed grow from a chestnut seed if the seed was buried in the ground. Although it still needed a process and took a long day and a long time for the tree to grow, Kate did not realize that her joke was actually the truth.

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    0068. B1C53 Heavy Rainfall

    0068. Book 1 - Chapter 53: Heavy Rainfall

    When Ellie arrived near her house, she saw Kate was standing in her backyard while letting out a giggle from time to time. Out of curiosity, Ellie approached Kate while dragging Sergio.

    At the same time, Ellie could see Ai and the twins were busy with their own activities at the corner of her backyard. Ellie did not know what they played because at this time Ai and the twins were only standing still in a circle while looking downward without moving or talking like a statue. Even the usual energetic Karen did not move an inch.

    “Kate, what do you do in my backyard? And what are Ai and the twins doing over there? Are they secretly putting something over there?” Ellie asked to Kate. Ellie was suspicious to Ai and the twins who were at the corner on her backyard. After all, it was the place where she found a lot of turds previously.

    Ellie suspected Ai and the twins were the one who put the turds over there. She thought they put it again when she left the village and now they did not dare to move because they had been caught red handed.

    “Ah? Big sis, you are back.” Kate turned around as she saw Ellie had stood in front of her.

    “I’m here to watch them playing around. Ai and the twins had buried a chestnut under the ground. And now, they wait for the tree to come out from the ground.” Kate explained while letting out a giggle as she waved her fluffy tail happily. Then, she turned and pointed her finger toward the kids as she continued to say.

    “Look! They are very funny and cute. They think the tree is afraid to come out if they make any sound. So, they stopped moving and talking while waiting the tree to come out.” Kate could not stop giggling as she explained what had happened to Ellie.

    But suddenly, Kate stopped her giggle when she heard Sergio’s voice.

    “Eh, that corner? Isn’t that where I fell around two weeks ago? The place that I cleaned a day after that?” Sergio said casually. He remembered that he had slipped and covered with excrement at that corner.

    Kate was startled when she saw Sergio stepped forward and then stood beside Ellie. Her smiley face instantly turned into perplexed face. She only stared at Sergio in silence. But, when Kate saw Ellie were holding hands with Sergio, her expression changed again.

    At the same time, Ellie said to Sergio. “Yeah. I thought they put some turds over there.”

    Kate was completely dumbfounded and dropped her jaw.

    [What actually happened with them after they left until they came back with holding their hand together?] Kate thought to herself as she could only stare at Ellie and Sergio with her wide open mouth.

    “Kate? What happens to you?” Ellie asked. She tapped Kate’s cheek a few times.

    “Big sis, this time you need to be honest with me.” Kate paused for a moment. She needed to harden herself before asking Ellie about her assumption. The assumption of Ellie and Sergio were actually a pair of lovers.

    “Why are the two of you holding hands? I always think that you actually hide something from me. What are you hiding from me?” Kate asked to Ellie and Sergio without hesitation anymore. At this time, Kate wanted to know what Ellie and Sergio’s excuse after Kate caught them red-handed when they came back together while holding hands.

    Kate wanted to satisfy her curiosity from a long time ago, but Ellie always evaded to give her a clear answer. But now, Kate could be bold and persisted to ask for an explanation.

    “Eh? What are you talking about? I’m not hiding anything. Right, Sergio?” Ellie was panicked.

    “Yeah right! I and Pedro don’t hide anything. Not even a single thing. I’m also not the one who put some turds over there. But, your big sister might be the one who took a poop over there. After all, this is her backyard.” Sergio said in panic.

    “Hoi! Who the hell is Pedro! And I have never done it!” Ellie retorted in a low voice.

    Ellie and Sergio were flustered and panicked. They could only let out a silly looking smile as they stared at Kate. How could Ellie and Sergio not in panic? Because of some reasons, Ellie and Sergio always hid their true identities in their daily lives since they lived in Sun Village. They even concealed their real name and their true identities!

    “Like I thought! Both of you are actually lovers. The two of you secretly hide the fact that you are a couple. Aren’t I right?” Kate raised an eyebrow. She was pretty sure with her assumption after seeing their weird behaviors.

    ““What!!!”” Ellie and Sergio were shocked. They could only blink their eyes a few times as they stared at Kate in confusion.

    “If you are not lovers, why did big sis never get angry for real to Sergio? And why did Sergio keep teasing big sis from time to time? Wait, don’t tell me! Are the two of you actually a married couple?” Kate suddenly dropped a bomb that made Ellie and Sergio completely speechless.

    But, at the same time, Ellie and Sergio felt relieved because Kate had misunderstood. They thought Kate had known about their true identities. But evidently, Kate just thought that they were a couple.

    “You had been mistaken about that. How can I love him if he is actually a gi… Ick!” Before Ellie finished saying something, Sergio immediately smacked Ellie’s plump rounded buttocks with his tail.

    “Hey! What are you doing!” Ellie immediately turned as she glared at Sergio furiously.

    “Did you forget? I’m a man!” Sergio whispered to Ellie.

    “Gick? What is gick? Actually, what is your relationship? Why don’t you just tell me the truth?” Kate asked.

    “We are just friends. Nothing more, nothing less.” Sergio said to Kate as he tried to put on his best smile.

    “Then, why are the two of you keep holding hands?” Of course Kate did not believe with Sergio. She persisted to get the real answer from them.

    “Hey! You’re right!” Sergio turned his head and then looked at Ellie.

    “What do you want with me? Why do you keep holding my hand? Let me tell you beforehand, I don’t want to clean your poop anymore! If there are some turds at your backyard, you need to clean it yourself!” Sergio said firmly.

    “No, it’s not that. You still need to clean my house! Do you think I will let you escape while I clean my house alone?” Ellie finally revealed her intention at this point and told Sergio to clean the red powder in her house.

    “What? You did it in your house? Why did you poop in your house! It will be really smell if you wanted to sleep later! Are you stupid? I don’t want to clean it! It’s your poop after all!” Sergio frowned as he stared at Ellie in disgust. He could not believe Ellie lost her mind and defecated in her house.

    Ellie said with annoyance. “Stop your nonsense! I’m talking about the red powder! You need to clean it!”

    “BAH!! It must be your pretext! You only said that to trick me and then told me to clean your poop after I agree to help you! You need to clean your own poop! Why do I need to help you?” Sergio completely did not believe with Ellie.

    “What the hell had you talked about!! What if someone really thought that I poop in my house!!!” Ellie was very angry. At the same time, she was also very embarrassed.

    Then, Ellie and Sergio bickered and quarreled in the backyard as Kate kept insisting to ask about their relationship. Meanwhile, the kids still continued their activities. As the kids were too excited to wait the tree to come out from the ground, they did not realize of the commotion near them.


    In the evening, Ellie and Sergio finally finished cleaning Ellie’s house. Since there was a lot of red powder scattered everywhere within Ellie’s house, they needed a lot of time to clean up every cranny in the house. At the same time, rain started to fall again.

    “It rains again! Eli, I need to go back and report what we had found to the chieftain.” Sergio said as he already ran toward the chieftain’s house under the rain without waiting Ellie’s reply.

    “Ok. And thanks.” Ellie replied shortly. Then, she hurriedly went to the backyard and shouted. “Ai, come here and go inside.”

    “Karen, Karin, let’s go back.” Kate was panicked. She dragged Karen and Karin to return into their house in hurry because she needed to prepare the bucket and put it under the leaky roof in her house.


    Around midnight, within Kate’s house.

    As the rain continued to fall and the roof in their house leaked, Kate did not sleep because she needed to continue replacing the bucket that would be filled with rain water at any time.

    Suddenly, Karen woke up as she saw Kate still stayed up.

    “Big sis, why don't you sleep?” Karen asked to Kate with her drowsy eyes.

    “Karen, I will sleep soon.” Kate said gently.

    “Why the sky doesn’t stop peeing?” Karen kept asking with her drowsy eyes.

    “Just continue to sleep.” Kate smiled as she stroked Karen’s head gently.

    Although Kate teased Karen and Karin in the afternoon, Kate still loved her sisters. She did not ask the twins to take turns to stay up and replace the bucket, but sacrificed her sleeping time to let Karen and Karin could sleep through the night instead.

    At the same time, at Ellie’s house, Ellie was standing at the front door.

    “This is bad.” Ellie frowned. She could feel the demonic energy started approaching the village.

    Meanwhile, at Sergio’s house, Sergio was standing at the front door.

    “I know I should kill that damn crow! After that stupid crow came here, something bad always happened one after another.” Sergio could also feel the demonic energy. He always thought Dark Crow as a dark omen and something that brought a bad luck.

    “I already told you to change your manner. Do you want me to kick you out again? If you kept acting like that, you can sleep under the rain in the yard!” The chieftain came over and rebuked Sergio.

    “Father, aren’t you too cruel toward your daughter?” Sergio asked in a low voice while looking downward as he did not dare to looked at the chieftain.

    Sergio had just been allowed to come into the house after the chieftain punished him to stand under the rain for few hours. Clearly, he did not want to sleep under the rain for the rest of the night.

    “If necessary, I don’t mind to punish you. I have been telling you to act like a princess from your childhood, but what do you do? Do you act like one?” The chieftain rebuked without hesitation. Then, he continued. “Not only you don’t act like you supposed to be, but you keep making a lot of trouble, you even revealed your true form before! What if someone knew about our real identities?”

    The chieftain was greatly disappointed with Sergio’s demeanor.

    “Please forgive me. I will not do it again.” Sergio said in a low voice as he kept looking downward.

    After a few hours, the rain still continued to fall and did not stop, but increased densely and heavily instead. It even continued through the night and flooded the woods and the village. This situation made the infected area that had been filled with demonic energy expanded wider and wider because the rainwater only accelerated the spread of the demonic energy.

    I added more jokes in this chapter on Feb 14. So, if you read it at Inkitt before, you might want to reread it.
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  • 0069. B1SS3 A & B = P

    0069. Book 1 - Side Story 3: A & B = P

    Fur ball: “Hello everyone! We meet again after a long time. Time passed in the blink of an eye, and before we realize, we have already reached the end of the arc two. So, because we reach the end of the arc two, I thought it will be nice to tell everyone about it before we start the arc three. Anyway, did you miss…”

    Tiny existence: “Hey, fur ball. We are here too you know. Why didn’t you introduce us too? Hello everyone, do you miss me? Finally, after twenty-nine chapters, we meet again.”

    Fur ball: “Hey, it’s not nice to interrupt me!”

    Tiny existence: “No one misses you anyway. So, why bother asking? If you…”

    Slime: “And I’m here too.”

    Tiny existence: “Hey! Don’t interrupt me when I’m talking!”

    Slime: “Eh? I don’t know about that. Suddenly, I talked on my own without my control.”

    Fur ball: “Hahahahaha!!”

    Tiny existence: “That fur ball must do it on pur…”

    Slime: “Oh! Nice! My name changed back to normal!”

    Fur ball: “Hahahahaha!!”

    Tiny existence: “Hey! Eh? Now, that you mentioned about your name. Hey, fur ball! Why did you change my name into something else? If you do that, the reader will not able to know who I am. Btw, to reader, I’m B**”

    Fur ball: “Take that!”

    Slime: “Hahahahaha!! It got censored!”

    Slime: “Stop using me for your revenge! And my name isn’t Slime, it is A**!”

    Fur ball: “Take that!”

    Slime: “Why did you censor it? What if people think that it is ass?”

    Tiny existence: “HOI!! You want to fight! What if people think that mine is butt?”

    Fur ball: “Bring it on! Take this cat punch!”



    Please wait a moment while we receive some difficulties.



    Zet: “Because of an accident happened before this, and due to master is angry and refuses to talk at the moment, I will become a representative. You can call me Zet.”

    Tiny existence: “Sigh… That fur ball scratched me furiously. Now, what should I do? Because the scratch on my face, what if people think I look like Naruto. Do you think we are still alright if we continue this discussion? We can get DMCA you know!”

    Slime: “Don’t lie! How can you look like him if your hair color is black? Narcissist!!”


    Zet: “Master said if you lot don’t stop that, I will change the guests and make both of you disappear from this chapter. And master also said even if everyone doesn’t know how you look like because this is just a novel, or who the hell is Naruto, or what is DMCA, you need to avoid some potential problems. So, stop mentioning about a character from another story. Master also said that because I’m still mad, you can continue this session with Zet.”

    Slime: “That single ‘meow’ has a lot of meaning? How is that even possible?”

    Meow!! Wow!! Grrrr!! Caw!! Meow!! Oow!!

    Zet: “Master said, yes.”

    Slime: “But, that’s a lot of ‘meow’! Is it only yes?”

    Zet: “The rest is only a war cry.”

    Slime: “This’s beyond ridiculous!”

    Tiny existence: “Wait, wait, I already feel my existence becomes tinier and tinier as the story progress. If you make me disappear, the reader will completely forget about my existence. What if a popularity poll suddenly came out and no one chose me because they have already forgotten about me? It will be terrible if no one remembers about the MC!”

    Slime: “Don’t you realize that this is just a lame novel. Popularity poll? Who want to do it?!”

    Zet: “Indeed. I start to think that no one read this novel. Master even planned to discontinue this novel.”

    Fur ball: “T-T”

    Tiny existence: “What!!! Although, this is just a lame novel, maybe someday it got adapted to animation and people start doing some popularity polls.”

    Slime: “Hmm… because you mentioned about MC, I just remembered something.”

    Tiny existence: “Hey, don’t ignore me!”

    Slime: “I have some questions. Usually, the MC in the novel, manga or anime, the MC usually knows everything or good to clear every problem. Although not every story has that kind of MC, at least, the MC in a story is usually the most prominent. But, in this story, I don’t even know anymore who is the MC.”

    Tiny existence: “Why did you ask something that is so obvious. The MC? Of course it is me. Who else?

    Tiny existence: “Like a good MC, I have been acting properly in the story. Everyone else are a pervert, but I didn’t even care about Kate’s underwear when Karen showed it to me.”

    Slime: “It’s because you just haven’t remembered about your memory. Furthermore, it’s still unknown if you’re actually that blue haired kid or not.”

    Zet: “Yes, it’s right! Don’t underestimate how cat's mind works. As far as I know, the servant actually had been planned to be a side character, but he had appeared for the whole arc two. The servant even has a name and secret identity as a dragon princess!”

    Tiny existence: “What!! Really!! I’m not the MC although I already maintained my image?”

    Slime: “Did you forget what you said in SS2? Who had said that he loves boobs because his name is boob at that time? Who peeked at Ellie and wanted to confirm if Ellie wears anything or not at the end of B1C21? Is this how you maintained your image?”

    Tiny existence: “Eh? I don’t know what you talked about. Don’t defame my reputation. This is the first time I appeared. That person you talked about clearly is not me because my name is Tiny existence.”

    Slime: “And don’t forget that you have been overshadowed by the twins from time to time. Furthermore, in the arc two, the story focused at the relationship between Ellie and the servant. The servant even got appearances for more than half the time of the entire arc two.”

    Tiny existence: “So the MC is not me? How is that possible?!”


    Zet: “Master said, before we close this side story session, do the two of you have anything more to say? If not, I want to take a nap.”

    Tiny existence: “Wait! We barely do any talk at all. Why did you suddenly want to close this session? More time! I demand an extension and an answer! Don’t ignore us!”



    Zet: “Sigh… What should we do now? Master is already sleeping. Should we talk about the title of this chapter?”

