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Guys, i know a lot of you read novels there but for me it was the first time reading.

I mean i tried reading, warlock of the magus world, desolate era, emperor's domination, martial world and many more but i never got past 2-3 chapters ahead.

But, I'm now reading Library of Heaven's Path and its pretty understandable. May be its simpler, may be because its meaning are more detailed, but yeah, I feel I can surely finish the whole novel there.

Any thoughts on this why its so easy to read than other novels?



  • maybe the chinese used in the original work is simpler?
  • maybe because the author is english and translated it to google chinese.
  • @draggonor I can already see the major effects it has on your grammar. Stay away from that cancerous translation, otherwise your nice grammar and style will be contaminated.
  • To explain the difference I will just give THE BEST example, it's ISSTH for you !
    as an example for the simplest ones to read on LNMTL there's SOTR I already finished it without hitch.
    The only thing you have to put in your mind, give up wanting to understand the details you will just burn your mind, and your soul.

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