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A woman has volunteered for an experiment. On Sunday afternoon she is given a full briefing so that she is aware of all the rules below, then she is put into cold sleep or suspended animation. On Sunday evening, while she is asleep, the experimenter flips a fair coin which will determine how the rest of the experiment will be scheduled:

  • If the coin flip is tails, she will be woken up from suspended animation on Monday and asked "What were the odds that the coin was heads?" She is not told what day it is. After giving her answer, she is given a drug that causes her to lose her memory of being woken and being asked that question, but will still remember she is part of the experiment and what the rules are. The same process will repeat on Tuesday.
  • If the coin flip is heads, the same occurs except she is only woken on Tuesday. She sleeps through Monday.
Regardless of the coin flip, on Wednesday the experiment is over and she is woken up and leaves.

Imagine that you are the sleeping woman and you are woken up and asked the odds of the coin. It seems that since the coin is fair the correct answer should be 50:50. However, this does not take account of what you may learn from the fact that you being woken up. If you were allowed to keep your memories and realized you were being woken for the second time, then you would know for certain that the coin was tails. But without that memory you are forced to estimate, and the fact that you are being woken up biases the answer towards tails because you are woken up more often if it is tails than if it is heads. Is it rational for you to state that the odds of the coin being heads are 1:3?

A machine exists which scans your atomic structure, produces an exact copy of it at another place, and then destroys the original. If you use this machine to teleport, what is your experience? Do you experience getting into the machine and then leaving at the other end, or do you get into the machine and then die by being destroyed, while a clone of you exits at the other end? How could anyone, other than you, tell the difference between this clone and the version of you who is now dead?

If the machine is then altered to not destroy the original, but to make a copy, then after you step in the machine, which copy's experiences do you go on to have? And who, or what consciousness, experiences the other copy?

A person found a note on his bookshelf describing the procedures to build a time machine. He followed the procedure and built the time machine. Then he travelled back in time and placed the note on his bookshelf in the past. But where did the note (or the information on it) originally come from?

This is also known as a Causal Loop related to time travel as chronologically Event A leads to Event B. However, due to time traveling, what occurs as a result of Event B influenced what occurred in Event A. Because both events cause each other, which is the original event?

I dreamt I was a butterfly. I couldn't tell I was dreaming. But when I woke up I was not a butterfly. Was I dreaming that I was the butterfly, or was the butterfly dreaming it was me?
Life is a never ending battle you win some and lose some if one cannot handle losses then how could one possibly win the war.


  • Who cares?
    Absolute Choice is the first novel that I've read on Wuxiaworld that I genuinely do not like.
  • Who cares?
    Well your comment is invalid. 
    Life is a never ending battle you win some and lose some if one cannot handle losses then how could one possibly win the war.
  • zxlowi said:
    Who cares?
    Well your comment is invalid. 
    Your questions are invalid. 

    1. Question
    There is no point in trying to argue what is correct and what is wrong. If the woman stated 50% in both occasions then it would be correct in both occasions. 

    2. Question
    Can't be answered because we don't know what conscience and where it is. Why then do you ask questions based on it? 

    3. Question
    I don't know what you are trying to achieve with these questions? That's a knowen time travelling paradox with no solution to it. Why do you seek answer for something that's beyond us? We haven't transcended time.

    4. Question
    No answer - pointless.

    Are you trying to act smart by posing paradoxical questions or questions touching subjects not privy to us? I really wonder why you stated these pointless questions.
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