New Story - Eternal Body Cultivation: Ch. 1 - Kai Ming

Eternal Body Cultivation


In a lost continent in the Zie Wan world, there lived a young boy, Dao Yu, who was orphaned at a very early age. For the last five years Dao Yu has had to fight for his survival. Dao Yu only remembers his childhood growing up in the Flowing Waters Sect. Although Flowing Waters Sect was only a level 4 sect it had a long and rich history. It had deep roots that stretched back nearly 1000 years into the past.

According to legend, The Flowing Waters Sect's Founder, Dao Wu, was said to be the top expert in the world! No power in the world dared cross Dao Wu. After the meteoric rise to power of Dao Wu he decided to start his own sect based off of his sword techniques, The Flowing Water Sword technique.


Unfortunately the Flowing Water Sword technique was too profound and no one could learn it. What should have been a tier 1 sect quickly plummeted to a tier 4 sect after the Flowing Waters Master Dao Wu ascended to the Pinnacle Heaven Realm.


Upon his ascension the Flowing Waters Master left his sword the Seven Seas King Blade and promised that one day one of his descendants would wield the Seven Seas King Blade and tread the same path he had into the Pinnacle Heaven Realm.


For nearly a thousand years the Seven Seas King Blade hung in the ancestors’ hall slumbering and waiting for its future master. Dao Yu was the seventh son of the Flowing Waters Sect Master Dao Zhang.


In the autumn of the year of the Fire Serpent, 23,567 of the Yung Calendar, the Flowing Waters Sect met its doom at the hands of its most bitter rival the Raging Fire Sect. In a bid to save his son and the sect's legacy Dao Zhang sealed the Seven Seas King Blade within the Dantian of his young son Dao Yu, a storage ring with the treasures of the sect, and a face changing mask.


Dao Yu fled from the Sect with the Sect guardian, Kao Li, but to help Dao Yu escape the Sect Guardian was forced to give up his life. Dao Yu left the sect to wander the world by himself with tears in his eyes and a bitter heart.


After living in the Hidden Forrest for five years Dao Yu decided enough time had passed that he should be able to move forward in his plans for revenge and to start a new life. He found his way to the Persistent Rock Kingdom in upper Kai Tong province. Dao Yu was extremely wealthy with the inheritance of the sect and decided to purchase a mansion hire some guards and begin his plans.


Before coming into town Dao Yu changed his face to an old man. He completely covered his body with think but noble looking robes. He also found a pair of gloves in his storage ring to cover his conspicuously unwrinkled hands.


Slightly stooping over Dao Yu walked into Persistent Rock’s grand city Unbreakable Stone Town. The old man entered a clothing store only frequented by nobility and extremely wealthy merchants buying several changes of clothes.


After buying his necessities, Dao Yu found an agent who sold mansions within the town. After describing his needs to the agent Dao Yu was brought to a luxurious mansion in the Wong district. At the gateway, the mansion’s name was present in highly stylized iron letters as “Crashing Heavens Estate.” After looking around the property Dao Yu was satisfied and purchased the mansion.

Next, Dao Yu went to find servants and guardsman for his mansion. After obtaining a reference from an older noble Dao Yu had met, he came before Lord Kao of the well renowned “Kao Noble Staffing.” Lord Kao immediately sent the servants and guardians to the mansion. Dao Yu left town, changed into the noble’s clothes while draping an old and dusty cloak around his shoulders. He changed his face into one that would be his for the foreseeable future. Dao Yu chose a face that was handsome but not outstandingly so.


Walking back into the town Dao Yu immediately walked to his estate. The door was already being guarded. After introducing himself and showing his deed to the gate guard, the steward was quickly brought out. The steward, Mr. Mao, introduced himself. Dao Yu mentioned that he was tired and would look at the estate later.


Later that night, Dao Yu sat in his room with the blankets pulled up over his knees while he was sitting up in his bed. He was shivering and sweeting. Eyes red, Dao Yu seemed to be staring a hole through the wall. Suddenly, he began to speak out loud in a harsh whisper. “I’ll kill them all, I’ll kill them, and THEY think it’s over, it is, FOR THEM! It’s over, it’s over, it’s over!!! Finally, weariness over took him and he fell asleep.


The next morning Dao Yu woke up and felt refreshed. For the first time in months he had been able to sleep securely without fear. After washing up and exiting his room, he found the steward waiting for him next to a table in his courtyard. As soon as the steward saw him he clapped his hands and a servant ran off to fetch the young master’s breakfast. There were a few appetizers already laid out. Choosing some fruit, Dao Yu leaned back in his chair.

“Good morning young master Kai, I trust you had a decent rest?” The steward approached Dao Yu and used the name that Dao Yu had chosen for his new life, Kai Ming. Dao Yu lazily responded to the steward, “Yes Old Mao, it was a very pleasant sleep.”


The steward smiled and asked, “Is there anything that you would like me to prepare for today?” Kai Ming had thought for a little while. He knew that he needed to increase his martial arts so that he can eventually have the power to strike back and destroy his enemies, but he also needed friends. Could he destroy an entire sect himself? Of course not! The first problem was that he couldn’t openly use his sword technique as it would reveal his identity. The second problem he could leave for later.


“Old Mao,” Kai Ming began. “I would like to find an instructor to learn martial arts do you know of anyone?”

“I know of several, young master, which mastery are you particularly interested in?” The steward responded.


Kai Ming knew that this question was coming and he had already determined that the best was to take up the saber. It was close enough to the sword that he wouldn’t have to begin all the way from the beginning, but it was different enough that no one would suspect him being a sword user.


“I’m interested in learning the Saber arts, but it can’t be just anyone. I need the absolute best of the best, money is no object! Don’t let anyone pass themselves off as someone great I can tell the difference!” Kai Ming warned.


The steward solemnly responded, “Of course, young master has a discerning eye. There are five Saber masters that I am aware of who are available. You will not find anyone better than these five in the surroundings. Should I bring them here for you to select from among them?”


“Yes, excellent. Have them arrive early tomorrow. I am eager to begin my learning.” Kai Ming enthusiastically responded.


“Of course none of these masters will be cheap.” The steward responded. “They will need some incentive to come.”


