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  • Wow he write whole 3 days how YC grasping master's tits in fight.
    Such plot. Much development.
  • The little devil dared to grope the 10,000 years old virgin maid. Hmph...courting death
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    The little devil dared to grope the 10,000 years old virgin maid. Hmph...courting death
    Courting death by snu snu that is. 
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    Shortest chapter today but one of the funniest as well :D Death by Ice cube ... (not the bad music - hehe) revival by snu snu? :D
    Suspect GWOTB 5 most likely and his 'corpse' tossed into that frozen hell of the Fog Vanishing Valley
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  • Was it her tit or her butt? It said lower corner so it should be her butt instead lol.
    "sense of touch" indeed, guess he will be tossed into fog valley now.... wait could this be staged by her? Wouldnt put it past her to do that lol.

  • AkaiRyuu said:
    Was it her tit or her butt? It said lower corner so it should be her butt instead lol.
    "sense of touch" indeed, guess he will be tossed into fog valley now.... wait could this be staged by her? Wouldnt put it past her to do that lol.

    I very much suspect as much. She wants to 'protect him' without him being aware she is doing so, afterall she wants to know what else he is hiding. I am very interested in seeing if he can escape without her wishing him to via say the arc, after all made based off the world needle. From one of those last lines it sounded like he was thinking he should just have stayed on BPS hahaha. Very much wearing his brown pants.

    Wonder if we will have MX drop MF in as well to spice things up. Have YC save her or what ever Mars lands up thinking up.
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  • It wasn't stage at all. Also she is most likely mad not only because he grabed her tit but probably also because how he was able to do so. I mean logically speaking that wouldn't have happened if he had told her about Dragon Domain so it is all on her. It is like double humiliation - not only brat 400 times younger and probably similary times weaker was able to make her lose concentration he was also able to grab her. It's like double slap at the face and it's all because of her lack of knowledge about him and underestimation. I would be preety pissed to if I were her mostly on myself.

    But since she isn't striking me as a type of person who is admitting her own errors I feel sorry for our scapegoat right now...
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    Either way I look forward to the next set of chapters :D If its intentional or not. 
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  • Well, this is indeed gonna be fun. Lets just hope Mars don't take a break...
  • sense of touch is definitely op. He'll be sent to the Fog Valley early.
  • I agree with budda level up. 
  • Anyone have any idea the "big gift" that the divine phoenix gave him way back then is? Something that is unique to phoenixes and is pleasant to know...but is harmful to cultivation if known too soon? I thought of resurrection when I first read it, but it doesnt make sense because GC knows about it and it was certain YC would die when he was hit by moon flower poison. It should be something soul-related perhaps? Seeing that his physic doesnt change, but I totally have no idea lol.
  • AkaiRyuu said:
    Anyone have any idea the "big gift" that the divine phoenix gave him way back then is? Something that is unique to phoenixes and is pleasant to know...but is harmful to cultivation if known too soon? I thought of resurrection when I first read it, but it doesnt make sense because GC knows about it and it was certain YC would die when he was hit by moon flower poison. It should be something soul-related perhaps? Seeing that his physic doesnt change, but I totally have no idea lol.
    I think its just the soul origin, same the Dragon God soul origin and Golden Crow soul origin. but the soul origin should have more unknown powers than what has been shown,
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    New chapter is out.

    Well, that should make thing obvious - she really didn't let him do that to her. Also, Feixue is in the mist and we should finally know what power level Yun Che has right now not to mention that we are finally going to hunt the Dragon. So much future development uncovered in one chapter, that was preety refreshing after those stagnate chapters. 
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    Well isn't this a pointless conflict added. What now? YC won't be invited to the Flame God Realm, but will go anyways and save the GRK? Correct me If im wrong, the GRK just mentioned she's not going to train YC anymore na?

    Seriously did he not use Dragon soul domain in this fight? You would think there would be more surprise cause of that, with him being the only known inheritor of the dragon soul.

    Also, the fact that one of YC's wives is in line for a forced marriage is so predictable, this is one of the most common plot devices in these novels and it sucks.
  • @Suryansh
    Xuanyin is simply pissed off because she screwed up really badly. Like it is all on her and she knows that. I'm preety sure that Xuanyin is mostly annoyed because Yun Che used Dragon Soul Domain without her knowing about it after she lectured him about Dragon God Realm not looking for him... You can argue that it shows how distrustful he is but it is more on her and lack of good intel on her own disciple background and abilities. She knows that now. Not to even mention how humiliated she must feel on some many levels (touched by someone so weak and who can hide so many secrets from her). She will see the light because Yun Che must go to Flame Prison with her, there is no way around it. So I assume that he will probably do something crazy in the Fog Valley and also after those 3 days she should be far more reasonable to talk.
    Right now it really looks OK and fits characters. Unless Mars is planning to drag it for some time then yeah, that would be pointless conflict.
  • Idle speculation ...