    Slime: “A & B = P. What is that?”

    Zet: “I don’t know. Master did not tell me anything.”

    Tiny existence: “Then, what if we talk and try to find out about the MC in this story on our own?”

    Slime: “Well, the MC in this story is still unclear for now, so we can only wait until the story progresses a little further.”

    Zet: “Did not you mention, the story in arc two focuses at the relationship between Ellie and the servant? The servant and Ellie are the one that the most prominent in arc two. Maybe the MC is the servant or Ellie. And don’t think perversely because I was not talking about their boobs when I mentioned about the most prominent. I’m not a pervert like the tiny existence.”

    Tiny existence: “Eh? Tiny existence? Who is that?”


    Tiny existence: “But in prologue and arc one, the MC is me. The servant only appeared after that. And the servant had been covered with a poop not long after he appeared. What kind of MC is that?”

    Slime: “Hey, don’t ignore me.”

    Zet: “Don’t forget, master also frequently makes fun of you two from time to time. It’s not a surprised if the real MC faces shameful moments from time to time.”

    Slime: “Maybe, every chapter has different MC. But, it’s clear that the MC is not you.”

    Zet: “Of course not.”

    Slime: “I was not talking about you!!”

    Tiny existence: “Hey, I suddenly remembered something when you talked about the focus of the arc two. Maybe the MC in arc two is not the servant or Ellie, but something else.”

    Slime: “Huh? Do you make a mistake when you mentioned something? It should be someone right? And Ellie is perfectly suitable as the candidate. She is perfect to be called as MC because she stands out the most every time.”

    Tiny existence: “Ellie is pedo and pervert who likes to expose her body! She is definitely not suitable to become the MC.  And I didn’t misspeak when I said something.”

    Zet: “What do you mean?”

    Tiny existence: “Like the servant and Ellie, there is something else that has a lot of appearances in arc two.”

    Slime: “Nonsense! You just made it up because you can’t accept if someone else takes the position of MC.”

    Tiny existence: “Fine. I will not mention it. But, aren’t you curious about what I found out?”

    Slime: “Fine! Tell us about it.”

    Tiny existence: “The MC is poop.”

    Slime: “Nonsense! How could you speak absolute nonsense?”

    Tiny existence: “But, you can’t deny that poop has been mentioned several times in arc two. It even has a special appearance in arc one. And now, I just mentioned it.”

    Slime: “If it has only been mentioned several times, how could you say the MC is poop! You are just jealous!”

    Tiny existence: “But, if you think outside the box. It also has a lot of appearance in arc two. For example, when the servant appeared, it also appeared not long after that.”

    Slime: “That’s not enough prove!”

    Tiny existence: “Then, how about the banana? And how about the person who stepped on it? I mean the crow. Don’t you realize that poop had been secretly mentioned from time to time?”

    Slime: “Your argument is invalid because it did not appear more than the servant and Ellie! The story in arc two clearly tells the relationship between Ellie and the servant.”

    Tiny existence: “Then, how about demon dust? The story in arc two also narrated about the demon dust. From the start, it had been mentioned as a present. Until the end of story, the effect of demon dust continued to be mentioned.”

    Slime: “Ok. I admit the story in arc two narrated of the relationship between Ellie and the servant, it also narrated about demon dust. But, I asked about why you said poop as the MC. Why did you suddenly change the subject and talk about the demon dust?”

    Tiny existence: “If you think about it carefully, something that comes out from a demon can produce demonic energy. For example, the blood. Aren’t I right?”

    Slime: “It’s true. Because I’m a demon lord, I’m fully aware about this information. But, I don’t understand what you wanted to talk about. Don’t talk in circle.”

    Tiny existence: “Then, what about demon poop? Can demon poop also produce demonic energy?”

    Slime: “It is not enough to generate demonic energy like demon dust. And, some demons don’t need to defecate.”

    Zet: “I see. So, the whole story in arc two is narrated about poop?”

    Slime: “What? Why did you say that? Demon dust is made from something that had been discharged by special creature from Demon World.”

    Tiny existence: “From human being point of view, something solid that had been discharged by the body is called as a poop. And demon dust is clearly not a liquid or gas!”

    Slime: “Ahh!!!”

    Tiny existence: “Hahahahah!! I am right, aren’t I?”

    Slime: “Stop dancing! You are annoying!”

    Zet: “I see. Now I just understood the meaning of the title.”

    Tiny existence & Slime: “Eh?”

    Slime: “NUOOOOO!!!”

    Tiny existence: “Dammit! Change it! I’m not equal to it!”

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  • 0070. B1C54 The Beginning

    0070. Book 1 - Chapter 54: The Beginning

    After the rain continued to fall throughout the night, finally, the rain had stopped at the dawn.

    As the rain had stopped and the sun rose to illuminate the village, the mixture of the demon dust that had been dissolved by the rainwater had been scattered and flooded everywhere until it reached the surrounding area.

    One of the areas, was Sun Village!

    And the mixture even flooded and mixed together with the soil within the village!

    Because of the heavy rain last night, this mixture had completely spread within village. It had been absorbed into the ground and constantly generating demonic energy from time to time. This situation made Sun Village had been engulfed by this terrifying demonic energy.

    At this time, only few people were aware about this terrible situation. Most of the villagers did not know about the existence of this demonic energy. Due to their low strength level and their weak body, a lot of villagers within the village could not even feel this demonic energy.

    As for the worse part, although the mixture of the demon dust had been dissolved and mixed together with the rainwater, the effects of the demon dust were not weakened in the slightest.

    No wonder Sergio was very angry and intended to kill Dark Crow when he found out about the culprit behind this calamity.

    Demon dust could bring a disaster if it was used incorrectly. Just from a tiny bottle of a low grade demon dust, the village experienced a massive destruction! Well, to be precise, a diarrhea. And the destruction? Happened in their ass!

    But, it was only for the weak. No matter in what world, only the weak would suffer through live!

    This day was the first day. The beginning of the disaster. Especially for the weak villagers who lived within Sun Village.


    No matter how dark the situation, the light would always be there to engulf the darkness. Like two sides of a coin coexisting with one another!

    On the bright side, because most of the villagers in Sun Village were demi-human, and the only human being who lived within Sun Village had reached intermediate stage practitioner, there was no death occurred within the village.

    In fact, even if a human being had not reached intermediate stage practitioner but had particular affinity in their body, that affinity would greatly reduce the negative effect of this demonic energy. For example, light affinity or dark affinity.

    For human who had light affinity, the effect what they received would be likely similar like when demi-human received it!

    Meanwhile, dark affinity would completely negate the negative effect of this demonic energy. Too bad it was almost impossible for human being to be born with dark affinity. Although not impossible, but the chance was close to zero.


    In the morning within Sun Village, when the villagers woke up from their sleep and then came out from their house to carry out their respective activities as usual, they could feel something different.

    Other than disaster, like two sides of a coin, this terrible situation also brought a benefit toward the villagers.

    The villagers felt that their body grew stronger as they felt more energetic than usual!

    Because mixed blood being such as a demi-human had demon blood running in their veins, the villagers who lived within Sun Village would also get the benefit from this demonic energy. But, unlike a demon who would receive a great benefit with negligible side effects when they stayed within this demonic energy, the villagers would receive a little side effect at later time.

    As they did not know why this situation could happen to them, they were very happy with this situation, the situation when Sun Village had been shrouded by this demonic energy.

    These bunches of clueless villagers were very pleased with this disaster!

    Meanwhile, within Ellie’s house.

    “This demonic energy within the village comes from low grade demon dust. It can kill a beginner stage human practitioner and make no rank demi-human practitioner poisoned and suffering from diarrhea.” Ellie explained about the demonic energy within the village, the effect of a low grade demon dust to Ai and the three squirrel sisters. She also did not forget to explain about the imperceptible demonic energy that engulfed the entire village right now.

    Kate was surprised after she heard Ellie’s explanation. She wanted to say something, but her voice was stuck in her throat. Due to many things that she wanted to express, she was confused to ask from where.

    Meanwhile, Ellie continued to explain and forbade them to leave her house. “Although you can’t see anything or feel anything, it will be very dangerous if you stay in the outside for a long time. So, for the time being, don’t play outside. Especially Karen and Karin.”

    Ellie turned and looked at Karen seriously with a frown in her brows. She thought inside of her mind. [This little one was the ringleader of the group, I will smack your head if you don’t listen to me this time!]

    “Eh why? I didn’t do anything bad!” Karen immediately protected her head with her furry little hands because of her squirrel instinct told her that her head was in danger!

    “Don’t stare at me like you want to hit my head.” Karen stared pitifully at Ellie. Of course Karen could not hear what Ellie had thought. But, she somehow felt Ellie wanted to hit her.

    “Aunty White, we can’t play outside? Why?” Ai asked Ellie with his curious little eyes. He did not understand Ellie’s explanation and could only blink his eyes a few times in confusion.

    “Why?” Karin tailed. She looked very sad while hugging her fluffy tail.

    “Eh?? Didn’t I already explain the reason?” Ellie was flabbergasted. She could only scratch her head and thought how to explain it until the kids understood about the danger.

    “Yeah why! Explain it clearly! I want to play in the woods right now!” Karen demanded while raising her little fist in protest. But, she immediately closed her eyes while protecting her head when she saw Ellie moved her hand.


    Ellie did not smack Karen’s head. But, she touched her head and stroking it gently.

    “Eh? No smack?! I’m already protecting my head right now. Where is the smack?” Karen murmured as she opened one of her eyes and peeked a little. Then, she said in a sad voice. “It’s not fair. I always get smacked when I'm unprepared.”

    Ellie explained the danger of the demonic energy once again…

    Shortly after Ellie finished her explanation, Kate frantically suggested to Ellie. “Big sis, you should leave this village immediately. I don’t want something happens to you because of this demonic energy.”

    Kate was very anxious when she thought something would happen to Ellie because of this demonic energy. In panic, she had completely forgotten that Ellie had reached intermediate stage practitioner, even though Ellie already explained it before.

    Sometimes, even the smartest people in this group would not able to think with a clear head when their loved one faced a danger.

    “Hahahaha! Kate, don’t worry about me. Do you forget that I have reached intermediate stage practitioner? This demonic energy will not affect me in the slightest.” Ellie could not help but felt warm in her heart. She was very touched.

    “But, we better prepare for the worst. It will be great if we flee and evacuate to another place for the time being. Big sis, I don’t want anything happen to you later.” Kate insisted. The thoughts of losing Ellie already made Kate wanted to cry. Currently, she stared at Ellie with her teary eyes.

    Ai and the twins were also anxious and became restless when they thought something would happen to Ellie because of this demonic energy. In fact, due to they were still little kids, Ai and the twins did not really understand about Ellie’s explanation.

    But, after seeing Kate’s expression, they wanted to cry.

    The twins stared at Ellie with their teary eyes, meanwhile, Ai had already sobbed like a baby.

    Unlike Kate and the twins who lived separated with Ellie, Ai was the one that was very terrified and effected by the thought of something would happen to Ellie.

    Without any relative, losing his memory, and because he lived with Ellie every day, Ai had already thought Ellie as his parent. Or, maybe as his big sister.

    Although Ai himself didn’t aware of this fact, nor did he understand about what he thought of Ellie, he had already regarded Ellie as one of his relatives.

    “Ai, you don’t need to worry about me.” Ellie immediately crouched down and hugged Ai.

    Ellie kissed Ai’s cheek before she continued to say.

    “Not only I have reached intermediate stage practitioner, don’t forget that I also have light affinity. Even if I’m not a practitioner, this demonic energy will not be able to kill me because of my affinity will greatly reduce the negative effect. I’m the one that should be worried about you.” Ellie reassured Ai. She gently stroked his head to comfort him as she kissed Ai’s cheek a few more times.

    Meanwhile, the squirrel sisters sadly stared at Ellie with a pouting expression.

    Maybe, they were worried…

    Maybe, they were sad because Ellie didn’t want to leave…

    Maybe, they were jealous and want a kiss too?

    Or, all of it?

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  • 0071. B1C55 The Cure

    0071. Book 1 - Chapter 55: The Cure

    Shortly later, Ellie explained about the benefit of this demonic energy after she was able to soothe Ai.

    Ellie told them that the demonic energy was like a supplement that worked to speed up the training period for any demon being. She also told them about what would happen if demi-human trained their body within this demonic energy. “Although this demonic energy also helps demi-human to speed up their training speed, they would receive the negative effect or a drawback later. So, for the time being, it will be better to avoid going out.”

    Then, Ellie looked at Ai and said seriously. “Especially Ai, because you are very weak, it will be better to live inside of my house until this demonic energy has completely gone.”

    “This demonic energy can help me to speed up my training? Isn’t this a perfect opportunity for me?” Ai ignored Ellie as he repeated Ellie’s words in a low voice. Then, he turned and looked at Ellie seriously.

    “Aunty white, can I get stronger faster if I train within this demonic energy?” Ai asked to Ellie. He wanted to confirm it once again.

    “Yes, you can.” Ellie nodded. Then, she continued to explain.

    “Because your body circumstances were similar with water type demon, at most you will only suffer from diarrhea. But I think, it is still better if you don’t go outside and just stay in my house for the time being.” Ellie said in worry while stroking Ai’s head affectionately. Clearly, she was very afraid if something happened to Ai.

    “I had decided! Aunty white, I will train within this demonic energy.” Ai said firmly as he stared deeply into Ellie’s eyes.

    “But, what if something happens to you?” Ellie said in worry. Because of his weak body, Ellie ignored the fact that Ai was a water-type demi-human. She even ignored the fact that Ai’s body structure was very close to a water-type demon being.

    Usually, any water-type demi-human would have a special characteristic in their body that resembled a water creature. Like scales, or gills, or tentacles. But, at Ai’s body, there was no characteristic like that. Furthermore, the characteristic of a creature which had full water body was only a water demon. Adding with his blue blood, Ai was perfectly like a demon being!

    “It won't. Don’t forget that I am a water-type demi-human.” Ai reminded. He had decided to become stronger.

    “I promise to you that I will become stronger. Please, do not forbid me to do that.” Ai begged to Ellie.

    Two days ago, Ai had already decided to get stronger. He swore to become stronger so he could protect Ellie. He even swore to make Ellie happy and promised to marry her. If Ai did not use this time and kept living under Ellie’s wings, how could he keep his promise?

    At the same time, Ellie was startled. Her beautiful eyes widened in the blink of an eye.

    When Ellie heard Ai wanted to become stronger, and when she felt Ai’s unwavering and determined spirit, she remembered about what happened two days ago.

    Ellie remembered, two days ago, at night, Ai caressed her check and promised to get stronger so he could protect her and made her happy. He even promised to marry her.

    Ellie could not help but felt sentimental, her eyes started to moist.

    “Then, I will train with you. I will accompany you and we can train together.” Karen said firmly while looking at Ai. Then, she continued to say while clenching her fist in front of her chest. “Today, I will conquer that stupid training method.”

    Karen still remembered. Yesterday, she could not complete the training menu that Ellie gave to them. Even if it was only ten push-ups, ten sit-ups, and then followed with ten squats, she could only do half of them when she combined the breathing technique with the training menu. So, she wanted to do it again properly and completed it flawlessly.

    “Then, I will also train with you. Previously, it’s good that Ai could escape unscathed from the boar even after his arm had been almost torn off. But, I and big sis could only watch it to happen. I did not want it to happen again. I want to get stronger so I can protect you!” Karin decided to train together with Ai and Karen.