Kai Ming took out five priceless fire gems and gave them to the steward. “Money is meaningless if the skills are sufficient.” Kai Ming said looking deeply at the steward.  


The steward’s eyes began to shine as he looked at this treasure and finally understood what kind of person he worked for, someone rich, someone ridiculously rich. Greed filled the heart of the steward, but he did not hope to steal from this young man. To pull out such treasures without a care what power sat behind this young man? To betray him was foolish, it was better to serve.


The next morning, after breakfast, the Steward brought the five saber experts before his young master.


“Young Master Kai, these are the five experts I spoke of yesterday. If I may, I would like to introduce them to you.” The steward intoned.

“Old Mao, please.” Kai Ming responded.


“First, allow me to introduce Master Li Fong of the Shattering Earth Sect.” A large man, the size of a mountain, stepped forward and bowed. The man had extremely chiseled features, dark brown eyes, and wore a simple brown martial robe.


“Next, is Master Yun Fat of the Indomitable Dragonfire Sect.” A man with blazing red hair and angled features stepped forward. His martial robes were red, yellow, and orange.


“This is Master Ou Yu Fang of the Endless Ocean Sect.” A noble looking man with ocean blue hair and beard stepped forward. His robes were a mixture of aquamarine and blue colors. His eyes were as serene as an undisturbed pool.


“Next is Master Xian Xue of the Flowing Wind Sect.”  The only female master of the five stepped forward. She was unimaginably beautiful. She wore green robes and a faint smile.


“Finally, let me introduce you to Master Kahn of the Mysterious Ether Sect. A man in a black and grey robe walked forward. Dark eyes with glowing jade pupils made this man seem like a walking nightmare.


Dao Yu noticed the slight micro expressions on the face of the other four masters. They all slightly feared this man. Dao Yu knew who he needed to choose.


Just as Dao Yu was about to speak he heard someone clear their throat. “Hmmhm. A gathering of the greatest Saber experts around and no one invited me.” A man appeared from who knew where. Dao Yu looked at the other experts and noticed that each of them had fearful expression on their faces, even Master Kahn. Dao Yu was surprised and took another look at the newly arrived expert.


“Kong Ji!” Master Kahn spat out. The steward stepped forward nervously, “Master Kong, of course I meant to invite you but when I inquired I was told you were still training in the Dark Forrest.”


“Well, I’m back now.” Master Kong turned his head towards Kai Ming and examined him. “Not bad, I wonder young man, how do you propose to convince me to train you?”

Master Kong’s words were bold and arrogant causing great agitation amongst the other masters. Master Kahn was clearly angered at his arrogant words. “What makes you think he would choose you when I am standing here?!” Master Kahn shouted. Without missing a beat Master Kong responded, “Oh, little Kahn, I didn’t see you there.” Fire spat out of eyes of Master Kahn and just as he was about to speak Dao Yu interrupted.


“Great Masters, I am honored by every ones’ enthusiasm. I have six treasures here.” After speaking Kai Ming took out six treasures and had them placed on a table before the six masters. Let’s have a match. The strongest person will get to choose one of these treasures and become my teacher. The teacher’s salary is 1000 gold per month. What do you think?”

All the masters looked at the treasures. Their eyes were shinning. The treasures were a rank 4 fire goblin fruit, rank 4 water sprite fruit, rank 4 earth dragon array, rank 4 wind spirit fruit, a black mantis ether fruit, and finally, rank 4 iron body rebirth pill. Each treasure was priceless and each was chosen according to what Kai Ming determined to be the need of each master.

While in the Flowing Waters Sect, Kai Ming had cultivated a rare ability “Eye of Tarkon.” The Eye of Tarkon was an ability technique that allowed the user to understand one thing from another. Looking at an object or person the Eye of Tarkon allowed the user to determine weak points and aided the user to analyze either how to destroy something or how to improve it.

Kai Ming had used this technique on each of the masters. He chose the perfect treasure that would allow each master to advance in their cultivation. Dao Yu had hit their weak point. Forget taking him as a student. If Kai Ming had commanded it, each one would have adopted him and treated them as their own flesh and blood child.


The masters looked at each other and solemnly nodded before looking back at Kai Ming. Master Xien asked, “Young Master Kai, how would you like us to fight?”

Kai Ming slightly smiled. “Three rounds. The first round will be a test of body foundation. The second round will be a test of technique. The Final round will be a test of skill. I’ll explain the rules for each round as we come to them. We can start whenever you are ready.”


  • Eternal Body Cultivation Ch. 2 – Testing the Masters (Part I)

    Kai Ming slightly smiled. “Three rounds. The first round will be a test of body foundation. The second round will be a test of technique. The Final round will be a test of skill. I’ll explain the rules for each round as we come to them. We can start whenever you are ready.”

    All six masters stepped forward, cupped their hands and slightly bowed to Kai Ming and said, “READY!”


    “Then for the first test, Steward Mao has prepared tools for us. The first is a strength pillar; the second is a spirit crystal, and finally, a mind orb.  Each master will use each tool and Steward Mao will write down the information. Old Mao,” Kai Ming said.


    Steward Mao decided to conduct the tests according to the order that he had introduced each master to Kai Ming. “Master Li, please approach the strength pillar. You may punch when you are read,” Steward Mao informed Master Li.


    Master Li walked up to the strength pillar, took a stance, inhaled his breath and punched out a fist at full power, hitting the strength pillar. After numbers at the top of the pillar blinked and flashed for a few moments, a number finally flashed of 4.7 at the top. “Master Li’s punch is registered at 4.7 tons” Steward Mao stated with a slightly shocked expression.


    The strength pillar measured the amount of force a punch would use. An average person could only produce a maximum of around 50 pounds of force, while beginning level cultivators could produce hundreds of pounds. Master Li had produced 4.7 tons of force from his punch. This number was much higher than many master level fighters.


     Next, Master Li took out his saber and made a stab. The numbers on the pillar changed again and this time the number at the top went up to 501 tons of force! Master Li put his saber back into its scabbard and walked back to his original position with a satisfied look on his face. Master Li had astonishingly increased his pounds of force by just over one hundred times.


    Master Yun walked before the pillar and produced a punching force of 3.2 tons. His saber produced 487 tons of force. His stabbing force was more than 150 times his punching force. Next, Master Ou punched the pillar and produced a punching force of 5.6 tons and his stabbing force was at 443 tons of force.  


