"I WON A PRIZE" @#×%

This is the reason I use an adblocker. Got a device that doesn't have an adblocker. This site tried to crash my new device with ads, pop ups and redirects. Every page is a new pop up and redirect. I know the owners of this site don't like/want readers using adblockers. However there are multitudes of dangerous ads plaguing this site which is a shame. The latest iteration is a redirect saying I won a prize. This not the first time I have complained about ads here, or seen others complain about ads here, but I am annoyed by this again now that I have to see them on a device with adblocking. Said it before this site is unreadable without adblocking.


  • Mobile ads suck, and there's no real way to make them not-suck unless we do something like Qidian, a single unskippable ad-wall.  Are you sure that's a better option, in all seriousness?
  • That's why WW need mobile app.
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