    “Hmm!!” Karen nodded in agreement. Then, she continued. “Previously, I peed in my pants. Next time, I will pee on that stupid boar head!”

    “Hmm. I will help you!” Ai nodded as he decided to pee on the boar head too.

    “Hmm. Me too!” Karin added.

    Ai, Karen, and Karin, had their own desire to become stronger. They wanted to have the ability to protect their loved ones, and also to pee on the boar head…

    “If you three did that, I will smack your head.” On the side, Kate was trying to hold her chuckles as she threatened Ai and the twins.

    ““EH!! WHY!!”” The three kids were confused.

    “Let’s forget that. Now, we will train together.” Ellie smiled as she also tried to hold her laugh.

    “I will watch you, observe you, and give you some pointers when you train with my technique.” Finally, Ellie gave up and allowed them to train within the demonic energy. Because Ellie knew Ai and the twins were demi-human, and they would not die even if they stayed within the demonic energy, Ellie could not stop them and their desire to get stronger.

    “But big sis, what if something happens to them.” Kate asked to Ellie. She was still worried about the kids.

    “Don’t worry. I had already made the cure. Oh right, I completely forgot about it.” Ellie took out two bottles from her clothes, more precisely, from her cleavage.


    Previously, Aurora also took out a bottle of aphrodisiac from her cleavage, and now, Ellie also did it too. That place was certainly filled with too many mysteries.

    How could narrow and cramped place like that keep and store an item? In fact, it was two in Ellie's case. Remember, that place had already packed with ample bosoms. Was that place actually a dimensional space? Maybe it was a treasure room? Or maybe a space bag? Dimensional pocket in the chest? Like the one that the blue and white colored cat had on its belly?

    Maybe one day, there was someone who could take out a steel pipe, spear or maybe even a broadsword from there? But, this would be another story at another time.


    “I’m glad you asked. If not, it will be terrible if the twins start to get affected by this demonic energy while I forgot to hand these to you.” Unknowingly to the kids, Ellie had already made the cure when she felt the demonic energy approaching the village last night.

    Ellie passed the bottles to Kate. These two bottles were crystal clear, with clear water inside of it. Ellie did not forget to instruct Kate how to use it. “Kate, take this bottle, and give it to the twins so they can drink it later when they start to feel sick.”

    Kate took the bottles and kept it inside of her clothes. She guarded it like it was the most precious and important thing in this world. She even completely forgot that Ellie only gave her two bottles. That’s mean, there was no portion for her.

    But, it did not mean that Ellie had forgotten about Kate’s portion. In fact, Ellie completely understood the effects of demon dust. Low grade demon dust could kill beginner stage human practitioner and made no rank demi-human practitioner poisoned and suffering from diarrhea.

    Because Ellie knew Kate’s strength had already reached beginner stage practitioner, she knew the demonic energy would not affect Kate in the slightest.

    The ones at risk from the aftereffect of this demonic energy were no rank demi-human. They included Ai, the twins, and some villagers within Sun Village.

    “What is that? What is that?” Suddenly, there was a sound rang out from below.

    Ellie could feel someone hugging and shaking her thigh.

    “Karen, it is the cure if you start to feel sick. Remember to drink it when you start to feel strange and has been affected by a diarrhea.” Ellie looked down as she patted Karen’s head and explained it tenderly.

    “Then, give it to me. I will drink it immediately!” Karen said firmly. She fully trusted Ellie and never doubted that Ellie would not give something bad to her. Although she could not understand why she needed to drink it, or what was it, she would do it as long as Ellie told her.

    “It will only be effective when you start to feel pain and drink it. If not, it will be completely useless if you drink it right away.” Ellie could not help but let out a smile. Especially when Ellie saw Karen’s clueless face. Furthermore, Karen kept making the character of ‘?’ with her tail while asking what was a diarrhea after that.

    “Then, how about me? Aunty white, you did not give anything to me?” Suddenly, Ai asked.

    “Eh?” Ellie immediately turned to look at Ai.

    Why did Ellie only give two bottles? Did she forget about Ai?

    “Hahahahahaha.” Ellie laughed loudly. Meanwhile, everyone else was confused when they looked at Ellie.

    “Ai, what are you worried about? Don’t forget that you live with me. I can always give you the cure if something happened to you later. I gave the cure to Kate because I am worried if something will happen later at night, especially when we’re not live together.” Ellie crouched down and patted Ai’s head.

    “Oh. I see. I thought you forgot about me again.” Ai could not help but let out a silly laugh.

    “Of course not.” Ellie said shortly.

    After that, Ellie led the kids to her backyard and trained them patiently, while sometimes, giving some pointers to the kids.

    To avoid potential problems, also because of her love toward children, Ellie observed them very meticulously and paid attention to their condition.

    But, unlike usual, they did not go to the river after their training session. Because Ellie was still afraid if something would happen to the kids when they left the village, she forbade them to go outside the village. And, although Kate was somewhat uncomfortable with the sweat after the training session, she still agreed with Ellie’s decision willingly.

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  • 0072. B1C56 The Sickness

    0072. Book 1 - Chapter 56: The Sickness

    At the same day; at night; inside of Kate’s house.

    Kate finally could sleep soundly. But, in the middle of her sleep, she heard someone calling her name.

    “Big sis, big sis, wake up, wake up.” Karen’s voice rang out faintly.

    “Wake up, wake up.” Immediately followed by Karin’s voice.

    “Hmm? What happens?” Kate felt somebody shaking her body. Although she was dead tired because she had not gotten a wink of sleep yesterday, adding with today training, she could not help to force herself to wake up.

    ““Big sis.”” The twins called Kate with their weak voice.

    Currently, the twins started at Kate with their sweaty pale face while shaking Kate’s body without any energy. A lot of beads of sweat could be seen from their face. Their pink cheeks and cherry lips had lacked its luster and been turned into pale color. Their tail and their ears were also dropped down because lack of energy. Their appearance looked like someone who was seriously ill, or like a bleeding person without energy who nearly entering the death door.

    Kate tried to sit up as she heard Karen and Karin called her name with their faint voice.

    “Karen, Karin, are you alright? What happened to both of you?” Kate eye widened in the blink of an eye. Her sleepiness instantly vanished when she saw her beloved twin little sisters were holding their stomach while wincing in pain while their face was pale and full of a lot beads of sweat.

    “Big sis, my tummy is hurt. I need to go poop. I want to go poop. Please help me, carry me to go outside.” Karen closed her eyes while trying her hardest to hold the pain. She held her butt with one hand while shaking Kate’s body with her other hand.

    Immediately followed with Karin’s voice. “Big sis, me too, me too.”

    When Kate heard the twins wanted to go to poop, she remembered about what Ellie said to her before. ‘Remember, only let them drink this when they started to feel sick.’

    “What?! Wait, wait. I’ll take the cure.” Kate immediately jumped from the bed and moved to nearby table to take the cure.

    “Big sis, I can’t hold it anymore. It’ll come out! It’ll come out.” Still closed her eyes, Karen held her butt with both of her hands and tried her hardest to not let it out. Her face had been filled with a lot beads of cold sweat.

    “Big sis.” Like Karen, Karin also did the same thing. She could only call Kate faintly with her face full of sweat.

    “Wait, wait. Don’t you dare to poop! Here drink this!” Kate was very panic. She immediately opened the bottle and helped the twins to drink the cure.

    If the twins really pooped in their pants, then Kate would be the one who needed to wash their pants tomorrow. Furthermore, Kate would need to sleep with a stench of poop smell throughout the night. Adding with her exceptional sense of smell… Of course Kate did not want to sleep in such awful condition!

    Shortly later; not long after the twins drank the cure, the pain in their stomach went away at a fast pace. At the same time, their pale face gradually returned to their normal face and gained its luster.

    “Fiuuhh… I almost pooped in my pants!” Karen wiped the sweat on her forehead and let out a long sigh of relief.

    “This is strange. My tummy is not hurt anymore.” Karin looked at her stomach and stroked it. She could not believe the painful feeling from before had been vanished completely.

    “Sigh.” Kate sighed a little. She was very glad that she could avoid a certain disaster.

    “Karen, Karin, why didn’t you drink the cure on the table when you started to feel sick?” Kate asked casually.

    At the same time, Kate was slightly confused. The distance between the bed and the table was not too far. Even if Karen started to feel sick, she could take the cure and drank it herself. Why did she need to wake Kate in the middle of the night?

    “Eh? I forgot!” Karen replied as she scratched her head while laughing loudly. Then she continued to say. “Before this, I happily smacked Aunty White’s head. Then Aunty White asked me to stop and apologized, and then she promised me that she would bring a lot of chestnuts if I stopped smacking her head. And then, and then… Ummm…”

    Karen scratched her head as she tried to remember about what happened before. Of course what she told was only her dream.

    “Eh?” Before Kate could ask about Karen’s explanation, Kate could faintly guess that Karen told her about her dream.

    “Ah! After Aunty White went back, she brought a lot of chestnuts. A lot of it! A lot if it!” Karen said while raising her hands cheerfully. At the same time, her tail also flagged to and fro.

    “Like this, like this!” Karen tried to tell Kate that she could not hold the mountain of chestnuts with her hands. But because she was still a kid, she didn’t know how to explain it. So, she could only explain with the gesture of her hands.

    “Of course I was very happy and started to eat it. But suddenly my tummy started to hurt and I wanted to poop.” Karen said dejectedly. Her tail also dropped down. As well as her ears. Slowly, like a shrinking balloon.

    “I wonder what happened. Was it because I ate too much?” Karen was puzzled. Then, she turned and asked Karin. “Karin, do you know why my tummy hurt?”

    “Eh??” Karin was surprised. She did not expect Karen asked her a question. But, although she did not really understand the reason, Karin still tried to answer Karen’s question based on Karen’s story. “Maybe because Aunty White brought raw chestnuts? Or rotten chestnuts?"

    “Eh? Is that so? Then good night. I will be back to smack Aunty White’s head!” Because the pain in her stomach had been gone, Karen went back to sleep. She could not wait to continue her dream. Without waiting any longer, she already curled up at the corner on the bed and continued her sleep.

    “Big sis, thank you very much.” Unlike Karen, Karin said some thanks to Kate and hugged her. She did not forget to kiss Kate before she lay down beside Karen and went back to sleep.

    “Both of you…” Kate was speechless.

    At the same time, she heard Karin said to Karen in a low voice. ‘Big sis, don’t forget to save some chestnuts for me. I also want some too.’ Then, Kate heard Karen let out a low ‘hmm’ as she saw Karen nodding her head.

    Kate could not believe with what she saw and heard, especially Karen. Fortunately, Kate knew that Karen only told her about what happened in her dream. If not, maybe Kate would be completely puzzled by Karen's explanation.

    Kate could only smile as she saw the twins slept peacefully. Not long after that, she continued to go to sleep.

    Finally, Kate could sleep without any disturbance for the rest of the night.


    On the second day in the morning, everything went as usual as the first day. But, many villagers in the village started to feel the negative effect of the demonic energy. Although they felt somewhat stronger than usual, their strength had been sucked away from their bodies as their poop became more watery than usual.

    Unlike the twins, not all people in the village had the cure for the negative effect of demonic energy!

    “Brother, I feel something strange happening to me today. My poop became more watery than usual. I feel really tired.” One of them started to complain to another demi-human.

    “Indeed! This is a great day. Usually, it always hard for me to take care of my business because I always get constipation. But today, everything went smoothly and I can poop normally. I hope this will continue for a long time.” Another one said with happy face.

    For some villagers, this situation like a disaster for them. But, for some of them, it was like a godsend because it helped them to take care of their hurdle.

    “Continue your ass! I'm suffering right now! I already went back and forth to the toilet for more than a dozen times in the morning. Damn! It starts to come out again!” One of them shouted angrily and ran away to do something more important than bickering with other villagers.

    “Hmm… I wonder what it feels. As a tree-type demi-human, I don’t need to go to poop.” One of tree demi-human lamented. It was jealous to demi-human who had flesh as their body. This demi-human often heard about how it felt from other villagers, but it could not understand because it had never experienced it itself.

    “I agree with you brother.” A rock-type demi-human nodded.

    “Indeed yo. I wonder about that too yo.” Someone said energetically.

    “Wait? Yo? Who said that?” Suddenly some villagers turned their heads to look who was the one who talked before, while some of them had already run away when they heard someone ended his sentence with ‘yo’ without looking first who was him.


    This intonation was very familiar in their ears!

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  • 0073. B1C57 Holy Water

    0073. Book 1 - Chapter 57: Holy Water

    “Damn it! It is yoyo! Run away! If not, he will hold you and ask this and that until you poop in your pants!” One of them shouted loudly as he already ran away without wasting anytime. At the same time, all the villagers started to run away and immediately dispersed themselves.

    Like Sergio, Yoyo was also one of the troublemakers in Sun Village! But, unlike Sergio who loved to make trouble for Ellie, Yoyo prefers to disturb the villagers when he had nothing to do. In addition, Yoyo was very strong. So, the villager could only run away as they did not want to get involved with Yoyo.

    “What! So mean yo! How could you say something like that yo? I’m only curious and seek the answer yo!” Yoyo was shocked when he saw the villagers ran away while saying such mean words to him.

    “Wait, yo! Where are you going yo!” Yoyo immediately gave a chase to one of them while asking curiously.

    “Damn it! Go away! Why are you chasing me when there were a lot of demi-human to chase? NOTHING GOOD WILL HAPPEN WHEN YOU START TO APPEAR!! GO AWAY!!” One of bird-type demi-human wailed furiously when he saw yoyo chased after him. Because Yoyo was much stronger than him, he could not do anything and could only run away.

    “Hey yo! You still have not answered my question since yesterday yo! Why do you have a bird even though you are a bird yo? Every bird doesn’t have a bird over there yo!” Yoyo asked curiously. This question had always been bothering his mind since Dark Crow arrived and visiting Sun Village a few days ago.

    “HOW SHOULD I KNOW!!!” The bird-type demi-human roared. He didn’t know how to answer it. He was clearly a bird-type demi-human, but Yoyo compared him with ordinary bird. Of course he was very angry. At the same, he was also very embarrassed.

    Yoyo realized that some creatures like to disguise themselves to trick other people or had some other reasons. “Don’t tell me you are actually a three legged golden crow in disguise yo?”

    “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??!! GO AWAY!!!” Clearly, the bird-type demi-human never heard any bird which had three legs.

    “But, your third leg is very short yo!” Yoyo said as he kept chasing the bird-type demi-human.

    “…” Although the bird-type demi-human did not say anything, tears started to drop down from his bird face. Clearly, Yoyo’s statement was hurting his pride as a male bird.


    Meanwhile, in the chieftain’s house, Sergio was talking with the chieftain.

    “Sir, the villagers started to get affected by the demonic energy. What should we do with this situation? Should we start to migrate and stay in other village for the time being?” Sergio asked to the chieftain. He asked this was not because he cared about the villagers, but because he was worried about the chieftain.

    “Don’t worry. Although I’m sick and my body has been gnawed by illness, I can still endure this much.” The chieftain said as he smiled widely. Although he was worried sick and sometimes angry with Sergio’s demeanor, his heart was warm when he saw Sergio worried about him.

    “But Sir. What if something happens to you later? It will be good if we leave this village for the time being.” Sergio’s eyes began to moist when he saw the chieftain only sat weakly on his favorite chair.