    Master Xian walked forward, a picture of elegance. Taking a punching position she released a punch that produced 2.7 tons of force. Next, she stabbed the pillar producing a stabbing force of 512 tons. Her increase of stabbing force was almost 190 times that of her punching force! So far Master Xian had demonstrated the greatest stabbing force, leaving Master Li, Master Yun, and Master Ou stunned. Master Xian returned to her position. When she noticed the look of astonishment on the faces of the masters she covered her mouth and laughed. Her laugh sounded like the tinkling of bells, like the sound of a fairy.


    Master Kahn stepped forward and with a seemingly casual punch, he produced a force of 6 tons. Next, he stabbed his saber and produced a stabbing force of 1272 tons.


    If Master Xian’s performance astonished the other masters; then Master Kahn’s performance left everyone with a blank look on their faces. Seeing this, Master Kahn let out a self-satisfied snort from his nose.


    “Little Kahn, you’ve gotten a little stronger!” No one knew when but Master Kong was already at the pillar. His condescending tone talked down to Master Kahn as if he were a child. Master Kahn spat out in anger, “If you think you can do any better, then I dare you to try!”


    Master Kong gave him a bland look like Master Kahn was a pitiful idiot. After this look, a shadow flashed before everyone’s eyes and the strength pillar suddenly lit up. A number lit up on the pillar 15.4 tons of force for punching. Before everyone could take this number in another shadow flashed. The pillar seemed to be taking longer to calculate the number as if it was stunned momentarily. Finally, a number appeared on the pillar – 2111 tons of stabbing force. Master Kong’s strength was nearly 1000 tons of force greater than Master Kahn’s. The entire courtyard was quiet. Finally, Steward Mao made a sharp intake of air.


    Seeming to be only slightly impressed Kai Ming said, “Shall we move onto the spirit crystal?”


    Master Kong seemed surprised, “Why do we need to continue with these tests? Isn’t it obvious who the strongest one here is?” Master Kong asked.


    Kai Ming casually responded, “It’s true that you are the strongest and your speed is impressive but Strength and speed are only a part of the foundation of a warrior. Strong spirit and mental capacities are also crucial to having a broader foundation will mean that I can support a wider variety of techniques.”


    “My father instructed me that the foundation of Martial arts is only firm if a person is strong in body, spirit, and mind. I’m not looking to become an exceptionally powerful gorilla as there are many ways to deal with someone who is only physically strong. Therefore, this first section is important to help me understand who is likely to provide me with the strongest foundation.” Kai Ming concluded.


    Kai Ming’s comment seemed to return the other Masters to the here and now. The blank looks on their faces cleared up and the fire in their eyes was reignited.


    “What the young master says is true, such a wise father to speak such words and an even wiser son to listen to the advice of his elders!” Master Ou commented fiercely.


    Kai Ming happened to notice that Master Kong had a slight appreciative smile on his face.


    Steward Mao brought a spirit crystal to each of the masters. After everyone had a crystal everyone was instructed to begin.  The spirit crystals that Kai Ming had provided had never been used before and they had a special quality, not only did these crystals measure the level of spirit force they also measured potential. In order to utilize the crystals, each crystal needed to be placed in the crystal reader in order for numbers to be displayed. Unlike the strength pillar, not only did the crystal reader display numbers but it also charted the data visually using a color-coded bar graph. Not only this, the crystal reader could actually read up to 100 crystals simultaneously, and chart all of their data together!


    This data could then be recorded on special jades that had a seal of the Fan Crystal Reader Company imprinted on the jade. This represented that the data was truly a reading of the Fan Company’s crystal reader and not a forgery. For many martial artists, these jades could be used to represent their strength when applying to sects, joining an army, or as a certificate for their own dojos or academies.

    Very few Sects owned such a machine and yet Kai Ming carried one with him. All of the masters were not only stunned but extremely thoughtful. If this boy could carry such a device around with him, what kind of sect or family did he come from? How powerful must this Kai Ming’s backers be? However, this implication of strength also confused them. If Kai Ming had such strong backers, why did he need to hire them to train him? Obviously, his backers would have monsters many times stronger than any of them who could train this young master.


    Being the most straightforward of the bunch Master Li couldn’t help but ask the question that was on everyone’s mind.


    “Young Master Kai, if I may be so bold…I wonder why a person with abundant means such as you need to find teachers like us. Shouldn’t your family or sect already have teachers?”


    Kai Ming looked at Master Li, he had wondered if anyone were going to ask him this question. Being a cautious person he had long prepared an answer to this question.


    “I understand why Master Li, and perhaps the other masters, may be confused. It is true that I come from a powerful sect, but our training style is unique from many other sects or schools. Even as the son of the Sect Master I must undergo the same training as everyone else in the sect.” Kai Ming began.


    “It is the method of my sect that from the age of seven years old we must train in a forest for five years surviving on our own. We are not provided with weapons or any means of protection. Our storage rings are given to us with a seal that is only undone after we reach a certain level of strength. The least amount of time we can spend in the forest is five years. The most we can train in the forest is ten years. Those who have not reached a certain level within ten years will return to the sect and become commoners working for the sect for the rest of their lives. Even I, the son of the Sect Master, am subject to this rule.


    Thankfully, my talent is fairly high and I was able to complete the training after five years.


    Once my training was complete, one of our servants came and arranged a mansion for myself. The seal on the ring has been removed and now I must engage in the second part of the training.


    Over the next few years, I will be responsible for finding my own teacher, training to the fifth level of Martial mastery, create a mercenary group, set up a high performing business, and raise my name to a level that it strikes fear in the heart of all who hear it! All of this is the second part of my training.

    As to the third stage of the training, I don’t feel it’s necessary to reveal that at this time.”


    After finishing, Kai Ming sat back in his chair and noticed the all the masters were startled. Each of them, even Master Kong has a look of fear and shock in their eyes. What kind of sect was this young master a part of? This is the training that each of their younger generation must face. This was the most tyrannical system of training they had ever heard of in their lives!


    Kai Ming continued, “Although my training and expectations are the same as everyone else in the younger generation of my sect; obviously, being the son of the sect Master I have received a little extra aid. Not every student has access to things like the spirit crystal reader.”


