Does the MC ever get with the Snake Dowager

Basically the MC will soon be able to completely overpower her, so does he take her in as his wife? Does he have kids with her? For the bloodline he will get at rank 8, diluting it would be a real shame.


  • Diluting his bloodline? Not possible. He can maximize the purity of his descendants bloodline with just a thought. And a Bloodline is only good enough to get you up to Rank 6. Thus if even only two rank 7 beings decided to copulate and breed they would still have bloodline which would enable them to get to rank 6 with ease.
    mighty off topic.
  • I dont think they will be together.
  • Near the end it doesn't really get into anymore specifics about him shaking up with anyone. Is it possible. Sure. But it was never included. (Time would fly by without any real specifics- Just details on major events that were in line with wrapping up the series.)
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