    If that is the case that he has to go save MX or try save her, I wonder if her physical body will be 'destroyed' similarly to Jasmine whether it is because Hou Rulie attacks her or because of the Dragon. He has the "Netherworld Udumbara Flower" which he can use to give to her as thanks for all she did to him, or give it to Bingyun who used it to save sister allowing him to escape which I would prefer. (After all he knows where to get more for Jasmine) This will probably lead MX to question her decision once she discovers he provided the flower and in the long run and wonder if she overreacted as she did which will allow her at a later stage to enter the harem as the fans seem to desire. Especially if it is believed that he died as per the vision that Lingxi had, driven by the guilt of her actions. This would allow him to go to the bottom of the flame prison and possibly even find the dead or dying horned dragon which he can shunt into the Sky Poison Pearl which he can then eat the meat of to grow in strength while enjoying the yang festival from the blood again...

    I however am far more inclined for him to "escape" MX's bat shit crazy clutches for now. If you consider that what she is doing now is a possible act, if she is injured unintentionally with the dragon fight and he comes out to learn she is injured badly. The flower could save her he would provide the flower to save her to thank her for what she did for him before he then 'escapes' silently without being told it was all an act as everyone is up in arms at her being injured. Imagine the shitstorm after when it is discovered her direct student went missing. He would need help escaping, MF or Xaiolan assist then spill beans after he went to FGR (Afterall Xaiolan knows where to get a dimensional stone). If he was seen dying at the flame prison after that it will allow MX to contemplate over a long period of time and come to regret her actions after all it was an accident/staged. Same time YC will get the chance to explore on his own and he knows what he needs to create the Pill as MX told him. In so doing he will go about gathering ingredients himself as Vagabond Yun Che which we have all come to know. Save the wood spirit princess as he probably learns of this location first.

    For all we know he could land up in Western region of the god realm and get inducted into the dragon god clan...
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  • @Ravannoc
    To be fair Yun Che saving Xuanyin in any other way than SPP is just a fantasy. And considering that Bingyun who is much weaker was dying for 1000 poisoned by the Dragon I don't even believe that she can even die from that poison at all. His power is so irralevant that him going for the hunt as a viewer is basically all he can do. And even that is far stretched. Firstly his power need to rise tremendously for him to save anyone important or to simply be even remotely important himself. There is no escape from Xuanyin and/or Snow Song/Flame Realm.

    That being said in old Mars' fashion it is possible that he will actually "sacrifice himself and drop down into Fire Prison River". That would also accelerate progress in their relationship if it would be Xuanyin who is saved by him but most likely it would be someone else, probably a woman though (Vermillion Bird's daughter?). Either way I can smell him droping "dead" and reappear months later much more powerful. Like always.
  • GRK seriously wished to kill him.if it weren't for Mu Bingyun she would have really killed him. She had done so much for him so I thought that she would just injure him seriously but I never ever thought that she would strike a finishing blow. Now I really don't care if she lives or dies in the future. 
  • @Shiro_Shinigami
    Pure speculation thought :D this said the above I mentioned are but two ideas I had of possible outcomes among the many as I thought about it. The SPP is the most logical but its already been done with her sister thus I would consider an alternative.

    However my desire is to have him escape from MX. Thus using the flower under the assumption she was injured in some manner that it was required to assist her, after all Hou Rulie has been plotting for 1000 years to kill her and finding a means to do so where only way to save her is the very hard to obtain Netherworld Udumbara Flower. Ideal situation is that she managed to get back to Snow Song Realm injured so she is 'safe' from immediate external harm, it will mean she is incapacitated trying to fend off what ever is affecting her which will allow YC his escape after providing the means to save her. After all she claimed she wanted nothing to do with him further and really just becomes a "temporary master" despite the massive sacrifice she gave with fixing his meridians. By saving her life in this manner he clears himself of the debt and saves SSR as well from collapse.

    From the chapter Bingyun's reaction hinted at MX really intending on killing him thus not a ploy here. There are so many possible paths to follow and I am really excited to see where they will lead. 
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  • @Ravannoc
    Well, why would he run away from her? He has no reason to do it other than making super powerful figure really pissed off :cold_sweat: . But I agree that he really needs to make their relationship less like Master and Favourite Pet and more like proper Master and Disciple or even better - friends. I mean, she treats him extremely well considering everything we know but it still is preety toxic relationship mostly based on her own curiosity and most likely her own plan for Yun Che. They don't talk with each other, she had shown really a little interest in his background, plans and such not to mention that she is insanely abusive. No matter how he Mars should really make it better ASAP, it's starting to be slightly annoying and maybe your idea is some sort of solution to this problem...
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    Terrible writing imo.

    Yun Che's characterization is completely opposite from how he's been for 1000 chapters. In all previous instances, he is able to escape from far stronger people with Evil God shield and/or star god's broken shadow.

