Possible Translation?

Just curious, but is there any possibility of Korean novels making their way to the site? I could translate but i dont know of any good stories to work on, or if it would even be appreciated.
Thanks :)


  • edited December 2017
    Are you perhaps drunk or do you do drugs?

    I'm pretty sure you can read, alright. Otherwise you wouldn't be writing on this forum.
  • Oh cool
    It doesn't appear that way in mobile, which is the only way I've ever viewed the site, so that is good to know.

    Also, since you're clearly more aware than I am, do you know of any good Korean stories that could use some translation work?
  • @XephyrExis
    I have to disappoint you regarding your question. So far I've only read chinese novels. Thus I have no clue. (On another note, it was only an aggressive joke - apologies.
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