Chinese & Korean Language

What materials would all of you recommend for learning Chinese or Korean?

For example books, audio CDs, online courses, and anything else you might have found useful when you yourself learned the language. If you do give something please give me the full name of it so that I can easily find it myself, thank you!

Korean Materials:

Chinese Materials:


  • I honestly think dramas with good subtitles is a good way to start picking up a language. Don't go with any historical genres though cause that will throw you off entirely, repeat what they say or particular words, eventually you will catch on to words that repeat so often you can start bridging things together.
  • Not everyone is capable learning it that way....

    Though there is one way to learn it. Get some basics done and afterwards communication in that language. As to how you get a basic level: No Clue.
  • The best way is finding a community full of native Chinese/Korean. In fact in China, there are many students would like to have a native English friend to teach foreign language each other. If you are in zero level of Chinese, there also are some study sites like,,etc. But study by yourself is really difficult.
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    For Korean there is a discord from the r/Korean subreddit that has tons of natives and people to help you learn. Best place to start is to learn Hangul(the Korean alphabet) and then start building vocabulary. If you have android(I don't know if it is on iOS) there is an app called LingoDeer and it can help with starting out in both Korean and Chinese(not sure of how good the Chinese part is but it has been recommended a lot.) Another resource is TTMIK or Talk To Me In Korean, they have online lessons to learn from conversations for free on their website along with an online store to buy books to help you learn Korean. My favorite book so far to learn Korean with is Korean Made Simple by Billy Go. Billy also has a YouTube channel(GoBillyKorean) that he sometimes collaborates with the TTMIK YouTube channel in making cultural videos and other videos to help viewers learn the nuances of Korean. Another great YouTube channel for learning Korean is MotivateKorean, the guy is soft spoken and really calm in all his videos but he has great advice in pronunciation and learning tips. I also suggest getting the program Anki to help with learning vocabulary.

    I do hope this helps in your learning journey!

    EDIT: I forgot to add links! <- TTMIK Website for lessons and books. <- LetsLearnKorean Discord to help with any questions and tips in learning Korean.

    MotivateKorean <- MotivateKorean YouTube channel.

    GoBillyKorean <-GoBillyKorean YouTube channel. <- GoBillyKorean's website for lessons, games, and books.

    Korean Made Simple <- Korean Made Simple book by Billy Go(I really liked this book as a learning resource) <- Korean language subreddit to help with learning. <- Official website for the application LingoDeer to help learning Korean, Japanese or Chinese(I recommend the Korean course) the application is free and is recommended by a lot of natives in the LetsLearnKorean discord as better than Duolingo. <- Website for Anki, a flashcard program/application that uses spaced repetition to help you remember the cards, this one is an excellent resource for learning vocabulary.

    Here are two videos to help you get started learning Hangul.

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