    Unlike Sergio, the chieftain had blue colored scales which covering his entire body. The chieftain’s body looked a little skinny, just like bones and skin. But, this was not due to old age, but because of his illness. The illness that he got because of Sergio’s carelessness. Because of this, Sergio had been burdened by his regret.

    “Father...” Sergio could not pretend anymore. He knelt down and held the chieftain’s hand.

    Both of them were actually a father and daughter. But, because of their different appearances, nobody in the village could guess about their actual relationship. Except, some people who already knew about their true identity.

    “Please listen to me. I don’t want something happens to you later. We should leave right now.” Sergio was aware that the chieftain’s power had been regressing day by day. Currently, he only thought to move from the village to avoid the negative effect of the demonic energy.

    “Sigh…” The chieftain could only let out a long weary sigh when he saw Sergio’s worried expression. He passionately stroked Sergio’s head that he used to smack and said. “You don’t need to worry. This situation will not enough to kill me. At most, I’ll only get diarrhea.”

    “DAMMIT!! If only I kill that stupid crow at that time, this will not happen to you!” Sergio closed his eyes as tears dropped from there. Little by little his heart started to fill with anger. Then, he continued to mutter. “If only we have the cure!”

    “Sigh. I already told you many times before. Where is your manner? And don’t let your heart be consumed by anger. Furthermore, this is only a trivial matter.” The chieftain said in worry.

    “Cure?” Sergio ignored the chieftain as his eyes widened in the blink of an eye. He realized something. “That’s right! That woman can produce holy water!”

    “Father, please wait a moment, I’ll make that woman bleed to death and bring back the cure for you.” Sergio said energetically as he immediately stood up and ran toward Ellie’s house.

    Meanwhile, the chieftain could only shake his head tiredly. But, a faint hint of smile could be seen in the corner of his lips.


    On Ellie’s backyard, Ellie trained Ai and the three squirrel sisters like usual.

    Although yesterday the twins got stomachache because their body had been exposed to the demonic energy for a long time, they did not give up and continued to insist on practicing.

    Suddenly, someone with a body covered with golden scales came in and said. “Eli, hurry up and produce holy water. It will be good if you can produce a lot of it so we can spread it to the entire village and the surrounding areas.”

    Ellie turned her head. She could not help but frowned when she saw Sergio walked closer while enthusiastically waving his golden tail. At the same time, the kids stopped their activities and immediately hiding behind Ellie.

    “Come on. The villagers started to get a diarrhea and we need to cure them.” Because of his pride, Sergio could not tell Ellie that he actually needed the cure for the chieftain. So, he made an excuse and said that he needed the cure for the villagers.

    “Do you want me to bleed to death?! Do you think I’m willing to give my blood to them?! And, since when you care about them?” Ellie immediately retorted and snorted.

    Help the villagers who secretly mocked her and talking bad behind her back? Why should Ellie care about them? Previously, Ellie even wanted to kill all of them and massacred the entire villagers who lived in Sun Village!

    “Hahaha. I know that you’ll not willing to do that, but we still have the second method. Although the effect is not comparable with the authentic holy water from your blood, but it will do. Now, hurry up and drink a lot of water and…” But before Sergio could finish, Ellie immediately interrupted him.

    “SHUT UP!! I’M NOT WILLING!!” Ellie roared furiously. At the same time, she was fully aware what Sergio wanted to say. Because of that, her face was red like watermelon.

    “Why are you so selfish. Fine we can use the third method. Now hurry up and eat a lot…” Once again, before Sergio could finish, Ellie interrupted him.

    “SHUT UP!! I’M NOT WILLING TO DO THAT TOO!! I’M NOT WILLING!!” Ellie’s red face turned into dark and green. She felt very embarrassed at this very moment. She felt like Sergio sexually harassed her. Especially when Sergio did it in front of the kids.

    At the same time, the kids finally knew from what Ellie could make the cure. Although they started to get curious about this topic, they knew this was not the right time to ask about it.

    “Then what should we do? Do we need to wait until that time of the month? It’s too long!!! It will not do!!!” Sergio was very unsatisfied with Ellie. Sergio thought, if Ellie could help the village and the villagers, why Ellie didn’t want to help them a little. What a selfish woman! But actually, Sergio didn’t care about them either. Sergio only made an excuse to make Ellie angry. That’s why he would have a reason to fight her and took her blood secretly. For the second, the third, and other methods? How could Sergio let the chieftain drank it!

    “If you need anything from me, then I will happily give you my spit! You can also make holy water from this!” Ellie could not hold it any longer. Out of anger and embarrassment, Ellie spat toward Sergio’s face.


    “Are you looking for a fight?! I’ll make you bleed to death!” Sergio evaded sideways and attacked Ellie. Finally, his plan worked. He didn’t need to ask Ellie’s blood and could secretly take it by himself.

    “Fine! Bring it on! Let’s see if you can do it or not!” Ellie did not retreat and attacked back!

    Meanwhile, Ai and the three squirrel sisters could only stare at Ellie and Sergio in silence.

    Ellie and Sergio said that they would start to fight. Sergio even said that he would make Ellie bled to death. But, what they saw was completely something different. Ellie and Sergio started to spit toward each other after exchanging a few punches and kicks!

    “Karen, Karin, can someone actually able to make other bleed with their spit?” Ai asked to the twins.

    ““I don’t know.”” The twins replied in confusion.

    “Then, why don’t we continue to train? Don’t you want to get stronger?” Kate casually asked to Ai and the twins. Since the time after Sergio helped them to clear the red powder from Ellie’s house, Kate was used to Ellie and Sergio's situation.

    As Ai and the twins did their hardest to train themselves, the troublemaker duo also did their best to make trouble toward other people.

    But, no one in the village was aware about real problem of the demonic energy!

    The vegetation and the creatures which resided within the woods were undergoing a great change!

    Even Sergio and Ellie had forgotten about this matter.

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  • 0074. B1C58 The Ground and the Background

    0074. Book 1 - Chapter 58: The Ground and the Background

    This day was the third day after the demonic energy engulfed the entire Sun Village. But, beside the villagers who got a diarrhea, nothing had changed too much in Sun Village. Like usual, Yoyo made trouble to the villagers while Sergio made trouble to Ellie and secretly took her blood.

    No one in the village knew about the aftereffect of this demonic energy was not only the suffering from diarrhea. They did not know that the scariest thing was not what happened in the village, but located elsewhere.

    The vegetation and the creatures which resided within the woods were undergoing a great change! Some creatures and tiny animals had even died because of this demonic energy!

    What was that mean?

    That’s mean the villagers would soon face food shortages due to famine!

    And when famine added with a diarrhea?

    Little by little, the nightmare had begun!


    Only on the third day since the demonic energy filled the affected area, some vegetation within the woods had already changed.

    Because of the mixture of the demon dust and rainwater that had been absorbed into the ground, the demonic energy started to affect the vegetation in the woods.

    Normally, the leaves on the tree would have brown color because it was the characteristics of the vegetation within Deserted World, but because of demonic energy intruded and took a root within the trees and other plants, their leaves had turned into some kind of black colored leaves.

    And for some animals, this demonic energy was very dangerous to them. The smaller the body of the animal, the fatal of the effect of this demonic energy toward the body!

    Although this situation was not as close as what usually existed in Demon World, the woods near Sun Village had already changed into gloomier and darker. Adding with a few little animals that died here and there, the woods looked like a forest of death.

    This situation in the woods usually would not exist because Sun Village was located near Human World, but somehow, due to the demonic energy, this situation had taken a place.

    At this time, the current situation in the woods near Sun Village was exactly like a place that existed in the border of Deserted World and Demon World, a place where the vegetation had black colored leaves and the surrounding area was dark and gloomy because the ground continued to emit demonic energy.

    The different was only in that place did not have carcasses of little animals while in this place full of carcasses of little animals.


    At this time, Ai and the squirrel sisters stayed at Ellie’s house. Because Ellie was worried if something happened to them due to the demonic energy in the woods, she forbade them to come out from Sun Village.

    “This is bad. No matter where I look, this place had already changed into some kind of strange place. I almost did not recognize this area anymore.” Sergio said as he looked around at his surroundings.

    Currently, Ellie and Sergio took a walk in the woods.

    “What should we do? We can survive even if we don’t eat or drink for several days, but my children will not able to survive from this situation. My life is already very hard, but why it started to get harder.” Walking beside Sergio, Ellie said in worry.

    Yesterday, they fought and spat toward each other. Even today, they still fought with each other not too long ago. But now, they were walking shoulder to shoulder to look for food and water. What a strange couple!

    “Since when you have children?! They are not your child! And don’t make expression like a suffering single mother who needs to go through your life with four children. Remember that you don’t need to feed and support them! Let them live on their own.” Sergio reminded coldly. Not because he did not care, but because he thought the kids could not growth independent due to Ellie’s extreme protection.

    “Hey! How can you say something like that! All of them are still a little child and need our support!” Ellie retorted while glaring at Sergio angrily.

    “Snort!” Sergio snorted and ignored Ellie for a moment. And then, shortly later, Sergio continued to say.

    “When I was still a kid, my grandfather threw me into a forest and told me to live on my own. At that time, I was very weak and didn’t know what to do. It was even very difficult to get my own food. And I almost got killed by a mere dog, I was very weak back then.” Sergio started to talk about his childhood.

    But suddenly, Ellie said coldly. “Don’t make a lie! Who do you think spent your childhood with? Me! It was only an old weak dog! It didn’t even bark!”

    “Eh? It was not that dog! It was the werewolf old man who almost raped us.” Sergio immediately explained.

    “Oh. I see.” Ellie understood because she knew what happened back then. Her face suddenly turned miserable and depressed when she remembered about it.

    “I’m sorry. I should not talk about it.” Sergio immediately apologized because he was completely aware that he should not make Ellie remembered about that incident. Although they could protect their live, the incident seized something more important from them.

    Because of this, the incident had completely changed their live and their way of thinking!

    After a few moments in silence, Sergio continued about what he wanted to say before.

    “What I’m trying to say is that you needed to let those kids experience some difficulties. You can’t always protect them from danger. Sooner or later, they needed to know how to take care of themselves. If not, what if something suddenly happened to you? What if you got forced to leave them? Everything can be happened and you need to aware of this fact! You can’t always protect them forever because you can’t stay with them all the time. For example, right now!” Sergio felt a little guilty toward Ellie, but he still said what needed to be said.

    “I know.” Ellie nodded apathetically.

    Because Ellie and Sergio knew about each other since their childhood, no wonder Sergio knew that Ellie could produce holy water. No wonder even if they fought a lot, they did not try to kill each other for real. No wonder Ellie did not mind when Sergio peeked at her when she took a bath with Ai and squirrels sister before.

    Then, Ellie and Sergio continued to walk in silence toward the river to take water. Although both of them did not need to eat or drink, and could survive for several days without any food and water, Ai and the squirrel sisters could not do it.

    Although the twins already drank the cure when they started to get affected by a diarrhea, they still needed water to hydrate their body. Especially when they refused to stop their training. Because they secreted a lot of sweat after training their body, they needed to consume water to replace what was lost due to the sweat.

    That’s why Ellie needed to go to the river and took water for the kids. And, because she was worried that Sergio might teach something strange to the kids, Ellie made Sergio following her to the river.

    Currently, the kids were not afraid of Sergio anymore. Especially Karen that had been attached to Sergio in no time!

    Although Ellie knew that they would be safe if Sergio stayed beside them, she was perfectly aware about Sergio’s attitude and demeanor. Because of this reason, Ellie did not dare to let Sergio stayed with Ai and the twins. Ellie could not imagine what would happen to the kids if she let Sergio stayed with them!


    When Ellie and Sergio went to look for food and water, and while Ai and the three squirrel sisters stayed within Ellie’s house after they finished their training, the villagers gathered among themselves and talked about what happened recently.

    “Bother, listen to me. This is bad. I just returned from the woods and I saw something terrible over there.” A timid villager said in horror. He was greatly shocked and terrified with what he saw in the woods.

    “What happened? Calm down and take your breath. Then, tell us about what you saw.” One of the villagers tried to calm the timid villager.

    “Bother, listen to me. I saw lots of small animal carcasses in the woods. Furthermore, all leaves on the trees in the woods turned to black. I almost could not return here because I did not recognize the route anymore.” The timid villager explained to the rest of them. Then, he took something from his pocket and showed it to them. “Look at this. This is a leaf that I took from the woods.”

    The timid villager showed a black colored leaf to other villagers.

    “Everyone, do you think this is somehow related with what happened to us recently?” Smart looking villager asked casually.

    “What do you mean?” Stupid looking villager asked. Clearly he did not understand with the question.

    “I mean, many of us suddenly fell sick at the same time. Don’t many of you also have stomachache? And when you go to poop, it comes out more watery than usual? And now there is something strange that happened in the woods. Why it’s happened at the same time? Don’t you think it’s strange?” The smart looking villager let out of his opinion.

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  • 0075. B1C59 Yidoc

    0075. Book 1 - Chapter 59: Yidoc

    “Brother, I know about what has happened to us recently. This sickness is called as a diarrhea.” One of them suddenly butted in and explained about their sickness. This villager’s face looked exactly like a human, but there was a trait of an animal on his body. He had a long black tail on his butt. This tail looked exactly like a rat tail, smooth and hairless.

    “Oh, brother Yidoc. You know about our condition? What happened to us? Is it dangerous?” The timid villager asked.

    “No, it’s not dangerous. Usually, a diarrhea only lasts for a few days, and it will be going away on its own without any treatment. As long as you drink a lot of water, you will be fine.” Yidoc explained. He was like a kind of doctor in Sun Village and he knew some basic medical knowledge.

    “I see. As expected from brother Yidoc, you always know everything.” A robust villager laughed loudly and flattering Yidoc.

    “Hahaha. Brother, I don't know everything, I just know what I know.” Yidoc humbled himself.

    After Yidoc explained about what happened to the villagers, they were able to calm down and felt relief. One by one, a smiley face started to appear from one villager to another villager.

    Actually, many of the villagers who gathering at this time did not even understand about what happened to them or what Yidoc had explained to them. But, although they did not understand, they did not worry too much. Especially after Yidoc said this sickness was not dangerous to them. They only knew that Yidoc’s diagnosis about a sickness usually used to be correct.

    “Brother Yidoc, do you perhaps know about what happened to this leaf? There are also a lot of small animal carcasses in woods too. Do you know what happened?” Suddenly, the timid villager who brought back the black colored leaf asked while showing the black leaf to Yidoc.

    Yidoc took it and examined the black colored leaf. After a few moments, he said apologetically. “I’m sorry brother. I don’t know about that.”

    Because Yidoc lived in remote village, his knowledge was also limited.

    “Then, what actually happened right now. This is so strange! How could many of us get sick at the same time? Furthermore, there are a lot of dead animals in the woods. The leaves also turned to black over there. Do you think this is the end of the world? Or maybe someone cursed this place?” The smart looking villager let out of his opinion.

    “What did you say? If someone dares to mess with us, I will beat up that person!” The robust villager said angrily. He looked like wanted to beat someone already.

    “Brother, please calm yourself.” Yidoc tried to calm the robust villager. Then, after pausing for a moment, he continued to say. “I think I felt like this coincidence happened because of certain someone. But, I don’t know if I should say it or not.”

    “Brother Yidoc, please tell us about your thoughts. Maybe it can help us find the reason of this situation.” One of the villagers persuaded Yidoc to tell them.