    The masters all felt a little relieved after hearing this if every student was given such resources…what kind of monstrous sect was this? Forget about being a tier 1 Sect, it would be a Divine sect. All the masters were excited. The fire in their bellies grew into an inferno. Unbreakable Stone Town was a place that held many opportunities for martial artists, but given the strength of the teachers, these opportunities were becoming fewer and fewer. This young master represented an opportunity to walk on a higher level, the opportunities were endless. Each of them determined that they must take this young master as their student!  Everyone decided that they would no longer hold anything back; they would go all out for this opportunity!


    As they came to this conclusion, Steward Mao came to each master and took their spirit crystal and carried them to the Spirit Crystal Reader. Steward Mao fed each crystal into the machine one by one.


    The data was represented on the reader in the order the crystals were fed into the machine.

    Master Li’s numbers were the first to appear:

    Spirit Strength: 5.8

    Spirit Potential: Yellow +23

    Master Mater Yun:

    Spirit Strength: 7

    Spirit Potential: Red +7

    Master Ou:

    Spirit Strength: 5.4

    Spirit Potential: Green +30

    Master Xian:

    Spirit Strength: 4.7

    Spirit Potential: Green +50

    Master Kahn:

    Spirit Strength: 8

    Spirit Potential: Red -10

    Master Kong:

    Spirit Strength: 8

    Spirit Potential: Red -33

    Once the numbers came in the Spirit Crystal Reader ranked the six masters and charted their score.

    Master Kong was ranked first, Master Kahn Second, Master Xian third, Master Ou Fourth, Master Li fifth, and Master Yun was ranked sixth.

    Since few people were able to use a Spirit Crystal Reader Kai Ming decided to explain what the numbers meant.

    “I think the Spirit Strength number is obvious. It represents where your spirit strength currently is. Given that Master Xian has the smallest spirit strength Number I’m sure you’re all wondering why she was ranked third.”

    Master Kahn responded, “Yes I was also wondering why this is, does it have something to do with the spirit potential?”

    Kai Ming smiled, “Master Kahn is very perceptive. The spirit potential number is the most important number. Three colors are represented here. Green represents growing potential, yellow represents potential that is still growing but has started to slow down, and red represents that the potential has stopped growing and whatever points that remain to represent how likely the person is to reach the next level. The change from one level to the next is 10 points. If we look at Master Yun’s potential number as red +7 it means he has around a 70% chance of reaching the next level. If he reaches that level then he has maxed out his potential and the highest level he will likely reach is a level 8.”

    After hearing this explanation Master Yun’s countenance fell and he looked depressed. He had felt that it was harder and harder to gain improvement. The reading from the spirit crystal reader more-or-less confirmed a conclusion he had already come to, he had almost reached the end of his martial path.

    Reaching the end of the martial path represented a lot. It meant that he could no longer extend his life. From that point on a martial artist needed to decide what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives. Master Yun was reconciled to this as he desired much more than where he was.

    “Don’t misunderstand, this number just represents the potential of your spirit strength, it doesn’t represent the width or breadth of your martial journey.” Kai Ming saw the depressed look on Master Yun’s face and gathered that Master Yun had misunderstood his meaning. If the other Masters similarly drew this conclusion it could represent a large loss of face before his colleagues. Kai Ming quickly corrected the error.

    Master Yun looked at Kai Ming with an appreciative and grateful look.

    “This being the case, I understand why everyone else would be ranked as they are, but why are Master Kahn and Master Kong at the top of the list shouldn’t they be around the middle or even lower?” Master Li once again asked the question everyone had been wondering about.

    Kai Ming let out a little laugh before he explained. “You see, Master Kahn and Master Kong are both very interesting. Although red means that you are almost at or have arrived at the end of your potential; if the red is with a negative number then you have someone amazing.”

    A negative number represents that a person has not only exhausted his potential but gone beyond his potential. The higher the negative number the more that person has gone beyond their potential. Just as ever ten points represents a level of the positive numbers, so too does every ten points represent a level of the negative numbers. The difference is that for every negative ten points you receive that represents that you have gone one level beyond your potential.”

    The masters all looked at each other with confused looks on their faces.

    “Let me give you an example.” Kai Ming continued. “Master Kong has to spirit strength of 8 and a spirit potential of red -33. That means that Master Kong has exceeded his potential by three levels. Master Kong’s potential should have maxed out at level 5 and that’s where he should have remained for the rest of his life. Instead, he has managed to reach level 8. Tell me, what do you think of a person who can exceed their fixed potential by three levels? Formidable? Shocking? Unprecedented?

    A person who can stretch so far beyond his potential; this is no longer someone who can be judged by normal means. There is no way to determine what the end of the martial path is for someone like him.

    It’s the same for Master Kahn. His potential only led him to level 7, but through some means, he was able to break through the limits of his potential. Can he continue to break through his potential? Impossible to tell, at the very least we should admire both these masters and hope to learn from them.”

    Ever since Master Kong had appeared, Master Kahn has felt stifled. After hearing Kai Ming’s explanation about his potential and strength he couldn’t help but beam with a sense of self-satisfaction. It’s true, the bottleneck between level seven and level eight was the biggest he had ever faced. However, he never gave up and pushed through. This was a great source of his pride. The three younger masters still had developing potential, but he couldn’t be judged by such things as potential. He had already proven himself to be unfettered and unrestrained by his own limitations. Master Kahn was feeling very proud.

    Master Xian looked at Master Kong and Master Kahn with a sense of amazement and respect. However, she suddenly turned sad because she realized that she may have lost her opportunity to become this outstanding young man’s teacher. If that were the case, then it also meant she lost the opportunity for the prize.

    Master Xian resignedly spoke, “I suppose then that’s it. We should wish congratulations to Master Kong.”

    Kai Ming raised his eyebrow and asked, “Why is that?”

    Master Xian responded, “Obviously, Master Kong has the greatest chance of leading the young master to exceed his limits.”

    “In regard to spirit strength this is true, but I am running this test to comprehensively ascertain who the best teacher for me. Out of the six of you, I want to know who can take me the farthest. We won’t know that until we finish the entire test. Therefore, let’s move on to the next test.

