Background/Layout of AWE

I'm currently caught up to raws, so I thought I'd clear up the geography and history of the AWE universe.

Heavenspan Area
  • Physically, Bai XiaoChun's sect is in the Eastern Vein of the Heavenspan world. The Heavenspan world is essentially a spiritual desert that lacks spirit qi in any useful amount for cultivators. The only known exception is the Heavenspan Sea surrounded by 4 rivers in the 4 directions (East, West, N, S). These rivers derive from  the Heavenspan Sea, becoming more and more narrow as they get further from the source (sea). Every sect wants to move upstream because spirit qi is more dense there, and better for their sect in the long run. As a result of this difference in spirit qi, sects further upstream have bigger and bigger advantages over downstream sects, which is why there's a set hierarchy to the sects.
  • "cultivator" refers to someone from the Heavenspan Sea/river area.
  • In the center, Heavenspan Island is ruled by the strongest cultivator, Heavenspan Daoist. There are 4 rivers flowing outwards from the sea itself, forming 4 big sects that obey the Heavenspan Daoist.
  • The Eastern vein of the Heavenspan sea is ruled by the Starry Sky Polarity Sect (considered upstream sect), which in turn delegates to 4 lower mid-stream sects, which further splits into 4 downstream sects each (16 total), and the Eastern Heavenspan river splits into countless insignificant streams form there.
  • Bai Xiaochun is part of the spirit stream sect, which is a downstream sect, one of the 16. The other 3 in the same branch are the blood river sect, profound stream sect, & pill stream sect. As you can tell, they all have 'river' in their names as a testament to how reliant they are on the Heavenspan river.
  • For various reasons, the midstream sect above BXC's branch is decimated by a powerhouse from the upstream Starry sky sect, which leaves the spot openfor contention, which is how the spirit stream sect got there.
  • Later on, we will see that the spirit stream sect was in fact the remnants of the Cold Frost sect from the upstream Northern branch/vein, which is why the techniques BXC cultivates are more powerful than most.
Savage Wilderness
Remember how I said that there isn't enough spirit qi after the 16 downstream sects for organizations of cultivators? As a result, everything beyond a circle encompassing the Heavenspan river's reach is considered the 'Savage Wilderness'. It is inhabited by savages and vengeful souls (ghosts).

  • "Savages" are what cultivators call residents of the wilderness. Residents use vengeful souls/ghosts in lieu of spirit qi to cultivate here because spirit qi is so sparse (But not impossible to find).
  • Initially thought to be savage and uncivilized due to lack of spiritual qi, this area (the rest of the Heavenspan world) is actually so much bigger than the Heavenspan River region that cultivators only meet the uncivilized beastmen in the fringes of the Savage Wilderness, hence the cultivator's low opinion of the residents.
  • Far from the Heavenspan area, the center of the Wilderness is the Kui emperor's capital. It is further surrounded by 4 major cities ruled by 4 princes. These are civilized areas comparable to the top Heavenspan River sects, with palaces and nobility and shit. Further from the 4 cities is a huge region of untamed wilderness that cultivators are used to.

I'll continue the historical background next time.


  • Man thanks a lot. Its people like you who make our lazy ass people's life easier. You are awesome and thanks for taking out so much time to give such a detailed description. 
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