    “Yes right! Brother Yidoc, please tell us.” Another villager nodded in agreement.



    The villagers chanted and demanded Yidoc to say it.

    Because Yidoc’s diagnosis about sickness was usually correct, a lot of villagers wanted to know about Yidoc’s analysis for the reason of the strange situation in the woods. They though, maybe Yidoc knew something.

    “Don’t you think that this situation happened after a certain someone came to this village? Do you think this is just a coincidence? Or it’s related to that certain someone?” Yidoc asked to the curious villagers. He purposely asked them and didn’t answer it directly.

    “Ah I know!!” The smart looking villager shouted out loud. His loud voice attracted other villagers and made them looked at him.

    “What do you know? Hurry up and tell us!” The robust villager impatiently said.

    “It must be because of Dark Crow! This situation happened exactly after Dark Crow visited this village. There is no doubt about it. This must be because of Dark Crow. He must be the culprit!” The smart looking villager said firmly. He was very sure of everything that happened recently, happened because of Dark Crow.

    Meanwhile, Yidoc was startled when he heard Dark Crow was the culprit. He had never thought that Dark Crow would be mentioned.

    “Then, what did we wait? I will go to Dark Village and beat that ugly crow! How dare he did it to us!” The robust villager said angrily. He bumped his fists and said. “Who want to come with me? We will teach that ugly crow a lesson!”



    At the same time, many villagers followed. Their burning spirit ignited as they had only one opinion and one goal!

    “Count me in to beat that ugly crow!” One of the villagers said vigorously. Clearly, he also wanted to beat up Dark Crow. In fact, almost all the gathered villagers wanted to go to Dark Village and taught Dark Crow a lesson.

    “Wait, wait everyone. Please do not be so quick to decide something without actual evidence.” Yidoc said frantically. He was very nervous when he heard the villagers wanted to beat up Dark Crow. He had never thought that the villagers suddenly made a riot and wanted to go to Dark Village.

    “Brother please wait a moment, what I said before is only an analysis. Furthermore, it is only an approximation. And I did it without any clear clarification. What if I’m wrong and Dark Crow is not the one who behind all of this. Won't all of you only beat the wrong person?” Yidoc was panicked. He tried to explain and persuade the angry villagers to calm down.



    After a few moments, they finally decided to listen to Yidoc.

    “Yes. Brother Yidoc, I think you’re right.” The robust villager was able to calm down. When he thought that he would beat the wrong person, his anger gradually reduced.

    “Yes, yes, you’re right!” One of the villagers agreed. The riot gradually subsided as the rest of gathered villagers parroted and praised Yidoc of his good wisdom.

    Yidoc smiled warmly. He was very happy because he could stop them in timely manner. Then, after a few moments in silence, Yidoc continued to talk. “Furthermore, Dark Crow usually visited us from time to time. And there was never a problem when he visited us before. I think you might beat the wrong person if you go to Dark Village.”

    “Brother Yidoc, then why did you say that this situation happened after a certain someone came to this village? It’s true that brother Dark Crow usually visited us from time to time. And if you know that it was not because of brother Dark Crow, why you said it? Did you just play with our feelings?” One of the villagers asked. He was a little unsatisfied with Yidoc. Because he was not too smart, he felt that Yidoc toyed with him.

    “Yes!! Brother Yidoc, it’s not nice to blame brother Dark Crow!” The robust villager nodded in agreement. He coldly stared at Yidoc.

    At this time, a lot of them felt dissatisfied with Yidoc’s action!

    Meanwhile, Yidoc was stunned. He was speechless when he saw the villagers suddenly blamed him.

    [Brother Dark Crow? Previously, all of you called him as ugly crow, and now Dark Crow is your brother?!] Yidoc could only retort in his mind.

    Previously, they praised Yidoc and flattering him, and not long after that, the villagers blamed Yidoc. Even though Yidoc was not the one who said that Dark Crow was the culprit!

    Yidoc was flabbergasted due to the villagers’ demeanor!

    “Everyone, please remember correctly. I was only saying that it’s a certain someone. And I never said that it’s Dark Crow. The one who said that Dark Crow was the reason is one of you.” Yidoc tried to explain and tried his best to let out his usual smile.

    “DAMMIT!! WHO WAS HIM!! I’M PROMISE THAT I WILL NOT BEAT YOU IF YOU ADMIT IT!” The robust villager roared angrily.

    Promise that he would not beat up the one who admit it? Of course no one wanted to admit it! Especially after they saw the robust villager got ready to beat up anyone! No one wanted to admit it!

    “Ah brother Yidoc, if that certain someone is not Dark Crow, then who is that certain someone?” The culprit who said Dark Crow was the reason immediately asked Yidoc to change the subject. Clearly, he was afraid if everyone found out that he was the culprit.

    “Eh? What I mean the certain someone is the blue haired human boy who lived with that ugly human female.” Yidoc said casually. He was also shocked by the robust villager, that’s why he accidentally blurted out that Ai was the reason of the strange situation in Sun Village.

    “WHAT?! IS IT HIM?? THEN WHO WANT TO COME WITH ME TO BEAT THAT HUMAN BOY?” The robust villager roared.




    Once again, the exact same situation happened. One by one, the villagers took a part in this riot.

    “Everyone, please listen to me. Please remember that what I said is without any clear clarification. What if I’m wrong.” Yidoc tried to stop the riot. But, it was already too late to stop that.

    But, unknown to the angry villagers, there was a little hint of sinister smile at the corner of Yidoc’s lips!

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  • 0076. B1C60 The Difference Between the Strong, the Weak, and the Weirdo Is Only a Paper Thin!

    0076. Book 1 - Chapter 60: The Difference Between the Strong, the Weak, and the Weirdo Is Only a Paper Thin!

    While the villagers made a commotion among themselves, Ellie and Sergio had arrived at the river. They walked shoulder to shoulder as they examined the condition at this place.

    “This is bad! This river has also been infected.” Sergio crouched down and picked up a dead fish to examine it.

    “Sigh… All the place near the village has been infected by the demonic energy.” Ellie frowned when she saw her surroundings. Currently, the demonic energy had spread until it reached and affecting this river. It made some fishes died and stranded in the riverbank.

    “You don’t need to worry!” Sergio stood up. Then he turned, pointed the dead fish to Ellie’s ample bosoms and said. “You can milk these tits and let them drink whatever come out from it.”

    “Stop your nonsense! How can I make something from these?” Ellie instantly retorted.

    But suddenly.


    Ellie let out a cute sound. “KYAA!!”

    Sergio poked Ellie’s voluptuous breasts with a dead fish that he picked up before. “Huh? Nothing will come out even if you squeeze it?”

    “What the hell did you do! Keep that fish away!” Ellie immediately slapped the dead fish that poked into her breasts.

    “What some useless things. Big but useless!” Sergio fondled and squeezed Ellie’s breasts a little. Then, without a pause, he continued to say while shaking his head in disappointment. “And they will sag as you grow older.”

    “Stop that! And don’t forget that yours are as big as mine when you transform into human!” Once again, Ellie slapped Sergio’s hands as she retorted while frowning her brows.

    If Sergio was a real man, of course Ellie would not let Sergio touched them! But, because Ellie knew that Sergio was actually a girl in disguise, and they were actually a childhood friend, of course Ellie did not really mind when Sergio touched her breasts.

    And, fortunately, no one saw them when Sergio touched Ellie’s breasts. If not, maybe they would think that Ellie was a pervert. After all, only few people knew about Sergio real identity, and Ellie looked like she did not mind at all when Sergio fondled her perky breasts.

    But sometimes, a few villagers in the village saw their perverted deeds and caught them red handed. That’s why the villagers treated Ellie as a slut and called Sergio as a perverted horny catfish.

    This idiot couple did not realize that they were the one who started the strange rumor about themselves!


    “This girl!” Ellie murmured. Currently, she was very upset at Sergio. She wanted to retaliate and made Sergio angry in return. But, she was perfectly aware, even if she started to pick a fight, the result would only be ended in a stalemate without a clear winner. So, Ellie could only grumble in silence.

    But, suddenly, Ellie saw something not far from her.

    “Hihihi…” Ellie tried to suppress her giggle as she crouched down and picked up a dead small gecko on the ground.

    Sergio had a weakness! And because Ellie was Sergio’s childhood friend, she was perfectly aware of this weakness!

    “WHAT?! Do you want to fight?” Sergio took a fighting stance. He could see what was Ellie held in her hand right now. He was frightened and took a step back. Clearly, Sergio wanted to keep his distance from Ellie.

    “Hehehe…” Ellie ignored Sergio as she let out a devilish smile. She calmly took a step forward and slowly approaching Sergio.

    “Big sister Ellie, can you put it down? Please?” Sergio asked. But, when he saw Ellie did not have any intention to stop, he could only frown.

    “Nope, can’t do!” Ellie replied shortly. Obviously, Ellie would not let her opportunity to take revenge went away! Especially after Sergio sexually harassed her from time to time.

    Sergio immediately transformed his clothes into a pair of wings. Then he suddenly turned around and ran away from Ellie, naked without any clothes. Fortunately, Sergio’s body was covered with golden colored scales.

    Of course Ellie immediately gave a chase when she saw Sergio ran away!

    Although Sergio himself was from a reptile race, of course if dragon could be considered as a reptile, Sergio was very afraid of a little gecko. He was also afraid of any small reptile-type animal with four feet like a small lizard or something similar with a gecko. What a weirdo!


    Meanwhile, in Sun Village.

    While Ellie and Sergio were playing with a dead fish and a dead gecko, they didn’t know that some villagers gathered among themselves and planned to beat and expel Ai from the village! Because the disaster happened not too long after Ai came to Sun Village, they thought Ai as a doom bringer toward their village!

    “Everyone, please listen to me. That blue haired human is only a little human boy. Don’t you think it’s unjust if you just beat him up? Furthermore, my analysis might be wrong.” Yidoc tried to appease the anger of the villagers.

    “Brother Yidoc, please do not stop us. I don’t know about what the others feel toward you, but although I feel grateful because you always help us, you can’t forbid me to do what I want to do! Especially when I only do what I need to do!” The robust villager put a long face. He was not satisfied when Yidoc tried to stop them.

    Then, the robust villager turned his gaze and said to the rest of villagers.

    “If someone helps us, then we will help them back in return for their kindness! And if someone dares to mess with us, then we will strike back! If not, they will think that we just a weakling that easily to be bullied. Everyone who is with me, if you agree with me, then shout loudly and let me hear your answer!” The robust villager raised his hand upward and shouted as loud as he could.


    We need to protect our justice!


    Previously, their anger easily stopped because Dark Crow was coincidentally a demi-human. But, it would become a completely different matter when such a condition involved a human being. Due to their hatred toward human being, the villagers completely refused to listen Yidoc’s suggestion.

    More often than not, the villagers only though with their brawn. Especially there was no proper education in Sun Village, the villagers in Sun Village often acted with their animal instinct alone.

    Yidoc didn’t know that Ai was actually not a human being. In fact, most of the villagers in the village didn’t know.

    Although Ai looked exactly like a human, Ai’s body structure was not like a human! And, only few people in Sun Village knew about it! Even Ellie and Sergio could not tell that Ai was not a human being at the first time!

    How could Ai be a human if he had an irregular body like a demon?!

    “Then, let’s go to that female house and beat up that blue haired boy!” The robust villager said firmly. He took a stride and led the villagers toward Ellie’s house.

    Then, after the villagers turned around and walked away, Yidoc let out a wide and sinister smile!

    [Hahahahahaha!! All of them are very stupid! With only a small conversation and provocation, I can make them to do what I want! With this, I can kill two birds with one stone! And finally, my plan will be perfect!] Yidoc said in his mind. He did not dare to let out his actual thoughts verbally.

    At this time, Yidoc tried his hardest to act and pretended to let out his casual looking face. But actually, he had already wanted to laugh out loud!


    Because Yidoc did not like a human being, he loathed Ellie’s existence in Sun Village. And now, a disaster accidentally occurred in the village.

    Yidoc obviously did not want to miss the opportunity to blame the blue haired human boy who lived together with Ellie!

    But suddenly, the mass turned around and walked closer to Yidoc.

    [What they do right now? Why they come back to me! Don’t tell me they know about my plan?] Yidoc was very panicked. But, he still tried his best to maintain his calmness. He refused to believe that the villagers knew about his real plan!

    “Brother Yidoc, actually I think you’re right. It will be wrong if we beat the wrong person. And, it will be too much if we just beat up that blue haired kid.” The robust villager laughed loudly. At the same time, the rest of them nodded their head in agreement.

    “Eh? What happened? Why did you suddenly change your mind?” Yidoc was confused. He could not believe with their actions. Before this, Yidoc could clearly feel their anger, but right now, their anger had completely vanished. What the bunches of wacko!

    “Brother Yidoc. Actually, we completely forgot about that human female. Although I don’t like human being, but, that woman is stronger than me. I can’t beat her at all.” The robust villager said unhappily.

    No matter where it was or when it was, the fact would not change! In this world, the strong would be the winner while the weak would be the loser! As time passed, the strong would be stronger and would always be the strong! While the weak would be weaker and would always be the weak! And because of this, the villagers could not do anything to Ellie.

    “Then, why not ask Sergio to help us. But, I’m not too sure if he will be willing to help us or not.” Suddenly, one of the villager suggested.

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  • 0077. B1C61 Sergio's Decision

    0077. Book 1 - Chapter 61: Sergio's Decision

    On the fourth day in the morning, many villagers had gathered in front of Sergio’s house.

    “Hey, you. Go over there and knock the door!” The robust villager ordered one of them. The one who looked weakest and easiest to be bullied.

    “Eh. Why me?” The timid villager was startled. He never expected that he would receive such a troublesome task.

    “Of course you needed to ask if Sergio is at home or not. Why are you so stupid!” One of the villager said.

    “Just do it! Do you want to get beaten or do what I said?” The robust villager threatened.

    [What the hell! What are you?! Giant?!] The timid villager could only curse in his mind. He felt injustice and unfairness treatment. But, because he was weaker, he could not do anything or resisted. He did not even dare to curse loudly.

    As the villagers were afraid of Ellie, they were also afraid of Sergio. Ellie and Sergio were very famous with their unreasonable demeanor! Although the villagers knew that it was highly possible to ask Sergio to help them, they also knew that Sergio might beat them if they made him angry.

    Furthermore, it had happened yesterday! Sergio beat them yesterday!

    Yesterday, they had been looking for Sergio to ask for his help, but they could not find Sergio until late at night. Because of this, they could only wait in front of his house. But, before they could ask anything or sought for Sergio’s help, the unlucky villagers who gathered in front of Sergio’s house got beaten immediately when Sergio returned to the village and saw them!

    So, in this morning, the villagers gathered again in front of his house and asked Sergio to come out from his house. They hoped they could persuade Sergio to help them.

    “Brother, I will go and knock the door. We don’t need to force each other.” Yidoc suggested.

    And then, Yidoc went and knocked the door.

    Yidoc acted like a good Samaritan who readied to help whoever needed help. But, Yidoc did not do it because he wanted to help the villagers. He did it because he also needed Sergio to carry out his next plan.

    Knock!! Knock!!

    But, after waiting for a while, no one came out. Yidoc could not help but knocked the door again.

    Knock!! Knock!!