    Old Mao, the mind orb please!”

  • Eternal Body Cultivation B1C3 – Testing the Masters II

    “Old Mao, the mind orb please!” Kai Ming ordered.

    “Finally, this will be the last test.” Kai Ming said.

    Steward Mao brought out what looked to be a perfectly round crystal and placed it on a pedestal. Each master walked up to the mind orb and placed their hand on it. The orb tested the mental powers of each person who touched it. The score for the mind orb was represented by a number.

    Master Li:

    Mental Strength Level: 5

    Mental Type: Construction

    Master Mater Yun:

    Mental Strength Level: 4

    Mental Type: Construction

    Mental Strength Level: 2

    Mental Type: Psychic Mind

    Master Ou:

    Mental Strength Level: 5

    Mental Type: Sensory

    Master Xian:

    Mental Strength Level: 7

    Mental Type: Sensory

    Master Kahn:

    Mental Strength Level: 9

    Mental Type: Telekinesis

    Mental Strength Level: 7

    Mental Type: Construction

    Mental Strength Level: 4

    Mental Type: Psychic Mind

    Master Kong:

    Mental Strength Level: 1

    Mental Type: Sensory

    After looking at the results of the test Kai Ming let out one word.


    “Interesting?” Master Li asked.

    “Yes, these readings are interesting. I knew I picked the right place to come. The masters here are all extraordinary.” Kai Ming lied. He chose this place merely because it was the closest city when he exited the forest. However, Kai Ming did find the results to be interesting. He had good luck coming to this town and the masters were unusually strong.

    Kai Ming began explaining the readings. “Usually, it is rare to find more than 1 or 2 masters who have a ranking on the Mind Orb in a city of this size. Usually, the maximum reading is at level one or two. Two of you even have multiple mental types. It really is impressive.”

    Of course, the masters all looked very satisfied everyone except for Master Kong who turned out to have the weakest ranking. Noticing Master Kong’s perturbed look Kai Ming guessed at what was on the Master’s mind.

    “Master Kong, although you have the lowest ranking with the mind orb you shouldn’t feel dejected about it. The truth is that very few Masters rank at all. I was expecting everyone to have a strength ranking of 0. The fact that you are ranked at 1 is very impressive. Given your other attributes even reaching the pinnacle of Heaven Realm is possible.” Kai Ming encouraged.

    Master Kong’s eyes began to shine. “Heaven Realm, the pinnacle on the martial path. If I were to reach the Heaven realm a lifespan of 200 years is possible!”  Master Kong thought excitedly to himself.

    The other masters were visibly stimulated by this news. A Heaven realm cultivator was a Monarch of the world. He had complete freedom to come and go as he liked. Pinnacle Spirit Realm cultivators could start their own sects ranking as Masters. Origin Realm cultivators would gain the title of Grand Master, while Profound level cultivators received the title of Imperial Master, and Heaven Realm Cultivators were known as Divine Masters. In the entire continent, there was only about a dozen Divine Masters, 100 Imperial Masters, 10,000 Grandmasters, hundreds of thousands of Masters, and the rest from normal people to the advanced Spirit realm were endless. Each level up became almost impossible to overcome.

    Master Xian curiously asked, “Young Master, why do you think that Master Kong has the potential to become a Heaven Realm Cultivator?”

    Kai Ming responded, “It largely has to do with Master Kong’s ranking from the second test. Earlier I explained that those who had a red color with a negative number were incredible individuals. The reason why is because what that red negative number represents is the potential to break through the higher levels of cultivation.”

    Looking around at the Masters Kai Ming then asked, “Do you know why this red number represents the potential for the higher levels?”

    The Masters looked at each other and no one had a clue. Looking at the young Master everyone shook their heads.

    “Let me ask the question like this: What does it take to surpass your potential?” Kai Ming asked.

    Master Kong’s eyes began to shine. “It takes willpower and unwavering determination!”

    “That’s right! It takes willpower and unwavering determination; you and Master Kahn have already demonstrated you possess those qualities and without these qualities, it’s impossible to reach the highest levels of cultivation.” Kai Ming confirmed.

    The Masters all thought about what Kai Ming had just said. If that were true then even Master Kahn should have the potential to break through those higher levels. When Master Kahn realized this he was immediately excited and looked at the young Master.

    “Young Master, does that mean that even I have the potential for the higher levels?! Could I also reach the Heaven Realm?” Master Kahn asked in an almost desperate fashion. Master Kahn always believed himself to be without peer; someone with limitless potential. However, he had always felt suppressed by Master Kong. Even through these tests, except for the last test Master Kong had dominated all of the tests.

    Kai Ming began to laugh seeing the frenzied look on Master Kahn’s face. “Well, I could guess but why don’t we wait until the data has been analyzed and then we can get a much more accurate idea of everyone’s ranking and potential.”

    Master Ou had a confused look on his face as he asked, “What do you mean?”

    “Oh, I didn’t mention this before, but I brought another artifact with me called the Celestial Ranking and Potential Plotter.  All of your information was recorded into special crystals that were then placed in the Ranker and I’m simply waiting for the results to finish compiling. The Ranker will give your current rank as well as your future potential ranking. It will even list suggestions to improve the efficiency of cultivation and resources that you will need to reach its suggested potential ranking. It’s a wonderful artifact and extremely useful for training.”

    Such an artifact actually existed? None of the Masters had ever heard of such a device. This was simply too marvelous. As far as the Masters knew there was no precise way to measure someone’s strength. The best means was combat, the strong won and the weak lost. To think that there was an artifact that could not only tell you your current ranking but event your future potential ranking! If that wasn’t absurd enough the artifact could even offer suggestions on training and materials necessary to advance!

    All of the masters were blown away by this news. Their view of the world had already been greatly widened by this young Master. Such an artifact could change the entire way that sects trained students and even how geniuses were identified. But, given the red ranking numbers was it even possible to say who was a genius and who wasn’t? The Master's minds were all reeling from such thoughts.

    Soon, a large jade tablet was brought before the Young master. The Young Master took the Jade and placed it in another artifact that had a screen. Information popped up on the screen and Kai Ming silently examined the information. The young Master’s face was inscrutable. After about half an hour of reading the results, Kai Ming let out a sigh.

