Steam: 古剑奇谭(GuJian) Unofficial/Fanmade English Translation Project

Asking for help on the translation of a Chinese video game on Steam, I know this is a bit out there as this site mainly pertains to Fantasy and Light Novels, but figured I'd give it a try anyway. ^_^

古剑奇谭(GuJian) also known as The tale of ancient swords: the story of a guqin and an ancient sword, or Swords of Legends, or Legend of the Ancient Sword.

This game is an RPG with a beautiful world, to which is heavily story oriented, and uses Simplified Chinese as it's language.

My team and I have a pretty decent amount translated, but no where near how much story content this game boasts.

If anyone is willing to help add me on steam, or contact me through here, and pm a message saying "I'm in."
Thank you for your time. ^_^

All the other info for my project can be found here through 古剑奇谭(GuJian's) Steam Discussion page:


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