    Suddenly, the door opened as Sergio came out and roared angrily. “Shut up you bastards!! What time do you think it is? It’s still my sleep time damn it!!”

    “This is the worst! Why I have to deal with all of you in the morning? Actually, what the hell do you want? All of you act like cats in heat and keep trying to disturb me from time to time. How annoying! Why don’t you go away and take care of your own matter? Go away dammit! Go find some female cats if you feel horny!” Then, Sergio came back in and closed the door.

    Meanwhile, Yidoc who his face had been slammed by the door was currently cowering on the ground in pain.

    “Brother Yidoc, are you alright?” One of the villager asked as he tried to help Yidoc to stand up.

    “No need to worry. I’m all right.” Yidoc said with difficulty as he tried to stand up. He tried to act tough although he had a bleeding nose and teary eyes. Clearly, the slam before was very painful. It even knocked him down!

    “Everyone, what should we do right now?” A skinny villager asked.

    “Of course we wait!” A random villager said.

    Then, because the villagers didn’t have anything to do in their daily life, the villagers decided to wait in front of Sergio’s house. They did not dare to force Sergio to come out or made him listening to their demand. Furthermore, even if they dared, they did not have a capability to withstand the consequent!

    As Sergio had the ability to fight Ellie who had reached intermediate stage practitioner, his strength was at the very least reached intermediate stage practitioner too.

    At intermediate stage, the practitioner strength was at least three times stronger compared to ordinary villagers!

    The villagers still remembered when Sergio opened the door in anger, the door even knocked Yidoc down. They knew although they were larger in number, Sergio could beat them effortlessly by himself.


    After a few hours, around the middle of the day, only few villagers remained in front of Sergio’s house. Due to the sickness of the demonic energy, some villagers had walked away to go to poop from time to time. While some of them got bored and went home or went to do their activities.

    At the same time, Sergio came out from his house.

    “What are you doing over there? Why are you standing in front of my house? Actually, what do you want with me? Want me to beat you again? Are you a masochist?” Sergio saw few villagers stood in front of his house. He was annoyed by them.

    “Brother Sergio, please listen to us.” The remaining villagers told the reason why they had gathered in front of his house. The villagers asked Sergio to help them and protected them when they tried to expel Ai and Ellie from the village.

    “I see. This is interesting! But, I refuse to help you.” Sergio said firmly.

    Because Sergio usually stepped in and joined with the villager when the villagers mocked and ridiculed Ellie, the villagers thought Sergio also did not like Ellie.

    But, the truth actually was not like what they had thought!

    Although Sergio loved to make trouble to Ellie and acted like a young boy who loved to tease his lover, the villagers did not know that Sergio and Ellie were actually a comrade! Additionally, they would never know because Sergio and Ellie did not act like a comrade at all! After all, both of them always acted like cat and dog who would fight when they saw each other!

    “But brother, you are the only one who can help us. Please help us. Without your help, how can we expel that female?” Someone said as he kept trying to persuade Sergio to help them. He hoped Sergio could help them and protect them from Ellie’s wrath.

    “What? Why I need to do that? It’s so troublesome! If you want to do it, then do it on your own!” Sergio frowned. He did not have the slightest intention to help the villagers. Then, he asked the robust villager. “Hey you, you look strong, why don’t you help them?”

    “Brother we still need your help. Please help us.” The robust villager said. Although his body was bigger and his bulging muscles looked tougher, his strength was many times weaker compared to Sergio or Ellie.

    “Nope! I don’t want to!” Sergio immediately refused. As Ellie’s comrade, of course Sergio refused to help them. And, although Sergio loved to make trouble to Ellie, he didn’t like to be used by others.

    Because Sergio was the only one of their hope refused to help them, the villagers looked very sad and depressed. If no one could help them and protected them after they made Ellie angry, then they would be in trouble!

    The villagers didn’t have any choice. They could only disperse themselves and abandoned their plan.

    But suddenly, the robust villager said. “But, aren’t you also hate that ugly woman? Why don’t you want to help us if you also hate that woman!”

    “Of course I hate her!” Sergio suddenly got angry when he thought Ellie chased him with a dead gecko in her hand.

    “Eh?” Sergio paused for a moment.

    “Wait a second! I change my mind! I agree to help you. I will try to protect you when you make trouble for that woman. Don’t need to worry, I will protect you if that woman wants to beat you.” Finally, Sergio agreed to help the villagers.


    Of course because Sergio was still angry with Ellie!

    Yesterday, Ellie chased Sergio for the whole day and didn’t want to let him go at all. Of course Ellie chased Sergio with the dead gecko in her hand! Furthermore, it was very hard for Sergio to escape from Ellie. After all, Ellie was stronger than him!

    If Ellie was weaker than Sergio, then he could fight back. But unfortunately, Ellie was slightly stronger than Sergio! Because of this very reason, Sergio didn’t dare to stop or attacked back. He could only run pathetically!

    This incident was hurting his pride as a noble being. How could he endure this humiliation! Of course he could not! After all, Sergio was actually a dragon princess in disguise! Although he did not act like a princess at all!

    “How dare you chased me with that thing yesterday! Fortunately, no one saw my shameful moment. If not, how I can face the world if the world knew that a dragon princess is afraid of a dead gecko!” Little by little, Sergio’s killing intent leaked out. It even made the villagers a little bit afraid at Sergio.

    “Eh, actually I don’t really care if the world knew or not. But, it’s still making me angry when I think about it.” Sergio muttered in silence as he thought that his weakness was just a trivial matter. He did not care if his weakness was known to the others or not.

    “Then, what will you do? What is your plan? How do you want me to do it? At least, you need to tell me about your plan before we go to that woman house.” Sergio asked the villagers as he smiled widely.

    “Eh? What should we do? Brother Yidoc, what do you think we should do? Eh? Where is brother Yidoc?” The robust villager said as he asked to the other villagers about Yidoc’s whereabouts.

    “Brother Yidoc went to take a crap. He also got diarrhea like us.” One of them said.

    “Yidoc? Who the hell is Yidoc? Since when this village has someone with that name?” Sergio asked.

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  • 0078. B1C62 When there is a goodness, there will be an evil! When there is a good man, there will be a scumbag!

    0078. Book 1 - Chapter 62: When there is a goodness, there will be an evil! When there is a good man, there will be a scumbag!

    “When there is a sun, there will be a moon. When there is a result, there will be a cause. Did I eat something wrong? But, why everyone else also got sick at the same time? Actually, what the hell is happening right now? Is this sickness only just a natural disaster or a man-made?” Yidoc asked to himself as he crouched down…

    Buru!! Buru!! Buru!!

    While the villagers were busy looking for Yidoc, Yidoc was crouching down in the woods without his pants. His buttocks were completely exposed, exposed as round as a moon and let out a sound!

    Buru!! Buru!! Buru!!

    Currently, Yidoc was suffering from diarrhea

    Although he’s a doctor, he also caught the sickness! He could not escape from the negative effect of the demonic energy!

    As a doctor, Yidoc had the necessary knowledge about what kind of things that could cause a diarrhea. But, no matter how much he though, he could not think what the cause.

    “Oh my, oh my! I wonder what’s wrong with me. I already pay attention to my food; I also pay attention to my health, but why I can get sick too?” Yidoc said as he took a poop behind a random bush.

    Buru!! Buru!! Buru!!

    “Uhhrrggg…” Yidoc felt his stomach was really hurt. He felt like a battalion of armies trying to break out from a small gate at the same time.

    “Don’t tell me that blue haired boy is really the one who caused this situation? How can that silly looking human brat is the one who cause this sickness? No it’s just impossible. I only used him as my pretext!” Yidoc frowned.

    From a long time ago, what Yidoc really wanted was to expel Ellie from Sun Village. But, because he did not have enough strength to do it, he could only endure and accept it in silent.

    In fact, Yidoc actually did not care about Ai’s existence at all.

    Yidoc only accused Ai because he needed someone to take the blame. Because the sickness struck not long after Ai came to the village, blaming Ai was the only pretext that he could think of.

    “It’s also impossible if this sickness is a natural disaster! There is must be someone who did this. But, who is the culprit? Even if there is really someone who caused this sickness, how could they do it? In what way? Furthermore, for what reason?” Yidoc muttered and asked to himself. He was puzzled.


    Buru!! Buru!!

    After discarding his burden, Yidoc remembered about demon dust. “Eh? Don’t tell me, this is because of demon dust. The effect is very similar with what happened to the village! I heard that demon dust can cause this kind of effect.”

    “Wait, it’s impossible! First of all, I also heard that demon dust is really expensive. There is no one in the village who can buy it. Who has enough money to buy it? Even if someone could buy it…” Yidoc tried to speculate.

    “Wait!! As far as I know, the villagers in the village are very stupid. Who know which information is true or not if it came from their mouth. Furthermore, I never prove it by myself if demon dust really has such an effect or not. There is a lot of information that is not genuine! I will only believe it if I can prove it by myself!” Yidoc refused to believe with the rumor of demon dust that he had heard before.

    “Forget it. It’s useless even if I try to figure out the reason. It’s only wasting my time and energy. And I will not gain anything even if I found the answer. I should focus on my plan right now.” Yidoc gave up.

    No matter how much he thought, Yidoc could not understand what the reason of the sickness or how it could appear because he did not have any single clue. Without a clue, no matter how smart Yidoc was, he would not able to solve it!

    Suddenly, a voice rang out.

    Brother Yidoc, where are you?

    “Who is that? Who is looking for me?” Yidoc could hear the villagers looking for him. He immediately wiped his ass and wore his pants.

    Brother Yidoc, where are you?

    “I’m here!” Yidoc shouted as he stood up and walked to the source of the voice.

    “Ah! Brother Yidoc, there you are! I bring good news! Brother Sergio agreed to help us and protect us when we go to that female house.” The timid villager said.

    “Oh! This is very great news! But, where is the others?” Yidoc was confused. As far as he remembered, there’re a lot of villagers who agreed to expel Ellie. But, there was only one person who stood in front of him right now.

    Yidoc could not help to ask. “Why there is only you right now? Did the others give up to expel that human female?”

    “Oh. Everyone were in the village. They told me to search for you.” The timid explained. Clearly, the timid villager had been bullied because he was the weakest from among of them.

    “Oh I see. Thank you for telling me. Now brother, let’s go back to the village.” Yidoc smiled as he patted the timid villager shoulder.

    “Yes brother Yidoc!” The timid villager replied and smiled widely. He was very happy when Yidoc called him as a brother. Clearly, he did not aware that Yidoc patted him with his filthy hand that he had used to wipe his ‘buru-buru’.

    “Now, what should I say to the villagers?” Yidoc asked to himself.


    After Yidoc arrived in the village, he persuaded the villagers to find more allies. He planned to make all the villagers in Sun Village to join him.

    “Brother, if everyone in the village joined with us, then that woman will not have any choice left other than to leave this village. Because of that, I think it will be better if we ask the others first. Then, we will gather again at this place tomorrow and go to that female house to expel her.” Actually, Yidoc still did not think what he should do after he succeeded to expel Ellie. Because of that, he needed more time to think.

    “I see! Brother Yidoc, you are very smart.” The smart looking villager flattered.

    “Then, what do you wait? Scatter and disperse! We will ask all the villager in Sun Village to join us!” The robust villager commanded them.

    “Everyone, don’t forget to gather again at this place tomorrow!” Yidoc reminded.


    In Yidoc’s house.

    Yidoc asked to himself. “Yidoc, you’re very smart! Think, think, think! What you should do to make Kate, Karen and Karin to live with you.”

    Since the very first time when Yidoc saw the squirrel sisters, he had already fallen in love with them. Like human who loved other human, demon who loved demon, Yidoc felt the squirrel sisters were very lovely and attractive.

    Because Yidoc and the squirrel sisters had the same bloodline, the bloodline of rodent type demi-human, Yidoc’s feeling toward the three of them only grew stronger as he saw the squirrel sisters as time passed.

    This reason was the very reason why Yidoc wanted to possess the squirrel sisters! Yidoc wanted to make the squirrel sisters his slave, his toy, his own belonging, and he also wanted to enjoy them and made them as his mating partner!

    On the other hand, the other villagers who had different bloodline would not have the same mindset as Yidoc. The villagers would not feel that the squirrel sisters were very attractive and lovely compared to when Yidoc thought of them.

    But Yidoc’s desire could not come true even after he tried various efforts and maintaining his own image as a good Samaritan in the village. His endeavor just ended up in vain as he could not make the squirrel sister to love him back.


    The sole reason was because of Ellie!

    The squirrel sisters loved to stay together with Ellie. They stuck like a glue every day! Because of this, Yidoc could not get close to them at all.

    Especially, when Yidoc hated human being! Even after Yidoc tried his hardest to persist burying his hatred toward human and tried to get close to Ellie, his animal instinct revolted and prevented him to do it.

    It’s just like the ‘buru-buru’ from before. No matter how persistent Yidoc tried to hold it, the ‘buru-buru’ still came out!

    That’s why Yidoc wanted to expel Ellie from the village!

    “Ok I decide. I will offer them a shelter and protect them from the villager after the villagers drove out that human female from the village.” Yidoc tried to make his plan as flawless as possible and did not leave any opening. He was perfectly aware that his plan was a risky plan. If he made the wrong move, everything would go to the drain and he would get nothing in the end!

    “I will influence the villagers to hate the three of them and then I will persuade the villagers to forgive them because all of us come from the same race. Then, at the very end, I will influence the villagers to force the squirrel sister to keep staying in this village and then offering a protection to the three of them!” Yidoc carefully thought and cooked his plan.

    “With this plan, everything will be perfect! I’m pretty sure that I’m always maintaining good image in this village. They will think that it’s my habit to help other people who need help. If the squirrel sisters refused to live with me, that’s fine too. I will think about it later if it happened. But, if I can persuade the squirrel sisters to live with me, I will convert them to become my sex slave!” Yidoc laughed loudly and let out a sinister expression. His usual friendly aura had already disappeared as he only looked like a perverted imp right now!

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  • 0079. B1C63 The Gathering Before the Storm

    0079. Book 1 - Chapter 63: The Gathering Before the Storm

    “Hahahaha!! Karen, didn’t you said that you wanted to clear today training menu? But, we just started and you can’t hold it anymore?” Ellie happily teased Karen who was currently trying to push up.

    “Shut up! Aunty white, don’t disturb my concentration! You are bothering me!” Karen pouted unhappily as she tried to continue her push up with her trembling hands.

    “Hahahaha!!” Ellie could not help but laughed. Deep within her heart, Ellie was fully aware that her training method was dull and boring, it’s bland and also not interesting.

    At the first time when Ellie taught her methods to the kids, she thought they might give up half way or got bored to continue their training. But right now, Ellie was very happy as she saw the kids were training diligently without letting out a single complain from their mouth.

    “My body is sore.” Karen said shortly. She complained and frowned her brow.

    “…” Ellie just thought that the kids were very diligent and obedient, but she immediately heard Karin complained a second after that. How could Ellie not be taken aback by this?!

    ““Hmm!”” Karin and Ai agreed.

    Due to how difficult and strenuous the training method, the kids felt sore at all over their body.

    “Karen, Karin, Ai, use the breathing technique! Don’t forget to do it. Sometimes you have forgotten to do it. Without the breathing technique, your training will be pointless as it will only become a regular push up.” Ellie pouted as she corrected their posture one by one and reminded them how to train correctly.

    “I know. I know.” Karen replied as she tried to adjust her breathing technique.