    “Young Master, what are the results.” Master Kahn hurriedly asked.

    “Impressive. All of you, absolutely impressive, I was right to come here to Unbreakable Stone Town! With Masters like you, this place has the potential to become an absolute hegemon. Taking over the Empire could be easily accomplished. Too impressive!” Kai Ming kept shaking his head while sighing. The Masters were of course thrilled by the praise, but this made their hearts burn even more intensely to know their rankings.

    Master Kahn finally couldn’t take it anymore. “Young Master Kai, please tell us what it says!”

    Kai Ming laughed. The most anxious person here was Master Kahn and his lack of restraint was truly too funny.

    Master Li:

    Current Ranking: Origin Realm Beginner

    Title: Grandmaster

    Potential Ranking: Heaven Realm Intermediate

    Potential Title: Divine Master

    Master Yun:

    Current Ranking: Origin Realm Beginner

    Title: Grandmaster

    Potential Ranking: Heaven Realm Advanced

    Potential Title: Divine Master

    Master Ou:

    Current Ranking: Origin Realm Beginner

    Title: Grandmaster

    Potential Ranking: Heaven Realm Intermediate

    Potential Title: Divine Master

    Master Xuan:

    Current Ranking: Origin Realm Advanced

    Title: Grandmaster

    Potential Ranking: Martial Lord Intermediate

    Potential Title: Immortal Master

    Master Kahn:

    Current Ranking: Origin Realm Pinnacle

    Title:  Grandmaster

    Potential Ranking: Martial King Intermediate

    Potential Title: Ancestor

    Master Kong:

    Current Ranking: Profound Realm Beginner

    Title: Imperial Master

    Potential Ranking:  Martial Lord Pinnacle

    Potential Title: Immortal Master

    Hearing their current rankings and their potential rankings the first three Masters, Li, Yun, and Ou were incredibly excited. Were they destined to walk among the legends of this world? Masters Xuan, Kahn, and Kong, however, were puzzled. They had never heard of Martial Lords or Martial Kings. Master Kahn was especially uncertain. With a plain sounding title like “Ancestor,” compared to the impressive sounding Immortal Master, Master Kahn wondered what title was better.

    Master Xuan finally asked the Young Master to explain the rankings, titles, and so forth.

    Kai Ming laughed. “I thought for sure Master Kahn would be the first to ask this question. However, it seems that he’s still stuck on wondering which ranking is the most powerful and hasn’t thought to ask yet.”

    Everyone laughed while Master Kahn seemed to come back to himself after realizing he was being laughed at by the others. Master Kahn was a rather narrow-minded person and never liked being laughed at, especially by peers. Master Kahn impatiently looked at Kai Ming and brusquely asked, “Well, are you going to tell us?”  

    “Fine, Fine, I won’t hold any of you in suspense. Everyone already knows about the ranking of the Heaven Realm so I won’t bother explaining it. The next two rankings, Martial Lord and Martial King are the two rankings I’m sure everyone is curious about.”

    “However, I’m really reluctant to explain these two realms.” Kai Ming suddenly puts on an act of being frustrated and weary.

    Master Xuan anxiously asked, “Why, what could be wrong talking about these two realms?”

    In an exaggerated fashion, Kai Ming pointed at Master Kahn. “Him! He’s the problem!”

    Everyone jumped in surprise. Master Kong gave Master Kahn a strange look and then looked back at Kai Ming. “What’s wrong with this guy? Do we need to kick him out, because I really want to know about these two realms.”

    Kai Ming let out a long sigh and stared helplessly at his hands that were dangling limply in front of him.

    “I’m afraid…” Kai Ming began.

    “Afraid of what?!” Master Kahn quickly interrupted. This information was too vital to his future. He had to know about the Martial King realm. Master Kahn had already become resolved that whatever threat that could threaten the young Master scaring him into silence; he, Kahn, would stand forward and face death if necessary!

    “I’m afraid that if I reveal anything about these two levels this guy’s head will get so big we’ll have to knock down the walls to get him out the door!” After saying this, Kai Ming gave a teasing smile as he looked at Master Kahn. At first, Master Kahn didn’t realize that Kai Ming was joking with him. At least, not until Master Kong and the others lost control and started laughing uncontrollably.

    The blood drained out of Master Kahn’s face making him look like some kind of zombie or ghost! He started to ridicule himself for having such noble thoughts, willing to sacrifice everything just to learn the truth. To think this brat was just messing with him! As Master Kahn thought this not only did the blood come back to his face; he quickly turned from a pale and pasty white to bright red. He was really ticked off! Not only did this brat make fun of him he did it in front of all of his peers! This was something a narrow-minded person like Master Kahn couldn’t forgive!

    “Master Kahn, please forgive me and take into account that I am still very young. I meant no disrespect it’s just that I’ve started to feel very close to you and I thought a little friendly ribbing wouldn’t matter much.

    Just as Master Kahn was about to explosively attack this little brat he remembered that if he killed this young Master he would probably lose more than he would gain. Not to mention, this kid had that large unfathomable sect behind him. If he killed this kid then he might as well kill himself next. Taking a moment, Master Kahn took in several deep breaths and regained his cool. Finally, he forced a smile and replied, “No matter young Master.” Everyone but Kai Ming could sense the killing intent that was barely brought under control.

    “Young Master, with all teasing aside please enlightens us on these two realms.” Master Kahn coldly but politely requested.

    “Very well, all kidding aside, Master Kahn, Mast Kong, Master Xuan, I must congratulate each of you! Most people think that the Heaven realm is the highest martial realm, but it isn’t. “Kai Ming began.

    Master Li asked, “It isn’t?”

    “No. In fact, there are at least three realms above the Heaven realm.” Kai Ming responded. He gave everyone a few moments to consider his words. They were shocked, to say the least.


  • Eternal Body Cultivation B1C4 – The Grand Plan (Part 1)

    “Most people think that the Heaven realm is the highest martial realm, but it isn’t. “Kai Ming began.

    Master Li asked, “It isn’t?”

    “No. In fact, there are at least three realms above the Heaven realm.” Kai Ming responded. He gave everyone a few moments to consider his words. They were shocked to say the least.

    “At least three, young Master please understand that this is something that none of us has ever heard of before. It sounds impossible.” Master Ou commented.