    If it was like the previous characterization, YC can open Rumbling Heaven (or Hades if needed) and do Sealing Cloud Locking Sun and he can at least live.

    And MX..really you want to kill the guy with Evil God's inheritance just for accidentally touching your boobs? Really?

  • I still prefer ATG to the other CN novels out there, though im hating the forced marriage bit, it's far too overused as a plot device. The current speed of YC progression makes me wonder how's he going to reach DTR. One thing i've noticed is that YC's power jumps are far to erratic, 100 chaps without a increase in level followed by 10 chaps were he increases by an entire great realm. 
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    Well does not need to be seen as getting away. Could also be seen as going after Hou Rulie if he was injured if he did what ever he does with the possible scenario above.

    Re-read the chapter again and now I am questioning the possibility of that she is using her sister to help her try foster a better relationship with him in a odd twisted crazy girl way ... I can just imagine Bingyun going to her sister to ask what happened and find her in BBSS mode laughing to herself about it and using this to try find out what else he has up his sleeve as far as trump cards go. Add the fact she has confirmation he has full strength Dragon God Soul as well. Bingyun choice of words were also far too select ... praising her sister's efforts to do well by him yet not 15 seconds before she gave off the crazy killing intent.

    Edit: More I think about it is like she is pet training him (sorry for using your analogy but it is scary accurate) He is acting meek and overly submissive right now with Bingyun, once inside the "Fog Vanishing Valley" he might get time to think about what happened and possibly suspect it as well. If anything she would be coming across to him as crazy with a very short fuse. All things that would make me want to jump ship, especially if he was able to return the favor which he feels he owes now based off what was aid about the Lotus being related to MX's master. His personality should revolt at this point if he realized she saw him as a pet with no incentive to remain and having paid off his debt. If he was offered an exit and I suspect he will take it with both hands then.
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    Although ATG doesn't use the 'pretty woman causes conflict' trope much so thats good. Everytime I read something like that where MC and his pretty girl pal go to a new town, and immediately some duche wants to bang the the girl, makes me want to slam my head into a wall.

    I don't like Qingyue being the damsel in distress but we'll see happens.
  • Now i remember when Yun Che first saw LDE naked she almost killed him.and afterwards she married him.

    Now he touched GRK's oppai she also nearly killed him so will this duo also marry in the future :(

  • From what I understand Feixue is in the valley too. Will something happen?
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    Comment was made that even if she went she would die. (my understanding of it anyway)
    lnmtl - someone hinting she was there for training.
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    I doubt that Bingyun is involved in this plot by her own decision. It's more likely in your scenario that she simply sensed her sister but even in this I doubt. I agree that he is pet training him and probably tries to guilty trip him, but in this scenario I'm preety confident that she simply lost her temper. It fits her character.

    I wouldn't call the writing bad because it is inconsistent. I mean, I'd like to see him resist a little but on the other hand in this scenario it was indeed pointless. The disparity in power between them is 6 big realms, it's like making Yun Che fight Shitian after he defeated Qingyue on the tournament... Resistant was really futile here. 
    What is annoying however is the fact that Yun Che is messing things up over and over and over again since he got into RotG. He screwed up probably everything that he could screwed up. That's just starting to get annoying really fast and consider that he was that "Golden Boy" who was doing everything almost perfectly every time I really start to realize how it is now by comparison.
    And as for his EG's Inheritor status don't forget that he is still only POTENTIALLY insanely powerful figure and Xuanyin has preety extreme character. It was shown that she completely lost it - probably for real this time. Just imagine being "violate" when you are 10k years old and all powerful figure by someone like Yun Che especially with her ego. :smirk:

    But there is one thing that I think that people might overlooked - Xuanyin sent Yun Che to the Valley when she calmed down so she knows that he can survive. That suggest that his survavibility is better than someone like Feixue there and that's huge because I seriously doubt that someone in DSR range of power would be able to stay there for 3 days regardless of his abilities. Well, at the very least not low to mid stage DSR level.
  • Pretty sure MB meant "If Feixue go even she must dies" and not" Feixue is in the valley now"
    That said, MX just went bat shit crazy cuz of a grope lol. Did I estimate she will be in harem in 500 chapters? I think I meant 5000 chapter instead, but we will see.
    Rip pill and Rip profound god convention. She is making a mountain out of a mole hill lol. But I guess she was mad and humiliated because of YC actually hit her once even with 6 big realms difference and even grab her at a sensitive place, reminds me of LDE when they first met. I thought it goes without saying when you duel the last thing on your mind is your gender, since when you spar against each other touching your partner is a given.
    MB gave him the god damn heirloom? Why do I feel like Hong'er gonna grab this chance and eat it? It should be at least DKR sword yeah?
    Next chapter YC gonna explore the fog valley and maybe get some nice stuff...too bad it last 3 days only. After that definitely GFBP and battle dragon and level up and maybe become flame god realm realm king!

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