    “But, this is strange. Why I can’t clear this! It’s only just ten stupid push-ups!” Karen muttered. Her face was pale due to lack of oxygen.

    While the kids could not train like it supposed to be, Ellie still watched them, continued to teach them earnestly. Ellie knew that she could not protect them forever. So, she tried her hardest to pass down the training method to the kids.

    Ellie intended to make the training as their daily activities so the kids would remember how to train their body without even needed to remember the process. She carefully observed them and immediately fixed and adjusted their posture and their breathing if the kids made some mistakes.

    Ellie was aware, although the training looked easy, actually it was very hard. Especially if they did something wrong and somehow made it as a habit, then, it would be too difficult to make amends and fixed it!

    Shortly later, the kids finished their push up.

    “Then, we will move to the next step, sit up. Now, hurry up and get in position!” Ellie said as she nodded her head in satisfaction.

    Ellie was pretty satisfied with their result. Although the kids still could not do it flawlessly with the breathing technique, Ellie just let it go because she also could not make them perfect overnight. Her choice was only correcting their mistake little by little.

    “Aunty white, can you please wait a moment. My arms feel like a jelly.” Ai requested in a low voice as he tried to take a breath. Currently, he was very tired, his lung felt like burning charcoal stove for barbecue, and his body was limp due to lack of energy, like scallion that had been dipped in hot water and be boiled afterward.

    “Aunty white, I’m agree!” Karin said shortly. Her condition was slightly better than Ai.

    Although the difference between Ai and Karin’s strength was too much, but their condition was not too different. Ai did not aware with his condition, so was Ellie or the twins.

    Normally, to train with Ellie’s method was practically impossible for someone with the same level of strength as Ai. As a reminder, the twins were three times stronger rather than the ordinary kids at their age, meanwhile Ai’s strength was four times weaker than the ordinary kids around his age.

    Adding with Ai and the twins were at the same age, there’s no way Ai could last long enough to clear the training that could make the twins tired.

    But, Ai’s body could regenerate faster and closed this gap!

    If it was not due to his regeneration power, Ai would not be able to train at all.

    “Hahahaha. Pathetic!” Karen mocked Ai and Karin as she grinned while wiping her sweat on her forehead with her trembling hand. She did not aware that her condition was the worst among of them. Because Karen talked a lot when she trained, it sapped her stamina faster.

    “Ok. We will rest a little.” Ellie could not help but let out a lovely smile as she patted and stroking their head one by one like what doting parents used to do.

    Suddenly, Kate’s voice rang out from a distance. “Big sis! Me too!”

    Ellie immediately turned around as she saw Kate walked at a fast pace into her backyard. She asked. “Oh Kate, did you just come back? Can you finish all of your training menu?”

    “Big sis, I finished it all. Now, please pat my head too.” Kate said enviously as she demanded Ellie to pat her head. She was staring at Ellie with sparkling eyes while waiting and expecting the pat from Ellie, her tail was swaying energetically.

    “You.” Ellie was speechless with Kate’s demand. But, she still patted her head as she smiled.

    “Eh? Big sis Kate, where were you going before? I just realized that I did not see you at all since this morning.” Ai asked. He was wondering why Kate did not come together with the twins like the usual.

    “I was training at other place.” Kate said shortly as she closed her eyes in bliss.

    Meanwhile, Ellie who was stroking Kate’s head stopped and turned toward Ai. Then, Ellie explained. “I told Kate to train in the woods because it will give her more benefits.

    “Eh? Why?” Karin asked in confusion. She did not understand with Ellie’s statement.

    “Isn’t it fun if we train together? Why big sis has to train in the woods? I also want to train over there too!” Karen asked and demanded to Ellie. She immediately hugged and shocked Ellie’s thigh as she was looking upward and staring Ellie with her dog puppy eyes while wagging her tail and begging. “Aunty White…”

    “Karen, now is not the right time for you.” Ellie could not help but smiled as she saw Karen’s cute actions. Although she wanted the kids to get stronger as fast as they could, she could not risk them to die because of the thick demonic energy within the source of the infected area in the woods. Clearly, Ellie was a doting parent.

    “Somewhere in the woods, there is a location where it has been filled by dense demonic energy. If Kate trains over there, her progress will be much faster rather than when she trains in my backyard.” Ellie explained to Karen and the others, while Karen could only stare open-mouthed at Ellie in astonishment.

    “Although I don’t think that it will be dangerous for you to train over there, but I still think that it will be better if you wait a bit more until you become a little stronger before you go over there.” Ellie explained patiently to Karen and the others in detail.

    Ellie knew a low grade demon dust would not enough to kill Ai and the twins, but she was still worried and did not let them to train in that place. Ellie was afraid if somehow the kids would touch or step on the remnant of the demon dust. Especially, the hyperactive Karen.

    “Hmmm… I don’t understand.” Karen said shortly as she stared at Ellie in confusion while blinking her eyes a few times.

    ““Me too”” Ai and Karin added.

    “Aunty White, why I can’t train at there too? I also want to get stronger.” Once again, Karen asked as she stared at Ellie full of hope.

    As Ai and the twins were still a kid, they could not comprehend what Ellie had explained to them.

    “Eh?” Ellie was dumbfounded. She wondered how she had to explain to them.

    “Big sis, forget it. No matter what you said, I think they will not able to understand what you said.” Kate gave her advice. She still remembered this situation also happened to her when she asked the kids about Ellie and Sergio’s relationship. But, no matter what she said, the kids could not even understand it.

    “I see. Then, break time is over. Now hurry up and continue to sit up. Don’t you want to get stronger?” Ellie said.

    But suddenly, a voice rang out. Loudly like a thunder!



    This day was the fifth day after Ellie taught Karen and the others. At the same time, this day was the fifth day after the sickness struck Sun Village. And also the agreement day where the villagers agreed to drive Ellie out of the village!

    “Eh? What happened?” Ellie was confused as she heard the villagers chanted and demanded her to leave. She saw many villagers were gathering near her backyard and shouted angrily at her.

    “Big sis, what happened?” Kate asked in panic. Although Kate was not a coward, fear still filled her heart when she saw the enraged villagers. At the same time, the twins hurriedly hid behind Kate while Ai immediately hid behind Ellie.

    Ellie turned and ordered Ai. “Ai, go and hide behind Kate.”

    But, Ai refused to move. He only stared at Ellie in horror while shaking his head. “No, I don’t want to!”

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  • 0080. B1C64 Who's the Mastermind!

    0080. Book 1 - Chapter 64: Who's the Mastermind!


    GO AWAY!!


    “Big sis, what should we do? There are many of them. What if they suddenly attack us?” Kate asked weakly. She was very panicked when she noticed the enraged villagers already surrounded them in circle while shouting at Ellie to leave the village.

    “Hahaha!! Kate, what are you afraid of? Them? They are only pebbles on the ground and not even worth to fight!” Ellie assured Kate as she acted like usual. She sneered as she watched the commotion in calm and undisturbed manner.

    Ellie was not afraid of the villagers even though there were many villagers who completely surrounding her while shouting furiously at her. But, Ai and the squirrel sisters did not have the same mindset as Ellie. Kate was worried as she felt cornered, while Ai and the twins could only watch in horror as their body were trembling in fear.

    “Big sis…” Kate said hopelessly. Although she knew Ellie was very strong, she did not believe Ellie could escape from this situation.

    “Kate, just stay here and don’t go too far. As long as you stay close to me, I can protect you.” Still calm and unafraid, Ellie said casually. She did not even think the villagers were a threat for her.

    “Big sis, are you sure? Isn’t it better if we just hide? Although you can protect yourself, I’m afraid we will just become a nuisance for you.” Kate asked hesitantly as she gave her suggestion.

    It’s harder for Kate to believe that Ellie could protect them. Forget about protected them, Kate did not even sure if Ellie could protect her own self while protecting all of them at the same time!

    Ellie turned. She stared at Kate and smiled. “Please believe me, I promise I will protect you. You just need to restrain Ai and the twins.”

    Ellie turned her head as she paused for a moment. She took a glance at the angry villagers, then, with a grin, she said. “Make sure you hold Ai and the twins tightly and don’t let them ran away or split up!”

    “WOMAN, LEAVE THIS VILLAGE AT ONCE!!” A robust villager roared. This two meters tall panda looking villager furiously glared at Ellie. He looked very strong, his body was full of bulged muscle everywhere. His arm alone was even bigger than Ellie’s leg. With a black shade on her eyes, he looked very frightening as he growled and showing his fangs.

    Ellie turned her gaze and stared at him. She was unfazed when she saw the robust villager. There was not any slightest fear that appeared from inside of her heart.

    “And if I don’t, what will you do?” Ellie smirked as she taunted the robust villager.  Although the robust villager looked tougher, Ellie did not give him any face!

    “WHAT DID YOU SAY!! YOU DARE TO DEFY ME!!” The robust villager roared angrily.

    “Defy you? Of course I’m! After all, you can only bark but not bite!” Ellie said casually as she provoked the robust villager.

    “WHAT!!” The robust villager was trembling. It was not due to fear, but because of anger!

    The robust villager thought Ellie would be afraid if they besieged her. That’s why he wanted to use this change to gain back his lost reputation. But, he never thought Ellie dared to openly oppose him. Especially in front of the other villagers!

    Usually, the robust villager was the one who ordered the others. With his strength and his powerful body, he was feared by the others and could do as he pleased. But, from time to time, he lost his reputation. The other villagers had already known that he was afraid of Ellie and Sergio. And now, Ellie paid no heed to him. She even taunted back and put him in disgrace!

    Clearly, the robust villager was furious! “BASTARD!! SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH!!”

    Suddenly, Ellie moved. She attacked the robust villager with her palm.


    The robust villager wanted to act tough, but he had been defeated in instant!

    “If you want to fight, then do it properly. How difficult is it to attack me? Or you only wanted the others know that you have a loud voice?” Ellie acted like nothing happened as she sneered and let out a snort.

    At the same time, everyone was dumbfounded. They could only stare at Ellie with their open mouth. Even Ai and the squirrel sisters were not an exception. When Ellie attacked, there was not any of them who could see of what had happened. All of them did not know what Ellie did or what really happened.

    All of them only saw Ellie suddenly vanished and appeared at another place in the blink of an eye. And then, what they saw afterwards, the robust villager had been thrown in the air as his body spun a few times before he dropped to the ground.

    “What happened?” A random villager asked.

    “I don’t know.” The other answered.

    The villagers knew that Ellie was very strong but they never thought Ellie was too strong until they could not even see her movements.

    “Coward!! You suddenly attacked me from the back.” The robust villager said with difficulty as he tried to stand up.

    “What??” Ellie was stunned for a few seconds. Then, she laughed loudly and said. “You can’t even see my movements, and you said I attacked you from the back?”

    Ellie pointed her finger and told the robust villager. “Look! Your nose is bleeding and you lost a few teeth. Err… Fangs. Do you need me to tell you that I hit you on your face?”

    “That woman is very strong! What should we do?” Other villager realized that Ellie never attacked from the back.

    “Dammit! I should just leave this village with the others! Why did I agree with this stupid plan!? This is just suicide!” A random villager said in regret.

    “Now, tell me! Who’s behind all of this?! Who told you to come here and besieged me?!” Ellie asked to the robust villager. Although she did not really care about what they did, she still had to find out the culprit and gave a few lessons to the culprit.

    “Brother Sergio, please help us and protect us from this woman!” The robust villager roared. Although he was very angry, he knew he could not win against Ellie. So, he did not have any choice other than asking help from Sergio.

    “Eh? Sergio?” Ellie was stunned when Sergio was mentioned. She immediately turned around as she carefully observed the villagers.

    When the villagers looked for Sergio, Ellie was also looking for Sergio. Ellie observed the villagers and tried to find Sergio among the villagers. But, no matter where she searched, Ellie could not find Sergio. Ellie could not help but muttered in her mind. “Where is that stupid girl?”

    “That girl is very naughty. I don’t know what kind of wicked plan she prepared for me. I need to be careful.” Still searching for Sergio, Ellie muttered with a low voice as she reminded herself.

    Although Ellie was not afraid against the villagers, but it would become entirely different matter if Sergio was involved and joined the fray.

    If the villagers attacked Ellie or the kids, Ellie was totally confident that she could protect Ai and the others. But, if Sergio joined and attacked her, her hands would be full!

    Ellie was perfectly aware of Sergio’s strength. Sergio alone could hold her down!

    Ellie was sure that she would not able to protect Ai and the others if the villagers decided to attack them while she was busy fighting with Sergio.


    At the same time, at other place within Sun Village. More precisely, in front of Sergio’s house.

    “Bastard!! All of them forced me to do troublesome matters one after another! Yesterday, they ordered me to find Yidoc, and knocked Sergio’s door. And today, they ordered me again to find Sergio.” Someone said irritably. Clearly he was the timid villager that had been bullied and had been forced to do the task that the others did not want to do it.

    “If they wanted to do it, then do it alone! Why they always asked me to do this and that?” The timid villager was angry. Previously, he tried to inform Sergio that they needed to go to Ellie’s house, but Sergio told him to scram instead. So, he could only wait Sergio in front of his house.

    Like what happened yesterday, happened again today!

    Sergio refused to come out and went back to sleep because it’s still Sergio’s sleeping time!


    Back at Ellie’s house…

    “Bother Sergio?” Once again, the robust villager called Sergio as he turned his head a few times to find Sergio.


    No matter how much he called, Sergio did not answer. No matter how much he searched, he could never find Sergio. No matter how much he waited, Sergio did not show up!

    Suddenly, the robust villager shouted. “Hey! Where is brother Sergio? Who is the one responsible to go to his house?!”

    “Not me!” Some villagers answered while some of them chose to stay silent.

    “This is stupid!” Ellie said with a low voice.

    “How could I forget his character?!” Ellie realized something. “If Sergio wanted to attack me, Sergio would never use the villagers to do it but attacked me by himself. If not, he would never be satisfied with the result. After all, the villagers will not be able to do anything to me.”

    Ellie let out a long sighed as she realized that she was worried about nothing. Then, she turned at the robust villager and asked. “Now tell me! Who’s the mastermind?!”

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  • 0081. B1C65 When the Judgment Has Come, the Savior Has Also Come!

    0081. Book 1 - Chapter 65: When the Judgment Has Come, the Savior Has Also Come!

    “I see. So you are the one who started this mess.” Ellie said in a flat voice as she coldly stared at Yidoc. After beating the robust villager and forced him to tell the truth, Ellie finally knew who was the mastermind behind the siege and how this situation could happen!

    “No, no, no, no! You are wrong! You are completely mistaken about this. I only told the villagers that the sickness happened after the blue haired boy came into this village. But, they suddenly started to get angry and decided to attack you even though I already said that it was just a mere assumption. In the first place, I never told them to attack you or that boy. In fact, I even tried to stop this.” Yidoc tried to defend himself as he told Ellie about what actually happened before.

    “I don’t care! It will not change the fact that you are the one who started all of this!” Ellie completely ignored Yidoc’s explanation as she started to take a step and approaching Yidoc.

    [What the hell!] Yidoc cursed silently. [Why the villagers only stand still and do nothing! Aren’t they said that they wanted to attack this woman!]

    Yidoc forgot one thing. He disregarded the villager’s attitude and their mindset as a demi-human!

    The villagers in Sun Village had a bloodline of an animal within their body. And because of this, they tended to fear the one who’s stronger than themselves.