    “Masters please don’t take this the wrong way. What I’m about to say I don’t mean in a pejorative way.” Kai Ming began, but was quickly interrupted by Master Li. “What does pejorative mean?” Master Yuan commented, “It means insulting. He’s about to say something that sounds insulting but he isn’t intending to insult us.”

    “So we’re about to be insulted?” Master Li confirmed.

    “Yes.” Master Yuan replied.

    “The Truth is that this Kingdom is removed from the main happenings of the continent and the knowledge that someone like me from a large sect takes for granted isn’t known in such a remote location.” Kai Ming finally told them.

    “You’re saying that we’re a bunch of country bumpkins, right?” Master Kong translated for the other Masters not hiding an amused smirk.

    Master Kahn’s look became colder and colder. “This kid can’t resist insulting me.” He thought.

    “Err...I wouldn’t say that, I’m just saying that it isn’t surprising that common knowledge from where I come from is world shaking knowledge here. However, that makes the accomplishments of all the masters even more dazzling! For all the knowledge that the lands I come from possess they lack the accomplishments of this small Empire.”

    The masters murmured to one another taking in Kai Mings comments. It’s true that they were a small Empire, although it never felt that way to them. Each of them had wondered what was beyond their Empire but they had never been able to go exploring because the Hidden Forest acted as a natural barrier. Very few people ever adventured in the Hidden Forest and those who did, very few of them ever returned.

    Although all of this was interesting, they understood that with Kai Ming being in the area for the foreseeable future; they would be able to learn more details about the greater world. However, the truth is that they were really curious who Kai Ming would choose as his teacher.

    “Based on the results; can we move on to determine who you will pick as your master?” Master Ou asked. Even though Master Ou didn’t believe he would be chosen given Masters Kong, Kahn, and Xuan; he was still extremely curious.”

    Kai Ming hesitated for a moment. “About that…I wonder if the Masters could give me another day. The truth is that your performances were so amazing that my previous plans need to be reconsidered. I need to develop a new growth plan for myself. I know this is unexpected, but I will make it up to each of you if you can come back tomorrow. In the meantime Old Mao will present each Master with their certificates.

    With the results of your tests you will also be provided with an analysis of abilities, explanations, and needed materials and suggested training plans for your future development. If any of you were to ever leave and go to higher tier kingdoms or sects these certificates would help get you in. Every one of you could be treated like a genius and accepted becoming core members of those sects.”

    The masters were thrilled to hear this, who didn’t dream about going on to bigger and better things? These certificates were like treasures that could unlock the door to their futures. However, Master Kai, who had a devious mind, had his doubts.

    “They would let us in just like that, and you’re saying if we show off these certificates we could get royal treatment in these large sects? It sounds a little too good to be true.”

    An appreciative smile crept upon Kai Ming’s lips as he said, “Master Kai, you are right. Nothing is so easy. Personally, I wouldn’t go showing these certificates around to people, even those in my own sect.  You know how it is; a dead person is no longer considered a genius. There are so many narrow minded and petty people out there that showing them your certificate could be asking for death. You should be very careful who you show these to. Even the elders in your sects may not appreciate knowing that they have members who had the potential to suddenly overcome them and take their positions. Even worse, they may worry that you’ll leave their sect for something better. Feeling resentful for the idea that you might leave after the sect has put so many resources into your development they may kill you just in case.”

    After sharing his thoughts all of the masters had a solemn and thoughtful look on their faces. Finally, everyone came out of their revere and began to leave the mansion, promising to return the next day.

    Kai Ming really was stumped on what to do. While surviving in the forest for the last five years he had worked out a meticulous plan on how to move forward in his revenge. Honestly, he wasn’t expected much more than getting a master and putting together a mercenary group that he could train up and slowly move up to a bigger tier Empire. Eventually, one day he would have the power he needed to destroy the Raging Fire Sect.

    Although Kai Ming had been young when he fled from his home; he had an excellent memory and a mature mentality beyond his years. His father had given Kai Ming the Flowing Water Sect Codex Historie; which was the personal sect journal from the founder Dao Wu until his father. Inside were theories, history, political analysis, secret cultivation techniques, and more all prepared for the next sect head.

    The made up sect that Kai Ming had made up was actually a theory of how to create an invincible sect created by the third sect head Dao Fang. Dao Fang was known was known for being ferocious in battle and ambitious, but his ambition lead to his death and subsequent generations believed his theories to be unrealistic. However, to put fear in these country bumpkins he decided to adopt this model for his fake sect. The great thing about it was that it was nearly impossible to disprove his claim. An old saying went “if you want people to believe something impossible put the evidence your claims as far away as possible.” This maximum relied on two factors. First, most people are lazy, and second most people are gullible. Even if you had a real skeptic how could they ever prove you wrong?

    It was also a convenient way to obscure the origins of himself and his wealth. It also gave him a seemingly invincible backer. Who would dare think of robbing or killing him if there was the possibility of an invincible sect behind him?

    Adding to all of this, the mysterious artifacts that Kai Ming brought out convinced everyone that this young man must come from some unimaginably frightening sect. It might seem strange that Kai Ming had such amazing equipment and wealth given he came from a tier 4 sect. However, he Flowing Waters Sect began as a Supreme Tier 1 sect and the founder, Dao Wu, left all of his personal wealth to the sect when he ascended. Also, since the sect never developed the talent worthy of a tier 1 sect, the wealth of the sect just kept accumulating for the last thousand years. Plus, although it was only a tier 4 sect, the Flowing Waters’ Sect Masters were actually very gifted in business and grew the assets through wise investments, loans, and speculative trading. The Flowing Waters Sect was actually wealthier than the combined wealth of three Tier 1 Sects. All of that wealth was in the possession of Kai Ming.

    The question was what should he do? He had plenty of resources. All six saber masters were beyond anything he could have hoped for. His Father was at the Marshal King level and there were two Martial Lord Elders in the sect. The other elders were Heaven Realm Divine Masters, which made his sect only a tier 4 sect. If the masters he had just now were to reach just the potential rankings according to the ranker then he would have a core as powerful as his father’s sect. Of course, the Flowing Waters Sect had still been obliterated by the Raging Fire Sect, so if he had any hope of destroying them he would need a power much greater than a tier 4 sect. He would need at least a tier 3 or tier 2 level sect. How could he hope to create such a power?