    [WTF!! WTF!!] Yidoc was surprised to find that no one was standing near him or tried to protect him.

    After Ellie beat the robust villager, no one dared to step forward or opposed Ellie anymore. The villagers only stood silently while watching Ellie approaching Yidoc. In fact, a few villagers who stood beside Yidoc had already turned tail and ran away. They did not dare to stand near Yidoc as they were afraid if Ellie decided to attack them too.

    “Next time, you should learn to watch your mouth!” At this time, Ellie was completely enraged.

    If the reason of the siege was to expel her or to hurt her, Ellie would not feel bitter about it or resented their actions. After all, Ellie knew that their hatred toward human was running deep inside of their vein.

    Black would not be able to turn into white! Hatred would not be able to turn into love! Other race would hate another race! And this fact alone would never be changed no matter how long the time had passed! Like day and night, it would be continued to exist!

    But, the villagers wanted to expel Ai without even sure if Ai was wrong or not! They wanted to beat a helpless little boy who did not even do anything wrong! And they did it because they thought Ai was a human!

    “Today I will teach you some manners! Next time, think first before you say anything!” Ellie said while approaching Yidoc. Even though Ellie looked composed, her mind was actually boiled in anger.

    “Objection! I disagree!” Suddenly, someone opposed.

    At the same time, all the villagers, including Ellie, turned their head to find out who had spoken such a brave statements and dared to oppose the enraged Ellie. They saw Sergio was approaching them from a distance as they heard Sergio continued to speak.

    “Why I should help you to become stronger! It is only wasting my time! If you want to train, then do it yourself.” Sergio said to the timid villager who was walking beside him.

    “But, how should I train? If no one taught me, I will never know what I should do.” The timid villager said timidly.

    “It’s your problems, not mine!” Sergio ignored him coldly.

    “Eh? I thought someone disagreed with that woman. It turns out they totally speak about something else.” A random villager said.

    “AH! BOTHER SERGIO!” Yidoc shouted out loud as he was very happy when he saw Sergio.

    [I never expected that woman is so strong! She is completely ruining my plan!] Yidoc did not aware of two things! First, he did not know how strong Ellie was. Yidoc thought Ellie would be afraid and could do nothing if she had been surrounded by the villagers. But, it turned out that Ellie did not afraid at all. In fact, she could beat the robust villager with ease and made the rest of them discouraged.

    [But!!! Finally, my savior has come! With him beside me, that woman will never be able to do anything to me!] Yidoc thought to himself as he let out a sinister smile at the corner of his lips.

    [Although he’s late, but he still comes in the end! My plan is perfect!! Now, no one can stop me to get the squirrel sisters!!] Yidoc was fully aware that Sergio loved to make trouble to Ellie. And Yidoc had already predicted that the villagers would ask some helps from Sergio. Even if the villagers were so stupid and forgot to ask some helps from Sergio, Yidoc already planned to suggest them.


    The second thing that Yidoc did not aware was the relationship between Ellie and Sergio!

    Yidoc didn’t know that Sergio and Ellie were actually a comrade! In fact, there was no one in the village who would have this thought!

    Ellie and Sergio were actually a comrade? Who would believe it if what they did was only cursed at each other and fought every day! Other than specific people who truly knew about their true identity, the villagers would not even believe even if they had been told about the truth!

    “Eh? Why have all of you been gathering at this place? How could you start without me? Did you just arrive too?” Sergio noticed all the eyes were looking at him. He felt uncomfortable and could not help but asked. “Why are you looking at me like that? Did you get beaten already?”

    Yidoc wanted to cough out blood as he could only curse Sergio silently. Clearly, he did not dare to offend Sergio openly.

    But, the robust villager could not hold his anger as he immediately shouted at Sergio. “DAMMIT! HOW COULD YOU STILL SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT!! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HELP US, BUT WHERE ARE YOU WHEN WE NEED YOU!! DO YOU INTEND TO HELP OR NOT!!”

    Sergio immediately turned his head and stared at the robust villager. At the same time, everyone also did the same. But, what they saw was only the robust villager that was currently trembling in fear while peeing in his pants as if he saw a terrifying monster.

    Other than Ellie, the rest of them did not know that Sergio had used his ability to inflict fear into the robust villager mind. Furthermore, Sergio only used it to attack the robust villager alone until he passed out. So, the rest of villagers were confused as they did not know of what happened.

    “Consider yourself lucky because I'm in a good mood.” Sergio smiled while waving his tail happily.

    “Bother Sergio, you are very late. Weren’t we supposed to gather in the morning?” Yidoc asked while approaching Sergio as he was wagging his tail happily like a dog saw its owner.

    “Huh? Why I should listen to you? If you wanted to gather in the morning, then just do it. It has nothing to do with me!” Sergio said apathetically.

    “Eh!!” Yidoc was dumbfounded.

    “But, hadn’t you said that you agreed to protect us?” Yidoc immediately asked to Sergio. As far as Yidoc knew, he had been told that Sergio agreed to help them and protect them.

    “That’s why I said It has nothing to do with me. As far as I remember, I never said that I agreed to gather in the morning with you. This and that is clearly not related. Are you an idiot?” Sergio laughed as he was mocking Yidoc.

    Then suddenly, Sergio asked with curiosity. “By the way, who are you? Do I know you?”

    Yidoc really wanted to roar and curse Sergio. But, he still tried to calm down because he knew Sergio was the only one who strong enough to protect him. So, he could only stay silent as he gritted his teeth in anger.

    “Sergio, whatever your plan, you better not interfere with this one.” Ellie spoke calmly as she continued to approach Yidoc.

    “What one?” Sergio turned as he asked curiously. Because he’s late, he was completely clueless.

    “Yidoc told the villagers that the sickness happened not long after Ai stayed here. Simply put, the villagers want to beat Ai and expel Ai because of him. And now I want to beat him! You better not interfere!” Still approaching Yidoc, Ellie explained to Sergio.

    “Ok! Feel free to beat him. I don’t know him anyway.” Sergio laughed out loud. He did not care if Ellie beat Yidoc or not.

    “EH!! Brother Sergio! Hadn’t you promised that you agreed to protect us? What did you mean feel free to beat me?” Yidoc was shocked. Then, he immediately begged. “Brother Sergio, please help me. Please protect me from that woman.”

    “Nope! I never promised anything to you.” Sergio immediately refused as he shocked his head in denial.

    “I only agreed to protect the villagers who gathered at my place yesterday. As I did not see you yesterday, I don’t think I have to protect you!” Sergio laughed loudly while banging his tail on the ground.

    [WTF!!] At this time, Yidoc had truly wanted to cough out blood for real.

    Sergio did not feel bad, but was happy to see the other suffering instead. No wonder the chieftain got a headache because he had this kind of daughter!

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  • 0082. B1C66 Sergio's Silly Intentions Revealed!

    0082. Book 1 - Chapter 66: Sergio's Silly Intentions Revealed!

    “You bastard!” Yidoc was very shocked as he was also extremely upset after hearing Sergio refused to help him. He could not help to speak his real feeling out loud.

    “Hmm?” Sergio immediately turned his gaze. He saw Yidoc was the only one who standing beside him right now! Of course Sergio thought that Yidoc cursed him! Furthermore, Yidoc was currently glaring at Sergio.

    “You dared to curse at me!” Sergio moved his tail and slapped Yidoc’s face with his tail.


    “Squeak!!” A pitiful cry sound rang out as Yidoc was tossed in the air while flying toward Ellie.

    Sergio looked angry. He took a stride toward Yidoc and then kicked him afterward.

    Squeak!! Squeak!!

    “Hey!! Don’t kill him! Control your strength!” Ellie reminded Sergio as she also repeatedly kicked Yidoc who was currently cowering on the ground.

    Squeak!! Squeak!! Help!! Help!!

    Not only he got a beating from Ellie, Sergio also joined and gave him a beating too! Like a trapped mouse, Yidoc had been beaten black and blue by Ellie and Sergio until he passed out!

    Fate is really a strange thing.

    Previously, Yidoc planned to drive Ellie out from the village. He had already calculated and carefully prepared his plan as flawless as possible. But what happened after that was totally different from what he had planned.

    “Big bro catfish!” Karen was waving her hands as she called Sergio energetically. She was very happy after she saw Sergio teamed up with Ellie to beat up the person who wanted to hurt Ai.

    “Big bro catfish, do you come to help Aunty White and protect us?” Still waving her hands, Karen asked to Sergio. If not because of Kate who currently held Karen, Karen would already dash to hug Sergio.

    “EH!!” The villagers were startled as they realized Sergio did not help Yidoc, but joined with Ellie to repeatedly kick Yidoc instead.

    “Brother Sergio comes here to protect them? What the hell has happened!!” A villager muttered.

    “Hey, hadn’t Sergio said to protect us? Isn’t it?” A bald villager asked to the others.

    “Brother Sergio, actually why are you here? Do you intend to help them or us?” One of the villagers directly asked to Sergio.

    “Eh? Me? Hmm… I never knew that I’m very popular and everyone wants my help.” Sergio spun a few times and then turned his gaze at Ellie then at the villagers.


    The villagers could not help to become panicked. They could only stare at Sergio in total silence while waiting Sergio’s answer. They were hoping Sergio was on their side. If not, without anyone to protect them, they knew that they would be in trouble!

    “HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Sergio laughed loudly. Then, he calmly took a stride and joined with the villagers.

    “Today, I came to beat you!” Sergio said as he smiled with a smug face while pointing his finger to Ellie.

    Ellie frowned as she asked Sergio. “And, what is the reason? Why are you joining with them? What do you want? What is your intention?!”

    If it was judging from Sergio's demeanor and character, Ellie refused to believe that Sergio would agree to help the villagers or gave his promise to protect them. After all, Ellie and Sergio were a comrade! Ellie was perfectly aware of what kind of selfish person was Sergio.

    “This stupid catfish! Don’t tell me?!” But somehow, Ellie could predict what was Sergio's intention!

    “Are you still angry to me about the dead gecko?!” Ellie frowned. She had a gist that Sergio still held a grudge against her.


    “I see.” Ellie could not help but sighed. Her guess was right on the spot! Sergio still held a grudge because she chased him with a dead gecko two days ago!

    “Eh, big bro catfish?” Karen stared at Sergio with her widening teary eyes. Right now, she was afraid at Sergio. Especially when she saw Sergio’s angry face. Karen could not believe that Sergio chose to take a side with the villagers to attack Ellie.

    Karen could only think inside of her hearth. Didn’t Sergio usually play with her recently? Then why now he attacked her Aunty White. In fact, it was not only Karen who had this kind of thoughts. Karin and Ai also thought the same thing. The three of them could only stare at Sergio in disbelief.

    “Big brother catfish?” Karin called Sergio in a low voice.

    Ai included. “Big bro brother catfish?”

    They still hoped Sergio turned side and helped Ellie.

    “Everyone, hide into my house.” Ellie instructed to the kids. Although she was not afraid of Sergio, she was still worried if the villagers decided to attack the kids while she was still busy fighting with Sergio.

    “But, Big sis.” Kate said in worry. At the same time, she was also puzzled why Sergio suddenly turned against them.

    “Don’t worry about me. I will be fine.” Ellie reassured Kate.

    “Big sis, be careful!” Kate could only lead the kids to hide in Ellie’s house. Although she was worried about Ellie’s safety, she knew that they would only become a burden if they kept insisted staying at here.

    While Kate and the others worriedly scurried into Ellie’s house, the villagers discussed of what they should do about them.

    “Brother Sergio, isn’t it better if we attacked the kids while you fought with that woman? In this way, we can force that woman to give up. Or, we can also take the kids as our hostages to threaten that woman. If we did it like this, I’m sure a victory will be in our hands!” A smart looking villager suggested. After he saw Ellie’s affection toward the kids, he realized Ellie was worried about the kids. This smart looking villager was smart enough to figure out that the kids were Ellie’s weakness.


    “Huh?!” Sergio immediately turned and smacked the smart looking villager on his head.


    “You fool! Let me tell you something. No matter what happens, don’t try to hurt those little kids! If not, even I can’t protect you anymore!” Sergio reminded the villagers to never cross Ellie’s bottom line.

    “But, if we use this weakness, that woman can’t do anything to us. We will get the upper hand!” The smart looking villager insisted.


    Of course Sergio smacked him again and called the smart looking villager as an idiot.

    “That’s only work if you’re stronger! Don’t pretend to be smart if you know nothing, you idiot!” Sergio himself was perfectly aware that it would be easier to take revenge against Ellie if he hurt the kids. But, even if Sergio was fearless or ten times bolder, as he did not afraid to continue provoking Ellie from time to time, he would never have enough courage to cross Ellie’s bottom line!

    Sergio knew, hurting the kids would only invoke Ellie’s wrath!

    “Just listen to me if you don’t want what happened to that something-dog happens to you! Just leave those kids alone!” Sergio said.

    [Isn’t half of it because of you!] The villagers thought that half of Yidoc’s injuries was because of Sergio. Of course they did not say it out loud.

    “Unless you’re stronger than that white gorilla, don’t ever think to hurt those kids! Forget about protecting you, even I can’t escape unscathed from that white gorilla if I hurt those kids!” Sergio still remembered when Ellie instantly kicked him for real without regarding him as a friend after he smacked Karen’s head because Karen kicked him first. This incident happened on the third day after Ai stayed with Ellie; also at the same day when Sergio got his debut as a servant that had been covered by poop.

    At the same time, remembering about this incident only made Sergio more furious. “DAMMIT!! REMEMBER ABOUT IT JUST MAKES ME ANGRY!!”

    Sergio was enraged as he glared at Ellie and said. “PEDOPHILE, PREPARE YOURSELF!!”

    Sergio prepared to attack Ellie. He crouched a little to gain a momentum. But suddenly, Sergio remembered about the dead gecko.

    “Eh? What if she still has it? I hope she has already thrown out that dead gecko.” Sergio thought to himself. Then, immediately asked to Ellie as he canceled his attack. “Hey, where is that gecko? Do you still have it?”

    “…” Ellie was completely speechless.

    [It is beyond stupid!] Ellie could only let out a sigh. She could not believe Sergio asked something like that in the middle of a fight.

    Eventually, Ellie still answered. “Of course I had thrown it away. Why I need to keep a dead gecko for two days!”

    “I see. Now I can take revenge against you with ease! Buahahahahaha!!!” Sergio laughed out loud. As long as Ellie did not have a dead gecko, Sergio was not afraid to fight with Ellie.

    ““….”” The villagers were speechless. They finally knew, the reason why Sergio agreed to help them was because Ellie chased him with dead gecko. No matter how stupid they were, some of them would have realized it!

    “Bother Sergio, are you afraid of dead gecko? But, aren’t you a lizard-type demi-human. Why are you afraid of your own kind?” The smart looking villager asked.

    “Nope. I’m not afraid.” Sergio immediately denied.

    “But, you just canceled your attack because you were wary if that woman still kept the dead gecko or not. Aren’t you?” The smart looking villager kept asking.

    “SHUT UP! I just loathe them!” Sergio was annoyed. Then, he slapped the smart looking villager with his golden tail.


    Unlike Yidoc, this slap was not meant to inflict injuries. This slap was just a casual slap to hush the smart looking villager.

    Suddenly, a very familiar voice rang out. “Hey, yo! What are you doing yo?”

    I make a comedy and heartbreaking story with some actions. You can find it here.
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