    A thought suddenly occurred to him; “these are only the saber masters from their sects. Could there be other huge talents in these sects? What about the rogue cultivators like Master Kong? What about the disciples of these sects? What secret strengths lay dormant among these deceptively week sects?” There was another question that occurred to Kai Ming, “Why was there such amazing potential here? Could there be something in the environment?” Kai Ming knew that he needed to solve this mystery. If this city had the potential he thought it did then his goals of revenge could be reached much sooner than he ever hoped!

    He had the wealth to develop enough talents for three tier 1 sects. He should use that wealth to create a super sect! He could create an army of mighty cultivators with him leading his troops into a glorious future. Who could stand against them? With this inspiration Kai Ming immediately called for his steward, Mao.

    “Old Mao, I have written these six letters to the masters we tested today. Please take the letters and deliver each of the rewards promised to the Masters. All six letters and rewards must be delivered tonight without fail.” Kai Ming looked almost crazy as he spoke with Old Mao. Old Mao understood and immediately left to complete his task.

    Next, Kai Ming sat down to take a closer look at the report compiled by the Ranking artifact to study these Masters more in-depth. He had a lot of planning to do tonight and had to have everything ready by morning. With that, Kai Ming set to work.

    Early the next morning Kai Ming was informed that the Masters, with guests, had returned. Kai Ming came to the meeting hall of his mansion and sat on his chair inviting everyone to sit. Kai Ming looked around at the Masters he knew and the new faces amongst the group. Even Master Kong had brought someone which surprised Kai Ming. He was sure that Master Kong was by himself, wasn’t he a rogue cultivator.

    The Masters all introduced their sect heads to Kai Ling.

    Master Li began, “Young master Kang let me introduce the sect head of my Shattering Earth Sect, Imperial Master Fu Po.” Master Fu stepped forward giving a slight bow and smiling. Master Fu was like a walking mountain. His arms were as thick as a regular person’s thigh, his head was a little small for his body but this made him look even more like a hulking brute. His robes were colored a dark tan while a yellow sash hung around his chest. A menacing war hammer dangled from his hip.

    Master Yun came forward next, “Young Master, my Master, Imperial Master Bi Mao of the Indomitable Dragonfire Sect.” Master Bi stepped forward gave a slight bow and kept silent. Master Bi was truly the epitome of someone practicing fire techniques. He was lean with fiery red hair, a slender sword, and a raging aura.

    Master Ou stepped forward, “May I introduce to you Imperial Master Ou Guhn of my Endless Ocean Sect.” Master Ou stepped forward and gave a warm smile. Master Ou exuded a sense of peace and calm but his eyes were cold and piercing. He wore an aqua marine robe and a sapphire crown on his head. He held a magnificent halberd in his hand.

    Master Xuan came forward next, “Dear young master, this is my esteemed Master, Imperial Master Du Yan of the Flowing Wind Sect.” Both master Xuan and Master Du smiled sweetly. Master Xuan was a beautiful woman, but Master Xuan’s Master, Master Du, her beauty was otherworldly. Kai Ming lost himself for a moment and stared at Master Du. He heard light giggling from Masters Xuan and Du and woke from his momentary lapse of reason.

    Master Kahn stepped forward, “This is my peerless Divine master, Wong Kang Yong of the Mysterious Ether Sect!” Master Wong wore dark purple and blue robes so dark that they almost had the appearance of shadows. He released a mysterious aura. A simple knife could be seen at his side. Kai Ming knew that this man was probably a type that like to shroud all of his actions in mystery to prevent anyone from getting the better of him.

    Finally, Master Kong stepped forward and introduced, “This is my old man Kong Hong, a half-step Martial Lord.” Master Kong smiled in a domineering way. Master Kong Hong was dressed simply in almost peasant clothes. He had no weapons only light armor on his shins, forearms and over his knuckles. Most likely Master Kong liked to fight with his fists.

    All of the other masters and even Kai Ming gasped when they heard this introduction.

    Master Kahn immediately leapt forward and pointed his finger at Master Kong in extreme agitation. “Kong don’t going making stuff up, you didn’t even know what a Martial Lord was yesterday and suddenly your father is a half-step Martial Lord! You SHAMELESS LIAR!!!”

    Master Kong laughed in a really dominating and boisterous way, “Hahaha, it’s true, yesterday I had never heard of Martial Lords, but I went to find my old man and he knew all about them. He told me he could be considered a half-Martial Lord. I always knew my old man was a lot stronger than me but I just thought he was a higher level Divine Master.” After Master Kong finished speaking his father, Master Kong Hong, released his shocking aura leaving everyone, even the other sect masters breathless.

    As usual the first to speak was Master Kahn who was slightly impatient. “We are here and have brought our sect heads with us. What did you wish to discuss with us young Master?” Master Kahn forced a smile, something he always found himself doing when in the presence of this little punk.

    “Thank you Master Kahn, I trust everyone was pleased by the gifts I sent?” Kai Ming knew that Master Kahn was grumpy and narrow minded so he wanted to hint at the benefits he had already enjoyed. He didn’t expect gratitude, but at the very least Master Kahn shouldn’t act like Kai Ming was wasting his time. It was clear that Kai Ming’s comment had its effect as Master Kahn smiled politely and nodded. “Indeed, thank you for the gift young Master.” Master Kahn replied.

    Kai Ming smiled slightly. “First, I would like to welcome the Sect heads. I know you are all important people with many burdens. It is my honor that you were willing to take time from your schedules to meet with me.”

    “According to the letters I sent yesterday I asked each of the masters to share everything that happened during the tests and to share their scores with you. When I first came to Unbreakable Stone Town I knew I was coming somewhere special. What I didn’t know was that I was coming to a place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons.” Kai Ming smiled from his heart.

    “Originally, I was looking for a master to guide my cultivation and find other capable individuals to help me reach the objectives set forth by my sect on this training mission. After reflecting on the rankings and scores from the testing I conducted I realized that the plans I had previously were not worthy of any one of the masters here. I rethought everything and came up with a new Grand Plan, and that is what I would like to speak with all  of you about now.”


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